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Full text of "Debrett's Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland. [Another]"

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.i:ui <!Tt3;iaaa 

i"flii-;iji 03Tiy. J 

.'I-'' 1 r< ;im r*3fl;) 











Pmi:VTXO BT o« woodfall, anokl-court, skinmbh-btrkxt; 

For C. J. G. and F. RiTlngton, 8t Paul's Church Yard, and Waterloo Place. 
Pall Mall ; J. and W. T. Clarke, Portugal Street, Lincoln's Inn ; Longman 
and Co., PatenKMter Row; T. Cadell, Strand; John Richardson, Royal 
Exchange ; J. Booth, Duke Street, Portland Chanel ; J. Booker, New Bond 
Street; J. M. Richardioa, Comhill; Baldwin and Cradock, S. Bagster, R. 
Scholey. and Hamilton and Co., Paternoster Row; Hatchard and Son, Pic- 
cadilly; Parbunr and Co., Leadenhall Street; E. Lloyd, Harley Street; 
W. Pkrkalng, Chancery Lane ; E. Hodgson, Fleet Street ; J. Templeman, 
Tnttenham Court Road ; Houltton and Son, Paternoster Row ; and the 
Executors of T. Egerton. 





Indaof Titles 

ReptHientiiiive Peeni of Scotluid 

RrprvKutBtiTe Peeri of Ireland 

Pbioi of ibe Arms, from Plats 51 to 64. 


a Ireland, 
Plain 96 to 100.' 
Plata of Collan, Star.JeweU of the Orden of Knight- 


MarqDBuet > 



nbphxlietical liat of the Married Daughters of Peen.. 
ExeLiaH titles eitinct, dormant, and in alieyance . . . . 
Forfeited En|;lish titles 

ScoU titles furiailed 

iBtsa titles Mi;iu..t from the Union 

Irlnh tttla eatinct 

Irish liila forfeited 

Irish titles gTanced by Jaiae* IL, after hit abdication . 



English aud Irish Peerages conferred or restored by each 

of our Sovereigns during their respective Reigns 1035 

Number of Chamains the Peers may qualify ib. 

KnighU of the Most Noble Order of the Garter lOSIt 

Knights of the Mott Ancient Order of the Thistle 10.37 

Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath 10.38 

Knights Grand Crosses KMl 

Knights Commanders 1043 

Companions of the Order of the Bath 104G 

Knights of the Most IlluHrious Order of St. Patrick 1054 

Order of St. Michael and St. George lOTiA 

Aboyae S. K. 

Airiie S.E. 

AMbonnigh J. E. 

AIl£D L V. 

Aonolff 1. E. 

Anlrim I. Cm. 

Artnilhnot S. V. 

Argyll 5.D. 

Arnn I. E. 

A^bnNik I. V. 

Aihunra . . ■ I. B. 

Att^. .*..*.i*S. B. 

Alhliine LE. 

AthaU 5. D. 

Avonmore. I. V. 

Ajlma I. B. 

Balcams S. E. 

Bsadon ...I.E. 

Bangor I. V. 

Clt Briilimn 

6U0 Biudeudi 

566 Buchan 


i. E. 

Ml CaUhnew S. E. 

7C8 CUedon I.E. 

763 CuLery LB. 

635 CaniwRth 8. B. 

Sll Csrrick I. E. 

741 Cuyiron J. E. 

«62 Cuailit S. E. 

056 Cutlemaine I. V. 

«G« Ca«ile-Scewu-t...I. E. 

7» Catnn I. E. 

616 ClurlenumI ......I. E. 

B73 CliarleviUe I. U. 

an? Chetwyiid I. V. 


..1. B. 
..I. M. 


Claiiriianle . 

BSD CluiwiUiun . 

(107 cure 

842 Ckriiia . 

677 Cl«ilen I. V. 

707 ClcHibrock I. B. 

729 aoiiciirry 1. B. 

GS4 ClonmeU I. E. 

801 ColvUle 8.B. 

OliS Conyngbun . . ..I. AL 

im Cork and Orrery I, E. 

flllEP (:<niruiun J. E. 

608 CrantMuD S. U. 



Chtfton L B. 

fMhouiit 8. E. 

nimlgf !■£■ 

Dedea LB. 

DeBUquIere....!. B. 

Dean I.E. 

DbVbhiI I. V. 

Dillon I. V. 

Don^ I.M. 

Donenilo I. V. 

Donotu;1inu>re..—I. E. 

Down I.V. 

Downet L B. 

Dowiuhire I. M. 

Dreefaeda I. M. 

Dufferin LB. 

Doffui 8. B. 

Duiully L B. 

Dunbayiw L B. 

~ • ■• 8.E. 

I L V. 


Dnnravea I. E. 

Sununy L B. 

Djun S.CH. 

EsKDUn &.K. 

^n" .'.'/.'.'.'. '.'.S.1&. 

ElFhank 8. B. 

Etphinitane 8. B. 

Ely I.M. 

Eimukilhn L B. 

Erne L E. 

Erral B.E. 

Fdrfu 6.a 

Pxlkknil S.V. 

Farnham I. B. 

Pemrd L V. 

Pto) LE. 

Ptngij) LE. 

^'v^ ""*'■■»"■ 

F!w^ iii !;!... I. V. 

Porbn 8.K 

ftrteach L B. 

l^nkfurt. ,. L V. 

S33 Gage I. V. 

937 CJluway S. K. 

OalH-ay I. V. 

600 Oarvagh [. O. 

726 Otasgow g. B. 

061 OlengalL I. K. 

»41 Ootdoa S. D. 

778 Gonnansloiin 1. V. 

857 Oort l.V. 

820 Gmford I. E. 

689 Gruiard I. E. 

864 Craves I. B. 

7M Gniv, S. B. 

S33 G<iiJlaniore I. V. 


601 Haddington. 5. E. 

690 Hamiltun S. D. 

on Harliervin I. V. 

673 Hartlnnd LB. 

9S0 Hawarden. L V. 

888 HoadTani L M. 

603 Headley..., I. B. 

8M Heiilur I. B. 

614 Henrilkcr. LB. 

814 Home S.E. 

SeO Hopetouti S.B. 

BOO Hothaln I. B. 

Hoo-di^n L JI. 

S47 Mnwth I. E. 

738 HuntingReld. L B. 


670 Kenmare L K. 

661 Keuniura S. V. 

700 Keniingvm I- B. 

770 Rilkenuy L E. 

771 Kltnmine L B. 

S37 Kihnorey I. E. 

RinKttatid I V, 

863 Kingsole L B. 

C3I Kiiigsion L E. 

898 Kinnalrd 8. B. 

873 Kfllnnul S. E. 

738 Kinure S. E. 

730 KlrbcudbriKtit....&D. 

•"•^ Landaff. I.E. 

828 Laimlwrough ...I.E. 

643 L(ui|if»rd I. B. 

9.tfl lyaoilerdala. t>. E. 

877 I*i.i»M>r 1. U. 

niTTcncn during pittiltng. 


.. I. V. 


bbMwdl LE. 

Stc«»4 LB. 





..L V. 



..I. K. 







. .a. iL 









Rwr .... 


















..L H. 


..». D. 







..L K. 

iMkirh ...... 












..R B. 





..It. D. 






..«. E. 



..L V. 




..R. V. 



..s. e. 




..K. Cm. 










..L V. 



Torfichen ... 

..8. B. 



TrhnleBtotm I. B. 885 Waterford ..I.M. 685 

Tweeddab S. M. 528 Waterpark I. B. 921 

Tyrconnell I.E. 739 Welledey I.M. 893 

Wemysa S. £. 577 

Ventrj I. B. 946 Westmeath I. M. 708 

Wicklow I. E. 7«0 

Wallflcourt ....... I. B. 948 Winterton. ...... I. E. 748 

Unirge, Marqiuw of Twcaddala. 

WiltUm-Ocorge, Ewl irf BtralL 

Georgc-riholto, Ewl of Morton. 

AJFUodtT, E&rl 1/ Qom«. 

TtuKDM, EkrI oT Elgin and Kincvdloe. 

WiUiam, £ui of NonliMk. 

Joho. ViunuDt ArbntluiM. 

JamM, V*uiioiuit 8trub>Uan. 

Jama-Odunusr, LonI f oH-o. 

Alaander-Gmrge, Lord SaIioud- 

Prmacii, Ijord Qny. 

Cluule*. Lord Siocklr. 

John, LnnI Colrllle, of Culrtm. 

U'lUlun John, Lord Napier. 

Rabtn-Hfiatffaatrf, hori Belliatea and St«Bt««- 

( «ii ) 


or THK 



William, Marqiiess Thomond. 

Henry, Marquess Conyngham. 

Oeorge-Thomas^ohn, Marquess of Wettm6>th 

Somerset-Richard, Earl of Carrick. 

Frands-William, Earl of Charlemont. 

George, earl of Kingston. 

Stephen, Earl of Mount Cashell. 

Thomas, earl of Longford. 

John, Earl of Mayo. 

John WiUoughby, Earl of EnniskiHen* 

William, Earl of Wicklow. 

Richard, Earl of Lucan. 

Someraet-Lowry, Earl of Bdmore. 

Charles-Henry, Earl 0*NeilL 

I>upr6, Earl of Caledon. 

Edmund-Henry, Earl of Limerick. 

Richard, Earl of Clancarty. 

Archibald, Earl of GosforcL 

Lawrence, Earl Rosse. 

Charles-William, Earl of Charleville. 

Richard, Earl of GlengalL 

Robert-Edward, Viscount Lorton. 

Charles, Viscount Gort. 

Hayes, Viscount Doneraile. 

John, Lord Carbery. 

John, Lord Famham. 

James, Lord Dufferin and Claneboye. 

James, Lord Dunally. 




Alexander Hamilton, ddie of hamii 

Muiiust of Douglas, ClydesdiJe, uid Hunilton ; Eariof 
Amn.uid Lanark; Lord 31 Hcsnshire, Pnluunt, Abcn 

Abtrhrmbock, in Scotland! Duke of BRANDON, i 

Ouiuni, <■>. Ctioter, in Enf^nd i and Dukit of ChatethenaJi In 
Franoe; Keeper of Holymod Houte ; Lord.Lieulenani a>. La- 
Dvk ; P.R. and S.A. ; tort 3 Oct. \Jlfl : (uniiuonfd by writ bi 
i>i« IiouM of peen durine bU fatliFr'* lifetimF, ai Buon Duttnii ; 
tuuvcded hit father, Attxander, llie bte duke, IC Feb. 18L1 ; 
married, 30 April 1S10, SuMn-Euphfmia, da. uf WilEiam Beck. 
ford, of Fanibill, co. Willt, eiq., (fa]' Calberine Gordon, da. of 
Charlo. lOlh earl uf Aboyne.) and bai iuiie.- — - 1. M'lLLIAM- 
«l», b. 16 Fel.. Ifllli a- Sr>i»-CiTiiE«iBB.HA«- 


The origin of (he illuMriou* fnmily n{ Hamilton haa been traced 
by Crawford, Dougtu, and other Siiiii'li genealogists, to a PPB- , 
liam de Hameldon, (w sumamed from the place of his birth, 1 
manor of Hameldon, co. L««stor,) whnm they oueri i. 
been a younger son of Robert de BeUoniont, 3d earl of Leictaw 
■on, OilU-rt, who, having killed John le Dl 
tpeucer. a favourite oHioer alwul the cuun of king Edward ILfM 
fled from the apprehended vengeance of that monarefa j and ' ' ~ 
closely pursued into a wood he and his servant changed c 
with twowoodciittera, and, taking their saw, were cuttlnglh ^ 
an oak-tree when their pursuers passed by. Perc^vin^ hi« M 
vanttakenoaceof theni,hehBaiilyeriedouIiohim"THBoi;cB^f 
which word, with the oak and saw through it, he took for M(i| 
motw and crest, in memory of his happy delivenuice. This ii 
tail is, however, hable to several objwtioni. Neither D 
nor any other of the English genealogists, makes D 
descent of the Hamilluns from the earls of Leiccste 
to them, Robert, 3d aart, had 3 suns, Robert, 4[h fori, who i 
irithouc iraue in 1204; Rc^r, bishop of St. Andrew's and d ] 
cdloT of Scotland, who il. in 1202 ; and William, a leper, founda 
nf the hospital of St. Leonard, at Leioester. That Uiia Williia 
died, before his Meat brother, without issue, is evident, from iht 
circumstance of the great inheritance of the ftunily being divided, 
on the death of the 4tli aarl, between hie sisten ; and it is further 
jiroved by ■ deed of Petroiiella, widow of the 3d earl, that the 
■umaDie of her urn, William, was not Hamilton, but de Britulim 
It l> therefore dear, that he was not the prngenitor uf tlie family 
iif Hamilton, whose descent, if derived from the earls of L«ica- 
ter at all, (as indeed the similarity of arms, and the ooncurrinc 

have been from one of the younger sons of the first or second eari. J 
We therefore commenre our account of the family with M 

Gilbert de Haheldi>h, whose name occurs in the Chan>I 
lolary of Paisley, 1372. and who was father of Waltek, wbtt^ 
swore fealty to king Ednard I. 1292, and had 2 aoni, Davib. ■ 
anrestorof the dukes of Hamilton, and John, anceator of the earii 
nf Uaddingtmi. Fifth in descent from David was 

Sir James, of Cadyow, who was created a lord of parllnmeot 
3S June 1440, m. Mary, eldest da. of James TI.,kingi>f Scodatidt 
and dying 147(1, wa» succeeded by his only mn, 

James, Sd lord, created, 1 1 Aug. 150J, enrl of Arran, \n 
ward for his services in negotiating the marriage beiwoeo ' 
Jnme* IV. and the princess Mar^rel, eldest do. of king B 
VII. The eari <L 1S30, leaving issue, hy his 3d wife, Joiiel, dl. 
of sir David Dealoun, of (.'reich, a son, 

Jahes, 3d earl, who was, in 1343, declared by the estatei of 
parliament second person in the realm, sud nearest to nicceod to 
the crown of tho same, failing the issue of qiieen Mary, and by 
rHuiRi thereof, tutor lawful to ibe queen, and goreninr of lh« 
realm. He was created, by kiu)t Henry II- of Pnmcr, Aulv /^ 
Chattlheraull in Poilou, and invettei! uiih the order of St, Blichael 

1»4R. On the m 

irbni he mumed uld headHl the portiians of ihat qiwoi, but 
ru obliged to submit to tbe r^nt iUonty. The duke m. Mw- 
irvet, eJdesi 6a. of Jama Doiigtu, 3d earl of Hortoo, and iL 22 
Jan. iSl^i, learing ittae, 
I. James, 3d eaH of Arran, n-ho d, unm. 1609. 

of the duke of Chaldherwitt, . 
btber'i dmih. to the funilj maiH. hia elder brother being In ■ 
Hate of iniaiuly. He wu railed, together nitb hi* brMher. 
Claude, by tbo r^ent Morton, l.'iJS; but, returning to Sootluid 
in 1585, obfained a repeal of the act of forfeiture, and, 17 April 
liiNI, VH created morvum (t/'HAJtii.TOM. The iDan|u«n n. 
Margaret, inily da. of John. Bth lord Glamis, and dying 12 April 
IfiH, wa* (ucceeded by hi* only uin, 

JahEs. 2d mar((uau, K.O., who, on the death of hit unde, 
Janus, l«09. became alto 4th earl of Arran, and wao cmted, IG 
Jooe ie\9, banin EuneHale, and earl of Cambridga in En^and ; 
m, Anne, da. of Jame* Cunningham, 7th «arl of Qleucturn, and 

1. Jamm, III duke. 

3. Wti.LiAM, 3d duke. 

1. Anna. n. Hugh. Ith tar] oT IblUlouD. 

Th« marquen d. 2 March 1636, and wan suiveeded by Ui eldcn 

Jahes, 3d marquai of Raniilton, and Gth earl of Arran, S.0,, 
A. 1606; in 104.1, he wa* created ijiute ({/'IIamilton, marques* 
of Clydeadale, &c. to him and the liein male nf liii body ( and in 
d^iolt therenf, to hit brother, William, earl nf Lanark, and hi* 
malr imie i and in default of >uch iuue, ui the eldett da. of the 
wd Jiana. duke of Hamilton, and her male Iuue ; and in de- 
fault of lurh iuue, to the hein vhatanerer of the said Jamea's 
body: in 164B, he had the command nf an army that was rsised 
far the relief of Charka I., with which ho marched into Enghind. 
but wa* lolaUy defeated near Preiion, and himself tnken prisoner, 
■hI alter some months* imprisonment beheailed D Manh lOlB. 
~ b grace m. Mary Fielding, da. of William, 1st earl of Denbigh, 
8uniins, sister to George VlUien, the celebrated duke of 
ckingbam. and had issue, 

F i. Awe. who afterwards liecame duchess of Hamilton. 
u succeeded by his brother, 

I, 2d duke, K.(l., b. 14 Dec lG1<t; in 103!l, be was 
fd earl of lAnark, lord Afacanshin) and Polmnunl ; «. EU- 
I, da. and co.hnren of JanuH Maxwell, earl of Uirleton, 



His grace having rajsed H troop nf honte for the «en-ice of Charica 
II.,andmsrcliiiiglotl]efatalbatt1e{>[Wiirceater, on the3dSq)l. 
1661, be received a ihot !n hit leg, oC wlikh he died, and wu 
buried in Ihe cathedral of Womster. L'pon the death of lb* 



of the paleat of 1613, deroh-ed on bii niece, 

AxNE, duchsM of Hamilton, eldest nirtivingda. nf Jamm, In 
duke of Hamillnn. Her grace m. WiLi,iitM DodolaS, K.Of 
eldett sou of Williain, lit marquess of Uuuglas, bjr his 3d wife^ 
Mary Oordou, da. of Oeorn, 1st manjuesa nF Huntly (ancestor 
of the duken ut tlnrdon). He was creaced, 1646, earl of Selkii^ 
which title ho afterwards lurrendered in favour of his aas, 
Charles ; and after his marriBge was, upon a petition from tba 
duchess, created, IKOO, duke of Ilamillim for life. By Annt^ 
duchess of Hamilton, he left issue, 

1. Jakei, 4tb duke. 

irt., who wH RrsmUUIwr of 

B(h Hrl of AbeiCDnii ant hi 

1. ElUsbdh. n. Fnnrii, i 

R. JaDcTK-'ctuiileii 

The duke d. 1004, and was succeeded by hia son, 

JjtHES, 4th duke of Hamilton, and lit duke nf Brandon, and 
boron Di'tUm, in the Peerage of England, K.G. and K.T., i. I| 
April I65B. His grace siiccfeded, onlbe death of his father, to 
the eaHdom of Arran, and on the iiirrender of his mother took 
place and precedence as duke of Hamilton. II Sept. 1711, ha 
was creau^ a peer of Great Britain, by the titles of Aaron ihik 
Ion, CO. Chester, and duke (ff Brandon, oa. Suffolk, to bim and 
hisbein male i and one of the reasons recited in the patent of hia 
creBti<in,wa> hia being nearly related to the queen; but on applying 
for his >eat in the house of lards, it was olijecled, thai, 1>y 111* 
aid article of the union, " no feer i/f Settllnad couM, after lUW 
union, it created a pfpr of Enffland ;" and after a long debata, 
the house resolved accordingly, 30 Det. I7IO. This inolutim, 
bowerer, was reversed hy a siilHequeni deciaion of the house Of 
Itirda in I7U2, on the petiliun of Douglas, Bih duke, when, after 

f: ttw judge*, (he houw molved that bii gTBce wu entltlni 

- ' aimniona u Duke of Unindon. The duke m., Iti, 

r, da. of Robert, earl of I^ucderlauri, uud by her hul 

i. JamE*, 5th duke. 

iLLiui. ^Ab», di. MBd •oleficliBiDfPruicliHiiwH. en.. 

It. i;at. AiiihiH;-Timc7 Kc^or Grui Txr, s 

llii gmx wu killed in a dud with lord Mohun 16 Nov. 1713, 

' id b}- hii ion, 
JiHCS. oth duke of Hamilton, and 2d duke of Biandon, K.T., 
,, Ik, Anne Cochtane, da. of John, 4th earl of Dundoaald, and 
y her (vho d. Aug. 1724) had ii 
'. James, Bth duke. 

.]« n. 3dlj, 1737. Elical'dh, da. and oo-heiren of Thomas 
■<Slrai)gwaya, of Melbniy-Samford, en. Dorset, esi]., bv whom 
■■(■ho a. 173)1) he had no jwue ; and 3dty, 31 Aug. 1737, Eliu. 
I bMh, da. and tole heireu of Edward Spencer, uf llendleiham, 
T Ml Suflnlk, nq-, by wh<nn (who m., 2dly, 24 Dec 17'>1> the hon. 
I Ricbsnl-Saviige Nuuiu, 3d ton of Frederick, 3d earl of Rochford, 
d (f. 9 Mkrdt 1771) he hod U 
~ , 9iJi duke. 

i( gran d. Marich 1743, itnd wai lucceeded by hia >on, 

ES, Clh duke, b. 10 July 1734, «■., 14 Feb. I7S2, Eliza. 
tch, 3d da. of Jcihu Gunning, of Caitle Coole, eo. Rowommon, 
., by Ibe hon. Bridget Bourke, 3d diu of Theobald, Gth riwt. 
ayo : and by her {irhofii.. 3dlr, 3d Alarch 175!), John Campbell, 
_h'duke of Ai^ll, father of the prenent duk«, and WM created, 
n 3lBy lT7<t, a baronen of Great Driiain, liy iLe title uf bumnets 
Bamilton, of Hameldon, do. Leicester) had, 

1. Jamek-Oeokoe, 7th duke. 

2. DoroLAi, 8lh duke. 

le duke * 17 Jan. 17.%a,'Bnd wa* aucceedi-d by hi« eldest ton, 

JANxMiEoaoE, 7th duke, li. 18 Feb. 1756, and lucxwded to 

'le tJileiiofnMrTuCfio/Diniiif'UBnd earl of Ansui, 'in lie death 

If Archibald, the laat duke nt Diiuglaa, who d. 31 July 17t(l. 

hit grace being lineally descended fmiD William. 

■;«r1 of Selkirk, eldest aim of the 2d marriage of William, IM 

« of Douglaa. Hia grace li. Hnm. 7 July 17G!f, and wn> 

, ^d hy hia brother, 

Doroi-aa, 8tb duke, b. 34 Jul? ITOC «-. * AP^t I77», H""-^ 


^H uid Suiqnhar, Tucount Nith, Thoitholn-old and Ro», 

^H Dau^u, of KiinDont, Sliddleliis, and Domodi. 

^H apecial limiMtion in a psient daied I7(l(>i and letlert of enuul 

^H consei)ueiit thereupon, executed bj James, 3d duke of Qtieen 

H berry, n., 20 March, 1767, EtizaWlh, da. of Ueorge, duke 

^1 Montagu, and hj her (who d. 2t Nor. 1827. aged 86] had am 

■ 1. CHAHLES-WltLIAM-BENHT, Ithduke. 

^H *. Maby, 6. IBMaj I7S9, m. J»m*«-G»tg». pTB— -■ " 

■ -,«;>;:*■"■• ""*'"■ -••"■•' ■ 


'Dmiglu, pmcfir marquev 

n. ■ffmabij 



The duke (/. Il' J^n. 1812, and was' oiiiceeded bj' 

Chables-William-Hehey, K.T. 4th iluke, i. 24 % 
1774, (sanunoned to parUamenl 1807, during the lifetime of 
father, as baron Tyndale,) m.,S4Blnrch 1796, Harriet- I'alherin* 
Townahend, youngeri da. of ThamM, lit TJicount Syitney, 
by her (who d. 24 Aug. I8I4) had iinie, 

i. Cio^a^HaB "^9x1 at D^'krith, -1. 1 March ■»«. 

■ - MBJuLi 1711!l,i«.,4JolymM,vl«MMnlSlopfo»«, 

', Oct. lain, m-i 9 sufU 1103, 

Pimete Cult, « 
0. Wale ib-Fhax CIS, preient duke. 

H.\»gneBd.U Lubon, SOAprillBIO, aiidwu gucoeeded by hi* son, 
WAtTB*-F«aNCis, praent and 4th duke. 
Htir FmnmpHvt — Lord Jouk Scott, only brotlirr of tiM 

CrMftau— Lord ScMt, of Buerleuch, IG March IG05; Ead 
nf Bucdsiioh, 16 March 1618; Baroa of Enkdale, Earl of D«U 
keith, and Duke of Itucdeucb, 1673; DukeorQu^eniberrf anri 
Mirqucu of DumfriM-ehire, 3 Feb. 1684; Earl of Dnunluirig 
and Sanquhar, Visniunt of Nith, Tbortholwold, and Ron, 
Banin Douglai, of KinmonI, Afiddlebie, and Domnck, II Feb. 
less ; Ear] of Doucailer, and Baron Tyndate, id England, lit 
Feb. 1668. 

>niH— 5<c PlaUSl. QuannlT. IS.tbgvnuTrfKiBgi 
oiKMtioftbtjw!^! ""* ■""• " 

mumiorai* AaU-D^i: 

na^tndtditeor— MARa. Tbcvholc 

'. 3«L QuanRli, m Mid Mb, amni, a hama 
inpaUBDVB.Dc; andn ■ Al tf Miu a. 11m 

(bT tiili qoutR-l wjlhhi a bgrtu* a 
land fulb. The Ad quana b ban 

n Sovinf mnillti 
|ulB. aBathdihi 


CHARLES LENNOX, Dike of LENNOX, in Siwlaud, 
Riduuonil ID En^cUnd, and uT Aubigny In France i £ul of 
SUfch Mid Dmmley. 

[SfeeDoE of Ric 

iH iie Peerage qf Enifiand.') 

GEORGE fiORDOX, Duie of GORDON, Msthi.™ aud 
Earl of Hanlley, uid Earl of Eiizir, VUount Invemeu, Biiniii 
(niHoD, of l^tmh bogie. Lord of BadenBcli, Locbabar, Stralbavni, 
Athindoun, Balmort, GartlPV, and Kincardinci (icoti honour* : 
PiBoier Marquen in Scotland : Kart of Norwich. Baron B«aii> 
rhamp, of Bleuboe, Barnn Mordituat, of Turt'ey, to. Bedford, 
uid Baron Gordon, of Uiintlev, ni. OUnicmer, in the Peerage 
of the Uniletl Kingdoni of Great Britain and Ireland ; Heredl. 
larv Keeper of liivenieu Caille. bom 2 Feb. 1770, lucceefted 
hii'facher, Aleuader. late duke, 17 June ltt27, O.C.B., a Ge 
jLcral in [he Army, and Cnlimcl of the lit Regiment of Foot 
HU summoaed to the huUM of p(«ra in hii faiker'a lifetime, I 
April 1807, and placed in hi* falher't barony of Gordon, of 
liuulJey; manird, II Dec IHIR, Elixabcth, du. of Alexander 
BrodJe, of Am Hall, North Britain, ewj., but has no iuue. 

Afcording to Chambers, (he territory of Gordon, in Beriviik. 
ihire. anciently of great eiteul, wa» granted, during ilie reign 
of king David I., to an Aiiglo-Nomian settler, who amiumed 
from it ihr name of Oordnn. In the reign of Robert I., >ir 
Adam dr Gordon obtained a grant of the barony uf Stralhbi^e, 
en. AihoU : his great -greal-grnndson, «ir /frfon Gordon, of 
Huntley, vat killed at Homildon, 1402, leaving an only da. and 
h., «. to Alexander Setori, 2d xin of tir WiUtam Seton, of Setoii. 
Their eldest son and h., 

Al.EXAjtUEB Seton, lord nf Carrion, aMiimed the surname 
<.r Gordon, and was crealeil. 2a Jan. 1441>-liO. earl of Iluntlrg. 
He wai thrire n> : liy his 2d nife h« had isaiie ur AUrander, 
uiuolor of the Setons of Touch ; but (he earldom of Huntley 
wait entailed on his iuue by bis 3d wife, Eliiabelh, da. of M'il- 
I. lord Crichlon, high chani-ellor of Bcolland, by whom he 
father of 
EunuE, 2d carl. m. Annahelln, da. of king James I., and 

ing a June IJiOl, wu succeeded bv \\U eldrfC ton and h., 

ALESJLirDEH, »d eart, n., U75,' Joan, da. of John, cart of 
AihuIL, uleriue brother of king James II., and d. 16 Jan. 

OEOaoE, 4lh earl, nac son of John, lord Gordon, eldest son 
of the 3d earl, who d. in his father* lireiinie. He m. Elizabeth, 
of WilKam Keith, 4lh earl marischal, and wai father of 
„e, Ikli earl, whose only son, 

GEOkOE, 6th earl, was crtaited, 17 April ICOO, marqutf tf 




Htinltey ; «■' Henriecu, eldeil lis. of Cimc SMivait, duke of 
Lennox, and dying 13 June 1636, vta succeeded by his aldeM (on, 
OeoroE, 2d maniucu, cmtled SD April 1632, viecaunt 
Alxiyne, with remainder, on liia death or succession to hii fMher'i; 
honoun, to hi* 2d son, James; m. Anne, da. of ArchibeU 
Campball, ^th earl of Argyll, and liy her (who (i. 1 4 June I03B) 

3. Lehi», 3d marqueis. 

The maii)ucu was beheaded for his loyalty to king Chtu'lei L, 
2S March 1048, and was lucoeeded by hii efdeit nirviFiog aon, 

Lewi>. 3d marquess, fn. Isabel, da. of Sir Jama tlranl, tC 
Grant, ind d. 1C53, leaving an only son, 

OeorqE, 4th marqueu, created dvkt nf Goaoojl, 1 Nor. 
ieS4 ; m. £liiabelli Howard, 2d da. •>( Henry, Uth duke uf Net.. 
folk, and liy her (who d. July 1732) he had 

1. AlExandXB, Sdduke. 

t. JjiHi, m. Junei uniminond, un of Juhb, (tfa nilarpsnfa. 
The duke d. 7 Sec 1716, and wa» succeeded by Ids only khi, 

Alexakdis, 2d duke of Oordoh, n., 1706, Henrietta, da, 
of Cbsrleg, 3d earl of Peterborough and Munmatiih, (iknni^ 
which lady the banuiiis of Beaucluunp of Bleuhoe, aud of JUoiu 
daunt were aajuired.) and by her bod iisue, 

1. CoiMO-OEOROE, 3d duke. 

3. Lkwii.A^M. 
(oOm'StV.'i^eptriw;. J 
nam. U duka of ADk^, an 


raiY, ud c;omin(u.dCT.Ii.-ctUrf of Uie fun 
c, Jik of John OruRunuDd, oq., ■nd wJdi 

His grace d. Nov. 1726, and waa (uoxeded by hia eldest aon, 
Co^HO-OeohoE, 3d duke ; m., 1741, Catharine Gordon, da. 

of William, 2d earl of Aberdeen, by whom (who m. 2dly, gem. 

Staam Long Morris, and d. 10 Oee. 1779) he had issue, 
1. Alekihder, 4ih duke. 
g.WitnAii,«riHwnwi.ofthe<lurhyorcuniw.ll, i(, IMay injj.haTtat 

m., I Marcb I7I1, Fnmia-lnErun Shrphtrd. Id da. of chails, nth vlicniM 

Inbi. aad had tms Fnncs-^uMU-KoT. 

WDtc.'TmSiJofioWoodtoid.aBdii.l ^Ilfl4.''""_ ' " ' '' 
1797. """""' "" ^' . Hq- "K n™i o . «». 

His grace dying in Prance, in Aug. 17^2, was succeeded bj 
his eldest son, 

Alexutdeb, 4th duke, K.T., keeper of the great seal m 
Htcatland, lord lieutenant of Aberdeenshire, and diancrilor of 
King'a CoU^, Aberdeen) b. SH June 1743. m., Isi, 18 Oct. 

1767, Jaue. da. of sir WilliuD Mo 
i. 1) ApHl 1812) had iuue, 

I. Oeoboe, preteat duke. 

i. Cnjuorrii, m., 9 Sept. ITm. Oiu'la. (IL duke of Rirkmcmil. 

a. MaoKLisA, H., III. i April ITta. >li Ronm sbFlati. lut.. ud. Kii, 
N Nst. IBM, OislB Palma', of LudOei nuk, B«k>. on. 

t.Si«u, K,*)ilinjnai,WllU(D9,hhdiikciirMadtMa. 

«. cai»au)ii. Ik, S June ISM, JotaB, pTaBU and ah duke of TliiTfuil 
TU duke n. Sdly,' in Julj IS20, idi4. Chrinie, ud by her 
(vhn d. July ISU) bad no luue. Hii gnux A 17 June 1837, 
and waa nuxtwdcd by hia rmly BurriTiog mul, 

OtomoE, pnsMiiI and fiih duke. 

Z/rir PrauBiplire — To [he duhedom of Gordon and Engliih 
t)ll«a uf carl of Norwich, and Inron Gordon, aoxc- To lli« 
maniuessaM of Huntly and the olber Scotch Ullaa, the ani of 
Abovse- The Eughsh baninies of Mordaunt, of TnTTvy, and 
Bcauchunp, of Bletihoe, wilt, in the event of hia grace*! death 
■riibout JMue, fall into abe^ince belween hii auten and (heir 

of Huntley, 1449; Jtlarqueo of Huntley, 
Earl of Ernie, VUctniut Inverneu, Lord nf Badenocb, Lochabcr, 
S»aUiaTen,Achiiidout), Batmore, Gartlev, and Kincardine, 1399; 
Shiko of Gordon, 1604 ; Baron BeaucWip, of Bletahoe, and 
Hordauni, of Turvey, which baronis merged in the dnkedom 
•f Gordon, on the death of Mary-Anastalia, baronns Mardaunc, 
■itboat iuue, S3 June 1B19; Earl of Nonrich, and Baron Oor. 
dom of Huntley, CQ. GlouccBtar, 1784. 
Coamn. Aid- Aiftun tluve Uon^ boMlf «rwd Kuta — B^dbhoch. h. Or. 

dHufftjiUt arjfnl — Ciuflaa, 

f>n«— Out ot ■ matqUE^i eorotu4 a lUft bead eonped n ibc neck uul 

■Amt^ all pTopeT- 

Sm ^f Brirrm-'twn perhoundi propel, each gorgad wlUi ■ plalg coUufulo. 
dH«d with three btuklts or. 

Hid Eabl nf ARGYLL, Mnrquess of Lorn and Kintyre, Earl 
flf CBinpl)eU and Cuwall, Viscunni Lochuv and Glemla, Lord 
•f Inverary, SIulI, Morven, and Tyrie; Soot« boaouni and 
Baron Sundridge and Hamilton, in the Peerage of Enjfland ; 
Hereditarv Mailer of the Kiiif;;'* Hnviebold, Admiral of the 
Wtstem iiles. Keeper of tliiiivon Caatte, and of Duanafnage 
and Carrick, Stale Cauniellor (o the King for Scotland, Keeper 
of the Great Seal in Scotland, and Hereditary Sheriff oo. Ai^U : 
torn S3 Sept. 1T«0 ; aucceeded his father. John, the late duke, 
SI May 1806 ; tnatritil, 29 Nov. 1810, Caroline.Eliiabelh Vil- 
lieni, da. of George, 4th earl of Jeney (whoie former marriaga 
with Hmry-Willtiitn, manjuesi of Augleaey, K.O., had been 
diuolved by the Scotch courli). 


IPBELL, K gentlemao of An^-Xormau Ilne- 
, Hcciuired tUe lordship ur Lochtm', by mHirisge with tbe 

ress nf the fanner poHestmra, in tlie lllb century. His dc- 
acendint Kir Colin, Burnuued Orent, was oae of tlune 
diaiin^lahed peraoiu who n-ere summoned, liy Robert Bruce, to 
B«nrick, in Aug. I2»l, when king Edivard I., of Enf^nd, rsme 
there, to decide the diiipute between him and Juhn Batiul, fur 
the sncceBsioD to the crown of Scotland. He n. a lady of the 
family nf Sinclair, and had isnie JVffi/, his niixeiwir, and Donidi, 
ancestor nf the earls nf Loudoun. 

Sir DtrycAN Campbell, great-greal-ft rand ion of Ndl, wu 
first of tlie fauiily who assumed the title nf ArgjIL, and wai 
created ■ lurd of parliament, 1446; nt. iMnrjory, 2d da. of 
Robert, duke of Albany, regent uf Scotland, anil hul imiie, 

Colin, 2d lord. 

I, and was succeeded by hit ^nd.wn, 
CoLiMt who was, in 14S7> created earl of Aryijll, and, ill 
14)13, lord high diancellur nf Scotland ; which oliii« he held till 
Ilia decease in I41)3i n. Isabel, da. and cu-h. to Juhn Stewart, 
lord of Lorn, and hod, 
I. Ahcuibald, 3dearl. 

The earl wu sucreedcd by his tddeil son, 

AHL'HinAi.n, 2d earl, who, commanding the van of the army 
at the battle of Flndden-Held, 9 Sept. ISIH, wa> killed with his 

royal master; m. Elizabeth, da. of Juhn Stewart, earl nf Lennox, 


[, .Id earL 
. M earl" m.° jC'et Gordon, da. of Alesauder, 3d * 

of Huntley, and had in 

ABCniBALD, 4(b earl. «., l-t, Helen, da. of Jnmn Hamilton, 
lit earl ofArraD. by whom be bad isiue, Abcbibald, .'xh earl, 
who it without issue, 12 Sept. I.'>7S ; aiid Sdly, Margaret, only 
dn. of William Grabam, .'M earl uf Munleitli, by trbimi be ww 
father of 

CoLiH, Oih earl; m. Agnea, do. of M'illiam Eeilb. 4lh earl 
Slarischnl, and widow of the regent Moray, and d. loS4, leaving 
issue by her, (who d. 15UU,) 

Abcuibald, 7th earl ; n., !•(, Anne, da. of M'illiiun Douf;- 
las, earl of Morhin, hy whimi he had iiiue, 

1. Abcuibald, Gib enrl, and 1st marquess. 

^ Mahv» IP sir Hobvl MonlfiamtTle, of Shidtnorly. 
The earl n., Sdly, Anne, da. anil m-h. of >ir William Camwallis. 
(by Anne, da. and oi-b. uf Julin NcFill, lord Latimer,) and h^d 
lasue by her. 

Tbe ful rf. 1638. uid iru ■umvdei by hii eldnl mo, 

AicttlUtO. ath arl. cmud maniuw of Ar|[rU Id lUI. 
lie MmtrHnUd nurh to lb( rmpilon anil onnniMfa ~ ' " ' ~~ 
II , wul, I Jul lUDO, idaeod (be aavD «n U* ha 
4ai, after die ranantiaii in lUGU ba •rMMauitd bjrthaa 
NiddlMan of eoniplrlng wltli OUvar Cramwdl la tka 4^ 
L:bBrt(B 1. 1 ftir yhieti he vb oiadcmiMd by p*riia>~ ~ 

n »ar l«6t, wa* b^wnjed at th« MarkM ('ra« (N 

■- Marfftrt, da. of H'illiam I>au^aa, 7ih «rl of Uoruo, Mid 

>, mil rail. 

The earl vaa (ilnwfdnl liy hi* *na, 

ARcuiaaLit, Ihh earl, wba. Id IINtS, vai nHcnd to iha ilUa 
oT evi of Argyll ; in ISdl he *M amilannad ui drath far blah 
naaiiin, but «a«p«d frim hia uufinBnaDI Id tho dlipdw uf ■ 
laaljr*! piga. and AmI tn llnlUnd, «h<ra be mUmHad nana fi>rc*a, 
■nil made a lawdiDK In Arvylnhira in IflOS ; whan, Mnf driaat- 
(d ami a^ain nude priiiniar, he »** beheadrd at th* llarkM 
I r>H, on b» ramier tentanee, M Junn lOIIA. The mtl m. Umrf 
^iienrt. ih. of Jamca, (sH of Murray, and had liiue. 

1. AacKiBiLD, liirinkc. 

- t of John. Mil liari E 

AmcHiaai-n, lal duka, wai aekuiwInlKnl ai earl of Ar^U 
bT the parKaneiit. bafore they tonk olT the aitainrfer a^iiiai hia 
tather, and enalaal duk« af Arn'O, lu him uid hl> hrin male 
rhaUnncr, 83 June t;<ll : m. Ehtnhrlh, d«. ^r lir I-ionti TuL 
lonariie, of HelniiTi|[hain, en. ISiilTiilk, barl.. (anctalor lo Lionel, 
rarl of Dyaart, in- t/ul HUt,) aiid by her (who rf. B May I7U) 
Irft iaaiie. 

I. Joiiv, 3d duka. 

S. AbcuiiaLd. 3d dnhp. 

Hii grace dfin^ in Nut. 1743, the English tides of duke and 
earl of Ureenwicb, and banin of Ciiatham, become extincl j but 
he waa aiicceeded in hla other titles by hii brother, 

Ahciitiiald, 3d duke, n-howas created ■ peerof Scotland, t>]I 
the titles of lord Oiaasag, Dunoon^ and Arote : Biio eUetmni mil 
tarl ef Ida, 29 Out. I70f), which titles, on liin deiath irithout 

iuuB, became eitincl. He «. the da. of Whitfield, e«)., 

paymaBLer of the marines, l>ul by her (who d. in 1723) he htA 
no issue ; and his grace d}'iug 16 April 17liln wai siiooveded by 

John Campbell, K.T., 4tli duke, sou of John Campbell, <d 
Mammore, 2d aim of Arcbibaltl, 9th earl of Awyll ; m., 17301 
Mary, diu of John, id lord BeUenden, by whom (who d. la Dte. 
1736] he had issue, 

1. JoHK, 6th duke, 

Bask. KhiI. U Juljr im?. 

>h Innt. nS Chiiiatam, 

3. CmollM. it 1.IUI1. IJW. 

>bB Tl^I btni- nnnl HcbTy-SBrniour Coniviyp bniher 1o t'mDcli, lu msr- 
quest al HSTlMd, K.G- 
His grace dying 17 Nov, 1770, was surcoeiled bv bii son, 
John, 9th earl and Sth duke, a fiekl-nianhol in the army, 
and colonel 3d re^menc uf fooi-guardsj b. in 1730, rreatml a 
peer of Englaud while marqueu of Lorn, 2S Dec. 1760, by th* 
title of ImreM Sundridyt, of Coumb Bank, eo. Kent, with re. 
inainder to his brothers Frederick and M'illiam, and the hein 
male of (heir bodies; m., 3 March 1769, Elinbelb, widow uf 
James, Cth diUte of Hamilton, and 2d da. of John Gunning, of 
Castle Coote. do. Roseommon, esq., (livthe hon. Uridgel Bonrk*, 
3d da. of ThwbaM. flih viseonnt Mayo.) and bad issue hy her, 
(who ifa* erealed a |ieereM of (ireat Uriloin, 90 May l77Ri bf 
the title oft-annim Hamiitvi, of Ilamliledun. cu. Leicesier.) 

_ jI WllUBti CimtiM. i 

: «-i ttg. A«ru lan Joh. <»it » — ~- •>• -"« <«h«, « 
Mn- airbB lAhiitai. «•«. ant ti ha lobu t. nitt, i^i Im 

b. ilai. ^ I* nt^ DM. 

■?». 1^ ttnt.-«n. Dawlnc, ■■ W ■]■)■••» 
mr*. t. H Ju» im HL. It Urn ITK JolH 
.. >ln « U Uw*i Uun. md Mir. lk> m. «fc 

is prm« dvinit 24 M» I SOC, wu xui'vnM I7 hli (UcM ton, 
>KGK.%(-||.Li»i. praunt anri flih 
r /*rfj««pflM^— Jotlv.I>(lL'ol.**-£llWlKI>-IlBM>T. onJjf 

-LcntI CampUJl, in l«4a; EaH of the co. AnrvU. 

; Lunl oT I^rn, U70: Duk« uf Aritjrll, Hw^ihm at SJn. 

n asH Idini, Ewl of Campbdl and IWall, Viaooani Lochw 

1 OlmJla, Lonl of InTfranr. Mull, Morrm, aad Triiea fl 

B I7*ll. In ike p«ng« frf SoDdud i Buoa ^tyadrUM, in 

U Om^ tTWi Bum HanJliou, SO Mv 17M. <• A* 


LI. tatiB«»|Fiiwlia4aiaBiMilnlU. ■■Ikruttail.BHi' 
■■ mdcvi >■ iKili».>M>-Ar (ha ktiMilpil} !#». 

» M p-«« n Two Uou fwdul (hIh. 

ifi^l-U ■■ luMrm >». I « •OKIlT «U tb(M <I>H«> gW DO*. 

JOBN MURBAY. Puie, Mimaussi, and tUa 
ATBOi.L. MBrquo uid Garl <rf TiilliUrdin, Kwlofrtirai 
nd Slruhudilc. VlKWint Okiulmond, lUquhidir, and ( 
l)«n, Bann Uuriay, trf TuQibordin. Lonl lUlreiiiiiw, anil ( 
in Nonh Driutii ; Earl Htrangv, Barun Siraii|t*i and li 
filoTTBC, ol 8unley, go. Oloucaler, in the Pprnge iif tlv ( ' 
Eingdofa of Onat Britain and Ireland : I.nRl IJRiW 

laie duke, SO licpt. 1830. 
Tli*rBmilf of Mui 


Murray darlTia lu orisin (nni JoUH UB Mu- 
ihcrifr M Penluhire TalV. and H. liSA. Hit 
1I.1.IAM DE lUoaAViA. vat unp of tlie Mag. 
moiled h> Berwick b)' lung Edward 1. 13921 
A try DiarriaKC with Adia, da.u( Ualue, tcncackalor !itrMb>>rti, 
* A the laads of Tullibardia, at which hi* deKPiidaiiU wani 

ir JoilV Ml'RBAT, arTuUibanlin.wMcrcaicd lonl Mnrray, 
IT TullibantJn, 1U)4, and earl of TuUihanlin, lOOG. Itik ••'i' 
piLi-l*' baring n. Dorothea, da. and h. of John 8(rwan. enrl 
f Alhv"' •uirenderta die earldoin of TuUlbardiD in favour of 



« 1070, 

hit bniiher Patrick, nn the d«ith of n-huse son Jarnei, 
it rererlH) R^n to Ihe Athall line. 

Jonn. 1« orl nf AthoU of this fninilv, onlv son of WiUi 
Sd eul of TitUibardin, by Durodiea Sievan, m. Jeaa, da. of air,' 
Duncan Campbell, of Ulenordiy, and d. June l(il2, leaving idrh 

JouK, Sd eirl, inccceded to the earldom of Tullibardin, fl 
which he vhi fifth earl, on thr d«atli of liis oouain Jamea, iVJOi 
created morquen of AilioU, 17 Feb. Iti76; m. Amelia-Stipliiaj 
only da, (who left issne) of Jama .Stanley, 7tli ™r' "f Derbj-) 
who had, in IG2II, been tuinmoned to 'iJ"""'* ' " 

Strange, and had iuue, 

I. JoHM, lit duke. 


The maniueaad. G .May 1703, and n 

■iirceeited liy his ddttt 

JoHH, Sd marqueu, E.T., created, 30 July 1703, dulet i 
-ilholl, and niarqueaa uf TiiUihardin, m., Itl. L'utharine, da. i 
William, duke of Hamiltim, and bv her had iuue, 

1. Jnm.. «.l~..l h. Ih. n..>rh -nl.... J.(ii •! MltplUlIK, 1709. 



S. Jahei, 2d diike. 

M Inprluned la the To- 

t. CBAIlLa>,d.l7M.>.p. 

i. OaoUE, -.. Amdta, onlT .utvL.Ing rtM and 

Slant and Stnouii wsi 


nUil.indil.lDHdUud, 1 

1. JoiIH, who heome 3d duk«. 

Ml lard iCbi, and K. IS 

of'thc ■hite. m. wnhc 



S. BA>1I.,d.IM1U. 

7. S"Mi>, ■■. 

The duke dl, Sdly, Marr, da. of M'illiam, turd Rou, by whc 
<wlio d. 1767) he had issue, ,^ 

i. JoHK.arai.And col. of the tld foM. n., 13 ftft, ITW, mla Dalian. ^ 
Rinnn Cna. tt>. York, and tf. ID May I7S7. lavlnii luut by hn <>t»< 

m ot KllUloe. 

II. Masv, Kjaiw/lIhHriaf Flndlaur and Sh1M4. 
Th« duke d. 14 Nor. 1724, and was sumwded by hii 3d aoa^. 
James, on whom, on the attainder of his elder limther WiS' 
in 17 IS, tlie title had been letlled by act of t>arliament. 

Ja-VEb, 2d duke. K.T., wna a colonel of the 3d foot gimrd*. 
On the death of Janie*, lOth earl of Derbv, in 173fi, his gnM- 
lircame sole h. to the body of Jacnm. 7lh earl of Derby, f " 
Grange, and, a> luch, claimed and waa allnwed (he bara 
Slmngv, created by the writ of auiiiniont la the taid earl, in 102& 

Ho rrtrt m-, l»t, JmX'. •*»»'* 
■idn of Junes L«»in>7, «*il- 

Ixluilixue, , 1^ 

STnTvi^nng di. ; and hi. »«■" tuladwolved on hi. nepl.ew, 

inas. M duke, K.T., •"« "rf "^ Ua-rge Jl.imiy, fiU> MX uf 
lie 111 duke of AilioU, wh". "" "" uncle'i de*th, dunied tbe 
liila : nheo, ^ Feb. 17G4, the home of lonU nwdved. *■ That 
r hath « ngbc to ifie liiin, honour*, anid digni. 

™ ^™- ,_nie», 2d duke of AlboJI, on whoM doth, in J7*M, 
W Udyihip succeeded lo the wverdgnty of the Isle of Slaii, 
ud to the Eni;Ii>b barony of Strange Id 1765, an art uT |iBr> 
liameni paMcd for purchaiing [he Ide of Man, by s Doniract he. 
Iveai the hird* of the treasury and Ihe duke and duchn* of 
Atliidl, «'hich island had been granted by king Uenr; IV,, in 
1406, t« air John de Sianlev, km., nrhoae ■ueceuort poatetaed 
ibtumeiill 1736, vheniidFvnlvedon the duke of Atboll, bein^ 
1 ber of the line. His majctiy and ibe parliament agreed to pay 
I £70,000 for all Uieir graL-vs' iniemC and priviltm in Che 
idand, ita c ni og lo thein the landed property, with all their 
ligbti in and over Ihe toil, with coiirti baron, rentt, Mrcicxs, aiid 
oUkn incident! to <iidi count belonging, &c., together with ilie 
patronage of the biihopric, and other eccleiiiutical benefii^ea in 
the island, oo payment of lOIJ. 15t. lid. per annum, and ren- 
dering two falcon* tn the kingi and queen* of England, hit nia. 
jmy*> (na«*ion. on the dayi of their mpectiye conniaiiotiB. 
The money wa> directed to ne laid out and inreated in the pur. 
chaie of an inberitanre in i>co(Uuid, and tu he unalieiiahly en- 
tailed on a cerlajn terie* of hein. On the death of the duke of 
.AntaitcT, ber gnce wan one of the daimanli of the herediinry 
iiAce of great high dunibeclain of England, 
H is grai> had issue, 
1. JoHli, 4lb duk«. 
1 oaaia'a.t.'^.V-ui la&nl. 

LudoixV^^vilj^ar aiant, taut.. ta}ii.3 Juu ISIi3/1«<ln| iBue, 


:h III171 s. G«rie-£ihai>4, ft. 1 Sept. IBIS: ?. fnau^ 

<phlK, fvi.. JunelHIfjIIwiTT-TovuhendSelwynjpntaMt 

M, CuherbM, 3d it. ot Hcuy otsaf, 

HI Dn:. ITK, iHvUg'lH^li) ha.' IwbaA 

S. Mbt-Add*, £. SS April 179I- 
S. HiHiiT. MSJBTCl7^iiL,aDee.17B«.EUul>nli,d 
LlnTpaDl, «.. led it. 3 Dec. IBit. lavlnE Imik, 


. di. of wnuuD Tenniiaii,' is^. ind ha* taii*> 

4. Aiiidk.Jiiw, HI., Oct 1HS9. UeuU-gflD. lir John 0«wi 

5. Cuttwrlnt-Mvlii S. Hmrluu. 
7. Cmun, dwa of Bocklng. In Eiwi. b. U on. 1771. hl. 

Alicia AjTBricf. nrilHIr Hult To-er. co. Nartbunibnluid, oo 1 
Iw (AOk, br roTil •Ign muud. iIk lunuun* a( AmLkv ooli 
l«H,lwlii>luiwbyhET|vlui<l. ISJunsiulit, 

I. CJuriDMa, i. * April ITM. hl, M June IRIS, (li Jaha O 
iwKcu, O.C.B., uid / H rcb. 1877. 
a. John, ».>JUM 1795, «.,«« June inn. Crnnu. da. of ! 

€iq., of TocklMIon. ™. Gknitmur. and bia Ihua 1. C*ai— . , 

lUli 1. Ji>iMa-jlul<i0, ^ IB June 18X1: 3. Jutn-Cn^. &■ UardiiaUi 
Oierga-Htittrt, b. 4 fi^t. IfiM. j 

& Charla i t. Oannn-Bdward, tulh W. vouni. 
0. AUul-KMiinib-Mumi. b. a Julr 1WI. ■>. S June lUfi, tbe i» 
Htrtert Oakrin, prrbendaii of SI. Paul'i, LkbBrid. ud WnfCots. a 
iK ^ Chat la Oaiuin. ban. 
8. EllaUmh-AiiM-Mumy. 

K CHAaLanB,».*Aiu. i;M.'4;>m— .1 AiitllllWB. 

B. Amtu. MJultl^M., IH, ThcHKatlvk roalu, aq., Bd Mir. 

KL J*»«, b.»Drc.l7W, Bi'„17i».Johiinni«rt MulrbHid. sq. 

II. M*iiv, A. lUn. 1701, m.. ITW. nv, n. Marttn. aiidd.7»Hit. IBI« 
Hii gnux d, 4 Not. )774i (leaviii); Ihe ducbeu lurviviog, wbo 
13 Oct. ISOfi,) uid wax aucceedtKl by hi> kid, 

JOHH, 4chduke, K.T., A. 30June17Sfi, m., Itt, 26 June 1T74i 
,I[Uie, dA. or Joho, Htb lord CAtbcart, and by lier {wlio d. 4 Sept 
1790) had luue, 

I. John, present duke. 

Hii gmet m., SOj, 1 1 MKT«h 1704, iltrgaj,ia.aejattm, Itth 
Im4 Porhc*, utd widow of Jotm, lord Slulnid, (uo of G«ari[B. 
(tri of Crotnartie,) »id by her had iuur, 

;i. CB.aKi.Ihb II MlU(l>*mi.«.*l UlHikdiiilu b t-.RKir. II ta«. WL 

The duke rf- S» Scpc 1830, ud wu >iiomd(d by bit Mat un. 

Jdbx. proenl and Mh duke. 

/Mr Praumpliwt — JiMEi, baroo Oknljoii, onljt bratbn- «( 

Homy, of TuUibardin, CO. Ptnh. ) 5 April IfMH; EMlof TnU. 
tMdin, IMW; Earlof Alholl. IG20; llan|u«uof AOwtUaad Vu- 
cnutl ajenalmond, 1676; Duke of Aihult. Man|iia« oT TuOilw- 
din, Earl of Smibuv ud SlralluntBie, ^'itnm&I Balquhi4ir, 
Ijiri B»lTeniue and duk, 17U3: Earl i^iraog*, BaroD itumj, 
of ^tanlef, co. Glourealer, 18 Aug. 17S6. 

'— BHBi*. Bonr Qi-Mt «ii.r. t. (it. . £■ d 
kft kTvmDUTr cDBJolMd B the up|*r pin irf ihi ihl^.' u 

JAME8 OR.1HAM, Dike, Mabhuem. and Eakl of 
MONTROSE, MartniSB or Onhun and Bucbuiaa, Earl of 
KTacanlin, ViKouni Dundaff, Lord AlieruiliTm, MyndodL, uu) 
FiQiny. iu Xanh Brilain ( and Earl and Baroa GRAHAM, 
nl Belfurd, a>. Northumberland, K.G., D.C.I... i Um*Jmtkt. 
Unirnil of Scotland, Lord-Lieutenant oo. Stirling, BcradilarT 
Shtriff CD. IhjmbartOD, Chancellor of the Univervitf of Claigow, 
■nd an Eilraordinary President of the Royal Bank of Scot&nd, 
wme tiuM Matter of the Hone, and lale Lrn^ Chaoibnlain lo hii 
Majatr j bom B Feb. 1 756 ; nioeeded hii father, WiQiam, the 
Ule duke, SS Sml. 1790 ; morriid, Itt, fi Marrh I7RA, Jsnima. 
Elix^Mh, da. of John, 3d earl o( Aitibumbam, and hv her (who 

d. IT Sept. 1786) bad iMue, 1. U'illiah. d. 29 April I7H7. 

Hi* graiT «., 3dly, 34 July 1700. Caroline-Maris-MonUKue. 

cldrsl da. of Ueorge, 4lh duke of Slancheater, and ha» iMue; 

1 GE0NeiAN.A-CUART.OTTE, b. i June tiOl, ■>., 26 July laU. 

(ieargv-Williaai Finch -Hat ion, esq., now eai^ of Winchiliwa'. 

S. CaSOLIME, 4. 30 Bepl. 1783;-— 4. LCCT, ft. SO Sept. r,:<-i. 



.,9 Feb 18IS,Ed«ar[l,viia)uiitClWG, eldest wmoftheeul 


T Cainbridge; & Emtly, b. 23 Jail. 180S; 7- MoV 

iCu-WiLLiAM, 4, 2 Feb. IBO7. 

or tliia celelirsled name, the iint peraon who appeui npl 
FiLLiAu D% Orauau, nehoneuleiliii Sonland Im) 
Ihirid I., anil oblained frum that prince the lands of Abenm 
and Dalkoitb- Ilia tveond nm, John Orahnm, wai lather t 
William, father of David, father of David, father of a 3d DkiU 
who if. about 127l>, leaving iMiie, by Annolietla, liis wife, db t 
Roliert, earl of Strathern, R itoni, 1. Patrick; S. air John, « 
Dundair, one of the compnnioiu of iiir WiUiain Wallace, and did 
at the liBttle nf Falkirk 22 July 1298 ; 3. rir David, who M 
mie of the nnmineai of Balinl, in his competition for the crown 4 
ticatland, and one of the noble] of that coiiniry who swore fall 
tu king Edward 1. 3 Aug. \3Bi. Neither of the Iwe yoiiii|| 
eoni of the 3d >ir David appean to have left inue, but the eHl 

Sir Patrick, of Kincardine, ityled I7 Uemingford, " Mil 

leiUiora nobiliitimiu," continued the line. He waa, in IM 
>ent to negotiate the marriage lietween king Alexander III. ■> 
Mai^arel, da. nf Ouy, earl nf Flanders, and was slain ai ll 
battle of Dunbar 12B6. His great ■grandson. 

Sir Patrick, of Diindnff and Kincardine, was one of the bM 
ages for tlie ransom of king David II. 1357. He was twice m. 
by his 3d wife, Egidia, da. of sir John Stewart, of KailtlOD, U 
niece of king Rolwrt II., he had issue 4 sons, the eldenof wluM 
fotririt, «. Euphame, countiw of Strathem, only child of Davi 
earl of Straihem. younger brother of king Robert II. ; he VH 
in her right, earl of SirHihem, and ancestor, by her, of d 
nraliams, earls of Monlcitli and Airth. By his wife he w« R 
ther of 

Sir Wlt-LIAM, who was also twice tn., Isi. 10 Mariota, da. 1 
sir John Olipbant, by whom he had imiue, Alf-rander; and Sd) 
to the princess Mar;, Zd da. of king Robert III., (and rriieti 
Heorge, earl of Angu*,) and nf sir James Kennedy, of Dnnnl 
l>y whom he had 3 sons, I. Hoierl, anrestor of the OmhaOH 1 
Claverhimse, viscounts Dundee ; 3. Patrick, bishop of St. A) 
drew'i, papal nuntio and l(«nie i latere, if. U78 ; 3. IfUtim 
ancestor of the- Orahams of Balgowan, and the present ba 

Ai.nxAHDER, eldest ion of sir 'fl'illiam, d. in hii father's Ut 

Patrici, Isi lord Graham, so created before f> July 1161 ; 
14RG, leaving issue a son anil beir, 

William, 3d lord, n. Anne, da. of George Douglas, 4th tt 
of Aogiii, and dying 1473, was succeeded by his eld<sl son, 

William, 1st earl of Montrose, who adhered to the party 
king James III. against that of bis nobles, and was a eommanil 
at the battle of Bannockbum U88, wherein the king lost li 


In mam (nr bii loraliv, king Jtmm IV. ma pi 

■ilk ktu JuTCi IV. ud muy utbrr noLla^ kilM at 

tank flf riaM«B-S(U I&IS. H* WM (unwini by lii* •■ 

WtUt-IAM, Sd eart, »ho wa» appuinivd giivirniur !« kii 

»4m. Ri* «Um (cm, Rolxtrt, U-rd Orabui), n UDnl ■■ 
iW tNOle of Pinki* IM7. In !>>• r.itMo-'* lirMinw, Imting ■ ion, 
J»a«. The mi i. 34 May i&7l, and v«a (ucnvdiri by bi* 

Jowr. 3d eari, lord bigfa cbanntUor uf Nmtland lUV, Wul '!«•>- 
I>f W t^ kinffdum 1604 ; m. Jean, eldfsl da. at VmrU, lonl 
' anddfuigONoT. lAIUI. wu (unwdtdbrUaddfBt 

JoBK, 4«]i carl, lord pretident nf ilir cxniiidl in (vnltand 1696, 
ml *. Uie auiie ;w, IcSTiog iuOK, by M*r|[arei, dk. of U'UUan 
Badm. Im «arl <if Onaric, G do. Hnd itn unly >un, 

Jaaka, t*t marquiM and Stb earl i.t Momnwi. K.G., K 1612. 
«&•« Kmnchr allBUiiiut faimaalf in C^rln I., wa* apwrfnMd, IB 
'■ " ■ ■ ■ lOiar. -" 

... d and utcutrd ai KdlabarKb 1 

IOCl AAcr the reatontlon of Charia II., bii iiiajMif n 

tWwBHBM;, and hia icBlwrcd rniaiiu verp collccied andl 

>iih B«« nleninity, in Uie nt)i«lral cliurch of M. Oilia, Majr 
IMI 1 aa. H«K<'*'a>'-(^*"*B*<- ^ ■>' David, lil carl uf tMnitlimk, 


JailE«, 24 mftrqiiH, nnnnioiiif dai^piAlxI iht good man^urM, 
■W, InimrlliatilT on the king'i mum. waa muirpd lo hii ho. 
^ndeauic; «. Ii^ifI Dnn|tla>. da. nf M'jlliani. Jlh c*H of 
Minnn. willow of Robvn, I*i ntrl of tl(iib<ir([li, and h^ imn*, 

L J.aaK&, 3d Kiari|iiaa. 

Bt 1^ IMS), Mid VM aiiraednl by hi* ton, 

JaMfn, Sd fDKrqiuaa. H. ChriiUui, da. of John Leallc. duke of 
laWa t will dvioK in ICII3, im luccccdcd \ij hi< •nii, 

Juica, lat iliike and itli manfuau of MniitrnK, K 0-, »», 
^T t«Ma Annr, 1705. appoinCnl adminU of N'nrlh Kritain, and. 
It Aynl 1707, w*a advanced to the di|{iiil!i nf duke of Hu». 
itMK ; m. ChriitUn-Canu^ da. of David, 3d earl uf Nartliak, 
>4 b* ker («ho d. Id 1741) bad i« 

■. ^Mtam ■ ' '■"-- — 

I DtTik. Winn k^ lltottm I. vu alMHd <a adiuin u ttv <tnli> of 
^pa.ii fa KtlaaJr& tin llllnor ml utd bum iiiiiiah, ufftHAxd, 


teka ^ r^M-'lfia. and ira>'i.uavcded by hiioldsi nurvlv 
'ITuAM, 3d duke uf MoDtroae. and 3d earl aiA UrD» Ura- 


ham, or BelFord; KUCMeded ro tlie En^liih lionoure on the dMtk 
nf hJB biTiEher, David, in 1731 ; m., Oct. 1741, Lucr Maanm, 
da. or Joba, 3d dukrof Rutland, and had, 
I. J*HE9, 3d duke. 

a. Li'cx. n.,1771. ArchltuMDDdBUf.latdDouglu.of Cullf DiHifUi.ul 

TliG marqucia rf. 23 Sept. 171>0, and vai tuiveednl by hii moi 

Jauea, present aiid 3d duke, aud 3d earl and baron Onhun, 
of Belford. in the peerage of England. 

Heir ApparmI — James, marquess of Graham, the duke'a an 

frm/joni — liord Grnhaio, 1445 ; Earluf Montrme, co. Fofbr, 
1505; Marqueu of Montrose, 1044 ; liord Aberuthven, Myth 
dock, and Fintray, Visctiiiril Duudaff, Earl of Kincardin, >ur> 
qiiew of Graham and Buchanan, and Duke of Montrow, IJOT t 
Ear] of Grabam, and Baron Belford, co. NDrihumberland, IJIL 

.4*7)4— SiwPhlleAl. Qiunrr^y. It and 4th. Or. onaehlef**"* ihM»#«ML 
kipinfthtfldd — Giuhah. and and 3rd. Arfient. (hr*« r»H g 

Civjif— An rulv piBjlnK 01^ « 4tDTk. «11 pTajwr. 

Sufij-wftrv— Twp ilorki cIdk, propa. 

MoKo-K-DiiMrz p»r. Forget not. 

BL'RGU, Marquess of Benumunt and Cessfnrd, Earl sf Eal«, 
ViiCuunt Broamouth and Baron Ker, of C-cssrord and Carerua* 
aud a Baronel; Aarn July 1K16; sumeediid hia father, JamMt 
the Uleduke, 10 July 1B33. 

Thin ancient family, and that of tlie marquess of Loihlan, 
of Auft'o-Norman lineage, descended from two broihen, A 
and Jti/ni, who settled in Scotland in the 13ib century, fom 
two distinct races of border chiefs. From the abare Ralph 
arended the Keri of f'gmihursi, f ite mar^aeti qf Lvlhianij and 
from John, the Kert of Ceatfurd, ancestors of the linkf ^ Rat. 
hurgh. Eleventh in descent from him wua 

Sir KoBEBT Kerr, uf Ceufurd, 6. about 1S70, created, 18 
Sept. 161S, earl of RaTiurgh, and lord Ker, of CcHfurd Hnd 


Carerton ; m.. Ut, Marvarct, da. of sir William Maitbnd, of 
- ' - „ . ' y whom he had issue, I. (Tiiliam, iL yoaas t I. 
Jea»,m. John, 2d earl of Perth, and had issue, 1. James, Sd Mil 

Loilhingtuun, by whom he bad issue, I. WiUi 
Jam, m. John, 2d earl of Perth, and had issue, 
uf Perth; 2. sirJohn Drummond.of Liviealmond ; 3. WiLllAMa 
vbo became 2d mri of Roxburgh; 4. .lane, m. Jcdin, 3d eartliF 
Wigton ; S. LiHiae, «. Jamts, earl of Tultibardln ; 3. /ni(/, ' 
Jaiiiea Scrimgeour, Sd viscount of Dundee ; 4. JVanr, ■>.. 1 
Jamei Ilaliburton, of Pilciir; and 2dlv, James, 9d eaHof 1 
Mk. The earl m., Sdly. Jeane, da. of' Patrick, lord DruDlnMMi^ 
■ad slst«r of his, the earl of Peith, by whom be hi4' 
issiip one son, 6. Harrs, lord Ker, who d. in hi* father's llfetitM, 
leaving issue, 4 das., I. Jean, of whom hereafter : 3. Anne, i» 
John, 4th earl of H'ifiloD : 3. Margaret, m. l6GU,«ir James InBM, 
of InncB. Iiart.j 4. Sophia, d. unn>. Ou the death of hia ton, Um 
earl ubtaiued, 1646, a nev charter uf his dignities and enatea. 

nnilv iW povmni cmfprrvd. iif which be entniled thrm^ l*t, <m 
tn gnauiMm, tir William Dminmond, ihcn on ihe ihrm ymingcr 
oufif hii grandd^, Jiiii«i conntenDf H'if^tufi, (wiioHllr/. ufiA-,) 
onder th« ^tpreu condition, thht whovver mrreaTffI tn tbe UUtf, 
■bmU m^TTj the eldest da. of hi« laie w>n i and failiti^ th^n, tn 
ibcdM. of uanidmn, and their hein male in succvsatun. Tbii 
MnU ra* fvnfirfned by act of parlianrant 1049; and ihf «ui 
JThi); 18 Jma, 16A0. wu snoceeded, according to iu prmKnotu, 
^ hii grutdBcm, 

Sir William Pslhsiokd, 2d earl, who, 1656, «. hiicmuju. 
UyJcanKer.andbyberhaditaue, RoBEBT. ,1dearl;andJnAi<, 
vbi Honcided, in IG7I, to the titfe of lord Belleail«i, (punuani 
MdlapmilJinmeculeil 14 April IS7l,by WiOiatn.lord Bellenden, 
•ho naioaof Marprel, sialer of the Itt earl oFRuiImrgh, and 
im cran«*l lord BeUenden 1601.) and was ancvnor uf th« 4ih 
lakb. ai hemfler sUlrd. The earl d. 2 July \G7b, and wu 
tucondtil bv his eldest son, 

RoBEKT,' 3d earl, who was drowneil near Yarmnnlh I0B3, 
iBTing iMue, ROBEBT, 4th earl, who if. iinti. 13 June IflM; 


JoilK, filh earl. K.O., erealed, 9fi April 1707, duke of Rni. 
hor^. ftr.. with limiiatinn of Ihe title to those who should luC' 
and to that of eart of Roxlni^, under Ihe settlement at IG46, 
■t. Man, onlf cbiM of Daniel Finch, earl nf Windiilsea and 
Nottingham, by hi& 1>I wife, Es«ex, da. and ca-b. of Hol>en Rich. 
eu-1 uf Warwick, and d. 24 Feb. I74I, leaving isiue by her (who 
d. ID Srpu 17l8}an uiiiy son. 

MoBEKT, 3d duke, created £ar/andSaran Ker, of Wakefield. 
in En^tland, 21 .Mav 1733, >"- Essex, da. uf sir Roger MosI; n, of 
UiwtTn, but-, and 'had iuue, 

■ 1. 'Jous, 3d duke. 
L a-nmnT. 4.iif>-. mi. 

KtTliili'li !»■. 

VThe dukr diss Aug. 17S<S uid was nicceeded by his e1de« 

■ JoHX, 3d dnke, K.O. and K.T., (the rabbrsled collector of 
B%Miki, from whom the Roiljuivh dub tskea <ii ruune.) d. unm. 
■39 March 1S04, when ilie EngUsh titlai of enrl and l»nni Ker 
B bacama extinct j but hit ScoIh huiiours derolrrd on his kiniman. 
B WiUiam, 7lh lord Betlendeu, whote descent we pro«ed to trace. 

■ JoAn, 3d lord Betlenden, ton of the 3d earl of Hoxhurgh, d. 
B I1l>7. leaving luiie, John, .Id lord ; and M'illiain, father of the 
B ftb lord, and 4lh diike. Ji>hn, 3d lord, ± 1740. leaving isnie. 
mMrr, 4th lord, and Bnberl, Bth lord : Ker, 4lli lord, left an onl>- 
B'Aild, Jakn, 5fh lord, wlio d. unn. 1796, and wu luoceedcd by 
VUi nncle, John, wbn also d. «nm. I7V7, wheti the barony devolved 
H-vpon his couain, 

K WlLt.UK, 7tli lord Bellenden, sncteeded, on the dealli of lii> 

■ Umman, John, 3d duke, in Itln4, to ibe titlanf duke of R'nc 
V bor^, &C., but d. without Jime Hi Oct. IBOS, when tlie whole 


mile line of William, 2d earl »f lUixInii^, fuiled ; ftnd the luc- 
ceuiiin to the titles &nd estates wan the (ubject of oonteit fiiruvea 
years, the daiiDuiu being, 1. the Ule duke, ru heir of Indy Mm- 
garet Innes, 3d da. of Harry, lord Ker, son uf tlie lit earl : 3. 
lady Euei Ker, da. of the 2d duke ; 3. major-gen. Waller Ker, M 
heir male of the 1st earl ; and 4. the right hon. M'illinm Drum, 
moiid, of Logiealmond, as heir male of the 2d earL The bouM 
of lords, n May 1SI2, reiolved, chat the late duke had n 
out his claim ; and we now proceed to detail the descent a 
uhinh it was founded. 

It has already been stated, that M.wgarel, 3d da. of HmtTi 
lord Ker, and ([randdo. of the 1st earl, in. sir Jama Innet, t 
Innea, hart. ; by him ihe had issue, sir //any Jnnet, n 
16y4, Jean, da. of Duncan Forbes, of Culloden, and d. 13 No* 
1731, leaving a son and heir, sir //ofcj, who m., 1727, Anne, it 
oS lir James Grant, of Orant, ban., and d. 17(i3, leaving iuue ll 
her (who rf. 2 Feb. I77I) aaonand heir, 

Jahei, who became, in 1012, Stb duke of Roiburgh, &c., i. 
17^. m., I7M, Mary, da. of sir John Wray, of Otentwortb, eo. 
Lincoln, hart., and tliereupon took the surname of Nardiflo. 
This lady rf. without issue 20 July 1H07, ond his gra» «., 3"* 
38 July IS07, Harriet, da. of Benjamin Charlenood, of Wia 
sham, by whom (who m., Sdly, 14 Nor. Ifl27, Walter-Fredei 
O'Reilly, esq. 4lh son of Matthew O'Reilly, of ThouMK 
Cjutle, 00. Loulh, eiq.] he had issue, 

3. JAMES-HeNnr, present duke. 
Hit grace d. IH July 1623, and viaa suiveeded by his only son 

Jamei-HehKT, present and Glh duke. 

tlrir ApparerU—Nnae. 

Crealiani—Entl of Roiburgh, Lord Ker, nf Ceasfurd and 
vertnn 16IB, with limitation to his issue mate; a new gnut «| 
the wme honours IG46, with the preceileoce of 1016, and powT 
to the grantee to nominate ■ aucceswr ; Duke of Roxburrii, JUu 
Unea of Cestfurd and Beaumont, Earl of Kelso, and Viacaul 
Braxniouth I7')7> witli remainder to the heir* suocmding to til 
earldom uf Roxburgh. 


I^QARLKS DOUGLAS, Maboueir and Eabl of QUEENS- 
BERRV. VUonint Dnimlanrig. Lord Douglai, of Hswick and 
TiMieri, K.T., and a Baronet ; iurceedod to the abovp thin itn 
Ihr death of William, 4lli duke of Qiieensberry, 3d «rl r>r March, 
RukIhi, tec, 93 Dw. IHIO; Lard.LiEutiMiaiit, n>. Dumfries; 
marrieiL, 13 Aug. 1803, Carolioe Scott, 3d da. of Henry, 3d duke 

nf Buocleuch and Queeiuheny, K.O., and baa JMue, 1. 

Cuolihe-Blikabeth, A. II July 1801, rf. 7 April 1811 ; 

£. Lat-iSA-AiriiE, b. 34 Jooe IB06; 2. MitBr-ELiZAJETn, 

».S< Nov. l»07i ^4. Harbtet-Chhistian,*. 22Julv IBM; 

6. jAXE-ftlABCiET-MAKr, b. 15. Ian. ISll ; U.'Fhak. 

di^AKOLiitE, /., JsD. 1013, d. Oct. ISa; ; ?. Elizabetit, 

^ 1«14; 8. Amve, A. 20 April 1H17. 

Thi« bnnch of ihe Douglas family ii derived from lir Williim 
Douglu of Drumknrig. >on of James, esrl of Douglas and Marr, 
*ba wai alBln ■! Olierbum 138S. Tenth in descent rrum him 

WiLtiAH DouoLAS, irho, I April 1628, iras crealed baron 
IXiugUs, of Hawick and Tiblien, and viioouut of Drumlanrig, 
and. 13 June 1G33, advanced to ilie dif^ity of earl of Quceng- 
L Isabel, 4th da. of Mark Ker, 1st earl of Inithian, and 
•sides other iBsiie, 

The eul rf. B March 1040, and was succeeded by his son 
Jameb, 2d earl, who by hii 2d wife, SIar){arel, da. ul 
Stewart, Itt earl ol Traquair, bail issue live da>-, vho all r 

The wl i 1671,' and ™"su™«l'ed b^E'ia soi 

, lie duke and mBrquesi of Qucenabpny: II Fi 

ISBS, be was created lord Douglas, of EilnwUDC, Middlehie, M 

viscDunl or NilL, Torlhorwolil, and Roas, ml, 

g and Sanqttbar ; loarqiiesa of Qiieeiubeny ; and. 


-lotm H»T< Itc muguev of 1 
Wauua, M eul of H 


DnimUni „ ... 

April 1 0811, he obtsmed the kinsi lign manual lo tite lord 

kiiig-at-anna, ordering the donUe treWurD la be mpenddcd 

hi! armorial bearings, as it is In the royal achierenients ; be * 

also, 3 Feb. lOBS, created marqueti of Dumfries, and duke 

Qiieeniberry ; m., 1687, lubef, da. of William, nufijuea tC 

Dougbu, and had issue, 

1. James, his snccenor, and iBtdukenT Dorer- 

■« of Ti-ddifc, Hid had U.u,, " 

■"'"""■" """'" ji by Atmr> itiuof John Hunj 
L» !ilb dirkc of ^HEubtTTT' 

HIi grace d. 8 March 1 696, and wai lucceeded by bis hu 

Jameb, 2d duke of Queeniberry, &c. ILO., b. 18 Doe. 1SR|J 
created baron of Rippon, marquets of Beverley, and duks of Dof 

ver, in England, 20 Alay 1708, ir ' -"-■ -■— ■- '-'— 

ing about the union of the i 

into the bands of the a . „ 

marquess of Duuifriesnblre, earl uf Drumlanrig and SanquliBtw 
Tiinnint of Nith, Tnrthorirald, and Ross, and boron Douglas dfi 
Kiiimont. Middlebio, and Domork ; and obtained a new patflat, 
17 June 1700, W him and his heint of entail, (mole or femalov I 
beiuK descended from Williitm, 1st earl of Queeniberry,) sue* 
ceediug to the property of Queoiisborry ; but iu ibis surrender 
and new grant, the titles of marquess and earl of Qoet) 
viscount of Drumlanrig, aud baron DouglaS'of E 
bers, were not included, but they nere left lo descend according 
to the original patents of creation. His grace «., 4 Dec 16B&, 
niary. 4th da. of Charles, lord CliiTord, eldnt son of Richard, 
earl of Burlington and Cork, and had issue by her, (besides lliKe 
sons and three daa., who d. young,) 

1. Chuiles, 3A duke. . 

if Bucclduch. vhou fnnd«on, Hoirr. dularf J 

! iK-o kinffdomi. In 1700, he 
rn his titles of duke of Quec 

e W 


ind 1^ 

The duke d. 6 July 1711, and wt 

Chableb, 3d duke of Queeunbe , , 
who had, during his father's lifetime, and when not ^ght < 
old, 17 June 1700, been created earl of Solway, viscount 
bera, &c., with remainder* to tbe heirs male of the budy of 
father not inheriting the lllleof duke of Qneensberrv ; A. 24 Sot, 
Ifflia, m., 10 March 1720, Catherine, da. of Henrj- Hj-de, carl of 





Clirendnn and Rochttter, bj whom he hsd isms l«o Mini, Henrj' 
ud Charlrs, wbo both d. in their (nlha't lifetime, *.f.i and the 
iluke dying 82 (let- 1779, aged 30, hi* English honours became 
ntinci, but the Soou devolved tm bii cousin, 

n'lLLiAU, 3deu-l of Alu-ch, vrendHn, at htfon tCated, of 
WiIKam. eftrl of March, 2d aon of the lit duke of Queensbeir)-, 
■bo chemipaii became 4lh duke. Hia grace its* K.T., and 
OMtol, 21 Aug- 1786, baron I>ini);]n8, of Amesbuiy, in England ; 
Amb. i3 Dec 1810, when hit Englinh barony, and the earl- 
teii of March and Roglen, became eilinci. The dukedom of 
QoeaiiberTy, and the other titles iodudedlo the {iBIeni of 1706, 
^ wilml nn the didceof Biirclench; (j« tAof titfe;) and the titles 
tf manjueaa and earl of Queenibenj, viicaunt of DrumUnrig. 
Bd banm Dcmglu, of Hawick and Tibbera, on the present mar- 
quM, wboie doccnt from the 2d son of the Isl earl ve now pro- 

is father of 
^ Kr WttA.txu, who m., 1705, Helen, da. of coL John Enkine, 
:d four da». ; hii eldest Mm, 
r John, m. Christian, da. of sir William Cnnyngham, of 
irinj(tint, CO. Ayr, ban., and had ii«ae by her, (who H, Not. 

n d~ Nor. 1778< and wai succeeded by his aon. 

All, m., 21 March I772, Orace, da. and ci 
n Johnston, of Lockerby, esq., and bad issue, 
In^RLBS, prewDC nurquena. 


Heir Pnaum/j/ipe— Tho marquess'i brother, JoHx Don 
eiq., of Lockerl])'. 

Creoljaiu— Marqiieu of Qurenitberry, 11 Feb. 1GH8; Eatt^ 
IG63{ And ViMUUnt Dntmlanrig, 162B. 

yiioM— £Ae PtkCe JV1. Ominerly, In And 4Eh- Ancentj « hmnimhf«n iuliiii 
nulgned wllh in Impo-Jil crnwn nr— DuI'Dlab. Snd uid snL Aiun. mbtnl 

or. rhaTfltd with the iloilhLf treuuT* of -Si'oUuid- 

CVflvr — Ad humwi h«an gukt. enaJfned with ta [mperial ctd*i 
iveep lira wbi^H dlkplarBd or. 

GEORGE HAV, MAHarE»9 and Eari. of TWEEDDAL& 
Earl of Giffurd, Vixnunl M'sldeii, Lord Ynter, K.T. and C.B. 
Hereditary CbamWIam of DiiturertiUitie ; bnm 1 Ft^. V}ttji 
■ucceeded liia fatlier, (leurge, the late niarqueu, 19 Aus. lAMi 
Cidonri in tho Army, and Aid-de.Cuup to the King. The ST" 
qiieu waa Aid-de-Cainp to the duke of WeUinglon, al the ba 
nf BuDBco, 37 ^ept. 1810, vherehe wa^ wounded : fiuirnMi, 

IB Aug. IB13, ,da.<>f J"linForbe«,of 

ex]., deceased; and Sdiv, 20 .Mardi 181(1, tiuiannali Uont 
2d da. of M'iJliani, dii£e of Mancheaier. and has inua,- 
3Mardi IBIT: 2. Hanhah-Ci 

LOTTE, i.ApriJlHIS; 3. Lol'iba-Jame, &39JulyIBl«| 

1. Elizabeth, b. 2? Sept. 1620;— ~6. GEORGE, «m| 

n/ Gilfonj, i. 26 April 1023; ft. MellicEXT, ft. Sept. ISHJ 

rf. J»u. 18261— 7.ABTnn«, A. 9Nov. 1834; B.WiLli*l*l 

niovTAOL', b. 37 Jan. 1836. 

The lint pemon of this name who anpean in 

it William dt Naga, who nettled in Lothian 

tunr, and had the office nf p 

butler ; dunng the reigna of Malcolm IV. and U'itliam the LiMW 
Ufl d. about 1170, learing iiaue two ■oni. I. IllJ/isit, anoeaM 
of the earli uf £rraf ; and 3. Roterl. anceitor of the man]UBU 


John Hat, 13th in dewetit from ffoAfif, n-ai, 29 Jan. 1487- 
crMtai lonl lli.y. of Vettvr, uhith tUl<^ deiceuded ' 

I. TTtLLUM.SlIiloTd, whoii. witboaEiiMueTna]e;iinil 2. Jaues. 
Itli lord, -who d. 1609, uid wsa mcaxied hy his urn. 

JoBM, Sih loH Vnter, crcaied, I Dtr, l<UQ, earl of Twpni. 
dale ; m., Isi, Jean, du. of Atciunder Seaion, 1*1 earl uf Dum. 
limnline, by vhmn he bad, 

1. JoiiK, 2d ear]- 
Dea., 2dly, Margaret, da. of Aleumder Slontgomery, (itii earlnf 
E^ntoD, by whom he hr"" - "■" 

The eaH d. 1854, and wai lucceeded by hJa wn, 

JoBir, ad cari, created, 17 Dec IStU, viuwunc WaUen. eari 
if GiAbrd, and inarqueuof Tneeddale; m. Jean, it. uF Wnlier 
~ Mt, Ik earl of Bucdeucii, and bad ii 
. I. JoQV, JU marque* 

Hmarquau ct II Au);. I09i, and nos auCL'cedeil by hi> ton, 
' JoHW, 3d nurqueu, t. 1645, «., U Dn:. I6«G, Anne, mily 
dSd and h. of John Maillaiid, duke of Lauderdale, and li. 20 
April I7I5, haring had inue by her, 

1. CHamtEB, 3d marque*). 

1. Joss. br%..gai. under Ibt dukf af HulbotDUgh, did coL Scati Cnyi, 

giuii,Baludkinininii«IWU.I>f wbom' John, eldat son, oho ^ hii.wu 

GcoBGF, 7th marquesS' 
The morquna d. 20 April 1713, and was succeeded hy hi« fon, 
CaAKLEi, 3d man|ueu, fli. Suuin, da. of William and Anne, 

duke and duchrai of Uamiluin, relict of John, 2d earl of Diin- 

dooald, and had, 

1. JoHH, 4[h marqueii. 

3. Gbobqe, 6(h marqueM. 
The marqaeu d. I7 D«. 1716, and was succeeded by his son, 

Joax, 4lh marquess, m., April 1746, FrancKs Carteret, da. of 
John, earl Granville, and by her (who d. 21 Dec 17»6) had, 
besidea other children, who tL young, 

1. Geobse, 5th marqueas. 

The ntarqueas d. I Dec 176! 

Geoboe, 5th mai-qneas, d, a 
cetded by his node, 

GzoBOE, 6th marquess, n-ho d. nithout issue IG Nov. 1787, 
and wan succeeded by his dialaot ooutin, 

Oeobob, 7th marqiieu, grandson, as 
WOliaiD Hay, of Newhall, 2d son of Juuu, hi mai 
1785, Haunah-Charloue Ulaitlnnd, da. of James, ! 
l^odenUe, and by her (who d. 6 At ay 1804) had, 
a !■ Geokoe, p[«unt marquess. 

e stated, of lord 

Thtuui Fnrba, ot E»1i 

i. EDW*UI-ai(IIUlB,'tl*1l1. lUe 


iL BTTDSdler-fiuiirdi, m., w Aug. 


Tlie uiarquesa d, at Verdun, io Frauoe, 9 Aug. 1801, and w 
•ucce«ded by hii eldeac «on, 

Oeorue, present aiid Btb mBrquess. 

Heir Apparenl—O noaoE, evl <iC Giffobd, win ot the mi 

Crealiotu^lMTi Bsv, of Veaier, 1W7; Ear! of Tueeddil 
CO. Feeiiei, 1046 ; VnioaM Walden, Earl of Oifford, bq<1 Mv^ 
qneu of Twe«di]Ble, 1694. 

E*Bi. of LOTHIAN, Esrl of Ancram, Baron Kwr. of 
liotde and Judhui^h, in Scotland ; and Baron Krrr, of KeiT«a 
heugh, CO. Roxburgh, in the Peerage of the Uniwd Kingdsa 
A. 1 Feb. 1794, succvedHl hii father, WiUiam, the lale marquM 
27 April 1024. 

The marqiieu of Lothian l« male represeutarire of the bona 
nf Ker, of Femihurtc, vhose ancestor, Salph Kfr, aeltM !■ 
Teviotdale about 1331): and, at the Bame lime, reproenta anA 
rierJTei Mime of his titles from a junior branch of the Sen, of' 
t^nafurd, (in which family i> the title uf duke of Roiburgh.) 

Sir AHdrtn Ktr, of Fernihurw, 8th in descent from Balp 
above named, rf. 1B45, leaving two Mini, 1. John, of FcmiluuM,, 
who was grandfather of Andrew, created, 1622, barun Jedbui^ |i 
and of Roben, earl of Somcnet, K.O., the faTDorite of kfaw; 
James I. ; 3. Roiert, of Ancram, whose grandioo, 

RoBEST, la 1633, »ai created earl 0/ Ancram, to him ai 
issue male by bis Sd wife, with remaiuder 10 hii issue male 
soerer ; n., In, Eliubelh, da. of ur John ilurrav. of BlaAi 
barony, by whom be had a son, William, 3d earl of AnenM 
and ot Lothian ; and Sdly, Anne, toily surviving da. of WiUisAft 

Gituley, 6tli rail of Deriiv, )ijr whom he had tereral dua., utdDae 
•on. Cha>i.Z), vtio, in ISSl, succeeded hit fadier, u 3d eul of 
Ancnun. >nd d. »-p. ; whereupoa the lide of Ancram devolved 
apon hia hidf (md cider) broihEr, 

Wit.i.iAif, who, hat-ing m. Anne, countesa of Lntliian. eldul 
it. mud ov^ ri Robert Ker, Sd earl of Lathisn, and gnadda. ol 
HaA Eer, who wu created baron Newboltle 1A91, and ear] at 
Lmhian 1606, (which Mark, caH ofliothiaa, wai ton and h. of 
Hark Ker, of Newboltle, Sd aon ofiir Andrew Ker, of Cenfurd, 
ancCTUir of the dnka of Roxburgh,) waa himielf created earl of 
Lothian 1031 i and, nn hii half.hmther'a death, became alsa carl 
of Ancnun- He d. 1673, leaving issue, by the laid counteu, 

RoBEHT, 4th earl of Lotbian and Ancram j appointed by 
luof[ WiUiain Tit. lord junJce-general and high.commiuioner lo 
ihe geoersl afaembly of the diurcb. in Scotknd ; and, 1701, 
<T(at«d nian]ueu of Lothian ; m. Jean, da. of Arcldbald Caiiip> 
' " a of ArgjrU, andhyher (whod-SlJuly 1712)had 

I, Sd marqncn. 

Incloi of tbp chancerr Id Scorlanft, A' Jjand. fla. aTBfrDAvM 

npAtaPteUa, bul-.andrf. t^U, ]e»[D|t 4 niunetaui luue. 

ml in tiw umr, inil goienucor Edinburgh CinJe, rf. )4~iii. 

1. ITltLlJ 

t. CaiaLsi. «ui 

m Vbe martiueu d. 13 Feb. 1703, and woi succeeded by hie son, 
■ WiLLiAJC, 2d marquea, who, on Ihe death of hia kinaman, 
\ Soben, 3d loM J«dburgh, in 1092, inherited the title of barott 
B Jedburgh, by vinue of a apedal litnilatioii in the patent of that 
^'koDour ; IB. Jean, da. of Archibald, eart of Arvyll, and d. 7S 
~ '. 1722, leaving iuue by her 4 da«., and an only aon, 

WiLLtA>, 3d marqtieu, K.T., m., lat, Margaret, da. of air 
FniDmai Nichakon, of Kemnay, co. Aberdeen, Wt., *Dd by her 
Ifvho rf. 30 Sept. 1759) had iaiue, 
" 1. WiLtUM-HexfiT, 4th tnarqiiMs. 

__ ^ « m., Sdiy, hia cousin, Jean, da. of lord Charles 

I'Ker, 3d aon of the lit ntsniuew!, but by her (who rl. 20 Dec 
F19B7) had no issue. He rf. S8 July 1767, and was surveeded by 

tT, 4ih marquewi, m. Liniiaa-CardiDe, only 

k of Kobert, earl of Uuldemeue. great^nmdda. of Frederidi, 

ske Schumberg and Iiranater, (hilled at the battle of the Doj'ne 

1 1690,) and of C'barlea.IiouiB, elector-palatine, by whom (who d. 

' -6 Nor. I76B) he had, 

1. TiLLiAM'JoHM, Gth marquess. 

~ " - -w.lofdOeorfe Lennoi. biotharto Chartts.aildgktof 

re^. of dragooDS, end K.T., b. 1737, xl, \i July 1760, 
lietb, onJy da. of Chidicatcr Forc«scue, nf Dnmuaken, ca> Loath, 
(by Ellxalielh WeUeite;, eldest do. of Kichard, Ik lorid Momiog. 
ton,) and by her (who d. 27 Deo. 1707) had i«u«, 

1. WiLLiAH, 6lh msrqiieai. 

„ . ■■■ luijjTyj^^tlai.i.HI- 
inihiLm. CO- Surrey^ cu-r ubdtudliiue. 

i>m. kn holy ui^en, I 

'W:im.T* April iMfl, 

e. Fnndi, h Hurh a 

ICV. rndirLcII Dalle, btDther td 

6. C«DlliK~M>i)r> A. July tscr 

7. SdMmbtn, h April iHon. 
i. ciiBion»XunbeUi, m 

"" " wH*"'" 


I of <he Thitle, m, 
ilr WUUun Gaum, 

7. Uuifai-HmM.b.l*mn. U18. 
i. HBIT-A>hburtDD, hM J*ii. IMI. 
fl. LucT-Mu-ia, k 11 Juu IBIS. 
ICI. HoWt-Dunau, ft. I JiD. IHM. 

iHHsbirg-rTeilBlck-AvUlh, b. 19 Snl 
■TB, 6.^ Sm. 17BS. m.. m No.. Ij! 

- ni-siDHcv, haswt-iw.' 

7. HABI.A. t Dk.I787,«-i8D«>:. J^B. 
Juhn, ad wn ar Fndnkrk, 3d vlKouni Sal 

S.ELiumB, b.>S«i.iri», m.,9iHB\. Cst.JDhn-Emjni-PlanpMiii. 

e. C*aoi.iiii-SiDHcy^ h a Swu I W- <(■ •"»*■ Feb. IS9B. 

'■ --™'ii«taok«,'«idrf. OFrt — 

i;ta. Aitbut AlhRlgi. < 


4 Jon. 1815, and w» lusceeded by hia e 

M'lLLUM, 6tli marqueat, K.T., created a peer of the United 
KingtlotD, by the title of buron Ktrr, of Kerraheugh, ai. Hax- 
liurgb, U July 1831 : m., 1st, 14 April 1793, Ueurinta, da. of 
Jobo Hoban, Sd earl of BuchinKhamihirB, (wboae former mar- 
ria^ with Somerset Lowry, esrlof Belmore, waa dutolred by 
ail "f parliament,) and by W (who d. Aug. 1806) bad Uaue, 

I. JouK-WlLLlAM-RoaeiT, prcaent manjueba. 

3il duke of Bocdcudi, K.O., and hr' ' 

md. 27 April 1894, uid 
JoHx-WiLLi*x-Bo»EKT. prctcat uid Jlh m 
H«r /•rMmnpSw— Lord UEitET-FHAVCII-C>IAit.S* KXBK, 
tbt mftrqu^B** brother. 

CrcBiuM —Baron of NewbMtle. 13 Oct. ISS7; Barauof Jad- 
bllIvl^ S Feb. I«S8 : Eari of ADcram and Mvijuna of Lothian, 
a JoDc 1701 (SooM tielci) 1 Baron Kerr, in tlu pcn^e at Ibr 

Iniud Uiwdob, U Julr'lKl. 

Ami fMW«m* OwtUTly. IH ud Ul 
. _.. .. "SBfir<l»«rUM.of 

MB IB ivlmliw v 

ga Ml anafd. auiiM, miimt ud lu 
n, Htffvta. L«u^ ni[ iirliMil]. 

SUTHERLAND, and Itannl(^u of Strallinsver, co. £ 
in her own right ; bam 21 Miiy 1765 ; iiiccMdwl ber li 
liuii, the ITlh fsri, 16 June 1766 ; nutrried, i 5epc IJK 
marqueu of Suffurd, K.O. ; fur ber iMiie by w' 
a/STArFDB.D, in the Peerage of England. 

Tliii title ii 

In Great BrlUlli;'fl 


mon BHcient of 
continued, vitliuut interruption, ii 

for >ix centuriei. Mliile neu-lv all tbe oiher ancient Soo 
title* have been Dhanged in their deitinationi Ijy mignationt i 
new patent!, thji eartrioni has retnained unaluirHl, and 1h ... 
tranmitted through twenty generations, in r^^lar ardo' of 
detceni, to Elieabetb, the prnent posseiior. 

WiLLiAU. IM earl of Sutherland, was grent-grandsn 
Freskin, a Fleming, who Milled in Sooiland, during the reign of 
David I. Hit father, Hugh Freskin, had obtained the ter— "— 
a( Sutherland forfeilal liy the earl of Cailhneia, when he n 
1197i and he ra* creatM an earl, by Alexander II., in r 
of his assistance in cruihing the rebellion of Oilleapoe, m 1S38, 
and at (he same time to bounce tbe power of the earl of Cailh--. 
ness. He if. 1848, and from him tbe earldom dewended, in aa. 
unbroken line from father to ion, to WiLLrxMi-lth cari, who m., 
Maraaret, eldeal da. of king Rolwrt L, and full nater to kjiiy 
David II., who erected the earldom of Sutherland into ■ r^>]it| 
hy charier, 10 Nov. 1346. From William, the lille dacmded i 
John, thh eai4, who it. without issue IBI4, when it devolved a 
hii only lister, Elizabeth, wife of Adam Oordcm, of Aboyne, S 
ann of George, 3d earl of Hunilcv, and she wu anvirdiiigly en- 
fmffed in the earldom. 30 June IGIS. Onherdealh ll deicendel 
tu her ftrandsun and heir, Joun, luth earl, and from him, throng 
a series of eight generations, lu ihe pmieul raunteis's grand- 

WttUAM. 16th Mri. i. 1707. «.. S April I7S4. rtllrtwli 
WcniTK. aUcM itk. of Darld. 3d *vl of weojH, Mid br iMr 
(vba rf. SO Jul; 1747) f>ii unus 

1. M'tt-LUM, I7lh taai. 

™Tke'^ rf. ; Dm. ^^aC^^ »» «^!^»d«l >7 Ut Kai, 

TTiLLiAif, I7ili ari. A. g Hmj 1736, •«.. II Ap«il i;ai, 
Uuy, elden da. and oo^lidraH of WlIUuii Uuwidl of PnMonn, 
Kiren^bri^t, c«q., and bad Iwnc, CattfnM, d: 3 Jan. I7O0, and 
Elizabeth, the ftrtaxt <imnt«ai. The mrl d. IB Jium IJCt. 
banng Mirrired liu ooudiob (vlia i, ot tlw falln* and ■Rxi«r* 
uundant opon nuinDg her hmbaod tn fal* facalulixat) obIj Is 

«uuiuu, tx 

1. dr Robert (iontoo. etf Oard«uti 

hi77l. pl< 

d dlgnilT a 
D ERtaWth, the orifc of Adam Oardon, 
n tb* death of tier broiliM , John, Mtl of SnUmland, vlibaut 
*t. 1514, a* heir of tJie body of WiOia-m, wlu *■* cu^l ii( Su- 
'faadl, ins, wai ananied by her butlaiid ia her rlshi. and 
B ber deacoided to the bein male, *[iu vpr* kUo bpin of llie 
ly. down w the death of itie lau earl of S^UwrUiul, 1 7W, wiiti. 
it any objection on the part of the male Una of the md WitHom. 
~ " That none of the charter* pnidiired alTect the lllle, h«. 
r, «r dignity of Ihe (sH of !inillierLu>d, Imt <^«rale ■* couTey> 
—^a of Ibe atale only. 

Wx ** That the claimant, EniaUlh SuMerhmd, ha* a right to 
^t title, hamMi', and dignity of tlic eartdion nf fiutharlaad, u 
Jr of tba body of Wilbua, who va* earl of ^tlutJand, 1273." 
WSftr Jippmrint — GkoIgE - Ui<*MVI[4.k, cari OowEK, the 

ygfaWWM — Eail ^Sutherland and Barm ^iruhnarer. 133B. 

a i;iia;*UFeefdedlii*fi>tl>er, Ji>)in-Tliniiuu,l*te*vl. 30^1' 
~~ oa the death aU« of Jletliven, Iffth nrl of Kellie, with. 
IS in 11)20, iliitinmmed that the lilla of Eari<ifKxt.LiK, 
nt f mton, and Baron Dirttlon daralMd on the Earl of 

a heir male general ; ■>., May 1II37> PMIadeluhU, da. of 

inTiIl«Xhariai Stuart Menteath. of CloMburnc lull, ED' I>uD< 



rith Alaloolni 

Canmore, king o( Scotland, i 

William the Conqueror ; his d««nndant, Tbohas, 13th ta 
withuul isnie 1377. and the title drrolved □» hi> on^ lister, 
Maroarb^t, countesa of hlarr, whofn. Williain, catI ofDougla^ 
aod iiK^ issue, James, earl o( Douglas and Muit, killed at Otter. 
iiuni, 13S8, without issue ( aod Isabel, who be^me ci>unta« tt 
Mutt, m., Isl, to Malcolm Dmmmond j and 2dly, to Alesaoils 
Stewart, nephew of Robert III., and cousin la James I., kiiigi</ 
Scotland, but had no issue by either. On the death oT the ouuife 
less, the earldom devolved, of right, upon Robert, lord EnkiiMi . 
ai only son of air Thomas Erakine, by Janet Keith, his wii^ 
who was only cliild of sir Edward Keilh, by Cbrisliaa, his wijo, 
who was da. and heiriss of air John Montelth, lord of Amn, \if 
lady ElyneMarr,da. of Uralney, Ilth earl of Slarr; but duriD|- 
ihe liTetime of the counleu, and that of her Sd husband, man] 
eontradivton- settlomcjita had been made of the title, to the disin. 
heritiog of the Enkiiie family ; (be euldom was adjudged to bi 
in the crown, and wu beatowed, aucceuively, on John, 3d loa of 
king James II., an Cochrane, the farourite of king Jamc* IIL, 
and on Alexander Stewart, 3d son of that monarch; till, at length, 
after the lapse of 130 yean, John, Sth lord Erskine, 6th in ' 
tcent from the above-named Robert, had influence enoui^ in 
reign of queen Mary, lo get the former proceedings rcviwd, i 
obtained a charter, 23 June t56a, of the earldom of Marr to t 
Rud his helra. 

JoHHEBIKTHE.sOconlirmedearl of Marr, (and called, by tb« 
Scots genealngisls 8th earl of that family,) sal decied regent of 
l^cntlaud Sept. 1&7I, and d. 29 Oct. Ifi72, leaving issue, bj 
Annabelia, da. of air William Mumtr, of TuUibardin, 

JouH, 7th earl, m., Ist, Antie, Sdda. of David, 2d lord Drum. 
mond, by whom he had issue, 

1. JOHI 


le Stuart, duke of Lennox, by w 

TheeaHff. 14 Dec. Ifh'H, and was sunxeded by hla eldest Km, 
JoHK, Bth earl, <L 1634, and waa succeeded by his son, 
John, Dth earl, who d. 1668, and was lucuwded hy his son, 
Chibles, lOtb earl, privy counsellor to Charles II. and Jamw 
tl., n. Mary, ddcR da. of Oeorge Maule, earl of Panmure, and 

1. Jouy, llth earl. 

The earl k. 23 April 16811, and was succeeded by hit uin, 

JoHir, llth earl, K.T., seereur; of sMte for Sootland, 1700, 
(jld one of (be 16 repretenlalive peers from 1707 to 1713. Sooo 

iTiB Uie MxesnoD, tunrerer, of king Geur^ I., he nai deprived 
ufbiioSoct, and joining Hm Pretender in 1715. followed him, on 
[ttfiiiim of bis enlerpriie, to Rome, wuatiBinCnl by act otpu- 
liuwoi. and <L s( Aix-la-Chapelle, 1732, leMviog inue, ThomoM, 
M Enkine, ^ha d. without iuiie 24 Nov. I7S& The title thui 
IbrfDtrd. remained under atutnder, till 1824, when hii niBJetty 
m gmdoudy pleased to ajmiDBnd an act to be brought into 
ibe hnute of lords, for its ratoralion to the forest nephew of the 
uuioted earl, whoae descent we now pmceol to tlate- 

Jaheb Ebskimi:, of tiie Gruige, 2d hod of the lOlh eu-l,wBi 
1 iurd a( tession Bad jiulice-derk in the reign of queen Anne, 
i flia ii mU M.P. for Stirling, and tecrelary lo the prince of 

PiOta, ■. Rachel, sister of major Chiealv, of Dalrv, uid d. 34 
■. IIH, IflBviDK inue, 
«. «- . 

JsMEi Ebskime, 2d son of James, above named, was knight. 
manhalof SciUand; m., 1 740, Frances, only da. of John, 11th 
«H of Warr. and d. 27 Feb. IJ8S, leaving iwue by her («ho it 
» June 1776) two Mini, 
I. Jobc-Fhsjicib, 12lh earl. 

CnDwT'Ttlli i. FnocitTcm 3. J4iiia. 

Qued (he li. 

r-DAViD, ML, MOct.ini6, hatiHur. 
4ft, Id hotfor^eH. m,, July 1017. Chsridtte. dJkorniAkir WMtvon- 
t. 20 Aug. 1825. and was nicceeded by bis eldeal ion, 

iJoas-Tucuj.a, 13th earl, b. I77S, m. Janet, da. of Patrick 

piller, esq., and had ianie, 

I. JonX-FKA9CI>.MlLLEB, 14th Carl. 

4. Jan(^ JJISTTA, n'., ti Apill l«3«. Edourt Wllmot. »M. 

arl d. SO Sept. 1828, and wag lucceeded by hii only sun, 
~ Jorh-Fbamcis-Millek. present and 14th earl. 

feir PreiHiRplive—Tbe ban. Uekbt.David ERimHe, tlio 

•ma — 5falM«CBM. Qiuiterly, Ialjinil4th- Arfinil, ipilcubJo— EnsKiHS. 

1^ — A dailn PuDd coupfd obaTv (he wrlfl md ertct, boklbig s dUK^r 
efrvd proper, pomrl and nUt ot 

pno ptuj. 1 thSik i' 


2(i Jan. IRIO; 

3. WILLIAM, lord Hag, I 

12 May 1820. 

Under ihe title msrqueu of Toeediltite, it hu been alrealf 
ituled that the anceator of tliRt trnlile bouM. luid of (be estl tt 
£mjl, were brolben, the lona of William de Haya, who ee 
in lliil-Lothisn toward* the end of ibe 12th century, and 
ihH office i>( pineerna regit, or king'i Imtler, in ihe leigia at H*k 
oolm IV. and William ihe Linn. William, the elder bmther, 
ublained the lordihip of Erml, from vhenL« bit dnctindaata baifV 
taken their title, about 1180. Serenlli in lineal dmxnt fraoi 

William Hat, wbo wai, by king .Taain 11., in 1432, iit' 
recompense of hii fajlbful Mrrioe, created earl of Errol, and A , 
at Slainea, aliout 14^7. Me n. Beatrix, da. uf Jamei, 3d loH 
Dalkeith, and by her bad issue 3*on>] Nicholas, 3d eari, wha 
d. witbout is*iie 1470; and M'illiau, 3d earl, irho d. lOM^ 
leaving Issue William, 4lh eail, and Thoniai, of Logvahuonda 

William, 4lh earl, wn« killed at Flodden Field, l&'ia, lov- 
ing an only SOD, William, 5ih earl, who i^. without ir 
about 1530,wheii the lillu devolved on bii euiuin, Geoi 
earl, ton of Thomas, of Logyaltnuud, above named. 
Bucceeded by bia eldest tan, 

Ahdnew, 7Ih earl, m., lal, Jane, only da. and h. of U'llljuai 
6lh earl of Errol, by wbum be had issne, FaAxcit. Blh earl ; 
and, 2dly, Agiiet, da. of George Sinclair, ear] of Caitbneu, by 
whom he had a ton, Gforge, of Eillour, wboae grandson, JoHT 
became 11th earL 

FBANCI9, 6th earl, rf. 1S3I, and was nicceeiled by hit eldest an, 

William, 8th earl, who acted as lord high cnniUlile of StiA- 
land at the coronalion of king Charles I. ; and dying 1G36, leA 

OiLBEBT, lOtb earl, who if. wi thou I iaaue 1074, when iIm 

-„- ™iydi 

mond, .'M earl of Perth, and d. 1704. leaving i 
iHABLEB, laih earl, who d-noni. 1717: 3. JUnr, who. 
brother'* drsib, became counlest of Errol, and acted (by deputy) 
at hijih constable of Scotland at the coronation of king Geo. II., 
m. Alexnndar Falconer, but if. without iuiie 1750 ; 3. Margaret, 
m. James, eart of Linlithgow and Calendar, by whom [who ww 
attainted 171ft) the had a da., Anne, m. William, 4th earl of KiU 
marnnck, (who was eieculad on Tower Hill 174G,) and d. U 
"-■ 1, 1747, leariiig issue 3 tons, of whom the eldest, 

. AUEa. became, cm ihe death of his |irand.aunt, Mary, < 

H of Lrrol, in I7as, 13th earl of Errol, attd high coiutable of 


.. ... la kimielf llie 4 earidotn* at Emri, 

linliUigDw. Calendar, and tkilmanujck. He m-. In. U Styt. 
I749. Rebecca, do. of Akxauder I^j^hart, c*f ., by vbom («1m 
A 3 Mar lJ6l)li«badutue, 

Tbc eai\ m^. 3dlr, 10 Aug. 1763, lubelk, da. irf air WOEmm 
jCvr, of EwU, CO. Nartluu&lwriwid, bwt^ wd I7 har (vha A 
1 Not. 1808) luul iaue, 

S. tieoBOE, 14th BarL 

3. WlLIXAH, l&thcarl. 

4. tMmn, k 93 April 177a. ta ttKatnl mtotfilv E.I.C„ *MaM 


The earl <l. 3 Jane I7T8, and wai nieCMded br U* lOD, 

GsomoE, 14th esrl, b. 13 Uajr IJC?, au, '» Jan. 17M. EU- 
nbeth-Jemima Blake. 2d da. of JoM^h Blak«, of Arilirj, at. 
Oalvay, oci^ and ■uter to Joieph-Henrr. locd M'ttMonH, 
(vho a.. 3dl;^, 13 Sept. IBIC. the right linn. John-UooklaHn 
IVere,) and dying 14 June I79S, silhout iuue, wai >a«eeBded 
bj his broUier, 

WtLLiau, IStbcarl, (look the name and arm* of Carronlr, 
hj royal lign manual, 28 Alarch 17II5. fmnaut to the Ian irill 
pf his matranal grandfather, tir M'iUiaoi Carr, of Eialt, ban., 
but dropped them again on luccteding to the title:} b- II JIarth 
1773. n-. Itl, 7 Jan. 1702, Jane, da. uf SUtthew BeU, oq., and 
by her (who d. April 1793) bad inue. 

The earl m., Sdly, 3 Aug. 1790, Alida, voungert it. <* 
Samuel EBot, etq., of the iiland of Antigua, and by bcr (who d. 
U April 181S) had ime. 

Umn. Mnl H», n^cn vt ihe lu i<«k»ai of Itaix (HBdi. kUM ■ 

«.I>t»Lu, k-njulyiaon. m.. it April laan, Uan.«ri. WtmnWrnTM. 
fi> n'lLtiAM-OBOBeE, present carL 

«. Hum stV ■•!'>•'. >. J>»- IM, r*., 1* Dk. UM. Dnkl Gunn. <r 
konh HuDcUd. m. NotfoUi, buj. 

K CiHuiiB-Aform, ft. lb]* IMi. >■., l8S>pt.l«B. Jota Hcnrf. of 
I Jan. UU», m., ( ADf. MM, ttism WcmjB. cf Wnnra. 


on. Wii 



The earl d. 26 Jam. 1819, and was giitveeded byhii eldest a 
WilliaH'Oeoboe, prewDi and lUtli earl. 
Wrir Apparent — Lord HiS, the earl's son. 
Crratiixu— Lord Hay, 1424; and Earl of Emil, 17 Mutb 

Harriett, youngest da. and cu4ieire» of 

Kuiihall, CO. Hererard, late dean of Herefuril, wid haiisnie,- 

1. JAMEIf, /<W BerrUdale, b. 10 Dec. 1H21 ; 2. a Son, Ih 


The name of Sinelair, which i> originally from the family at 
Saint Ckre, in France, hai been very etoineut in Scotland. '**~ 
William Sinelair, in the reign of Alexander I. obtained 
landa from that king, aa the barony of Bosslyn, iu Mid.I 

Wmiam Sinclair, of RoBtlyn, m. Imp. Uuvid II., lasbd, 
and co.h. of fllaliae, earl of Stralhern, Caithneu, and OrkiMj^ 
and their ton, Henry Sinclair, obtained the earlduui of OrkneV- 

WtLtiAH Sinclair, 3d earl of Orkney, lord hi)(h diaii[«dcr 
of Sootland, obtained frum king J&mea II. a grant of the earUoMi 
of Caithneaa, to himadf and his heira, 3(1 Aug. 1445, In conai- 
deration, as the charter ttales. of a claim of Heht whicli he axti 
his hein had to the lordship iHF Niddeadalo. He iraa afterwacA 
atyled earl of Orknty and Cailhnm : but, in 1471, having nini, 
rendered to James III. the earldom of Orkney., he reliD(|uiili«A 
that title, and wa* called earl of Caitimeu ; he reugnad tba, 
earldom of Caithness in favour of hiaioa by his 2d wife, WilUmm- 
Sincliur, pasaing by another M'JllLam Sinclair, the iaiue of bit 
Snt marriage. William, 2d earl of Caithneaa, in oonaequeiM*. 
of hia futher's reaignatiuu, obtained from Jame) III. a duulir 
of the whole landa of the earldom of Caithneaa. He vaa killad) 
with hia royal master, at the battle of Flodden, S Sept. 1613| 
and by Mary, da. of Sir Afilliam Keith, of Innerugy, had 

John, 3d earl, killed in an attempt to take posseuion of th« 
Orkneys, 1529; m. Elizabeth, do. of William Sunderland, <f 
Duffus, and had inue, GeoaaE, 4th earl, who lat 1st u a 
of parliament, IMS; m. Elizabeth, 2d da. of William, 2d 
of Honirow, and bad iaane, 

OEomcE, &tli earl, d. 1643, hkvin^ (urrivcil hia eldest ton 
■nd gnuiiisun, and wu mcoeeded by his (tmc-gnuidion, Oeohoe, 
(lb carl, who d. vitbout inue, \IS7*i, having alieaMt^ hii 

._ _!^ John Campbell uf Olenorehy, who wai, iii cooMi. 

, - .. «1 earl of Cuthneu; but bnih ihe title aiid enucei, 

laftti much liti^tiun, nod uvea bloodtbed, were rerovered ia 
ini, by the faeir niiile of the fiunily, OEoRbE Sindsir, ot Keiu. 
I jap o( FrenciB, Id sun of the dth earl. He llius beoune 7th 
' "— t, but J. uam. 1G98, when the title devolved on hi* 2d oouiin, 
loBsr, 8lh esri, graodioii of James, of Murchill, above named. 
Pe A. I7O6, learioff three sons ; Alexmdeb, IHh earl ; John, 
acid Fnmcu., who ul d. (.p. i the earl, the last Bimivor of thcni, 
In I7S5, when the title devolved oo 

William, lOth earl, who vat fith in descent from John of 
Gncnland above Darned. He was succeeded in 1779, by his son, 
Jobs, llth eiarl, who d. witbout issue, S April 1700, when tlie 
litle again devolved on a very distant brancli of the family, 
"bKuning vested in 

Jahe», 1%i1i earl, who was Sth in lineal descdnt from George 
fSndair, of Hey, youngeit son of the 4th earl. He m., S Jan. 
17ft4, Jean, 2d da. of AleiBuder Campbell, uf Barculdine, and 

a, preaenl earl. 

rt. Im. f^. » Usnh IBIO, EUnbctli, di. of CRitgs Till- 
- ^itmaiJ., «. IWulv IWn, In Ihp Bnigii umy. m. min 

CLE., onnbi of 1^ jDhD M*Creffor, boxl. 

The earl d. July 1U23, and via succeeded by hia son, 
ALEXAKDElt, prewnl and 13th earl. 
Heir Apparml — The earl's son. 
. Crtationt — Earl of thBCO. of I'aithuesi, 28 Aug. UCO ; and a 
3>ronet of Nova Scotia, 1639. 

Lord Aberdmir, uo. Fife, bum 23 Pec. 17flO ; suci-eeded his 
in, George, Ifltb earl, 17 July lUa7 ; momerf, 24 .luno 


ui, hsnq 
title, Ui 
a Jam 



1817, FiBDCM, CEldeil dn. of tbe right him. ; 

R<M«, O.C.U., and bai iuue, 1. SMOI.TO^OHN, 

AbE>doch, b. 13 April 1818; 2. FhahCEs Hahriett, 1.^ 

29 Sept. 1B19; 3. GEOKaE-UESHV, b. S Oct. 1B31 ;- 

Hehby, b. 17 Dec 1832; b. Ei.i.EK-St'SAH-AKXx, 6. H J 

Sept, 18S4I ti. £dwabi>-Wii.i,iam, 6. 19 Oct. 18M;- 

Abtbub-Oascoiohe, b. 6 Jwi. 1037 i 8. a DA. A. 8 

IB2B i— B. A OA. b. Sept. 1829. 

The earls of Mnrton descend from Andrew de Douglu, 3d u 
of Ardiilnld de Douglas, whose elden mo, William, wu oner 
tor of the dukes of Douflst. John Douolai, of Lauden K 
Lochleven, gre«t-grei>(-BrimdiMin of Andrew, lived in the retgn 
of king David 11., and had, besidei other issue, two 'uni» i Jamm, 
whose greBt.grsndson was rrealed eari of Morton; and HeMf, 
of Loflhleven, ancntor of the present earl. 

James Dol'olas, of Dalkeith, Isl earl oT Morton, wH m* 
created U March 1457-8- Hit grandson, Jaheh. 3d eari, TuT 
ing no male issue, obtained a new settlement of the tide, \ 
virtue of which it devolved, on his death in IfiSS, up, 
Douglas, of the house of Angus, who had m. the earl's i 
beth ; on his death wtchoui issue, upon Archibald Douglas, tt 
earl of Angus; and on his ilesth, b1«d without issue, in 1988^ 

Sir WiLLiAU DovotAS, of LochlerCD, who was 7<b !<■ 
scent from Henry, of Liochleven, above nanicd, and became 
earl. He d. lOOli, and was succeeded by Ills grandson, 

Willi Au, 7th earl, K-O^ and lord high treasurer t^ 
who d. 1648, leaving two sons ; RoBEiT, 8th ear! ; aiH 
lOlh earl. Bobest, 8th earl, d. IMU, nai was succeeded by! 
son WiLiiAU, 9lh earl, on whcae death without issu ' ""' " 
title devolved on his uncle, JaUES. lOth earl, who d. 
ing three sons ; JaUES, llthj RoBEST, 12th; and OEOms% 
13th ear] ; the tvo former d. without issue, in 1715 and I7M| 
the latter d. 173)1, and was succeeded bj' bis son, 

James Douolas, Hth earl, m., 1st, Agatha, do. of Ji 
Halliburton, of, and by her liail issue several childra^ 
who all d. young, except 

1. Sbolto-Cuables, 16tb earl. 

i. M inv, rn., April I7T4, Chsrifa Ggidon, (th nrl or Aboync, Hid t. 

D«. ma. 

The earl m., Sdly, 31 Joly 1755, Bridget, da. of sir Jt 
Heathcole, of Normanton. co. Hutland, ban., and by her (■ 
d. 3 Marvh 1805) had issue, 

3. JGHK. s. I Jul; t7is. Oh. t oa. 17M. Fmwn Li» 
tAwaa. e«] of HimcDd, ukIH. LMm; IBIK. ksrlnc iHi 

n.l7l«, » 

2. OEOBaE-SnoiTO, 

l!aa. In hulj <a 

<■ Bhih>-t. k. V April 17». m.. t Au|;. l^TT. Ihi hen. WltllirnHnrr 
3b(<tik.3rlM>a(ir wmWi, lufwlof RmliiDr. 

Vi^tmrld. 12 Oct- 1768, and vu luixwded byhig eldnt Min, 

8aoi.T<i-CHABLEB, ISth csil, HI. CstheriDC, d*. of (hehgn. 

gjm Hmnillnn, lutd d. £7 Sept. I774i leaving iiiue bi her ( who 
^ ti April 1S23) an inily nirriTing aon, 

Oeoboe, I6lh twi, K.T., who wu, 11 Aug. 1791, cnaied 
ttna Douglat q/' LodUeoea, in the Peerage of England, «.. 13 
Aoff. 1B14, SiuaD-Eliiabelfa, da.ariiir Franda BuUct. of Liipton, 
SO. Devon, ban., bui d. wiUuiut iuue, 17 July 1837. when Ihu 
Snoliih bannif became extinct, aiid liit ikotch tidei d«n>h'ed 
•a bl* oKiHa, 

OEOBOE-Suot-TO. preKiil and 17th earl 

/Mr AppareiU—SaOLro-JoBil, lord AbEKdouh, Ilie eart'i 

CraUiant — Earl of Morton, uid Lord Aberdotir, 14 ftlarch 

'- -" ■ '^-imrtr. ItinniHUi. Afftent, »hiiiMnh«»npilet. 

GEORGE LESLIE, Eabl of ROTHES, Baron Leiilie. l,or» 
f Nov. IU09, ■DGceeded his mother, Henrietla-Aiine, the lair 
gguatcH, 30 Jan. 1819. 

No Smti tumune ha* been more coiupiciious in Europe ihan 
Aal of LtaSe. There were at one time three general ofEoerii of 
dial name in the aerrice of thiee lOTeragn* ; vli. fVaiUr, oiimt 
Lealie, of the emperor of Oermsny j Atexander, earl of Leven, 
W the king of England ; and David LetlU, (afiBTwarda baron 
Xnrark,) of Guslaviis Addphui, king of Sn-eden. Sei-eral 
eminu of the name of Latic are settled in Germany, beside* 
Bianv coniiderabie familin In France, Rtusia, and Pohuid. The 
lainiiy derirea its origin from Bahtiiolomeit, b Flemjnh cliicf, 
who teltled with bis fnUnwen in the district of Garioch, co. 
Aberdeen, lemp. king William I., and whooe potleiity vera 
dcuominated de Ijesley, from thtir place of retidenre. 

Eighth in descent tnaa Bariholomew, nai David de Les- 
ley, of Leiley. who rf. without i ihu e male, about UJO, leavinic 
■o odIv da., win) inherited [he baroDy of Lesley, which the oar. 


af the u 



GEOeoE, who, before 20 March 1 
Rol/uu; m. Chriitiim, ds. of Walter, lord Haliburton, and had 
iuiie n Mm, Andrew, muter of Rnthn, who d. in hii fatber'* 
lifetime, having m. Marjorv, da. of M'iUiani Sinclair, 3d earl <k 
Orltney, atid bad iuue by lier, Oeoboe, 2d earl, and WilBam, 
(killed at Fludden Field, 1613,) father of Oeohoe, 3d earl, TIa | 
eail d. bIiouI 1488, and wai aucceeded by his ^crandaun, 

Oeoroe, !d earl, killed, as well an his younger brother, | 
Flodden Field, unin., and was lucceeded by his nephew, 

QE0RCE,3d earl; and he (who was killed in ou eiiga^eaieDt bk>' 
tween the French and Oemuma, near Cambray, 1^54) by hit a^ 

Andrew, -Ith earl, who was grandfather of Jobh, Stb eu$> 
who d. 1«I, and waa lueceeded by his 

JOHM, tllh earl, carried the sword of slate at the coronsiia 
of Charlei II., at Sunne, 16S1 ; taken prisoner at ihe h«I(la ■ 
Womeater, uid hit estate sequestrated. Af»r the KatontiK 
he WBB Bppniutud preaideiil of the council, and high treaituer anl 
liish chnncellor of Scotland. In 1GB3, he obtained a charter, « 
toUitig the earldom of Rothes, in case of failure of issue mde I 
his body, on bin dder da.; and was t-realed, S9 May 1680, bai« 
Auohmuty and Conkisberry, viscount of Lu(;tuiui, earl of LeilM 
marquess of BaUeabreidi, and duke of Rothes, to him and at 
heirs male of his body ; in. Anne, eldest da. of John I.iiidN|| 
earl of Crtiwfunl, ^r' "--' '- - ' '- ^^ 

I. Mai 

the titles conferred on bi^' 
t, but the enrldom aC RotbML 
t of 1G63, descended to hk 

The duke d. 27 July IG8I, when 
by ibe patent of IIUMI became eitini 
in Donfonnity with the setdemini 
eldest da., 

Maboabet, who m., 7 Oct. 1S74. Cliorles, 6tb earl of Ha*», 
dington, on which occasion it was stipulated that the two C*^ 
dums should not be united, but that of Rothes deseead W bt 
eldest, and Haddington to her 2d ion ; which settlemem W 
afterwanin confirmed by two patents, in 1089 and 170S- "B 
counceu bad issue, 

I. James, 7th carl of Rothei. 

1. Thdiiu, OUi tail at H>ddlD||Iail. 
Bhe rf. SO Aiig. I7D0, and was auoceeded by her ton, 

James, 7th earl, vice-admiral of Scotland, fa., 29 April I6S 
Jane Hay, da. of John, 2d marquess of Tweeddale, high chM 
cellar of Nntlaad, and by her (who d. 4 Sept. 1731} had inu^ 

I. Jonir, 8th ewL 

JoBK, 8U> eu-l oT Rinbn, K-T., gentnl in lli« trmj, aim- 
gunder-in^hiFf of ihK Coirra in Irwluid, m., lit, 20 Mav 1711, 
HhuibIi, vDuagal da. aud ov-h. of MiUlhew tliiwiirri. nf Thnrpp, 
I. Korftifk, M., Bod by h«r (fiba if. 90 April I76I) luul iuur, 

s bcr brother. 


4. Kut. ». Ct Au|. 1; 

TW oul ■., Sdly, S7 June 17II3. Mary I.lorri, da. nf Marr, 
lountea of lladdinglon, by her lit hiulwid, but by bar (•bu 
K-a^. 34 Bbf IT70. BcnnM I^ngtan, of lAn(;ton. m. Unonln. 
aol <. bia oidow, 10 Jan. 1 820) b« hwl »■> iKOa. Tbe twl d. IV 
D*t. I7I77> ■"■d **■ ■urccediid by hia ton, 

SI d^ of nptain AlailLuid, ciT Idntn, oi. IladJiii|rtiio, and by 
b(T(wlw> m., Mlv. X!i Haiit. 1744, tb« huii. PalricV Maitbtnd, nf 
nwh. CO. Wwumu, 7li> *»» »r Charlct, Uih rarl of Lauderdala] 
W BO tMoe. The ead (f. 18 June 1779. "ithoni ianie, and iru 

EABCTif, crantivi of Rothe*. On ihe dmh nf hpr 

i;7\ her right 10 the <•[*(* waa rnnmird, but inaf. 

Iirr ande, the him. Andnaw Leslie t m., lit, I Jan. 

;> -iUnnniid ETetyn,yiniiigv>t mhi «f It'iUlam.Kvdyn 

1 r--u Clen, do. Kml, om)., and by biro (wliu d. S3 Dec. 

I 'vi> wiu, wlio d. injiuila. Mid 

laOE-WlLLIAM. lOcb arl. 

I, 30 Oct. 1773, air Lucai Pepyn, ban., and hy him hwl 

. .^___, . oCHnoTj lUalnaM. laitkiid WAnp ot K%rttr. 

' ^KaKBT.bibalTOKUn, U.A..rtcl«utSbntAUI.aL>lrru.>nt WMhn- 
*^«. SnlWk. mtioBt ^hk inaJMi'idtapMn In vnllnu). m., u ftb. 
iSl rtnatilh riili ;auii(al ib. oT the rm. Jhiw 0*k4, af TnlDCk. CD. 
wait, vhldi My 4. It D«, Kia. 
Tlic anuiloa d. S Juae IBIO, and wa* nimMded by herddeal 

GcoBCE-WiLLiAM, lOtli earl, I. SB Mnrcb 1708, m., lit, 
H«arieita.Anne Pvlhun, eldeil da. oT Thimik*, tut earl uf Chi- 
dialer, and by her (nhn d. 6 Dec. 1707) bad iwue, 

1. Hcxkietta-Anke, lale couale**. 


The eu-l d. II Feb. 1817. and whs iDMeeded by hii eldcn 
UEHBiETTA-ANUe, 6. 1790, m. Oooive Uwyiher, n 

thereupoa took the name of Leslie, and by oim (n-hii d. i* 

1829) had issue, 

1. AlKmiEI,(k.3! Ocl. 101)7. H-.lfiN<"-lSI7.CIUilH.KnMilMui 

dT LincDtn'i Ino, Iwrriuer-U-lmiff , Kf T«Uuy Id Ibc LoKi chiaeSlor. 

it 30 Jan. 1818, and wu euccerded by her 

Geohoe, present luid 11th earl. 

Htir PmumptiiK— The hon. Thoua9^ekjiinS LesLK, 
brother of tbe earl. 

Crealioat—UaTi Lnlie, of Rothn, 1390 ; Earl a( I(otb% 

nlgriuin, wini 

Aac]iI«rhoii«e, and Lord Cardrou, co. SlirlliifC toni Jitly I78S,i 
iiicueeded his uucle, 19 April 182H j marritd, 1809. Eliiab " 
da. of General «ir Chnrlei Shipley, and by her (who d. Oct. H __ 

had issue, 1. Mahy.MahiioRET, b. May ISll : 1 

UENRV, b. Oct. 13t»; 3. Cbjlrleb, b. Not. ISU, d.% 

4. David-Stcart, b. Nov. 1816 i— 8. JahBs^tdasA 

b. IBIB, d.! & Isabella, b. Oct. 1820; 7- Atici*i 

DiAHA, b. Feb. 1)122!— -a. OEOROE-ALBAST-FmAHtls, l; 
Sejit. 1833; D. JoUm-Fraseb, b. March 182Ih 

The north.easlem district of Alwrdeen shire, known 1^ 
appetlalion of Buchan, has, for (evenil centuries, ^ven lith 
one of the most ancient earldomi In Scotland. Th« firat on 
mrd ii Feiviis, earl of Buchun, Imp. WlUiun the Lion ; hu 
and h. earned ihe title into the fHmily of Comyn. It wu >fl 
wonli granted by king Robert II. to his 1th son, sir Aloaui 
Stewart ; Christiana, srandda. and h. of John Stewart, 3d i 
of that taniily, m. Roben Don^a) : and her gnuidda., SIi 
ooimin* of Buchaii, fn. Jaiieb EasurME, (3d ton of Jijin, 
earl uf Marr,] who Ihereupon hud ■ charter of the enrldoro to 1 
and hi< heirs male, and hssIkiis whaierer, 26 Nov. 1826, and ft 
calleil 8th earl of Uuchnn. lie was tucFeeded bv hiison Ja 
7lh Mil, who d. 1804, leaving an only son, William, BtU 

UiiirtMiini* of l(S3k Ml 

Di'iK.'ltb larA CardraMiOTMUcrWiiban of Mfnnr, < 
JoLii, (ui of SI irr, and vbofc brMhcr of Junai, mtI of 
■habawiiFlMliorliM., 18tl7,>. and Mlah.i^ 
F*irfu, of Uuit, oo. Berki, <«., ddm hio of UtBTj, M- 
TbotkH, iriioDuat Fairfu, in IrcLuul, br laluai b* ^4 
taUs ngfat mmt ud fin da*. «ba A •»«., 

I. HmBT-D*TtD, lOiktarL 

ftC4nin>ia»Aaii*.H.IlHl«.WUUn riwt.ncX 

Hit kinbUp «.. 3d]y, t«beU>. da. of tir WUllam BnrkM, 
tau, br wkoDi b« had oo ii«i« ; ha d. 11 Oct. I7«A, and *ai 
■ItuWi ded br fab rldnt ion. 

UcKBT-bATiD, 10th aaiUA. 16 April i;in, m..31 Jan. 1730, 
Apia, fld da. of dr James !4|ewan, of riilinrw Mid tioudu-na. 
ban., by wbooi (who d. II Dk. 177S) he liad uaue, 

>rl d. I D(c 1767, and ma tuccMdrd by hii cUmi ud, 
i>Ar id-Stew JET, Ilih carl, 6. 1743, h. UOm. 1771, Ui 
ban-gersRUi, Ho^am, da. of William frMtr, of Frttvrfield, 
f, nnhcw to Uenry-Daiid, lOIh earl : and by li«i (vlio if. 12 

Ijr 1819) had no iBu<. Hin Uinlihiprf. without laue, IS April 

UbI, and wn luoccded by hin nF{ibev, 
H 1)07-0 AT ID, I2lh and prfHDI nr). 

ttiir .ipparait^aty!tLr, lurd Auchlrrbouw, Ui lorMlp** 
Cnalieiu Lord Andiiertwuto and £ari iif Bacban, UOBi 
d C«rdnis, KM. 

-----ma. OiuiUitT'<'<- 1«1. Abi« Ihm «rl» Of. On ftu4*l 
aafBixmi. W-AHMHH"* " ** ■tMii.a.ard.AMir. 


^H land, and Baron Ai 

■ Sepi. IS 12 

■ Dec. 181!), 

i : 



leltW ill Scotland, appears to 

iteward, (aiioestflT of tlie royJ housE of Swart,) from W"a)«,ji 
ibtaJnMl fmm him tbe mannr of E^iaham, fo. Kenfrigw, * 
ia alill in tlie (wweuion utche carl of Eglinton. His ilcu ~ 
JoBH DE MoHTooMEHV, <i[ Ef^iihun, acquirnl bv n 
witb Gliza)>eili, da. and sole h. of sir Hugh de Egtinton, 
deralile aroession of proiwrty, mora particularly tbe InrdsUpt <j 

E^lintouaud Al^DHBn, do. Ayr, wlucb alaoar- -'" ■'■ 

or the earl. Hi) Kranitnon, >{r Alexandeb f>i 
wait created lord Muiittcomerv before 31 Jan. UJS^ ; hed. abooc' 
1461, and wa.i *ucceeded by hi* grandMU, Aleukdeb, Sdlonl, 
who was father of 

Huaic, I«t earl of E^nton. >o created 1607. and d. I&U, 
aged 86, leavin)( a numemui iuue ; and having lurvived hii ell 
est Ion, wai lucceeded b; hit grandson, 

Htroii, 2d enrl, who d. 1546, and was sufreeded by hi« wm. 

HnoH, 3d earl, m. Margaret, da. of sir Jobn Drummoiid, « 
Innerpeffry, and had luue, 

1. Hdqh, 4th earl. 

or Ai«id''^l'"h' ail D°f Ee";"^^ """"' "" "" 

Tbe emi d. 15Bf>, and wa* nifcemled by hit mn. 

Huoti, 4tb earl, wbo iraii murdered ISIHI, Iraving an only aM 
HuoH, 6lb earl, wbo, having no issue, obtained, 28 Nov. 16ll> 
charter, settling the earldom on Alexander, Thoma*, and Jolu 

)un, and dying 1G12, vas 

u of Win.' 


The earl <1. leSl.a 

The earl tl. 1673, aud wai suMweded by his son, 
Alexahder, 8th earl, n.,16S8, Eliiabeth Ci 

of H'illiam, 3d eari uf Dumfries, and had iwue, 
1. Alexaxdeb, 9th earl. 

tn wbiM 111* pmnu wl la ilwciiiil i wul dTfaur |«H, w 

MuT i ba iM. Alor^rrt, da. uf Julin I.y«i, l»rd (lUmia, anil b* 
; ^r l*rh« m . 2dlr. J.>I>-], thr l>( BMn|MW o( UawUioa) tad i 
■CB, JoMH Uiil GiH*rl I uid dying lAID, ww ■in««rtwi b}! U* 



JoBK, IVth (bH, irbn <ru >|ipnioi«d lonl n 
bM drnif wjdinui iimu, wu MifrMalfil Ir;! bi> nifbrw. 

Jobs, tli* ma uf bii Iqullurr, UiUxrt, vbai bcnn* Uf. tni 
■V Cat Ml (sH i be •*.. lu. JuM, iIa. iiT ThuotH '(nm'llirn. Uin 
ht«rla'llMMiiwWin,aBdbrh«r badSdM., 

LC*»a«u>a. •H.^JllHi. iMiI CKIiniw. ->a of Wioia, ]•> tart if 

n«MrtM^»lhr.MBiVHM.da.of WiUiatnUn. lOlli tMl of 
■n^ m4 nKat «( H«H7, lord K«iT. and liwl ■■»• by h«, 
L JOKV. 7tii aarL 

Toe ml ^ ISaS, am! «» taoaailad by bia Mm, 

■Ian)i. Till carl, fha wa* oo* of i)>« priry oHindl tii kinft 
'' lUiaia IIL, by wLnmba wnaiMaUiilciianiirUiatvniiiiiMiiouan 
: Uia li^anirr | i«. huuo, Vnunipat da. of Jbrhb. Um Im iitb* 
J Uaniluo i (-bo aai bctMadad En 10411 :) by hir bad. 

itain, MtHIi. tHi-> •'M''- luhliMbfT-rilft'linilT'iO, <M<In|»aalTu, 
: J<Ml». Ihh wri. 

n* «ari A HAS, aod wia iiiiwhW Ii)- h» ffnudHa, 

•ik-Hrl. who 4 7 Aim- nw. «iihi«t iBU. *baa tlia 
a af Oithm. tlv «U> wl, kvrum.' miinrt. aad U» Utb 
an lir Tbuwa* Kmuaoly, id i'tiWrait, wbijua itatiaiit frii 
bawbar uT ilw laid 4ib nri, wi- iiu* frofurA U tUU*. 
liiBMi. <rf I'lUlaan. bail 3 mkm, TUiiuma, *b* d, imm. j 
riiMi. ■tm Irft 111 iiiilj iiiii '>iiii wlii>if. wiibuut iHUti Bud 
" mrfv, wIm coniluoaa ib( lliw AlMuiiIrr d. I«M, iMTlof 
a. air J<4lD. fratn «baiu ih* Ulh aiiil lUi)i raiU it 

I. IBU-i. audi^. 1;10. Ieavm|{a»ni. lirjobn. wharf. 
i;(^ L..>;i,X 3 vuii. l.ilr Johti.rf. unin. 1744; tf. TnoKtli 
ui 3. Uavio. Bih Bod lOth oaiU. 

Tiiojiaa, iXb nri. in Nor. IJCl, claJnad iba liilsa i and Uw 
»cuHarluf4ar(»tlv«d, 87 Jan. llBtf,"thMbahada rigbl ui ihv 
till* »mA OlgMiy at «wl irf Caoilii, aa hair mala of iha body of 
Ehitd. iM fad of CiuHli* I and to Iha (ilic of lord Kannady. u 
Ur mIw aT the body of (ikUxTt. iba lai bird Kcuiwdy-'i 4- 
-jibml liinr 30 .Nov. t77&, and su tunndMl hy bi> iirothirr, 

Uavib, IMitvl, wltudmwiiiRMi »\hx. ITVi, ako «ilb«>il 
iwia, U>« mala Una of tbn buu>e ol CuUran liiKtuna aiitinrli uid 


the lide devolved on the gr«at-grand>Oii of Alemnder KwiartMB 
of CrBiKDch. 3d Mil of Alexander, of t'ulleiui, aliove named, tflBfl 

ALEKAHiikR, 1 Itb earl, ispt. R.N. j Lf Aniie, bis ad raH 
da. of John iracCs, of ^'eff York, esq., (whu li. 20 Dec IT^^H 
he liad iiMie, 1^1 

1. AacniBAto, praHni earL ' n 

3. Roni'iiT, m. ruiu^wwhn, ui Arniclun Udr, >nd hua toue. of w^t, 
Sgphll-eiCBiar, M dl., I*.. IS Fib. IBfll. Juhn CarvU, of Wkhpul Pulla,<a> 

4. A>ti. IK.. II July I79S. Wlllkin-Hnty DIgby. Wj 

The earl rf. sg Dec. 1794, and van ninxeded by hia sun, 1 

Abchibald, preaeiit aud l-2vh earl. 

Heir .^/ijunrnJ—AncDiBALD, lord Eennedv. ion of iheMtf 

CreatioHa—LitTi Kennedy, of I'ansilis, UM) : Earl of Cud^ 
15(H): a Baronet of Nm-aKcotia, lESS; and Bsron Ailu, iit iha 
peerageof ths United Kingdom, 12 Nor. IWG. 
fllche (able, the wholE wUhbi a doubto tmaun tUrj (oums-Oc*) of ItuBj 

FRANCIS STUART, Eabi of MORAY, and Banm 
in the Peerage nf Scotland, and Banin !iTCAKT, nf CaillnTOKt; 
eo. Inverness, in that oC Great Britain, Lord.ldeuMnani CO. 
Elgin 1 bvm 3 Fel>. I77I ; aucceeded hit father SB Aug. IBIO; 
married, lat. 3fi Jan. 1706, laity. 3d da. of gen. John 60m, of 
Balcombie, cw. Fife, lister of Henrieilo, pr*3eni duobsM of Pan- 
land, and by her («-ha d. 3 Ang. 1798] bad iituv, 1. FRAN. 

CIS, lord Donne, 6- 1 Hov. 179S ; 2. JoiiH, t. aSJaa. I?V7- 

The enrl m., 2d1f, 7 Jan. 1801. MiirgareI.Jane, ddot da. of ur 
Philip Ainslie. of Pilton, ot. Edinlnirgh, knt.. (Iiy (IlixabMh, 6th 

da. of Juhn, 12th lord Oray,] and hai iuue, 3. ElieasKtb, 

6. 1901, rf. 1802; -4. Jake, 6. 30 Nov. ISOS; &. JjufBa. 

ft. 1804, ffl. and has i>au«, Frederick, b. 13 Feb. I83S, and d. 19 

Blarch 1837; 6. a aOK, ft. and rf. 1 April ISOIii 7. Maa. 

oabet-Jahe, ft. 17 Sept. IB07 ; — 8. .^NHE.OLaci:, ft. 6 
March 1809 ;^9. AacBiBALD-GEoaai, A. 3 Marek ISlOi . 
10. Louisa, B. May 1813; 11. CoaXlcs, 6. 4 AiV ^ 

leii I 

James 8te wait, natural *nn of James V., kin^ of SciAhMd| I 
and regent of (hat kingdom during part nf the nngn of i^ueNI J 
Mary, was crented eari of Mora;- 30 Jsn. l.^G2. to Um and lb»l 
hidn male of his bodv : and he afterwardi obtained a chartttfl 
eitending ibe limilaliiiu of ihe earldom ui hin nni lawftil he ti w ^ J 
His bistory, and deaUi by tbs band of Uamillon of BolhwaB- | 
hauffh, 31 Jan. 1670, are too well knowu tu need recapjtultion. 
By his wife, Aune, eldest da. of William Keilh, 4th earl maris- 
ehal, he left issue 2 d*s., 1. EUaabelh ; 2. MargarH, m. Franda, 

UnH or Erml. lo IGBO ili^ wardxhjp nnd m 
USrt Ttn, hy king Jimn VI.. f^rm lo Jsmes t 
llir ff idr Jsnt«s Ii|«wt, of Doiine, (vliirh «r Jaawa na %aa 
<r iir JaiDCs Ejtenn, of Bealh, 3<j Km of i^ ndreo-, lord jtviniMe, 
ud brother of Andrew, Inrd Avuidale, and llmrj-, lord JUrcbvcn, 
tiuibnnd of AlargaFa,<)uwn of Smtland.) He iinniediUFlT llirrp. 
upnn ■■■ the elder s»i«r, and assumpd ilie (itie of eari ol lluray. 
Tlaa far i» kiunm in h»Ury by the up|#l!a[inn .if Ihe " bonnf 
oH of Mor«T." _H_e waa murderFd liy lui heixdjucy eiiemy, (he 

nwrqiieu of UunlEey, and. In [fiOl, m. Anne Gordon, h'u da. 
Thekinfr'i c«reand prudenoe in [hi« mntter were miirh appnjred, 
and highly commended by ihe people, u the anlmmutin Wlween 
ihe two familiB, which had occiuinned miirh bJondihed, were 
thereby piii bd end lo. The earl of Moray BCromptuiied king 
Jimm VI. to London, Kud got a new creation of the whole ear^ 
iaa at Hmsy to bim nnd hu hein mnle; romalnder lo idr 
" ' I, hia brother, and bi< iuue male ; he had iiaue, 

L Jam«b, 3d carL 

% lb ■«■■«. nk. IM>, lb Jims Gnnl. of Gnnl.bart- 

bcari 4. 1638, and wan lucceeded by hi* son, 

MX*, 3d earl, n. Alargaret Home, eldeit of ihe three das. of 
udcr, Ia[ earl of Home. cn-h. with her si.iler, Anne, diichesi 
nf I..auderdiile, of her hrolher, Jamo, 2d ear! of Hunie, and had 

I, m.. 1» HnUUn. AichiMil, 

Hvsiuam, m. ilt Hurt Camelnl 

Mntm, at.. IMS, DiyU noH.DtBa 
_ eari rf.4Harch iefi3, and waaaucceeded liyhisar 

Alexahde*, 4th earl, m. Amelia, da. of «ir WillJBtn BaUtnii-, 
of Pitenllo, lifutmant of the Tower of London, and bod iinie. 



The evl d. 1 No>. I7(<0, and ten siuvcedeil liy hii cUgtt mr. 
viiing Hon, 

Charlei. ficli mrl, n. Anne Campbell, da. of ArcbllNiM, M 
Mrlof Ar^U, (who wan l«Iicaded in IGOft.jBnil hv bar haA at 
issue. 1 he earl H. 7 Oct. 1736, Biid iviu nucciseded bv hia Imitktr, 

FiAKCifl, 6th carl. b. 1G73, and liv his 2d wife, June Elphis- 
tttOM, Sd da. of Joha, 4ih lord BKimerino, who 4. 17W, f ' 

I. James, 7Ui earl. 

d*.a(All™13H.<«h«ilof Eglinioi!'" "'" " ""'"""" 

lit m. TTimmTinh rriliiliiai. 


4. AacuiuLD, aBL R.N. t7U. d. Prb. ITfls. 

A. Hii-vHV,iiu)™'l° thP HniTp i'- In OwnT- 

a. Annit, iih JohnSiemn.c^BlakHilI.hiidlin*. uid>i.i;in. 

;. AMIU*,ii>.ilr Peter H>lk«,irfl-11IAniiiIi.(O.Hfe,IWI.,klUedM 
Do 9uenr. In Nntih Amntca, Juhr ITU. 

The enrl d. II Dec ITSK, uid was sneceeded bv h[« son, 

James. 7th earl, K.T., i. I70S, <■., IM, Dec. I'tS-I, Once, 0^, 
efOtorft Ixickbart, of Carowath, esq., {by Euphrmia, Id dB.oCl 
Aieiander, ihh mri of Kitlititnn,) rHici of John, 3d orl If 
Aboyne, and by lier (who rf. Nov. 173fl) Irfl issue, ' 

I.' FttAMCt*,' »h earl. 

The earl ns-.'sdly, 24 April 1740, Mai^rct. da. of Darid,!!.^ 
eari of Wonyis, uid by lier (who d. Aug. 1779) had iinia, « 

The earl it S Jtily 1767, and was ni<x««deil hv hi. , 

Framcis, Bth eari. h. II Jan. 1737, «•■, 21! June I7G3, JaW 
ddni da. of John, 12th lord Qny, aud by her (wh.i d. 19 Pw> 
I7ee)hadisnie, ^ 


3. Fbawcib, pmeat aarL 

Dslki. vaHiiCHtda.of EdmuBil-VDnaal'InileUi ndMDtaii 
■Id b* lietT>b>i n. MUEli MM Iwlmr. 

1. Piaadt-ARlilticUi t.Jah«-MKRc«i ^ Jmn-H' 
4. Kdjauad-lMttnUi S. Donflis-IVraoti B. Gcdki 
3. CflAaLHi B-HARBiaiR. Mtk^wi*. ])S8. 
7. OaAci,ia..lnJiiiil7KG*ai|>I>BHitlw.i>fCaTin, 


Snuirl, of CaUl« Sluan. ni 

V)u uii.'eeeded by hli son, 

FRakcib, 9lh and promt earL 

Itfir ,1pparenl^FnATii:ta, lord DouXE. the nu-l'i eldnt sotf- 

rrMMmu—Lord Doune, 1561; Earl ••( Murav, 1002^ Kil# 

Banm Stuui, of Cuile Smart, in tlie peerage of tl>» Unitii< 

Kingdom, 4 June 179C. 

«D«tBC M.C 


AlfXaNDER RAStK^'^tOMB. Eabi. d^ UOMB. Iknm 

Bdu. and Ihnai <d Daai^miL, nne of ikc 18 P»Fn (or Nenk 
Britain in Ihe Imperial Pariianvnt. and Li>rd-lin»cnani em. 
Bswick: ismin I7W: nicnwdnihiiCuhrr, AlnandariUislaiT 
tvl, 1« Ileb 1706 j ta-A llu niniainp of IU1M7 in aMiliDn lu 
thai of liome, by rojral tE^ manual, I8l(i ma r iwl, O Nm. 
ITW, EliBbnh £cMt. M da. of llonry, U duka of HuarlnKh 

■oJ Queenaberry. ILO., aud hai ihuc, 1. COSPATHK X. 

ALEXANDER, lord Omafilat, A. 27 On. IT»t- S. It'll 

lUM.Mo*Taoc~I>oi.'aLa«, i. K .Nov. ISDO, lo ilia amy, 

ma., ai SaalrM. Aufc. 182! : 3. UxNKvCAMriKLI., J 

TA. maid. 18 Mamh 1803. 

Pe* fcmitici in North Britain am Imail lo BDcIenl an ori|pu 
■t ibat of Uant, baioi a tntoeli of [h« illuDlnoiu twiua </ I>iiu> 
Ut ^id ^'"'^ "^ iltwnJaJ bmi Pairiek, Sd «<» of Cuap^ 
tnA, carl at Duniiar and Uardi. Ri> (randam, M'lUlam, m • 
■mad Um aunUHD* </ Uoow, and waa anewuv n/ 

Amxambm IIoKm. MOtad brd Hona, a Ana. UTl. had 
Hue, .Abuurfcr, trho 4. In lila father*! ItfcUma. iMirflig Ime 
Inoa. Ai.KSAiCDCa.8d lord I and John, trf WUunga, nmfc 
nr of ibe pment caiL 

Ai.EXAiii>ea, 3d lord. Ufi 3 htu. ALCXAXnek. U lori, 
■U Ocoaos, 4lb lord 1 the laltnr <ru fathrr of ALcr -*- 
HhloM. wboH onk laa, AtiKAKSKB. dtii li>rd, vi 
UwcL iaiM-Ii.wrl of Hoiii>, and baron Dunalu. _ 
Ui Inin male wbataupvcr i h]r virtiw of vbiali liinlli 
litl* d«rolvcd, m the Atmix vithmit Ihut of hit ooly ion, 
Sd eail, in 11133, nn hii kinnaaa, >Ir JamM Knnw, of _ . __ 
ki»*(, who vaa 6lh in lineal d(«va( fron Juhu, uf WUtaftja, 

Sir James, vhi> (hu* bMame 3il earl of Hon*. <•■■ Jana. da. tt. 
TTilliani . 7tti aari iif llortaB 1 ani d««a*In|| In ISW. Wt ihr«« 

* i.EKikMOEB, tiliBU^whad. wltbout ■•■n«187«l Jams*, 

1, who 4. ako wiihout tMua lSa7 1 ■uul 

81)1 tarL, wM imprlHinad lu IMinhiir^ Caalb l(7& 

■OBPiDpliaa ia iba daudoliaa niarriBga of tha hwi*» 

the laird of Kicnuiir^fljan 1 m. Anna, ila. nf >ir 

1 Purrct, of Purvn Hall, no. Berwick, but.. BDd bad 

li.'lin jnntM In llvn r>tii«klD if i;Ul h% fttm 


The earl d. 20 Aug. I7O6, aiid wm (UBcewJeil by hit too, ^ 

' Ri^KDEB, 7lb earl, who, □□ [he hreakiuK out of the rat 

a 1713, voaonnmictedpriwiDer toihecBideof EdiabuiyW 

u released on the expirHtioii of the suipeiiikHi of the lialMMi 

iiact24 Junal716; nu Anne Kerr, 2d da. of WUlouD, if' 

It of Lothian, and hod i»ua. 

2. Will 


6. Alexandei, 9th carl. 

1. Am/tHno^S^i. 
The earl d. I73<t, and vbe niaxeded by hii ion, 

W11.LIAH, Bth earl, lieiit.-geii. in the armj-. and goremoti 

Gibraltarj in. 25 Dec 17*2, -, ralict of — - Ijavea. «i^ 

sod dying 2S April 1 70(i, without iuoe, wu aucceedad by fa 

At.EXji>DeH, 9th earl, in holy orden of the Church of En) 
land, m.. In, Primrose, Sd da. of Charles, 9th lord EIphiiiiMD 
and by her (who d. IS Dec 1769} had inue. 

I. WILLIAM, lard DuivbIu, Unit. In ihn Colditmin net. o( hiouia 
1770! iiiiiiiiiiiiiiliil llii jiiiiiili hi n III! Ill* wTiiii Till ■!!■ miiUillj mmiirtec 
ItwbllUlxirGuUlltind U Mu-ch i;ill. unra. 

tthahUdJ^bntoHmtUnitialdlMiiK, >» pubUc lervln Ui IlwVrcn tBdk) 
l7Mi ■ndtovhoiniimanuinciilii'TKlcil&IhEalhHliMliir St. Pull, uS 
public apriHb 

Tbe oarl tn., Sdly, hit onuin, Marian, da. of hig unde. A 
hon. Jainei Home, of Aylon, nnd by her (n-ho d. 30 Oct. IJSt 
hadnoioue; and, 3dly, 10 Feb. iirM, Abigail Browne, da. an 
U. of John Kamey, of Varmouth, co. Norfolk, e«q., and by ha 
(who d. 6 Feb. 11)14) bad !uue. 

4. Aleiamdi 

I. the 

■I, K. so Apr 

he present 


6. CBAHUTTI. m., IN Apill inrl. IbE KY. niulo SlJlliC. U1C BcMhi 

Df CIncluul, uHlrEcInior MUUlnas. M ion of the hon. Cong* BaOUi, 

The earl d. S Oct. I7S6. and wu nicteeded by hli only aoa, 

ALEEAMDEn. present and lOtb eurl 


the earl'i ton. 

CreoiiMu— Lord Hoioe, U73| Lord Dun^ti, and Eul m 
Home, cu. Berwick, 1604. 

^nmt-Sf Pime «. QuMlnlT 111 and 4Ui. Vert, ■ Hon urapvit awoM 
Houa, M md ad- Arnent, ttirgf |ikto» vgrt— Pupdii of Pii n glM ; ttidqvfl 

OmI — On a di^wa ruIh* tuned up titnlne, a Ikjo'i baid sn 

JuSv^-Truttolhand''" ' 

Ktjma*MtTt,vtKn„.i r.' .'. <i 

b-, u4 MraAirhtil ; -n 

S^Satfim; wM H Jwf. 1'!. 
braf Ocorve CBrp«iipr, ..r ).i. 


MM. Chnrfattp. da. of durln <. 

2. 5I.a*-Is»BEI.I.A, m. J -■ 

n-b*. Tbe nrl ■>., 2illy, mix 

el Jtiha Clieape, sq., and wiiluw'i 

iBl3«>.ff«il»d hJMllw th>n«<oni uf Hlmiw. in Knrfmbjrr, in 
hoU la (m horonr. )le viii sU.. ^n-M il.:.,„U.-rl..,:, .-( S<,i(lin(l, 
Md*.luB|t Itobert Il-'i M .U.. '! I J.n*- 

SmiM. vidli wham he ,^ ih>' h.r , I n-u 

llla««d taeury llw itoabl* tnnmirr . Ft!* 

fMKiMB, PjtTBtCI, VM, •cfiiftliii^' .mIiid, 

ONtcd wf^tTot uorliuiimil by lU.- :.„. .., ' :^ lUh. 

8bk In ik«»l from hbii «» 

P«Tam Lyox, Ut carl of Klatbom, and Sih Wd Olamli, 
Kt. of tha guard, uiil one of ib« privji cduiiqI i<> klri|; Juna* 
VI, Md )«4 tnwunr ol 8aiilw)d ; uid. U XHlfl. mMisI Mil 
rf'J3bt l> *w i >. He «. Aue, da. o( Hnmy. lit mrt nf Tiilir. 
Iwriiu. and kad fMue by hm, 

i. Jon«. 'U mil. 

«. Jl""»'*HlUii. 11.,, IHtl'iuUil r.m>V°^ 
The etui d. 1 61 a. and wai nirawded by bii cldcM tan. 

Jew*. -Jd fHi, m.. lat, Martha. d>. of John Knktnr, C(h 
ori a( Mir I nod. Utr, BKoabMh Sluilr. da. of Fairick, 1h 
nrl of Paninurr. and had iuuc bj har, (who after liia dcvMai 
■. Omtt^. thv 3d varl of Uulilhgov,) 

I. PAimiiK, adnrl- 

TbB ^1 drioff Id 1M), wm mieuccddd b* h» nan, 
Patuck. 3d mrt. whn iiliiaiiiad a duri«r, I July l*77< 
gnaUiM that Iw and hi* bcirs uf enuIUhauldlnfuHinilMKylcd 
eirit of Stralhmare and Kintchiim ; be va* MU> of iha prlry 
Manol in ibBt MWn. and alao nna of tbe exlnuinllnan' Imda of 
•eaa^ : n. Uelea Middleton, da. of John, curl of BUddkilon. 
4nd W hn- had 

I. JoBw. (ihcBrl. 

L.». D»14U(U>), 



tl of Abnine^ Miy, Pttrlck, U 
id by hi* ton. 

_ .. rl dying in IfflW, 

John, 4th oar), whu wu of the privy council U>i|iiMa Aubh 
n. Eliuklieth Sunbope, da. of Philip, 3d earl of ClietterScid, Mtk 
had {uu«i 

1. John, Sth earl. 

3. Chables, Glhearl. 

3. James, 7th enrL 

4. Thomas, SchesrL 
i. Hei.c!i, n. Rolm Stonrli ;tb lord DUatyn, 

The eurl d. 17IB, and wa« tueceeded by hii son, 

John, the atb earl, whu, bring in the rebetlion in IJIS, bd> 
dar ihe rummand of John, esrl of Mar, wu killed al ihe b ' 
of Sberiffinuir, Bud was iiiotewled by his uext brother, 

Chahleb, 0th eurl, n-ho nan un Fortunately mortally woui 
in an affray, 9 Alay 1720, and d, two days afterward will 
issue; be was lucoeeded by bis brochar, 

J4MEB, 7th earl, n., 1731, Mary, da. ol Gmri^ OliptuM^ 
M.D. 1 and dying 1| Jan. 1736, without iuue, wai '-*"" 

by big brother, 

Thomas, Bth earl, n., 38 July 1730, Jane, -la. a 
James Nicholson, of \S'est Kaitiion, co. Durham, esq., and kv 
her (who d. 13 May I77IJ) had iuue, 

I.JOMH, 8th earl. 

a. Jam>i-Phii,if. 0, IgH. la the w^in of >li> Gut Indli Cm m^.jw* 
W or^K of Uh ubob. wllhtcvgrd e'dvII'Ii rl«>t)rin«'. tB JulT ITCS. '-■■, 

3. TIBHAl. A. mi. ■>.. 13 JuM mi. Uuy-EltalHUi, dib at Fanoi Wiw ' 
a<BlEii:hHWr,co.I]wtuini,i>H.,Anilbyh«(whiiA.1l May lUl) htf I^ia, 
1. jBhn, m., a Fttk Im*, Ad«, 4>. orSMTkigmi 1>rlec. ho. 
i. Clurla. 
3, HsiT, AbTbcBTu^ Wllltbwm. oTBHlfivd Row, tjm^oa,tn. 

. e .. _ ,„.. .1. — > .,... ,=,.„.._..._, ^ ,;5:^orttia 

It Mwy-AoiU' "•. 3: 

kn £bat«an. of HndWy. co. Duibam, «a^ 

The earl d. Jan. 17^3, and was surt^e^ed by hi* M 
JoHK. Olh earl. i. 1737, «■. H Feb. 17fl7, Mar 
da. and kiIo h. of Qeorijo )<owis, of Gibaidr, 00. Uui 
aiid auiinred the uatna of Bmrvi, punuanl la an act 
lt:en[ in the game year, and by her (nhn d. IHOO, I 
Sdtv, Audrew Kobinson ^tnnpy, en., whu look ihi 
1 A. 10 Jan. 1810) bod i>sue. 

I. JoHH, lOth earl. 

Ed*UdTIUlllhlU.f«q., I 

3. Thohai, promt rwrt. 

JouM. lOUi Mrliirba vu, 18 Julv ISIA, maunl bamn Bowr*, 

. nf Binro, in it>e pMnga of Knirland, (araoM 
(xtiatt i kiBt llw MrUun af Mntlunuic kail lUn^OTn dmslml 
gn lu* unlf bniUkcr, 

TitaHAJ, pnMBt uid 1 1th laii of Strmibmnr*. 
IMt jtipmtmt — Idrd OtAUti, thaaut'itan. (VktBoau I/fon 
■ tim rtai liile af cnutcfj, but (h»i of Lord UlMok i* tW <n* 

Cmtfuu— Lnrd lllamit, 1 4<S ; EaH of KinKhar*. Idrd Lmn 
■ri OknK 10 July 1M«; « ttew ihartw of >be auyov, M 
Mn IVja, M PbU^ ad «w1 of Kinxbom, hh) hli iMse maUi 
and, la drfault, to vuj pBHO or penoat iWHiinMfd liy liim ( ui 
!■ UIbiv W mhA Min nf «h4> aooilnkiim, i* hk h4n wmU 
failiiV, ic hii Mn and laaln* whjiuavTav, 
noHtonrr. < hartw, I Julj t«77, -' tbM 
Kinitfanm. (>mv<" k^ndM muniA ff teWa 
u Ifrrii ptwMt M (tWu. tkuiibl U alj Ud. In 
l^lralhnwra and KJnfclHini, VMnunu 
UUnia, Tunadyce, Keldlav, and SuaiUiJitw." 
- *L ttMiuri* IN. 1*1 Mb. .UsBl. ■ Ikm nnpBU ubi* 
im^n<».BU[«<wT(»i«^rVo>. tJ>a<ll£lCm.W. 

JAMC9 HA3ttI<Tf>N, E«st of ARRRCnRN.Bnd Baruii 
«f P*n)i>y, in Snitlanil, ViMonot sod Baruti rltraWiui, In Irrland, 
■Dd a Barimei iif Uie tam* klnKdam; wiit M>r4iiiM of AlRa. 
CokXi and Viicimnl llaoiilliin, in KngUnd. 

Snr MjimqrKOi/Aacacomii, in (Ae t'tem^ o/ Saglanil. 

TnOUAS IIA-MILTON. E.b. .! ir UI.Tv 
Banoiof Ili«i.i")(Bn.lB)r.v-„.f I- . ! 

/.ON, a„d 
H „t,lin^. 

hUBi»j™«T'»ni.»ll«.ii.i.r.ry<-..iir..-.l, ■..■; 1, ■! n 

July 1827 


Nov. 1S02. ludy Marin Parker, only da. of George, tth earl oT 


Thomas Hahiltok, of Orcbaitfleld, iaceadei tram th» 
Jlamilioiii, of Iniiprnridc, a branch of ihe ancient funily or 
JIamillon, diike of Hamilton, aoiuired, in 1532, from John, eu4 
of Lennox, the Imrony of Bathgate, en- liinlithgow ; and, in' 
1534, purcliRsed the lands of Ballincrieff, in the ume cd. H« ' 
WBi father of ' 

ThOHa9 Hamilton, who possmed the lands of OrdianfldiV 
Bathgaie, and BallincHeff, in 1537 ; he made ah Eichange of tlw 
lands of Ballincrieff niih JaiDcs Hamilton, of Innn-nidc, for Ihfli 
landi of Balbync and DruDiramp, co. Perth, of irhicii he hdl ■ 
charter, 3 Ang. 1530. He was killod at llie battle of Pinltle, ViC 
Sept. 1S47, leaving, I 

I. Thomas. ^ 

1. iaim. * icculu print i he Ml ScoUind ib lacouBI or hli Rllckn. flMtf 

ud^^!^JtUdto"u>iT(>l«arLODi!aB!whnclH>dM. ' "* • 

Thomas Hamilton, of Prieatfidd, eldest son of Tboniaa, 4^ 

Orchartfidd, was a km. and a lord of aesaion ; m. Elitabnh, dte 

of James HeHol, of TrabroDD, and had issue, ■ 

I. Thomas, lat carl. ' 

i. SliJaHii,DtMaEd*l«i'.ali>r<larHwian, spiiTroiuiiHnM.andkiidKi 

giiI>Torsailsiiil,<l.irLth<iuInui]Ela>ii«. Z. 

4. PATltllKt ondn-HrretAry of >Utfl Cd hli brother, tlir wl of HwUiDMq^ 

a, ALSxAHDSa.KedHslorsFIlltefy to tliQScDUtnxriMativlnf uadaOnla^ 

Thomas Hamilum, IsC earl, being bred to iLg law, was bf 
king James VI. made one of Che seiialois in the college of JuBtJM,( 
secrolary of state, lord advocate and register, and was, in Ittl^ 
created baron Binning, and earl of Helnxa, irhidi be aflerwanV 
changed to the liile c^ Uaddiugton ; in 1827, he was oonitilnnA 
lord privy seal, vhich ofliae be neld fiir ten years ; •>., lit, ■ dk 
of Junes Bortbnrick, ev}., by vhooi he had one da.. 

His lordship' fa.', 2dly, a'da. of sir Ja'mea Fnx'lii. bart. ; and, Sdly^ 
a da. of sir — — Keri by hit 2d wife he had three sou and thnu 
das., of wlunn ^ 

Thomas, his eldest son, succeeded liis father, as 3d cart, mati 
joined with the Coveuanten, in the beginning of the dril iMrl' 
was governor of the castle of DungUi, where be vaa, 30 *"g ■ 
)G40, unrurCunai^y bloH-n up, loKCther with Robert HamiltoM, 
hii bnitlier; Patrick, hii, natural brother; sir John Hnmlltwtp 
of Red-house, hii anisin-gemtan ; sir Alexander Hunilloti, m_ 
Itmerwick, and Alexander, hii ion and h. : sir Alexander Bfiji 
kine, 4tb son of the 7(h earl of Alar, brother.inJaw lo the eut|i 
Mr Oideun Baillie, of Locliend : Janics In^it; and John, aF 
(li^ar. A report prevailed that Dunglas was troadienrail* 
blovn up by Edward Paris, an English Iwy. page lo the Carl eC 
Haddington, on account of his master jesriiigly telling him, tht4 
liii counlrrmen were a pack of cowards, to suffer themselves to b* 

L. uird Ut nm awsjr M N«*ban 


■•■.■Ilia uin<n II inionnpirflbapiavdn- 

■iih iho rwt. Ilr m., iM. t'^ibwiaa 

I. Tbomab, iU art. 
3. JoHH, 4Cb aut 

H lllU4l»B»TI LIUlHIITI i.J>I)H>>I14.T««f- 

And Sdlj, JuM Gordon, U da. gf (jnir](*, M nur^aMi of Bobi- 
W, hmI In facr had ■ pnthiiDlaiu d*.. 

i llixiiin. A.ISJu.UMI.o-Jo'iiulunrlnrKMaT. 

Taoxju, Sil ori, M., ■( C'hatitlon, tn Fruncr, B Aiu. ] ~ 
HmnMia d# Cnlign)', •Id—i '!», .rf (ii»|«rd. nniii* d* ToUcur, 
mamrKat uT Fruirv, (by Aiiiik ir rolipiir. da. of Oabrld, Zmt 
it Sit. OmiwinO t<*(«<>f l!»'l>i>i<'d#(:liktill'm, and sn>t-«>*nd- 

4' ihc nMirnlfil uliii 

OaMfmnl d« Chumpaitiir, nmrtr dr li '- • ^imii • 

fnm vbiBU >)ie v u divrirmi, mxl i . I t;ilS, 

" U uider," auit Chmthw. <iuBOii .>i - i ii<wh4 

untr raort »c Lini, ntbct in tliii umM nr <)i'' ti>'ii." Thr 
oauUH rf.. k( P*ri>. 10 Mmrdi ie73. TIiii nrl dijit^ 8 Frb. 
IMS, vjttwul Ihuc, wu aucnwdol b^ hi> tirrith*r, 

J«H». dtb mrl, ■. CUriitian lindoy, 3d da. of John. lAlh 
(•rl al CimwTurd uid Lindw^, (b* Munm llunilun, M da. nf 
JiBoa, 2d muqucH of HanullinL,) and lud iiuu, 

I. CitAatEii. Hih earl. 

llixwl Al t^>t. lOm, ami WW >UMatd«l by hi* HHi. 

CnaaLE*, Mh aaH. i. ISiWi in., 7 Oct' IS7i. Manivm. 
wnntoB of Ruibs. tUatt da. iif jr^ti, duke iif KsUn, lord hlah 
i-hinnDor vf ^cnUanil : cm liFr fatfavr'* daalh. ia July IMtl, ilw 
diikcdiirn hmmf nlinn i koi >hv ■nmintnt u nMnim (^ 
RMfaa. In ihp cratnM of thia marriaft*. it »•• Ktiliuta*!!, fn 
udcr ID pTPvrni till- two faridmnii id' Rotbn aud HaddlaKUm 
rram being uiiiird, ibat Ibe rart duwhl in f ran it T hi* liiw id 
HaMinvtnn, in Uytmt nf bli Sri ton ; vbjeb wKlEinpni waa«nh. 
MqumUy oootinnnl hv two paUMa. dated III Ubc IIM9, and 38 
On. 170s. Hy the iiiuntcM of KdiIih (who d. SO Au^. I7W) 

i. TaoMM, tub Mil 
^a««Ml A ISBO, and ike esridom of Haddinctan deaomded b 


Tno»[Aii. (tih earl : he had ■ chaner of the earldom of Htti. 
din^on, 25 Fel>. IGA7, niiil Bnixhrr uf the hfrediiBryofficvM th« 
keeixr nf the park of HnlymodJuiuiie, S3 Jan. IGOI ; b. tut 
tousm-gennani Helen, uiilv dn. of John Hojie, of Uopetoun, ru\^ 
siner nf Charles, lit earl nf Hopetoun; and by her (vhodl 10 
April t7<>n. aged m ) hod innue, 

t. CuimLH. lord Bianbic i. um. oho A duitH hl> Mhn-i UMli 
Nirln. HJm.lJXI.Iu'rlnKii.llKhju'l, kIii Kat&ronft B>UUc. ol 1 
ifwod, CO. Lnvk. (bi Ortacl Hume, eMe«da.of Pililill, lu allot H 
moot,) ud bf h« iWnci 4. 17731 hid iuuc. 
1. T SOMAS, 7th eari. 

tRiul innafMhT. to^ the name duI umtof BvtJBfi ™- KUubKL, _^ 
of' AMilnm,tH|.,aiLd rf- 10 April li^, I^tIdh iHuebvber, ibAo^W 

A»m in«,i 1' G«vi. b. i OS. iTw. -., is j^ uui. tucr. iu. or * 

JuiaiPibHte>biut.,aii4 hai kauei 1. Oeom, t. IS April ' TO.. *. J* 

M-n NotriKft J^'n. vUoHal GtBORtoi 3.Cluvlah ». I Not.Uni 
tri«M*-Piiii«ie.»-)UJui.iii>ei». satwi. ». is June lagfi B, ; 

OthaSodRni S. OhWh, In lu»i«din. iidid«<im of Cktda 

n Not. 17M, ■-, 18 ApiU 17071 IMt Cbarlwte Hrnw. 3d ta. C4 Alen 
Mh ani of Houe, nod rf. ItiJiiiw liiin, leiTlBg a DuiDEiDui ime. 

3. CbUla. Unl.-cut. lUld ganmaiar BlacknE» Cutle. il. HI Sq>l. 

«. Ortaid,iii.I>UUp,Ha>rlSlaiib(ve. 

1, Jdux, d. It Feb. i;7«, iHiIng fDut 4k.. 

I. Mai^nt, «. ilr Ue^^Doe, of BlKkadiler, bm. 
1. CBllHrkw,«.SbolurCliatlahIaleHrlDf MonoB. 
3. tlitea.jiLDiaitiH,4ili«rlarSEUilik. 

1. Hau 


B IMiTaf k, oT Halls, bact. 
The enrl d, 38 Nov. 173G, mod iim» eucFevded hy tui pimdiBp, 

TuouAB, Tth eu-l : >>>-, Ik, 26 Ore 17^1, >lary, d^ vf Ran 
land Holt, oF UedgTave, co. Snflulh, esq., rclin of inr. lAa<fi,ia$ 
I)f her (irha </. 7 Hept. 17na) had, 

1., prewnl and 8lh ear 

t. TuoHAa, ,1. I April 1774. 
The earl m., 9dly, 6 Slareh 17Re, Anne, eMeai <U. of air Chmtim 
Ounil^ne, km., by whom (who ni., 3dly, ITM, Jamea DiOrjapta^ 
•■I].) he had 

The earl d. 19 Kf av 170', and was miHwided by hU ac.., 

CHAIII.E1, Oik earl. A. 1753, ai., ApHl 1779, Wv Sophia Ho^ 
da. of John, 3d eail of Nopeioiiii. and d. 17 Man^ IH^ hariM 
had liaiie by her (<vho d. March 1813} aii only at "* 

Thomas, preaenl and 9th earL 

Htir Pnmmplice—The earl'i coudn, Oedrge 
Jerviawood, eiu|. 

" ■ " "■ IK. SO Nov. 1013, and Earl of Ha4- 

jouiian, ao: 

«, I8S7. 
,(iw— $» P1at>u> Quntefly, IRai 
Imm Mine clnaurTalU ermlii*, ■ buck 

rhau^eil Tut ilit tJiJi q1 llAddln^Lon- 

^»v>v-Twa bdMi wparyCln mIUtjJ 

CBOROE fiTEWART, EaIl of OAl.t/lU'A V. I.nnl 
Iwllw. in Uw IVwi«* of XmUaia, uirf lUnw Xunnrt, o( Uvliw, 
bltMirf ibe VniuA Kioedinn, K.T^ AdialnU of tlw HIh*, LatiU 
I hill m. U'i^tniB kWl ai. Kimidbiiithi, uurrmltd hi* lutitr, 
M'a.ibatattmri, IS N<it. laoG; marriid. lu April ITR7, Jtaa 
tlgtt, N •!». of UBorr BcylcT. IM au-l of HitrMdRr. <>i*ter of 
Ba^n -Willisni, nuirqiia* oi Anglacy, K.U,, (i.l .11.,} uid hu 
hwt.' 1. JaHC. b. St Manti me. ».. II Ju. IBIlt, her 

IhIm . (tcmve. raaniiua* at Bluidfonl. tUrmi ten of Ororgt, 

, Mu <tf MkrAinrDUKti : X. CilOLtvi. £. IB Au|[. 17II9| 

X Il\SlH>LPH,ivrd GaHif, b. 18 8fm. IHUOi 4. I.oirix. 

LIS Much l8M.ak, I8SI,tb«hi>n. WiUiam Ui>a«anli^ M.P.. 

dim MB of kird Fvrmhm) |< A. AaTuvm, A. IWA, iL Jan. 

MDSi 6. Allait, a. S3 OoL ISO?, <L I Majr IW6| ?. 

Belev, d. MJmi. 1III3; a Keith, £■> Jan. 1814. 

Tlie ori^R of the ronl bmua of fittwan ii tnrvd, by thv in- 
■nhn <W Chalmm. to Al.iM ritE-VLKAID, B 
linn nf IVilltun thr Conqufror. Ua liwl UtfM 
^. _n> , .. .. __K, uuetKir of thp Kiu-Auui. mtU of AmniM, 
■ h KnglBoi i S. tFoiMr. wbd MtUad In SeotlatHl. ud obMinail 
Bift«H luny David 1. (tw ofin of lord ki^ lUCBard, fmii wbaat* 
Bib *M«>^at> adopted iIm tuna cf Humn t >■ fi'lMi*. «W 
^Pi|h> MOlad iu ScolUud, and »ii ongtalv* gf tba fiuailT af 

V ALKEAMtiKa, hi)^ (Wwd of Sondand. |tTait.fT«adii>n of 

I Vallcr. had twownm 1. Junn. whoaa frnndm, Kotwii, ■■- 

I II iM Uw throne of Scotlaud 1371. and wbwB nialo Uiw rndvl 

r in tlv penoB of kinp: Jaimii V.. fatlifr at Alary, quean of Smu ; 

t, ur ./ohn. of Bniikylt. »bo had fnor Mriu. *bo brfl u«i*. vis. i 

1. AJeXudcr, annatiir «f llur mrU at Anoua, vboM tnal* Una 

baoBie exiincl 1377 I >■ Alan, aoontar of tlia Iibbm of Darniay, 

mtit and dukn of Lvioui, and «f tb« hinga of (imtland ud 

Gsfdand ( 3. U'altar, of Uvtil*. vhote giwl-firandda. aiHl h. m. 

the anceaCur of the carl of Galluway ; 4 Jaoiei, aneaiLoT of tha 

I wri* iif AthoU, Dudiati, and Ti-uguaii', aiul ilw lui'da Lorn aiid 

Th» tinuidiorcbehonMof 8l>v«R iadonndodfrnni air U'il. 

!(■> tfMaart, of JadirarUi. wtiu Uvad in ihii laifpuniiw of the 

L lAth OEDtury. and whow pndte oounaclion wilh ilia royal line 

'^ ' > twco the aulijeri uf murJi bikI wann onDtrovoriy. On tlir 

n of Ui« earl, il it aniii-ndrd that the ah-ii-r air Wjiliani ••••■ 

I aOB of air AInnndn' Stswart, of Dartiby. who wa> Knuui- 

r of thtf Itl Slanart, oarl of ticnnoii t and, in thai 

f ■ Ike whole male line of «ir John Mtewart, ifr Aivxandrr'a i- 
I mi, hating fail«d on thr dmih at Card^iial Yark, In 1007. 





le the undmibW mnle heir uid r*prf«erii 
nity. That sir WTliiani was of lie ''"' 
im the wordi of the pati 
desoenCant eari of OaHoway. wherein hi* ongi 
dam»d» f.«im«.rifn^Da(EE," Is pxpreraly enuinfrHt 
rpasons uf hi> etevalfoii to the perragV. 

Sir John Stewart, Mn of air William, n. MariDn, da- 
fa. nf (ir Walter Stewnrt, of Dalsnlnton, vha WM Mm of 
Jnkn ttUnutt;, of Dalsnininii, otx! of the haal«(^ ferliiiir Di 
ir., 1397, and (p^ndinTi of lir M'sller Slemirt, nf OarQae, 
■on of air John Sranart, of Bonkyll, aboTc inentioneeL '~ 

Sir WiLLiAW StewaM, of PiJiwimon and Gorlie., wii« 
three mnBi I. AlexanBeh, hi» sikwsmotj 3. rAotiuH, of MinjUj 
ancestor of lord Blantyre and the eBrlsorLaiidanderrj ; 
ter, of Tondhergie. 

tiir Aleiakdeh Storart, eldest >on, left ao only mrrlti 
son, sir Ai.EXAKCEit, who «. EJiaabedi, da. of sir An^ifai 
Diiiiglaa, of Caven, and had issue : . Alrnmder, h 
and Archibald, enccetor of tlie Stewana, earls nf E 
viscounts Mountjoy, in Ireland. 

At-EXAHDEn, the eldest son, m. Eliiabeth, da. nf AlaxutA 
Kennedy, of Blairqahan. and bad issue by ber ti 
son, AlexahDEB, wbo was great-gnuidfotfaiB' of the RrM euL ■ 

AlexaHOEb, Ist earl, was treated lord tlorliet in 18^ 
cliieflv in consideration of liis descent from the noble fiMiM \ 
Ijenn'm. In 1623, he was created earl of OalloTay, and n 
one of the privy counril lo king James 1. Be m. Qriul, da. < 
JabD Gordan, lif Lochinvar, aimstor to the visrounts KatnnfW 
and by her had Meiandcr. who ,1. in his father's lifetime:, 184S1 
andJAUSa, Sdearl. Tlie earl d, lGt&, and v ' '" 

his 2d, but eldest surriving «nn, 

James. 3d earl, wlio, during the uanrpatlon, 
for the royal cause, and a Krebt Bixffi-rer in it : and dyini; IH 
left, (by Nichola, his wife, da. of sir Bobert OnerMn, i ' ' 
I. AleiaMDEK, 3d earl; 2. Robert; 3. WUtiam! * 
Oritfl. m. Alexander Gordon, 6ih viscount Kenmnrv. 

AlexaKDEB, Sd earl, suoreeded his father, and m, Mar* 
Douglas, da. of James, 3d earl of Queensberry, by whom ha ha 
issHe; 1. AlexaHDEIl. 4th earl; 9. James, 6th rart; S.JeJt 
brivtidJer-giM. in the army. 

Ai.KXAiinEii, 4th carl, nucrended hii 
IGIM. unm., was succeeded by his brother. 

James, Ath earl. n. Catherine MouigDmery, da, at AlnanderJ 
Oth earl of i^inlou, and bv he- ■---■ 

1. Algxakdek, 6ih earl. 

SiBclAlr. fidnl m oi Hm^, lurd Atn 

; hat dytng 

ALtxAimsa, 6tb earl, n., lit, Anne Eeich, d*. of WOUaai, 
iW Sth earl nwiadul, by wbinn he iiad, 

£ Mabt.'ik. Kauwh. Ion) FgniDH. Hm a[ the itulnliil ml iif "wfliiili 
■• kirdifaip n., Sdly, Caiberine, da. of Jabu Cgchjwu, 4th etrl 
^DanAaakU, and by ber (wbo if. in I7I6) had 

4, JoBtr, ^ih euL 

K Gbdiwk. tilM ■! Tkoodirva, Is IfK 

_^KB*a. n •dmina. k 17V. k. 13 Miy ins. Onrftm-laAiIk, te> sf 
Wka ITAcidlu, aq., ud J. t Hay i;m, ]«vUi« Ihu bj ber |wl» •»« M 

■ ' AInmdR. t.>3£<iX.lTH, ~. MUT. *Maidi.(ndn>li.>>r 

Id SaAnth imd wllfanr of >ii Surud Hoiid, bui.j « wk)dl 

i»^I>«i|[lK,».«4Ju!r I7W, xh iB'oa^l<i«.''EUalit(h, dibor 
ilryrapli Hit, tiol- nd A Die. uie. 

n. iL chDin Cordcn. 4ih nrl or AlmrBt. 
.- ^.^.^At. m. WULUco,»ll. mtL of Duiunore/uid dNov. WW. 

The ari dl U Oa. i;j3, uid n-u sii««ed«d bf hia non, 

', JUi 


■ sr J 
IKl h« bad i 
L .luu-DS 
X Oeobo^ prewnt eari. 

A Sfc Wu.i.r».acB.. ■Iknt.-itr 
- rtOi t rt fd t ; -., ai AprD laiH, mi 

t. Hontla.'&lAug. ISM. 
a. UialM. & U FA ISIU, •>. 1 

. CBAiLikKHU, In hair Olden 

^■ttbkKait^riiiin, bq., awl huiuue, 

'' — ■ M smu. ima, Uwt. b.n., j. b j™. 1 

& SopMfcW.'BWoT. Ut«. Rut. EdvvdWUlauihll) S( 

- . . . 1UJ1W7. 

_ _ .B.. l|ni.^i>lcniel In thf^arni). •■., ID Aufuit in>, Hmrtni 

'taM, IddibOf ibenv.Spninr Midio, D.D., ud by^w (who*. It O 

f.' Ihm^dUi. 6- IT FrtJ. IBH. 
. X l.'»iHl»I>uilckl «- ClnrtMM. 

•. CatkehIih. m. ilr JmiH Grihaia, oT NMha 
•~m SuBB, It., U S^ 179I1 0«ic|t, FtMnt du 



e ITM, iTMled baren Slfvarl, of 11 
in the PuTHf^ of Englund ; and living 13 Nor. 1806, wa 
seeded liy hi> eldeit ton, 

GeoROE, tlie prtMent and Ocb earl 

Mtir Apparent — Ramjolpb, lord GaHLtes, hit lordsbipVl 
eldest Hill. " 

Crua/ionj— Barnn af (larliss. S April IU07 i Earl uf GnUavah 
ID Sept. 1023 i and Barna tJun-art, of Oariiei, in Qrcat BHUlB^ J 
« June i79e. 
bend engnilal pile, the' whole vWa idouble Irm 

Lauderdale uid Miulland ; Baroa of Thirleslane, in the Pea 
oT Scuilaiid, and Daron Iij[idehdai.e, of Tliirtetlaue. in 
of the Itnlted Kingdom ; and a Baranel of Ntiva tkoUa, E.T|_^ 
D.C.L.; bem \JWi, sucfeeded his father, James, hite eari. 17 Au^^ 
1781); auiTTied, 15 Aug. 1783, Eleanor, only da. of Anlhonf^ 

Tudd, esq., bv nhoni be hu, 1. JAMEJ4, pifRWnf MMIlatJ. 

M.P. fur Appleb/, b. n July I7M1 3. AsTKOxr, CR. 

capt. R-N., M.P. for Benrtckihire, b. 10 June lySS, eiilerad 
early into the R.N., n'lu wounded al the aiiwk uf CopenbagHii 
and again, severely, in ibe attack againil tbe Prenob HotiUa at' 

Uoub^nei — 3. JoiiM, b. March 1789; 4. (.'hakle>-F(iz, 

A. Not. 1703, d. IS Deo. 1817:^5. Axne, m, 8 May ISOTt ' 
Ru><«n Fraaer, of Torbreck, eo. Invemcu, esq., and d. iS Jona 

1(00; 6. Maxt, b. 4 Jan. 1788, m., 3 Sept. 1819, Edvaid 

Stanley, of Crou Hull, cu, Lanrastcr, esq. ; — --7- ELEAXOMs^a 
■3 Out. 1790, m., 19 Jan. IHIS, James Balfour, of GortM, N.Ru, 

esq.! 0. JitliaJane, 6. 10 Oct. I79l, n... 10 April 1«8^ 

John Warreodet, esq,, and rf. 19 May 1827 ; 9.C«AW.OttH 

b. 10 Oct. 170s, d. 13 Marab 1813. , 

Thit diitlngulihed family appoan to bare bMA saatad m 
Thirleitonii, in tbe co, Berwick, at least a* aarlr as titft IMP 
century. Sir Rieha'nl Mailiimd, at Lrathington and TUrlaslan%. 
was one of the Ratraoidinary Iniils of scmim and kecicr of th» 
priiry seal, and retired from public businesi 1584, having boM 

. . '■n MM* ifcaa 7* Tnm. and Mm 

U Hoxtait monMiehi. Be ■•* tubtt al trWlian .Hmll»m4, uriw 
^v*d • tBtaolMom part In tb* udbUm t^t agiUMd laMJM 
*uing ika mffB of fsMa UwTi mB4 td 

ta JouK, wbo McaDiliaiilad Juum VI. tn Dwnnwk, IMl^ 
■ndm bu TBtnm vu cmtad bunn TlitTlHMaa, !■>!■• UM 
He M. J«an, only d>. Hid h. of Jwi», 4tti loot t1«ftlof, «id d. 
3 Oct- IWS, Icarlng Unu an uDlgr mn. 

JoB>. 3d turd, crvawd, 3 April IIII8, TUoniDt LmOnHay, 
■Dd. It March 1024, riMcnint Hafiland and mrl irf Laudanlabi 
n. (p>MU, a<ldi>.orAlaaiHi«r8aIoti,«ulafPulaf«naliiH,aiid 

i:Biid(l7iug84Aiie. logs.hii EnglUh (ilti^ and tbOM 
uT *akt «t Uudndde and murq.iw of Mir ' ' 
hu be »M •«(» ~ 

Cbaalbi, 3d 
rfdw murt of 1 

CuliL lOtl.anil ■uaucm^Hll^hllion, 
BtrnABO, till earl, lord Juntnp.^;pnMal, the lnin*lai»r oT Vir. 

e; H. Anna CamplieU. da. of Arrbibald, QlK iwl uf Argyll, 
It* waa bahadid.) hut dyine <riihoul imie try her, f irbn •., 
NIf, Charlaa, earl of Btoray,) be «a> nincedol Iif bh neat 

I. of Akxandrr C«nyii(liMn, 

BHiPnfiiini, dT KlUuinB, ban. 

LCKAKLKa, flit earl. 

' ■! cAm ta lis fuiidL 
Uta, a. JniMCnnihtiail, U lail ur llyniUhiri, 


The evl d. 30 Aug. \^\9, anS vns suocerded If hit eld«M tutk 

Ohahleb, Oth earl, m. Eliubeth Otfilvy, ds. of James, 41b 
Mr] of Findlaier and i^eafield, Ihe lajit i£BQ(«Uur of S«oduid,'by 
(rhom he hu) iuue, 

a, 7di earl. ■ 

-" — lAtp lubcl Bair^f , belTTA of TuvlF. snd ■ 
ly, April LTGfi, ■ dL gf PalTk-Ji Htldaae, erf 

b. IJ&I. JiH,<U.or. 


CU.I nAxai. li Ffb.' Ijai. Jih\ da. or lit 

nfot-. nw) I br hb I M vK ht lull b«.. 

]. Ourt^HUOutil. o. Dii> Hull, or E 



B. Mugmt, m., ]>I, I77B, crurla I 
malor ArcblliaU Enklnr, of Vcnlnx. t 
mO. Mir. ChBlsDundu, w., M.P. 

3. G»iaa, In bol; oidm, uc£dcudn b 

4. RicHASD. tolood la Ihe armr, •<' 177^. !>•• 
Udy, «Dd la bB hid Ihiis 

I. John, *dm. K.N.. n. tt AprQ in». 1 
OtfQiry, of Ibctamu-tln. fM. 
% iWkk. buikn <tt C^cuiu, ■■., lew, A 

4. J<£d, cuh. R.N., HI., sin. IBM, Dm, ( 
nun, or Bc^id, CD. keny, w|. 

Sir AInuidtr Chulu hfi luoKKir, ud otba dilMrHi. • 

& FkaDiurn-Liwia, of ItuikiUlnur, ti. in Juiw ina, opi. R.N., ^A. 
1SDK.1W. )>ivtocm.,a7a<>E. 1707, MugaM-Dlck. tialiH bT Rnk^iw 
■Rd Undom, ca.^1^ In IhiVlBhtof hnmothn. ■KHiof JnsH IUc>^«r 
ttankdUour, vbo dalmed [he UUr of tIkhudI OiTixdi uiil bv fan iirbac. 
jkpifl ISMI had hmw, , 

J. Chuls-Mnttbnd-MiqriU, n. Hui, 4*. of DaiM JahnaoD. of Ud|l 
en. FIfV. •nd uT B^Shw. CD. KfUnbunh. no., and ha tnei 1. 
inct,kinH,il. Hit IHallS. ftaril,(>.4HuihlK>1. n., 7Auf.»b 
[1ur.JiillHn, djL at Thomu HdU. an., add h«a 1iim]*1 3^ JvnBl« C 
pril isnai 4. rkoHai, mi MaylWi t-^,A.U ahQulIi* 


t. ■■n'-TiinMf. t. 1771. 

fir Tbama* [dmU, but., by wtHKn (who d. Ill Jotj 178V) b* 

crdcd bjr hb Mml 

r Afpartml — JaMK*. timihuii Miitt^HEt, cUmI uh of 

I &Uil1u»L, irt Tliirltwianr. la tha CO. Drr. 

I Mur IMM; %'lK<>i>nl .tUiiUiid. lalS: and bri uf 

' , in lliF CO. ■furrMM, -J I Murrh \tt£M llkn»F( nf 

I, IftlXI; and n T^r ..f lli.- I'niirH, !■> llio 


ORA-MltlR RAWIM>N, fav^tm uf UMJDOl'N ; 

Hin Hnd Marrhlliiei bont ia IJIW: luecmdnl hrr 

r.Jkmn-Miiir,athfsirl iiT Uwdoun, tAApril 1786; mamed, 

ITjnlr 1804, Frandt-Riwilini Hwliuit^ oun|UHa of llutiiiK>, 

^., OvCK., k )|«uin] ID ilie army, euimulilo of th» Towirr i>f 

' THlm nnulnrum iif ih« Tourr diviuon, rokini-l 

IL ihe ^il> (rv^iiiEiii uT iiirnntry. |t<ivemor uf Malta and iu dc- 


pmdeiKJfs, sod kuc g<^enior^cn«iiI iif rndia> who H, 86 Km-. 
1826. Forberbdvablp'iiuuehytheniirqacu, •eeATorgix'u^ 

tD^d'i daeeiiduitii emtiaued lord* of IiondouD for four HMt*» 
■lain, when their Kae ended in * female, Suiaiins, onl^ child waiA\ 
h. or (it RffrinrJd Crawford, irfae m. sir Dunoui Campber ' 
of Donald Campbell, 3d wn nf Culin Mare Cunpbdl, of Lo 
ancetuin of ihe dukes of Ar^U). la the tunily of Cue 
the lordibip of I«udoo docendcd through ira gt^neraliiiiu 
Sir HUQB. sheriff of Ayr, and a privy cauiuelWr, cm 
lord of parliaineDi 30 June IGOl, Inr the mle of lord CaKipb( 
Loudoun, and d. 16 Sept. 1633. By hit Ut vrUe, Man^rai, d«< 
of sir Jiihn Gordim, of Lochininr, he bad an only ion, G*»ij*|. 
of Loudoun, who d. in his father'* lifetime, leaving ~ 



', became banin«u uf Loudoun ; tn. 1630, sir J0H44 
I.^AHFBKLL, of Lawan (a vounjuer brantJi of the Campbdli *' 
Glenorchy). Sir John was created. Ili33,earl of Loudoon 
baron EVrrinyeane and AlanJiline, but joiuing tbe oj^tm 
agKiuM tbe court, hit patent was Mopped till IS41, whan be WM' 
appointed lord high chancellor of Sco^and, and bit title attowed,, 
with precedence from 1633. He ws< one of the lordi appoInM 
to treat with Icing Cbarlei I., in the Iile of n'lKhl, 1047 : tftec 
the battle of Woreeiter be retired into the Ili^Und*, uid, w>, 
gelher with his aon, wu excepted out of Croniwell't aft of graM* 
and pardon, IG54. Ha d. Ifi March 1663, nnd was socceeded 1^' 
hii only eurvrvinK son, 

Janes, -H earl, m. Stargnrei nfonigomery, da. of Hugh, 7tb 
url of Egtinton, and had uiiiie, 

I. BuQH, 3deart. 

I. Joan. nrioodlBUwuniy, d. t-p. . 

i. SitlijttiCxwml.u,ot Liwm. K.B-.Tolawliif th*n:^ia<iit sfnnal 
ScaltOlHi. poOol of Hie htdchnnlm la kta« Gtorgt II., goTHBM at H«' 
twilBoT EdiikburBh, in^irr-ADenl of hb iw^tHyi rOma. ud m n iM (aUii% 
lUc the ihlreof An, InUulnuiEiVdnBrUuncnUaf \infOrarfg 11^ lit wM. 

KMntM IhBbiiflear Dnilnaen, In 17*1. "hKehe "u ilWLnguWudftwtS 
vm, uul madei K.B., uiTwu klllfd Iqr ■ cwutso-lBll at IhTbitll* or roai 
Imiv, Id i;46. He n. Jue Duflt. di. of Djtvld. Ill imii al o;u«aii. I>)r hh 
M vlr^, Jeui. iU- and b- oT WlllUfn Mun. of RmrAllfta, anj by hB had ' 

1. Janes, 5th earl. 

i HjIRlMaR. 

i. Jaax, n.iltJinHCiu^biil^W \t«utIUU. Imtu 

*. KLaaHMi, 'm.. Itl. Jukd, til vbcnunl niniRiH. nd Ml;, JoT 

Mil or Stair. 

The earl d. 1684, and wiu sucoeeded by liU eldeai eon, 
Uitnit, Sdmrl, K.T., privy rounwllm' to William III., ai 

lmordiiiar>' lord of lession, and one nf Ibe cuuimiuioncn fur tblr 



■alctt. a* T w to ai Ml ttiki In 17W. ■n<<Jwin«l » »— dw>. 

in^. m ihc tin'ri of tbt body, vhaiMMtn-, nf tlir U( miA lUi 
knlaliip s., 6 April 17W. Mwwnl, da. nl J<it>n, l« mH of 
- ' r, and b; h« (vbu 4. S Ariu 1777, b Um lOOih jbt U kw 


, 4ih mrl. 

Thrvrl <£ W Not. tTSI. and *u *uDn«M try hb mil}- mb. 
Jobs, iib oifl, ■ ipnunt) In ik* amj, who dfiiif >■>., SJ 

April 1703, tha thb itnirad upno hu emwin, 
Jasn. athtmrl. i.llFMi. ITIt, i»ua.»A ihn pmrn et Mmt,. 

H at Mut Vtt 

1 Uw1h>4, of lUMf. CO. iBTtTDm, Mq., mad 
I7 htr (wfau d. 3 Sefn. t7l»] had )«uc an onlr child. 

Ft.oaa.Mrta CaMr«K>.L, ihr prmmi oounma. 

fMr.^fpamal — OKOBot-FaAXCti. marqaaB uf II*«Ttira*, 
ion ef tha ontntna. 

Cnahftt — Baron of Lvitiiaia, In CBnjngbam, co. Ayr, (■ 
10M i Eaf] of tbe lama idacv, aud Banm rarriuycan* and 
ManUijMS II M>r ICW. 

•tn« ar Mbh (Mikai iuIm iM CcMIu 1 iwii« XM inii In ttkrlcd* 
W* in If a t^iia<lilaUud7tu(talatnnw>)a{U>svfaaw<ir»ina 
.^bn »>tab and kAMif 6 h*r kft hMd ■ lolK. 

ABEJIT UAT.DBirMMO?n), E^at. of KIN. 
iC Diifjln, and Daion Ilaj', at Klnfanni, In tha 
oA i Banm Uaj. of Pcdvardine. In that of tlw 
; Lwd l.j-im King at Aniii. in North Briulii. 
lanl and Sheriff Principal of lh« ihire of Poih i 
i ITBS i ■umtednl hit father, ftohen.AiiHol. ihp Ule 
\pril I0D4; norr^Aj, I7 Atii^. IBSi, Iiwlu. tM ila. .>r 

' RowIfv, and hai isue, 1. l>oiti>*. h. n June 

E. (IKOHOE. >-Hi»i><a( £>HfWw>. »■ in Jul)- IRSTi 

ITER, L 4 live IS38. 

r ifah of 31*i|[iiuhp, (it«Kvndnl fnnn ■ trmnit non of ilr 
d« Hajra, anoeMurnf thu hHi of Kml.) bad 'i •on*, of 
Man. iha ViaingM, «■■ mio iit the favinirlfni of kliijC 
.. aiul liy biut cimiiid mrl of Carlkir, Id Kiwlaad, ICU.. 
d the vUnl, Pallid, nr i'lfer, wa* fiiher 1^ 
lAft llav, liird Ulcb chaaeellor of Itcotland, craaiert. Wt 
B, fori of KinninU, TJunrnt of Dvpiiu, and Eiarun Jfoy, 
.una, 10 hlni and bb hHn mnle for vrer. Tlie iuii* 

f hia body hncanM mii»l on the death, in I7l>fl. "f ji 



Tbomu Hay, {great-grandson of Petpr, Tounger bratlief of tha 
lit evU) who bad been nlready created, 31 Dh. 1007. vlaMOIlt 
of DniiKn. 

Thomas Hat, who ihiu became 6th earl oT Kianoul, wia an* 
of the commiasionera at the treaty of Union, 17D7, and, in 17IS| 
retunied one of the 1<I peen tar Scolland ; be m. F" ' ' '~ 
of William, vitcDunt t^trBthatlaii, and had, 

1. Oeoboe-Bembv, 7ih earl. 

i. TtlmtllKj"£?7abn Enklne, lllh EUl of Hu. 

The earl d. 1719, and wm lumeeded by his s( 

OEoRoE-UF.KBr, 7th earl of Kinnnul, who, 30 Dec I7U 
was created a p«er of Great Britain, Iry the title of baron Hmt 
of Pedwardine, at. Hereford ; n., 1709, Abigail, yimageat ^M 
Robert, lit earl uf Oxford aud Mortimer ; and by h^ (wiN ■ 
15 July 1750) bad, 

I. Thomas, 8th earl 

ork. ri. 

11 Dk. 177(1, 

I Lid or l 

It SlmlhAllAU; bB m. 

1. RoNERT-Am 

& TtaiiiDH>AurM, h 7 Aw-)IH.if. lnl7T3. 

■ "-■- •■■-'-1. fcai Jta. 17M, m., U Oac. 1 

>«er-AuriDl. hXI Ju. I7H, m., U Ok. I77S. MHT-BrMM. aal 
of PetnbntoD Hllna. of W^cfield, nq.. Iwha >,>., til). gAKUM 
iDtOalmT.landit. wtUwut iHurtl Maclil7M .' 

SuSini, ».lllA]>tUl7«l,iind4.3UD(C. ia».hAtiBgiir-. IM. 
KllUbBlh, da. of WUlkm da Vluoe, gML, bi ■hmn lohn A 
IM b/d Iwft 1. XdMM-irilKrm AurlJ, tMI. 73d Ttfi. of (01 
17BS,l»,UO«.UlU, Louta-MHaim.onlVili. nf 1 -Vn T^.- 
djBpDIv-canuat<urT'Bannl of Oia fiMlfm ili,ir . u - 

•JaMlIH, -I ['-■Tj'Ti iflMBW. 

IOM«^«fcM«l, ft.4Jah'1TI«.B-. JumItiI. ''-TiniiMb. 
dL cf Juliii.K<i4( EniWr, uf U'bnkui, w. W Ju, ■»[-, "U '- 
■Inn* li-U, bating had ianw. 


1; ak rf- 

MrfAor u( 

; April laos. and liu r^ud 
IHNov. UU. 


. Lot >M M bnui id ill* 
«... i>mu At^H) i;;ii, dIh 

o-bun (wbu rf. a» Mw«b 

I 7 July 1781, Muwli, 4k. s( 

till ^p t>ru«vd, Wnrl of 

u- )iail iiwp, 

..^i"-- "■"'•"■■'■ 

I <• :it ■QICMdwl In til* Mm, 

I MHhorL 

L I iH, wm uf tbe nrl. 

Uariin liny, of Todvikrdiiio, cD. 


.'..I lord Cnmixidii 
' il tiinfori. Lord 

Ml.r<|UPH of KlllF, 

I nriliff aadMoiint- 
< <! K' ^'<'iiri 1 bom 3 Auk- 
■ihrr, u KmI (rf DumfriM. 
MarquCH and Earl urUutr, 

tttir ffOmmpHrt-lMrd P*tiiickJam1:>.IUbu 
IpT, bfWiicr ti> lfa« earL 



Creatiotu — Lcrd CridiWn, of Sanquhar, HfB; Viwvmnt Att, 
1622 ; uid Earl of Dumfries, 1683 ; Lord Cumn anil iDduaifb 
tin, Vintmunt Mountstuart and Kinpurf, and Earl of Bute, Vin, 

Scot! horMnirt. 

Baron Bruce, nf Kinlon and TorrT. KC., and a Lieul.-Gcfi.j 
thp Army ; suoreeiled liin lirother, William- Hubert, ihe laie H 
15 Jnly 1771. Tbe earl was appointed (July 1738) Am' 
Eilraordinarv to the RuUlime Oltomau Porte, where he M 
till the French vere Rnally driven out 0/ Egvpt, and a 
himwtf of tlic opportnnitiea afforded t>y hit dipfomalit: du 
to maki! that splendid rollection of Grecian Antiqultle* b 
In- the name of the Elgin MarbUi, now deposited in the Brili 
Muneum; married, Ut, 11 March 1790, Marv, only ^iU ■ 
iViUiam-Hainiluin Nl>l>et, oF Dirletoii and Iteiiiaven, on. Bfl 
dlnglon, e«[., and by her (vhoae marriage vu dinolved br ■ 
It! parliament In ieV8) had iuue,— -I. GEORGE-CHARLB 
CONSTANTINE, lord Bruce, b. at Pera, 5 April IWIOt 
AUby, b. at Bujukdure, 22 Sept. 1802, m., 28 Jan. 183B, Jl 

Adam Dundai, eaq., Al.P. | S. MATiLDA-HnentETT, L4 

Sept. lU02i 4. William, b. laai, rf. 20 April laeSt^-> 

Lucr, i. 31 Jan. 1806, •>., 14 March 1838, ArchibaU-M.Jol 
Grant, of Eil|[rB*lon, N.B., esq. The eari n., Sdly, 81 S«| 
1810, Eiiiabelh, youngest da. of Jamen-Townibend GwvaU, 1 

Duiiniker, Co. Fife, esq., and by her ha> iisue. 0. JaMC*,: 

aOJuly lall; 7. FuEDEHicB-lViiLiAJi, *. 14 April \Vti 

■ - iTEm, i. »A|i 

22; 10. a 

4 0(^. 1828. 

, Nor. 1816:- 
r, b. 1. " 

Feb. 1825; 

■U. 1 

The eM'Ia of Elgin are certainly descended from (ha 
liDuie of Ilruce, al^aiigh ilie preciu line nf that dcuent CMM' 
nnv be distjnclly traced; tfiejr iindouliled aiioaalor, JtobM 
Bniee, of Genroanyiton, being described a* " diltetua 1 
r/uinmi ", by king DiTid It. I36U. 

EdvahdBbdce, of BlairhoU, 6cli in de«ent from Robert.' 
ali«v« named, left 3 aoni, 1. Rolert, anoennr of the BnicM «C 
Blalrhall, extinct ; 2. Kdirard, ancolor of tlie earla of Elpi * 
Ayleahuryi 3. Gtorgr, of Carrocli, anraalor uf the eari* of 
curdine, and of the present earl. 

Edward, Sd ion, n-as ambuiaador with the enrl of Umt, W 
queen Elixalieth, at Lniidon, where he vat greatly inatntmsoHl 
in llie peaceful nicceuion of king Jamei I. tdthe thnme of Bwfi 
land, after the duceaw of the queen, by tlie inidHipinee &■ 
privnlely beld, in her lifetime, with sir Robert Cecil, ncr MOfc 
tary of tule, and had thereupon, in recompeuM, iti* ofltee of 
mMlor of the rotU given him for life ; he wu aleo. by (hit hinz, 
made * priry cnuntellor in both kingdoms, and rmt«d, lODK, 

tmna Bruce, of Kinlost : n. JUigddeii 
Oak, «f Balberay, and lud ioue, 

t. Bdwabd, UlonJ. 

a. Tbomxs. IM eurl of El^a. 

EIb k>nlihi)> d. 1610, uid wat lucceeded by bii eldeil lan, 

EDVjkBD. Sd Ion), mode a K.B. at (lie creacian of Henry, 
~-i~- » of Walas. and n-aj one of the gentloneu of liii b«dcljain- 

' ut did not long enjoy the t'' ' '' ' 

\uH with ur Edvord Sailn- 
Ilc ni mmeHJed hy liia briitlier. 

TaoM^. Sd lord, «l<o wtu created, 31 June 1C33, aarl of 
Elgin, and bacon Bruce, of KJalau; m. Aaae, only lU- i^ sir 
RAert Chichetter. of Raleigh, co. l>evDn, K.B. Hii lordiliip d. 
in 1663, and nat lucceeded by hi> only son, 

KoBCmT, 3d earl, who was, for hii biyalty to kingi Chariot t. 
tat 11^ anted, 18 March lliS3-4. bamn Bruce, ufSkelton, co. 
Yttk, Tucounl Bnife, of Ampihill, co. Bedford, and earl of 
Ajieibaxy. Be in. Diana Grey, da. tif Hrairy, lit eurl of Stsni- 
find, and b; her had 8 torn and 9 daa. ; he i<. 20 Oct. HS86, aiid 
waa ■iiiirmifd by hi> only surviving too, 

ThomiIS, 3d earl of Klf(in, and 3d earl of Ayleabnry; m., Ut, 
Bbal«tli Senoour, da. of Henry, lord Beauchamp, ion of Wil- 
Han, 9d ilnlu of tromerKt, and ut length, Mile h. to ber brotber, 
WilUam, 3d duke of Somenei, and by her had 4 urns and 3 das., 
tvo only of vbom lurvived, viz. 

I. CmABLEi, 4lh eart. 

7%e earl m., 3dly, Charlotte, cuuntess of Sauiu, of the hoUM' 
of Aiventean. in Brabant, and by her bad an only da , 

ThoiDaii, 3d earl, d. IJii, and wnt *ucceedeil by his only ■urvi\'- 

Csami.'Efl, 4tb earl, and 3d earl of Ayleibnry, irho had been 
railed op (a ibe hoiiKC of pceni by n'rit, I7I l< a> lord Bnire <if 
mioTitAB. in April \Ji&, he wa* created liaron Bruce, of Tot- 
imhan, m. Wiltn, with reraainder to hi» nephew. Thnmns.Bnn r 
Brudenell, youngest son of George, earl of Cardigan, l>y Elim. 
I«<li BniM. The earl n._ In, Anne. da. and h. of M'illiam 
Xsrille, marqiim of Halifax, by whom (who d. 18 July l^^^) hr 

The nrl at., 9dlT, Juliana, da. of Cbarlei Bovle, earl of Bur 
Hogton, by whom {<rfao if. 26 March 1 73») he had no luue ; nui 
adiy, CandiDe, oiily da. of John, 4th duke of Argyll, by tvboii 
(who (arrived him and m., 2dly, general Henry Seymour, bm 
Iberuflba l«i mu^uBM of Hertford) be bad issue, 

i« nul d. 10 Feb. 1747. when the earldom of Aylesbury becam 


; tha Imony of Bnu» and TatMoliuii derolted a 
nephev, ThoiDM-Briice BrudcmcU, aticeitor of (be pm«nl nnw 1 
queu of Aylesbury {let thai liUr) ; siid the SiMif h bimaun w 
arer to hit hdr tatle (leneral, Chuin, Mi earl of KimardlBBi 
whose deseeul ve now {irucccd to state. 

Sir Geoboe BtiucE, of Camock, younger bnubpr of the IM 
lard Bruce, of Kinloss, d. leS5, leaving two sons, Gtoace, of 
Camuck, and Robert, of Broaoilull; Gedboe, the eldest Hn, 
mcnedrd his father, and bad bme, two mmii, of vhom tbe (UtM, 

EsiTAIiD,wn created, 86 Dec. 1647, lord Bnioe, of Tony, MB 
of KincardiDC, to him and hii hdn male, but dying iritliMl 
issue, Bbout IGII3, wsi sacceeded by hit broUier, 

ALEljtHDEB, iM earl, who d. 9 July 1680, leavinif ao only na, 

AlexahdEB, 3d esrl, on whose deulb, unn., 1706, tbetklei 
devolved on hii kinsman, 

AlexandEK, 4th esrl, (son of Robert Bnjm, of Bmooihal) 
■bore named, undo of the lit earl.) He m. ChristUn, da. t£ 
Dflberi Bruce, of BlairfaaB, and left three sons, Robert, Alex. 
AKDEK, and Thomas, lucceuiie earli of Kincardine. The tvo 
tunner d. wtthiml issue ; and the iDller d. 33 March 1740, \rtx. 
ine a sou, William, 8th earl, who d. a few months after bis 
fiUier, and was «ucceeded by lit* ddest son, 

CuAHLEs, 9th earl, who. on the death of Charlas, 4ib earl rf 
X%iii, aureeeded to that title, and was from tbene? sirled earl 
of £^7>f> and fitwwff/HWf b. 1732, »., 1 Juue I7A9. 'Manha. 
only da. nf Thomas While, banker ni Ijnndon. liar ladyihip, 
steadily dtn-otiiig herself to the eilucatiiin of her rbiMren, which 
she ennducied in the most Judidous manner, n'ai selei'led id fH 
the highly Important office of govemess lu biir royal highnaa iJia 
priacesi Charlotte of M'ales, and d- much tC)[retU9d, SI Jum 
1810 : they had issue, 

I. M'lLLilH-RoBEBT, 6th evl of Ehrio. 

% TnoMAS, 7lh eart. 



•.. tTM, ■■ 

tan., who i. 19 S«L ITWt ud Hly, » rrb. Isni. in!» CharluUi-SoptaU Dm 
tn>aS,i^'i'itami'ttioim.,aitf,»fVb.lma, Jmna UnoulH, h^., ttm^ 
Dupic. sari of (Wadqi) be hud hnc 

I. CluiiIa.DuQmMd, 6. Not, UBS, 
I. Bmdmdt, «-!(> H runl<. '. » >>(• 

4. jAjiai. M.P. (nr MulbDnnigb, I79G> dia 
toi Vockahln. Ill July 17M, •■-■ 
Phlilp.Clisrla Du'ibwn. G.t.B., adna ef Jsi 

The earl <^ U May 1771, and m> suDcceded by hii ua. 

WtLLtAM-RoiEiiT, loth earl ofKinuvrdiue, and Vih carl of 
Elgin, d. Is July 1771, aged 7 y«Brs, anil was succeeded b; his 

TttouAS, present and 11th earl of Kincardine, and Tth earl of 

Heir jfniamtf~-OEONJtE -CflABLEs-CoNSTaKTitiE, lord 

Heir j1pBarent~-GEaKaK - 
Bbucx, oDiy *a« to the eaiL 

CnsMni — Baron Bnic«, of KmloM, 8 Julf 1004; Bill of 
Baa. tl June IG33t Kul ot KiDOkrdiae, nad Banm Bnm, of 
IWt, M Dtt- I«47- 

WEMVSS Kod MARCH, Bvan Elcho : tucmedcd hii ffniut. 
bdwr, Fnocis, the late nrl. 34 Aii«. iatt8( cmtcd. 17July 
ISil, s Peer of ihs Uniud Kin^m, by the tilic of Baron 
H' Wonvui born 1773tiiMnW, 31 May 17»4. Mm. 
nam. 4Ui flib. of Wkliu Campbell, of Shawfield, (by Ebwnur, da. 
of Rubeii Kerr, of NewBetd, fsq^ rlilest son of lord Chariai Kor, 

3d wa of Robert, lit m&njueH of Lolliian,) and has iisiie, 1. 

FKANCISs lonl EU/io, m., ISIT, lady Louitn Bingham, joungeit 
da. or the taii of Lacsn, and lia) issue, 1. Framcir, & 4 Aug. 
1818: 3. AeUid, ». 26 July iS^-, 3. Matgartl, b, 31 Dec 

Ism ; 4. G*tge, b. 18 Jnn. 1020; 3. Eleanor, m., Jan. 

tSSff, H'aller-Freilerick Campbell, eii<|„ of Wooiihall, oi. Lanark, 

II.P. Jar Argytehiro; 3. Waiteb, <<. Aiig. IUI8| 4. 

SuiAir, d. young; 6. MaHoahet, nt., Dec 1884, John 

WiUnua, oii.^ rapt. 7tli hntun, and if. 23 Oct. IB3S; 8. 

GftTKABllti:, n^ SO Dec ln24, lord Qrey, eldeit mn of the cul 

. (C.StaoifoTd:— <7- Cbablotte, m., Sept. 1U25, A. Flelcber, 

"" , af SaJton Caille, East Lothian ; ^— 8. Lim-isa-Anto> 

O. H*aBiET, m., 3 Sept. 1829, Geo^e-Onuit 

[tie, of Balgtuie and Preaton Orange, co. Haddiugion, esq. t 

— 10, Jaks i II. CABOLiyE- 

i thane, beinglord <if"ihe barony of Wcmj'M, from thence his 
dscBidsnia auumed their iDrname. In 1290, «r Dnvid Wemyu 
and air Miijiael Scot were leiic lo Norway, by the lords of the re- 
georv in Scotland, to bring orer their young queen, Margaret, 
oho, to the univers^ miaforlune of the nation, d. at the Ork- 
neys, and thereupon happened the eonipetilion between Baliol 
aai) Bruce, aUnittbe rigbi of mcccMioD. Temp, king Robert I., 
ihe aforesaid sir David wai one of iboie great men in tba king- 
dom who B-rate a letter ui the pope, auertiDg the independence 
1 «f their country. 

BIr JoHK WEMTSS, lord nf that ilk, ires a man of great inte' 
' y and honour, and much esteemed by Charlea L, viu> i:reaied 
1 barotwn. 1839 ; raited bim to the dignity of the peerage, 
..e title of lonl JTemyM, of Elcho, 1 April 1628; and was 
■wards pleaied further to dignify him n-iih the titles of eurl 
" f«, lord Elcho, tLc, 25 June 1033. Though he «u> » 


if mild and moderate priiidplis, he lided wUh dte pulii> 
In th« truublcsotne relgii of ChkrJn I. By Juie, d«. irf' 
Purick, 7th lord Gray, he had one «in ind Rve dju- : he li. 31 1 
Nov. 16<lfl, and iru luccecded by hii laid ion, 

tviD. 3d earl, m., lat, Jaue, da. uf RiAerC, lord Burletoh, bv 
nhabadJane " '- '-'-"-'^ ^._i .» . ...^ 

lt>l, Arvblhald, earl of Angus, «lde*t MM 
IS of Douglns ; Sdly, Genrge, I4lh nrl tT- 
Hu m.', adly, Leonura Fleming, da. of die (w4 if 
liy nhom he had uo iuiK!. He »., SSy, Alvvai* 
>, da. of John, tith earl of Rolhn, by whom he had Mm 
j/tmt. The earl having no male Ixniu, raigaed hii huuiwii i« 
tlie crown, and obtained a new patent, with the former precoi 
deiity tu and in favour of hia da. Mur^rrf, and [he heirt malt 
ufher Indy, 3 Aug. 1(173- He <(. ISUU, and u-ai suoceedml In 
Wt ntate and honours by hit da., 

MAtiaABET, (XHintess of Wem^in, m. sir James Wcmyis, of 
Caskierry, lineally dcioendcd of James, 3d son of sir Uai-id de 
Wemyss, lord of that ilk. He was created by Charles Ir., lord 
BumllBland. for life only, IS Aug. \«J^ ; he d. in 1665, leaving 
i»ue by the laid oounteu, 
1. David, 3d earl. 

The countess d. VJOb., and was sucreeded by her son, 

David, 3d earl, one of the lords of the privy ooiuhbI 
Anne % 1706, he was constituted lord hi)(h admiral nf SoatUodi 
and was named one of the oommiaiionen for tlie treair of uniin 

inled Tiix..adn 

ilh England \ afterwards he 
be enjoyed till the death of tbe quoen. He >at as ona of the 
leen peeri in the 1st and 2d British parliaments ; ■., lat, AuM 
Douglas, da- of William, 1st duke of Queensberry. and su 
Jamn, 9d duke of Quemsberry, and 1st earl of Mareb, by 
he had issue, 

3. Jamei, lt£ earL 
He n., tJdIy, Alary, da. t>f ijr John Robiniou, of Facmli 
CO. Nortbampion, hart., (by Mary, hi] 
Dudley, of Clopton, bait.,) Iiut L ' 
3dly, raiBabeth, da. of Ueory, 7th 

S. l:>.iii»Tii, M- Willlsni. Itilh WL n 
Tlie earl iJ. IS March 1730, and vas >'uce«eded hy hii Mm, 

Jakes, 4th rart, b. IG99, m.. Mnrch 1730, Janet, only da. al 
OoL Frands Cbarterii, by whom (who H. 1775) lie had fHite, 

1. Daub, lonl Eldw. whd JnloJng In Ihc rrbtlllon, ITU. *■ 

slMtotnl. olEli muy ottwn, ud. titer Uw Imtilg nf Uulh 
rmut. duTlnc ■Iwu lIMkna the Aitpiif a' • h> r.tno. a, 
he dylu without lone l;ii7i II dnoliil u|>ai 


etiMa of his grandfather, onl. Charterit, and assumed hii n 

■ »:**(«. inc. kticii 



Wmk Of*. II.M.. K. ■ *•!*■ urn. imifYumM u»i. te. «r wntaf^litk 
. ifafSA m4 ha iwiri ). I^Mh.. Itni.-«.U, ■„ 14 Aprtt UB, GH 

■ ri>. w. Much IViTTxpIt, of rViHiri, n). 

tvcii, SU> wl. «. 1TS3. M., 174A. CaikeriTW, dik of AJn. 
, M iluk* of lidnlnn, {*iy llmrieiu Ho^lMUit, dh of 
■, rmr\ at Patcrfunxigh and SlonDouih.) and ^)r her (iriM 

vWn llv |uW* nl^tf mttp^mad, B lift. 

I. Fkakci*, ISih nrL 

n«prn iTw. m wiitm txji. d.d. 

carl J. 14 Aug. 1008. ■a4 mu Muxwdtd by hi* (nuduu, 
Kaxcii, pcneot And 6ch nrl. 
■ ibcdoaUiof U'iJliaimdulwof QiiMuiberry.muiof Mudi, 

83 D«. imo, (ha utl« gf aui uf March. vUnnuu PctUn, 
.fc«ran Dou^j* uf Nvidpub, l/jn», and Muiia>4, apfxar i>i 
»dcT«l**i upun tha tarl af Wampi^ th« pouol b^nn lo bml 
Ban Dngba. " i^ Aaradia nMwrtJui dr i^ earjmw, fuiiiu •!<- 
•Ahu, oJ^iTiu AaiWo ataxeulm tl laMa tnmitBtat in rjm irt- 
fcM^w W i trtramm H domM d> Neidpalk." Th* lauda and lord. 
loTMcMpMh ver*aaupi»d, liyfaaitiaKaoMtnietiirkird M'!I> 
I DiB fc lM, In tba naiiu« of a alrirt auall, \>y tha lu duka o( 
Knabcny, m lonl U'lUlaai, and bit iuua mala ; and in defkult, 
MBUk Mil of Dnntilanri^, and bia liaua mab : and In dafaoll, 
be mii duka hiowatC, and hii iuiie mala : which fUUw, li> 

Anna Dou^lau. hi> laHfiil da. and bar iuue raaki wlin v- 
i Mliar runainden. The earl iif Wamyta. bair mala nt lady 
w Douelat, baa aoainlingljt iiiccMdad la Uia land* and lonl. 
I 0l NtadjHuh. lu tnnii* ti ihtt miitract, I7 trhkh tba diikn 
wi hlmacl? \o tnfeoff lord Willlnni Dourlu, and hl> iMun mali- 
«f laiUa llicrain rcdu<d, in ihat Inrdabip t and tha palanl <>l 
'fkrUtim of Alarch lietnit in thr naiiie lanna. It ii f raaumail iliai 
h«id»lilp (uoeacilt alin ui lbs lllle* abova raril«i1. 
^Mr jtpfarml — FaAKcid kird Klcho. ihn earl't aon. 
'rtaSmu—Bwn KUh.s 1 .liirll I62H ; Aiid Kiifl oS Wtmy^. 

Runuy, in the Peenue of Scotland, sad Baron Dalhocsis,« 
Dallinuiie CHStle, co. Ediabiirgli, in that of the Unitnl KincdOH, 
O.C.B. I a Oenasl hi the Army, and Coloiud 2lith R«(^. of FaM| 
bem 1770 ; sacceeded hi* fallier, iieorge, ihe 1>1« nrl, Ift Nov. 
17S7« nurritd, 14 May liWS. CliristiBn, only child of Otaris 
Brown, of CiMlatDn, co. Haddiiiglon, esq., heireu of ihu ■nciaM 

funily : and has iuuc, 1. GEORGE, lord Aonuny. A. 3. Ai 

laOB;— 2. CHAitES, 6. 20 0«. 1B07, A 8 July I8I7; 

Jau£9, A-SSApril ISIS. 

Of tills famHy, nhlch Is said to be originally from Oemuun 
was AVnon de itmntay, of Dalhousie, In Lothum, co. Ediobui^ 
who, leiap. David 1., 1140, wai a wltncu to a grant of thecbntr^^ 
of Liivin){lon, in M'cst Lothian ; and from him detceoded ii 
William RahsaY, of the same place, who wu one of Um| 
boron* nlio, in 1:130, subscribed ite ralfbrated Idler lo d 
]iope, asserting thu iDdFpendenc]r of their count r)' ; from xrbai 

Sir OeoBge Rahbat, who irss knighted hy Jam« Vl,, u 
wa* treated, Sa Aug. 1S18, lord Aanuoy. HeVia suocceded, I 
1030. hy his son, 

William, 1st ear] of Dslhousie, *o created 29 June 1BS| 
m., 10 June 1833, Blaj^aret, da. of David, 1st earl of 
nni had <uue, 

t. (lEonoE, 3il earl. 

I. JOHH.m. mlaSliKXIi, ndhid bnic, 
William, 0th earl, 

Tlia earl d. I 

M'igtnun, an 
1. Willi, 

Fell. I (JTl, and wm incceoded by hi* dden soo, , 
i earl, w. Anne Fleming, da. of John, 8d bt ~' *^^ 

II, ."M earl. 

Tb« mil d. l»7n, and 1 
,M, 9d *ri. 

IH,a*iM». lord Hob: sDilidly. I 
Janu*. <in eul «r Home. 

K-P^ aftd bv her (wha m., SBj, Jnho, 3d luH BcDfmaBn ; > 
Uly, SunixJ Culliiia, >1.D., kna >i: M&rch X'JSb) Imi laiuc, 

i- GedscE, llh rari. 

3. ^riLLiAM, aiK earL 


, 4lh e 

H p<nau4l (llatf' 

e Hr. 

tt'iiLiAU, admrlt he w» cotuwl of ih« ganoh (uiH 
like bcrea tent ui the Bniitaaee of tbe areliduke rharles, in bu 
iiiM^ liiinii i«r ihe crown of Sjioia ; had the ruik uf brinitirr- 
gsn., I Jan. ITlfti and dying nan. in Spiia, in OfMb«r follow. 
iDf, WAi iuoceed«d by KLi kianuAH, 

U'lLLiAN, (ith eui, (hd of the faon. lapt. John Ritinea^, 9d 
loo of WiUiaiu, 1st earl of Dalhoiuie, by mid Sindiih-,) n., Iwt, 
Jan*, i». at George, lOih lord Ro», by lady Jaiie RaoMiiy, aud 

In. or ihcln. lUrryMiub;. iS KfI.,. 

t. Mudbr l» inhom., liUt. Jobn-Suotlui 

i- C&AB1.EI, Tih carl. 
. 3. OsoKOE, Ml orL 

of hUMh«t, £3 Hit ITA.ra. 

^■Hi etrl »., 3dly, idIm Juiet BIartin,-«iid dying B Dpc. \13-J, 

^RMtniwetded by hU naiidson, 

'xrBAtLe*, 7th Furl, who rf. unm. 39 Jon. 1764, uid uu suc- 
<eMled by his bfother, 

GEDBOt, 8lh earl, hif[h aHnmiiuoiier lo the general asMmhly 
of ilie church o( Scoiiand frum 1777 to 1 762 ; u>i tlie death of h{( 
uncle, M'iUiaiu earl at Panmiirc, 1763, ihe very exlaiisivi: propvr. 
ir ol thai family devolved on him, in life-rent, by Tirlue tk n let- 
ilauent executed by tbe earl of Panroure 177", with renuuncler 
U Us 3d ton. Thii tetllement was strongly ninteited l>y lieiic. 
Tlunii** Maulii, beir male of the Paiunun family, ^I'mritou uf 
Hearr MBule,biibopof Meaiht bnt the court of ■aBon, 1 Alareh 
1783,' determined in favour of Uie earl of Dalluniiiii, with the 
excepiioD as lo certaiu long leasei of Panniuru and ilrechiu Park, 
which were found lo belong to lieul. Maule. The tairt rn., 30 
July 1767, Eliaihelh,da. of Andrew Olen, esq., nieae and heirsM 
of Jamei Glen, of Luiigcroft. m. Linliihgow, esq., npt.-giin. of 
the pmviiice of Carolina, and by her [who <;. 16 March 1007] had 

I. Gec 

•Ilkdl. ». 33 Oct. 17a. m.. a Utic 
llHtalb, a. U Dk. ITM. «., ai 


S. Foi.ain. iDthrannT. r~n.V]irilii>il. 

II. Ctutgiu. t. 17 D*C Itm. m., f Oa, IHHi'W. K. Dovblflitl. dq. 

7. Ramuy, b. IS Much lOH, ni., «e Oct. 1^6, Dguld UaSooaU, arg. 

8. C'hrUttui. a. i M» laus. 

9. LiiuJHdiile. t. 3i Much ISIV. 

10. VDJlBB-IbuU, k n Much 1W». 

M'- Uuilei t*-, M]y. EUbboihj dB> of — — Bulon. ttq-, and £r*r**^* of 

i jAMia. audor«n. In thn Wrny, 1. 1 Oct. 1771. 

4. JDiiit, colTln iGe Biny. m.. n April IWO, Mwy. dL of PhlUp D*U>k. e( 

I. □«igliuu?L«Jin.l«U3i I. WIUUni-Minie. A. «1 May imt. 

Renr;, b. u Aog. UK. 

Tbe earl d. IS Nov. 17fl7. and va 

Georcb, prenent and 9ih lord. 

7/eir Apparent — Oeohbe, lord R.titi9AT. the earl'* son. 

Cr<(Uio)u— Lord Ranisay, 3J Aug. IGlfl: aud Earl of E 
himue, CO. Mid-l«tbiui, 10 June ISXt; Baron Dalhoniie, 
the peerage of the United Kingdom, II Auu. ISIS. 

of Tnu]uair, and Lord JUnton. itnd Caventim, and ■ BamiiMl 
bnru ax Jan. ITBl, succcedtd hi) father, Cliarlea, late earl. It 
Oct. IS27. 

The antwator of this noble family wia Jaiaet Stuart, ■ lutunl 
»iin of Jame*, earl of Buclian. who oliEained a charter of Jegicii 
matlnn, 20 Feb. 1488 9; and n. CaUiarine, da. and sole linW. 
<rf Richard Rutherford, of ihat ilk; with her Lad the baroDJMtf 
Rulhtrfard and WelU, co. Roilmrgh, and beiiifi killed mtV 
'" It the fatal haille .rf noddm. 1613, left a lOD, Mil.' 

M'illiam, vho all d. without intiie ; and, 4. James, vho had a un, 
John, »bo d. before bia father, leaving, 1^ -Mary, hii wife, da. of 
Andrew Stuart, matter of Ocbjltrte. m. Wigtoun, a Km, 
John, lit carl of Traquair, wha n*w crtated, 19 April I69t,' 



hri Siuart Of Traquair; kod, 22 June lG:t3, baron iai 

mH uf Traquair; m. Catliarinp, da. of Uavid, lai earl oT Sooth. 

ok, and by Iier hod, 

1. JoHV, 2d eu-l. 

The rmrl d, 1659, and wai lucceeded by his (an, 

JOSK, !d earl; m-, lit. IG4!}, Henrietta Gordon, ad da. of 
Geiffgi!, 3d tnangiieu of Riinll;, and relict of Ooorge, lord Seloii, 
ridnt ttin of Ueoi^, 3d eart of ^Vintouii, but by btt (nho if. 
IRW) had no iMue. He m., r ■ ■ 

George, eul of M'i 
W her had, 
'l. M'ii.Liiif. 3dear1. 

by Eliiabeth, Ja. oC lord Hemes ; i 


CuABLES, 4th earl; tB. Mary SIsiwhU, da. of Robert, 4ih earl 
NrNiiheadale, by whom (<vhu d. 22 6ept. nbU) he bad, 
t I. ChaklEs, Sth earl. 
yS. JoHV. 6lh eaH. 

C^Hwiat. xt. hn caiulD.'wuljlkm, eul of 'Mihadile, and <(. S Much 
Wf Ri^aum, 4. <m». U Nnr. l^M. 
^ L MiM^an. •>- •«»■ 18 April 1^. 
[TFIm (sri d. 1741, and waa ntcceeded by his ton, 

CbaBLES. Sth earl; m. Therea, dn. ufiir Baldwin Conyeni, 
by whum (who if. 1778) be had nn iuue, aiid dying 17li4, was 
lucceeded by his hruthrr, 

JosXi 6th earl ; n. Chriatiana, da. of >ir Feler Anslnither, 
){ Aiutrutfaerfield, bart., by whuni (xho d, 1778) 1>e hod isnie, 
~. CUMBLEt, preaent earl. 

e esrl d. at Paris 2S March 1779, and wai s'<ceeeded by his 

*^-CHABtEa, 7th eari, *. 1744 ! m., 19 Aug. 1773, Mary. dn. 
id co-hcsie» of George RaveriKroft, of WIckluun, ct>. Lfncolii. 
d byherfwho d. 11 JiJy 1791!) had i» " " 


L CH^aLGa, preaent et 

ic earl d, 13 Oct. 1S27, and waa muxeeded by his only auii, 

<, present and 8lh eurl. 

— Baron Sluart, of Traquoir. 11128 ; Bamuet, <r( N<>- 
1629; Earl of Tnquair, Lord Linton and lavHsEoii. 



^I'ATH. Banin Dalxetl and Libbertoo, ftiid b Baranel of Nonk 
KCdtia : mlored to tbiwe dlnude* liy ul of Partiauieat, which 
received the royal auent 2<i May 1030 ; a Majar.Geii. ; 6«m »' 

Feb, ITCSi nmrried. III, 33 Sept. 178!l, Jane,d&. of raricM, 

ef Cork,£«ij., andby her (whurf. 38ep[, ITUIJhad, 1. Elii 

KiBETn.i. 12 Aug. 1790, it- » Stay )eul. The mrl n.-Udfy,' 
30 Aprill7!l4, Aadalu8ia,da.oflieul..coL Arthur Browne, Unt.-, 

gov. uf Kin^ialB, and hu issue, 3. CATUAniNE.AKDAl.vsi«i 

b. 7 Fell, and it. 1 Hay 1795; ^ BoHEHT-AaTBliB. i. 1 Uxf^ 

I79G,<).30Dcc.l7!«)f i.TttOMAS.BEtiR\\hrd D^ma,L 

2 Sept. 17n7: 6. A>TBtii-Ai.KiuNDEm, b. le Sept. ITwJ 

— 6. AMnALt-Bl*, *. II June IBOl, rf. 1812; 7- Ho»E«T- 

ACKI.OM, 6. 17 Di*. 1802,1*. 30 Jan. 1801; (L H«ur.. 

BL-nnAKD. i. 11 Nov. 18U4 : B. CBAHtoTTE-AlAKIAXX^ 

h. SB April IBOe, d. young ; 10. EuHA-MiaiA, b. 26 HmA 

IBWI; U. ElEAMOn-JAKE-El-lIAllETlI, 6, 4 No*. IftlOK 

13. CBAai.OTTE.Auc.ti«TA, 0. 34 July IBla ; 13. Vixi] 

tEHT-CABNWATH, i. B April 1B16, d, OH Infant J U. R" " 


The origin of the name of Dalzell U thus Hated by N'iibel, ■ 
ulher Soou gienealugiita. A faTourite and near kinNoau ot Uag 
Kenneth 11. baring been taken priuncr by the Picia, wai aU^. 
and exposed hao^ng on agibbel. The king, eiceadingly grl«v«J. 
It this indignity, oAered a great reward tn any one uho wn " 
iinderlake to recover the boily ; but the danger of the atua 
WHS Ml imminent, that for some time no one muld be foand 
ndventure it, till tbe aneeatiir of this family came (urvard, * 
Mid to the kli^, " Doll Zrir ; which, in the ancient ScMd<h< 
language, lignitied, '' I dare " i and, luiTiiig auraeMf^illy per* 
iurmed hia undsruikiug, tiiok DuUell fur bu nurQame, kod ~ 
naked body luipendeil ou a gibbet for his armiirial ensigot, I 
hit remarks on the Bagman ItoU, hovcver. Nisbvt laya Um hi 
name i> local, and derived fruui the lands i^ DaJMll, at, Laiuu) 

The first of the name on record is TaowAs de Dalxel^ 
irho was one of the Scotiiib borons who swore fealty to king E£ 
ward I.. liOG. The preieiit family ■• dcscanded from RomEKVi 
DB DAbisELL, of DaUell, who * 1643. and ■ " " "^ - 

RouenT Dalzell, of DMhdl, crentixl. 18 Sepu lUiB, bwoa 
OaltU i mid, ill 163II, ad> unoed to Uie digiili; of ml of (.'kt 

iml/i, ni. Marguret, do. uf air Ituliert Cilchtuii, of Uuny, ai 
had iHue. 

The wrl i^ lS3i>, and vu tucoedeU by hit Mhc hh, 

RoBCHT, 2d esrl, wm fined £10,000 by ihe nintm nt Snit. 
hnd, (or baring pvea infonmiiion to king Charles 1. of iheir 
d«gR ID mice up vniB ■gxinic him ; aftemanli att^ded ihal 
minvch in ihe field, and was at ibe hatile of NiiMby, 14 Jniie 
I«6. lien. ChrutJui, da. of rir M'illiam Uouglaa, of Hawick, 
■ad had Inue, 
1. fl-Tt«.3de«rL 

Thi! rarl rf. 1646-ft, sod va* tncceeded by hl> Mr»t khi. 

Gatim, 3d earl, diitingvuhed like hii father tar hii Imnln, 
*«■ taken priimier at llie halllp of Wnrvntpr, and dvtaiited fii 
DonfiiLtFinml for tont« yean t "■<« l^ti Margarei^ rlii^t fi& and 
m-b. <if Duid, biH CamCfte, ebtMt son and heir njifiamil of 
David, lit awl of Sonlhak, and bad inue, 

1. Jake*, 4[Ii earl. 

a. JoRK. iilh earL 
r&Jui, iL Clauilc MulihoJ, or Luhop. 

I^ne mK ■■, 8d1y, Mary, etdeii da. of Alexander Erakiiie. wrl 
'*'-', by vham he had no iuue; he d. June DTJ-I, aiul vrat 

„_ d by hi* ddcat wn, 

JaMEs. 4lh earl, n. Mary, ad da. of Oeoi^ Sttton. 3d earl ol 
'■-in be had aa only da., 

>hn THj, Id inn o( John. M nurciMtJ of T-eidiLllv 

Lllie ewl dL without male iuue, 1SS3, and vai lucfeedcd by liit 

BW, Mil earl, d. unm., Jone 1703, uid wiu luccPedcd by hfs 

^BoaskC, 0th earl, (great -grandaoo of John DaWll, nfOleuw, 
B ton of ibe Ist earl,) who, foUoving (he exnm|-te nf hli ui- 
_BR0n in their actachmeiit to (he Houm of Binsri, joined in ihr 
rchellioit of l?!", and tieing taken priioner ai Pres(on, was im- 
peariied, and sentenced to death, Init wan aftenvardt pardoned 
fiir hi« life, though hia title* remained forfeilt^l till they were re< 
Mured ta hit descendant, Ihe present earl, in \S2li. Tha ear] n., 
I, Oraee, 3d da. of Alexander Montgomery, 0th earl uf Kglin- 
t, by wbotn he had isaue, 

m., 2dly,' 3 June 1720, Griiel, da. of Alexander Uriuhsn, 

. _ rhall, by whoni he had iuuo, 

L Alexanhgr, hi* lieir. 

'e Hu, 3dlyj Margaret, do. of John llDmUion, of B.tiit;our. by 

-n be had latUC, 
. ELiiunn, * louBg. » Dk. IW. 

nI 4thlv. Ifl Jnne 1735, Margaret, M da. of Thiimag Vincent. 
Iwnbaroogh Orange, eo. York, eaq, and by her (nlio il. 1 1 

il t7IVB) had iHue, 


3. RonEH-r.Ai.GXAHDEB. pr»ent enrl. 
The twrl d. July I7:{7, and wu luoweded \>j his eldest K 
AtKiitltDEK, (called 7tli] earl of C&rnnatb, m. loiii 
bcth Jurlmn, uid had JHq*, 

J. R«:liARD, b.£lJu1yl7M, ».. ms. EltetxUi JghQHon, ud 
ly-St, m hb&tbB't IIMIme, Wvliu in only dl., 

BUubeUi, b. ITTS, ■•. AlcuUR- (Iittiioti. at Lugs, aq- 

S. BoBBmr. 

il luwwdeil ii 

-1. 1787,*-. — 


The earl <J. 3 April 17<I7,m 
ddeAt niTviving wa, 

BoBEKT, whonererwuinvd the title; i. 7 Jun. 1755, n., IIi 
Slsrch 17(13, Anue.du. of David Annntronff, of KirilvWu, «|m 
Diunfriea, and bj her (who d. 21 Feb. 1707) dud isni.;, J 

ry Douglu, «q.. M tan of >ir Chulv DoaflHi4f* 

"!U^c~i>alzall, esq., d. 13 Feb. 180B, and wu nicweedcd by 

, n Lhe royal nary, i. 18 Aufi- 1709, killed in BcUaa off 
Nev Orleuu, 10 Occ 18I4| unn., when all lhe iuue male d^ 
Alcuinder, eldest uju of lhe 6th earl, became extinct, ' '""' 
repmentallon of the family devolved an 


3d loa of lhe Cth earl, who wat restored 

ancestors, by act of jiariiBiiicnt, which received (he royal NMCal 

aCMay 1820. 

//nV.J;iparenf— Thouas-Henkv, lord Dalzci.l, the eoH' 
eldat aumvtiiK »n. 

CriMliwu—Baron Ualzell and Libbenon, 10 Sept. 1C38 . 
<iF Carnwath, 21 April 1639 ; Baronet, of Nova Soolia, 1 1 A] 



npliissl. f 

itiijgpT erect piviiwr.IwimftiridTiUtnt. i 


nt, whiiji received (be royal aiaent, fi6 Slay 1838 \ mtmr 
rM, 7 Oct. 1813, Clementina, only child of Oarin DruminoiA' 

of Funh Street, esq., and hu Iwu, 1. Jeax, (. X? Fah. 

1818; 3. CLEMEHTiHA-DauHMOND, b. 13 June 1810 ; ^ 

3. UAVID.GHAlIAM.DRl'M.MOND, hrd Ogilvf.h. 4 SI«f 

OILBEBT »K 0«Tl.rr. • jaaBgar arm of OlUhmUt. M Mri of 
Aufiu, m»uin*d kit auniuse (ram, iktUml* i>f Ofti^y, of vUcb 
locKber vith tbuw df PoBfin and K^M^ln. b* obtdMid ■ 
cka^ fran Ubk WlBiara lb* Uon, ud m tb« eanuDan m* 
wUr •< tlia familr, a( iba avb of HnJlMar and ftobU, af th* 
tenHU Buir, nd of varloui otlieT tnoilMi «r Ogiloy, (MUd in 
««««al put* of ticmlairf. 

Sir Wj^lteb UaiLVT, nf LfntntlMo, 7tb In dwwM Auni 
GillMn, ^. 1440, lca*iiut Iwu unu, ilr JouH, MHsUir td tlw 
twbtrf AiHie, and *u K'aAn-, mumIot nf liit mrU al riadlaur 
aud Seafidd, nod (h* brdi Danff. 

&i JfMEK Ogiltv, mid of tbc abova-nanad i(r Juha, *m 
cnated, 28 April I41tl, Inrnl (t/H-V-i al AlrUa, uJ bua Um In a 
direct, line of ■ufsouoa dnccnilad 

JtMEs, 7Ui lord OgOvy, (maiad 9d April IffSD, mH of Alrlls 
and liaualben. De vai dlMlugnubed for hii attadrnHnl (a 
king Charkt I., Utd panicnlarN hj hli wrvloa at Uut butit of 
ROmh, lor whieh iui wm oiaimmiinlcatHl by lb« genmt M< 
•eiubtT. and exrpied oni of [ha artirln of WnuniiuHr, but af- 
umrdt panlunnL Ilr la. Iub*l, 3d da. of Thnnw Ilunllian, 
. iat chI of Uaddii^rUHL, and bad iuuo, Uin« wni, wbu w«n all 
J wii)! their faiber in th* vn'io of king Cbarloa, riw. 
I, Sd e*H : tir 7A«u>, lUia at Inrerln^ry, IMS ; and ilr 

f Jamkb, 2iI Qui. *aa ukm priionar at Pblliphanftti, and wo- 
■Bed ba doilh, but aeapcd inarai In iho clulhM M hli d*Mr, 
It -mv. bke bi* fathrr, nniqilcil mil of ihp anidt* of Wnlmln. 
W. lie ■>., Ui. Iltlen, da. of Dourge Oplrr, Itt lord Ronff, 
If vlmni be had l«uc, 

F^l. DA.-1I.. :i(l rirl, 

- .MiDdMtT.ioba. Mkii4l.lnJjiin- 

'-- iif Lbwu, 3d tnarq'in^ nf 
< < < I , uf tyrant, by whom hr )nd 

'If Hid •/. kK.iiji |i;:>:i, and wai lOCCFedcd by hi> only 

K Datid, 3d earl. m. Orlxt*, etdnt da. of Piiritk l/jim, 1*1 tarl 

f Ikratimwi*. and d. 1717, Iavidk (nm woa. I. Jam*/, bird 

"ry, vho anga^^ in ika relicdlion of IJISi and was fiirfninl 

;t of inriiaainil. in hii faUwr*! Ufnime, biit aftanranla nb. 

4 a purtnn. and d. without imw 1731 ( and 9. 

EjoiiX, (canal after hit olilrr bnithar'a draib.) 4lli aarl nf 
' ^ (b. na, SlarptfM, rld«rt da. and oMi. of Darid f>(ilvT 
Uiie.<Bd •!. U July i;i)l, InriiiR Imus by bar (who d. )I«i) 




WAtTBm, ad lonof the4lhe«rl,datinedth(! titleon dtcda 
>f hji naphew, DBvJ4 0gilHe,twq., 1612. withuut ituMiw. i 
m., I>t, Margsret, da. of Willism Fu'lorton, at Spvnie.eaq^ 
whom (who d. 3 June 1780) he hud no iuae. He a.. Utj, t 
Nm. 1780, Jane, da. of John O^ry, uf Murkle, >I.D^ and V 
hct (who if. 1 1 June I81R) hnd iuus, 

4. David, prewnt earl. 

10. WlLLUH, In IIW TflVll lUTf . 

Walter Ogilvy, nq., d. Apr^ 1919, uid wa& si 
ddeit surKiriiig son, 

DaTiA, preieDi earl. 

Heir ApiareiU — Lord Oai i,i-r, ihe earl'i tan. 

Crmliom—aa.Taa Ogilvv. 1 401 ; Earl of Airlie. Iti39- 

ilrvflr— S« Plate ^. Aifttni.'f lion (laiunt gudaal ruIh. iluolly p 
■oil aamoHl utth mn [tnprrW nonu m. 

(W^f— A Iwlv from the viUt upwartU hnLdInf a pnrlfulllA. 

Sutujart'r^-TWQ LniUi HblL- aimed nnU uiiKulfd verl uij farged fl 
ndiuid of duwcn, 

UMq-AK». ToOund. 

and Kirkaldie, nuron JlelviUe, R " " 
t, Capt. R.N. ; bun 8 Dec ITMI 
ia fatber Aleiuider, the late ear], 2*2 Feb. in-JU ; tnarried, ! 
June 11134, EUisbetii-Anne, da. of ur Archibald Campbell, 
Suixoi]L,oa. Dumbarton, ban., and liuiuue, - — 1. ElieaseFI 
Jasc, fr. May lilSSi— 3. a dauohteh, «. Dec 18». 

Ai.EXANDCn Leilie, commander of the anuy of ibe Scouk 
Coreouiten In IflSS, was created, 11 Oct. )IH1, ntilof 
htm and hit hein irhAtever. Hn ton, Aletander, lord 
d. in hli foiber'i lifetime, lotiing iuue, on* ton, AlexakdxJ 
3d earl t and one da., CATHAntKB, who became, nnlhe dn>di< 
her niece*, og hereafter aiated, eininleaa of Leven. 

Ai.ExAVDEa, whi), on hin mndlather'a dealh. ICtil, twow 
94 earl of Let-en, and it 1004, leaving two dav, MAMOAKCru 
CATiiEBiiiE,mccMiriTelv miinleaim Leren, who both if. wtlltoi 
iuue i and, an the death uf the latter of them 1 7D(I, that til 
dsvolred on her anal, 

Cavbebihe. above namnl,*!., KUA, Ororfto, 4lh lonl U 
Tills, vho, B April IU90, h-m created ntrl of AldvlUe. On b 
death, the tvo earldomi united ia the pstson of her ion, 

Datid, 3d earl uf Leveii, onl 3d earl of Melrillo, ivho ni 



&»>«, 1313 I 

I. QutBus, laid BmlgnaTind Ralth.whof. to hb 

Davtu. M mtI of Iicven and Mdville, rf. aii ti 

t. AlekavdEh. »iu>, on ihv death nf his neiiben', 
ori of L.Fi-eii, aiid 3d rarl of I^en and Udville. 

At.eiCAaDER. S<h tI of Leven, n-, Ist, Msiy, 
John Enkine. of Camock, by whom lie h*d iuue, 

1. David, Gih «rl. 
Ad^ 3dlT, Elixsbeih, d*. of David Monypeimy, r3C[., hy whom 
(who d. I7II3] he had iuue, 

- •■ — i>D», •gmmlta dieamiT. ». May, AKHTlicnnMTullMSrli. 

JHknlma, iMTUl 
tnfant 1721. 

BnTT, ■•. jDbB, H HTl of HBfMoua. 

Ha lonbUp <L 3 Sept. 1794, uid wbi i^ucMcded hy his mn, 
DtTiD, 6th earl, fn. WEIhelmina. da. of Willmm Neurit, of 

DirUxna. n^.. by vhom (who d. 10 Mar 1790) hr bad iiiue, 
I. AlisakdEB. prnmt earl. 

1 Daiid, tstSi-EOi- In Hie irmy. n. Rctoccx, da. of Ihcrci. John GUUfc. 

T. CmiUm', rf MfiiSiKh CMlk, »i.,'oa ihkh ottiiluii he ii»um(d Oie «iT- 

autofcWlDg, uKl .TDK. 1Bi4. 

. I'7A, til Jahn-WlihsR-BclrhetStuut, t> 
rSe Eiciicqun In StolUnil. mcl rf. bh wWo- on. ihto. 

The ekri (f. I8D3, and «» nuseeded by bis eldcat son. 
ALEKAVDXk, 7^ earl, tn., 11 A<]^. 1704, JariE:, il 
TbomUin, of Loodou, esq., and had issue. 

1. Da' 

[f>, prnenl earl. 


5. AlftvUotia, ft 

I., U July la*. H 
il ^m, e^., m!p. (h 

. Hnw. M-P,, ud A « UMtt, iBki. 

Ibe nrl (/. S8 Feb. 1B20, and was Bu<xeeded liy hii i-ldest 
KDatid, prewnc and 8th earl. 
i Btir PraumpliBt—JoBV-TnoitwroH, the vnrl's ne\t 

fCrtoHoni-ljoTd MtMUe, 30 April IGIO ; Earl ut Loen 


Viicount Bsl^e, IS Nm. 1G4I : and Earl of MelriUe, VinMant 
Kirkaiiaia, Burnn Raiili, Moniraiil, and Bolveuie, 8 ApriJ IGM. 
-"^^lauM. OtdTCa]r«r4- lil. AKurr, k IhiiLle tUppvl pcqyci. 
■D [mperli] croirn Or. A CQ»t of AUfrmaiulion to Ihe asm* at 

Fife; Baroni<is HunCingUin-er, co. Pertli; bom 1735; nuK»M 
her brother, Witbrsliaiu, the late earl, 9 Murh 1821 ; took (to- 
geUierwith her aom, Jolin nnd Cbarln, uid her dau^ter, I^uni) 
ihe Eiimame Hnd arma oT TollmaBche only; inarried John Alan- 
nen, of OranthuD Orange, Co. Linmla, oq., il.P. fur Newmric, 

by whom (irho d. S38ept. 1793} she htia Usue, 1. WILLUJI, 

lard HunHngtawtT, creatad h ban. 5 Jan. 1793, took tha bbumi <rf 
TaliMoh only, by royal tiga monunl, 1S2I; n., 1789, Catharine, 
da. oTFrandi Gray, of Lebenn, co. Qirk, «■]■, and tuu imia, 1. 
lAonei-JihH-Wmain, b. 18 Nov. 1704, «.. 33 Sept. IBIS, hu 
fint Gouain, Maria-EUubetb, eldmt ds. of Sweeney Toon*, of 
Keeston loidge, go. Kent, en)., and has imie, WUliain-Uoiid- 
Felix, h. 4 July 182(1 ; 3. Fttii.Thamaii, h. IJtMi, m.. I Oc*. IMS, 
hji first cnuiin, Sarah, only child of Jama Orey, wq., of Ballia- 
car, in King's Countv, IrvUnd, and hai iuue, Ftdix, k, it Jta, 
I897j 3. Artimr-Carar, b. I Sept. 1797. "■ mi" Shepherd, and 
luw iuue, Arthur, b. Sept. 1023: 4. Hugh-Frandt, M~, 33 Jura 
IS34, Matilda, Sth da. of Joi^h Hume, of Keniington, eaq^ and 
huiwue, Afatllds, i. llarch 1B2S ; and a loa, A. 1826; i. Fn- 
Herltk, M.P. for Qranlham ; 0. /tlgenoa-Grty : 7- tauMO, m^ 
9 Aug. 1H16, Joseph Burke, esq., only brother of air John Buriw, 
bart., of Glinik Caftte, oo. RoKomnion ; 8. Caihetim-CamiUa, 
m., 1 May 1816, OenrgeStndiur, esq., (ddeat ion of theriftht boo. 
■ir John Sinclair, hart. ; 9- Emilif-Franiitt ; 10. Carc4iaa,i. 17m, 
d. UNtB. 18MBnhI82S; 11. Calhtniu-Oclinui, b. SS Sept. lOlU i 
13. Laura-Matia, b. Feb. 1807:^—3. JOHH, m. Mary, duduw 

of Roihur^, rdict of Williaot, 4tb duke of Roxbiir)[h; 

>1> CiijiBLBH, n., 1st, Franciv Uay, niece of George, 7lh mar- 
quBsa of Tweeddale, and by her bai, 1. ArtKuri 2. lyUbiu- 
bam-Fnmat; and 2dly, nerlrude-Florinda, da. of gea. Wil- 
Itoio <lai'diuiT, bmther of Luke, ritcount Mountjoy, and has 
luiiB, 3. Louiia { 4. Charlen ; 6. George i 0. Liond, in the anny ; 
^. Maria; 8. IFJJJinn ,- 9. ffmry ,— — t. dTiiEBiNE^aPBiA, 
n. sir Oiliwrt Healhcote, of Narmanloii Park, co. Rutland, bart., 

ftl.F., andiiS8Uay 1836 1 fi. MARiA-CAmoLiHi, n. Jamc* 

Our, praiBiil and 4th nrl of Fife, K.S.F., and d. 80 Dec 1805, 
by (he bite of a mad dogf 6. Louisa-OiaCE, m. Aubrey 

Baradcrc. dnke of Si. Alban'g. trbo f/. 1^ Aug. IRtb: hergnco 
■Krivvil kto- haKlmnd onlytii months, and d. ID Feb. Iffltt, ihice 

taars Bft**- hermily *ni, .1Hbny.^lh duke of Si. Allwui'i; 

7- Lai-b^, m. Johu D^iirymple, Jth uid preieat eu-l of Stair, 
*4uch nnrr-inge was dinolved in catiKqiicnce of a prvrioiu Scoti 
contract on the pari of the fu-l : this contract vu broken by the 
kinU uf tetiiaaa at Edinburgh, June 1B30. 

Wii.i.tAM BrlL'mRAr, dHwnded from Patrick Mumy, 3d won 
of lir David Murray, of Tullibaidin, (ancntor of the duk» of 
Atfaon,) wa« a faiouriir of king Chorlei I., with Khum he had 
fcten educated, being the »on of ihe rev. Willinm Murray, minii. 
itrofDysart, oo. Fife, who wa» prereptor to tbnt king tthile 
prince of Wales. He was cxenlBd earl of Dysart and lord Ilunl. 
inglDirer, 3 Aug. 1643; m. Cailierine or Eliiolieth Bniw, of tbe 
brau of CUckmannan, defended from Robwl Bruce, king of 
ScDilaad, and had itaiie two daughlem, 

I. Elieabetb, who inherited faer father*! honmirs, and was 
munlcn of DvKOrl. * 

«. MAiHuuiin, m. Wmiun, Id lard Munud. 

Elizabeth, rauuteu of Dy»rt, «., lit, >ir Lionel ToUe. 
madie, of Uelnu'u^uun. «. Suffolk, hart., wbod. lOeOt and, a 
Dec 1670, slw obtaiiieil from king Charles II. a charter, under 
(he great icr], latifyiiig the letters patent Co her father, WiUiwo. 
earl of Djtart and lord Hiintiugtower, dated Oxford, 3 Auf(. 
1013 ; and u ibew tiitei had been resigned into his oiajesly'i 
hanila by the countess, he honoured the cniinteia by a new grant. 
Tba counteu m., 3dly, 17 tVi. IC7I-2. John, duke of Lauder. 
dale, K.O., bi* nnjesty's roinQiissiuncr fur Scotland. His gmrv 
d. 24 Aug. 16S3) the ducbeas J. June IG97. By the duke she 
liad no isnu; but by sir Lionel Toltemnche her gracu had eleven 
' ' "Idren, of whom tix d. young ; the others were, 
» LioV£I., sari of DyuTt. 

,ii»«, iRJ, i. In tbe Wert Imtls," 

*. ATchlbsli). dakeat AT)ryll,auil ri. I7U. 

(< MtnmV: wdidij. John, IMh Ivl at Suiri^lind. 

LIOXEL, Qilearl nf Dysart, L I641I, m., 16Bn, Grace, eldest 
ita. and iD-Ii. (<ritli her lister, Slary, wife of KiciiBnl Nowport, 
carl of Bradford) of air Thomas Wilhraham, ban., and by her 
(who J. 1710) had issue, 
l» . ,.„„. —J-unilDKIimi.rf.aartag thellftlfniBofhHftthrr.lTI*: 
rthefunlly DftheilukaDf «h«a h«h«k 

L LlOKEL, 3d earl of Dytart. 

*TaKaiii«,iH.. Sep). i;«, John, maiqueBotCitnarvun, eld hi wn of 
ki or niandiB. d. April 1717. 
le »ti d. 3 Feb. 172T, and k 

iHEt. 9d eari, K.T., m. Grace Caiteret, 1 

■I Omiville, and had jtiue, 



1. LloVKl, 4l)i earl. 

S. WiLBiLUIA«, 6(hnrl. 

4. JaHajH.N., killed MNrwVDIk.lIimdueiaiHcV 

._,* — . .>_T_.. ._ _* «_.. — . ... ^^ ^^ VnrthlnpT* 

ic Hcpular MgUA ITiO. »■■■■ 

HtUiday, nf tlW 

The earl rf. 10 Msrcb 1770- and wm sucmeded by hi 

Lionel, 4ch earl, m., Ist, Chnrtotie, da. orthchan. «i 
Waipole, K.B,, sun ot Robert. Ist sari of Orfurd, and (iiter U 
MrtIb, duciietB of UlouceBler, d. 6 Sept. 1780 : he m., Mly, ilag- 
dalene, da. of David lifxh, of Malvern Bait, co. Warwick, ead., 
who survived the eart, and d. 9 Feb. lfl2S. Tbe «rl d. S3 fM> 
1790, vithinil issue, and was lurceeded bv his brother. 

WiLBBAaiM, 5ch ear], m. Antie-Maria, da. of David Lewti^ 
esq. The earl d. March ISil, without issue, and woi tac- 
cevded by hia ainter, 

I>oD ISA, present omintess. 

Heir App<ireHl-~.'Vin.\.ij,ii, lord UuKTi>-aTOiirEB, tldelt 
son of the countess. 

Crtotiont — Earl of Dyaarl, co. Fife, and Lord llunllngtowwv 
CO. Perth, 3 Aug. 16<3 ; and hy a new patent, with ihe Tifnnv 

Crscedence, 5 Dee. 1670, 10 Eliiabelh, oounlcu of Dysait, wUl 
er hein general without divisioa. 

.4nHf— S« PUIS 17. Qiunnly. IK and Mh. AifRit. 1 fm i^ 
■'■--■--' — ""n •doibl* liewun noTT coon'infloij goM— Ml 


DfterandShortclmgh; bom 22 April 1309; tuocewded his hthcfv 
Thomas, the late earl, B Sept. 1 K^. 

William Doi^ltu, duke at Hamilton, surrendered the tlllea df* 
earl of Selkirk, lard Daer, and Klmrtdeugh, (to which he hj4 
been advanced, 4 Aug. 1610,) and ohtainean new pateuc, B Ocb 
1000, enUiling them, with the precedeocy of IG4G, on his nmncV 
tons, Charles, John, George, Itaail, and Archibald, and the hellV 
male of their bodin rnpeciivety and nioceBirelv; in pum 
of whitli patent the uld titles became voted in iit sun, 

Chahles, 3d earl, whu was one of the 16 representatirepeen 
of 8«<iiland in 4 parliaments, and dying iinM., IS Slanh 173% 
was lucceDded liy his next brother, 

JoiiH. 3d earl, who hud l>Mn created, U April I0D7, earl <f ' 
Ruglen, He left a da., Aune, who inherited the earldcn of-^ 
Rtulen, but dying without tuale issue. 3 Dec 1744. tint oF 
8duik (hii nni broibdr, OwHye, who had hero created awl ~ 


ijfiuey, IiariDg nlao d. iriihrait male tuse) denilv«du})oik (b* 
;wid>i«i of hii hffuther. Haul, viz. 
UrvKAa UjU(U.ti>s, 4th cul, i. 2l! Dwx 17^2. vho, m hU 
Kt^m\ to U» titbe, reninwd tlie paternal name alDoufflini 
L. 2 Drc 17&B. Helen. Mi da. of tb* hon. Jnlin iLumluMi, U 
iKij^ThoaniM-, tkh cui of HwUiogton, sod t>y bar (wlw d. 18 
NiFT. )KK!) Iisd ixue, 

l.laH.tBid [tort, rf.wm.MPtorain* July i:ni7. 

V Dnaim,a|>u lUM., 17ns. Ati si.C)vM0Dh>i% Nsr. inftwn. 

t IUtid. ^^W£k. ""* "" ' "**" 

T. TlioH.k8, 6tb evL 

^ Amit"^uiiit. ^ ' ■ ■■ ' I- »!■ 

IJk MR tL H Uay 1790, 9(id a-ai lucKeedeil liy hji nki, 

Tbomas, 5iIi earl, i. I77I, m., 21 .Nov. 1807, Jib*, Dnlf do. 
t( Joan- Wcdderbum Colvitle, enq., and bad iuu«, 
. I. Dt;>r»AM-JA.HB«, preu 

iSSUSS ._ 

~ aad rf. ■( Foo, in the huUi nt froncp, April 103(1, uid 

■muni rill by hii um, 
'>^C«a««-J«MEa, prcWDl ODil GtK earl. 
Efcir Apparmt— S'ane. 

rmMni— Earl of Selkirii and Lord D>er, in the ai. Sulkirk, 
Attg. 1640. 

*— - '— ■"••- JT. OiuiUrlT 0(1 li). Argat, > humui hwn (uls, 
'Cculi^lhl^tln^urf'iU pSced innliiJ^"n.ii.i.TUP.. 

n in Omur pn>p«Tp 

wiwbrd ibnur thi- luini vllh liurcl. ind 

" -^ plnpcr. IiintiAir. AnunUloiictiiilpcr. 

nndT far being pniitnd : uul raund (hg 

lill uid Ingliamaldy. AdDiiral of (lie 

iral of Cn^lHIld, G C.B., vhicdl honour, s 
Me uigmentaiioDB to hit armoriHl entfgni, and to the Bncient 
Ipporwri of the earldiiin, were conferred upon him in conie. 
■ence of Ms diilinguisbed conduct, wi third in ounimuid, at the 
leriout anddeclsire victory alf C«pe Trafalgar; Jnm \'!5B, suc- 
inled liii father, George, (he late earl, 23 Jan. 1703, guvernor 
r the Briti*h Linen Cninpatiy ; marrteil, Jan. 1 789, Mary, only 
k of William.Henry Ridceu, of LoDgn-ood, 00. Huiti, esq., (hy 
[ary Jarvi*, elileic aisler of John, Ute eari nf St. Vincent, 
.CD.), on wbinu. SI April 1001, the title of vitcounton S«. 
IT lijuiUid in reoiaiuder, and by het hu itiue; 



I. IUaHT, t. S Oct. nm, M., 13 Ffb. 1810, Walter Long, of 

Presbaw, Co. Hnnts, esq.; 2. Geohce, lord UnediiU, «lw 

waa unfartiinBtDl]- lost in the Bleiiheim mui-of-vBr, nar-adou 

sir Thonuu Tnniliridge, bart., in Fell. 1807; & AkhB'I^. 

TITIA, & 10 July I7))3, n., le Jan. ISai, Junes, eldeM imi M 
Jamei Cruidisluinlu, of IiUigley Park, oa. Angiu, Mq.; — — ^ 
WILLIAM flOPETOUN, lard HotehUI, b. 16 Ocu 17M 
a, Elizabetu-AIaboahet, 6. 13 Mny 1797. •»■■ 28 Not. 
FredBHck.Reyiiell Thackeray, esq., lieut.-col. royal engiaeeisn; 
— -a jAHE-CHHiaTiAN, L U Nov. 1800, «., 3? Decl8M, 
Willlain-Fullarliin-Lindiwy Carnegiie, of Spyiiie aod Be 

CO. Angui, eH|. ; 7- John-Jebvis, 6.8 July 1807;- 

Geoboiaka, b. 1811, Mid rf. 7 No». 1827: 9- Sinin-«fi 

TuoMAS, b. a March 1X13. 

Tlie Drat of this family on record la Dutkae de Cantglit, « 
in 1410, obtained from Robert, duke of All 
Scodnnd, a choner of the lands oT Kynuard. 
rroro Dulhac wai 

David Cabhsoie, who d. 1508, leaving, by hii 3d n 
Euplieme, da. of air John Weni^-M, of M'etnrsa, [beaidea M 
issue,) S lOQSi David, creatnl 1633, earl of *$ouUie>k, (v) 

title was (flrfetted iu the rebellion of 1716 by hJi ' ' 

Jalnei, 6th ou-l,) and 

Sir JoHM Cahheoib, of Ecby, 
10 David, lit carl of Soutlieik, created 
nnerwarda lord Lour, and earl of Elhy, 

, CO. Forfar, next brDttll 
wted lord Ingliunaldy, tm 
hy, SO April lG39i n, M*^ 

dalene, da. of sir James Halliburmii, of Pirtur, and widmr M 
Erskine, of Duun, by whom he had 3 sons, David, 2d eiri, Ml 
John ; and 4 du. After the rwitnnttinn, his lordship ffin V 
lilies dianited, 1002, to eari of JVnrfAcit and lord BwhiO ; m 
dying 1G07, was «ucc*eiJed by bis eldest bom, 

David, 2d enH, n., Jane Alaule, etdeit da. of Puirick. ll 
earl of Pnnmure, and by her had, 

1. David, 3d earl. 

a. jAWM-ofKinhiixii. 

\ PiTBicii, ofUnir. • 

Klnhiuns'siidBwuiiiHltticnunrW fttulr; sad, tiily. MvgsM Ni|ni,'B 

The earl d. 1077, and was sucwedcd by hit son, 
David, .Id earl, m., 9 Sej't. ISfiO, EUiabeth Liudiny, 4tli 

of John, earl of CrawTurd and Lindiay, hi^h treasurer of » 

land, and by her had issue, 
1. David, 4lh earl. 

inn was sucoMnea iiy iiii tun, 

MarfpiMt Weniyss, 2d Kislcr of Davi^ 

BAHI£. s 

g.u<i<i.r«b.iM; r' 

f CbUctk*. <<. imih t April 
I _£»»«Y, *. ».m.»VoT. It* . 

I.naatf) d^ 1739, and vm luc^eedH liy tti« ion, 

I 'Datik, !>lh nrl, rf. unm. 24 June I74I. uid witi iucc»dtil 

I tf Ik TovUier, 

BEORec, 6ih carl, R.X., attained the rank afcaiit. 25 An^;. 
He €»in(nsnded the Oxford of Sfl gum, 1756 ; n-u pni- 
1 to K Bag 1736 ; nnd rose to the miik of Bdmiml nf tlie 
■Um; Ok, 30 April I7I8, Anne Lealie, eldpiC dn. of Aletundur, 
kkarloT L.even, and by her fwho rf. tl Nov. 1 779) had ixue. 

T Wtt-'nAM, 7th eu-1. 

rliit! 17«»,M«il«w. 

of Laa^htDD, tD- Ell 
nicceeded by iiis 


"^e cari rf. 31 Jbq. 1702, and ' 

H'ii.i.lAM, prewnt uid 7<h eai 

i7<n- Apparrtil — William, lord Robehill, hii ioritbip't 
Mat ton. 

CrtatiaHt — IjcuiI Itrwehill, 30 April 1 639 ; and Earl of Konh- 
ok., re. Forfar, I Nov. 1647. 

- — — 't, u (■(;• ikpiii ■ ■ ■ 

JAMES LINDSAY, Eabl of BALCARRES, to. Fife, ri.iil 
■.Lmd Ltndiay of CunmerUnd, in the Pecrefce of Scutland, and 
■ Bvon Wiea". of Kaigh Hall, co. Lanouter, iu tlio Feersge cf 
Bthe United Singduni ; Wn 2-1 Aug. 1784, tuivvedcd hii father 
tiUcunder. lateeart. Jnhia Ijootch tilla, 27 March lS3r>, oroled 
~ Fii Wigan 1826: tnarritd, Dec. IBIl, MHrla-MnrgaroI. 
ices, only da. of John Pennington, Isi lord Blunouier, and 



The family ol 

rf gresc AQiiqaKf 11 


The I 

fordi tbe inoet andent uii the uuion roll, was ooufen 
Bubwl III, ca air Darid Uuluy, 31 April laoa 

Of tbu disiini^bhed house the earl ol Batcarret li B 
ediv the diiuf, beiug douended, io [he male lin*, froa I 
UndoiV, ad woof Alexaudec.Sd earl of Cravfurd ; aud tha wh)l 
male deireuduiu uf ihe 2 eldest sDns i>f ihm earl baving ft 
Oond, 7th varl of Crawford, having heen barbajuusly UcUed h 
hit aoiu, dUiiiheriud itiem, aed letlled hia liiie and • 
■ir D»viai Ltndaag, of Edzell, great-^jndnn of M'alter a 
meotMlMd, who coniequeuily bemoa the 8lh earl of Crairf 
hut, BOCwiilutanding he had sereral aoD*. a ' 
cMt«r of the oatl of Baiearra, the geaeriisitjr of his diip 
induced hiin to make a seltlenient of the honnun and cMate • 
th* rightful heir in lilood, David, graudaon of the 7th eaH, fj 
nrviag to UauBlf, during hit life only, the thU> of earl of dm^ 
ibrd, and a cunipetBiit proriaion out of the eaUite, to mppon UT^^ 
according tn his rauk. He eipresalr conditioned, that, in Wta 
of ilia huEi nu^ of the body of OacU, above mentjonad, *t 
in virtue of that xettlemsnt, l-ecame !hh eu-l of OBirh>i4, ^ 
honour! aud eiitdte should revert to the desceodants of Ida oa 
liody, as next heirs male. Ludomek, 14th earl uf Crai>£[inl,b(|t 
ing eiigawd on the tide of king Chulei I. in the drjl vaia/MJ 
lakeu pnaoner, and Dondemned to be ssenuted, hy Ap p 
ment of Scotland ; by whom hii title and eiialea n'ere tat' 
to John, earl of Ijndtag, lord hif^ ireaiurer of Scotland, 
mote branch of the family, wUidi were dc»i:cnded from t^ Kjh 
dpal itock, previoun (a their erealtou ai earli of CrairEad. ifi 
eul of Lindiay beinff doubtful nf the Talidily of this vrBBt F 
parliainenl, oiilered luto a cuutraot witli the eail of CnwtlM 
then in priaon, under tenteiice nf death, to ichom he gave Mn 
Booe^ of Mving hiiD from the handi of the executioner. Uf (1 
traiUBMion, CrawTonl agreed to leaign Us title in bvour 
Lindwiy, raMrTine that the reaignatioit ahould not take efliKit 
the erent of hit baving isnie male of hit own body. On I 
death, without iuue, the eiirl of liinduy became, 
Ifith earl of Crawford; and thiin the aiioceiMion w 
airay from the legitimate hdn male. The male line of hi* 
failol in George, 20tb earl of Crawford, w ~ ' 

In I80& 

Sir David Lihdiay, of Balcaim, (graudMm of Jofan Iial» 
My, 3d MUi of David, Bifa nrl of CrawEord, ahoie named,) •« 
■ervedhmrto John, hi* father, 19 May 16UL: when king Chaikt 
I. vialted tkutlund, he waa advanced to the dignitv of the peer 
liy the title of lord Liwli'ii/. of BalivrS!'. S7 Juiie 1033 ; bl 
phia Saton, da. of Aluiniider, lit earl uf Oiuiircnuliov. lord cl 
uallor <rf Sootland, and had isiue. 

EARLS. 007 

1. Ai.XZAVi>s«y 2d lard* 
» Saks, ^ 7 April lAiiL 

I, %oniA, M. sir Robert Mumy, (Justice derk from laOO to 1683,) and d. 

1 MiBM. M. Tbonuu Boyd, of PtaikUI, ca Ayr. 
■ilvddiip iL If arch 1641, and was succeeded by hifl son, 
^ALBXAvnsm, 9d lord, who was, 1651, created earl of Bakar^ 
at; «. Anne Mackenzie, da. and co-heirest of Colin, 1st earl of 
Satelik, and had issue, 

kCvjkSLKs, 2d earL 

1 Co&iv, 3d earL 

X Mmmm, dm a mm in France^ 

4 SDPHiA. m. the hon. capt. Chsrlo Campbell, 3d Mm of Archlbaki, 9ch 

L UavaiarrA, au air Duncan Campbell, bart. 
Bii lordship d, 30 Aug. 1669, and was succeeded by his son, 

GajALXB, 2d earl, who d. tmm. 1662, and was succeeded by 

CoLur, 3d earl, m., Ist, 3Iauritia, da. of Louis de Naasan, 
flOBBt D*Auverquerque, (natural son of Maurice, prince of 
OnmoBi*) by whom he had no surviving issue ; 2dly, Jane, eldest 
da. vBlavid Carnegie, 2d earl of Northesk, by whom he had a 

U AMirs, w. Alexander, 3d earl of Kellle. 

His lordship m., 3dly, Jean, only da. of William Ker, 2d earl 

of RcadmrglL, by whom he had, 

S. MAatfAUCT, m. John, Gth earl of Wigtoun. 

He »•• dthly, Alargaret, da. of James Campbell, 2d earl of 
London, by wnom he had issue, 

X ALEZAyDCB, 4th earl. 

4. James, 5th earl. 

Sb Elkascob, m. James Fraser, of Lommay, 3d t(m of William, lord 

ft. Elisabbth, H, unm. 
The eaii d. 1722, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Alezaitdeil, 4th earl, d, 1740, without issue, and was 8uc« 
caeded by his brother, 

James, 5th earl, b. 14 Nov. 1691 ; m., 24 Oct. 1749, Anne, 
da. of sir Robert Dalrymple, of Castleton, knight, and by her 
(who d, Dec. 1820) had issue, 

1. AsrivB, b. 8 Dec. 17fi<N m., Oct. 1703, Andrew Bernard, esq., xorretarv to 
the eolooy of the Cape of (iood Hope, eon of Thomas Bemarff, D.D., bi«hop 
of Limerfck, ami rf. 1825. 

2. Alexakder, 6th earl. 

3. Margarkt, ^. 14 Feb. 1753, m., 1st. £0 June 1770. Alexander Fordyce, 
ccq., of London, banker; and, :>dly, 8 Sept. 1812, sir James-Bland BurgcM, 
hart., tl- Dec. 1814. 

4. RoBCRT, A. 25 Jan. 1754, m., 25 Not. 1788, Elizabeth, da. of sir Alexander 
Dick, of Prcstonfleld, co. EdinburRh, bart., and has issue, 

1. James, lietit.-col. l«t guards, m., 2 April 182?3, Anne, da. of sir Coutts 
Trotter, bart., and has Luuc, 1. Cfmttft b. 2 Feb. 1824; 2. Mnrgnret, &. 31 
Dec. 18t24 ; 3. Eiizohfth-Alire, h. 5 May 1K2<S; 4. a da., b, 6 April 182a 

2. Alexander, in the civil service oi the East India Company in Bengal, 
H, Nor. 1H21. 

3. I<f#bert, m., 2 Aug. 1824, Frances, da. of sir Robert Henderson, bart. 

4. Wllltam-Duir, d. Dec 1813. 

5. Colin ; G. Charles. 

7. Mary, m., 8 Nov. 1815, Charles-Maitland Christie, esq. 

VOt. II. F 



B. CerlU*. m-.SOJuly riBl.J. ll«id, »1- 
lU. EllUbMll. 

S. CoLili.l>.D AKIII7U, brli!.-eMi. In Ilie imi;, <f, uiin, >l BttvMsE. is 

li. Jih»-Stiiib. b. IB Dec. liW! he tomRiuirltd ihc Cnniitlei roinSBj 
? ftBE, totbtei>i>ieinaiiwlUiihEr»iichU(l M>h>uu>. u tvtf 
d^if, 13JUU ITUI. vhGiilicwumunillyitaunilfdttaiinkic thendeiibutf 
Ihu plUM, Hid i of hit •■nuiuli M Cui!il»lore, now. 

7. WiUilAv, b>I Nov. 17m, Imt Id atvlni Ista ■ boal FrDm iht Priaa 

aThaiiglitnv. CiiA>i.>a-tl«i.»Mrr.>,D.D.. 
or KOdarr, n.. Ut. 1 Jid. ITIH), EliubMh, odI) 6 

1. Charis, IB holt DTdeti, irchdciifDn or ^umhv, » ^^ . 
K Sept. ISIS, Anne. d*. a( Onle; Roirle), hi., nd hu I> 
r!i»«>. &- B Dec, 1B»1. 
S- EllubciK-riaDOtf. M. «lr Compbni DomtUlc, but-, ■ 


lllotdlhlpHi.iMll'i cnbarine, dl-af Oatrft Couitinika. nq.. ■ 
5. OesretH^lwanl, n.. 3 Scpl. IH!8. M»rf-C«mnine. d*. of rh 

.NJuIyi;^. FblUp, pm 

.... II Oct, 17(3. n 

IK HuilokU. K.C., wd b>> iwffc 

11. HvaK,H.P.fBlSt. Audrcni, 

Ocl. [jeH. m.. U Jm. ITW. Juu, H 

RackTOIt, Mh WD of WDliun. K •* 

■if DumMHud Stair.) and ho Im 

1. Hugh. 

The earl d. 20 F«b. I VCR, and iras aucocedcd fay hit »>n, 

Alexahdek, Cih cart, b. \7&3; m., I June I70O. Klinbc^. 
cmly child of bis malGnial uncle, Charles Dalrvmiile, of KorUi 
B«m'ii>k,{b}r Elic^wtbionlyda. and hcirfstof Juhn Edwio.nq., 
aud Eliialieth fail wife, eldnt dn. of sir Roger Bradshair, of ilie 
Haigh, cu. Lancaawr, baru, whicb Htule, nn failure of the Bale 
line'uf the Bradshav family, deiwiided en [he cminien of Bdw- 
nt.) Bj thh lady (who d. 10 Aug. IBI6) the «tI had hiue, 
I. Jahei, preient eu-t. 

3. CH'Uja-ftoBIHT. cdUkU] 

"' *1i' Ftoia-EHBbrth-Hwl 
■ " -Dgijnipl* 


(r>IUi' Runwy, of Bdcarricw 

Un-hih. 10. SuObn), aa., nat 4. 11 Jia*. li 
*.*"»■. «■. » HjTih 1BII, Botari « 

Tiu euldl 27 March I835,nDd wuiueceededbyhiiddsiMn, 
Janzi. prment aud 7th twrL 


r Appatenl — Aiexajtbeb-Willum-Ch. 
iiT, fai> lordship's eUtat too. 

tfMu — l.ant lAndnj, 27 June tOS3, nnd Ku-1 of Dnlrar. 
■. nte, sod I>ard Liniluy and Baliiiet, 9 JiD. I<i5U-1, 
; Baron Wigan, in tbe FeerBg* «f ihe Unltnl 

n, tK 

I )|^ I >^ ■ T ■ 1 1 than* ««}0i( jwdfltl pilfli « 

TBOMAS E:\'RE. Tskl ot NEWBUROD, Viwnunt Kin- 
tURLand Baron Livingiton, of Flucriiig j bom 21 (Kt. 1790; 
ogceedcd liin father, Frandt, Ute url, 23 Oct. 11127 • married, 
II Nov. 11117, MBTgarK Kennedy. 3d da. of An^iliald, mH uf 

St JjtMsa LiTixearoM, ban., toii and litirof lir Jrim Li. 
TUigHini, uf Ktniuiinl, one irf (be gentlnnen uf the bedchsiiiber to 
Ung Chulet I.,wsi created viscnunt Newburgh, 111 8«)it. I(M7, 
od n^icd to the dignity of earl of NewLurgb, 31 Dec. IIMO. 
Be*., In, Catherine Hovard, da. of TbeopUlui, earl of Suf. 
fnik.vidov of George, lord Auliimy, aad mother of Charl«, duke 

■ "■ " " " " liy whom 

rf RtchnHind and teniui 

n he had an only dn.. 

y. Hmiy H»icher, w),, 

The em-l ">., adly, Anne, da. (if sic Henry Foale, of Sapertoii, 
(Dl Gloncetlcr, by n-hom be had issue, 

i. Csjtal.ES, 3d earl. 

». «UBa, A »«>- 

The caci <l. Dec IC?)), and was succeeded by hit only son, 

ChaKles, 2d aarl nf Newbiirgh, ni. Frances, da. of Francis, 
Ion) Brudendl, and aiscer to Oeurge, earl of C'ardlean ; and dving 
MM, by her (who aftervanU m. Richard, lerd Bellew, in Ire- 
" ' Tt an only da.. 

I, by whom ihe had, 

FciinllUn Httlrn wd. 

.. Sdly, Charles Rnddiffe, M toa of Edward, 2d 

_»rl of Den»cn mater, by JUary-Tiidor, natural da. of king Charles 

F H., and by hitn (who waa attainted in 1713, but escaped into 

~-a»re, and returning, and taking part in the rebellioD of 1746, 

U l^heailed on, 8 Dec. 1746) bad iinie, 

3. J»itES.BAHTnoi.ojiEiF, 3d eari. 


r- Ba«iiaiui, d. at Cirtiteiy. ; Aug. I!B8. 

a. MiBy.m.,!! F(b. l7U.PnntkE>Tr,ar Wuliwonh uid Hi 
0ni]<l.27Aug.l;g8.lHijBaInuel^blmt*fHi>t;O[I. lOM.) 

I. U^.b. ISNoVTifllE. iB.,8A|iril];!a, AithurOrBlov.sq. 
(Maw, mii d. wtOan Imiie, U May IMU. 
a. FoAXCig, lue eui of Nevhur;^ 

3. Jama, i: 6 Ju. ]7MI. m. thf da. or cUnnloiun. M •■«. ^ 

LomlM. and had Inuc in iml) da.. (fvIlM, t, at MAi, IJ Srpl. ISO. ~ 

Tho counteas d. 4 Aug. 176oi uid wu luoeeded by her 

JAiiEs-BARTaoLO>tEW,3desrlorNewbur^, A.alVinc. __ _ 
in France, 23 Aiig. 173&i succeeded hi> mMher, riiiiitiilii Mallf 
ill the title, 4 Aug. 1763; he m., 1740, Barlian, onty da. mJ 
lieirefu of Anthony Kemp, of Slindon, eo, S\n»ex, eiq., I>t And 
Browne, da. of Henry, &th riiKount JMoutagu, and by her («!■* 
d. 13 Sept. 1707) bait luiie, 

2. Amtiiokv-Jamek, 4th earl. 
The earl d. 3 Jon. 1706, and was nicceedrd by hit Ma, 

Akthost-James, 4th earl of Newhurgh, 6. 20 June IJSjj 
m., 30 June 1780. Anne, oiily da. of Jou^ph Webb, esq., litwa 
lir Tbomaa M'ebb, bart, and dying without iuue, 39 Nor. 1814 
the title deroKed on his cousin, 

Pbaxcis-Etm:, dih earl, b. 10 Feb, 1763, m., 30 Auu. ITtl 
Diirattly, dn. and co-heireis uf John Ctadwin, esq., by whom ^ 

I. D0ll0IUV,6.13Julll(8B. 

3. TboMaS, prewnt earl. 

4. CAAaLOTTB, b. 6 June ITfti, d- vnm- G Aug. IBIS. 
B. Anna, b. IS HaT I7S6, i. U Apill UUL 
7. BABiuiu.k ISHavlTie. 
R. RADCLvrra. (■ da..^ i. (7 Hit Ifln9. 

The earl d. 33 Oct. 1837, and wai socceeded by Iiis eldest too, 

Thomas, present and Otb earl. 

tleir PraumpHve — The hon. Frakcis-Etbe, the enrl't ot 

Crtatloiu — Viscount Newburich, co. Alwrdeen, 13 S«p(. 1647} 
Earl of Newburgh, Viscount Kinnainl, and Barun Liviagilcot 
of FUcraig, 31 Dec 1C60. 

-—h-Sm Plate B7. QuaiHtlr.nfronr. I«. AniRit.ansrhniTaniable.DB* 
fulU or— Eraa. il AigoU, a1widiin(Tancd>ablc_Hii>ri,i'i'ra- M 



GEnRGE OORDON, Eabl of ABOVNE, and Baron (mI 
don, of alenlin^ and ijitrBihai on, in the Peeraoe of Scotland, ami 
T. « -r.. .. . -' ofthcUnit^ 

Darim MiLDnm.of Marren,«i.Alierdeen, . 

■ im, and K.T. : niccpedpd hit father. Charles, the lale eari, 
' — -unelTel ;nMrritrf, 4 April 1791, Caih». 

Kinsdcim, an< 

IB Dec, 1 7!M 

fioe, aJ il*. of >ir Cbula Copr. of Brair«ne, ea. OifmJ, niU 
Ovnoa IdfipinillA, m. floiidBgiloa, bartu by ('■ihiuia«i,d«. ■( 
lu Caci] Bi»lu>i>p, liut^ (olia m., Sdlv, Cbarln Jnikiuon. lit 

ail at Livrryxol.) uul liu Imic. 'l. C1IAKU:M, lard Stt. 

ttdven, 6. 4 Jv>. 171*3. at., 3 Mud) ItlSfl, ImIj £liiiul>ell> t.«nyiic- 

Ima, da. of nuruueM ConvcKluint 2' Cai llASi>ii:-iii.'ij>, 

1.1710, m., IS June lHr4, L1i>rle*.CwttiK..u ^■v•uli>l^ nq^ 

jamgEal loa of lord U ear gc- Aiigmtu»-U cnrr Camiduli i & 

GRoaeE, i. £7 Hanti ITiM:- ^4. CiiAaLo-rTi-HorMiA. i. 4 

Jaa. ITWI ; S. H^ar. «. I7»7t "k. 10 April Iff2a, Fiw 

ScTBMT.eM) ..-J...-^. . 

JoDc [835 :- 

He<i«t. ^ 31 Aug. laiS, in ibe ralUuuy wrvus uT ilia Emu 
India Compuiv at BtDKil, ■•.. IS Hufli IH27, mlu Paynti— — ■. 
t^EciL, i. 33 Feb. IHOfij U. FatNiii, i. Jut. IDOI). 

Tbe aneaur uf ihii bnukrh of il» family of Gordnn wn Omrn 
M m>n|u<« of Hiuttley, who m. Ijady Anne CaapbaO, da. at 
Aidulabl, 7(b tarlot ArgjU,}iyt/imtihtiiad3toat,rli.Ocntff, 
■bo iraa killed at the battle of AUurd, In hi* flthar'i Ufatlma. 
mi bad iLo liaue; Levii, manpiau of BuntUr, who moomUil 
bit btba i (atieeMor of tba dulica a( Oordm ;) anil 

C^AkLEi, who wai bi^ilf diHinfcnitbed by bti loyallrin Ung 
OiariCB I. it) the time of the aril war, a* alao lo kins CWtn U. 
duHng the umrpaliou, and wai, in rocompenw of hi* wi~'- 

4. Ei.i>A»r>i. •>.. ims, Jtilm, Mi 

Tbe eari d- Murh lUI, and wa* auoeeeded by bli ddcal wL., 

CBAaLEti, Sd carl of Aboyne, m. £llaabcdi Lvvl, M d«. of 
Puridi, Sd earl uf Smthmor* and Kingbom. ana by bar {wha 
■^ 3dly, Patrick, 3d turd Kinnaird i and Sdly, cspt. Aiejcradar 
lirmat) had, 

I- JoHjt, 3d«srL 

!. Hwt-wr.—- Owy KtnalrJi «n.i «U WW aoibw t 

X. tU-iixanTH, iL uia. M Anil rflt. 

A. lAUiai^M,. ip>.J*a»Cna<.o<K»rluMa,ad< 

JoBK, ad earl, «. Gnne, da. of Oeorgs 
with, br Eupheniia, 29 da. <if Alciandcr, Cth nrj i<f Eglinton. 
uid by ber (who «., Sdlv, Jamo, Ihh t«rl uf Miuny, and il. i; 
Sot. iTM) bwHwiP, 


Tlie MirTff. Aug. I79S, and yevi suCMeded he hii ir 

CRANLEi, 4ch rarl, i. I7S«, m., lit, 23 April 1750, tSvgtm 

Stewart, 3d do. of Alezsnder, (ith eari of Unllovav, sod bv lilif 

(who 'I. 13 Aug. 1762) bad iane, 
1. Georoe, fith earl. 

I. M'lUURkT.'n., i M« i;8]. Wminn Ba[Ua<d. I 
WllU. nd 4. u Ifit CWledi li Tnur. In Ihi Ptj. <le Vuid. 2i Mn 
Tho enri m., 3<lty, 23 April 1774, Mary Daugla^ oiili 

1. iju|-u(.4»-l^iniHiJ>ij f. I" 'Jri, i^/v. wiiu 

h«i. HuiUuw-DoutlH Halybiinon, oT Pkcui 

111 Ji^ rev7, Louln^ only AOduT lit EdKvliT^Tlirc 

The eari d. SB Dec. 179-1. and inu wtoraded bv kii 

Geobue, prexmt and Stli «ri. 

Heir Appartnl — CHAiitEs, lord STRxTltavOH, i 

Crtationi — Earl of Abovne, co. Alwrdeen ; Bnron Oontan, it 
CknIivBl and gtmhavnu, 10 Supt. IWl ; and Banui »IrUni», 
of Montn, c». Aberdeeu, !□ tiie Peerage of tlie Unilsd Kin|{dii^ 
11 Aug. 1816. 

bii father, ThumHs, the laie earl, 177B; married, 17 Oct. 177^ 
Anne, Sd da. of rapt. James Oilchriiii, It.N., and by lier(ir)io^' 

13 Nov. 1784) had iun«, 1. THOMAS, lord CocAnno, A. U 

Dec 177a, m. Catheriae-Corbet, da. of Thomai Bams, of E 
Mq., aod hai iuue, 1. Thomna.Bamri. b, 18 April 11)14; £ Harm, 
llo-Btrnard.Wiaiam, 6. B Man* IHIH : 3. Itahft.JoirpMit*, h. tl 
Man* ISSO, d. in Pem 1821 ; 4. eilza/H^I/i.ralheriiir, i. H Dn 

1821; a, Arllmr.AiuMaiul.Lrojald. b. 21 Si-pt. IB33: K 

James, d. jtuhb ; 3. Basii., lieiit.rfol, aCih regt. of foot. A 

uiim. May IBIOi i. WiLt.I..ic-E«SEIKE, a major ii ■^- 

anny, and late ISth regl, of dragoon* ; - — 5. ARCHllAtD.opb 
R.N., «.. II Jan. IIJIS. Ju>», da. at Arthur Howbnv. t>4-« 
■nd d. a Aug. lam, havinK had iuiie, 1. Anna^ane. ft. M Jan. 
1III3: 3. raTolitur-EHtoAffh, i. 11 June 1III4: 3 Hnten.Alf». 
ander, b. 10 .March IClft ; 4. Ha,il.Ldmrd..1rUk«r, i. 23 Dm 

EAKLS. 003 

tn;i i.Ardiil>^d.HamUtan,b.3Jajie}n9\ Hnil 6. F.litabelh. 

>Hrf, b. 36 April I0S3; 0. CoiHI.ES, d. yaune. The c»H 

^ Mly, 12 April 17S8, Iwlvtla. da. nf Simiiel Ka>inond. uf 
Udwni^ CO. Eanex, oq., relict of Juhn Mavne, oF JtlTcint- 
biM, CD. WUtB, esq., nod by ber (who d. Jui'. ISU-J) had nn 
■K. Th* eul HkjSdJy, April 1819, Aona.Maiia, cldat da. 
tfFranoa Flowden, nq., uid by her (v/ho d. IB Sept. 1022) bad 

MW, 7- DOROTBT, £. 1820. 

WiUiant Cvtii nmt, of Corhmnp, of an ancient family which (lad 
Wb nudent in the eminty of Renfrew for many cMitnries, had 
\ taw, by Mai^BT«, hii wife, da. of air Robert Moiil((omery, of 
9xwarley, ea. Ayr, Elizabeth, iole beimB, m. Al«uuder Blair, 
^Blalr, est- M'tlliam CoebraneniadeBseltlraienlof hii estate, 
1333, ia farour of ha da., Elizabeth, and hrr iuue male, who warp 
lu bar the name and arm) of Coduiuui. Aletunder Blair, on hi> 
nacTJage with Etixabaih Cudmue, aaaumed tlie name <uid aniia 
•( CseAtnaitr, had a charter of the barony of CV>cbnuie, to Alex. 
loder Cochrane, aljai Blair, 7 Feb. l(i()l -3. tie had a charier 
at Ihe landa ot Auchln Crewcbe 3U July 1 111 B, and of Couldon 33 
Apiil 1623. They had ianie, >ir John Cochrane, who attended 
kit^Charla Il.ontheaintinent lG40,BndnubyhImde)psteheil 
«D an embauy to Poland ICM. Ho wat father of 

Sir William Cochb'HE, of Cowdon, who, being a xealolis 
adherent to Charlea 1., waa creBted a peer, by the title of lord 
CtdkrsiM, of Dundonald, by patent, at StarbomugU, 2J Dec. 
[ Mi^ ' >^ ^^ restoration, he was appointed one of the commia- 
n of the treasury and eichequer. Thiiemploymenlhedii- 
' with admirable prudence and integrity, to the general 
.ion of the nation ; of whioh Charlea II. wai bo sensible, 
a he advanced his lordship to the dif^nlty of eai4 of Dundonaidy 
1 Cochrane, of Paiiiley and Ochiltree, IS Slav 1069, to his 
le male, remainder to the eldeat hein femaleof bis body, with- 
it diviaion, and the hein male of such hein female, bearing, 
iwerer, the name and arnia of CoATaae, which they ihall bo 




Tweeddale, mid <i. 7 Feb, I737) 

I. W11.1.IA11, Sd eerl. 

3. JonH, -tth earl. i> 

The eorl d. IB JIaj- IfiftO, and whi mcceeded iiy hit wnv, 

William, 3d earl, wlio li. unm. 19 Nov. I70&, nod vsi mm 
k] by hia brixber, ■ 

JoBK, 4lh mrl, m-, Ist, 1 April I7O6, Anne Slnmy, Sd d« 
of Charla, lit earl of Dunoiure, and by her (wbo d. 1 711) hM 

1, WiLLlAH, 6th earl. ^ 

, CBtttM. Sih rart of SmihinOR'. >4u ■■» 

__. Cuntgli. of ^Inhivcii.MiytTaH. ihlinut lui»i (ad M)K 

174a, G«n^ FuFba, her fulor. and d- 94 Juno 17^4. 

4- CATHAmiNIE, m-i 170. AleXKDdB. Olli ttjiofGtUovhf- 

The e*rl m., Sdly, 15 Oct. 1715, Mary Oriwnie, 2J da. of Per*. 
grine, 2d duke of Lcedi, relict oC Henry, 3d duke of BenufotV 
and by her (who d. 24 May I7U) had no iuue. The earl d. fr 
June 1720, and was succeeded by bii ton, 

William, 6th earl, d. unm. 37 Jan. 1735, bdng nucMd«d 1*' 
hia unentailnl prajirrly by his nephew. Jama, morqinn oT 
Clydeidale, afterwardi duke of Hamiltoii, and in the title uff 

TttoHAS, (Eih ear), (aoti iif M'illiam Cochnuie, of Eilmanwdc, 
above named,) i. 170d, m. CBtharine, 2d da. of lord BwU llamlU 
ion, of Baldoon, and by her (wbo if. at Baib 13 April 177V), 

1, WlLLIAK, 7tli Gorl. 

a. Btiib, a.M.. d. E smi. 174s. 

4. Catha'ur, nL wmum Wood. orNnhcrCiUowhm.uiaif.iOcMT:* 
The eart d. 38 May I737, and waa iiia!«ed«l by hi« son, 

William, 7th earl, had hi> hone shot under him at the West- 
port, 2? Oct. 174s, by a gun from tliecustk', during (he reb«Jlion'( 
acmmpanied ^neral Forties to America 1757, and n-aa killed at 
iho "iege of lijuiabpiirgh, in a lortie made by a drunken party, 
of the garriaon of thai jiIbcc, 9 July 17511. Dying HnM., tUl 
title devolved upon 

THoUJe, Bth earl, (grandson of sir Jame« Cochrane, of OchlU 
tree, 3d ion uf the 1st eurl of Diindouald, and 7th sou of William 
Cochrane, of Ochiltree, by Mary Bruce, eldeal da. of Alesander^ 
Xd MTl of Kineardine, and heimas to her brother, Alexander, N 
earl, who d. win. Nov. 17^ when she claimed tliat title, bof 
without ■uomw,) la., 1st, Elixabrth, da. of Jame* Ker, of Slorria/ 
louD, CO. Berwlok, nq., and by her (wbo d. 1743) had iune, ' 

■The eari'-i., My', B Sept. 174*, Jane, elde.t da. of ArchihaM, 
Stnart, of Torreace, m. Liiuark, stater of Andrew Stuart, esq— ^ 
Bndb^ber(irhaif. SI March I80II) had issne. 


'lac-Hanley, co. NacUuimbeiUnd. Aug. li 
fc tltlL, U » April irUi E. I, C. 

UKrmUae. lU. of CoRitngilvl 

Srrmmfia; It. Okdiuii. bnlh -I, y 

IpS ITSLkM Nc* Yak April itiw. MuU.< Di>iasluw,iHi., olict 
^*AMBb Wtysue, livt.. opt. R.N., ud hu l»uc, 

i. Kj Ttvmaa, kuLj DKny rdt hli blhvrflt dkelnilAllAUaflOf ihaDtlh 
1B3^ m.. Ju. UUI. tliiB-WUiwt, ridol d>. Df 11^^[.•|(o^. lb Chjula nou. 
bBn-liatfbTbB'l«lloA4Sc|11. iSlP)hiullHuc, I. .ficiantv.' f. (»arl«,- 
& JJwM ( £ JWaUUi. 
t. C%c^i 3. Andnw-CoulU. 
t. jUn-MTifc m.. 19 Oa. IBIU, ilr Bdwud ThomiB Trovbildgc. bul. 


[kd by her Ivho d. I 

ajy. «!. _, __ . --- 

laLoupe. MtUt r«t>el c^ nunu^r lUymond C<h1^. of Ehit &Iui<L 
Tie eari d. 27 June 1778, and waa lucceeded by his >on, 
AbchibaLD, pnvcnt and 9th enrL 
' Beir jfppiireiil—THOit±a, lord COCBBAHE, eldest son of tlie 

Cmtttioat — 17 Dec. 1047, Baron of Cochrane, in Renfrew: 
Ihumiei of Nova Scotia, 1 6?^; and Earl of DundonitM,co. Ayr, 
IS MaT 1669. 

f IrfKil Keitb, of Inverury miil Keilh Hall. I«rd Falcouer, of Hal- 
[' ktnouDt t/om 20 April 1794 1 succeeded hia facber, Williun, (lie 
f kle earl, ll Oct. 1012 ; married, 14 June 1017, Juliet, Sd da. of 
I Botiert Reiiny, of BorroitTield, N.D., mi., deceased, and by Ler 
I (who a. It July 1G19) bad no issue. The earl m., Sdly, 27 Aug. 

10SI, Louiia, youugeat da. of Franda Hawkini, etq., anil has 
I iHue, 1, WILLIAJLADRIAN, lard tnterury, b. Sept. 

1832; 2. Ia*BELtA.CATHEBi»ie, S. 5 June ie24f 3. a 

" 5,7 June 1028. 

r 3 


Sir Jobs Keith, lit «aH, wai 3d aaa oC WiUiui 
marischkl. He had tbe prindpnl hand in pmvn-inv i 
of Scodand frnm ^Ufaigintolhchandiof Croiiiwell,(hji „ 
iMurpMion they hut been farricd ui Dunnwre comIp, boUi w 
cHl m*ri*ctul, in vinue uf hii ofG<¥, had ■ right to ksep thes 
and it ns thought a plncv of safety, Dunnoter b«ng beaiej 
Sir Jabn Krith had the regalia nfeJv conTerrd away, and dt_-. 
sited iinder^Tound ia thec^hurch of Kenaeft. Sir JiAn ihoiaailiri 
for France, where he pretended lo carry these valuable aniclM 
On hit return hanie,heirss apprehended and examined; dedaring | 
that he hod coDFeyed them to Fmice, nil further learch for tb« 

regalia wu dromiwd. Be hi 
noir Keith Hall IfWI : «ai 

'aited lo the diguiiy of thepeerags 
by the title of earl of JTinJwr, baron Keilh. of InTemry and Keitb 
Hall, 30 June 1677) in Dec IS8A, was nppiHnted treasurer de. 
pute, lice the earl of Jldfort, promoted. The earl made a reaig* 
nation of his bonoiirs and ettates into ihe hands of king William 
and queen Mary, and, 29 Feb. lOlM, obiained a nen- charter, by 
which Ike till* of Kininre, and the family estatea, were settled on 
him and his issue male, remainder on the male isiue of his brCk 
Iher, George, earl marischal, remainder to the heirs female of 
bis body, with other remainders; n. Margaret Hamilum. b. IS 
Jan. IMI. posthumous dn. of Thomas, ad earl of Haddiugton, 
and had isiua, 
1. Will Ian, Sd otH. 

or ilr wmma Fnbs, Df Plollao. Dui. 

a. Mahdimet. •■. Osvll Himnun. of Raplorh. a>]. 
The eari d. 171*. and was suoreedeil by his onir ton, 

WitLiAM, 3d earl, m. Catharine Murray, rldeatds. of David, 
4lh visonint Slormonl, and had issue, 

1. John, 3d earl. 

S. WltliaN, 4<hearl. 

The eSLrl d. 1718, and was Biic««ded by his ddest son, 

John, 3d earl. A. May ICOO. ■>.. Aug. 173D. Mary, da. of the 
hon. June< Krikine, of Orange, lord justice clerk, hmtber of 
John, 11th carl of Mar; and by her(«hntf. U Hay 1773) bad 
no issue ; he d. I7SB, and vos ■ucceeded by hii bmihcr,, 4lh earl, rf. 28 .\o». 1761, WHn. On his death, lh« 
mlatas devolved upon Gror/ir, Iftrt frl Maritehat, gnndaon of 
Otorgr. (elder brother uf the 1*1 (sirl of Kintore,) upon whoa* 
fmie male the title iras enuiled bv the rharter of 1694 ; but Uw 
honiwrs became dormant, as Innf Marisohal would not allow a 
clause, enabling him to inherit tittis, to lie inserted in the art of 
parliameni by which he tra* aUowed to inherit eMatre. On the 
earl MarisdiHi's death, 33 May 177B, the titles and eatam e^ 

TIm Palamfrt, of Htlkfrlautt, d«4re [hair deioe&t tram Bk- 
aslplnu. filias Waitni d« LuDl(r{r(Luingair), who obtained the 
dnsf king's fsioiner frum Wtltutm ihe Lion, Tnuu whom liw 
fpi ■ dimrter of l)ie landi of Ltidira, BktbcKno, andx^venij nthen, 
Hh KJBOirdine, ncsr the catile of KJncnrdinc, where kiug Wil- 
liHi freqncDlly miibid : fnnii iliit otfici he aaiunied Uic IIKQIB i^f 

nrl of Soiitbesk, imd bad, besides 
Mled, SO Dec 1M7, '"'d Fnlamer, of Hatkrr- 
in, to him uid hit hein luBle whauoever ; and air i)a«4d, tif 
nftrqahar. Alexander, lord Falooner, d, 1671i >uid WH «nc- 
»d*d by hii only son, AlrxahdEi, Sd lord, who <U 1004, 
Bring wa only ton, David, 3d lord, on whuM death, without 
IBS, 1724, the title dcTolred on his 3d oouiiin, 
ALmKABDEi, 4lh lord, (grandKin of «ir David, of Olmfnrqii. 
■r, sbors-naiDed,) who aim d. without iMue, and wai luivevded 

David, Sth lord, who m., t* before tinted, Catherine, da. of 
rViUianL, 9d earl of Kiulore, and waa grandratber of 

Axthokv.Adriav, Bih lord Falconer, niiKeeded to thattitli? 
1776. and, on the death of Creor^, earl Marladial, in 177", sno- 
^■eded t» the entate and tide of earl of Kintorc ; ni. miai Chrli- 

u>EIiial>eth Slighterman, of Oroningenj in Uollsnd, and liv 

a- (who d. 3G March 18U») had, 

I. William, 6th ear! of Kinlore, 

Sk MAiili^RuiBBniiiA, A.a^Fb^^ZW' 
1. CATiimaa-MAXuiiiT, b. 3 Jum \Tin. 
5. rBAlie>»C(W»TA»TIA, 6. 1? Jun» 1771. 
A Ja>a,fcaJul* ITn.d. louiui. 

iCitBianxj-ELiiABiiTH, IiTh Dk. 1774, ri. Deci lUM. 
tfili.ia.t.3n AD(. 1777, d. ymiof. 
As eaii <!. 30 Ang. 1804, and wai lucceeded by hl« onlf son, 
'' ' William, Ctb eari of Rintore, and gtb tnrd Falconer, nf Hal. 
kertnun ; m., 10 June 1703, Slaria, da. of nir Alexander Banner- 
um, uf KirkhUJ, ban., and by her (who d. 30 June 1026) ha.l 


I. AxTROsr-ADftiAK, Tit earl. 

The earl i. 6 Oct, 1613, and wai nieeeeded by hia son, 
Amtvoht-Adriah, present and Jch earl of Kintora. 
i/eir jipparent — Lord Imvercby, llie oarra ton. 
CrtallanM-tAJti Falconer, of Halkertooii, SO Dec l&17l Earl 

nf Kiulore, Lord Keith, uf Inveniry and Keith Hall, SG Juni- 

■1077- ,l«»„„,li„bmrt>lnf«<T. 


■bolevlililnHiaileafclghithliilmn': ■ com ofAvournATiax Knnml ui 

Kr o( <! ST ainicutH— KiiTM. a. Auic, ■ rUnm lUngbMwmi ibiAicul- 
*igail,udcluiTgHiun ibebnaw Klih»hetrtgul»— Cijokb*. 

A«iDl Bonimtl^T tubltcd. oniJ holdlnE In rurrigl)! hud ■ wralh of 'lurri 

Atnirc— ^samLudHlra. Whil wu Ion !i laCi 1 (iliuEliB u ilx pracrr* 
MhMoTihrrqiiUiarScDtLind b; ihe Iitori.J 

count CMnpliell, oT Tay onA Paintland ; Vitcotinl Glaiorchy uid 
Taymouth, Baron Benedarskicb, Ormerlic, and Weik, and a 8a. 
rouBt, in North Britain ; Baron BbeaDalbane, of Taymoutik 
Caatla, in the Feemge of the Uuilcd Kingdum ; a Limtenant- 
Oeneral in tlie Arniy, nnd o Counsellor of Stale to tha KJDr> ftr 
Vonh Britain, F.R.S. ; born nSS, >tiececdBd tU* cousin, John, 
the late earl, in July 1782 ; crented a Peer of the United King- 
dom, bv ihe title of Bnraii Breaddliane, of Tavmaulli, ■». 
Penh, 13 XoT. ISDC ; tnarried, 3 Sept. MVa, Mary' Turner, da. 
of Darid Garin. of Lanffton, eaq., (by Elizabeth Blaitland, da. 

of Jamei, 7tti esrl of lAuitecdale,} and had, 1. Elizabeth- 

UAtTi.*HD, ft. SS July 1704)-^ 3. Mabv, t. 10 Julv I78& 
m., 13 May 1819, RicJiard, marqueu of Chandos, only'aon of 

Bicbaid, duke of Biidiingluiin ; 3. JO UN, lord Cleuvrdtf. 

i. 2G Oct. 179C, n., 23 Nov. IQ21, EJiza, dd«st do. of Ueorgv 
Bullie, of JerviiRoodc, esq. 

I the CoDipliell family, lemp. king David IL, by tb* 
mnrriage of Margaret Olenorchy with John Campbell : be ws* 
one of the Itnfghtx of Rhodea, nov ilyled of Jtlalta, and by bia 
conduct and valour acquiml distinguialied bouoiLr; after the ■■• 
ecralile murder of king James I., 1437, be exerted himwlf in pnr- 
■uina Uie reipcides, and wan mi diligent, that lie moa iqiprefaeadad 
and urought to juitice tiro of the asUHiiii, Cbalmen and Colqu. 
hoiin ; in recompenw for which ■errii'e. kin); Jomn IH. atW- 
w»r<)« bntotved on him the barony of Lairen ; he had the tmre 
of Ihe penon and eatale of hi* nepheiv, Colin, lai earl of Arfrll, 
during bin minority, and faithfully discliarged the truK repOMd 
in him t ciincludiiig a match between the earl and the aitter of 
hi* own wife, one of tlie three doi. and oo.hb. of lord Ijom. Ua 
had a chaner to himwir and Margaret Stirling, his wife, acid 
their iisue, ofthelandior Aeharavarh, ra. Perth, £7 Oct. I4CTi 
lie built llie CMtle uf Kilclium, at ibe east end uf Loehow, in 
Olenorchy, 1440 t and iras dead previous to 10 Jime 1478. on 
which iay the kinlsaiidilunnvea decree, Inadvil suit, against 
"Duncaiii I'amjiliell, hihi and heir of mnqii bale lir Cnlin Campbell, 
Of 0]emir.ii>lm," By hio 2.1 wife. niarK«n-i, 2d .-f th- ihree 
dM< and foJili. ol Juliii, lord I*rn, (by whom lie g.n a iliird of 

' EARLS. 600 

l:-u lardsbip, vhich ■till reiDBhu in the fBtuily, and rrom itmiM 
;r^anend the galley of Lorn « ith liit )iiueninl atbiei-emrai.) he 
•jd ime Dnnrtm. He «., Sdlv, Margsret, da. o( Hubert Kuben- 
m, of StiDwaD, bj whom lie had Morgarvl, m., l&l, Archibald 
Kmo-, of JUercbittoun ; and 3(Uy, Jubn Dickiwa, of Ronher- 
Ud: he m., 4t]ily, Margarei, da. of Luke Stirling, of Kdr, and 
bd nmeone xm, JoBm. ancesior of the earls nf Loudoun, (eide 
Cfl"! ftf I-otHloun,) and a da., Mariol, m. William Steiran, o( 

Hi DrsrcAV, thetdden sin, it next in aurceMJon to the ion* 
cf Cdlin, In earl nf Ar^lJ, in the charier of Euupdale, SO Feb. 
lUO-l. He WW killed at the battle of Floddeo, with Jamet IV., 
l^uIAlSt n>.,Ut,U79, Margaret Doughu, 4th da. of a«orge, 
lih <arl of Angai, and had issue, 

Aad ^7, Margaret, do. of the laird of Monmler, co. Perth, 
•nd hail luue. 

Sir CoLisr, llie eldeai >on, wai of great aerrice In proruring 
biioouiin, Gavin Pmiglaa, peaceable pMse«*ian of tlie epiicopal 
Me of Dunkeld, 1516, in oppotilion to a powerful competiMr, 
Andrev StrwM% hii (ncn brother-in-law ; tb. Marj' Sl^irart, Clh 
:k of John, earl of AthoU, uterine brother of king Jaoiea II.. 
I wd had iaatie, 
1. SirDt>c»«. 

Pe wai iticneded by his Me»t «on, 

, Sir DuKCAX, who if. 1514, and vaa uncceeded liy big brother, 
Sir Jqhk, wbu was luoeeeiled by his brother, 
bit C'OLiK, from wbom descended 

ftir Joiiw Campbeli,, A. ISM; beinfi; a principal creditor of 
Oeurge, Gtb earl of Caithness, whose debts are said to bnve 
«ded a raillioa of marks, iliat earl, Oct. 1072, made a 
, oation of bis whole Bttate aod earldom, with the heritable 
' ^nsdictioQB and liclei, to sir Jolin Campbell, of Ulenorcliy, who 
' nnk the whole of hii Inrdsltip's debts to himself; on which dii- 
fnidaii, ■ charter passed, 11 Jan. 1673, inventing sir John with 
Ibe hiod* and eorMiim of Caithness 37 Feb. 1673. The esrl of 
Cuihneu reserved bis liferent of llie title, and an annuity for 
Sfc of li.ono marks t.i him and hi* eounteu, and the survjvoi of 
' ^em. The charter ornitoined alto a olaute of redempliun of the 
I Mrlilnni wilhlnk limited period, and an obligation on sir John 
''Campbell, aad his iitue, to assunie and use the name of Sinrlair, 
■nd anus of the house of Caithness, when he should be possessed 
■ of the earldnm irrevorably. George, tarl of Cailhnrit, dying 
. u Thurxi Uast, May lC7fi, sir John Campbell, who was then 
. Msidiug ill family with Iheoi, being in possession of the earldom, 
obtained ■ patent, creating him eurlnf CuifAnfii, dated at White- 
ball, 2S June IG77- Sir John Campbell did not, howei-er, long 
Riaiii (he title of earl uf Caithness, cotifeired iipoii him by the 




abore patent, a* the privycaund), uniler Ihe reTtfrenn of th* 
aulhuriiy nt parlininent, tonad Ilint (leorge FiiiiclHir, of KfBk 
the hair male of tlta Ibie earl, had a riglit to ilii! diguitr of emit 
of Cnithnai, and lie in coiue(|ueiire took place as lucb in 
liament, IS July IG8I. Sir John Campbell, thus deprived of 
title, ohtained a patent, 13 An^. IfiSl, rrealing him eorl of 
Bmdalliaae and Holland, Tiicoiint of Tay and Rainthuid, loi4' 

GIsnarchy, Benedoralooh, Ormerlie, and Weik, irith the 

dency oF the former patent, 82 June 1G7T, remainder lo vbii 
Of hii sona, )>y lady Mary Rich, hi> >rife, he, by vritini; 
hi« hand, at any tinie of his life, might think proper lo deugnat^ 
and the hrira male to be pnKreated of the liody lO dniigiulH f 

hein male, remainder In his nearest legrlimale heire whatKWteri 
nu, 1st, 17 Dec 1557, Mary Rich, 3d da. of Henry, l>I carl d 
Holland, baron Kensington, ejiecuted for his loyalty to ChaHes t>( 
March 1M9, oppoaile Westminater Hall, inunediaCely aflat 
the duke of Hamilton : and by her had issue, 

t. OiTHiK, HrlM laid otmcTllc, nbo Hintied bU (ulm. bvt was rmmt 

2. JoHK, id esrt of Bresdalbane. 
The earl ■»., 3dly, 7 April 1C7Q, Mary Campbell. 3d da. of Ar~ 
chibsid, marqiieu of Argyll, riJict of Oeargt, (tth earl of Caitfaa 

neu, and Ity her had. 

And 3dly,' , bv whom he had, 

t. Mast, m. AnhlM<i CocklHim, af LinRton. 
The earl li. March 171 <>, and wm succeeded by bin ion, 

John, 3d earl, A. 19 Nov. \W2. At the cnnlMMd eleelJa^ 
for a repreaentative ni [he Scots peerage, I'icv the mATiJUMi Of An- 
nandale, demised 1721i his right to the peerage wfta oppc 
eldest Imither, who commnnly vent under ihe dealgnali 
Ormertie, being then alive ; and although it might be true tbM 
he had a disponitiOD or nomination from hit ' ' - -■ ' 
and dlgtiity of earl of Breadalbane, yet inch dispoci 
nation could not conrey the honoun ; nor cmld th< 
lually grant a peerage to any person and such heir as be siioulA. 
name, inch pnunt being inumiistent with (be nature of apearaga, 
and not agreeable to law, and also n-ithoiit prefedent:" thCM 
objections, however, were overruled. The Mirl as., Ut, Fnuic«i| 
3d da. of Henry Cavendish, 2d duke of Newoaitle, by < ' — 
(»'ha d. 4 Feb. 11190} he had no issue ; and Sdlv. 23 May 
Henrietta, Sd da. of sir Edward Villiers, knt., tiner of the \ti 
earl of Jersey, and by her (who d. 1 Feb. 179U) had ' 

I. JuHK, Sd eart. 

H Anvils ami Ci _ _ _ _ 

Tbe Mrl d. 23 Feb. 17B2, and trai auawded by his only ton, 
JOIIH, 3d eaH, E.B., h. 16»6, ta.. 1st, 17A1, AmalielUiteGrv^ 
ddest da. and 00-h. of Henry, dukt of Kent, K.U., and by bt£ 

it father to the honoilrt. 

(who if. March 1727) had is 

SARLS. 611 

L JKMIKA* Ai. • Oct. ITSa t tnrridHi bar gnBdfftther. th« dvke of Koit. m 
llMiMt Lttcsi, of C'nidwell, and marchknen de Grey. Vide title Dk Gkby 
kttv Pcoaoe of Eurianil. 

ne carl m., 2dly, 23 Jan. 1730, AnibellA, 3d, btit 2d snnlving 
^ and hm of John PenhaD, by Charlotte, da. of Thomas, lord 
GricMpper, and by her (who d. 1 Sept. ^^92) had issue, 

S. baomas. d. AprD 1744. 

^ Jowr, loffd Glmordiy, b. 2S Seot. 1738, m., 96 Sept. 1761 , Wilheimlna. 2d 
mAwoMmxaoa* da. and co-h. of William Maxwdl. ofPratoD, a branch of the 
MfiBiAde f^anfLj, titter of Mary, counteis of Sutheriaod, and who d, 14 Nov. 

The cari dm 36 Jan. 1782, without surriTing male issue, and 
wish lum the male desc^idants of the 1st earl became extinct ; 
bet the titles, being granted with remainder to heirs male gene- 
nl, devolved on his kinsman, 

JoHX, preaent and 4th earl, who is son of Colin CampbeU, of 
Carwhin, esq., who <L 1772, and grandson of Robert Campbell, 
«f Berelaad, who was 3d son (but only one who left issue) of 
Cofin Campbell, of Mochaster, next brother of John, father of 
the 1 at earl. 

Heir ApparmU — Johv, lord Glekoscht, son of the earl. 

Cr«alioyu^Baronet of Nova Scotia, 30 May 1G25; Earl of 
Dreadalbane, Viscount of Tay and Paintland, Lord Glenorchy, 
Benedoraloch, Ormerlie, and Weik, 18 Aug. 1681, with prece- 
dency from 28 June 1677? to the Ist earl, and the heirs male of 
the body of the son by him dpAignated to succeed him, remainder 
to his issue male, remainder to his nearest legitimate heirs male 
whatsoever. Biuron Dreadalbane, of Taymouth Castle, 13 Nov. 


Anmit See Plate 5R. Quarterly of 4. Ut. Gironny of 8 or and table— Camp- 
BCLL. 2Dd. Argent, a lymphad with safl^ furled andoart in action, table — Lorm« 
aird. Or, a fett chcquy azure and argent— Stcwart of Lom. 4th at ltt« 

Crmtft — A boar't head eraied, proper. 

SiHppofter^— Two ttagt proper, attired and unguled or. 

JfoTto— Follow me. 


Viscount Formartine, Lord Haddo, Methlic, Tarves, and Kelliest, 
in the Peerage of Scotland ; and Viscoimt Gordon, of Aberdeen, 
CO. Aberdeen, in that of the United Kingdom, and a Baronet of 
Nova Scotia, K.T., M.A., F.R.S., F.S.A., and F.H.S., ChanceUor 
of the University of Aberdeen, President of the Society of Anti- 
quaries, London, and a Governor of Harrow School ; bom 28 
Jan. 1784; succeeded his grandfather, Georp^e, the late earl, 13 
Aug. 1801 ; created a peer of the United Kingdom, by the title 
of \iscount Gordon, of Aberdeen, 1 June 1814 ; married, 1st, 28 
July 1801, Catherine-Elizabeth Hamilton, eldest surviving da. 
of John -James, 1st marquess of Abercom, K.G., and by her (who 

rf. 29 Feb. 1812) bad issue, 1. Jane, b, 11 Feb. 1807, d. 21 

July 1824; 2. Carolike-Catherive, b, 28 March 1808, 

d. 24 July 1818; 3. Alice, b. 12 July 1809, d. 21 April 

1829. The earl m., 2dly, 8 July 1815, Harriet, \'isoounte8» 
Hamilton, relict of viscount Hamilton, eldest son of the mar« 


IS of Abercom, and da. of tlie hrm- John Douglw, ttn ei 
lea, IStb earl of Morloii, and has iuue, 4. UEOROE- 

JOHN-JAMES, Itrd Uadrh, b. 20 Sept. lOldi— & Alex. 

«NDEB, 1. Dec IfllJ ! e. FhavcEs, b. 4 Dft. IBIB ; Ji. 

*" 1, March 1824 ; — -8. a Sos, i. Nov. 1820. 

The origin of the lUiiwrinua house of Oordon will be round 
under the title of duke of Oordon; but it ma; be here olMeirei' 
ibu liie principal line terminated early in an heircn, vrho m. • 
Alexander Seion, whose deacendanu aasumed Uie maternal njuni 
while the hmil; represented l>^ the earl of Aberdeen baa cni 
tiniisd uniutMTuptedlv in a male line of desMnl. A CuRVnl 
[raditiun is, that hii lordahip derives hi> deicent from tlie Ber- 
tiand de Oaurdon who shot the fatal arrow nl king Rlrbard 
Cieiir de Lion, and that the creil of (be Aberdeen family, two 
arnia, iu the act of letting fly an arrow fram a bow, and ihrir 
motto, "/arfuna tfqnatar," bear alluiion to thii evenl. Crav- ' 
furd, on ibe other hand, in bis livei of the olEren of state, d«- 
rii-os the earl from a sir Wiliiam Gordon, a jroungw brother of 
the principal houH living in the reign of kini; Edward I. gT 
Engluid. In conieqiience, however, of the iiujierfect ilate Q 
(lie Scotch records, and the deatniction of itie family pa)«M^ 
dnriog the civil wars, the pxact descent of the Alierdeen famil]'' 
caunot be cleurlj' ascertained liigber than 

pATHicK Oordon, of Alethlic, ilnin at the liaitle of Ar« 
bruath, 1445 ; eighth in Uneal descent Irom whom was 

Sir JouK, of Slethlic and Haddo, crested a baronet 10431 
but tiro years nfler, beheaded at Edinburgh for bis loyalty to kiojr' 
Charles 1.; leaving issue, by Mary, da. of William Forbes, oC' 
Tulqiihonn, 2 Goiit ; sir John, who if. IG85, leaving; an only da.. ' 
Jean, ». sir James Gordon, of Lesmoir, hart. ; and 

SirGEOBOE GoHDOir, who was, by Charles IL, n 
of the judges of session, and president uf the counoil, af... _ 
lord chancellor of Scotland ; and, 30 Nov. IfleS, created eu-l if 
Abtniten. He ni. Anne, da. and h. to Ueorge Lockbart, of Pa^ 
breaks, and had. 


2. Wll.1 

m- John tJdiieT, ot thnl 

MduIUGrntirdoBi BDil lllT. gn. Soauan 

If Alexauder, 3d duke of OoN' 



Thr ewl d. 1746, and wu mcreeded by hU cUat nn, 
GEoaoE, Sd earl ; m. Csllicriue, d*. of OvnU Hwiiii. irf 
Vakffield, to. York, esq., and bjr ha (vho d. li Maidi Ml;) 

1. GBDiiaic. btd Hvldo, &. n Jn. 1744, and ^ dotaallK U* 
iftll.»Oa.l7W. ImiiMn... IBJuBci;w.CIi«la((c.T<>aW>lda Na«liTtli.a>> HadnUnnai, lu.. iWRafMn-i^iDnMI 
fjCA nut K.r-, ud tiT bnjiAo t, gSa. ussi lud iwn. 

1. OzOKBE, 4tli «uL 

r, K.C.B.. Unii.-niL |> ihc n 

l*^** of Goo* H», 

«. The ilghi has. ilr Babul, &CJ..i»1m h Iiii 
7. JSftii. ajt H.N. 

«. Ah va. HI., a' July 17H77^i>ud nMe,aq.,iif Ski 
■« d. B rirti. Wl. 

The earl d. 13 Aug. 1801, aged 82, and v 

.yd> Mall.u, Tork. 
(uCcMded by ^ 

GEORoe.HAHiLTOH, pretcRi and 4ili nrl, Itc Tucouot Gnr. 

^<>r Apparent — Visoninl FohujirTII:e, the fzl't ira. 
Crealimt — Baronet of Notb Scolia, lC3il ; Eari of Aberdeen, 
TUcoHDt of Formanine, Lord Iladdn, MetUir. Twvtn, uiJ 
;, 30Nin-.IG82; VUoininlOardan,in tlie Peer- 

Kdlie>(,lrr patent, 30 Not. IG82; \ 
llge of tlie United Kingdom, 1 June 

lining II; u uTD* 

Finouile. and Baron AIuitbv, of Blur, Moulin, and TiUetaMI, 
i<>ml|G2,tua:«dedliurathFr,Jobn, thelatetsrl, in Feb. 1809; 
marruil, i Aug- 1803, hit couaJn-f^ennaD, Stuaji HunQtoa, 3d 
da. if Archibald, 9[h duke of Hamilton and Bnuidon, (by Hfn- 
rietu Slewt, da. of Alexander, 7lh carl of Galluwajr, b^ Ca- 
tkerine, da. of Jobn, earl uf Dundonald.) and by her bat tuur, 

1. ALEXANDER, niwfinf Fiiiaulk, t. I June 1801 ; 

». Ch4BI,es^voVsTC», b. 22 Nov. IBOG i 3. llEMBV-Aa- 

THOxr, G. 10 Jan. 1810. 

Lord CiuKLEB MUSIUV (3dMn (if John, let mBrqnai (tf 
Atlioll, and of Amelia Stanley, by nliom ibe «orerei([my at the 
1«I« of Man, and the bariHiy of Strange caoie iutu (he AibuU 
family) wan created lU Aug. 1(UI0, earl of Oiiniaort. Tbn>U|^ 
hii father, be waa Bih in descent from John Sieirart, call of 
Athiill, irho wai uicrine brother u Janieii II. king of Scotland, 
and ion of queen Joanna, consort of king James I. and da. of 
John de Bemifort, earl of Someniel, son of John of Oaiint, diike 
of Lancaster, and grandaoD of king Edvard HI. Bvbis mother 
he was 8ih in descent, through the Stanleys, carls of Dvby, and 
Cliffords, enrls of Cumlierland, from Mary, duchess of Soffdk, 
and queen dorager of France, da. of king HanrvVII. ; and 
through her mother Charlotte de la Treinouaille,' CDuntets of 
Derby, h« irsa nearly related to several of the cniwnoA hmds ef 
" The earl m. Cathenne, da. of Robert Waiu, of Uert- 

foni, i 

d had is 



7. Uiaaiar. m. PUrlck, M lonl Klnnalid. 
*. CiTllial'Ka" mliU^'xia^NSn^'^ 

Tli« Mrl rf. 1 7 10, and wu succeeded bv bis tau, 

Janir, 9d ear!, on* of the 10 representaiive peers for Scnduid 
InftvpnarliaTnenU) ri, mni. | a April 1752, and wa» sticcceded 
by his brother, 

William, 3d eari, n. Catherine, da. of lord William Slum/. 
hti tinde, irho liocame lord Nairn, by marrying Margiuet, lb* 
beirtsi of that family, luid li*d issue, 

l eiiuVKTii. «.. ihE m. John Munij. unrltlo thi-duliaof \(haI1. 
Ha lonUup being in the reliellioD in 17^6, wu arraigned for 
it fUDC M ibe csnn held at Soulhwark, and plmded guUtV, In 
1746, but mciTFd his majesty'a pardon. Bti lordship d. JD De& 
1 (Ml uid wss sncceeded by ht> gMhc >on, 

iona, 4lh earl : ni., 21 Feb. 17J)Q, Ciiarlolte StewBrI, da. of 
AJaander, 7th earl of (jaUoway, (bv Atine Kdih, da. of AV'il- 
lim, Sih rart marisdial,) and by her (whod. 11 Nuv. 181B] lind 

1. Geokce, prcKDt earL 

. JHBrBLNl; 4. Juih law. 

, CA-niBBiiia, M., M Nay I7R. Ibc hm. Edwuil Bouicrlc, UtKlwr 

*. Hit of RadJMr, ■Bdi(.7Jul) 1710. 

. AtAtnrTAj (aulboTlKil by hl> nuJcttVp li^ rJcI. JfKKE. nut of miwct la 

:^ Ctem llirlteaQy<tf De AnMlADd, to lake au] uh ilu iumBm* of 

Sdhr, 4 Dec. 1710. It St. Ueorw^i Huvvrr Squaie. Lonilon 
ofiBMu Vtadnkk, duks of Suifn, ilxtli ana onttaii Otoige I 

LuIHTIn the prrfogAtlvt n\ 
md'cUdlHAiig. ^. md 

UyAiB if. n Pa. uan. 

f. Bumav, ■i.,in,7 JutTlTra, JoKph ThornF.nq.i Idly.Juhn Diew.i 
■d. Ufy. HI AuE. IM. tl* m. Aich<Md-Ed«id doiiglu, rectn of Dan 
»n and OoQviitn, bi litfaiid, ind rf. Id JSffi. 


X Johu-Harrjr, b. su 

BmUy or Virginia, of which hli lordiliip wu ihCTi Roi nnoi. 
_ le earl d. niBrtrh 1R0!>. and wa> siicceedod by bis eldssi iDn, 
OeoaoE, preacnc and Gth oarL 

/Tiir Apparent — AlexaMDEB, riicount Fincaitle, Kon "( 
''it prei«ul earl. 

* u — Earl of Dunmorii, Viicount Fineutle, and Baron 
If Blair, Sloutiu, uid TiUunoci, 16 Aug. 18H8. 
■ure flwy coitnterfli 

ily of III « aod labit 
ronJ^nH il the u|ip« pan of tin 



S, WTMIbsl ibdul Ihc ImililB Mia imlU. 
c Tlitht hud ■ mati. anal [n Uw leTi ■ ki 
■ Iwn fful^. gorffii vith ■ pUin rallar m 
gait- SMrtrr. 4 UVBge pmpw. wrmUli 
oaki hii fHt In frILen, Ule duln held In h 

Kirkwall and BanmeM D^^hmoni ; bom i Rept. IJ61 
ended her mothor, JIary, (he Ule couiiless, 10 May ITiW . 
riwi, 11 Dec 1777i theW. ThomM Fitzmanrive, of IJewinn^ 

Hall, CO. Denbigh, 2d «on of John, earl of Shdbume, add "- 
..f vi';ii..^ I. 

'., (wlwi 

brother of Wilham, lit marquen of Ijansdoi 
S8 Oct. 1703,} >nd had iune, John, vi.count Kirkwall, KR. aoA 
SjI., b. 2 Oct. 1778, d. 2.1 Nov. 1B30, having a., 18 Aug. , 

Anim-AIaria Blai|iiiere, eldest da. of John, Ut lard de Bhuuda«( 

K.B., and leaving i»ue, 1. THO MAS-JOHN- HAM I LTON- 

FITZMAURICK, ritanint KirkvaU, h. B Aug. 1803, w., li 
Man-h 1S36, CharloCle-Isabella, 9d du. of lord Boelon, and hn 
iuue : I. George- William.IIataillojt, b. G May IH27 i 2. ttmrr- 

Warremlcr, b. ^ July 1826 i 8. M':lliam.Eii»*bd, 1. 

Alarcb 1U05. 

Gbobqe Hamilton, lit earl of Orkney, was 6th wn of 
Williiun, duke of Hunilcon, b. IGUG, and created eaii at Orkntff 
visDount Kirlnimll. and barnn Dey/imotil, 3 Jiui. 189G i hairw 
bred to anna, and dUtinguished himielf l>y hia hmicty uid pt>' 
lani oondnct ai the battle* of tbe Doyne, Agrini, SleiDkuf^i 
Lauderi, Oudcnarde, Ramillies, Hochiiei, &.C-, and in tlie (tr— * 
of Atbloiie, Limirick, and Namur : at the attack of tbe la-._^^ 
place he waa itppoinled a brigadier by king M'iUiaai, 1 Mard^ 
1689; 1703, be WBi madu a major and lieul.-gen. : I7IO1 svoni 
of the privy countKl, ond Biijiointpd general of fuoi in Flaodera, 
wliere be Mrved iu 1712, under the duke of Ortiiond; in 1T14, 
kppoinled gentlemui of the bedchamber to Ueocge !■■ >nd nofn 
nor of Vii^Dia ; and, in llie aiiumencemenl of the rogn a 
George II., pronniad to tbe rank of fieldjDardial, kndgomiKk 
of Ediuburgb Cwtle. The earl m., 1605, Eliiobeth, ddctt da. ^ 
lit Edward Villiers, knu, gamrnor of TyiionnuUi Caitfe, aa^ 
knight -nmnhal of the king's houwliold, iiiaix of George VilUa*^ 
3d riMount Grandiion, and tisler of Kdn-aH, Ist tnrl of JcMerT 
and by her (n-ho founded the Engllih tchool al MiddletOQ, en. 
Cork, and .J. 10 April 1733) had iuue 3 das., vii 

I. Ahme, connleM of Orkney. 

The earl d. witbout i 

I. Jcjia Dv;l>. etk m 

g Jan. 1737, and wai 

right, n> , 2B Uarch I720, ^I'illiam O'Bryeu, 4ll> earl ot ImjA. 

S'a, K.B^ and • loni of tht bfdfhitnUr (o Frr^lrrlck, pHnc* of 
Jei, and bjr him (who n.. 3iUy. lit On. 17»l. Oit Wu Mary 
**- -^ ad dm. (rf AicfliBn, riKumnt Mountouhd, and A IB JoJy 


T'c^ ._LL . .,jLii iiiitMi male, 6 Dec i^M, uid »>• nif- 

mEi^ 1>y Kit Mttt .Is., 

Lodf MaIT O'Bbibm, eoanUn (rf Orknpy in her own rMlt. 
... Mmirb USX, ha fintt (»uu■^ Alurniugh O'Hrwn, 0th Mrl 
1^ Induqnln, l>L marcjiieH oT Tbnnunnl, Knd IbI liBran TtiiniWHid, 
<it Tx/tow in Enfclnnd. K.P„ and by him (wliD n., Idty. S& Jnlf 
t;93.3fary. da. of Ji>hn Tonington, co. I>evnn, «•■)., 
In- Ote da.'of ihe rpv. mr. Rrfnold*, tntor In air Jualiua Rtf- 
wdd*. knt., and tl. 10 Ffib. iaU8) had an ooly Hirrlring da., 

IIaMT, iIic pmrnl ounlesi. 
Tbe RruiiUca dl 10 May 1790| and iru moMcded liv hrr oal* 

MasV. pmenc MunteM of Orkney in her o«n riglii. 
liiir ^ppartnl—Taoitts-Jaaii Uamiltoh, vImouiiI Kibe- 
I ALi., gnud*»D of the countSM. 
r:'f«Bi>BA> — Eari of Orluiaj-, Vitoauni Kirkwall, and Baron 

^ni|i kMH luln. HHlcnrtftir u loipalalrto^n (uU. «i ■ (hW uuit thn* 

Kil^nkii. duca!lTraU«i4 uil iIuIbM 

dBAFIBI-D, ViKoiinl of RciJhai'cn, I»rd OffiMr, ..f Owkford 
^ OiRvn ; nuveerfnl his nnnin, Jakki, J\b wri of Finillaler, 
mi -Mt (wHof geafietd, a Oct. lail. 

gir Waltf-k Omi.viK. of Dcikford and Findlitn-, dnronded 

'nwt n v-~>it''ii!«' )>rkiwh of ihe hnuve 'if Ojcilvin, of Afrtir. mu 

' .1 (i^Jnr, of DMkfurd, 4 On. 1010 ; hi* w>n aniT hHr. 

] tiird, o-M fHnhirr advancrf li) thr liUfi <if w\ at 

_N> Feb. 1G38.U> him and die helia male of hh V-lv t 

no male iwniv, fl'loinnl a new pateni, IHOrt. 1041, 

..■ iii!<», afierhi« dmth, upon iir Patridi <igx\vir,at 

I^'hisHrtin. urbohid m. hit Hdeit da. EliKabeth, and the hefn 

■mIc o( bis body. Cir Patrick became 2d eari, aud dying loan. 




only son, Jakes, Sdaart, who <L 1711, >nil was tue- 
tiy buelilcMMtn, 
JuMEB, 4th earl, K.T., who, duriiig hii fatber'i Uttrtiiat, irts 
creuli-d, 28 June \O0S, visoaanl Stajidd, And 34 June 1701, rari 
of Saafitlil, viscount of RddhaTeu, with reniaiiider, on failure of 
iuue male uf bis budf, to his other hers of eotail. H« vas a 
Uwyor of high celebrity, uid suocestively appointed solidinr. 
gen. and secretary uf state fur Scotland, lord chief harnn of Ihe 
exchequer, and high cunimiislani'r to the general auenihly of the 
church: m. Auiie, do. of sir William Dunbar, of Durn, and 
dying \^SI}, was succeeded by his son aud heir, 

' Jaues, 6th earl of Pindlatcr, and 2d earl oF SeafieM, on 
the l(i represenlatire peers fnr Scotland, 1734, 1741, 17*7- 
17A4, and vice-admiral of iiootland, n. Elizabelb, da. of Tho 
Hbt, Bth earl of Kinnoul, and had issue, 
1. Jaues, 6th earl. 


._. —1, Muj-Aiui*, oilf diti<4 

m Oaam. nA hs> lMu<.tHHaBd.| 
Nov. ItKli 4- ItarfarM, m., 10 JMM 
. Kln|(. Hq,. of L™murdlr, CO. FSgIa: h. ri inA 
tbrn Indin ml iheli tmlhs, hl> mi^iit) «■ (»■ 
clfmxLy plMjBd, 31 July lUfi, to gnni the prttedoicr of too tai '*— ** 

3> ANffB, HI. JohTii U arlof Hopetoun- 
The earl d. 9 July 17B4, and was succeeded by bii only m . 
Jasie). Bch enrl, who d. ^ Nov. 1770, leaving an only chiU, 
James, 7th rarl, on whose death, without iuue, 5 Oct. 1811, 
the earldom of Findlater, which was limited lo the hein 
the body of the first earl, h«rai^a atinci i but (he nrldom dE 
Seafield, nud the other titln created by the paicnt uf I701| < 

Lewib^lekander Okant, prueni and &ib earl of Senfiei^ 
who has assumed the name of Ogilvie- 

Iteir PmumpHre — The hon. FBAsiclB-M'lt-LiAit ORAXfg 
the earl's brother. 

CTealion~U June 1701. 

Impccl^'^mJar. £i o£?<Vr*iul ilgnfl 
«a •nd M niv, thiw BBtem cioviu «— (In 

CWdib— lit. A lion raAiput itBtdSDl itulcip notinftTik 
pluoib-rute proHT^OaiLvr. Bmt A moiinUin Ln flaj-"" 

XnBpveirrr^t>rjtirr^ a Uin OBTclflOt fillip S^H'rfo' 

round Uia teuiiilB «d makt oltb »k, and hnldmnai 

(OVKT, and Babon of STAIR, Vi^mat Dalrymple, BaiN 
Dalrymple, uT Newliilon, QlenliiM, Slmnran-rr, and a Bamnoi 
born lli Nov. 1784 i succeeded hii cousin, Johu, the Uie enl. 



larouv of DiilryRipIp, cd. Ayr) ocvun iii ftiutrb rrcnnli — buIt 
M ibe nth ontur*. ITiUm <Ar ZMry-^. u>«lar oT tbe 
ml, haii ■ pBpKl di^iniMinD, In I4M>. tomarr)- hb kiniwiaaiui, 
Agimt Kenned]', iritli vboni he iHi|uired the hnda of Suir< 
MonmoniiTr, oj. Ayr ; af[hili in dcHwnl from hnn "m 

Jakes DAt-BTHfLK, o^ Stair. /» ICIVi • Inrduf HBlnaboih 
daring ifae uturjMlca, and Bfier the rtBtaratlnn of klDi: L'harlm 
II.: pmidantof Uu eoun of HBioa, ic;! i iratBd. 2t April 
ICtM, viKOonl uf StoJr, aad lord Glnhicr ami Hn«ir««n-. lie 
4. 23 NtiT. I use, and wa* Micovded tif ln> eM«i Mn, 

Jotix. 2d viuouBt, crnited. 8 April I7D3. larl of .^Aiir. t1>- 
cnuni Omlrfmflt, lord Newlitlon, lilenhice, uid Mnuinivpr ; m. 
£liia>>*th, <!>. Hid h. of >ir John [hindaji, uf NewUiton, ro. Liu- 
I'rilignw, Mid hH<1 i«gllp, 

I..I0HS, adrarl. 

I. Wtt-LtAX, vho luttredEd to I>ir title of oul of Diim- 
' fris, and becamt aba Ith carl of 8iair. 
a. Jaukb, ad eari of Stair. 
~ m, IB. EuplMne, Am. 1^ tH AbiIkii Wrtton. of 0(«h< u><t h*J 

(. wnilm. ino. In ilMUini. •>.. I1S<vl i;v, Miitl*BB*-I>a«tliir. 
'Nte.of ilrlioEKn Kitluul.Drsi-nHiihtus Hill - ~ ~ " ■ - — ' 


Id. flf f*|>tr>uihtuB Hill. itk. SulT'ilkt 1] 
r l>llaJ.MEKI. i;H)ui(inlT>D°' 

d byliucUcMtOn, 
and aocaa Uma comi 

rv faiUn^t tDcb, to iheportomoc panon* daacandad of the It 
otunt, a* he ■hould appoint, and. fuliug nich nomination, to ttio 
9d Mil of his next brother, Williuu, with other nniainden. Tlio 
mtI n. Eleanor, 4th da. of Junea Cempball, earl of Londmn , and 
widow uf James, riioount PrimroK, and baning no i«ue Inr bl* 
lady, (wIki d. Der. \1M,) he, io 1 74l, eiecntod a deed, nondnat. 
lux J'>hn, niD of hit 2d bnnher, George, to uxreed ui hS> ilUra 
aad eotsteo. He d. D May I747, when thv sucomi'm *M i»n. 
Uauei by hi* imi nepheira, John, (cluming under the carr* nD< 
Mt natioa in 1747,) wd Jsiiia,8d Kniof the earl'a nnt hnilher, 
Bolb the dsimanu voted, u en rl of Stair, il the ebw> 
Br», 1747, hut the houw of Iiiril> dpcidnl, 
n favour of Janes, and igainit the IfKa'i'y "( thr 
ytheMearl, I747. 
t, Dd fwi, thin iiicxvedinH to the title, d. withuiii jtmif, 
', aud iru aocceeded bv hin elder Imither, 

I, earl of Dumi'rieii, and 4th eirl of Suir, wlin ;di>o 
at nirviviuf[ iuiie, ITHS, the tiilea BtlenKtli rievidveil 

u SMrcenled bj 



banker, In London ; he dl 13 Ort> 17G9. on 

Juh'k, Uth ourl, one nf the reprMentalive jwen fur Scotland 
in lenral parllunenu, d. 1 June 1B21, withoni iwue, and tram 
Bueceedod by hii eoiisin, 

JoHK-WiLLiAM-UEHnr, pr««nl and ^ih rorl, 

Hmr PrtaitmpHiu — Ti) the vLwounty of Stair only, sir John 
Djkl.Rr>tl>LE, of Oxenfard, ban., deicended from Janun Dal. 
rymple, Oioti brother of the tit earl. 

CrMtiont — Baronet uf Nova Scotia, 1661 ; Bnron Olentuce ai 
StranraK-er, Viiconnt Stair, 20 April lOlH); Lnril Newliiton, 
VlKounl Dalrymple, and Earl uf Stair, B April 1 70.1. 

Sii|i»«r(«rj— Two Umi pr 


BERRY, Viicount Rose" 

meny, Primrore, and Cbsi ... 
the IGPeemforScotlandin the present Parliament; Aom KOtti 
1783 { BUcfeeded hii father, Neil, the late earl, 23 March I BU || 
marrird. lit, 20 May IHOU, Henrietta, 3d da. of llie hon. BanlMk^ 
lamBn- Bouverie, 3d ion nf M'illiam, Isi carl of Radnor, (wUch* 
marriage wai diiMilved bv act uf parliament, 1016,) and b~ 
issne, 1. ARCHIBALD, iord Zto/mffny. i. a Oct. IBOB j -^ 

2. HAuniET. 6. 13 Oct. IBIO: 3. Mabv.Ahhc, b. AprOI 

IKla, d. \0 Mav loai; 4. BovvEaiG-yEAycis. b. 19 Sepfc 

10)3. Theenrl m., 3dly, 13 Aug. 1010, the hon. Anne-Mvo. 
garet Anion, eldest >isU>r of the present vimunt Amon, and hM' 

iwiiie, 6. Akne, i. 22 Aug. 1820 j 8. Louia*. 4. 4 M» 


The sumame of Primrose is local, and derived from the Undl 
of Primrose, in Fife. DiiFinin PrJnrow, the iniraedial 
of the earl of Roaeberry, bowei'er, was sealed at ('ulroas, ca. Portb, 
iu the reign of queen .Mary. He was Krandfaiher nf Jamft Print- 
rote, who was bred to tlie law, and tilled the office of elerk to tht 
privy ouundl. from 1603 till his death, lUll. He m. SrbiU 
Aliller, and had issue nineteen childreu, nf whom his (eoand, bn 
eldest surviving ion. 

Sir AacHiBALD, succeeded his father in the offloe of clerk •(■ 
the privy^ouncil ; was created a baronet of Nova Scotia, I Atu 
1B31 ; ill 1660, appointed lurd regiitrsr of Scotland ; and I' 

lion, by tbe style of lord Carringlm 

j^liiabeth, eldest da. e 

:n-h. of sir Janm Keitl^ J 

of Benhfllm, 3d ton of George, 5ih earl DlHrisabal, by wbom b 
lutd Uiiie (besides other children,) a ion, lir 
Mary, 3d da. of Patrick Scott, of Thirleslane 

ing iuue awn, ■/omcj, who. 1703, n-ai crea - -. 

rose, lurd Primiv>e, and Castlelicld, lu bim and the heirs nuJe of' I 

hi* kadr. wfafatb fniUoR M A» bots maUuT tl>* h«lT(* w fn ^ il 


*rl of Ildieh«rrv. • 

aU A.. 3<Uv. AffnM, d>. oT ai'r n'itlinn Un.7. itf PlIM]. 

Mill </. S; Sot. 1C;iI. laivliig Una liy hi> M vir^ 

•rl iiT RcMitmny, i. IH tVir. lOM, toni 
Im affnin nT !tciitliui<l al Uw p<irl<id of 
■J, I Asrit 17m. tixmiDt Hmrtrrrf. I 

aiBjtro, lut mtI hT Rn*twn7, h. IH Dk. lOM, tonk ■ 
cuncpwnoiis put in lb* tXtan at !tciitliui<l al Uw fim\ai of iIm 

T5i«1.«, M «ri. 

I 1703. I 

I iiliiiio, liird DiJiueiiy uiil I'ninroMi rr- 
'!>, wnooi falUiiK, to liii iMuc {nimJi' I ■>. 
Ill'- child and Ii. of KvrringtiUD Ci««t- 
I . npfwcnutive of thr ■■■cirnt TwiiiliM 
. Itimn, CaoK, uid NuniutBilUa 1 hhI 
.■•idea Ove kou knd ihrco d**., vba 4. 

a MiKi*n,M., ItMnriilTM. Alnodn', M)i miI of CiMIibim. 
Tbc ^1 d. si On. I72X >n^ *** BiGcmlnl li^ hi* ton. 

J«MEa. td nfl. i. lOmt, m. Mary. fU«i d>, o( tint liim. Julia 
CiMpbdI. of Mamurc, iiid •iiun- trf Jidm. 4th duke of Argvll, 
gavl by Iwr (*be J. S May 1756] lud Ihup, 


I ~,Si, and VM ■iici.'vrdcd by hU Hon, 
..... lit, lg »li]> l7rM, nutn. T«inmi 
1. of UixrW, «. Norfnik, IwnJ. and by 
;nhuliioiwiri ■i>dtdly.l7J<>lrm»- 
Iruioii Vlnetiii, ban., hj Mafy, da. M' 
. .lid, ttrphnw «t FtBDrii. Iiinl Howard, of 
'■K>rgF Howard, K.t)., and by lier [wliii 

I. lloirWulia MwiibaO. ot Lki- 



i vu tuonwded hj hU ddeit fm, 
■Dd 4ih carL 

lurd Djilhekt, the earl* 

The esri i- 39 aiarch 1814, ai 

AbcHiBald-Joux. pmen 

Ifeif Apparmt— ' 
eldeil HW. 

Cnalumi — Butmel of tiov% Smtia, I Aug. 1651; ViMonnl 
ol RiMeberry, Lord Vrimrtae, and Dalnieny, 1 April 1700, Eari 
nf ItoMberry, Viwounl InverkeicliiDg, lord Dalmeny uid Prinu 
rote, 10 April L703. 

jirnu—Stt PUtp 30. Qatnaiy lat m 

ThepdannlDalaf Pmiiiuiiii, vbi.i 

(Vf^T — A dtml lun fculd. hnldln; In 

Malla-IIVt elJUtida. By fillb >iul 

GEOROE BOYLE, Exnt of GLASGOW, Vurount Ecl- 
Imme, and Lord Bovle, of Kelburne, Slewanoun, Cumbnioa, 
Fenvick, L«r|[M, and Dnlry in ihe Peerage of Scotlaod, and 
Bnron Rms, of Kawkgtead, c». ReDfrew, in that of the I'nitsd 
Kingdcmi. F.B.5. and F.S.A., Lord.Lieut. on. Ajr; lucceH 
hih lather, David, the lale earl, 12 March 1776; created a Pi 
of the Uiiiud EiDgdom by the litte of Barnn Rihs, of Han 
mead, Gd. Renfrew, 11 Aug. 1015: bom 3G March 1766: m 
Hrdf i March 1708, Auguata liny, da. of Jarna, 14th earl of 
Errni, uid by her («ho, in 1806, iiuccceded to her gtandfsllier, 
■ir WilJiam Can-'a etMie, nf Etal, on. Nonbumberlaod, and rrba 

il. 33 July lBa-2) hag ksue, 1. Joan, viuwunt Eelbume. ik 

Aug. 1TU9, R.N.,(f.6Man:h 1B18; S. Isabella, k 7 July 

ITWtj S. JAMES, BiieouM Kelliunui, lieuE. R.N., took Uis 

•iimKIDO of Cut ia addiliou to and before that of Boyle, by in 
kIuu manual, Aug. 1828 ; 6. 10 April 1702 ; m., 4 Aug. 1821, 
mill liny Mackenzie, da. of the I>te Edward-IJiy Hadiende, of 

A'ewalt Mid Cromarty, «M|.; 4. Klizaiieth,^. l^Oi,d.m^m, 

I Feb. 181«j 6- Atiec«TA, i. UAug. 1801, m., 19 Maf 

lUdl, Frederick Fitxclarence, Itui foot, brother of ih« 

I'uimttM of Errolj 0. Wili-iah, l>. 1802, rf. 7 Sept. 1819, 

The twrl «., 2dlf, 13 Nor. 1824, Julia, da. of (he right hon. .if 
Johii Siiidlur, bikrt. 

In the rdgn of Atexnnder III. sir liichani Bnylr, of Kdburnt^ 
n. MBncery. d*. ^^f lir Walter Cunningham, and had /f-.'.-rt, hi> 
hvir, irhii,139fi.w*i>>'rieof tlieharont of North Brilaian'luiBvni** 
kll«)[iaiic« til Kilward I. of Kngland i nnd from Um dtMUided 
Hugo lit Boytr, who, IHStt. gave hit landt to tb* monki of Paia. 
ley. for the welfare of hit ttvM. Fnuo hiia descended JiAn BogU, 
of Kolbumc, vha wai killed at the baitio of BuiDodtlnim, with 
MnR Jainei lit. 1 440 : from him dmnoided 

P«V10 DOVLR, of Kethume, Ut earl, aha n-ai. 'A\ Jul. ICJU, 


■ .-iiM) lord BofU, of KefliarnB, AtawMtdan, TuntintM, IjHm, 
^■\ IMrf \ uuU IS April ITU, mH of Gkugate. rjKnntit IM- 
hanir. lord Boyk, of Sfanrwuun, CnmbnM. Kanwlch, Wir>^ 

■if KUboni}-, oq., UHcr of Uio lit ' ~ " ■ ■ i 

I. JoBK, adisrL 

It TlMmat GMnuick, kod had 

The «wl M^ Sdlf, Jur. diL knd li. of WUIlMn Uura, of Rinr>l. 
k. Ayr, (M.. Uid br brr (who d. S SeM. 1734) hul 
UB. bHiw c< RonllH. -. Ill Jmu l-siipMI. K.A., kllM u tha 
3f Fmnoun i;u.aed HamaOauf M». Hi iwl ^ LsiiMn. and 

ThF avl d. I Nut. 173 


1738, aiul 

■. Ilrini. i%. of WraUm Slorrlxin. of PrvMoa 
Graugv, cu. Uaddiiiguiii, n^ liiLrr of C>th*rin*, Iwly (iinth> 
Bartr, ami June, timiuuiiUmi ArbuUinut, and by bar (whu d. 7 
July i;7»)>>^»''»> 
U WiLUAH. rf.|roi>ri|. 
' & Jonx. ad «wl 

irr, at Itumtttm. rti. Eil1n>illll(l. 
i-HmnlM nmwi. nT Ilanhill 104 

■ nulif- 17 1' I. ..!.■: ird b)r bl» •on, 

" Jonx, Sd i-flil, lirLrl liii;i| , - ^iiiulcnwFtn tliB jtoncnl *M««ilily 
^r Ihe kirti »l »cuili.ri,r. I7i.t to I77i, m.. II July 17Sft, YMtti. 
tirlb. ad rifc of littirgr. Idili l>inl Ituu. ■! I«igih •otc h. «f her 
l-nxber, Wtllbun, ISlb lord Itou, ind hy her (wtui <i. Ill Oct. 
17UI} hxl wue, 
I. iw», lont in**- ■<■ 


a cut dL 7 March 1771. and ww nanvdad by bli wii. 

SKoaas, pn*ent aiid 4Ui eui. 
^JMr .'IffVtMt-^aMKti, Timount KKLIcKHt. Uir tinrl'i 
■•CiMfidu— Lord lioylr, of KtlUuiu, Stcwuniti, Cam] 


id Dairy, to his i 

wbswoepcr, 31 J»n. 1699 ; E»rl of tilMjpnr, Viioount 

KdbaniB, Lnrd Boyle, of Slewu-tiniii, Cumbrara, Fenwiok, 
Luges, and Diklry, by pnWQt, 13 April 1703, Baron Rob, of 
HBwkateBd, co- Renfrew, ia the Peerage of the United Kiogdom, 
18 July IBiri. 

■frrw— Sffc PIUL' 113. Quancrl), 111 anil 4th. Or. iB lule -i>^ —^ h_^ 
dbplared |ii>B : acnatnr niifininulltHi far Ihr urlilom aroli 


Vlsoniut Milsington, Lord Purtniore, Blacknetn, and Co)]-ear,., 
and A Bomnet ^ En^and ; aucoeeriFd bja father, Charle*, tlis> 
late earl, IS Nor. 1033; marrial, SO May 17!I3, M«r)--Elinbe«i , 
Benie, only child of Urownlnir, ocli duke of Ancaster, aod hi> 

her (whorf. 10 Feb. 17II7) liiul iuoe, BaowNLOW-CliAmLK^ ' 

b. 4 Aug. 1700, who, on Uie disib of hi* grandfalher, BrownbHr. 
4uke of Ancasier, B Feb. IHIKt, luccradtd to hu vut panonal 
property: d. at Rome 8 Feb. ISIU, in caniteqiienGe of wouiiA 
received Croni banditti. 

Sir Alexander Robertton, of the family of Strowan, cxt. Pwthf. 
wai ereued a liaronet <rf England, dO Feb. 1677, and antlid bl 
Holland, where he acquired « eonsidvrable fortune, and ■unmaj 
the name of Cu/yeur. Be had a aoiu, >ir David, lit ewl, and 
IValler.Philip, lield manbol in the army, giireruur uf Naaur, 
171a, and d. at Mantridit Nov. 1747. aged W), leaping a dal. 
Elicabatfa, maid of bononr to ijueen Anne, and lady of the beda 
chamber to queen Caroline, m., Jan. I7l>lt, Lionel, lit duke of 
Donet, bv wliom she n-aa mother of Charles, 2d duke of Dorm, 
andff. 13'jnne ITdil. 

David Col^ear, Il.T., the ridesl son, vent a ndnatear frH> 
Enfold to the army of William, priuco of Orange, I074i Iwl 
the command of the Scots regiment in (he •ctvii.-e irif tba ittalaaof 
Rulhuid : oune over with king William, at the rovoluiioii. and 
aerved with distinguished galkucrj' iu Ireland. IGW and lOli^ 
and snbvequenlly in Flandon; «rB!i nrealed a peer of SniUod) 
by the title of lord Ferl<nore and BlnrkneiK, I June 1009. Hb 
lordahip bad the rank of general, and the oommand of Uw tt 
regiment of foot, 27 Feb. 17113 ; mmmnnded in FlaBden, Dtidw 
the duke of Onnond, 1713 ; fforertior of flihraltar, Aog. 17(1. 
Hii lordship was advanced to the dignitiea uf earl of Perlmtrt, 
viacount Milsington, and hird Culvou', 13 A|iril 1703) n. Cath*. 
rioe, oountess of Dorcheater, only child of sir <Jwrlea Sediey, at 
SaothSeld, CO. Kent, bart-, (by Catliurine Savage, do. of John, 
Mii of Rivera.) and by her (who was cteawd, 30 JuuB l(iW, 

eauls. MS 

Witme88 of Darlington and countess of Dorchester for life, and d, 

96 Oct. 1717} had issnte, 

1. Datio, ▼ttOMint MJklugton, m^, 1794» Bridget, da. at the hen. Jolia 
Nod* of Wakot, co. Northampton, 3d son of Baptist, Titooimt CamjxiflDj 
an their children d. in infanqf, and the viscount d. oefbre his father 10 Hardl 

2. Cha&lcs, 2d earl. 

The earl</. 2 Jan. 1730, and was succeeded by his only surviving 

CnAfti.E8, 2d earU K.T., b. 27 Aug. I7OO, m., 7 Oct. 1732, 
Juliana, da. of Roger Uale, of HaleweU, 00. X>evon, esq., rilict 
of Peregrine, 3d duke of Leeds, and by her (who d, 20 Nov. 
1794) had issue, 

1. David, viscount MiSfaigton, d. unnu 16 Jan. 1756. 

2., 3d earL 

3. Cakolutk, b. Dec 1733, m., 27 Oct. 1751. sir Nathaniel Cunon, of Kedle- 
»tane, 00. Derby, hart., created baron Scarsdale, in the peerage of Kd^mUI, 
1761, and 4I. 2 Feb^ 1812, leaving issue. 

4. J iLiAKA, b. 1736. m., 23 Nov. 1759, James Dawkins, of Standlinch« co. 

wots. esq., who d. June 1B14. 

Tlie earl d, 5 July I78&1 and was succeeded by his only son, 
William-Chakles, 3d earl, m., 6 Nov. 1770, Mary, 9dd«. 

of John Leslie, 9th earl of Rothes, tuid by her (who <f. 21 Marek 

1799) had issue, 

1. Thomas-Charles, 4th earl. 

2. William. lleut.-coL in the army. 

3. FnAXCia, d. 25 May 1787. 

4. John-David. lieut. 64th foot, rf. 19 March 1801. 

& Mabv. 6. 1773; €. JvLiA. 6. 1774; both d. 11 Aug. ISOOu 

7' CATHBRiarc-CAnoi.iNK. b, 5 Nov. 1779. sometime lady of thehedchambff 

to their R.HH. the dder princesses, m., 9 Oct. 1810, Joseph Brecknell, esq., 

1st life-guards. 

The earl dL 15 Nov. 1823, and was succeeded by his eldest 

Thomas-Charleb, present and 4th earl. 
Heir PretumpHve — The hon. William Col tear, the earl's 

Cr«o/ionj— Baronet of England, 20 Feb. 1677; Lord Port- 
more, and Blackness, 1 June 1099 ; Earl of Portmore, Viscount 
MiLsington, and Lord Colyear, 13 April 1703. 

Arm§ Sec Plate 50. Gules, on a clievron between three wolves' heads erased 
or, as many oali trees eradicated vert fructed sold. 
(>««<— An uniconf s head argent, armed and crined or. 
Supptrtert— Two wolves proper. 
JH(Mo—Amnee- Advance. 

Mountstuart and Kingarf, Lord Cunira and Inchmamock, Earl 
of Dumfries, Viscount Ayr, Baron Crichton, and Baron Cum- 
nock, Marquess of Bute, Earl of Windsor, Viscount Mountjoy, 
Baron Stuart and Cardiff, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, 
and a Baronet. 

Creation — 14 April 1703. 

See Marquess 0/ Bute, in the Peerage qf England. 




JOHN HOPE, Eabl of HOPETOUN, Viwoiint Ailtirift, 
Ixird Hnpe, Baron Hopetouii, of HiipeUitin, and Barom Nid- 
DBV, CO. Linlitkguw; bora IS Nov. 1W3; kuixceiled hit father, 
Jobii, late e&rl, 27 Aug. 1823; niBrri«f,5 June 182(1, mi is Louisa 

□e of Hope ib of er^i^t anCEquLty in Scotland. JiJui 
de H'DfKr awoce ieniXf to king Eitward I., wbea he oTertan Soot* 
]Kud 1206. Another John de Hope had a protecLion fimn king, 
Henry IV. of Engtand ItOS. John de Hope, the immediata an^ 
cettor «f thia family, is said to hare anae from Fnioce, in tht 
reign of Magdalen, queen of Jamea V., 1537 ! lettling in SaA- 
tsiid, be tn. Ktizabeth Cummingi l>T whom he had Edirard, wha 
wna onu of the uiost conaidenble iahahjtaau of Edinburp^ in tlM' 
reign of queen Alaiy ; and tieing a great promoter of the ref«nK>{ 
atiun, was chosen one of the coouniuionera for the mrtropolii M. 
tbat parliament l&UO: he irna father of 

IIehbt Hope, a contideraJile merchant, who, having frcqimt. 
occasion to TiBil the continent, m., in one of these eicnnioru, ■ 
French lady, Jaqiietine de Tott, and by her bad 2 aon*, l.Henff^ 
ancestor of the great and opulent branch of the Hoptt, loqf 
leltled in Amsterdain ( and 2. 

TaOMAfl, entering upon the atudy of the law, made ao ra{M 
a progreia in judidu knowledge, that he wa>, at an early agti 
called (o the bar I hii practice waa, however, limited till 1600^ 
when be undertoolc the defence of the siji minitten tried for hi^ 
treasou. for denying that the king imaacunl authority in matto* 
ecdeaiaatical ; he acquitted himself so tnuch to the aatisfaction tt 
the Presbyterians at this important trial, that they nei'er after- 
wards undertook any business of importance without previontly 
consulting liiui, and he immediately came into llie Sret practic* 
in the kingdom ; by this, in a fev years, he acquired one uf llw 
most considerable fortunes ever made at the Soots bar, whith 
enabled him to make great landed purdiaaea, as between ISIt 
and 1642 he bad charters of the lands of Ontntoun, Edmonstoon,. 
andCouldootta, CO. Edinbnrgb; Preston anuige,ca. Haddington | 
Kene, CO. Stirling j Mertonn, co. Berwick i Kinninmouih, Al- 
nydie, CraigboU, Cerea, Uiltawet, and ochera, in Fife. Hi* r» 
putatinn now advanced so high, that he was constituted kin^ 
ttdvoCBto, jointly with sir William Oliphanl, of Newton, and ww 
created u baronet 1 1 Feb. 1028. Sir William Oiiphant dying 19 
April 1026, king Charles I. was pleased not only to appoint lit 
Tliuma* Hope his solo advocate, but likewise to grant him tevenl 
Lonoiir^ilo privileges not enj oye d by hia predecnsor* : m. Elixk. 
beih. da. of Jnlin Bennet, of WaUyford, en. Haddington, and \lfi 
her had a numerous issue. 

Sir Jahes Hopk, of H.ipeloun, Ma 6th son. b. 12 Julv 1014, . 
lord ol'tenion I June 1<I4!I, m., 14 Jan. 1(168, Anne, sole Ja. and' 
. h. of Robert Foulis, of Leadhilla, co. Lanark, esq., and by hcr 
.0 i of whom. 

_ _ _ „ rorii. 

Inil several penona of quiUlly, May 1083, and v*» luit in ibu 
■bip. when it vRs VKclted, on tlie Sth nf (hil monlh, in the S3d 
year of his age ; «i. Margaret UaroillOD, elilal do. of John, 4(h 
carl of Uaddinglon, BiidLyl]er(who>/,ai Dec. 17111 bad iurie, 
tlamor, m. Thmnu, 6tli earl of Haddington, d. IQ Aprit 17G8, 

CaAHLEa, K.T., *. 1681, created a peer liy the titles of Url nf 
HopHottit, Tisnnint Ailhrie, uid lord Hupc, by patent, 6 April 
1303, lo h» isme male, remainder to the hrin female of his bi>dy. 
,Bia lordahip ereally Increased the family eslaie by several advun- 
tagemia purcham in vaiioiu counues; and Iho noble seal nf 
'fiopetoun Hcnite, wbich he uused lo be elected undci' the direr. 
.lion of at William Bruce, remunt a conapieuoui mouumeni of 
Oe magnificence of hi; tailr. He m., 31 Aug. 161)9, Henrietta 
Johnslone, ule da. of Williuii, Ist Tnan|ue» of Aiuiaiidale, {by 
Iki* lit vife, Sophia, da. and b. of John Fairbohne, <if Crai^e 
" 1, TO, LiulitbffDn-, e»q..) and by her (who rf. 23 Nov. lySO) 
inue 13 childran, of whom 2 torn and 3 das. d, Itifanu ; the 
Mben iveie, 

1. JoBK.SdearL 

Van., vtthwbom be got tlm exteniliE cnipcn;: ludbihti ivha i. i Dn-. 
I S»3) hHl me, 

i WUIkni Hope^tb, m; Mai ]»«, it Srpt. 1811, hiving «.. A Jin. 
17;A, Sdplila.<U.DrjaHn>hCciTTli-.DrDuinfila,bTvhi>ni)Mhfi, l.Mart; 
■../AH^of)!*, MJunelTW! •>i..7Stpt.lBI3. lady EiiubHh Uiy.da. 
or -Ccoige, Tib mainiHB at Tumldlle. and h« iBur l a Jane-Si^la, 
b* U Oac ITSO. m., t July Lfll3, thehon. E. P. S. Kaoa, ion of vlicouut 
NonlilHid: 1. A-^ — ■ ■- " — 

a. MnvklU. e. in7, d. unii 
«. JsfaH, k7i^(U173B, me 

PuTtvhlU, t^Odd, CO. HUdlwi. HKI-. by 

iit,ter<bMroanali—ilcm,b.lJti,m., 8Aii)(.lJB3. chuUxi^Hope, Bth 
(■■.of Jobs, Mail or HDMona, and hu Iwis. John. Ii. W Hay ITMl 
EUaAMh, ». II Snt. ITMi Chals, avUb aN., k 11 Apdl lIUi Hary. 6. 
WDbIMi Sophlai Jamo, b. n Ma* ISDSj Cbailolt*. A. W Feb. IMi 
jH»IMVllto.A.l>Mn|MMl WOUhh, «. U Sq^ iwqi Hnnnl. b.7 
r(«.WM( ^n»WUb^Iiia,A.WApra IBll, m.. TJuhr ieail,^lcicu)ai- 
JaoMS BobotaoD, lai.t aid Louli^^ugula-Ocuvla. E. 13 &n<E. I1U3: 
t.tlmiU«Hi.tIr Jntii. O.C.M.,ft. uJuly^TOa.m., in, m Sept. im Mar- 
Bnl, ealTdi.aBd h. of Kobal Scott, csa., bTwboni Iwhoii. IB March 
U3) ha lud knie, 1. Maiy-Ann. t. IB fwb. Ifitf I I. Cbuhrttb ^ IS Sept. 
UWi 1 ManarM-Sopbla, i. II May Ull. Sir Joho m., My, >l Aptll 
IB14. jBB^EHbflT. da. of John Macdaaaal. fliq^ by wum he hac teue 

Si«UH«BHaBd4du.i>hDiLyiiuiif| 1 J<4iB.Tboii>a>. », laSnrt. Itlfl: 
HHiiT-PblUlii ti. S Fab. IBU; 0. CEariss-WlUlam, A. M OcL l«4i 3. 
•Ir irrWlM jJtrubmt, O.C.B. and K.T.9., cnanmr ciT Omswleli Hoi- 
Blial, MS AOE. imiK.,a July ina, Ma csoriB, lady AnMRo» 
■ H (arl, mlh ba Iwho d. fl Aua. inn bad IwM, 1. KIlBbMh, t. » 
, M*j l!Wl & Muy, i. K Matdi ITWi g; jSuWames, h M Nu>. inn. ».■ 
I July Itno. AlldiJiBe, da. nf George Gordoni aiq. 1 1. Junn,cani.R-N., 
^^^ .. _ i-i. .m. _ .. >_u iBatYlba, da. oT Jonh Wind, wi.i A, - 
.MJuiy jeM, •>!.,» July IsW, Mula. dii. of 

SCOTS PEERAGE.]. sic Wllllun m., Mlr.aii 


enl of tMilliuion. iwhMi murisgc wu itl> 
■ad ihB in., fldit, Iba hen. Iirld--«tii- Gmrjri 
«■>. M MM MoHOa.) Bid 6r bK Ivhn d. Srpi, ITTH) hU 
8. Hanrv, brbL-gts. In the ■finy. imA IHiUao'iTi 
oaiMc 13 AiAlin^. 'tthMii Ime by hli wint.ltMirti 
Joan, pnlmdAry oT Amugh' 
& Clurhik fvpiohi H.N-, nk fiuaD-Annc. di. of *■ 

The iHin, Chatla Hnne-Weir, . 
OBbH, of LBUchoU, CO. Unlllk 

r. Sir GfWRe, t. G July t7Sr> 

4*. of Junv, id avt of H< 
,« CMUe, to. Vfmaittr, f^., whI it H M> 

ti. Mudmt. ». mr. _ 

Sch kird I^Hpltr. 

April I'm. Heloi, da. of Gangt 
■udbyhcilatuid. 18 Srpl. I»U 

R.N. ud K.CB.. •>., M Ju. IML 

mr\ of Hwatoun* wtd In b« IwTw 4. # 
II) April IMA, uid Jaa». J. 3 Much IMl 

iuw-Huf-Arinr. da. of Gbdt^, Tffi 1ar4 

HtTd, iSI^LK 

4, ■n-.R April 1713. TI 

EdUtauigh, sq., und 16 n 

Pttrvgt 4/ BrrftmifO 

The eul d. 36 Feb. I7i:2i uid wai lucceeded by hii tMmL 

John, ad Mrl, i. 7 Sept. 1704, m.. 1st, M Sqii. 1738. AnM 
Ogilvie, Sd do. of Jamei, Sth earl nf Fiadlater uid Smifidd, Mid 
by ber(whD d. 8 Feb. 17SU] bad iuue, 

I. BLiiiBira. h I Much i;36, n. Hnuy. - 

4. JaUES, 3d earl of Hopeitnin. 

5. fiOHIU,b.IF^I7A!>,m.,31Aprill7r7|l 

Th« earl •»., 3dly, SOOoc 1763, Jane, da. of Roliert Oliptuuit.of 
RoHie, CO. Penh, en)., and by her (who d. 16 Blarcb I7«7) bad 

6. JoBV, 4th eart. 

Mihlllr'i tdlf , 8 Frb. llll'4,''l1U' rl^ht had. TkHUl lurd Wdlic*. HBd A ■ 

The enrl h., 3dly, 10 July 1707, Blinkbetli LaVie, M4».t£ 
AUxandw, Otb earl of Leveti and MelTJIle, sod by bar (who A ' 
10 April 17BB)had i«sue, 

1. I^H^UH. of WlUKhlOII. 

icmncnf Iha'n^J M 


?- G«Msc, Ih 4 July Is 



, i. U Jum ir 

mi. "•■. B Auf. ino, uw ii«tai In 

ifBiipetaiui,ii.l2Feb, 17Bl,uidw. 

John, 2ii earl of 
kf hia eldest ion, 

JjlHES, 3d earl, and lal barm Hope, in lb« perrage of tlia 
Uniied tungdmi : on ihe death af his gnnd-nade, of ihe half. 
likod, George, 4ih msrijueu of Aanandale, 1792, bin great esUien 
in Scotland dtcolted on Ihe earl of Bo|>elinin, with the title* of 
^uj of Aunaudate sad Uanflelil, which, however, the earl hai 
not BBumed, adding only [he name of Jahmtone to that of Hope ; 
kveditsry keeper of LiorhniHben, and lord.lieuieiianl oo. Liohth- 

C; created a peer of the United Kinpiom, by ihe title of baron 
Moim, with remainder to the heira male of the body of Us 
hlfier, Joho, 2>\ earl, 3 Feb. tOOSj b. 2.1 Aug. 1741, n-, ISAuf. 
1366, Elizabelb Coniegie, eldest da. of George, (Ith earl of Nonh. 
Mk, andbTber(who<r. 19 Ang. 1 7113) had issue. 

I Minx*, n., IS Jan. ISin, 

» Hope, K.C.B., 

He earl if. 20 May 1B16, without male iuue, and waa mc. 
nodad hy hii half-brother, 

JoBM, 4th earl, 2d baron Hope, and Int baron Niddry, co. 
Unlitbgow, G.C.B., geu. in the anny, aud onl. uf the 42d fool i 
A. 17 Aug. 17(>3, embraced a military life, and served aa adju. 
" it-({eii. lo the forces nnder air Ralph Abcrcroraby, in the Weet 
liei, in 1794, 5, 6, and 7 ; to the army under his royal hi^. 
la the duke of Vork, in Holland, 1790 ; and in the eipeililion 
Egypt, IBOO. At the battle of Conmna, 1(1 Jan. 1809, in 
nequeoce of Ihe death of air John Moure, and the dnngeroiLfi 
vound of air Uarid Baird, the oonimand of the Itritiih army 
4*volred ott air John Hope, wboite ubiliiy and eieniona lecared 
en of that day. He waa lubaequently appointed com. 
■in-chief of the forcei in Irebud, from whence he wan 
,_ _ , n 1BI3, to ihare the gloriea of the Peninnilar war, and 
tfalinguiihed himwlf in the tattlu of Bayonne, Bourdeaui, and 
Toulotiie. For ibraeMrvices be wb« created a peer of Ihe United 
Kingdom, 17 May 1014, by the title of hamti Niddry, co. Lin- 
lithgow, and succeeded hia brother as earl of llupetoun, in 1816; 
' t, 7 Aug. I79S, Elizabeth, youngest da. of the hon. Charle* 
Weir, but by her (who if. 20 March llWl) bad no inue ; 

630 SCOTS P££RAa£. 

2dly, 9 Feb. 1803, Louisa-Dorothea, 3d da. of sir John Wedder. 
burn, of Ballindean, bart., by whom he had issue, 

I. John, preseut earl. 

8. Jamks. 2d foot-ffuards» b. 7 June 1807. 

3. Charlkb, b. 11 Sept. 1008. 

4. Alkxa.vdkr, b. 8 Nov. 1809, d. 84 Oct. 1827. 
6. Gkorob, 6. 12 April 1811. 

6. Hknry, b. 6 Oct. 1818. 

7. William, &. 24 June 181<K> 

8. Lewis, b. 29 Oct. 1817* 

9. Thomas, b. 20 Oct. 18191 

10. Adrian, b. 3 March 1881. 

II. Alicia, b. 18 June 1822; 18. Jank. - 

The earl d. 27 Aug. 1823, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

John, present and 5th earl. 

Heir Presumptive — The hon. James Hope, the earl's 

CrecUions — Earl of Hopetoun, Viscount Aithrie, and Barou 
Hope, CO. Lanark, 16 April 1703; Baron Hopetoun, in the 
peerage of the United Kingdom, 3 Feb. 1809; and Baron Nid. 
dry, CO. Linlithgow, 17 May 1814. 

^/■m«— See Plate 59. Axure, on a chevron or, between three bexant<i, a laurel 
leaf vert. 

O-0«f— A broken terrestrial globe, surmounted by a rainbow. 

Suppm-terM^T-fto figures of hope habited proper, each resting the exterior 
hand on an anchor. 

Motto— At *p99 fwnfraeta. But my hope is not brolcen. 


Mu 5 Not. IttOSt >iiKMdeil bia fuher, CbarlBJoho, the bw 
Mareb I1IQ9( imrrMi^, tj Dee. 1830, hUm AomUs 

IT, air JaKu Cam, luit., of Coddnfton, 
hWono/ thcadiitquef br Hidunl It., 
Hie, Robert, hii h.; anil John fufy, 
r, mo. Fnn Kobcit, •Ual un. dc- 
iUiam Carcj, of CocUutuin, knl., who. tiilinc 

^^ Tk« Tfteoilnl'i uiM 
r)k. Itaront *u mad* 
■■4 J. 1494. IcBTiog 

j jli ii i l babwof Ew 
poaed ur William Carey, of CoAiagum, 
^^~'~' Hctuy TI., at the battle ol Tavteabury aitali 
na idten 

prureiu of (lardoit. < 
hi* HMi, Thomai Carey, m, &liir|[arat, oo-b. of dr 
Spencer, knu, (by Ivieaonr. ■itter and cn-h. of Uilmuiid 

Mofiirt. duke of Sununel,} aiiU had Inue 2 miu, 1. Jon», 

•ndfalher uf the Ut Tiaaninl Falkland ; 9. H'iMUim 

■nire of the body to Henrjr VIII., who a. MarylJiiIleD, da. 
Hi co-h. (with her litler queen Anne BuUen) of ThiNiiai. cmI 
' Wat*hli«, and had iuue, tlisar Cabct, vh» being » 
■riy allied In blood to qtinen Blinbeth, vu craated baron of 
kn^Ian : from bim sprung the Canyt, lords lluuarinn. and 
Irii of Ihirer. and Ihr Carey*, earli uf MoninouUi. all wbicb 

Sir Hexbt Carkv, lit fiwotiiil Falkland, K.It. Iltlfi. nt 
M crWiiiii of Charlo, priiicu of U'aie*. waa crvnled liiiYiunt 
hfUnif.iv. Fife. IGSO; he waa oHOptroUer of Uio liinurlKiM 
^J Janw* I., and in the aame reijfn appointed to llie high oHtm 
f lord dVf'llr (or Ticemy) of Irviand. The viatumut M. ElirA- 
lah, (ta. tif air Laanrno) Taitiitsld, chief lianiB of iba fnchnitier 
frcn ISO? to \&ii, with whom h« got the manor nf Ortat Taw. 
Burftn), Mid other eslalea, co. Oxford, aiid by her had 




the IcWi nbcli al SwonuriM^ 

Tb«viacouiitil'l633,uia ua» uicceedvd bf hi> Kn, 

viieounl, n-faa lervcd in Ihf srmf Sftairul tb« 
Srats, and wu sfterwanla Hcmary of (tsle in krnj; ChaHen I., 
and killrd Kt tlie haill« uf Nawlnir;. His lordihip'i mind wh 
enriched vhh the alnrm »f Iraming and the pHnciiilts nf Tirtue 
and religion ; he irruie Hn-cnl pnenu uid orher pina ; and hu 
raying waa, that ''* tu- pilied tm^nud gentiemm on a rainy duf." 
He n. IiecitJa, da. of KitiiBrd Morriioa, of Tiioley PaA, oh 
Iidceiter, esq., by whooi he had inae ■ son and heir, 

Uembt, 3d viacount, m. Margaret, da. of Anthony Hunger- 
ford, eiq^ and if. 1G63, leavingason and heir, 

Ant HOST, 4lh viwoiiot, who, In the latter end of ChKr]a II, 
and the mjcfeeding rm)(n, wni paymailer of the run<e( ; and id 
ihe rei((n of William III. wa» one of the priTv council, and iwipe 
a mmmissjoner of the admiraliy; m. Rehecca, da of sir Row- 
land Lynon, of Knebirnrth, eo. Herci, and had iiiup. 

1. LvclDs-UEKsr, 6th riicount. 

1. FUMcu, M. Jolm ViUlcn, tit mlot Gimihim, to InJind. 
The vimnuit d. 1694, and wan succeeded by bis un, 

Li'c:uR-HEViir. 5ih viiuvuni, «., l>t, Doroihy, da. of Frait- 
cii MolyneBui, of the dty of I«odan, esq., and had, 

1. LcciDB'CHABi.Ea, 6th Tirooiini. 

otBtmbY.CB. V^. rui.,lii mlmm'lwiaa. H jLptU nwi bt t»4imb 
1. EliHbMh, in. ItVnj, lit turd Imhiiil, uul d. is Ml)r IIOU 
1. CMhnlnr, n. ill John Ruifall, liui. 
The viKOiint m., Sdly, Laura, da. of Arthur Dillon, aiiter of 

Charle* and Uenrv, Tiacounti Dillon, and of Anluir, archbiahi^ 

of Narbonne, and by her bad, 

"*The vl»oou™rf! in P^«, If Dec l?ffl», and «ai suoMiled bf 


Luciri-Ciiiini.Ei, Gih TiN»niii, tn., 
da. and h. uf Rirhard Butler, eaq., an i 
London, relirlof JanwtFitigerald.viscoii 
•art of (iranditon, (who d. before hii h 
(who i. Dec. 1T&1 ) uul issue, 

■ ■ ;ii!H'a»oia*!.im, (oL-^ocnmimannaathrMl.of f 
'■■-""■■*ftira»lBTol.igo, "haelwrf. SOAug. 

iKt, 6 April 17S4, Jane, 

nninent ronreyanc^of 
mt Villien. ion ufJJiB^ 

»imAL._. __ _ _. . 

■• fiEvar-TnoMAs, 7ih viiouum. 

S. CHAKi.Ea.JoHH, 8ih vidcount. ' 

3. Chukitle-MuU, m. Simud Chutm, oq. 

•iUH<''ni'«iml '0 hit inidAlt'i Ibm In IniUi. 
X L4<ftl>-M«lUa, 1. 1^ 

«. AlntrU-AUluala, a, 1771. m., k Ad|. laiu. the r<. WillUia Dlgbf, 
7. Knuu-^o^liMi i. Much ITKt m., H April i;w, Chiila Gtuil, (^. 
:t. John Uw, V.O.. ■rdidwDc oT ilmrheiiEi. mi.I ntfn 

^ At CpAUdTTV* n- .^Ihanv Chiprnkn* eta., bid •!. hk wifkiw, i TeIk Ib3l>, 
Sttdm. > r -^ 

The viHXHint m.. 2dlT, 10 Ocl. 17S2. Sarah, da. of Benry 
iDwen, nf twuikwu-k, eiq., reL'ct of H*nrr. lOlh mrl or.Siifliilk. 
Ud liy her (vbo rf. 97 -^luf 1776) had a<j iuiie. The vimmudi 
it Z7 i'oh. 17BA. and wu (ucceednl by hie giandioa, 
,- Hkxbv-Thom&s, 7th viKOUiit, d. UNH. 23 May 17WI, and 
i|nw auoceeded liy bii brother, 

CH^ni-ES-JoiiN, Bth ciacnuiit, b. Sav. I7CS, captain R.N., 
IB03, ■>., 36 Aug. Ia02, miu Autoa, and liv her (who </. 2a 
July 1B2S) had. 

Flia ii*emint «»» mortally wounded iu a duel n-ilh Alexander 
*awea, eaq., 3n f eb. IQIKI. and if. two dayi afterwards. He 
ms iDCraeded by his eldest ton, 
I^cirv-BcKTiKCi, present and 9th viseounC 
tleir /VcoHBp/icff— Pi.*«TASE»ET, the Ti>cmint'» brotlier. 
rreafloB-^'isoounl, 10 Nov. lSi«. 


I, lufwd uid ua^lnl 

dC Scorie and Balvaird, uiiil Enrl of MHniKeld, jii lIiiHtunH ; 
[«rd -Lieutenant Co. Clackmannan, and Heriluble Eepfer ul' 
fcuae; torn 1777. 

. Ste BaEl <if MAMsriELD, in the Peerage qf England. 

1 Cmtipiu— Lord Scone, 1G05, and 18 Aug. I0O8, to the Ut 
Iwd, aai fai* iuue mile ; renminder to hin nenreil heirs main 
wbauoeret, hearing the name of Murrag, of the family of Dal. 
Taird; Viseoxinl Storm out, 16 AiiR. 1621, and hU issue male; 
nmainiler to his hdrs mule and nf entail, eognomen et insignia 
de Jliifmy Berentihus, in itifeofsjnsntii diuoini de Scone uum- 
•rehensis; Lord Dalvaird, 17 Nov. 1U4I, ui the ]«t lord, and 
nil issue male. 

JOHN CORDON. ViatoiNT KENMURE, and L.>rd l^h. 
Inrar, resiored to those titles liy act of parlianient, which re. 
Mited Uie royal assent 17 June 1024. 

The House of OordoH, of Locliiiu-nr, is descended from Wlh- 


LIAH Dm GoBnoy, 3d »>□ oTBir Adim nardoi), of Qorian, nn. 
cestor of tbe duke of Oordan. Thin Willism Ae Oordon d. alxiul 
1370. 8evmth io dsKent fnim him ms «ir JumBs OohDoh, 
of IriirliinTBr, killed u the b>[[l« of Pinkie, 10 Sept. 1547. Icav- 
' T niarftsrei, his vife, da. and wile h. of Robert 
Crirhton, of EilpRtrick, serend diildnni, of vhom sir Joxir, 
anceAor of the 1 Bt ; and William^ of PennvganKi 
(VAtor of the present Tificount Kerunure. 
OBDOH, eldest son, d. 33 Au([. 1604, Itsrinj;. 
» uthar issue, sir Robert, and Jamta; sir Kobeht ' 
fslhorof JoHK OoHDOH, who was created, 3 May 163H, visnr 
Kenmure, and turd Locliiuw, aod d. 12 Sept. 1634, leaving an 
linJr son, 

Jonir, 2d vtacounl, on whose death, iviihout issue, 16.19, tha 
titlfl btnng limiled to the heirs male n-liotsoever uf liia fatlier, 
devolved on 

John, eldest son of James above named, uncle of the In Lord. 
He d. aim. IIMD, and was nioceeded by bis brother, 

RoieiiT. 4th viioaupt, who also d. unm. 1663, when the titla 
devolved nn his dimnnl kinsman, 

AtEXAMPER, 6th viscount (son of William, son of Alciaodep, 
■on of John, son of William, of Pennygarae, 3d son of sir Judm 
Oordon above mentioned). Ha waaihrioe n., and if. KiOe, lesv. 
In){ by his 2d wife, Marian, do. of Macullocb, of Ardvell, a 

Will'iau, eth viscount, who was behea<le>l on Tower Jiill, 94 
Feb. I7I6, and his titles forfeited. He m. :itary, sister uf Robnt 
Dalnell, 6tli ewl of Carnvath, and by her (nho lurriired him 6 
yean, and d. 16 Aug. I776) left issue, 

JoDV doRDOH, 8d son ^ the Gih viicount, «., II Huok 
1744, Frances, only da. of WiUiam Mackenxie, fith earl of 8m. 
forth, aad d. 16 June I710, leaving iuuu by hor, (who d, 7 Jan. 

S. Puatiia, il. im. 1770. 

Bdr Pretumptirt—ADJiit Oobook, eaq., eldeit ion of 
lordship'a late brother, Adam. 

Crvofimt— Vfuxtunt Kenmure, and lord LocUovar, 8 May 



Inverixrviifi bitr Cuula 4ih IrnhBHgule; hvrt. Iff Jm. 

; one of tbv III fttn for IteotUnil in the piwnl parliuimi, 

n. Kinrardin*, wul Lonl Rocior nf i1m> t'nlvpniry 

: wnccilc*] hit fallier, Jiixn, tb* Ikic vunmnl, 17 

. 18IM : ■»»!««, 33 Jtui« IBOa. Mutpun, <)■. df W*Iut 

^rie. of CIdik, a^.. Mid hH ■•«>.. 1. JOHN, «. 4 Jiifxi 

•« : a J*»r, ft. 7 Aug. IMt? j 8, U'ai.tri, *. »l 

V. latW! — 4. Maecoei. ft. G Frfj. IfltOi ft. lotKLt*. 

,Br, 6. 5 June 1811 : «. Hocii. ». 18 Au«. IBUj J. 

HE-^njlKLOTTE. A. 10 ApHl 1HI3| S.D*VII1; II, 

ILLIAM. h. 14 April I83D t lU- IIelrk, b. 110 Ot*. Ilttl : 


— 13. Cl.eilE>TIir&.UABll. 

The lint of this fiunily wu //h^A ife Aim' 
M tnna tbfl landi whifh be had In t 
If Ihbfn CNi&nl, >henff of MouTw, alxRil IK 
dOD nf the btnily, Iwvioc i 

A tilt prCWDl vitOOUDt. I7ui 

tl Uugb, KM 
r RoBEBT Abhuthvot, 1m TiicDonl, who, fiir lu> IdTalty 
( Ont knjicbiwl, and ttwnmti* malfd 
t ArtrulhHol uid lord IttetrbtnU, lOUi Nov. 1641 : m., 
Uargerv tmniegie, 4[li do. n( David, Ut caul of teuthaik. 

in vita B dn. 

aiA lands an* 

id thrmeli 

; Sdiv, Calherine, 3d da. of HuRh. Hlh lurd IatbII, rrlift of 
■, of Dunl>mUi, Biid by hw (who m., Sdiy. An. 
', ad lord FraMsr) ' 

jcwi. lb. Dl Puiick fnni, ul n(w 
by hi 
tnh I 

e viwotml d. 1S53, and rat RUXMxtist liv h» dilsit wm, 
BoackT. 9d ri«auni, m., tit. EDuiheili Kclili, 3d da. of 
irSUkm, Ttb ou-l nmriichBt, by vhum be bad tuun, 

., 3dly, CBth«riiie, da. nf Robcrl (Innton, of Piiliitv and 
I. and bv her (wlio n., 3dly, air David Carntfie, of Pii- 

r.ll«. oT Fo 



The TiMunDtri. 1081, Btid vu niaKednl byhiscldeit ton, 
Bi>BsaT, 3d viKBunt, n. Anne Sutherland, da. o( lie- 

14lh earl of ^utherlBiul, and by her hail, 
1. RoDEHT, 4tli vincounc 

a. Joi 

, Odi vi 

u niKceded 

. atn. CniwfijRl, ot CHnkirg. 
The risDMint J. Aug. IA91, and waa mtwcded Ir 

Roieut, 4lhTi»H)UQt, whorf. unn. lylU: 1 
liy hia brother, 

John, fiih viKOUiit, vho m. Jane, da. of William MorriHin, 
of PreRlon Gran^ esq.. Miner of Helen, iwiiiiteu of Olngnw, 
and Catharine, Itidf StrsthnaTeo, and iying withinit iame, niay 
lyiiCi, he irai mioceeded by hit coiiiiin, 

John, nf fordrin, Bth Tiuinuit, Mii of Jnhn, ad ion of Rnbert, 
ad rixxHinE, ai above: ".i Ht, Mary, da. and m-h. of Robetl 
ViHigLu, of BridKefurd ; and, ally, Jane, da. of Aleunder 
Arimthnot, uf Pindourie, em., and hf her (vho rf. 16 March 
I79«)had iinie, 

9. John, 7ib vtacvutit. 
lntoihB'[?vnSmil™li,«lt!irftttdo(Auf,lb.r. ""*" 

The rhoounl d. 90 April 17»l, and waa iiicoeeded liT hia uo, 

Joan, Tth vbeonnt, m., 27 I>ec 177S, lubellk, 3d da. itf 
\t'i11iam Graham, of Morpfaie, do. KinrardiDe, caq., Hid by b«r 
(who d. 4 Morch IBIil) bad. 

•aa of Ike late SlMait LyM. at Khmfff 

The i-Jnonnt d. 27 Feb. 1800, and wu luoceeded liy hii 
Jouv, present and Qth vi«ixnm(> 
Jfeir jippamU — lottH, the Tisoount'i eldwt mn. 
Cnaliau — Viscounl, and BaroD Inverbereie, 16 Nov. 

4. iivuvil At the arck propeTh 

COVST DUMBLANK: liii tnrdtbip ■• ■!» Itakr i-l Lsdi. 
MMrqiiii of CwmianbiiD, Bail of Dw>li*, Vimmni I«Iio>*r. 
Barau Cmlm, ■»<! Banm Oslumv, of Kirnnn, In tb* Pimp 
•rf Englud : Lurd-Lieut. ol tlu> Ngnh Riding. •». Vni, tUr 
THiinr of ibe iBlaadi o( Sahv, Rjugn' of Hidimund Fnrvt, tod 
Connibla uT Middlciuun Cax'k. 

L...—- ™ 

^nVSIHOND, VlscoirsT HTKATHALLAN, Bwcm Dniw 
•wnd, and MwlKtT. & 24 Murrfa ITtT: rMUir«4 In ih* abow 
litlcB by OCT nf parlijunanl, wblrJi r M ii w I Ui* mirsl UMFut I? 
June 1824 : oat at the 16 nptvnuaif Pom for HtvUnJ in 
tkeprewnlparilameDt I ■wrriA', lA Jan. Imo, Amalia-NaDhii, 34 
da-of Jabn.4t]ianfc«arAiluiU,aod)iu<uii*{ — I.M'II.LIAM. 

BENRV, i. ft Mtrch IBIO ; S. Jamki-Kobekt, i. M Stm. 

1813; 3. ECHOXD, & 17 Jan. 1814; --4. FatHi».A.9 

Sept. IflU; a. BoaicaT-AitnvEwJoHs. f>. 4Anit. IHSHi 

6.F>KaEaicK,fr.33Apri) ltl22; 7 MAautuHK^AKR, 

i. 6 Jul^ IHI I ; U. AllEI.tA-Ai(M(, A. 10 June lUlS, d. I? 

June lim. 

The bunilf of Dmiaianni/, iccoHing to the XmuIi Rmfalonutii, 
doiie* iu ortgin fmni Mauiira, an Hunprian, wbu aiM:uinpaoi«l 
Edgar AiIwtiDg and hit (iitn MargarM (afivrwardi qimn of 
"-—'-- " to Nnllanil, uid wu, by king Maleobu III,, made 
~- -~— 'anl, vt Ixnaoa i th* tint, liQ«m(r,af thg i 

mmmw tn uruuuuinui wun appoirs on TtrOTJ, wai lir MaLCOLM 
IlniiBiiiaad,«l» Oiniriabvd in the n>i|ni "f WOliaia I. Elmmth 
IB doMalfnun hint wu air John IImitmnohd. at CantiU and 
tlloliball. *ba «ia crMtad bcbn 1471 liird OnanMorf, uf Sbih. 
hall : and baring lurrivBd Inth hiii 

lAIS. mioeaaded hj hi* grrat gnndiim, HaTin, Sd Ii>rI 

tLIUai, kii wife, 3i iif WilUaiu, b-nl Hnili. 
Patrick, lord UnunmiHid, aneiMur of ilir 

Mfib of P«nb and iSiUan, (Ktiitrt i and 3- 

Jaasa. t i m t$i, 31 Jan. 1001), Innl tiadtrlg ; m. J*ai 
W Jama C'hiibohn, of Crnnilii, aod bad Iiwif :! wini, Ji 
' -' * if JaMM.arNwhany.alioaHariif thapmeali 

H«<L I0». and »u oinHM bv bl> •ld«i •»«, 
* «,MWdt .... 1033, HaUo, tf - - ' 
vof Undarai, and had uma. 

JoMX, 9d lord 1 m., 1033, HsUo, da. id* Ttaick L«al*y, c 
MdaiCTor Undoiw. ' ' •' 
I- DATtn. 3d Wd. 


His lordtbip itbi succeeded l>y his ehletl win, 

David, 3d lord, d, vichoul mule iuiie, IGM, and iriu succeed- 
ed by hia bmdier, 

William, 1th lord, creeled, 6 Sept. KiSC, viiicmint Slrallmt- 
lon, and banrn DttHitmorul, of Cromlii, to him nod bii Lein male 
ivhsMoerer, d, IG8B, leaviag an only un, 

WlLLLAM, ad ™oimnt, who rf. 7 July 1702, losTing aa only 
ton, whod. a minor, and unm., 26 May I7II, wlien ibe titles^ 
viacDunt StraCballan, baron Maderty, and iiaron Druinmond, of 
Cnnnlix, derolved on his klnBiuHn, 

William, 4th viscount (son of sir John Dnimmond, of Mi- 
chnny, son of sir Jamw above named, 2d ton of the 1st lord .Uk. 
deny). He engaged in the rebellion of 1743, and was tlain M 
Culloden, 14 April 1746. His name n-aa included in the act of I 
BltakidDr, 174(i, but mhls death took plam before the time limited 
for surrendering, it could not take effect ngainst him. He Mr 
MBTKBret, eldest da. of William Murray, lord Naime, and bj 
her (who d. SB May 1773) had isnus 
1. James, 5tb viscount. 

3. Wi'tUM'. ^. IsHfr 1^9. •«■ Anoe. M da. of mijor David KslnM, ^ 
the Fnnch tfivke, sod tqi her (vlw d. 31 Msjr ITKl) had lnue, 

1. VfiUiani, a U«ut.<sL, d. awn. 

2. Jame«, present vJsooant. 

1. Jlllllf. (LANDaswi hOthi^B-. 

uUsndi.Hanu.induTChaiini'Am. bsakrritt.WlBlfral, 


^)or iBtha 

ruUUrd. of BhMT 

'V. Bdwsid LockvDod, 
It 1H19. Mtiy, Mh da. 

rtAw, 6.aiAu«.17«1 
of WltUim WrUh (f 

■•-BerWey, m., 3 Apr]! 

b^ianeH Ardea, hb Id wlh, si 

I', 3.Hnbeni toChftiT" 

of WUllun EJeB". tort 'aVi 
I7M; 1. BirjMir, llrut.^DL, 

A. Hcnrr-kcwn'. In hoty 
Blckley, to. Knt, eiq., and 

& Fradukk. A youne. 
7- niclmd. an olHrerlil (h 

In Dklnuuls, ITK. m 

Hnnv. vbB ■>., I7M, Amu, M da. o( HsnrT I>aBdti. ttianiai IMtMk,, 
■M «. Oult ITIM. iHTtoa tin* by ba <wlw ■>., Ml;. Jama SUIBH mSi' 
>!. 1 Hsy I8n< Walcnlm. t. U Feb. laii I^wln, kBOk inii MtUUtt 
klaHarlSiai »^<wv, -.iiilaCut.lh»H«iUcu;3.(l»6>f«. >Ut„- 

Bluinted in the same acrt of parity 

n M>dm7. 31 Jun 
of Cnnulix. uid Vimnini ^irmihalliui, 


IB. Euph^la. dk. of Pnor Gordan . ... 

ev)^ and 4. S3 June 17Sfi, ImfIiw [m* I17 Ler, (vbo rf. A Jnlj 

I^W.) bMula •rTural chUdran, irho d. foang, 

~kii imT.'^r>T. <tf DwMwioi 
waplBkia<Kiti«lwtM.W-- — - 

l¥i. mit^JKVt fci a»liii- 

Hc if. tcim. 20 Jan. IlItT, «lian Uie n 
mi]* demlTMl on bia Sm ooiulii. 

Jam E *-A ■ n m K w ^ n Hit -La urn c MC (Xn *R LI 
Ml TbtnuTit. haring bnn nmvotti to tha titlia 
bia family by an act of parliamcDl. irliich rccdTcd tlia rnyal » 
HRi,17 JunelBSJ. 

Heir ApfMrenI — Wti.LtAM-Qi;««T, ttic viicaoDt'i 


L^ , 




1794, succeeded his half-brother, John-Southey, the late lord, 5 
Oct. 1819. 

The first of this name on record is sir Gaultier de Somer- 
viLLE, lord of Wichnor, &c., co. Stafford, and Aston -Somer- 
ville, CO. Gloucester, who came into England with William the 
Conqueror ; he left 2 sons, Walter, ancestor of the Somervilles 
of Wichnor and Aston-Somerville ; and William, who settled 
in Scotland temp. David I., and from whom descended 

Thomas de Somerville, baron oiCamwath; was one of 
the ambassadors who, 1423, came to London to treat for the 
ransom of king James I. He was a warden of the border, 1424, 
and sat as one of the assize by whom Murdoch, duke of Albany, 
was attainted of high treason. His lordship, 1386, founded, and, 
1424, endowed with some lands, the collegiate church of Carn. 
wath, the burial place of this ancient family ; he m. Jane Stewart, 
da. of sir Alexander Stewart, of Damlie, and had issue, 

I. M^iLLiAM, 2d lord. 

S. Margarrt, m. Roger Kirkpatrick, of Clocehuni* esq. 
His lordship d, 1445, and was succeeded by his son, 

William, 2d lord. His lordship was present at the corona- 
tion of king James II., at Edinburgh, 10 March 1437, and was 
in great favour with that monarch ; 1449, he was appointed one 
of the Scots conservators of the truce between England and Soot- 
land, then concluded (see Rymer*s Feed., vol. xi. p. 254); in 
1451, he was one of the ambassadors of Scotland, nominated in a 
royal safe conduct ; and, in the same year, we find him once more 
a conservator of the peace, which he had most probably a share 

la eii»liliUui>( (Uh 3M-300X 

Jihii Musalt, of StMinM, hihI uad imihs 

I. Jobs. aalinL 

C. HAIt.n.. lu;.ltll|illWHr.»i|. 

. is lonUhip d, W AiiK- M5«. and ww lucnadMl by lii* md. 
JaUK, 3d lord Sooienine: ■., Ut, Ueliui Unburn, da. of 
.fan) HaUa. and h>d iuue, bsida 3 du., 

I. Jf>H->. 4ibliinl. 
3; Hcbn. Sdt lonL 
Hi> l«nl>bip M.. Mlj. Nwiot, dih of jlr WUUhb Dallli*. . 

Ilu liitd>hip m. ^uiB, 4a. <it (ir 

la Wdihip iL 148S, and wu no Bw wJgd Iiy hi* ttrnidun, 
JouK, 4lh lurd. 4. 1491, and iru ■umvlnl l.y hl< linnliar. 
Bran, fiO> liird, n. Janet, ila. iif WiUiuu MuUatid, uf L*- 
inpoD, ai|., and bad iiutc, 
1. Jake*. GUi lord. 

ia turdobip d. \HU, and wu luerndtd Ir,- hi. ■■ 
Jams*. 4ib Wd, vbn ww arrvnilf mundnj ■ 
Me, ■•. AfBBi, da. nf >ir Jap 

•■ AnsvBk «•■■ '- Smvnllk^ flf Plata ■ Bq. 

h lurdabip if. iriAI. aiid wa* Huncilni bf bl> hhi. 

■», Tib 

Inrd, vhD wu allach*! U> ih 

party <■ 


of I.Arr» 

nrn ilw p 

. and lb* 

duk. M 


li:-. Kl 

nnur, da. nf Ooiirt^ 


1, OlLBEl 

r, 8lh In 

cau.gtb i'lrd. 
b locdthtp d. Isn, and waa hictshIhI liy l>ii aiiii, 
dLKEK,T. Bib tiird. wbr) fnlpndiflly piiiFrtninF^ k(nc Jam** 
rl.. al (.Vicihallf (Mjldl by dii' kine jwiiLirtv, CotrJlmlji, from 
baba*rtii>|[ of a aiw rvml U^i ihR-f kilM ilaiV)! !■<* ba^tbip'i 
WiflTTiltlr i-imiiifflcii him ti> mII ibi' Inininiw tif Camwaib awl 
^,K...„.^i,.,., ... \T.n;am, da. «( J.>liii SmxTviliis of Cuii. 

I ;i, uid wu Hiorrcdcd by bii bruiluT, 


Hugh, 9th lord, who, however, did not assume the title, which 
remained dormant till it was claimed, in 1723, by his descendant, 
James, 13th lord. He d. 1640, and was succeeded by his sou and 

James, 10th lord, m. Lillias, da. of sir James Bannatyne, of 
Newhall, and dying 3 Jan. 1G77) ^^ succeeded by his son, 

James, 11th lord, author of the Memoirs of the House of So. 
mervnlle ; m. Martha, da. of Bannatyne, of Corhouse, and 

had issue, 

1. Jamrs, killed in a duel, 1682, having nt., IGJl, Elisabeth, da. of George 
Graham, and leaving issue. 

James, r2th lord. 

2. John ; 3. Gkorok, both in the army. 

His lordship 7n., 2dly, 1685, Margaret Jamieson, by whom he 
had no issue, and dying 1690, was succeeded by his grandson, 

James, 12th lord, b, 1674, m. Elizabeth, da. of Murray, 

of Deuchar, and had issue, 

1. James, 13th lord. 

2. Grorob, of Dinder. m. and left Issue. 

3. John ; 4. William, both d. without issue. 
R. EuPRRMiA ; 6. Elizabkth, d. unm. 

His lordship d. 4 Dec 1709, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

James, 13th lord, whose claim to this ancient baronv was ad- 

mitted by the house of lords, 27 Afay 1723, who resolved, that 

his lordship had a right to the dignity of bairon Somerville, and 

ought to be placed on the roll of the peers of Scotland, in which 

his ancestor, lord Somerville, sat in parliament, 15 Feb. 1524. 

His lordship acquired, by purchase, from Somerville, .the poet, the 

last male of the English branch of the family, the estate of Aston- 

Somerville, co. Gloucester. His lordship tn., 1st, 1724, Anne, 

uterine sister of VVilliam, earl of Brooke and earl of Warwick, 

sole da. of Henry Bayntun, of Spye Park, oo. Wilts, esq., (by 

Anne Wilmot, eldest da. of John, earl of Rochester,) and widow 

of Edward Rolt, of Sacombe Park, co. Herts ; by this lady (who 

d, 1736) he had issue, 

1. James, 14th lord. 

2. Hugh. 6.(1729. m., 1st. Elizabeth, da. of Christopher Lethbridge, of West- 
away, co. Devon, eoq., by whom he had Issue, 

1. JoiiN-SouTHEY, 15th lord. 

He m., 2dlT. Mary, eldest da. of thehon. Wriothesley Digby. of Meriden, co. 
Warwick, and by her had issue, 

2. Hugh, d, mfj. 

3. Mary. m. the rev. Charles Digby. 

4. Frances. 

5. Mare, present lord. 

6. Harriet, m., 16 Oct. 1R16. William. 16th earl of Errol. 

7. Kenelm. capt. R.N.. 6. U Nov. 1787. 

8. William, fa holy orders, 6. 14 Oct. 17K>, m., 5 May 1R30, Charlotte. 
7th da. of the late rev. Walter Bagot, of BIythefleld. co. ^}Uf!bTd. 

IK Julia- Valensa, m., 2<) May 1810, Francb-Bond Head, esq., royal en- 
S. Anmk-Whtchnour. b, 12 Sept. 1/2.^, m.. Dec. 1748. George Burgess, o( 
Orcslee. co. Berks, esq. 

His lurdsbip i/i., 2d)y, 1738, Frances, da. of John Rotherham, 

esq. and had issue, 

0. Ri.ixAnRTU, h. 17tt7* ff' sn infant. 
His lordship d, 1765, and was succeeded by his son. 



■^ Jakes, I4iIi lord, who rf. Him. IS April l7lMi, uiri wu inc 
■■dMl bjr bii nrphew, 

^JToHV-SotiTUBr, ISth lord ScnnarTinE, (um of tol. Iliiich So. 

"^ bmther to Jun««. I4ih Inrd.) > Wrd nf the Itlni;'* t«d> 

HM.. M Vmr, in Swiiurimd, S On. 18l9, ud 

■iVBi MicnedMl try bi* h*U-lin>ih(r, 

Ma>Ki pmeni vhI IlkK lord. 

• B*tr /VmBfXivc—KBVBLX, ixpt. R.N., hb lordUup*i !>ro. 

Bamort 1 ■ Urnml in di« An»r, Ciib>n»l 3lii Ht^ioant nt 
Fool, and <mit of tlie Id Pnti fnr Nurtli Briuiii In (b» (imriii 
Parlisindil : aiipiiitilrd, AptH 1826, LnnI High Ciioimluiinin 
l» the OcBvnil AmhdIiIv iif ilim Kirk of Kcothad ! torn 7 .Man-h 
I76S I (uocedcd hii failun-, JaiM*, th« lata lord, S9 July inn4 : 
laarvtW, 2 JiUy 17»> EliiahMh. cidcat da. of K'Ular lluntar, 
(if Piilinoud, CO. Piwtdi!*. auj., (hy Caralina Mackrana. tth da. 

of (lein^, earl of Cnimanie.) lUid ba* iMua. 1. Tabolike. 

Elieibeth, b. 1703: «.. 10 Nor. laiO, <t»rn Fairhubnts of 

Omnknow, (O. Berwick, ai|. g 3. JAMES, npt. CM. 

•ucam re)[>iueDt uf f>»il.enant>, t. IT April ITtM;— 3. U'ai.. 
Tr.B. capl. CoUatraam tpa"!'- ^' 30 BUy I7W1, m., 31 Jan. 
1X23. UwBtia, da. tit tit JohnUingory Shaw, of Kenward, c 
Kcni. but., and t>«>, I. num. b. 10 Aug. I«M, d. 6 Jan. i "~ 
3. a MB. i. 4 Jan. lUSO; ». a »»,». 94 F«b. Ift^Di- ' 

T«»t«E.».l«00,rf.SSAuK-l<IUUj )! 

■ETtt, A. IWI.iii., 16 ^t. IH^. air John Forb«i*,uf O _ 
bmn. i — — R. FbedCbiCx. vnw'pi Mtl> fini, t. 1903, d. 93 -Iprll 

leSS; 7- William, A. 1604, A 10 Mandi imAt B. JaiiH, 

i. as Dec ISOCj 9. RobkHt. A- I June IMHI. wriiar in 

Bengal, n., at Cakuila, Sft Uarrli IHSt, PranCM-Dnrothy, da. u[ 
Tbtanaa-Law Hndgva, nf IlMiiptwl, Koiil. *>i).. and ha* luua, 

I. B ran, «. 17 Pek ISSOt % t im,. b. 1H30 ; Id. .U.(nv. 

.■^TtraaT, t. 23 IIIIA; 11. liLiXABKru, A. lU Jiiiic 

lfll3; IS. ISABELLA, A. -lit June IfllCI. 

Tbe name nf Far/ift. whlrJi i* pniliaUy local, and deririd from 
the landi of Pnrliei, at. AlwrdMD, ii BI lout aa anfteiit In 8«n. 
laud a* tbe time of kiag William the Lion, when we And Jonx 
□E Fo&BCa poMiaied nf thoie landk. Fifth in deaonnl fnnn btm 

iJao. 1838: 

II 4. Ca. I 


if C'raijtiiiiar, 1 

Sir AlbxaMDER d 

> wa« erealoil a pen of par. 
1411, m. KUiaUlh, da. of 


George Douglas, earl of Angus, and grandda. of king Robert II., 
and d. 1448, leaving issue by her a son and successor, 

James, 2d lord, m, Egidia, da. of William Keith, the Ist 
earl marischal, had 2 sons, I. William, his heir; 2. Patrick^ 
ancestor of the earls of Granard, in Ireland : and dying, was 
succeeded by his son, 

William, 3d lord, m. Christian, da. of Alexander Gordon, 
the 1st earl of Huntley, (ancestor of the dukes of Gordon,) and 
by her had 3 son?, Alexander, Arthur, and John, suc- 
cessive barons, and dying, was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Alexander, 4th lord ; who, dying without issue, was suc- 
ceeded by his next brother, 

Arthur, dthlord; who, also dying without issue, was suc- 
ceeded by his only surviving brother, 

John, 6th lord, who m. Christian, da. of sir John Lundy, of 
that ilk, and had a son, William, and 3 das. ; and dying 1547) 
was succeeded by his son, 

William, 7th lord, who m. a da. and co-h. of sir W^illiam 
Keith, of Inveniry, and by her had issue, 

John, 8th lord, m. Jane, da. of James Seton, of Touch, esq., 
by whom he had a son, 

Arthur, 9th lord, who m., 1st, Jane, da. of Alexander, lord 
Elphinstone, and by her had a son, 

Alexander, 10th lord, m. Anne, da. of sir John Forbes, of 
Pitsligo, and had issue, 

William, 1 1th lord, who m. Jane, da. of John Campbell, 
of C4dder, esq., by 'whom he had 3 sons ; William, Arthur^ 
and Archibald; and 2 das., of whom Mary^ m. \ViIliam Suther- 
land, son of James, 2d lord Duffus ; and dying, was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

William, 12th lord, who m., 1st, Margaret, da. of Alexan- 
der, earl of Kelly ; and, 2dly, Anne, da. of James Brody, of 
that ilk, esq., and had issue, 2 sons, William, 13th lord, and 
Jamet^ 15th lord, and 1 da. ; and dying in 171 69 ^as succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

WiLLiA»i, 13th lord, who m. Dorothy, da. of William Dale, 
esq., by whom he had William, and 2 dus. ; and dying, was 
succeeded by his son, 

William, 14th lord, who, dying a minor, in 1734, was suc- 
ceeded by his uncle, 

James, 15th lord, m. Mary Forlws, sister to Alexander, lord 
Pitsligo, by whom he had 2 sons and 3 das., (of whom Sophia^ 
m, (himniin, of Kinninmount, esq.,) and dying, was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

James, 10th lord, who in., 1st, Mary Forl>es, sister to Alex- 
ander, lord Pitsligo, and relict of John Forbes, esq., by wlium he 
had issue, 

1. James, 17th lord. 

2. Sophia, m. Charles CumminR. «q. 

3. Mary, m. Janics (iordon, esq. 

4. Anns, m. Thomas ft^mkine. eaq. 

His lordship m., 2dly, Elizabeth, da. of sir James Gordon, and 

"lTher(w)>(>ASNn>T. )777)h«liwllloiMiwiiuMl dptigin 1703. 

JaMKI, nth lonl. iL C^lbArin*. onl^r da. of tir Robm Inns. 
bBTL., by wbon (who A IS April lIWi) h« had ianii, 

j f j My lallwtttSSnnQ/nW. nXJBlT. II Muih tTM, /•Wiaf «h'*il'"k> ^ 

1. J AMtt-OcMOnetm, promt kwri. 
a. Ronn-ALi^tna-CiH. aM. R.N. 

-—'■-«".'»- jlJulT IWl. .H J>*ii IUt. iir Kmllhtkld. tM 

lorHthip dying » July 1804, wu (noMrftd by hi) aUrti 

JAHKi-OcKOKCAa, pmcnl and IM lord. 
" > ^/^VFMf— Jamk, hia lordafals'i aldai mhu 
-" - ---Tj «id > Buonei <rf Nora gcMU, IMS. 

a. Am*, lima taiK' lnaAi nuipia »hmi wiaM 


a Baronn of Nora Sooila: tint al On Ifi tvumenutivs Pt«Ti 
a Odnul in ihr Annv. Capuio Oraiwdiar fluanla, anit Ald-dc- 
Camp to ibe King; ism 33 April I7IU: Hionodwt hia falh«r, 
" ' Mhrlnie lord, 13 SepL I7QJ : H4rHnf . Marrii 1S1&, 

■.jirBEKCK AiEBKETiir, of SaJtouD, wMcmtad lord iW- 
toM, 9i JuM 1446, and had i»»« tf fau H'l I.I.UM aud J* UK: 
nKrandrctjr hmla Salunin ( rrain the Utior dowvndad Okokck, 
7U> lerd,«barf. ISPO, leaving iiauc. Johh, Bth liinl: and 3 daa.. 
1. Kwnmft, m. tit Alnander Fnwar, of Phllunh ( and 3. Jean, 
m. m Jotui Undiay. of Ktn&un*. Jonv. UUi lard, left an only 
MD. ALKiaHDER, Mil lord, vho d. vithoul Ima IMV. vben 
the title difvdrn] on hii flrM ocniiin, air Alcnuidw Fnurr, cf 

Tlie name of Frwer Im of gnmt antlqullv In SenUand. Pir 
i^iaum Fraaw enjoved half the territory of Krilh, In Ea«l Ui- 
itiiao, as early •■ ilie reigfi at David 1. 1 and Oii.ntnT Fa*iKB, 
(be bniDediale anresun- of ttiii funily. waa ihorlff of Traquair In 
that of Alexandrr II. His grandton, lir ALEXAKOtR, waa one 
Bfthe matt faithful adhermti iif king Rolvn Tinier, and n. hia 
F, widow of air Neal C'wnptwll, of Lodmw. Elevriilli 

ShIioud, md d. 1093, aged 90, was aucceeded io tliat tille l>^ 
'Ct, do. of dr. JuDM Slui 


William, Utb lurd, m. Haiwet, i 
Hrchlilsbop of St. Andrew'^, and had in 
1. Alexander, 13tb lord. 

C4lhuliu Eriklne, 



a.O(omoE, Uthlord. 

He rf. 24 July \^iS^ uid waa gucoeeded by bii ran, 

AlBxaxDEB, 13ch lord, who, djnng witbout Uiue, \^6'\, i 

mirceeded by hia nest surviving linjllier, 

Ueohge, 14th lani, i. 1720 ; m., 17ae, Eleanora, da. uf Ji 
tiordcMi, esq., and left iisue, 

1. Alexahdeb, letb lard. 


Hia lordship d. 30 Aug. 1781, imd wan lu 

AtEXAVDEB, IGth lord, i. 1708; n., , 
da. uf Simon Fraaer, esq., by whooi he hsd, 

I. ALEXJtKDZm^EOKSE, preaent lord. 

t. SmOH, A.3iJu]vi7ar. d. iDfcb.1811. 

H. UAaoAUT, N»Aui. vm, i. I8<«. 

C WlbllAH, K.UOi:Lr;9l, m., U April 
P, M. GfSBl, of Ahndtlly. do. BuIT. <h.. um nia 
1. Mstj-ElMur. klauii t-ttai. t. liMi. 
>. Aku. kjMucli liuai 4.A»n. h I.IJin. In7. 

.1. EkCAKon, H. t D«. tB% Wllllnin-lfinliiinll Grant. <*). 
His lordihip d. 13 Kept. 1793, and was sucMeded by bi> i 

AlExaMDER-Oeobge, presBit and Ifhh lord. 

Heir Pntumptiiw—Wu.t.iAli, hit lordship'a bratlier. 

CrMlitm — 38 June l44Sj and a Barnnet of Nora 

ft bsrt.) unl. HHk 
ided l>y hi» soo, 
e 1784, Margwrt 

FRANCIS OBA V, Loeb GRAY, of flray, bo. Perth. F.B. 
London and Edinburgh ; bom I i^ept. I7IS1 sncceeded hit I 
(her, Willi am-Johii, the late lord, 13 Dec 1907 : one of the If 


t Ptm n the pmml Parliunm 
h. I'M. Xarf.Aanc. da. of mkinr J. 

K rcf^ of foDl, Bod liM Jao*, 1. JOlf N. £. IS Mbt ITVti 

_ -2. MADiLIK., b. 11 NoY. ITWi S. WlHHM. A. 10 

P April linl. 't.MardiIsm: 1. Mahoahet. A. 13 t>K. IMR, 

-k, 3 June law, John Onutt, ot KilgnMoi. N.D.. H>f, anil 4. 
H April l»21; 5. JaKE-Akss, A. « Julf ISWt. 

Tiii* runil; twars tbe tame amu. am 
'tai. donoilcd fmm llie lame cooimiti anCMUr wUt'th* OrV) ■ 
f WaHi and ClulliDgham, in EngUud. 
" BJT Andrew Osir wai an adheruil to RofaMI Bnica In U« 
^ for tliv crown of Scotland, aui[ wu rpwaftlvd by a pmat 
Edmnnd de flnlingi. FifUi In d*«mt ft«ai 
::» (iRAr, of Bnam.iulh, >lu> ii i^ »W» 
n crvauil a lurd if parlianiinii hefure 9 flcl. I 

1. AMDaE>r,3di.irrf, whiol. al»ull«( 

i* eU«t ion, Palrict, J 
Bded b; hit icraiulaoD, AsDKEW, !ld lird, wba b 
'V«imici, 4tb lord, who hsTing no nalo Imd*. obula .. __.. 
giaiil of kia tillr >i(h moahidv to hi* nepha*, FiTBiCl:.(lHi 
r«[ liit hair-bnjther Gilben Onj, of ll^UW1tMl^) who. an hli 
IKclc'i deMh, basne Ath toed, aad ^ IM3, WTing uau*. Pa. 
VSIci, 6tb lord, faihn- of Patkici. Ttl> t^rd. futaar of 
. AvdIlEW, Sth lord, nlu). bnHiitf tta male iMiin, ohuitied a atw 
t 183l>. hj Tinue of •rhich, <hi y* d«Ml> in IfiO, (he litk 
" iind»n.(iKui.<f l>iaiInK da. ^aiw.bTilr U'il- 
r, oT lllienJnim.) PATBick, Ocntord, irbn alua had on 
e, and ubtartiifd a new paunit 17VT- 1" faviMr (d Joav 
ir, of Criehi*. luutiand of liia nulT lU. ifarjarp, wlio. im hl« 
- ' ' ' aih IIII.lH«in>e lOil. l.inl.Bitdif. l7^tMT- 
I lUi h>nl, wlui (J. I73H, and wa> m 

S. CnaHLiii, I3ih lurd. 

, 3. WIILIAM-JOHX. Uiii lord. 

, «.F»A»'„tI„r,l. 

1. fc Jak. -' ' TloT Muni, hbI'.Iii im 

'-— -, imdr. «|.. amlAVulTms. 

'l.'. . . :>l», Of Plli'in. tMit- ITHT. 

■ . , . L lIHWB. of CaHl* llUOlWf. wi- 

rMidatdtliip U. iu Aug. li'lZ. and wu tiioMded iiji hit iddnl 

at.KS. l^ililnrd, vhodpng IVM.UDta., wa* nioxieded by 
II bnuhar. 

WiLLUK^otix, Hth lord, who dvliig unn.. li I>«. 1007, 
«n ■iii<«Jiiil b* hit hrvUivr. 

Heir Appartnl — Johk 
Creadon -Before 1437, a» i" m 

Gray i> ranked after Inrd Saltuun. 

IftCh ioni. 

; b>it on the Union RoU lord 

ill Scotland; Eml Csthrart, Vismmit Cathcan, and BaroD' 
Greenock, in the Peerage uf the United Kingdom, K.T.. A 


CHARLES ST. CLAIR, Lord SIN'CI^tR, one of the IC 
Peer* for Sotland in llie preaeni Parlinment ; born I76S |i 
bad the title adjudEed to him hy ihe house of lurdt in IT'~ 
married, lit, 13 Fm. 18U2, Man'-Agnes.i, da. of Jamn Chii- 
liolnie, of Chiihntme, esq., and bv her (who <l. 1814) had isme, 

1. JAMES, b. 1803, m., 14 'Sept. 1B30, Jane, eldest da. of 

An-hibald Little, of Shabden Park, Surrey, esq. ;— 2. Eli- 
zabeth, b. 1B04, d. SOct. 1012; 3. Sc8A<i, «. Iflne. m.. 

Ang. 183S, Francii-D. Muuy.Daivsnn, enj., grandson of Hug 

1st lord Manr; 4. HATTUEtr, ft. 1808, in the army, H. 

Jamaica, 11 Aug. IBiT; S. CnAKLRa, ft. 1B09, d. 1810;— 

6. Ohables, ft. 8 June 1811. Hli Uirdahip »., 2dly, 18 Sppt. 
1816, lubella, youngest da. of Alexander Cfaattu, of Alunhmisa, 

ra, Roxburgh, esq., and has,- J. Eleakob, ft. 19 Sept. IBIS] 

8. a SON, 6. 12 .tiily 1830 ; —9. a da., S. 1822. 

The descent of this family !• the same irith ilial of the Sin- 
clairi, «arls of Caithness. William, earl iif Orkney and Caith- 
ness, marrying to his 1st wife, Margaret, da. of Archibald, earl 
nf Dniiglas, and viscount of Turennc, in France, by ber bad a 
and heir, William, father of the 1st lord Sinclair; and hy hi* : 
3d wife, Margery, da. of Alexander Gordon, «on ofllie l.trh'eatil 
nf Sutherland, he had another son, chrintened also Willi 
who, by special surrender of bis father, inherilad the earUm 

HenRV, lit lord Sinclair, was to creatwl in the parliament oT 
Edinhui^h 2H Jan. 1488, and was killed al Flodden, 9 Sept. ISIS. 
He was iuii^eded |iy hii only ion, WilliasC, 3d bird, lather of 
IlEHav, 3d lonl, wlio d. 1001, hating survived bit ddest : 
Jatnet, master iif Sinclair, and leaving 3 grandsoni, Hrvvt, 
James, and PatNIOK. successively lords Sinchu'r: ibe tw* 
former* tuim. ; the latter was father of John-, 7lh lord, wh 

Iff7<> loviog >a only lU. CailwriiHs m. Joha St. CUr, rf ■■>. 
BuniURui, wb«e eUini Km, 

Hexmr, bcouu*. on the itmh of Ui gnndfaihtf, Sik 1h4 
SincUir, uid in 1677 oblaiiial a iwir chuwr of ilw titin. whk 
tnuainder, on fulim al the nwU Inae of hinuetf will hli fluhar, 
■o fail ncamt lavful male bcjr. lie <f. I723> ksiina S aaa* uia 
ft du. ; but hi* eldol Kin, JoAn, maii«r of Sinclair, baTlof baan 
aliBincni in l7tS, the title mnalDrd undM- attainda lIU, OB ik* 
*isiha(ihclailairTiroTof tlwH loni ( who all A without (MB*) 

6l. Clair, of Ucraianiunn, Kin of Klatllwir Si. 
* ' ■ " wMit 

d tint couuo (if lh« 7ili lord, "ho themi] 
did not amima the title. He d. l^^i, 

AirDBev, lOih lord, who, tike his father, did nut wmaw lh« 
tftle, «., 38 Dec. 1763, Eliubetli, da. of John KutlieHcKri, cf 
Edaarttoun, ro. Boxburofa, eaq., and hv htf had 

t. CuaainEa, preaent ion). 

"?Ei.S a*"? """^ ^M.'T?F * 
^raiEW, lOth lord, dyioj; De*% i776> wai nu;n«d»d \r<f bii 

CBaiLEa, pment and lllh lord, whoae cUim to the tide wai 
knitted \ij the hoaie of lordi ib April 1 783. 
Htir A/ipartTU—J AUCi, eldat um uf hi* lordthip. 
CmfisR— 9C Jan. 1488^. 

_ . chacibertaiu of Renfrew, in the reij^n at IJng Aim. 
1 1 1., f rorti whom de«(«nded Tbomaa S^mpUf iheriff of 
m, lat in pwiiameol IS Feb. I4S3-4, and wan killed at llm 
tutle of BtaaockbaTti, on the tide of Jamn II I. 11 Juuc 1 IDA, 
'haling ail only loo. 

Sir Jobs SEMriL, created a peer by king JaniM IV. before 
U March 1496, ihourii the exact date ii not aMXrtaliied. lie 
wu kiUed at the battle of Flodden 9 Sept. 1613 ; m.. lit, Mar- 
nnt, da. iit tir Robert CulviUe. of Ochiltree, and had ianie, I. 
William, !d lord: 2. Cii(n<I, anceator of the Sempili of Calh- 
<sn ; and 3dly, SlargM^t, da. of Jame* Cricbton, of Riithven- 
■4enr, bf whom he had no imie. 

WlLl.laM, Sd lord, wai one of ihoM nho attented lo the mar- 





riage livliTMii qneeo Hnry and prince Eilwanl of England, tf 
Aug. 1:^43 j m. Msr^nret Mnnlgvunery, do. oC Uiigb, lit CaH of 
£gtinioun, HDd dying IS48, left iiaue, 

BoBEKT. Sd lardt d. abuuc 157X, uid hBTing surrired bi* «ld* 
elt Hin, Bulierl, was tuoceedod by hi* |^ndi>in, 

RoBEnT, 4(Ji lord, unlwswdnr to H pain ISlHi, in. Adds, da. sf 
Bugli JUontgnmBry, :ld ewl of EgUutwin, and dving 25 ManAi 
161 1, 1TH lucceedeil iij hii aoo, 

HuoH, 9Ui liird, ■>., lot, Anna, da. of Jamei HamiluiD, Uk 
rarl nf Abercorn, by whom he had a da. Marian, m. air Qearmi' 
Prettou, of ^'alleyfiola, Iwrt. i and Idly, EliaaliaLk, da. of Fr»iiia». 
Hay, Stfa earl of Urral, by whnm he had, FnANCia, CiU lord, d 
witlioul iMue, ■iHirr. 1C44; RoBEBT. 7lh lord; 3 other Mol^ 
sad 3 daa. Hugh, 6th lard, it. 10 Sept. t(»9. 

ROBEBT, 7>h lord, m. Addb, da. of Jame* DoiiKtai, In ktrA 
Mordington, and it 8 Sept. 1076, Wnving isue. Fbancib, 8lb 
lord ; Anne, baroucu Sempil ; aud Jean, n. AJeiaadar Sinclwi^ 
of RoasliD. 

Fbahcis, 8th lord, fa. Orisel, da. of air Archibald Priiaraa«, 
of Cnn-ington, bart., bot d. without iisae 10B1, irhen the tide 
devolred on hii eldeil aitter, 

Anne, baroneBt Scmiiil, m. Franris Abenromby, of Fettemeit^ . 
vho irai in auueqiiance created baron OUuford (an aodent pro- 
perty of the Sempil fwnUy) forlife, 5 July 1605. In ISaSaneir 
charter pasaed, aectliog the title of SempU on tlie iaiiw male or 
female of this lady by lord Olassford, or any future huibandi 
and failing such, to any pervon Dominaied by lord Olaaiford aoA 
baranSH Sempil, jointly during their livcB, ran Binder to (hehein 
and auigng of l^y Sempit whatMiever. The tune of lord Glaaa* 
ford and lady Sempil were, 1. FbaHCiS, 9th lord, who il. »>■■■ 
about I7D7 ; 2. Hobert, in the army, hilled In the lifetime nf hit 
elder brother ; 3. John, niDceeded his brother, Frandi, and na 
lOlh lord, d.imm. 1716; 4. Altaander, d. yimng; and 5. 

Hugh, lltb lord, m. Sarah, da. and co.h. of- — ~ Oaiicnvne,. 
of lUandkoater, bm]., and by her (who 4. 17 April 1740) 'had 

1. John, 12th lord. 

» oaoaaa. ■., lu, mhi Ootdon, of Waidtaouui Mly. 1 »«■ IIM. Mt 
caiulD, mtu I'Uvf . di. of Rlchud Cllvs, of Stychc. I>y Hcbrcra liiuannKi, ■>< 
Kilcr u Robert. )K lord Cllvti nid aSij. 19 Juw Vm. Itw rrllrt t/riBidt 

t. eaaAai K,nAprill7M, Patrlcli Cra-Bml, of An rtun ii w mA txai, 
■ndiLlI ApriMTKl. 

•■ MtHiaT'ra <mm. U^ .,.. 

IS- KUaCCA. d. HBHL Sept. 11U1. 

Ilia Wdahip 4. aa Nov. 174(i, and vai niocMdedbybiiMn, 
JoHH, IStii lord, at., 10 March 1765. Janet, nilc da. and lb 

uf Huf^ Diinlop, of Bi>h<q>ioiin, oo. Rcoifraw, 6*4., aud by hat 

(whorf. 36Junn ISOin liadiwue, 
I. Uvea, 13th binL 

■2Z1^.T,.. , 

i. oiosas, ». *!«. Ilea, In I 

JlP»r«mc, *J.ii.lTn. 

^11 kuilihip ^ 16 Jan. 1783. and n-ai luuveded by liision, 
HcGB, 13lb lord, ft, 1 July 1758, m., 2.i Jan. I787. , . 

«f Charloi Mcdlish, of Ragimil, ra. Nmu, esq., atid t>y hrr(w 

d. \8 Sept. 1806) had itiue, 

I. Selkibx, pretent and Uih lord. 

'Bit lotdtbip if. is Jan. 1830, and waa ninvedHl by hi> (ailj hj 
SCLiiBE, pretent and Uih lord. 

Htir Prtiumptire — The hon. MaBia-Jaset SeupiL, ! 
lotdihip'a eldm sifCer. 

rrwoh'oiu— Previoiu to 12 March 1194-5; new palent at a,- 
miaa, IfiMay 1«6& 

SO Juoe 1807; (ucceeded hii hicber, John, tbe Ute lord, 31 Mny 

Jafmila E/jtAtiutoiulaTitnessto scharterof Gilbert de Hsya, 
to the abbacy ur Coupar, 12IiO ; and 10 a grant of Rogvr tie 
<)iiiney, eari of Whichever, of a lot of land in Oladiwnod, to the 
■lonlci of Drybiuvh, 1233. ^leiuider de Elpbiniume i>U'ltDea> 
los donation nf iir William Li Tin gslnn, the abbacy 
tf nalyrood-houte, 1303. Alan du Elpliinitone, Dunisn de El. 
ftilDHtone, and John de Elphinstune, were among the baroui 'd 
SCutlond vho ivore fealty to Edward I., 12041. 

AlezahDEB Et-PBiKHTOKE was railed to the dignity of a 

Er of parliament, 1509; hefdlat the battle of Flutlden, ISIL 

Aleiakdeh, 3d lard, who was killed at Pinkie, 1S47, >i><l 
iwoi weeeeded by hii >dd, 

ROBEET, 3A lord, who was father of 

AleiahDES, 4th hird, high treasurer of Soilland, M, Jeaii, 
da. of M'illiun, (Jth lord Liviogttone, and had iiuiie, 

I. Al.KZANDER, 5lh lord. 

t. iiuf.ot Burn, bihnof Alouiulfr, Ikh Inid. 
He d. 16IB, and wai niixeeded by hia eldnt ion, 
, ALEXAimEn, Gth lord, who iL 1049, leaving, hy Elizat.eili. 
' U« wife, ii>ter of James DrunuQOnd, lat earl iS Pvrlh, an only 
~ I. LUAatt «■ l>Br amua, 

Alkiamdeb, 6th lord, whojf.Dec. 1064, leaving issue by her. 
_ wiM^ 1. AlexahIiEb, 7th h>rd, rf., without issue, 1 W ( 2. 
'rfoHH. Slh lo'''l> <"• iHahel, da. of Cbarin UaiUuid, ti ear! ol' 
liAuderdide. by whom he had mue. 


CiiiRLER,9th lard, m. Etiiabeth, ds. of air William FrinirOW, 
uid sister lo Archibiild, lit risoount Pnmroee, [ancvctor to the 
preteiit earl of Roscberry,) and had iuue, 

1. John. m. MugEFT. d*. at >Lr Gilben Flcmine. df DirnLoa, bail,, bul *. 
in hlimho'illCKliiM without Iuue. 

«. Jahu, i. mm. 

S., lOth lord. 

a C«ll«l,^«ii.'c>pl. 0«»1^^ Blh «rl of Home 

Uii lordihip d. IS Feb. 173S, and wm nticceeded by bis <on, 

CoARLKS, lOth lord, m. Clumentina, da. Bad wie h. of Jahn 
Fleming, earl of Wigtoun, (by Mary Keith, titter of Ueor^, Ian 
earl mariscluil, and of field-mBrshal Knth, in the aervioe of Fre- 
derick III., king of Pruuia,) and had iuue, 

1. JoHK, lllh lord. 

His lordship rf. ia 1784,andiras 

JOBM. tithlord, lord.lieut. CO. 
James, 3d lord Ruthven, (by Am 
Bule,) and had issue, 

1. JoHK, 13[h lord. 

3. CalHLii, vin-admlnl or Iht vhli 
which vtmlBDf the WIgloiin hmilj tx nl 
OHUtedtnr Jobn.ailor WlflouD. I7tl. 

jcceeded bv his laii, 
tuDibartonl n. Anne, da. of 
e, da. of James, 3J ewl of 

piavtiu In Bwal. A I Aui. lU 

. ■ftlAJiJy d. IX a1u3u)h 

aba of Uu bosril of iwoiue tar Itw m. — 
«t tit. HdDiA, luvinf m. CtrfDdltlna, da. of 

1 gDnmor of Bomln. 
. ■■..BBirpi. iDua. uavld Enkliw. of CudroB, co. Penh, t<q. 
ip d. 19 Auk. 1794, and was succeeded by his son, 
JOBN, 12ih lord, lieul.-gcu. in the anny, and cot. S6th regt. 

JoBK, preMnt atid I3ih lord. 

Urir PTtntmpHve — The Hon. ChaB1.E« EirHIXSTOKX- 
Ft-GHINC, luK lordihip's uncle. 

Lottiiaii ; ■ucceeded hii cousin .gerDiui, Jbiuh, tlie Ule lord, 7 
June 1315: married, iu 1606, .Margaret Dou(;ltia, 2d da. of 

Johu Stirling, of Ee[ii>eiiilBi-ie, e«q., and haa twue, 1. 

KOBERT, I. 3JI07! — 3. M*ht, «.., 4 Aug. 1820, Williun. 
Ramsay RamHy, dT Bamtcin.esi). ; — -3. John, t. 1 Nor. 1013: 
4. J.)ME(, /i. 3 0ot, 18:21. 

Sir Jaheb t^ANDiLAHiis, the iinmediHle anooitDr of tliii fa- 
miljr, lived Id the tiiue of king David 11., and fA. Eleanor, only 
da. of Arcbiliald Dmiglaa, of DnugUi, and widow oF Alexander 
Bnice, earl uf ('«rrick, with wlujoi he acquired tlia barony of Weil 
Calder, still the aeat uT the fatnily. SirjAUEB Saitdi lakdi, of 
Calder, Sih ill descent from .laniee liefure mentioned, bad iwu 
tons, Jtkn and Jakei. Of tlieu, tbe latter was a knjghl of 
Malta, and chief of that order in Scotland, whow property there 
lie reiigned into the bands of queen Mary, aud wai nreatcd, S4 
Jan. 1563-4, Inrd Turphichen, to bim and his hein and DHigna 
1 whaluerer. He m , liut died without issue, 29 Nov. 1696, and 
|i was succeeded by Itii gmt nephew, 

p Jaheb, dd lord, (grandson of John aliote named, elder brother 
I of ihe IM lord,) who in. Eliuihelh, ds. of James Ileriot, of Tra- 
LWown. and hud issue, James, 3d lord, who d. unm. I(i22: and 
1 ' JoHS. 4lh lord, succeeded his brother, m. liabrl, da. of sir 
kWalier Dundai, of Dundaa, and if. 1637, leaving issue, John, 
Brtth lord, who d. unn. 1049 ; and 

Walteb, Sihlord, m. 4 wivGi, 1st, Jean, only child of Alex. 
ader Lindsay, the younger, ■>fEdzell (by Anne, 2d da. of John, 
H earl uf Wemyss ; gdly, Catherine, da. of William -Alexander, 
' unt Canada, and sister of WiUiam, Sd earl of Stirling : Sdty, 
I-. da. of Alexander. 6th lord Elphiiistone ; and, 4thly, Chri*. 
. . I, da. and h. of Janes Prlmruse, esq. Uii lordship d. in Hay 
■ 16BC, leaving (by his 4lh wife) nn only surviving son, 

' (W£s, 7th lord, «. Juie, da. of Patrick, lit earl of Marrli- 
1, bigb shanoellur of Sootland, and bad issue. 


2. Walteb., Bch lord. 


i[ ThoniH Kirkpalrlck, orcloHbum. tui. 

HIi lordihip J. ITSSi mid was mcnwded by his >oii, 

'W*tTEB,8thlurd,m.,IJ Junis 1767, EltiulM'Ch.da. aud toleh. 
of Alexander Suuliluidi, H:D., and tif her (who d. t] Sept. 177^ 

rf. Nov. lows. 

4. HuoK. lint In Ihe TWb (ool. d. uim., u MidrH, ITHi. 
His lordihip d. Nor. I7S5, and wiu mcoended by his *oi 

JauEB, 9ihlonl,A. 176!). n., 7 April I7<in, ."^ 
Ing child of sir James Inglis, ot Cnunmand, Ijart. Mil lai 
it. 7 June ISIS, iFitbout issue laait, and was aucceaded 

James, presenl and lOlh lord. 

Heir Apparent— Boasm, his Inrdship's eldest son. 

CrmfiDH — To the l>t lord, and bit heirs and assigns i 
erer, 34 Jan. \56a-i. 




'» hful auIh «HlEnnl fay vn bnprrlal erowa ma 
or dKOelillisr Douglia. ^* 

ElHLES STEM'ART, Lobb nL^XNTVBE, to. Luiuki 
I Dec 1018 ; succeeded his fslhej-, Robort-^^'altar, lata 
I, 2S Sept. 1S3U. 

Sir William Stewabt, of DnWinton, ancestor of the ei _ 
(if Gatluicay, had a younger son. TicaxAa, who fpn from hii E^ 
iher the land* of A[iuto, Co. Roiliurgh, and d. 1500. Kuunh M 
deirenl from him was 

Walter t^TEWAHT, vho being oonimendaler of BlaatVT 
and from his youth bred in the court of kin|f Jamea V'f., by thi 
kiiig was luode keeper of the privy hwI, geilienian of his bm_. 
dtamlier, hird tretiiurer of Sontlund, and ovated a baron 10 Jntf 
18»n, and dying i» IGIC, left, by NidKda. bis wife, da. of «fr 
Jamea Somerville, 3 aons, WilliaU, his tuccMior, and n'ahM 

d hird, lumaeding, m. Helen, da. of sir WilUaal I 
goMt, of ArdTM*, aod dyinK 1036, left 2 sons. Waltbh, 34 l«l4|.J 


ol Oraouck, lian« uul hmd ■ _„ „^ „ 

Aaae, da. of dr Robert HudIIiud, at Fimtmnum, ou of ill 
jndgH of tbe oaurt of KMhw ; uu) it I7M, Inrinx Ihbb. H'll 
TER, fith lord, RoBEBT. 7tk lord, S man Mnt, and 4 4m 
WaLtK*, 6lh lard, dpog kiib., 1713, WM nocBMM bf Ui bni 

RoBEBT, 7tli l«d Ut, Udai Lfon, lU. of Jobn, 
4lh cad of Siratlunare. but by ber bad an arrlTloit inuci Idlv, 
Mar^Biet Har, da. of WiUiam Uav, of Pr-imAJT, «if .. rauJn 
IP the lumaniucwof Timddalc,birwbc(D(vbaA 13 Dec. I7ftl) 

I.Walteb, 8th lord. 

X William, 9th lord. 

3. Alexasdeb, loth lurd. 


BitlonUhiprf. iu Dec 174».uicl va* lucMadcdkyhU aUfM (nm 

W«LTE>. eth lonl, wha d. at Paris, May I7S1, imm., and «m 
Ml r«ridjd by ki* bruth«r. 

William, t>ih lurd, vbu 4. utm., IG Jao. 1778| awl wa* ate. 
Midad br hi* bnMher, 

ALBXAXoia, lath Inrd, wba m., 1773, Caiharisa. da. aad b. 
4C Pauick Lindwy, of Ea)(lHcalma| «f^ (by Uarjtaral, da. and 

A't'TbiNDM HaUibunnn, of Knflai ta l rti a, ai '- • ' — ' ' 

Dm- noble famUy of Uallibonon, r ■ ■ — 
mba d. at Dao. 1833, bad uni«, 

1. HoaKBT-WALSKB, praMnl lord. 

' H).«!B.lBlh>uniT, >■ lu Juu 1T7T. ■. atCdnmtai 9i> 

loirMU, la. at ih* tnn. John Rodaty, aiil ha iMiir. 

<d by hit ton, 
:m; llih lord, b. 10 J.ine 177^ a 
id Ca. m., VS FA. 1813, PnuK»«, da. of bon. Job 
■«H> or the lit lord Rorin^, and liad iHue, 


Hi.i»i«». h. le'juij law. " 


1, b. SiJgnc IBai. 

Uii lordship irai actiden tally killed si Bniu^, 25 Sept. 1830^ 
And was BicceeieS bj hi> etdeit aon, 
Chailes, pre&eni and 13lli lord. 

//«r /^rein/rfiot— The hon. W'illiax Stewaet, his lord- 
ship's brother. 

CnrafJOH— 10 July IftOa. 

re dUef uolnt, srveof tbc loiL 


JOBN COLVILLE, Lobd COI.VILLE, of Ciilron. Rear. 
Admiral of the Red : one of the 16 Peers for Scotluid jj 
present Psrlisineiit ; siioceeded his father, John, the late lord, H 
March IHI I ; bom ^^m ; married. U Oct. 17!KI, Elisabeth, sit- 
ter of rir FroDcis Ford, hart. 

The family of Calvilk in North Bntain, sprang from that of 
the Calcillei in England, who had aavmpanied Will' 
Conqneror from Normandy. Philip dt Colrille settled in Scot- 
land in the tSib century, and flmirinhed in the reigns of Malcolm 
IV. and William the Lion ; <raa one of the liosiagea for his so- 
vereif^'a freedom, by ■ convention n-ith Heury II. of England ; 
he was ancestor of sir Jtaberl Colrille, who was master of iba 
household to James IV., and fell with his j ' 
fatal battle of Flodden-field, anno IAI3; he was succeeded by hh 

ni his 

lo Jamn V., and 

Sir James Coi.vii.LE, of Enit Wemj-ss, n. M argaret, da. of 
lir Hubert Douglas, of Lochleven. (ancestor of the tarit of Mor. 
(im,) and by her bad 2 sons, James, Itt lord Culville, and 4tnr- 
aniler, rammendator of Cuirass, ancestor of the pnoenl lord. 

James, Isl lord, acquired great reputation as a military CO 
maiider in (he wars under Henr)- IV., of France ; on his return, 
he wiu in great favour with his sovereiftn ; ho tras created a 
baron, by the title of lord Coli^Ule, uf Ciilrxiss. ao Jan. 1611^ . 
to him and the heirs male of his body, u-iih remainder to ' ' 
nearest lawful heirs male, hereditarily, bearing the name 
arms of CntvUlt ,■ he n. Isabel, da. of Pntrick, lord Ruthven, and 
hod issue, - 

Janes, Sd lord. 


Hit Inrdililp d. IA30, uid wu tamrAti in hi* 
JiMLi, iA ItTil, -hui/. without Iwir, 1«40. "(>■ I 
the trtlc, xmrdiiig ui tha paunt nf cmlian, ii 
raaatt, Jalm, eUcBl Mu of Altxandvr ColriUr. n 
Culm*, aboTe nuDCd, bn>lh«r of th> Ih lord : bgt nritlxT tki»~\ 
John, hu wm, grmadtea, nor ^[mt-fnnlMn, ever ■numtJ tba 
ulle,«hidi cDiuequantlT donaMappaw upon ihvnnkn rotL In 
17a, tunrcver, John ColTiUe, 9th In Jncnl frea Alaandcr, 
<:binied ihc bkronjr, anil wm ripdarvd, liji • raaBlaliea of tli* 
houie of lordi, 27 Ma; 1733. lo ha** nuwie itnod Ui dalnt, And 
hi* nainc direcud to be added M tlie reO of fwm, awordiiif ui tli* 
date (rf the pfttmt of 1 1W9. II it line of dcaonit wa now p i ui ' nd 

AtEimDEli r«f riA*. mmnendaur of CalroM, bmhef nf the 
In bml, left a ton, John, ohn nirrlvad th* Sd ki(4, and on >bnai 
■be title of ruEhldftulrtidi hi wu falbar of Alskaruki, fathrr 
of Jon X. father of atwiher 

Alesakdki, who m. Mtrf. da. of air Cbarlt* Enkina. of 
(WnbD, ban., and had inue, 

I. Join, Sd, or, more propari^, 7lh lord. 

4aka "S'mmi^^^^b^ CuadT 

«, Pawatoni: 7. »A»r. hoUi A -m. 

K MAfeuaa*. K. AleuBdn BUi. •>!., w4 a. I7M- 

Jobs, 3d, or 7ih lord, wm oolonrl of a 
•f Cafthagena, and iL there 1741. leaiing 'naar, 
I.«Kt>KH, 4ib lord. 
S. JoBH, bcb lord. 

7. Ktiiuanil ■>. RstaTC ■■Mili. «^. 
Bia lordahip wa* iu«wd«d l>y hi* elUal ma, 

AlexanDEi, 4ib bmi, whn wu a didinpiiibad iiaval iilBn'r. 
«nd a TKe-«i)ainJ of Eiie while : ■■■ Kliiuktinib Knklue, da. »f 
Alexander, lilb evl tit KeJJie, but •/. wilboul lune, 24 Majr 
I770, >nd WM *ucrwded by bii brulher, 

Joux, Sth lord, A. 34 Jan. 1794. Hi* loedihlp enlerrd rarl^ 
Inio the arm)', and wai enga^^ed in almmi all ihe artire military 
wrriee of ihow daya ; m. miu WeMvr, and by bar (who il. Aug. 
I7BS) bad a niimeroui luue, of which tf nina and i dan, only nir. 
vJTcd him, 

I. JoMK, pment lord. 

I. atrC^iLat. n.C.B.. n.CK„ iMt K.TJ., a UwuiM- MJ«k tow. 


4. Juno. 1. 1 Mudi tm- 


& A da. ^ at 1b« MaariUm, 10 Aug. IStt. 

3, Anwb, m. James Fonyth* eta., capC in the kind's dracooa guards. 

4. CATHAaiifB, m., June 179S, me rrr. Roger Fnmkland, son of admiral sit 
Thomas FranUand, of KkUeby, co. York. bart. 

HU lordship d. 8 March. 1811, and was soooeeded by his eldest 

JoHK, present and 9th lord. 

Heir PreiumpHve — Lieut.-Gen. Sir Charles, 6.CB., bro- 
ther of the present lonL 

CreoHan-SO Jan. 1609. 

Arm*— See Plate 62. Quarterlr, 1st and 4th. Argaot, a cross moUne sable— 
CoLriLLK. 2d and 3d. Gules, a less diequy argent and asure— LiNoaAV. 

Owf— A hind's head eouped at the neck, argent. 

SwBporfens— Dsurtsr. a rhmooeros. Shu$ter, a figure of Hercules, baUted in 
a Iknrs sktai, and hokiing his club on his left shoulder. 

Matt^—OubUer as ^m. I can never forget. 

of Cr^ng, 00. Roxburgh ; bom 12 Aug. 1809 ; succeeded his fa- 
ther, James-Edward, Vie late lord, 5 Sept. 1818. 

Sir William Crakstouiv, of Morieston, was capt. of the 
guards to king James VI. and by him created, 17 Nov. 1609, 
baron Cramaiimn ; m. Sarah, eldest da. and oo-h. of John Crans- 
toun, of Cranstoun, and had issue, 

1. JoHK, 9d lord. 

S. Jambs, &ther (by Elisabeth, da. of Francis Stewart, earl of BothiPell, his 
Sd wife) of 

William, 3d lord. 

He d, 1627, and ^"^ succeeded by his eldest son, 

JoHV, 9d lord, who was twice m., but <L without usue, and 
the title devolved on his nephew, 

William, 3d lord, who, attending king Charles II. to the 
battle of Worcester, 1661, was there taken prisoner, and sent to 
the Tower of London, where he remained several years, his 
estates being sequestered, and himself excepted out of CromweU*s 
indemnity ; he m. Mary Lesley, da. of Alexander, 1st earl of 
Lewn, and had a son, 

Jamjis, 4th lord ; ai. Anne, da. of sir Alexander Don, of New- 
ton, bart., by whom he had issue, 

William, 5th lord, m. Jane Ker, da. of William, 2d mar- 

<|uess of Lothian, and by her had, 

1. James, 6th lord. 

t. William, m. Ann^ sister of sir David Murray, of Stanhope, bart., and 

Si fNARLsa. d, mum, 

4. OKuaaa. m. Maria, da. of Thomas Brisbane, esq., and d. 30 Dec. 1788; 
leavhw Issue by her (who d. t7 Oct. 1HU7,) 

1. Henry, m., 1st, Christina, da. of Smart, esq., by whom he had 

lasne. and Mly, II Oct. 1803, Mary-Anne, da. of sir John Whitefoord, 
i. Oaorgaw 

3. Margaret, m. William Cunningham, of Lafauhaw, co. Argyll. 

4. Jane-Anne, m. count PurgstaU. a Stlrlan noble. 
3. Helen-D'Arcy. m. DugaldStewart, of Catrine. 

A. Anns. MS. Gabriel Selby, of Paiton, cow Northumberland. 
0. Jban, d. mnmu, 17W. 

Jambs, Sih lord, n. Sophia, da. of Jcmniah Broim, esq,, bj 
vhom [vho •».. 2dly, 10 Nov. I7T3. Miclmel Lade, e»>i., and d. 
SB Oci. I7W) he Had issue, 

1. WtLtiAM, Tthlocd. 

3. Jamis, 8lb lord. 

Jahki-Edtakd, 9th lord. 
£. GiuHBi. DDL in ihe um*. ii. U Surluin. 8 Xanh IMC. -im. 

Bis lordship d. 4 Julv 1773, and «ai niixeedcd )>T hi> toa, 

William, 7th lord. A. 3 Sept. 1749, d. unn., 1 Aug. I77H, 
and iraa lucvfeded by his brother, 

Jame*. Bth lord, )(nrernDr of Orenoda, capC R.N. lie com. 
nanded the Belliqueui, of 64 gaat, in the engagonent Imwecn 
dr Samuel Bood, IM vjicounl Bood, K.B., and Cumte de Onnc, 
Sft and S6 Jan. 1TG3, and received the ihanki of both faouiea of 
atriiuiient for bii disdnpiiihed i^lanlry, 17 Jnne 17DSi ■■•, 
19 Aug. 1793, Elizabeth, youngeu do. of Levii-Charln Monto- 
Hco. liiternf ladv Elibauk and lady BnrsH, and by her (who 4. 
n Feb. 1814) had no isnie. Bii fordihip d. 21 Sept. 1790, and 
im auceeeded bv bis n«pbeir, 

jAJtei-KtmusD, 9ih lord, n., 36 Aug. I8n7. Anna, eldest 
da. Bi John Macnanisn, of the island of St. Chriatopher, esq., 
and had issue, 

1. Jameb-EovaRD, present lord. 

-Hia lordship H. S iiept. 1UI8, and 11 

Jaues-EdwaKIi, pre«enl and lOth lord. 
Htir Praiimptipe ~Ui» lurd«bip'« cousin, B 
louK, esq., grandson of the 5tb lonl Crauatouii- 
Crea/ioB— 1609. 

-Thou ehJl m 

mcceeded by his only 

EtiHin, and B Baronet of Nova Boitia ; one of the I Ci Peers for Scot- 
land in Ihe present Parliament: Cftpt. R.N., iorn 13 Oct. 178l>; 
anccHjded his father, Francis, Ute lord, I Auf(. IKiSi nar- 
ri«f, 38 Alarch ISIS, Elixabetb, da. of the bon. Andrew Cochrane- 

JobnatoDe, sad baa iuue, 1. MAiiA-MAkQARET, b. 18 

Uarch 1817; 3. Oeoroiasa-Lodisa, L 29 ApHl 1818; 

3. FR-INCIS, 4. 16 Sept. 1810; 4. William, 4. 27 




Jaa. IB24 i 7. * DA. 6. 20 May 1820. 

The oripin of ihe family of Napii-r i> srated in a c«rtiliate 
under tlie liand and ival of sir Archibald Napier, of Merchiilo 
dated 1 June 1635, in the following n-orda :— " Oue of ihe 
cieiit earles of Lenai, in Scotland, had iiaiie three soDiiet ; the 
elileat aucctieiled him in the earledom of Lenoi ; ibe Mcond, 
who» namu wm Donald, and the third was nBnu>d Oilkhrim : 
the then king of Sotla having warres, &c., amangnt Home I 
were then commauded lo serve the king in those wsrna, tru 
earle of Lenox, u-hii keeping bis eldest nonne at borne, lenl 
second sonne 10 letve fur him ; ibi* bsttell went hard with the 
Scitts, who were forced to luose gruunde, and al last to ninni 
away, which being perceived by Donald, be putled bii father') 
standard from the bearer thereuf, aiid valiantly eacouiilering the 
foe, being well followed, repulsed the enemy, and changed the 
fortune of the day, whereby a greate victory wa> goti. After th* 
battalie, ihe king laid unto them : i'ou haw ail done voiianl/ji. 
but there it one ama/igtt ymt icha hath jtA rtEa, — and calling 
Donald Id hit presence, in regarde of his worthy wrvice, gav« 
him In auginentadun tif honour to change hi) name from LkmO" 
Id Napiei, and gare him the lands of Oosfiurd, &e., and roai 
bitn his servant, Khich diaaoune Is confirmed by sundry of n 
old evidences, wherein we are called Lenox aliia NArlEH." 

John Napier, " to whom," says Air. Hume, the cel^iraled 
liiitarian, " thetitle of Great Jtfan ii mnrejually due tbaii toi 
other whom hia country ever produced,*' was the inventor of iha 
Logarithms and Robdobgice, commonly called "Napier's Boat 
He wu likewise author of a " Trealiae on the ReveUtion of Si. 
John." These works will remain lasting mouuineiils of his sub- 
lime judgment, knowledge, and penelralion. He if. lSI7i n., 
1st, Elizahelh, da. of James Stirling, of Keir, by wbum be hut, 

1. AbcuibaLD, afierwanlt lord Napier. 

s Chiahohne, of Cromlii, by 

IDAH. pngsDitDT of th* Niplen of Bluksione. 
';liii,*j!l*J^iin Ksmilloti. of'KUbnuiuii^t. 
EiTSAacTH. IK. WllliaiD Cunnhifhuii, oT C«l)Radi> 
Annas. ■>. Omft Dnnnmond. of BnUodi. 

icRrHALD, lit lord Napier, eldest son of John, waa for 
■ yean, gentleman of the privy chamber to king James VI.. 
.ttended his uujeiiy when he went to EnKland to take piM. 
n of that kingdom, on Ihe death of queen Elizabeth. He 

__j .. .ij, -^ oouncO, ireaaurer-depuie of Scotland 

« clerk, and one of ibe Judges of (li 

t of M>U ilwuld ooi at u ordiimy Juil(^ In llikl (uur 
id fum ■ bannwi, 3 Murfi, uid dim •dvuicvl blm tv tl: 
tflie of lard Xapirr, to bim mud tiii haiUi male, 4 Hajr 1027. >< 
«■■ > >t«wlr hr/mlMi, tui taruiMj uuched to tba inMrmt • 
" rceraica, KUch raidatd him »efT oboialffli* w tlic I'l 
iten. vbu thraatciwd lo fortrit him lAer hit ttnitli t li 
Ar forfricure w» prrrenled by hi* funily pi)'iii|i ■ (uiuMmU 
toe. He m. ilTgann Onhun. da. of Jiifiii, 4th ou) of Sinn 
"~ . and lijtcr lo ihe Itl marqu«» ol MoniroH', by tthocu li 

I. A 

>, Sd lord. 

van, und0 h» uncle, the gnal Diar<]iie>« o/ MoiitniH. He waa 

rlicularty rioppud in Cnim well '• act o( iiiilFmiiity IfiM, Ind rf. 
Uidland, where he had retind fruni the peneculion of hi* 
9Di« : m. Eliabelh Enluor, da. of John, Bth hltI of Jlar. 
Ihadiwie,, 3d lord. 

Bti loidthip il. toco, and «aa incocded by hji wm, 

ABcBI*Atl),9dlanl.olftBlD«lanev paicnl from kinftCbarfw 
]!., 7 Feb. 1077. (nnfirminit the oiHclual pal«iil of ihir pMTS^ ol 
tiaipiti (a himidf and bi> hdn iiuile, further KranlJrii the bo< 

fnoedracy of the oripruil patent granted to the Ut bird Nwiier. 
Tbi* lurd dying: * baditlor I6HS. n-aa lucceedrd by hi> iirptiFw, 
lir Thomas KicnoLsox, of Oamoch, onlyrhUd of hU rlilni 
Alc)', who bcoiiua 4lh lord, and dying under a|^. and unm., 
'T86, tlie title devolved an hit auiii, 

MAaeaHET, who beoune baronHs of Napier. Iln biity>bi|> 
, . . John BrUbane, eaq., rendenl from king; ('barlx 11. al ih« 
'man of Fraiwc, and Mcretary lo the admiralty, by wbum ib* 

i;,V -torn ut 

Marj^rci, lady Napier, dying 1700. (her da. Eliu1-nh. having 
A the year befur*,) wa* >ucre(>ded by her grnndaon, 

Ftilccis, 6th lord, wbo aiiumed the luninnie i>f Napier, in . 
. dauw in the lait iiatned palenl i lie ■>., Ul, I 


HeririelM Hope, d«. of Clurlei, lil earl of Hopetoan, ■nil Ly b 
he had iuus, 

1. William, Gtb lord. 

S. CiuHLH, cmpt. R.Nu •*.. In, GcIkI. di. of m Jnhs Wuraktti. 
LwhOHl. but.: ukI, Mly, CfaiUilw, lU. of CbIitIiI lUiulUon, of Wf«tut 
tm., nd iL ID Dtc IW?, Smlat tsur by h)i Eil ollk. 

1. M«iMU-Ho|H, h 7 Aug. I7B3.|»->13 !*•*>■ IWJT.CHiriiOanliiii.M 

3^ ^Lrln, cult. ILN., d Mvch 17M 

■ — - - =^ - - ■ or. 171?. m., t7'tb.]iKn. ChulnCn^ 

I.. 6. 10 M«T ireo. 

^ ruAni^iB, II ucuL-iui- VI iriariiiai «■ Eltubrth, ilH. Of John Gnrnftm 
of Porumoutb, wi-i and ^ ITTV, i.^. 

4. Joujir ■ Ueut- of ftut, ff. Id CfncumTi ^T^ 

«. HiBi, im^at-Rn. litbeinny, n., lit.AanciU. ofJahnNdHn, m 
atCnltaKt i ud, BIt, Uunm, di. of Alannlet slnipKin. of CoiKnl 
taa., ud ^ 10 Jui 1Kb, la^ bow 1^ hm l>ho ^ S Aug. IMi) bofl 
otnor dittdm wtio d. TOOiUi or munurled, 

■ - ■■■'■■; im, m.. ai MkOi ITMi MKy-Ell»b«ll-Jn 

Hit its;, m., June laaSi rn. Thiiiiui-llHir]r Votlu. 

His lordiliip m., Sdly, HenrictU-MBrr, da. of Qeotve JohiW 
of Dublin, caq., bf vhom (who rl 20 Sept. 1706) he Gad iaust 

n^ IK, EUubeth, da. of opt. Robert Pirilock, DIM ngl. of raat.uidbTk 

- 10 Kvf. Ijaa, lieut^cgl. in the umr. 

Jahn Ciilfl.of GiLgam, oq., iihkb liidj ■ 

k, k IT Dnr. 1 W> C.B, lin]C..ari. In Iht in 
■■■. II Mardi lUt. CuroUne, toviuhi da:, of Iha lU( hm. am. Ed«i 
Umv Foi, ioti of llcory, lA iDnTHolUAd, and hu luie. 

& Rkhoil, A. 7 Au«. ifnr, Mlnv of AlKSoub' ciiU<«e, OifOrd. 

7. Hian-Edwird, 1. « Much 17m, Ilnit. R,N., m. and hs teua. 

It GuoOH-HnilMli. ». 1780. •!. SM. ima 

«. Cidlb-MUT-MugnK, k ini, d. lA Aue- ](««. 

III. jAintJaHH, I Unit, nf iiiiiHnv.klUn]oobaBd the Fox trtgOt bi i: 
1 1- SIQwvl. Ileuf. of mutnci, d. LTT% 

Hii lordihip I ._ 

n April 1773>hc vwnioceeledb>-l 

M'tt.t.iAH, 6(h lord, m. SIsinie.AiiD^ 4th d>. of Qurle*, I 
lard Cathcan, hy whom he had, 

I. Fhahcii, 7ih lord. 

r, D.D., • 

• Bi-n 

FsWCI*. 3ih lonl. D.C.I.. one nf tb« lit ri 
Cv dmtlujd. »ud lirat. eo. SulkiiV ;• L 33 I'W IJ^M. •■ ^ 
April l;ilt,3UnB.MBrguvt,eUa« lU. vftir William dKewnng, 
S,B^ utit-Y ha l*ho d. HO Doc lU]l)h>d brae. 
lA. 1. llMii-MiauKit. k. u Kqx. IJW, <b^ a* Au(. MIO, (h« r**. Otnf 
■^km KDUniltnii. 'kcB nTBrtiEimll.m. V<irk. 
L Wtl-tlAX-JOBX. pnMnt Wd. 

'u*b IIW, a., JwH IKW, til TboBiH OHii 

1. ITM. -.. UM, A1U»B>M. 4h 

■va._fc WDkIM, m., • ApiD UM. MnU* lUN. •■«. *yM •« 

■ niawded bf U« dMMt 

8lh htri. 
f"j7«dr v4/iparm< — Uii lordiMp'i lun. 

Cnufieiu — Cunn NspiET. br pUmt, 4 MiT 1637> nwiMtnit, 
17 Frb. ISn. tfl [h( 3d lord, lo Ui« hdn uf bi> bn)«, nut in dr- 
boll, to hi* three liilen, Juic, Afugtm, and Mary, in cnmi. 
don, md their lime male ; wUdi Utinff. to thv Mn nuJe 
«hattiw*«i' ttf ArdiihaU. Wd Nipier ; which kH fulinft, to hf) 
Un and aMlyn* vtuUMjerer. Banmei ttf Nora Soutia, 91 Aug. 

^BEYAN FAIRFAX, Lomn FAIRFAX, <rf Catm-mn. in 
Bolj Ontan ; ■umpdcd hii nnmin, Itobcn. 17II3 ; narnn/ Eti. 
labnh Cuy, and ha* Ebub Hirnvl loKa. 

flirTaoMAi FAiKrAi.tif Drntmi. m. York, wu malrdlAroD 
Fair/kr. «l Cuncron, in Nciith Britain, IB On. lltST, t Car. 1. 1 
ht m. Uden Alka, aiid i. IMU. liBTing iuua, FKMDIliAitDOi 
•Mni .nil. aad Sd kiH. «.. In. lady Slary SbaAoU t aiul Sdlr, 
Rhud* Chapman, i. IfUJ. laailn^ lanie, ThoMai, Sd kird. (p-n. 
(tf tba parliamentary fflpns In ilip rirll wan. who «. Anne. da. 
«( SerBtin, lonl V*r*. of Tillniry, uid d 11171. without iuua 
i Henry nf OKlMliiirT<e, co, 'V.irk, ai! mni of lh» lit lord. 


k Mary, d>. of rir Ilenrf-Cholmley, and d, in April IG6S, Inr. 
ug Henby, 4tblord, whom. Frencm, di^ufRirKiiberi Barwiil, 
of Tolston, IX. Vork, and d. in lUHB, tearing iuue, Tuoiua U 
learg. Thomas, the eldeM, waa 5th lord, n. Cadierine, dL ai 
.(if Thi)iUB>,h}rdCu]epepper, andlefliuiie, 3>un9; rix. TaOHM, 
IdL-aC Hon, and Olh kird, d. uum. in Virginia. I7S1 : Hatrf-Calt- 
pepper, 2A son, d. in the lifetime of his elder hrother, 1734, witk* 
I iaiue ; Robert, 3d aoa, incoeeded hi> eldest tirother, lit'. 
w 7th lurd ; ffai l«-ice n., but d. without iisur, in I79S, wIm^ 
the whiiU niale iuue of Thnmai, lord Fairfax, the eldest son w 
Henry. lord Fairfax, became eatinct. The title and dignity tiM 
vested in [he rer. BuYjkN Faikfax, the present lonl, by d ,^^ 

iviug Doune uf descent i — Henry Fairfax, hii grandfalhift 
n-as the 2d son of Henry, 4lh lord, iniu.'eeded to hii mBtenMl 
grsnilfather'a eatule of Tolston ( he m. Anne Haniion, and«a^^ 
-•--- onmion levied a fine and siiSered a recovery on the TolMli 
e; h« had iuue, I. Henry, b. ISOS, d. irithout iuue, I7e9t 
3. Thuuiaa, d. urithout issue ; 3. Richard, d. an infant ; 1. Wit 
, h. in 1601, resided hing ill Virginia with hia cousin Tho^ 
HAS, 0th lurd, n-ho pOMCMed great property in that country. 1 
llie representative of the Calepepper familv. M'iUiam, it. )7S7> 
having m., Itl, Sarah Walker ; and 2dly,'l>eboiBh Clarke, ai 
left iuue. Ueurge- William, who sucoeeded as b. lo h' 
Henry's estate of Tolaton ; m. Snrnh Carey, a 
in 17171 Thomas was a midahipnum, R.N., 1743,a 
in battle, 36 June 1746 : Dbvan, in holy orders, 3i , , , 
and 6th lord, whose claitn to this barony was admitted by tte 
house of lords in May 18U0, irhen his lordship returned to NorUi 

and (J. without isiMJ 
1743, and was killal 

ders, 3d son, pnscp^ 

n of the present lord. 


, slioa gudsat ubk. t 


Donald MaceaY, of Far, (son of Huaheon, and grandnt 
of Y Hackay,) vas created a baronet of Nova Scotia, IB .Uard 
1627. and advanced to (be dignity of the peerage, by the title ■ 
lonl R«iy, by patent, 211 June K^iB. His lordship had a w — 
from king Charles 1., 1 G2G, and carrifli over to Oennany i 
roeul of laOO men of hit own name and followers, lo tlie 
ance of the king of Bohemia; and afterwards enlenid in 
servioi of the kings uf Denmark and Sweden, where he 
with grolt repiilalioii. In the civil it'sr he joined the royal | 
was taken prisjiier ot the surrender of Newtaslle 


army, and *«d( Io ihe eoille or Eilinliurgh, in nrder tn lie iriei) ; 
Nit bniig nliered by ifae mu-queis of Mnnimac, he retired tn 
Denrnvk, nhere be il ; he m- Bnrbnra Mickeiixie, »i»ter to 
Colin. Ill nrl of ivafonh ; uid left John, hi» «a«Wu»r, who 
wu iiicceeded by hi* grand wn, 

ticoBoG, 3d Inrd, m., 1st, Slargnret, da. of ]ieut..geii. Hugh 
Mecluy, wul had by her iuue, 

I. DoMALD, 4lh lord. 
Hit lonlihip n.. 2dly, Jnnei, da. of John Sinclair, of llbiter, 
m. CUlhne«, eiq., by whom he had. 

His lordihi)! n., Sdljr, Hary, do. of John Doirell, ew)., by wham 

4. Canaoa. of Skibn*. U.P. (nSuthiTUnd. 17M, nd mutti of Ihe mini 
foiSfnHud, m-.lTK. Anne, M lU.of EiV SulherUnd, onlT wn al Iheil- 

Bh kndthip d. 21 March 1741, and v 
DoVALD, 4th lord, n., I>t, Mb 

DalryiDjile, and had tuue, 
I. Georde, Mhlord. 

His iordihip «., 2dly, Chriitian. dn. 

3. HnoH, Sihli ' 

I su«xeded by I 

ii Iordihip d. I 

JSl, and was iiicceeded by hii eldeil >on, 
loni, m., 1st, Jan. I75R, Marian, da. of hisiinrie, 
I. Hugh Mnckay, of Bighoiiie, bTit by her (nlio d. Mnrrh 

i;39) had no isaue ; and 2d]y, Oet. I7S0, Eliiabeth, da. of John 

F^rlie, and had Issue, 



His lordship d. 27 Feb. I7C8. and was succeeded by his half. 

'IcoR, 6lh lord, who d. untn. 1797. and was luOM^ed by 
!aic, present and 7th Inrd, son of the han. George Mackay, of 
Mcibow, 3d wm of fleorge, 3d lord Beay, an ahoTe (Uted. 

Ifth Preiamptiee — Alesakdvk. his lordship's next brother. 

rreatiimi'—W Jnne 1028: and a Baronet of Nova Scotia, 28 
Uarch 1637- 

Forfar, co. Fnrfu-, In Hal; Onlen, Rector of Nartlidd, oo. Sa. 
aei : micreeded hin father. Waller, the late lanl, HI Jul* IMSl 
Aorn I76U. nwmi>d, 14 June 1IHI2, EliMl«th, da. of 'NathM 
Hainei, D.D., hy Suiannah, hii wife, lUter of the lute >ir Job' 
Cbudleigh, ban. 

ThU family it diBcended from Halpit de ^(Am. en. Slaflbi4|i 
to whose •□□, Robert, in (he time of king Henrj' HI., "** 
Roger de Slorlaiid, biiliop of Lichfii>ld and Coretitrj', gairi 
keeping of tbe game in Canckwood, and a neat in the mat 
Hai-wwid, both in that ctniaty. 

"to clie uid Robert, irhose wife vas Sibyl, da. of Jamei i 
Landa, succeeded sir John, their >on, whi>, in the 7th of Edv^ 
III., ivaa knight of the thire co. Slaffurd, a», in the IHlh a 
23d, n-Bi Roger, his •an, wlia waa father of sir John, aod >Ml 
sir Thomas, the last of whom often served in parliament for tl| 
county, and in the 10th of Henry IV. vas sheriff thereof; 1 
tfl. Eluuilieth, sitter and h. lo Reginald de I<eigh, son of Richan 
•uii of Ranald, lord of Farkhall, irith trhom he had a grM 
uiute. Sir Roger, their son, in the I2ih of Henry IV., vaiod 
of the principal gentrv retnmed i»y the commissioners for fi 
c>nintf ; and he marrying Jnice, sister and co-heiress lo BaJdwf 
de Freville, nhose ancestors had been barons of parhament, U 
were hdn general to the nolle families of Uarmion and Hon 
ford of Beaudesert, by her had Roger hi> heir, who ■. labl 
da. nf lir William Drerelon, of the co. Chester, had a sou, Jobi 
who, in the lime of king Ed>vanl IV. and .Richard III., w. 
ahuriff of Stafliirdshire ; and he marrying Elizalieth, da. of Job 
Delres, of Doddington, ex)., by her was father of sir John A*H 
who, at the marriage of prince Arthur, elde«t son of king Hen 
VII., waa created K.B. In the 1th of Henry VIII., he went 
the expedition Into Drilany, and was prtaenl at the sieg« 
Teruuaine and Toumay, as alto at the battle of Spurs, 101 
when, for his conduct and brarery, be was made a knight h' 
nerel in the open Geld ; and marrying Joan, da. of nr WilU 
Lillleton, by Helen, his wife, da. and co-b. to Robert Wd 
lord of Wanlip, oo. Leicenter, he, by that marriage, betatne ■ 
scaied of the said manor of SVantip, and the lordship of 1 . 
oo. Stafford, the latter being purchued by the Ldttletona. 
had two sons, sir EnwASD, his heir, aod n^i/fiaia. 

Sir Edwakd, who had liwn several timn sheriff for h!« oi 
Dimniy, if. in 1650. left by Joan, his irife, da. of di ThM 
ItiKvles. baron of tlie eicbequer, sir Walter, his bur, aaj 


^■Iwi Ctmirynil, at Iii|tMtri«, oo. KulTcird ; uhI MIj, ilr Ed««H 
O)^. nf Cuun'i Akhtrf, no. Nonlumpiiin j JVory, wt, Sha«a 
Uunmt, of Suntcn Uwtmrt, ni. CMonl, aBantor tn the Mrfi 
gr Huoun : uid f raiMn, n. Knlifri NenUiam, of Bbamoc, oo. 
LiKater, vusMnr IB tb* tarlef KibiHirvr. in (rvUnd. 

£ir WjkLTia, «tui Humniad bin btlwr, rf. Itlw, Wt hj Etl- 
nbnb, hi> wire, dk. of JamM Ltwrsiin, bnidn aOtm JMiit% ijr 
EB«AKD,bbbcir, fMbwof thclMlard: and WiOum.alMtt. 
wicli, CD. Iiuffi>nl, uicmiir of llie pniMnl lunl- 

Sir Edwird wu (herilT cii. Suffiinl, 

\r John SpenMi, u 

■n irfSn whirh all bli 

r(- Ednnl III. I m., tit. 

of tl>e dukfa of Mwlbo. 

r Tbixuat I<ucy, kot., b]r whum he 

reo^ : 9Slf, J 

Sir WiLTEK, Itt lord, who. «i (he corooatum of kins •'anm 
I. of En«UDd, >Bi made a K.B., and ICI I, crmMi m bvt. In 
1633. bcii^ thn in a pnblio character at the coon of Madrid, be 
Bias commiwuiwd, with John Diifby, eori of Briitol, to goochide 
a maniage tnaif betwFen Charlni, prince uf Wales, aiid tlie 
cldtiR da. nf that cntwa ; and tliuugli Uiat marriafce arai defcatcid, 
the aaid air Waher, after bi< return, iraa b; Chirln I^ fin- bia 
ptud ««rt'iMa, created b>rd Atlo$*, harmi of Ftjrfar, with rt-niKindvT 

biri : he if. lUM, and vaa niccanled hj fain eldeU •< 


kod lereral d 

Hirer of England, by who 

. Kd « 

liirlnff iha 
■rl'of PotSuuI, 
ALTia, 3d lurd, 
■ of »ir Kdward 

U'AiTEa, 3d lord. H. Kow. 1714. and left imie t>y U*Ba>ir, hit 
vile, da. of tir M'alier Blount, nf 5odilii>)rliin, at. H'lincnitet, 
liart., vidnw of Holiert Knlghtler, of Off^burdi, to. M'anridi, 

M'aLTEB. 4ili Inn], wboia. Miy Ilmnrd. the only ilmer In 
TbamM, itukc of Norfolk, anil l><r her (who d. In 1723) had 
■ereral children. Hit lardihip d, I7W, and vu aucDccdad by 

JaUI*. kih lord, iibii n. Barbw Talbol, da. of Oeaqie, Ulh 
eaH of 8liretr>liury 1 and J. Ai\g. 17AI- bavintl only two dan.; 
M^ft, n. air Waller Bknint i aiiil Jfur&ani. n. the hon. Tbamo. 
CMnrd % the litle demlvad, ag r aaably la the pkMoit, upon Ihc! 
dowandaBt of William Ailon, of Uilwlch, uncb to the lit hml. 
The Mid WiOiwn n. ElivaliMh, do. nf W*»ldire WUb'nrtoa, of 
Unthrr. and d. lOia, \aniatc ■ ud, Edward, who, by UmKhy, 
^ of Kirbard KU, of (Saloh&rd, had r<>ur un^ Walter, Wfl. 
liUD, Edward. Hidiard i WaltcT m. Uary, da. of John Chai- 
■ynd, of Kudge. wid d. iml, leavlnj; on* da., M, John Dive, 
m. : WUliBBi and Rirhard d. without iuua ; Kdward m. Pni- 
, and d. 171)5. IcBvInK i«uB two *ani. Woher alul 


l^dward. Walter m. Pcneki|ie, ds. of John WhiiGald, eiq., an 
il. I733> leaping twii Boni, Philip and Walter, of vbom, 

Philip, 6iIi lord, ihe eldinl, being ibe h. molr of thii brand 
of the family, became beir ; he d. unm. 17&>> ; llie bononr itf 
Toli-ed upon bin bn>tber, 

Walteb, 7th lord, vho dying alio nithout niide hcln 1763^ 
the title devolved upon tbe ion of Edward, unfln of (he lail iire< 

Walter, 8lh lord, •■. niu Ann Hutehiiison, \>f wliom lie hid 


3. Walteb- HoTcam 

H» lordihip d. Sg July IROS, and was nicceeded by hii el 
(, preMui and 9(b lord, 
.f ForfM, 00. Forfar, 3B Nov. 1637- 


fJorstorphin j suoceeded lo llio litle ipn ibedeitth of Anna-"' 

the late baronem, 3 Dw. IROS ; burn Sept. I77S ; Viic ^^ 

ORIMSTON. in the Peerage of Ireland: »"< Karl VERO 
LAM, in the Peerage uf EugUuid. 

Set Earl Vehu LAM. JM iht Peerage a/ England. 

CTtolioni—BaTan Forrester, of Contoqjhiu. 1633, to ilie i 
lord, and his hei™ general; new patent, wUb the former pra 
dency. 13 Aug. 1650, to Juhanna and Liliai, dsi. of the lM lo 

and their iuue male ; and, in default, to their hein whataoerwl 

BRIGHT ; «am '20 April 1774 : nicceeded hi* brother, Sibidl 
Hvnrv. late lord, April 11137 ; married Jjamh, da. of ool. Ooi^ 
aiirl Imi I da., CAKDEK-ELiZAiETn. 

Aomrding lo history, ibis family ivai anciently of great pom 
and heriiflbb aheriflit of all CMInway. till tbe period of Janie* 1 
Darid M'Lellan 1* mentioned in a charter n( king AInander □ 
annn 1217. the 3d of hia reign ; and, according U> Crawfiinl. I 
bt«nche« were to niimemnii, that there were in Osllowsv t»A 
knigbu of the uaine of M'Ciellan, of whom >ir Patrick 'M'Ctt 
^tutor of Boinbie, WH« tbe chief. He w«» grandfather of 


^^Hnr of the pm 

Sit TnoWAi M'^ddUn. of BomUe, ttli in imnin fmw Tlu>. 
aw. liKnr nuned, d. ISO?, ImTing iiiBC li]> Orit*), da. i>f Jobn 
lluwell. lord lUrrin, 3 toot, 

I. UoaKKT, III lord. 

(. «iiiuii.£uhHn(th*Mlivd. 

r joBi. M lord. "*■' 

Sir ROBEB^ JJ-adka. ddtal t 

of ilie bcdfhanibFr ID king Jamn and ChkrlFi I., wid by iha 
13, biuvn Kirkcudbn'frht. tu him and 

bncr <natFd. 33 May I«33, 

hii hcan maJr, bcarinB hii nam* and arnii. 

MaltLpir CaiDpbell, of Idudoun, by 

W a da.. 

iRiiKinnfry, vixnuni Aird), In 

I>ringm l«4l,«ith(niti* 
mu of hi* (Tvai' 

And Sdly. -Mary, da. of H 
tndand, by whniD ht bad n 
male, ba ww, arcording d 
by liM Btphrw, 

TllOMat, 3d lord, (inn of Williain, of (tlencannucll, i>«il Iwn. 
Iher at th«. I.i Ivrd.) lie «. JaaM. da. of U-illiam [>(hibU«, Wi 
eari of (tiMowlierry. He wai Hiiptoyrd in Lhe niilitary Mtrfi™ 
>D Indmd, and had a tninp in the relielJiur Ihere lOlB, whare bi 
'. intfciNit i*«ie, and wai tiinweded by hia lini rouuu, 

JoKN, 34 lord, lun of John, of Bourg, before namad. In lb* 
rirrl wan be took up anna for the king, rajaed a rrgimanl of foot 
oa hia own diargea, (levied rJiMly fmn aninng hta teniuiu and 
I i—li ,) and (mrriiFil Ibem over U> Irelaiid, truni wbene* Terj frw 
ner redimnl. He m. Anna, da. iif (ir Kobart HaxwiU, ot Ofv 
rhardtouD, and if. 1604, leavini; a lun, 

WiLLiaM, 4th lord, •hn if. ■ minor, and without Imaa. In 
1G09, from vhich lime the title ramAiiiiNl undaiined till 1791, 
vhm hia finl aiuKirt, 

Jam%*, &th Wd, cUinied, and wm aUu*ed to Tott at the «]««■ 
tinn of SoDleh peers. He wan, an olwr* ttalod. ton of Wilh'am, 
<if AiKJiIane, oeil iifuclirriif Kobart, 3d lurd. II* ij. I7SD, wltk> 
oiu mate iMue, and tbe title davnlvMl on 

WiLLiaM M1'i.Ki.i.Aii, of Roriiea, 6lb [nrd, who w*> fth in 
dtarail from Ciilhert M't:ldlan, vonnger lir-tlier of WlDladi, 
inval-9TCai.cnindr*lber of tbe lit turd. Hit chum vaa oonlaaind 
by Jamei ll'Cletlan, ton of >lr Samuel, lord prmoai of Kdiu. 
Uirgfa; nevertheleu, heroiAt at lovenU el«Iioi». d!l 17111, wkim 
ihe hmiaa ol lurdi ordared hjoi not ii> taiie ui»n] himnclf (ha title, 
until hia daiin waa allnwod in due couFie of lav. lie Wat auc- 
(redcil by hj> fildtat iiirviTing loo, 

John, 7lh liird.acol. in iKp army, vbn claimed llie title 1771, 
«)>i(4i via admitted by a raaolulioii of tlir biinae of Inrda, of 3 
May 1773 : at. miaa (Wnniater. of the lile u( Wiifbl, by irhum 
I vba d. 1& June ISO?) he bud iiiue, 

ei» SCOTS pberagf:. 

I. Shoi-to-IIekkt, Sih )oril. 
a. CiUPiiS-GBEY, prewni Inril. 
i Eiii.iiiirii, •.-, il Iil»r W. FInlij t-agii»™. < . 
MU UtnUhjp d. 24 Dtc ISOl, utd vu auccMded by hji cUmT 

SBor'TO.HEKKT, etfa lord, b. l& Aug. 1771, n., SS 3lu4 
IB30, miu Cuiln, l.y wKirL ladv (-.-Ik. fCrfn., 17 Nm". I82«, tU- 
ben Davin, e*q., R.N.) he had no iHue. Ilia l<inUlu(i <(. IC 
April 1827i ood vu iiioceeiieil by bit broib 

Camdek-Ohet, pmenl and 9th lord. 

Creation~-3i Mtj 1639. 

uida Baronet of N.S.; Aom 35 Mflj IWH ; loixeedal hb fHb(r, 
Alexander, the lule lord, 9 Al>y 1830. 

Anwo^ thoie Srots who iwore fenlty to kin); EiJwart I^ in 
Mint, wu JoBK DE MoBErr, who i> auppoaed lohitte beea ui- 
onlor of ibe Alumys of Blackbarony, irho daini u ancient da- 
tcent, distinct rrom all other familiea irf that name. 

Anoiew MuBBaT, of Blackbarony, vu (erred heir lohii fa- 
ther, John Murray, UFeb. 1513-14 i he WW killed at the battk 
of Elodden ; and by bit 3d wife, Oriselda, da. of John Bnatta. 
of Cieich, CO. Fife, relict of WilHam Scott, of BroxliotmB, at 
of the dukea of BunJeiidi, he had ivue. 

Sir OiDEOK Murrsy,3d ton, WB« knifcbied ICIM, i 
ireawMT depute of Scotland Kill, and a loidofHwioB 1613; ha . 
A 1081, leaving a uin, 

PaTBicx Mnrray. created a baronet 16 May 1638. Mid l^ 
vauoad to th« dlKOily of the peurJ^e by the lille of lord SUtimi. 
by paUDl, at Oxford, IS Miinih 1(143. to him and hU bain bmU 
i n., lit, Margaret Uunillon, by wbain he b^ • 

„ AnMKiMWtrau. ort-adin. 

rf_4tl>Iy. Ildm, da. of ht JuncB Lindwy, by wIuhr he 1 


Ha lonUliip d. ISM, uid wn •nnvrded by hh (U«i n. 

PdTkica, 3d tord. hl fji«al>uli Sleirin, ila. oT John, lal wri 
«f TnqMir, (by CMbarisa. 4a. uf Osvid Cartif^iF, lit aarl «f 
Stgdnk.) uiit dying IGtl, im mccnded hy hit mm, 

Alcxjixdei, 3d lord, «. Atine, dn. of AlouuHlar Banwt, 
•nUnhup «r (ilui^v, and had iniie, 

I. Al.EZJI«DER, 4lh lord. 

I. Mnai. ~. Jofw. M rtrl «f rramun. 

Rl* brddiip d. len, and <nH niondol by hla Mn, 

ALKxaKoeK, lib lord, h. Elitabeth, da. nT mr. George Stir. 
Iioj. of Edinburi^, ai^ by her had, 

1. PaYBiCK, Adilord. 

2. GcoBCK. 8th lord. 

w (mriit.'wid bfM iwC*'in« kM 

L Alesakder, 7tl> lord. 

Urn bfdalitr •<- I7U. and wu «ircnd«l hy hiii rldnl ion, 

PaYBU'S. Alti lord, «■. Maria.MarK»retu, dovagrr Lady North, 
■tdow of William, lord North and (trey, aiid da. of CornaliiK dv 



Voiing, lord of Eliaept, of the cclpbraiad haute of La Hark, 
ceiTGr-general uf the UiiiM>d ProTincca ; and dying 3 Aug. 177% 
without imie, he wu aucceeded by his noit hrothrT. 

Oeokoe, Bth lord, and admiral R.N., who uieuded lord Attii 
ton in his voyage round the world, na. Isabella Alockenaie, <!&. ^ 
George, S3d nu-l of Cromartie, (atluinted 1746,) and hsd ' " 


u ST'riia 


nil lordship dying without iuuo male, 13 Not. 17SS, • 
CMded by hi* nephew, 

Alexahuek, 7lh [ord. «., 1st, 26 April 177C, Mary-Ctamtr 
■U. of LewiiXbarles Miinlolieu, baron de St. Hypolite, and bf 
her (who 'I. 19 Jan. 1802) had iuue, 

1. Aleicakdbr, 8th lord. 

4- Eliiabrh. •>., ISin^ William Budunia, of Aritndi 

"\ «..,. 

Hri lofdihip m., 3dlv, miss Stewart, and by her had nn ii 
Hit lordship <£ 31 Sept. 18311. and was succeeiled bv hii 
ALBXANDCa, 8lh lord, b. 1778, tn., B March 1803, Jani^ 

Oliphnnt, da. and heiipss of John Hamitloii, of Bachilian, a^ 

by her had issue, 

1. Aleiandeii. present lord. 

a. Jaxr, ki&MiiTiais,M.,gApiii)aj9.jahn$irKsii,DrDiUuiu,N 

"\ CtARS-MM.^. 6. W July lacK. 
4. UAKi«.b.3Jal;lW. 
a. JOMH, K. t. C S. Bciiu], h. 3 July law. 

Hii lordnhip if, May IS30, utid wni suDceeded by lui ^dol M^ 
.A4.CXAKUEK, present and 0th lord. . t^ 

Heir-Premmplitic—T^ hnii. JotiN MuankV, his bnbUfAJ 

frmUian* — Baronet, )03R) Baron, 164S. . 

rtliS mi oiip In hut igmt : tU wholt wlihin m douhlp liT»urv of tb* tni" 


ttt Nam Suutia t l^ra 28 April Ifll • suoraeded hia kii 
Jomei, lale lord, 30 Jon. 1027; married, 17I1&, Auaei 
Oearge M'Kay, of BiKhouse, nn-, and baa inuMi, 

QEQEOE, A. 6 Jan. 1799: 3. RoBEitT : 3. UmiAi, 

Gordon Duff, of Maiion,e..l.i 4. HtiiBiETiA, «. « ■* 

Sinclair \i'Mnysa, etui. 

crkna, irlM »•> •tain at Itah'-lan Hill. I34S. nbuli>«4 ifca 
httmif of Ih^tu, m. E%rn, Ir^ marrfcKC wtih Mnrr. ((>. and k. 
af Kt^nsM d*i Ch^jmr. «■•! «H ihr >imnr-)i*tF •nmtor of tUs 
br«ieli<tf ihekmiwof f^Hhvrlmd: IDlh in rimvnt tram Ihe aU 

ALCiAKDEB^riiiKaiiuiD, of DulTui.nTBlod. nDec ISM, 
kiRMi Dnffua; *>.. IM, KlarsiTM, eldctt da. anil on-h. of (JuUn 
Mackimiif. IM srl (if )«nf(irlh ; 2>llx. a da. of tir itol«t InnM, 
"f Innaa. ban. : anil 'Mlj, Marcarrl, da. of JatnM Hiowan, 5Ui 
«H of iSorxj. Uv hii In and M vim be had no iuuei hr ■!•■ 
Uhehail, ' 

I. J*«««, U hint 

liOrd DuffuB n., iMj, aiargam, >ld<M da. uT H'llliam, 1 1 til 
Ivi Forim, b7 'horn hr had no Ivue i U •/. 31 Aug. I(i;4, and 
~^ (ti«*«d«l bi/ hi< only ion. 

Jan e*, 3d lord, m. Marsam, da. o' KcnorUi Markmric, 9>i 

and had Inic, 

). Kevxeih, Sd lord. 



Vari Ihiffiu d. 17tf6. and wm lurNvded by hit dilan ton, 

KcKKETU, 3d hird, capi, R.N- ; tagtfti in the nbtjtiiia id 
171s, and waa int^idrd in ifae an of allaindrr oouaqnoil ihara- 
upon. Vfhen informed of (hr aci, br wa* in 8wrd«u and ranhvd 
inuDRlintftT I» mum la Engtand and nirrmdar hitnwlf, wUcfc 
mrduilon hr omiminintHl to ihc Oriliah mjniner ai Statk. 
bain, who anordinjiljr noiified f 1 lo lord Townihand, ihm MCtW- 
ttij of KaUb On hja way to Envlaud, howpi-or. he waa arreaml 
\ij [he Britiih midoii aE Oanibtir)^, who detainrd him ckae 
firuancr. till ibe time limited by iha art fur the altainicd pcnoni 
(a (urrBider liad rlapiad. He aftencarda enlonl ibe naval ter- 
lise of Ruvia, and d- before 1734. leaiinit, by Charinlt^Xlini. 
dna, da. of Erie de ^iobalde, goremar of Uoilenbiirgh, in Sa-e. 
den, axm, 

EkIc.A. 1710. prevnledn peilUon to the kinfiin 1734,>e(iiuK 
fortb hia fathpr'a detention at IlnmbiirKh, when he wai aoiuaily 
00 his <ray 10 Eofgland, in nrder to Hrrendrr faimietf in iJie lorni'n 
of the nauil*! and, urging thai a* he mu only prerenled from 
•o doing hy a nperior tanx, vhidh be «raa unable to mitt, he 
nmlrd not be deemed tu be atliunted witlitn the mmning of ihr 
act : and that, therefore, the title of baron thiSiii had, on hit 
falber** daath. deasended ta him. Thia petition w» refnTeii In 
the booM of ton!*, who mdred, that the pelitioner bad no Hjtbt 


', [itle, Bud dimity at baron Diifiui. He WH an 
u the aruiv ; m. his 1>I cnaiiii, lilliutbeih. 3d d^ of nr 
> Dunbar, of Uempriggs, and had iitur by bar. (wliu4. tl 
J.i]y 1800,} 

I. James, whn van rotdrpd to the titla. 

nr of Me-ton Kyrac. m.d Pull Suflon, t. 

iiXFTTii, M. (to- JuhD Sinclair, or MtT, ■ 

It, «., ITSO, Iht hon. DengE lUicksy , otSklNiw. 

' Kric Butherliiiid, esq., d. 9H Aug. ilUO, wid w 


James, who wai restored in the titia of bamn DiiAm, try act 
iif parliBtnent, which received the royal aHnil 2B Moy I8H, iL 
viua. 30 Jaa. 1R3T, and (ihenct of 'rcMoraiion tslcndingio kII 
persons who could have Iiiheriied the title had the aiuiiidn 
never puned) ivu sactc^dcd by his couain, 

Benjamin, present lord. 

/Mr Apparent — GeOrgG, hit lordsliip'i ion. 

Creation — 1660. 

iwlat, du^ vllti cl^l tciKior riKini— I>uii(Aii^ 



JOHN ROLLO, Lord KOLLO. of Duucnih, to. Penh ; 
'.am 2( April 177!1; succeeded his father, James, tbelalBloid, 
IT8S: marrii-J, 11 Juiie 1806, Agnea, da. of William Orogh, nf 
UKySeld Place, esq., aod has JKue,-— 1, WILI.tAH ;~~1. 
John: 3. Kobeiit;— 4. MabV) 6. Maitiia. 

Sir Amurew Roli.o, of Duucnib, (defended from John it 
RoUo, who lit'ed iii tlie rei^ of king David II..) wu koigtiifil 
rested n peer bv his erandson, kins CLaiha 
, ohim 

and bit heinmale whatsoever; «•. Catharine, da. of jMncaDnini* 
mond. lord Itlftderty, by whom he iiad issue, five aona aod lour 
da*. I he d. 1659, aiid was Buweeded by hia eldnt aou, 

Jauk«, 3d lard, n., 1st, Dorothea, da. uf Ji^ii Onliau, — ^ 
earl of Moiitrme, by whom be had no isstie ; and ally, Karfi 
da. of Archibald Campbell, 7th mrl of ArgTll, by wham tm sM 

Anuhew, 3d lord, ■>. Mar^ret, da. of Johu Balfour, I«atf 
Bur]ei)(h, and d. I March t7<N>, leavinK lu"'. 

Robert, 4th lord. m. Mary. da. of sir llrnry HoUu, of WmA 
>ide, and liy her had iuue, 

1. Andrew, Alh lord. 

i. HaKiv. <•>. Addc, da. orDatirl. M lor* Kulhvo. B* d. ■Mwai Imc 

3. JoBii, Ml lord. 

A. HaHT, IB. DitU Dnnnmand, CMi. 

f)i« lordship jtrinal in the rehellion of 171S> i""! on iu aiip. 
pmtioD, he, with the murqueia of Huntlev, (miCMlor of the iliikB 
ofOordim,) gurreiiilered Uiennelvet, April I7I6, and were com- 
tdttled tn Edinliuigh Cuile: the ni&rqucu was pardoned, and 
liinl Bono was cleared by hit mBJesiy'i act of grace I" I?- Hi'i 
lordaliip 4. 17^1, (tiiil was succeeded by hUuui, 

Akiisew, fitb lurd, lieut—oil. id the anny, who dincinpiUhnJ 

^anrif ill the rcducti'uii of Cviiada, under Ckii«nl Murray, Aug. 

I7M, and in the capture uf the iduid of Martinique, 1 vA.\^fj'i. 

Hi* lordBhipwas twice m., hut d. 2 June I7S5, witlioul lurviving 

y JMBe, and waa lueceeded by hu brother, 

- JoHK, 6th hird, m. Cedlia, da. of mr. Johnilon, uf Ediii. 
toTgh, mercbani, and d. 36 March 17KI, leaving iisue, 

- James, 7th lord, an uScer in the royal marines, served at ilie 
Mduniofi at Pondicheny and Manilla : n., 4 Dec ilGb, hia 
aa«ia-gcrtiian, Marv, eldest da. of John Avtoun, of Inchdamie, 
CO. Fife, esq., and by her (who i. 24 April 1817) Iiad ianw, 

1. JoNM, Sthlord. 

. ■imH.Hia, *. to loAol. lUMi «. RoRC- 

. MillEr-AllBr.<(.ann.SAlw. IB^I a.^<IT-[HIbl!lU. 

isH. IIeuMl.N.. tf-aflheTclIowtatn, lo Jinuki. Nov. IMS. 

LSE.M..'at MmiThlTSI, npi. t>Uile)iItimlB. of the Bmeal Ufann^ 

,i. Ki-niLBtiB-CmciLii., n., U Nov. 17X1, laat^Ctnutn Bruir, of Bal- 

J. £tiiM*n. Winning. 
» B»aAii*. 

Silotdtlupft U April 1783, and ww tuoceeded by liii mm, 
JoHX, pment and 8lh lord. 

Hfir .ifppamO— WiLLijkN, ddesi mn ofhii inrdihip. 
rnMion— -Baron Kollii. <if I>iincrul>, to the i*t lord, ami hie 
lin male vhataoever, 10 Jan. IMl. 

-A ilii^ haul rmipiil nt 1! 
i«™— Two UMgi pn yn. 

JAMES BUTHVEN, Lobd BITTHVEN, of Freeknd, co. 
etth ; tam 16 Oct. 1777 ; succeeded hia father, JanifB, the late 
rd, »7 Dec. 1789 ; ■wrriW, 30 Dec 1815, Mary, d>. of^fther 
■mpbetl, of Shavrfield, N- D,, e*q. 

Thomas RrTHVEn, wiu crealed banm ttulhwH, lOB) ; he 
a. by iHticUa, da, of brd IturMgb, 1. Datid, !d lord ; «. 
iMf I 3. EHtabmh. 

David, 3d Ian), d. a-itbout intum biit hie oiitler, efiraMft, m. 
T Frand* Buihven, and left an only da., 

liAMELLA, whu being graiidda. uf Thvnu*, lit lard Rutlivea, 


upon the dmilh nf her uncle, Dnrlri, 2d lord, aiid hit el<leit lii 
Anna, witbintl mue, becaine rrpmtmtative of the fontfly, i 
(veil«d to ibe titla, uid lisd maiiiuiiit as ■ bwnoa la tba aia 
tiiuM of Qeai^ I. and IT. ; m. col. Jamci JuliutMo, Irf H^ 

I. JanIb, Sdlord. 

Jameh, 3d lord, tiacceeilml, on the denih of hi* oiotbnv 
IwUa, 1 732 1 ». Jann, da. of William Niibi [, of DiriMoi, i 
tialer lo the countes* of Iieven >ad Sielvilte, 
Baiilf, \>j whutn he had, 

I. JamEi, 4llilnnl. 

d earl of Bate, bj- 'k 

rd E^bWint. •Dd ba 

™fa)^ C. 

fuai^ ud A 1 W. 

da. ol David, 0th earl of Levea, and by b«r (nhu d. 7 On. tS30) 
bad itsue, 

1. jAMKfi, prerent lord. 

«. WiVauijiA', ». IH Not. 1778. 
I. J^xar-AHMa, b, U April ITMI. 

llAil?Stj.*«»TII-Tl»»mTO>.. »>.. 13 Oct. 1KI>(. W.I 

Hii lordthip d. 27 Dec 170!), when he nai succeedtd b^H 

JahCb, prefient and Ach lord. 

Cnwiinu— tOal. 

O'crf^A mn't bnd couped. vgcal l»m^ oi- 

WILLIAM NAIRNE, Loud NAIBNE, reaiored to thai 
llUe by act uf parliunefit, whtdi received thr roval a»«ni 17 
June 1824: marrud, June 1006, Cnruliiie, %■ da.' nf IdumiCT 
Otiphanl, of Oa*k, ewj., uid hu iauu, WILLIAM, >. IBOH- 

Robert Naikve, of Smtbord, ■ member nf ihr fantltyal 
■dTouta, haTinf been a nrootunis adhorent la Mng Cbarin n.. 
during the dvil wars, uiid suffered ten yean' JiDpHwiiineul' In 
the Tower uf I^iiidun fur hit loyaltv. •not, on the mluratina M 
monanJi, appointed a lord nf MKicni, and line nf Ibe jO ~ 

of justiciary ; 

I. IHHl. Fi-ratcd iurd XairHr. wiih ■ 

Mn|D^ Vf 4ttio«l. brM)iA>riiBlPUal<T. IlvA l«a, h*t. 
■ tiWy d»i Mlmrfift, m.uitlm »lwiji«nw< 

F 2d liird, hut nvrn- Unk iliv oatb* U>*d- 

in parliuoFnt, >f Mr tkp rrmiulMa. ilr 

n oIllHi, md wu wmcnad t« rfivtli. but 

I, ahbcMitti hi* titif WM farfrf(«H. ITr rf. i;39, Wrlnx 

• k* MkffBrM Nalme, (wbo furriT«d limi, uid st. 1 i Mn . 

IKC. eU»t HO (^ th* 2d kinl.wM mrgtftrd, u Wall 

, tn the retwSinn nf 17ln, mil in tlmt 'if I74£ [ ■■ 

I. Sd db of Cbuin Mumy, lit rnil iiT Ihinrnm. and 

k 1770, bmnf hwl UHM I7 Wi (wbn <<■ 3 May IJftl) 

4 a du., of wbom only S Mm* ad i d^ wirTiivd lh*i 

r, utl all d. MtNk, no^ tbi aldiM, 

"-' m. da. of JuM* Wbiwin-. of hrrmth, u 
u* by ber, Ji*ii, wbo A nam. 1 a da., 0ra 
■ « wn, 
I lord. 
Heir Appoml—Thr hen 
CraafuM-11 Jan. IC7I. 

mm giHriHiT'W 


AVEN and STENTON, a l-a|.uin inil* Army I hor,,iW\-, 

id hi* raihBr, WUIiam, |L« late lord, SO Oa. IllUt <•»''. 

A 1410, Ilamiltoo, da. of Wallm' Canpliril. 0/ H 

i3S scon PKBBAOE. 


of BvkiidoM 17ai« bat 
•nt, 17 N«r. tbM y«u>. Ha haA l«ir 
; 1. Jam, 4di Ivi, 4. «h^ 17t49 a. Amtbrn^^ 4, mtm. 
1191; Sw Jmmku 9A 1h4, A «■». ITH; 4- JliteH; 4. vmm. 
1743. On the dnth of the 6ch lord, the title derohred on 
Robert Hmiium, of Wiahaw, e9i|., (descended from WUUavi, 

of Jaaes Hemikea, mndlhther of the 9d lord,) 
hit he new wmnmd the title* yfhiaSi vvf, hoverer* churned by 
»d ■neeiJ, h]r a rwnhirii of the houw of kwds, 9ft April 171»i 

William, 7th lord, &. 17«5, «., 3 »lwdi 1788, Penelo^. 
vmukgeu dm. of Ronald Mandewoli, of Clanroneld, ooi. Invemoss, 
and hy her (vho A 5 lUy 1816) hMt inue, 
1. RoBKBT MovTQOMKmT, |«nent lord. 

X Pkstuapb. 

4. Sr«AX-MAAT, M., Nvv. UHk F. Hiwiiy, >—lw te FiMohMtgli. 

ft, ioAa. M.. U F«k^ ItlSw opl. Cfank* KoTlnhf. H-N.* iMo^aqa of WH 
Um SoClMky. «■%.. F.a&.of F^hncad Lodflt. |a SevvditaaCk co.laws« ^ 

* iMtMdp d. S8 Get. 181i» and wa» Mioeeadal by hw eUett 

RoBEBT MovTOovBrnT, pretext and 8th lord. 

Hftr Pvew mm pHv ^ , W illiam, bia lard«bip>i ufxt brother. 

Creolionr— Baron Betbaran and StantMK 15 I>ec« 1647 \ mkI 
by a new patent, 10 Feb. 1675, to the la| b>id (bf Ufa« and aftec 
hi« death to John HatmUion^ the husband «C hia giaadda** •»«! 
bii nule iatue i reeaaindar to the Beaveit aiale haua wbaM^e^^r 
of the Kaid JiAm Hamilton. 

j ^m M C m pint i». Galt>.acfiQffdflr«cthip«lairpnl.p«n«l«MimUor. 
^ et m thpM dn^Mfoilft, two sod oae ennioe. 

0«if— A bonif> kMd €Oup«d at die aerk •rg^M MdUid a«»te«- 
a«Mrf««— Two hoiaw aigcBt bridtod guln. 

JfoCIo— Ride through. 

NAIRD, of Inchture, oo. Perth ; bam 14 April IPiO? ; succeeded 
bii fi^er, Charles, kte Wrd, U I>eo^ 18961 

Badulphus, tumamed Rufas, had a cbailer> Craaa biaf^ WiWam 
the lion, of the barony of Kiniiaiid^ in Pecibahue, ftm arhflsM 
this family aasumed their surname. Seventeenth in descent frees 
Radulphus, was 

O BO bob KivKAiBD, of Inchturo, whoi» bar tag triocrd bis 
li^^RlVy to king CharlM XI. diurtng thft usurptlioA» waa Imighiad 

BAIIOKd. ¥l% 

in 1661, made one of that monarches Drivy couiieS, ui4, M Dec 
16K, eraatei banm Khmahd^ oflnmiure ; m. M argarec, da. of 
Jamea Oichton, of Ruthven, esq., and had issue six sobs, Tii» 
Patbick, 2d loH i John, Jame$^ AkMmder^ and Charlety all d. 
u^ ; and G^orgt^ who left iiiue a son, George, father of the 6th 
lofd* Hie ks^fasp dL S6 Dec 1606, and was toeaeaded by hie 
ddest son, 

PATmiCK, 2d lord, m. Atine, da. of Hugh Fraser, 9th lord 
Ijovat, and dying 18 Feb. 1701, left issue two sons ; Pateick, 
3d lord ; and Chables, 6th lord. 

Patrick, 3d lord, d, 1716, and was succeeded by his only 

Chables, 4th lord, who d. without issue 1728, when the title 
devolved on his unde, 

Chables, 5th lord, who also d, without issue 16 July 1758, 
and was succeeded by his kinsman, 

Chabxes, 6th lord, (son of George, and grandson of George, 
2d son of the 1st lord, as above stated,) m. Barbara, da. of sir 
James Johnstone, bart., sister to the late sir William Pulteney, 
father of Henrietta-Laura Pulteney, countess of Bath, by whom 
he had issue, 

1. GEoad^, 7th lord. 

2. Patrick, who wm unfortunstely killed by a tiger, on the coaat of Covo- 

3. EX.1ZABVTB, 4. tmm, 17791 

4. Haroarbt, m., July 1779, Thomas Wlggent, eiq., and d. In 1800. 

His lordship d, 1 Aug. 1767) and was succeeded by his son, 

Geoboe, 7th lord, m., 23 July 1777, Elizabeth, da. and sole 
heiress of Griflin Ransom, of New Palace- Yard, Westminster, 

esq., and by her (who d, 21 Oct. 1805) had issue, 

1. Gkorok.Wili.iam-Ran8om, d. 12 Feb. 1779i 

2. Charles, 8th lord. 

3. Eliza, ft. 13 May 1781, m.. 26 March 1823. Edward, lord Dununy. 

4. Hkkry, d. 21 July 1784. 

5. EowAKi>-GRirrix, d. Feb. 1803. 

6. GsoaoiAMA-MARv-AinvK, 6. 25 Oct. 178C, m,, 1 Dec 1814, admiral sir 
CeoTC»>John«tone Hope, K.C.B. 

7. I><iam, a banker in Westminster, 6. 26 Feb. 1788, 
4. unm. U March 1830. 

8. FftBOKRiCK-JoHN-HAY, 6. 30 Mav 1789, d, 23 Dec. 1814. 
9l Laura-Maroarktta, ft. 6 Oct 17!^1. cf. 29 March 18ia 
10. Amblia-Barbara, <f. 9 Jan. 1795. 

His lordship d!. 1 1 Oct. 1805, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Charles, 8th lord, h. 7 April 1780, m., 8 May 1806, Olivia. 
Letitia, youngest da. of William.Robert, 2d duke oi Leinster, 
and had issue, 

1. Georoe-William.Fox, present lord. 


3. Frborrica-Eliia, ft. 3 April 1810. 

4. Graham-Hay-St.-Vincbnt-db-Ross, ft. 27 Oct. 1811. 

5. A 60!«, ft. 8 July 1814. 

His lordship li. 11 Dec. 1826, and was succeeded by his eldest 


Oeoboe-William-Fox, present and 0th lord. 

Heir Preaumptive—The bon. Ohauax Kinnaird, his lord- 
ship*s brother. 


CreaSop 1S2. 


c djiy LWD luaadio at palm. kII pnwr- 

-f n(wU4[neB>Ra<the>la1|»HUuliiCi>wtlHDdill.< 

""xiJlPi—vinkl iiut iniilHr. lit vba nmqiim, nittta. 

ta hk BUHor bJA* cfuBlK M liucd. il 




Augustus. FREDERICK pitzoerald, ddkk of 

L.EIN8TER, Maniaeu and Earl of Kildare, Bvl uid Bktoii of 

O&lev, urigiDallv hj tenure, Premier Peer, Marquei, and Earl 

•f InJsnd, and Vilcnuni Leiimter, of Tanlov, co. Bucki, bom 

SI Au(t. 1791 ; succeeded bi< falber, Wiiliam- Robert, the lale 

w 4ake. 20 Oct. 1804; marred, \G June ISIB, Charlutle-AiiKuaTa 

■ Blanbnpe, jwungesc da, nf Cliarteii, earl of Uamo^nn, and hu 

llwue,- — -1, CaARLES-WlLUAM, man/ueii of KMarr,r>.JO 

LHarch 1819; 2. GEBAta, *. (IJan, ltt2l ; 3.0Ltvi*. t. 

I I» March, and d. IB April 1822 ; i. JaNE-Sevmoch, A. 5 

|»Hi. 1B24;^S. 11 Dec. 1B2S, rf. 10 Sept. 1826: 
[ . S. OTBO-AuGtisTtra, k 10 Ort. 1837- 

I The rnuiily of Fitzfcenld derirM iu origin frnm Otho, nr 

ftDlher, a powerful English bamn in the lime of king Edward 

■Ae CinifDHor, whote um, Walter Fitz Other, was, al the general 

K^Tif of England, 1078, cailellan of Windsor. Prom the laine 

^waiter also descended the familiea of Windier, Carew, Fiii:. 

Haurin!. Cerard, and many otben. The oldest title of honour 

lued by this family n-oi that of luroni of OSoley. bv which 

OenJd Fitz- Maurice, greai.gniadion of M'aller Pita Other, was 

designated as early u 120S ; and his descendant in the sixth 

JoRK PiTz Thomas, vbs created earl of KUilart, U May 



1316, IDlh Edirard II., nod H. iLe wme year: from Mm ike litle 
leiceiideil ui Miows ; — 

Thomas Kite John, 2d rarl, xm oC llie Im, d. 133S. 

RicHaBd FiTZ Thomas, 3d earl, vin ul ihu 3d, if. 13211, and | 
K»» >n«ecd«l by hji brother, 

Maubice Fitz TnouAi, 4tb mrl, d. 138 

UEBAI.D FiTZ Maubice, 6th earl, taa uf ibe 4th, d. UIO, ' 
ind was succeeded Uy hU ion, 

John Fite Qkbald, 6di cBrl, whote wo, 

TiioMAN Fite Gebald, Tth earl, wu attainted 1407. but 
reilored Bfcun by act of parlianeat, and d. 1477, leBTiog, be< 

Gebalu, nth'enrl. K.O.. failieriir 

Uebalu, 0th earl, fnihor of 

Thouas, 10th carl, who, wgctfatr with fire of hia uocles, wm 
(leciitni for liigh trcsian, S Feb. tOSS. 

Sir OekaI.U FitzgeraU, Itth ttA, via hsif-bmther of the 
loth earl, mtored in blood by qami Mary, and irai liiilier «(, 
Hekkv and William, I3ih and 13ih rarU; onibe dnih of ibt 
Intter ol whom, num. l.'itM, the title ilevo)T«l ei 

CleHALD, 14th ear], futher of 

(lEBALD, l&lh earl, tchu d. unm. U;20, and n'ai eucccfded by 
his fint-couaio. 

tiEomOE. llith ear], m. Juan, da. of Riebard Bovle, earl tt 
Oirlt, and iL 16^. havitig had iuue Wentwobtu,' 17th «r^ 
and jtubarl, father of the 19th earl. 

Wehtwobtu, 17th earl. m. Eliiabeih. da. of John Uolls 
earl of Clare, and dyiug 1063, vai luoceeded by hii only wo, 

Jaim, IHth earl, twice m., but d. vithoot aurrir^ imtt^ 
1707] whao the title ileviilved on his tira cmuiB, 

ROBBBT, llHh earl, m. Mar}-, da. at WilKam O'Bryen, H 
carl of Inehii)nin, by vhom (who d. Feb. 178ft) b* h^ bib*i' 
children, but only two nirviied their iiilancy, i-n., 
1. Jaubb, avth earl and lat duke. 

Tlie earl d. 1744, and wa-i mioxeded by hi* only aon, 

James, lit duke, a lieiit-gao. in the army, aad u 
ot' the iirdiiuBce in Ireland: b. 29 Slav 1722, and lui 
father as earl of Kitiiare, 3U Feb. 1744. wa* crMted ■ 
(ireat Britain, 21 Feb. 1747. by the title of vi>R 
of Taplnw ; on 3 iMarcb 1071. wan r^aed (o llie diguit^ of ■• 
<|ueu of KiUare ; and on 10 Not. 1700. was furtbor advan 
til the dignity of duke of Ltimltr: m., 7 Feb. 1747. Amd 
Marv, da. rjf ll'harlei Lennox, 3d duke of Rii'hmund oad Leuu^ 
and iiy Uer (wlm after ki* gmv'i death m., 3d1y, WilUaui Oipl*]^ 
rui., and it. 27 March lUN) had tuue, 

1. Giuuii. «rl at Otaiey, li. li Jin. l^4g. Uld d. » Stft. l^tO. 

3. WiLLiAX-RoBEBT, H dukc. 


\r ftwm^ <tf Rnfhjt4i, tnrt d. . 


I. nm, «>■ II ko. ug. t^. T mrn M t 

_ . - \T». -., NX. im. ■li Ooj I.iiBfbtll. bwi.. C.B.. (M 

■ rulM.t. irw. »..aSl^JM>. c«p«. !>»««■ yiffctl —. IL Ili. 

UtMh. Hffch. te or rkwhT'niH^. X)-. kiTiiAi.. 

--■-' »'-!'•" — J v-T.i-,»— — .I— Y— T 

, h U M>T l]M. •hO FWh. •• [Mi. »1T. ^i^iilla VHiii 

I. R>B»T,Tll JakllM. <, Job* UUS. 

1. LmM^ a m Bniw^. II an. UN. 

1. notan-Oirnt, kMRM. ini. <,« JhIt ini. 

t. ch«1_-FMEl. k fiBH. im, 4n><n>d >iil<Unun) I rm. Ml. 

a. SBplii»4.'luiiteiIi; 7' Hwrt^Ww A.guM». lohu. b. It Muik i;n 

fc ' iiiMl 

* rf: to Nut. I17S, and VM mcoMdeil liv hia xni, 
UtM-Hamt%T,M ialu, K.P., &. 13 Mirrli I7W. -k. 4 
. ITth, KmlUk-OliTia A. Uwiq^', ouly da. and uIf h. of 
er, Inrd Vl. Oaaqic. baraa of llatl)^ 8l. fleorgr, and by bcr 
«■ d. » Juo* I7M) bad iwM. 

■- ,.%-H...... .. (., .1 M., i:;7. -. l» *P.Hi;w. .1r rlu.1.. 

- ^i.SiiSl'" 

. •» Until B*an. 

•uin>, k Uijiil) im. M,, I Ju»IMa,l.aBb-WUIUiii. 
I. tt X MiKti I7M. ■>.. la .tu(, im. ThMMa. M Inr^ 
i-C:iTHiai«i, »- »sr^. ITVT. *■■. a Un IWK. iliatb-. 

I, inari|UCM vl EiLDaIK, 



CreoKont— Baron Ofiale^, in King's Coiintv, originaDy bj 

tenure; Earl of the town of Kildare, 14 May 1316: Marqnesi 

of Kildare and Earl of Qffaley, 3 March 1761 ; Duke of Lein. 

Bter, 86 Nov. 1766, Irish honours; and Viscount Leinster, of 

Tap^ow, CO. Buckingham, 21 F(^. 174?. 

A rm * See PUte 67* Argent, anl^iegulea. 
Owjf— A monkey statant praviivk vrlmMd round t 
SuFportert^Two voaaktytwmmtK'i 'eM(n||MMround 
Mutto^Crom a boo, Ci " '" 

the loins and chained or. 
the loins and chained or. 

- -i * 

. .1 •« 


. Henry de la poer-beresford. ii[jtmuu«» m 

1' IWtr, af Cum^Drare, oo. fraterfurd, aad Baron llateiront, ex. 

' " M, fat Ibe Poer^a of Irriaad, Barun Tyrane. of llaverford- 
C, fai that of lb* I'aitad Kingdoin, and a DaroDcl i I/oth V} 
m in&: inooacdod lu* lallior, Ilenry. tale manjuaai, Aug. 

I RiCBaRD, Loi 

I Bne of andent ba. 

Lm4«wI at Tfro 

« PoER, itie rqircicnuiira of ■ long 

I. a Ucl. IST3, r 
BiKAUir III Jail 

>, ad aarl. 

g III Aug. I7<M, w 

. ; Inil \£t aadent barouy devolved upon Kl* only da. and h.. 

CathSrine, liaion«> de la Poer, who ■>., 16 Juljr 1717, tlr 

KWaRCCi BEKEHroBD, ban., whine anmlnr Kaa h> c(«ileil ju 

■una, (lineall)' dtscendsd (raui JaAn dt Bemfard. Uird uf BdTM. 

' a, Stafford, lOfl?.) and »lio waacmlMl. 4 Nov. 1720, banm 

t, of Bemfonl. and viwuKI uT Tfrm, and niH of 

8 July 1746. By Caifaarine, haruneaii da la P«t, iIi* 

Dntgonrnr, bvLr VHl hw bBar. jftwtfr fu JaifBMlhi, who 4-, i 
, lord John Thyiuie» ud otb« chlMm' 
i», t. XB Sspi. iTai, m. Hoirr-Tluophllui Clflimi, ■ Unit.- 
innji bratluT to die oirl ot LAtrtm. uul hv taut 
Hb, k H No.. I7«. 4- IS Auf. ITn- 

. — — -te, t. ig April ITH, m., 7 Jv>- Ii9(l. Rnbal Untadu, of 
.rertbrd, Aa. 

Itim. ■-. Oct IJW, iLr IJtorgr-FlunnsW Hill, of 

LoDdandnry» but- 
N. AnintalU. 
lie m., Mly, 4 June 1774, Bxtlun, M rin. of sli wllllun MnnuiminT, but., 
and ilUii (a Anor. nuichlonsi TewHhOil. by ahair l»ha ?. l7Wf he lud 

ID. WniiUD-Bura. h. li Hijr )?»>. •»! 4> ^ Mil ITlli. 

II.' Hm)-B>m, kit Scu. 17S4, ■>.' ud hJ^ tame. 

13. Hunub, t. Ifi Hei mi. 

It. Bubui. kaJutilT7a,4.BM(vl7M 

lA. Fni»»-HDaorUi A. 3 SmU 1777- 

10. ADiw-iuri>.».woct.imit iii)<t.iT7g. 

17. EUnbe[h,b.^Jin.l7ffi. 
tlK loed Wibop'of Derry- 

7- CMMAaiK*, IB.. Id, a Dec. 1748, TbDmu CbriiUnu. of WhlUtdd. ki 

WiUeirotd.e>i).,wbarf. *iIbgutb»ieIalt«cM749; uid ihe u.. Sdly. on » 
'MeRb ITS*. Ike rtabt ban. TheophUiu Juoeh iDd 4. n Much I7S1. 

9. AuHiHT:!, 1. 17 Sept. 1730, ».. H April I7U, CeoictPiul Monck, ^0., 
ud tf. 90 Dec. ltl» 

U. Pli«lcn^Mj»tA, 0. son. 1731. n-. 11 April 1709. the righl ban. ItniiT 
FknA axl A April UU. 

11. aLIIAUTB. t.«AUE.I79>I.'»..lMaTl7U, Thomu Colibi:. Hq., <mt|P 
•on of Cbariet Cnbbe, uchEbhni oT DDbtb>. ud hu Imuc 

Hit lordahtp d. 4 April 1763, SDd wu ciicceeded liy tiit (on, 

Oeohge de la Poeb, 1st marquees, who wiw CTMled « 
Brilish pper liy the title of buron Tj/rane, of TIaverfnrdwesc : he 
socendnl hi> futlier, Mareiii, the Isl Hiri, 4 April 1703, *nd bit 
macber, ai hnroa de 1b Popr. 37 Julv 17t>9 ; snd, on IB Ang. >7<9| 
wai CTCiiied msrqiieie of frafA/or^ ; £. 8 Jan. 1 735. fik. 1 8 April 
1700, Elixnbeth, only da. and h. of Hmry Monh, nq.. of ChaHs- 
rillA, (l>y lubelia, Sd do. of Henrr, let duke of Porttutd,) ud 
ly her (who d. IS Jan. IRIS) had isnie. 

Tfca mantiM* 4. 3 bet. ISOO, and win wiceaeiUri by bia ton, 
Hcxar. M mtI of Trnm". 2d nur<|>i«», i. tS May I7T3. -^ 

«e Aug. 1U». »<iM, only <U. wul h. <>f (Icurgc-U uaar Can. 

IHilFr, earl of Tfrconncl, anit by tier (who rf. 7 •fun* 1S*T) bal 

I. Gnxii. h. n April l«4. A ■ JbIt UM- 
X. BekiT. pnMnI B»i^^ 

«. jow.hniiptaiait. 

i. JuiB.ktoa.l(U. 

C S4UH. I. • N«. 1*^. m., « Hoi. IMi. Ifvrir Johi. »MBUB1 bWBlr 

7. snU'ttuiaivtTji. k « April lAi.ASApin laR. 

& Kliiibhv -Tim u«K<^i »•.>*■. ». II ta\i ma, *. ii Aui. iw<i. 

Th» nw^iMM d: Aug- ISao, ud wa* lunerdFd bjr bk tldoi 

Hkirar. prswnt aiul M mai>|aM*. 

/7a> PrcHiM/i/itv — Uird Wit.LtAH BEKoroiD, the n 
^u«a'i brother. 

CraoAMU — BsTDii dr la Tocr, orirfxilly by IVniire Mid I™ wrft 
of auiODioBi ; IWon I*«imford and ViH»uiit,(n. Tyruue, i Not. 
1730 : aud Eari of ibe ume n>. 1» Jul^ 174G{ Marqiiw of M'a< 
ierfonl.Aiig. 17l<9; Damn Tvnine in Engtand, 21 Aug. ITMl 
«Dd a Barann of Ireland, A May IWG. 

—- •-iPUwti*. 9<unHiT.- — "~ ' — "--* '— 

■whlMlnlhe anclM 

«a««r»* <>f 1K)WN»;KIR):, Earl of llimhonmrh. Vlaomnt 
JUIvariiD. Viaconiil lUllabnnxiKh. Banm IliU, of KilvarHn. in 
Indand, Bari nf IliHahoTDUfth. Vi«i«int Fairford. Daron Uar. 
virfi. in Eneland : Ucradiiary Conaii.ble of Illllabocvugli Fwt, 
D.C.L.I font R On. 17U« nunednl hia &ib«, AriW. tk* 
hu nuniurw, ; Sept. IIII>1 i marntd. 3A (>c(. lUII, ladr 
JUna WiiKlani-. da. of Otbnr-tirdiinan, Ath «arl of PlynumiJi*, 
vid haa i».,ifi, 1. ARTHL'R-WILLS-IILUM>EI<USAN. 


IBIS: 2. CnAILOTTE-AuaufTUa, A. 30 Jun* init, lier H. 

Jl. Priaoaaa CJiarlolte of Saxf-Oilmurg, hia K. II. AuKUatiiH- 

Yhadrflrk. Duke nf Hium, and Udv Amherat, being ipoaaen ; 
- — 3. Wii.i.[iM-FREncaic«-AaTSL'a.Moi>TacD, fc 10 Jntv 

iBlf); 4. Sl*av.pB»Ki.o»E. ». a fiept. IBI7 j J. An- 

k 4 Nsv. IKI9. 


t. Hii.t^ wbnu-ai > prirv munidlor in tbt r^rn of 

Williuu HI., and M.f.bodiia Gngknd and Iralanil ) m. Altne. 
da. and li. <if v> John Trevor. <rf Brynkjnak, co. Denbi^ kntl, 
uid bad inue tmo wins, 

1. Thetob, uranied vitoount HilUbnrou^. 

t, ddeat ton uf Aliduwl, wu a 

AliddleiEx, ma., i 

1. Wills, 2d tinxmni. 

Bla luiVuhlp if. 5 May 17^2, and wu aufrveded by hii only sun, 
Wit-tB, ad TJMonnt, b. 30 May 1718 j rnated viscounl KU- 
irar/JB, and pari of Hiilslxtrmtsh, 3 Oct. 1761 ; a p«er uf England, 
17 Nov. 1756, by the lille of lord //nrwirA; and funherailranred 
Co the dignities of earl of IIUiibOTttieh and viicuunt Foirfar^ in 
England, 3S Aug. I773> ^n^ marqiien of DawiuAirr, in Irehn^ 
10 Aug. nea. The marijuess m., I March 1747^ MargaratHt 
Fitzgerald, aiiter of James, lt>l duke of Leintler, and Aniy da. a' 
Raben, loih earl of Kildare, (by Mary O'Bryea. etdeK da. a 
William, 3d earl of ImJiiuuiii,) and had ioiie by her (who rf. IS 
Jan. 1766), 

nl KHvarllD. 


3. Arthuh, 3ii Quirqiios. 

» AlKil IWi. 



The tnarqueas m., Sdly, M Oct. 176a, Mary. liaroneM glAwdl, 
da. and h. of lord Stawell, and widow of the right hon- Henry. 
BilHMi Lf^Be, tan nf William, lat earl of Darlmouth, and by her 
(who d. S9 July 170(1) had no isnui. Hii lordship d. Oct. 1799, 
and WB< succeeded by his s 

Abthifh, 2d marqueis, b. 3 Mardi I7fi3. m.. 29 June Ijati, 
Mary, Udy Sandys, baroness of Ombenley, go. Worcester, n' ~~ 
and ii. uf Edoin, the last lord Sandyi, uid only da. uf the I 
Martin Sandys, (sM Baroneii Sandtb, in ihe Preragt qf Eng^ 
/anif,) and had issue, 

1. Art hl'B-Bi.)iiidei.l-Sandyb-Tku MBIT LL, preient m 

AaTSuft. 3d inarque**. 

Htir Apparent — ARTHca-WiLLi-BLLu 

NtlMBVLL-WlXDtOKt nrl of HlLI-SBOaOl'l 

t'lratiau— Ihnm at KiWariln. and Fhoounl HJIUlMiroiiEli, 
I tl Auk. li>7. Vumwc Kilwarii. ■»! Etri of IlilMKiHa^, S 
[ Oct. 17&1. in [relanili aiMl AUrqucMirf Dosnahln, in (hapMr. 

Eof Ireland. 19 Aug. I?"" ! uid ■ pnr n( (traai Uriurin, bv 
tiUn of Bamn Uarridi, 17 Hm. I7GS1 VlKUint Pairfurd 
I Mid Earl of Hillabomigh. tH Aug. I773. 

fSEOROi;.At'm'STU9 CHICnESTER. MABOurii anit 
EabI. of DONKGAl^ Earl of Belfaat, Vitoiunl CKiiJimtcr, aiii 
Barnn of BfI(»I, in ihF Pnerage of InJaiid, and Banin Fijntia* 
• >ti, of •■r.tief-ifh, Sn that of EugUnd, E-P-: Oornnor of 
Aauim,anil Pmidvni for life of the Bdfait AoadMDkml luill- 
tDtim : bant 13 Aug. I7#0; lucnrdad hii fathpr, Arthur, tha 
mpmari|ue», fi Jan. 1799; married, B Aug. )71t6, Aiuia, re. 
pited da. of lir Edward Hay. af MayGrld, co. Wauirfi.i-d, Inrt., 
■Dd baa inue.— 1. OEUKOE-HAUILTON, earl q/' Btl/att. 
If.P. for BtMaat, b. ID Fah. 1797. «>., a Dn-. IBSS, llarrivi, 
•Mot da. of Bichard Budn, lale eari of OliiusaU, and liai iiaur, 
l.Oir»rve-Au0tutui, May IS3«,<f.8 June IS37: 8. /"fWiArfM- 

I JOeSard, h. U Nov. I8«7 i X- EdW akII, b. 1 1 June t7»fl, n., 

I Sew. laai, Amelia. Dtana, 4*. erllcory-Dnui <>radv. of lAiMin, 

Lm^ ud tia* imtei 3. Mpevckk-Ai-cditc*.' A. Y7 Nnr. 

llina,rf.3T May laiAi 4.AsTHIii>.A.W8«pt. 1808 j-^ — K 

iRAMiLtOK-FBAHii*, A. 9 March IHIO; «. ionwi^-^-f: 

PBT.»nEx-Ai.eEBXox, A. 3S Doc. IBIl. - ' ' 

The hmilr of fJliirhnter vu one of tha luncl aninant in the' 
enuDtji of DcTon for 111 aDluiuily, ntata, (uiplovmeutis awl ' 
■UbuMCa. »ir Joiijt Chkhater, of Raleijth, <w- DiTon. waa 
kiUgtiled by queen MiiabsUi. lAOO, M. Uaitnide. cla. of (ir M' il. 
liam Coartenay. of Potvderiiam, aud had iaiue tire loui. of whom 
John, the eldeai, wai anoeUiFr lu tha pranii air Arthur Uiiiiioa- 
ler. of RalMjih. bhrt. ; Arthur, the 2i). wa* lord depirty of tra- 
land, and rmtnl, ISia, baron ChUheiter, of Belfaat, Uud, ap. 
1684; and the ad. 

EowAmD. *Bs hy king Charlat I, ereated. Immediately ■ficr 
hii bfotW'a dcalli', bania BelfatI and TMnount Chiabwtltr t <t- 
1«4a, and »u nueeedad by hin eU«t Min. 

AaTliDa, ad rlMuunt, croited during hii falher't lifeiiine. M 
Mvdl 1847, c^ "f Dnnryai, iritb limiintinn to the Uine iBale «f 
liia/alhrr, and dviug s.f. lCS7i ■>• iiurredrd by tha fU 
■f hit broUier Jobiii 


AUTIIUK. Sd e>r1, «• Jane, iln. of John Ilchin^siB. of Diuu 
)irody, DO. Weifiinl, etq., u>d 1<y her (who m., MIf, to IUdui4 
Boulbi Mq.) hud iHue, besides other chiidren, 

Anthvb, 3d cert : he va* a nrnjiir-gen. nf the SpMiiih uisy, 
and killed at Furt Moujukb. near Burelniik, 10 April 17<NI« 

il'H, 4th nr\. 
iix, MTnU. n.EUnbMh.i'lilst lU. of ih- RlFhi 

. AttTHBtL, Mt earl and lit marquen. 

t. Joho, b. I7M, <1. >IM>. 1783- 
X CiUurlne, if. iinis. ITSn. 
Abtbub, 4th e>ri, dying «.p. I7&61 

Aa-rnrB, 5th e&rl, £. 13 Jnne 1731), created, 3 Jnl^ I?M, ■ 
peer of Great Britain, by the title of bamn Fiilurteidt ; and, f7 
June 1791, adranced to the Jignily of earl of Bdfatl, and iii«r. 

Jueas of Dmtgal, in Irelnnd 1 n., Itt, Id Nor. i;01, Anne. ddM 
a. of Jamea, Sth dukeorUaiiiiltan,by irhnm(wba (£. Nor. 178t) 
he had iuue, 

It Dianiuen. 

■ nuceeded by hi* • 


,8 Aug. 17 


It HuriatStuiifi 

4*. oCJdIuii tlih nil of OallQwar. K-T.. and rf. tlVcb. IHIS. 
>. Aithm, M-.nJiih' IBw. Mt Aiiguua Pun. cU.c 
Aagl(HT< sadhHlHiw, t.Spnrcr.b.ll Juii>T«91: 1. 
MSl-Arlkilr-Hmirt, 6. Srri!b.lB»l! i. AdBlrlltM,h.W mmv lovi k (» 

4. CHtaLnTTii t. ANN>-H(Mai>TTi 1 ii.Ri.iu>na-A«ua; ud 

The marqueu m,, adly, 24 Oct. I71>tl. Cliorl.nte, idfcl oTTboniM 
Moure, of Barn, co. Tipperary, and da. of Cnnnay Spencer, of 
Tremsrv, Co. Down, esq^ and litter of (teneral sir Brent Spencer, 
O.C.B.; (whorf. 18 Sept. 1790 ""I 3dlv. 12 Oct. 1780, Bar- 
bara, da. of Liike Uodfrey, D.D., uncle of lir Williani God^, 
bnn., (which lady lun-ived him and d. 2S Dec. 1B2U) by n^Ler 
of nhum he had iiiy iuue. The marquesi d. & Jan. ITIKI, aad 
iriu lUDceeded by hu ton, 

GeoaUK-AouvstUB, Olh earl, prnenl and 2d niBri(neui. 

Htir ^/tpnrcnf— OEoaac-IUuit-TOM, rarl of BELrxiT, wo 
of the inarqueu. 

CrtiUiont — Lard Chichcaler, Karon of Belfast, in the OmiitT 
of Antrim t Vincount Chiclicater, 1 April Ili25 ; Earl oC Ooo*- 
gal, 30 March 1647 i Marques of Donegal, in Irdand, 17111; 
and Banin FiBherwick, In England, 3 July 17»0. 

^«*— SDcPlueOS. Qiurtcrlr. ISMi<14:h. Chrriuyor andaulH t AM 

Su(w»rtor»— T»o > 


■Bci.'Gadoil y* (■ibfT. 

In the raga al qUMn Elii^idb, tir Eilirrtril kud sir Thomat 
■mrt, bmtlwn, tecHiiM from ui uicieul r*iiiil)' iJ ihu ■•ooia 
to Keut, oeiii over lo IreUod : tlia l«ltet wu iitir«tiir tu i)m 

' e lunuer lite iimniun* vt Drag- 

F OcaitD. or OiKKCTT Moor*^ <nn nf nr Edward, ww 
■Bted. »> July I61S. hm>n .Voorf, of UcUefoui, ud, 7 F<H>. 
int Maorr. o/ Dnwbnia ; a. Marr. da. of dr Hvnrv 
Bile (^benr. UM dying 1037. "aa w 

' Hcumv. 3d Hvuiini, mawd, U Juno IMI, rari of Dntheia, 
1. Alien, da. t>r William, lord Spaoccr, an4 liitcr ot (ha lit cart 
t Sundnland, by whom ba bad laaue, CutlLKi and lltNar. 
're rarU, and otber childno. The evl J. IGfli. and wa* 
id by hi* 

,!.■», Sd iBrl. m.. law. Utitia-Iaabena Robano. Ak af 

1. earl of Radnor, than lonl-lietil. of Ireland ; tnii ksTlng 

■ue by her (who n.. Sdly. ihe celebrated William Wychatty, 

, 1%.') he wa* iiiaceeded by hii brwUier, 

BcXBV. M earl. fa. Mary, uitar of Arthur Culi>, I 


■r. 4ih eari, m. Charlotte Bmeawen, da. of ttngh. In 
\t Falmoulb, and dfiug 4 April 1]*5, vai mcceeded by hit 
P oaly brother, 

EnvA>D, Sth earl, m., I«t, Stnli Ponsooby. da of Brabazon, 
IK earl of Beshorough, and had in 



HnrrMt-Owvina, b, 9 Ftb. ISIS) 3. lA 
RSbrt-llKt^trtrm, k 11 May IBttI t. 
«. Ckukt, IB haWanlcni, ■>., Otc WOi. Aedo. di 
a. CithniDP.iii.ttkjurd-Hola«onhntyiwIl, srt< 

9.' SlUH, 1^, iaA^I7«l,'|., nf BaU 

The earl m., Sdlr, Bridget SuuthweEl. niecv of Tbomaa, loid 
Soutbvell, and had iuoe br her, (who d. 27 July IJCl,) 
n. Wii-i-iAH, ». II dk. I7U, ii. s Auc. i;ei. 

T. RoBIU,t.llDi:cI7U.iii.,IR, Mxiant.iL 

was lucccEded by hi> eld- 

... e<l,i7 June 1791, marquna of 
Droghtdd. in Ireland, and, I7 Jan. IKOl. baron Monrt, of -iha 
United Kingdom ; m., 15 Feb. I7BC, Aorip, da. of Frandi Sey- 
mour, lit marqueu uf Herirurd, K.G., aud by h^r {who if. 4 Not. 
1787) had iuiie, 
1. Chablgs, present ma 


The marqiien d. 23 Dm. 1621, and wu lunweded by hii wd, 

CHAHtCi, preient and 3d marqiieiui. 

Heir FraaiHjitive — This marquns'i nppliew, aon of liia Uw 
brother, Inrri HEHRV.SeiTMoitii MnoaR. 

CrcalioiH — Lord Moniv, Buron uf Mellcfom, 91 July lli|<!i 

vn irvvtHMin4> iritfiL 

iw;k(M. TtxbnM 


LE8I.EV, of Nom^ Eiri of Mnniingtnn. ViMoiini Wcllnlrv. 
of Duii|(ui Caule. and Bamn Morain^iaa, in Inimri, uad Buun 
WellMLkT, of WrilnW, en. Saatmn, in Enftlnul, K.U.. 
K.C., K.S.U, ud D.C.L., LaH SuKon) U ihr IlnOKbold, and 
liu Lord-Li«i(en(uil and OorenuirJ^iencnil i>( IrrUnd : (an 
Jft JuDT ITfiO ; Hiomidcd bl* falhar, Uamtl. IR iwl of Men. 
mcUM, 22 S(>y 17SI ; craiauid > Pes oT nmu BntMH, by the 
UUp <>/ bum VtHflry, of WeOsler* •». .SamHM-t, JM (>cl. 1 7E«7, 
uid admuMd lo ibc dignity of MBrijuna U'cUmlFy. in ibe Pmr- 
■^ at IrcUnd, 2 Dn. 17D0. The narqutu entervd nrijr into 
puUir: Ufc, was, Id 1787i appninted a lord of the irHBuy, and, 
io I797- govemor^finiFrB] lit Bmgal, which ntiiatiou ha held till 
IB03. In ISM, he went aitilMwadur u> (he ceoiral jonu o( 
Spain, then aaiemblvd al Cadii; aiid, on hii ntnni riWB lh« 
embawv, mvivnl ili« dnln uf chief ttctrtMry al *unr far the 
fondrn'dFpamnnit : in 1810, hr wai etecud R.O^ and, in ISSl, 
apfuuiud Wd'lieutraant of Inland. The marquMa m a rr M , 2f 
No-,-. 17B4, Il^Kiriihe.tlkbriiiUt, only da. nf I'iemt Htdand, hjr 
whom (who iL 6 Not. ISIC) he had lUi iMiuc The marqiioa n., 
adJy, ZU Ot^ l8Sft. HarianDB, eldwt da. and toJi. of Richard 
C»Mn, of Maryland, North America, m^., and widow of Rutiert 

The original name of lhi> nnble family wm Cowley, or CoUr;-. 
dwt df Wdlealey baviri^ been aHunml. aa will be harealW mi- 
Usad, e^y in the lath eenlury. Walter Cowley, or CuUry, 
•w tdUdlot-pm. of Ireland in 1&37 ; he wa* lather of tit llanry 
Cot^, of Cnrtierry and Edenderry, who *B» knighted l■^5gl 
Md, bj Katharine. cUst da. of iir ThoDiM Cuaacke, knt., lord 
ifaMcUor of Iniaiul, had imue. nr tieorg* <:flUeT, uf BdnMlvry. 
y» tUa* *on, (whoH grandda. and h., tvirah, ■■. *ir U«iwp 
Bhudell. knl„ anmlor of the ti«minu BlaudeU,} and a Id aoa, 
iir Beor* ColleT, of Caiile Carlierry, cci. Kililarv, wbcM ho wid 
^ nr Benry CiJley, uf Cwtle Carixrrry, wa* father uf Dodby 
CoDty. of the taioe place, who, ty liii 3d wifa, AmM. dr ^ 
Benry Warrro, .rf Orangebeg. u.. KiUare, bad Imu*, (b.._ 
nkcf children,} Henry, hii ion and h. : and KliaaliMh, «. Oar< 
RH Wdlnley, uf Dangan, oo. Mualh, 04. 
Botber of Oarrett \relle*ley, of Dangan, 


pu-liunenti for the co. Mealh, n>hn d. 23 Sept. 1738, Wring iD 
hii tntBUs to his oouiin, Richnrd Colley, 2d xin of Henry, tintr- 

»am«d, on the condition of bis taking of the name and anoft of 


BicHAim CoLLEV, Sd aon of Henry, and graaAson of Dad- 
ley, on Bucceeding to the estates of hii eouain, Gsn-nt WellolEy, 
uaumed that sumadie, uiil waa created, 9 July 174fi, imwio 
JUormagloa, of Moniington, eo. Meath, tn. Elixabetli, da. of 
John Siilr, LL.D., rt^ttrar of the diocese of Dublin, and MiP. 
for Carygfurt, by whom he had isnie, 

1. OaSRett, 2d lord. 

J»>. n.. eAprtll?' 


h, oa.. and ■ 
1. 17^. ■■., J 

*"«■ }'■ 

hun, u. Kem-. ait., tmdJ. 7 Sept. 17m. 

Hig lordahip d. 31 Jan. 1758, and was ancceeded bj hit ool]' 

Oarbett Collev.Weli.eslet, Sd lord Moraiagum, t. 
liljuly 173s, crpBted, 20 Oct. I76O, viscount H'dfa^, of Du- 
gan, and earl of Meminfflim ; m., « Feb. 17KI, Anne, da. oT 
Arthur Hill, Ti■l^au^t Dungannon, by whom (who atJU nim'Tat 
l» vHueas the multJpUed guries and irell-eamod honouri of hr 
children) he had iHue, 

1. Richard, 2d earl of Mominglon, and Isi marquen M'a)> 


S. ChuVa: 7- (i«irit& 
e. sit KBHaT, a.CA. t. 13 Jw. 1779. m.. Ill 

ll Ctutiaii ].0(na<l; t. Chulotlr. 

Marcii 1768, W.," In 

Blay I7BI, and vai lucceeded in hia honoun bf 
2d earl of Slomington, and prei 


Hfir Premmptire—To ihc tiil« of bn 
connt Wellnley, and earl of MomJn^iinn. 
hon. William, ' 


. 9 JuIt nu I VlKount uid Far), SO On. 
lT«n; Alarqun WcOnlay; 3 Dec i;O0( Bvon W*lkctl^, In 
Eogknil, SO Oct. 1707- 
jit M C m PUa<B. guMRniy. ■•■ ml <ih. GvIk. ■ ms uni bmws 

K. • ifaT nmpMi piiM. ii«™n> (onttd -iii--c*w"t ?'<).« *n ki (M 

' a <inaM IB Ibl miiniiKH In lira, tar M> 
ii*^ pu'pW (hwfiri vHh ■ Hu or Mtstto 

y»i*, ii 

1 of THOHOKD, Eul 

I, CO. Clare, iu thr 

n tbe Peervgr of ibe United Kiagdoia, K.f., & PHi; 

' r of IrrJand, one of ihe repremitBiiTF Pcen fur Irr- 
Wd, Gorernor eo. Cork, and > Truna of ihe Linni Muiufu' 
tor* ; Biccetded bit unrle. Slurniugh, the Ute manium, iu bin 
Ictih tjtlea. 10 P•l^ IHOB, nntnl li>ran Twlowler, IHW: imir- 
ft<rf, 16 Sept. 17«it, iniubeih, anlj da. Mid hrinw nf TbamM 
Tmucr. of DuWk. oq., and hu iuiie.- — 1. StiiAH-tlARK, 
m~, M F»ri>, 13 Aug. 1(134. Oeorgcrnderick Hoihua, cwi-. 

^1. B.N.. brother of lord Iloilnm i 3. 8«m*h, ■■. April 

l8M,n^jor Tiytorf S. Ham*; 4. Elisa>ctk> 

Tbb iBuetrioD* funiljr ii d«*r«nded fmn Ihe ancient tnonarvfia 
if Ir^and, and to law u the time ot Henrj' VIII. wore king! of 

MvKaorcn O'Rhtem. the last |irini« nf Thrmiond, hatine 
HbmittHi la kiiiR Henry VIII.. wu t>y that prtme creaml mil 

krfThiHiKind. with mnainder (» bin nrpbev DonOKh, hiu iif hi> 
dier bmther, and baron Inchiquin, Iu bim aiid luihe heirs ruals 
tf h» bodv. He d. IMl, when tbe earldom devolTed on hji 




inct on the death of Hrarj, the Sth « 
in Eiiglaiid. 17*1|) ond th* bartniy 
■ "-- -I, M Innm. 

nephew, (wid beimiie a 
■bo liMuuDt TmIcbipt, 
Ksnded to hia kiii and 1 

HuBROUBH, 6[btwmn,u 
wa> cresled 2\ Oct. 1654, r. 
of (ir William Si. Leger, piwdeti 
Sctil. I674, <rMS mcccMJed by hia son and hdr, 

William, 2d earl, m 1674, iru, bv Chules II., i 
j^. of hit majesly't forrei in Africa, Kovcmar and Tin.*dnuii 
(if Tftngier, and of the parti adjacent ; he was ■ppoinitd, f^^ 
king Williaoi III., onrernorufJamaiiai m., 1st, Mar^ret, 1' 
of Rogrt, eurl of Orrery, and hr her had Williav, 3d cw 
and, 3d1f, Elizabetb, youngest da. and co-h. of Gcurga. h 
Chandot, and rdict of £dvard, lord Uerlmt, nf Cherbory ; I 
br her, nhn re-n. Charles, hinl Howard, of Eicrich, and 
Feb. 1717, he had no issne. The earl d. in Jamaica, Jan. IGS 

{ and dying I 

William, 3d ea^l, *. .Mary Villie< 
Isteau-lof Je™ey(«hod. 1" ' ■ • — 
I. William, 4th larL 

1. MuRROUGa, &lh earl of Indiiquin and lit mirqnew< 

B, H.N.. *. vkhoul Ime. 

-Tl.>«.MmCirrkk, ™ 
, t|Btai t. fopj J.™»i, p 

tte r r m iti B ei oftn imJ d™. aftnartmi ,, ~ 

ad, Hhr. Jaw, da. of Tbomu OlUcir- cmi., ind 1 

raid, of^the Uittd ct Andjlui I.hnl jSawd. ._, _. „ 

**-)!. l*tw, Dkna.ridstdn.ofcen.OanwHeMnB.Bdaknarw'l 
d Hothaoi, wha d. ■fthmil kna, & Nor. IDIDi iDd. Mh. II 
- - ttDdfrfirHn TooDM da. of emM^BVi HMhsaa, s/ CM 
a. WUt^ •»., nd^br hir l>lw A 1 Mar luniBd a " 
k 11 Joly 1)118, and Mari.l'at)tnln(, h.» ^tAMIS 
Apin Itrm. EllaibKh. d>. of llmry-Chailn SbmnH, 1 
— ■ -■ B Nnrh IRM, ^'bi Una bj hs (jrt 

17^!, having had 4 Kin* Bud 1 dss., all ut whcm d. be/on thdr 

The earl m.. 'Jdly, 12 Oct. 17<il, Alary, da. of Slephen Hnon, 
Tiwount Mounlcashet. and by her had au iuue. He d. 16 Jolf 
■777, aad was audxtided by luf nepbew, 

AICBBOUCB, 5th earl of Inchiquin, eldeit son of James, 3d 
Hn of William, the 3d earl, who wai, in 1800, created marqiiesl 
of Thommd, and, 2 Oct. IGDl, haron Thomomd, of TapJov, in 
the Peerage of England, K.P. ; u.. In, Mardi 17S3, hia ooiuln, 
Mary O'Bryeo, coiiDXaa of Orkney in her own ri^t, (only da. 
and h. of Wmiam, 4ih earl of Inchiquin, by Anne Uunilion, 
anuitHa ofOrkney,) and by her (who d. 10 Blay 1790) bad w- 
I Total children, irha t. ynuiiK ; and 

llAaT.t.4SiFt.l7U, t)npTa«tniuoleBororknF),iihaii>..IIDK.I7T7, 

I ficliCchaL Tbonua Fltmuurtar. unric to the pr««ii iDATquHH of Lani- 

' ««lie»>Bd btt] iaaue |jar CntlHTVAlH p/ Ihe Pserage of ScoUoml). 

The marquew m., 2dly, 3S July 1793, Mary, da. of John Pat. 

mO', of Tonington, co. Deron, eeq., and niece uf lir Joshua Rey< 

Dold), knt., by whom (who d. Sept. 1(<20) he had no iniue, and 

d. bT a fall fmm hii hone in Gr<>iiveriur.aiiiiBre, 10 Feb. ISOS, 

when the Engliih barony of Thomond, of Taplow, of 1801, be- 

eanie sitinct, and he wax moceeded In his other titles by his 

H'lLLiAii, present and 2d marques* of Thomond, and flth 
Ms^ of Inchi4|uin. 

Heir PreiuKptiiK — To the Irish titles only, lord JaUK« 
O'Bbvxm, next brother U> the Dmrqnen. 

Crmt/ioBf—Baron Iiiehiqiiin, 1636; Earl of Inchiquln, 1 BM ; 
Uaniueu of Thomond, 1800 ; Baron Tadcuiler, in (he Peerage 
al the L'ltited KingdMn, 1B3C. 

ns — T, 

«r Bective, of Bective Caalle, Viscount Headfort, Baron of Head- 
fbn, and a Baronet ot Ireland ; Wn i Slay I7tl7, suoxeded his 
fiuher, Thomas, late marqueat, 23 Oct. 1029 i tnurrurf, 29 Jan. 
IB22. Olivia, da. of sir Jubn Slephenson, and widow of EdTrard 

Tuite Dalton, esq., and has issue, 1. THOMAS, earl of Bn. 

«MW, *. 1 Niw. 1832; 2. Olivia, b. « Feb. 1824; 3. 

HaBV, i. 3 April 1B26J 4. RoDEftl, A. 7 Oct. 1826; 

S. a Da. h. 1828. 

. This noble family was seated ro. Sussex, prior to (heir lettle- 
Vieot in Ireland. Thomas Taylnur, of Riiigmer, went over lo 
Inland with the celebrated dr. William Petty, aUmt 1652, and 
■U &ther of sir Tuojias, who was treated a baronet of Ireland, 



1704, m. Anne, da. of lir Robert Cotton, of Combannere, coi 
Chester, bart., nnd d. 8 Aug. 1736, lesving iijue, lir Tqohas* 
2d Imrt. ; Hah^rl, dewi of Clonfen, iL uatn., uid other childrok 
Sir TROKAa, 2d bart., n. Muy, da. of John Graham, o( PbU . 
ten, by whom he had iune. 

Sir TnoHA9, 3d bamnet and 1st earl, b. W Oct. 1734, ■ 
created baron IteaJJorl, B Sept. 1760 ; vinemmt Heaifarl. \% 
April I7G2 ; and nrai rurthm- advanced to th» dignity of earl af^ 
BecHve, of BecCire Caitle, 24 Oct. 1766; inUalled, in Mani. 
1783, K.P. Tbeearln., 4 Julvl754. Jane, e)dBSIda.or Klia* 
' ' ' ... (,/ the right hon. Ilenailea Rowlefj 



The earl d. U Feb. 1794, and vas inceeedeil bv his ddest ion, 

Thomas, K.P., 2d earl of BevtiTH ; rreated 29 Dec 1804^ 
marquess of [Ieadri>rt,fr. IS Nov. 17137, n., 4 Dec 1778. Maiy. 
da. and h. of Qeorge Quin, of Queenborough, Co. Clare, esq-, a»k 

liy her had uaue, 

«. OHaasi. b. ID Ma^b ITiarfadktlM innume of Quhi, m. H April IUAI 
G«r>luim<:iuTlD(l(, id da. of Ohhk. ml Spmrrr, K-a., hvI tnr b« (■(»&' 
31 FiKuiS) had iHue. 

I. George-Thnmu, b. 16 Mu-ch IB1A. 

>'Bt sncceeded by his eldM 

13 April l7G->; Gar), 34 Oct. )7(HI ; Manjuen, ! 


ib« Called Ktngiioai, by the titla of baron Moktcaolr, of 
WcHport, ao, Uaja, K.F., and Ooramor ni. Majni; lorn 18 
Ma; 1788; nxoeedad bufalher, Jubn-Dmii, tho iMemu^uaB. 
i Jan. 1809: marrM, Fab. 1810. Ilnto-.CsUiorinv dp Bunh, 
ddcii d^ of Juhn-ThiMua*, ISlb Hii uf Clanrifud*, and haa 

ime, 1. LoiTiiA^aTHAaiNi. A. S I>w. 1816; i. Eli- 

l&aETB,6. 2Dec. 1617: — -3- "EOROK-JOHN, mW q^ ,i/- 

lamamt, &. 31 Jan. 1830)- ^4- Uowt, A. I Ftb. 18SI. ■£ 1 

F(U 1823; 6. Catbhbiics, t. 1 Mav 1831 1 «• Janki 

Db Buish, e. 30 April 1833:^7- Juum-Tkomai, li. IS 

Srpi. 1824: S. HABaiET, 6. 16 Fat>. 1837: 0> A 0A. A. 

It JuJjr 1839. 

The ni«rqu«n>aiK(ator,it[rJoHii Blow yt, if tV Nmlc, i^- 
3IBTO, wMcnalcdabvt., 17 June 103«, ■■., 1626, Mary, da. of 
air lUaarinick Browne, knt., of lialwsy, and had iaaiici I. >ir 
Oeaq^ 2d ban., vhow detORidant, ur Juhn, 7ih bart., wa) (m. 
luMid by the title of lard KJlmaine ; 3. Joiiv, anoMdir iif liu> 
earli fif Allamont : 3. Doniiiu'dt. 

JouH, 2d uia of tlw Im bare, m. Anne Uamiltiid, aldmt da. 

GeCHve, 4Lh lord gtrabane, whodeceaMng witlunil Uaiie, he ■>.. 

dr, Maud, da. of Theobald, Tiaoount Mayo, aod had iwoe, 

^ Pete*. 

Vai.itirTiiii. «. Brldfn,<b.cirJi><nBT>niM. aq..afHewnTalb«. 
BaiiHaT- Hf. Edvard BlnnlncJuin. ftnh kvd AlhcnrY- 

Jnty I7I4. Th^^Ati ^-bmuiri Mara 
Fa-rea, Iheeldeit Kin, left iuue, by Mary, da. of Denii Daly, 

nq., one of the Jud)i!« ol the «ui1 of Common PIfju, 

JoBN. Ill earl, who nai rreaUd Aomn ii/* MoHlntyle, cii. Klava. 

ID tiepi. ITBO; iwuunf Wemlforl, 31 Aug. l7(tH; and funhfr 

advanced ta the di^ily of rarl lif Allamimi, 4 iW 1771 ; n.. 

Der. 1 729, Anne Gore, liiler of Arthur, earl of Amui, and hail 

iuue by her («ho d. 7 March 177li) 
I. PiTZa, 3dewl. 

U Mw> Codu. ifrf tor Iw bat tour. 
I. uiiin,!!,.. jHi.i,in. iKinikiUk Bnn«w,a(AAm<t,cB.«al«i.*<|. 
a, Mn. •>. ■•(Ut llUkt. al I'DTballr CBKt*. (o. OaimT. w«> 
JUHHtU];. luuJIada, ila. of CnH>Cllk« •hum t*ha <. 30 April 


The earl d. 4 Jaty 1776, and wu nirceedpd hy his eldai um. 

Feteb, ad earl, n., tO April \-}ai. Elicabeih, mily da. mi 
'i. of Denis Keltf, e»i|., chief Juatice uf Januiia, and Lad iMiie by 
' ■ ■ • - 1768,) 
3d earl. 

... . ml, 9. On. 17m. e. 14 

ii. u on. DDK. BlaB■o^ 

His lord^p d. 2S Dfc I78O, and •tit laaxeAeA by hi* wm, 

John-Denis, 3d eari, Rreated, 39 Dec 1800, marqucn of 
Sligo, and, 20 Feb. I80fi, hanin MorHeagle, in the Feemge of th« 
Uniled Kingdom, K.P.; A. 11 June \156; tn., 21 May 1787, 
Louiaa-Catharina Uonre, yoiiQKest da. and co-b. of admiral 
Rirhard. earl Howe, K.G.,aad hy her (»-ho n., 3dly, 10 April 
IB13, Ihe right hern, sir WiUiam Sooti, km., nov lard Stovdl, 
brother of John, lord £ldan. and dying at AmuerdjuD, 30 Au^ 
1617} had i»ue, 

HowE.PETEft, the preienl marqnesa. 
The tnirqueu iJ. 2 Jan. IBOg, and wu snovedad by hia oolf 

MowB-PcTEft, 4th carl of Ahamoiil, and pnscnt and 3d mar- 

Utit Apparent— The enri of AltaUONT, the marqucaa^ 

C«o/iOT«— Baron, 19 Sept. 1760; Vijrounl, 34 Aug. 1768; 
Earl, 1 Dec 1771 ; Mnrquetu of Sli^, 29 Dvc. IflOO; BaniB 
Monleag'Ie, of Wdtpon, o>. Mayo, iu the Peerage of the United 
Kingdoin, 30 Feb. IHOtS. 

JOHN LOFTLT9, MaaaVEM of ELV, E«ri of EJv, m. 
Wu^lmv, ViKUUiiI Loftui, of Ely. Bnn.ii Uifiiia. of Imfl.ii 
Hall, 00. Wtntfbrd, Baron LorTus, of Long Lufiui. ck. Vurk, 


in Uie Peerage of the Unil«d Kingdom, and a Baronet ; a Priry 
Cauiuellor in Irelsiul, GuFpniur and Custoa Rotulumm of Ihc 
to. of Waierford, and Oovemor of m. Fermanagb, K,P. j Aom 
IS Feb. 1770; mneeded hii fatlier. CliaHni, the lalfl msnjuHSi 
» March ISM; •norriAf, 22 Uay IHIO. Anna.Blaria. eldest da. 
aftir Hennr-U'alkin Dathwood, of KinliDgton, co. Oicftird, 

h«ri., iadj- of the lieddiaiiiber to her raajeaty, and hax iisue, 

1. Cbaklottb-Elizarktii, b. 22 April IBII, to whnni the 
qiuen, prinoeSK Elizabeth, and the duke of Camhridge, atoud 
ipanwn; ■»., 17 Dec 183«, William-Tanon Egenou,e>q., M.P., 
eUot son of Wilbraham Egerton, of Talton Parit, wi. Che«ier, 

■q^ M.P. J 2. JOHN-BENRY, v/*™«( Lofhu, *. 19 Jan. 

1114 : 3. OEomoE-WiLLiAM,*. 1 1 Mav 1815; — -1. Ad*m, 

i. 13 May 1816; -k. AlmTSTUs-Wi'iLiisi.FBEDEBu;!- 

Stbhcc, b. * Oct. 1817, to whom their R.HH. the duke and 
dndien of Olouceater and the princess Audita ttond iponaon ; 

e. A]iKji-MAalA.HeLeK,<f-8Mardillll9; 7-HEnmT- 

VomEE-AaTLer, 4. 9 April 1822; & Caroline-Lodiia, 

6. 23 March ISS4, rf. Man* IT'" - - 

8 July 1826; 10. Cathei 

iril I82S. 

kietta-Mabi, b. 29 Api 

Edwabd loFTBorBE, of Svtneshead, en. York, ew)., whtwo 
deicendaoti have been, in different branchea, thrice elevated 
to the peerage of Irdand, had 2 anna ; 1. Robert, (father of tir 
.\dwn, lorddianceilorof Ireland, IRIS; created viuount of Elv, 
1622, which title became extinct, I72fi, on the death of hi) Ki'anil- 
«m, Arthur, 3d riaeount, n-hoieonly da. and h., Jane, m. Chorlea, 
lord Sloore, ion of the :U earl of Drogheda.) and 2. Adam, coti. 
aeciBUid arohbiahop of DubKn. I5tl7, and lord chancellor of Ire- 
land from 1578 to 1605, when he d. leaving iaaue 4 aona, 1. lir 
Dudlrf; % air Edieard ; 3. Aiiamybmhd. s.p.; i. tir Tbmnat, at 
Killyan, Hi. Slealh, from whom the present general WiUiam 
Loftua, of Kilbride, ddooel Sd dragoon guards, ia lineally de- 

Sir DuDLET LoFTUS, of RathfaniaiQ, eldeit t>oii of the arch- 
bishop, d. 1(110, leaiing 2 aoiu; 1. air Adam, whoae ^ndaon, 
Adsav, vai cr«al«d viscount Liahume, IGU.'V, but slain at the 
liei^ of Limerick, 1691, without iaaue; 2. Nicholat, of Fethard, 
whoae grandaon, 

Nicholas, 6. 1687, vat created baron Liifliu, of Lofius Hall. 
5 Oct. 17AU anil advanced to the dignity of viscount Lqflfu, of 
SXv, 19 July 17^)6, wliieh hnnoura had becume extinct in the 
Mm branch. The viscount n., I at, Anne Punaonby, 2d da. of 
U'illiam, viacoiint Diincannnn, and sister to Brabazon, earl of 
"""■" ~nugh, by whom ha hail issue, 
[CHOiAK, Ut earl of Ely. 
■ ■■■ Uembt. 3d earl. 

m., Sdly, Letitia, da. of air John Rowley, knt- 


Ths eul d. 4 JoIt 177^. ^nd vu succeeded hy his eldtst •on, 
FETsa, !d ou-l, m., lU April 1752, EUiabeth, only da. and 

L. of D«niB Kelly, Mq.. chirf justice i>f Jamaica, and had ixuc br 

bar, (who d. 1 Aug. 17SG,) 
1. Johm.Denib, 3d«rl. 

■";'. IKM, •■., im, Aane,'it 

Hii lordahip d. 28 Dec I7S0, and n-aa luccteded by hi* aoo, 

Jobk-Dehis, 3d earl, created, 29 Dec. 1800, manjueas of 
Sligo, aaii, 20 Ftit. 1806, baron Mmleagle, in the Peerage of the 
United Kii>gd»ia, K.P.; b. It June 1T«I t n., 21 May 1787. 
Ldutu-Cunarine Hove, ynunoeat da. and co-h. of adminl 
Richard, earl Howe, K.G., and bv her (who bl, 2dly, 10 April 
1813, (be right huti. iifr WiUiam Scom knt., now lurd titowdl, 
brother of Juiin, lord £ldaa, and dying at Anuterdam, 20 Aw 
1817) had issue, 

HowE-l'BTEa, the prewni marquess. 
The marqueu H. 2 Jan. 1809, and woi snfceeded by tui oolf 

llowE-pETEi, 4lh earlorAltamonl, and present and 2d mar- 

Heir Apparml— The earl of AltamOnt, the marquess^ 

Creatioiu—Ramn, 19 Sept. I7<10; Viscount, 24 Aug. 1768; 
Earl, 4 Dec 1771 ; Manjuens of Slip.. 20 Dec. 1800; Baraa 
Monteagle. of Wesrport, co. Mayo, io (he Peerage of the I'uited 

Kingdom, 20 Keb. J ' — 

JOHN LOFTUS. Mabcjcfbs of ELV, Earl of Ely, Co. 
Wickldw, Visoium Loflus, of Ely. Baron Loftui, of Lofiu* 
Uall, OD. Wexford, Daron LorTus, of Long Lwflui, at. Voric, 

n llie Ptieragt at the Unit«d Kingiloai. and a Barmwl ; a Privy 
^UmitdloT <n IrduMl, Uovemar and Cuiioa Rotulnnim at the 
m. of Wateriord, and Ooremor at on. Fermaiugli, K-P.i torn 
li Felh 1770 : tuemdid hu father, Cliarica, Uir UiP manjutwii, 
Sa Manb lOMt ; •wmcrf. « May IRllt. Anna-MaHa. «l<lnl da. 
of (ir Henry-U'atkin Dnhwnod, of Kirtlingtnn, iv. Oxford, 

ban., lady of tfae bedchanibn' tn Ii«r majmly, and ha> isnw, 

1- CBA*(.aTTK-Ei.IZABiTH, ft. St April 181 1, to whotn ihe 
nam I. prineeaa ElJaalNnli, and ihe dak« of Cwnhrid^, nnod 
ipooton; at., 17 Dvc 1 B30, WiUiuu-TatMo Ecpruni, Mq., M.P,. 
ddcat BOB at Wilbnhain Ennon, at Tatton Park, en. (Tienrr, 

oq^ M.P. i S. JOilN-BENKY, d^rma/ /.o^Iai, A, 19 Jan. 

laU: 3.0E0BGE-WiLLiAM,a.ll MaylSla;^ -(.Adam, 

&. 13 Hf 1B16( 1. ADai-STL'R-WlLI.I*H-Fa«DEBI(K- 

Sf-ENcc, i. 4 On. 1817, to whom (beir R.HH. the duke and 
dudbeai of Glounaur and the pHimw Aasnita (Mod ipoiuan ; 

S. Aic»a-Mabi*.Heli;h, d. S March IdlS; — 7' Heubt- 

TOSKX-AITLIT, t. 9 April IHMi B. CjkROLIWE-Lol<l«*, 

t. 13 March 1834, A HanA ISSt ; S. Eli 

■nTTA-HABT, b. 39 Apt 

>ril 18 

-IS. Cathi 

ic nliDM, 17SS, oa the death iif hiasTwad- 
I, AnhBT. itd Titminr . vhoe onhr da. and h., Jane, n. (.Jiariea, 
d Hdora, ago of the 3d nri of Drogheda,) and t. .f-Ans, oin- 
MMad afdiUrfkop of DiiUin, 1667> an^ Tftrd chutfellor of Ire. 

D 1ST8 lu 1G06, when be rf. leatii „ 
DaJtrf: I. ot Edtrard; 3. .rfiJaia, boih d. a.p.; 4. ur 7A<nHai,of 
KiDj«n, a>. Sleath, from whom the pcneat gviieraJ U'iUiam 
Lofiiu, of Kilbride, oiluuel 3d dragiion piardi, i> lineally ile- 

Sr DuDLSr Lorrc*, of Rsthfaniam, eldect hhi iif ihe arch. 
laabap, d. 161S, leariog S aoB*; 1. >ir Ailam, vImm Krandwin, 
Adas, va* oaaud viacnunl Lishumc, teSA, bni utain at the 
wtgt of UiDCrick, 1691, trithuut j»ue ) !. Nicholatt of Felhard, 

NtCMAt-Aa, t. I6Bi, vaa rrmted haron Ijiflut, nt l^nttia Hall, 
> Oct. IjSU and adiancwl ro the diftnity o( viKoiint t.^flv, iif 
Mf, IS July I'^G. which h'lururii had liecnnie ciijnrt in ihe 
dltrbnwdi. The ritaunt Hi., lit. Anne Ponunby. Sil da. of 
WnUam, tiacount Duiirannnn, and lixer to Ural>a»>ii, ntl of 
fiMbannirb. by whoin he had inue, 

I. NiCMOLU, IM earl of Ely. 

1. HEKKr, SdearL 

». iLiitaain. a., 31 llv. I79>. ail John TMUatiun, tan. 
The Tiaoounl n., 2dly, Letitia, da. of lir John Bowley, km. 


(ancestor of visconnt I-Hngford,) and widow of his kinsman, Ar- 
thur, TJsoaunt Ely, wlio d. 17-25, liv whom he bmd aa iniu. He 
d. 31 Dec 1763,uid wu sucoeeded by hit eldeat ton, 

fitCBOLAa, id TiKOunt, Created, 26 Oct. 17IHI, eaH uf Elyi 
M., IS Aug. 1736, Mary, eldest da. luid h. of lir Giut«nu Hiung^ 
liart^ ol Cutle Hume, on. Fennanifb, and d. 31 Oct. 17M|, 
leaving itaue by her (who if. Oct. IIW) an only «uo, 

Nicllol-A), 3d eart. b, 1 1 Sept. 1738. and d. nam. IS Ko*. 
17G9, when the (arldom became extinct, hut the title of TitomiBt 
tWolTcd to his unde, 

IICNRY, 'tih visoount, h. 11 Not, 1709, created evi ot Elf, 
.Vov. 1771 ; K.P., 1783. Hislardihipm., Ill, 1 745, Frances, da. 
•if Henry Munrop, of Soe'i Hall, co. Dunn, eiq., who d. vitb- 
tiutinue, Aug. 177'' : >>>.i S^'y, 1779, -Anne, da. of Hugh Bonfor, 
eai|., (by Anne, aiiier of Edvard, 1st lord Elliot,) ^y of tw 
tieddianiber to the princeuec The earl d, njthoat inne, 8 May 
IfSt, when the titlei of earl of Ely and viMOUnt Lnflua becaaa 
exiincl ; but the eiMiea derolred, to hii will, cm Ufi 
nqihew, ur Charle* TiiltenbaiD, lurt., ton of the hon Kliulxh 
Idtkn*, by ur John TottenhaiD, but. 

CH^niES, 1(1 marqum, A. 23 Jan. 1736, on (iicoeediag to At 
estate uf hit uncle, earl Henry, astunied the name and araa «f 
LiiTtus, and irai erealed baron Lo/titi, aC Liifnu Hall, 38 Jum 
1783: TJioHiiit Litfha, of Ely. 22 Dec 1700: airl of £fy, ]» 
Feb. JTM ; admuued to the dignity of niar4ue» of Elp, 38 Dm, 
ISM i and a««ted a pper of tlw United Kiiigilom, 10 Jan. IWI, 
bj the title of baran Lijftui, of Long Lofcui, co. Vork. HiM 
Iw^ship wax postniBiter-general in Ireland in 178U. a nri-j rnmii i 
•rllor. K.P., and {piremor of M'eiford ; n.. 23 June I7SI^ 
* " it da. and boJi. of Robert UyliilJ, eni., and by h^ 
■'-b. H»7) had iMue, 
d maniueu. 

The marten ^ 33 March 1806, and was suoxeded by hiieldM 

JoilK. ptesral and 3d marqaeo. 

/Mr .iffmml - JoBk-UENar, 
■f the inaruncn. 

CrMlMm»_|Umn,38 Junel7&5i Viscouot, Dec 17»9; E«(i 
•r Uv, ITtM) Marqueu. 39 Dec 1800i Baron Lnftua, in ~ 
I'nlMd KiudoDi. 19 Jan. inol. 
•'.SHPuaW SaU 

L Binp UiTBiatfieb 

liONDOM>SRRV, VlKKunt CaiUere^b, and Ilarou of Lod. 
iaodenr. In Iraland t Earl V«ne, Viioouni Scabam, and Banm 
"' ion, at the United Kingdom ; a Li>iit.-Uen. in the Army, 

Culonel of the 10th Dragoons. Oovernor uid Cusun Botulo. 
_ I of the cmintiea of Londonderry and Dovii ; O.CB. U.C.B. 
X.T.S. K.S.O. K.R.E. K.B.&. and K.S.: bora \& .May 1778: 

«d«d his half-brother, Rid»n, late nian[iiMt, IS Aug. 1B33i 
anted. 1 July 18U, Baron Stewiirt, of 8(ewiu-('iiC<nirt and Bal- 
j^AanL. CO. Diine^l, and, S8 ai»rch ia:i». Etirl Vaoe and Via. 
fMU Seaham, in tbe Peerage of the Uniled KiDgdoni, vith re- 

.der to the heirs male of his liody by hii Mcund wire; mar- 
In, 4 Aug. 1S04, Oitherine, tth da. of Jolin, Mmr\ of 

__j)ev, hv whom (whod. II Feb. 1813) ha had iuu«, 1. 

^'BED'ERICK. HKouiK Cattlereai/h, .M.P. for Dainuhira, i. 7 
'tlif 1905. The mnrqiiesi «.. 2dly, lady Francea-Aniie, only da. 
at iir Harry Vane Tempest, hart., by Aone^Catherine, coiinten 
«f Aoiriin in her ovn ri|^t, (on which occaaion he took the aur. 
same of Vane onlv, and the arms of Vane in addition U> [huse nf 

awwn,) and by' her has issue, 3. OEOROE.HENRV. 

KOBERTXHARLES, vitcauni Seaham, b. 2(i April 1821 ; _ 

ft FeaXCES-AhscKhilt, b. IG April lB22i 4. Alex. 

«liI>ni»A.OcT4ViA-AlARiA, A. 29 July 1823 1 5. Adol- 

r«ca-FREDEBlcK-CHAnLEfl-WiLLiAM, b. 3 July 102Ai— 

jk BrACucTRE, A. I Aug. 1820, <f. II April 1837: 7- Adg- 

AJkti»-E>iMCLixA.£ABoi.iyE, A. 1830, lo whom KingWUliam 
'^V> and Queen Adelaide »ood spoiuora iu person. 

This branch of the noble house of Slnrarl descends from sir 
Thomas Stewart, of Minto, 2d son of air William ttcewarl, of 
OaHies, ancestor to the earls of Oalloway. 

J WiLLiAK StewaET, of Ballylawn Castle, oi. Donegal, etij., 
yrreal-grandson nf John StewBrt, esq., wbo had a gram fniin 
Charles I. of the manor of Stewart's Court, where be erei!1»d the 
«aslle lit Ballylano,) took an active part in the transaction! In 
ihe north, to preteot the subversion of the conaticutiun, which 
. jamet II. and hiii chief governor, lord Tyrconnel, were acwmpl. 
ing to eflTeci : he raised a troop of horse at his own eipense when 
the city nf Iiondondarry waa iiivealed, and did eaaential aervtre 
to the pnitesiaiil iuiereat in that pan, by protecting iJiose who 
werewetl affected to king Willinm III., and was appninlsd Iieut.- 

£. in the regiment commanded by air WUIiaui Stewart, via- 
inl Muuntjoy: he n. the da. of William Suwarl, of Fort 
.Jllewart, en. Oon^al, [grandson of sir William Stewart, ban., 
jprivy^couiuenar la James I., whose descendant, sir H'illiBni 
thewan, ban., waa created baron of Ramaltoii and viscount 
k^Mmutjoy, l!l March 1GS3,) and <f. leaving iaaiia ada., MorfAa, m- 


s, of whom 

_ J ... e, and aeived 

a lord Hountjny't regiment ; m. Mury, 2d da. of 


Itemsnl Warrl, ecq., (nncnun: of die Ti«cr>unu Baogor,) b^ 
!U*ry, niter af Midiwl Word, biahop of Uerrj, cuddling *idM 
nut iisiie, I74(t> wai Miccerdnl by bia uiily hmdicr, : In 

AlBXaHDEB, i. 1700, who roprcBenttd the rityof LtiidoB^ 
•Icrry in parliament, aud iiurchaied tlir etlnit uf Mount 'liiiiim 
■M. Uoini.fniic die Ck>lriUe family i he m. 30 Jua« 1737, Urn 
K-oaAi, Mary, uiilv da. af Joliii CDwan, of Laiidoiultirr]r,M(|., (b^ 
Anan E•(«u-Br^ 2d da. uf Aleiauder )>tevan, of BaUylwn CuiU 
•Ml., ami sitter and lule li. of tir Rtibert Coaan. gBTtraor in 
BiHiikay.) aiid d. 3 April 1761, leariug JHUti l>v Iter, (who d. 

A|.rii I7na,) 

I. SoBEKT, lit inarqiiaB. 

us. ». s Julir IT". ^J^\ 

I. MarrMann.M ill 



1, Aiiu-EUiiiiKk.a.ItJu>. ITM. 
^ i:mnid>-iBiirii>. i. is <)«. jtoh. 

a, k n Sept. i;ai, «. ti Apiii ini- 

7- MaBT,t.lSAprai]4. . 

RoiEKT, Mtat urn, va* creawd baron Striearl, 178^; vla« 
Mniil Cailkrt^h, 1700 ( earl o( LatutoudtTrf, 17iH>: aiid in«l^' 
•Itieo uf LtWiiMMtorry, 1816. The nian|iim n,, lit, 3 Jnneljai^ 
San>h-t>snt»i Seynitnir, 3d dn. of FrBorit, I >l marquesi of lle^ 
lord, K.U., aud l>y her (who it 17 July 1770) hod iuue, 

9. ItoiKaT, 2d inan|ue». 
The nmntuoB «.. Silly, ^ June 1773. France*, ddot ik. rf| 
Cbarics Prati, 1« earl Camden, and 
i|u«H Canxlen, and had iuuc, II 

n. CaAILia-WllLtAH, G.CB., preient and 3d inarqueu. ^ 

a. ra.wiwAiHia. li.. lOMw^lno, knNChulaPtuniy. idaofAw. 

lWiu..M44.\rafDnft«, A UlA ^J 

K Tlloiiu-llaiRi.iLIISnl.llUlk / 

I. KuiuRi-MAai.'. IW. _ n 

k riuujfB.iBliKtealtoilchMBbtt-waiiuDtalmKittciii. t. mi. v-Th*! 

mw nool. ort^ennM, ni. nmn. aq. -• 

hv )i*LiiiA.E«aAaJti.itij>. 1^. Illl. Divid Ktrr. of Punoo aad Ma|> 
uUs. «. Hum, iH, ^^ 

It. MutuA-tHAiuam. *.. IS-«tt>l. ■in^l^'nnl-Mlcfiafl.tlilcutaa A. 
■ha it^i h«ik Kutan Ward, at Bungui i-mI» ., 

lk^>l«J><iil, w.. Ill, IflU, JdIiii Jui>H,aH.. tmly «>n oTiJf W»«* 
gRM.Wl., irhs<. IBini tndMly, liiDK.mirRnil.-caL tit Haiiy H^L 

lUk CtiuanihOrTATiA, k UOd. ];», K, li Dk. W3. Edwud. N M* 

mntoniufh. wd rf. » MatiAi mm "- 

Th*inM^U(«« d. 8 April IBU, and was WKveeded IitMs ion, 

HaaKtT,Sd naniiiMxiriiuiidondarry, K.O.^'.R.S.,'u,K.I.A,t 

I flfcemor of LrmdaaiBrry : die nwnpMa* »•• 
llflM irocurv in Jrriud in 17V7i thirf Mrr«& . 

Ida ^vy ojunHJIar Uanli 1]IM: pnaldFnl o/iha 

• foriba a 

■ oTInd 

n <ke oklriiiM Mt IftU I priadpal lumury of lUl* (or Uw 
V dapulRMat In 1005, irhirh he naifrriFd in Stnr. IWHt, uiJ. 
MI, •sain BtiiKiitiUid to tbe wnKoffiut k, U Jan. 17S4. bdy 
'- ' \nne Usbkrt, vovnfiHt 4*. aod coJi. of Juhn, IM owl of 
jhauhin, an^ by her (wha J. 13 Frt, IIUU) lud a» 
The luBn^ueH iL u hiatal at North Cray, in Knt, )< 
;. 1022, ud wu •unwriM by hi> brother, 

'"ittiAM, pmciit uid 3ld BuniuaH at LanJun 
iron Slcutut, aud Owl Vane, in ibe P—ngi of 

Aftr Apfomtl — To iha Iriih hoMHinand ihrhanto^rnf Alew> 

^•O, fBXPKXici, Tuumul ('<»TLEtE4eu. tbo nutrqiuM'* cMrit 

lin ; la the liUaiaf earl Vane, and riMniuiit tieahain, CKoar-E, 

Tuonint fmhann. the iiiaR|u(in'> eldeai hiii lir hu prraMit vile. 

CrnriOM— Baniu, 111 Nm*. I7W) VixwunliS Oct. IJM: EvI, 
10 Au|;. I7I'(': and Maniueu of I-aodiHuUrrv. Si Jaa. IHlll; 
BaniD ti-uwart, I July tfll4 ( 1^1 Vase, and Vuninnl SmIuiii, 
■a March 182a. 

<n-. Bwl-lmrM. OMUIAh', M and Mb. XIUrf.IhT 
(htdkriKtfanI ■nsfnUliKtiM^Voa. tadMiillni < 

i-m-J " 


fcrl af Coarngham, Kart of Moiini (Jharita. VUamni tilaur, 
<i«ftfngluUD,'BiHl Mount Charlea, Itanm tJdtifnsbain. in i 
BM<i>n MixvTKB, of Minster, ou. Knit. In the iJniiad Kiorloni. 
K.P„ O-CH^ a General in the Armv, Cuiioa Rotuloruni iw. 
riare, ■Ouveroorai. Itont^al ; iornSUOec. I7(18j niooerdnl h» 
fttber, rraacIa-PteriKrint. tttr late Iur4, 39 May I7117 1 rreainl 
Vboonnt Omynfbain, 6 Dec. 17Uili Eul I'onyngham, and Vi>. 
ranal Mmint Charln, i Nor. 17117; and advanced U> ibe dlif- 
tiil7 of Hanguna Conyngham, Earl at Uoimt Charln, and Vi«. 
nwBt Slana, 29 Jan. IBIU t nmled a Peer of the United Ktnff- 
dm, hj the title nf Uaroii Minxcr, of IHInslrr. m. Kent, I? 
lia\j\m\ t murnA/, 6 July ITUI. EliKabnh,HdMt da. of Jn>F|>h 
Illai>a>», tt Denbfaa, en,' Surre*. nq., and ha* Ihuv. — ). 
HzKBV-JoaErH, carl uf Mmint rbariet. b. 6 April I7l>a, rf. »"">' 

Jan. I«ffti i. FRANCIH-NATHAMKI.. tart tf Mmni 

ChtrUt, M-P. 00. Donegal, 6"' groom of tlie bedrlsmbn. ■nJ 
nmur ot the roba to king Geo. IV., O.Cil., t. 1 1 .Iiine ITV?, 
m^ 91 ApHi IU4, lady Jane PaRH. Ha. of the U'anjiitaa cf .Vii- 
^■wf, »U hat-tieorgt-IUnrf, b. 3 feb. 18-iu ; Ja»r, L J June 


1026 tatla., />. 16 June 182!); 3. Et.iEABETR-HEKKIItTi, 

h. 80 Feb. ISOn, HI., 2 Mdrcb IS26, ChaHM, lord Strathitoo, 

eldeit BOn of ihe enrl of Abi))Tiej 4. AlbEBT-Dcviio!!, 1. 

21 Oct. 1805, jecrelaryof legnllonal Florenre; 6. HabbieT- 

Mahm, 4. 2 July 1810; 6. CuAmcoTTE, d. young. 

Sir Albert Coni/i^ham, of Mminl Chsrlo, (grent-grandnn of 
William ConyiiKham, bitbop nf Argyll, 1 j39, youngmt no aT 
William, 4lh earl of Olencaime,) nUsed s ren. ofdrm^yoat at bh 
Dmi expeiue, witli which he joined king William at the Boyn*( 
n. Mary, da. of Robert Leilie, biahop of Raphoe, and waa >lal> 
in an eagagement near Colooney, 6 Sepl. 1691, leaviw umh^ 
HSKOV, a major-general in I he army, knight of the abire Ar 
Donegal 1695, goremor of I>crida, and lieuL-gen. of the Unt- of 
Spain's armv in 1705; he defeated the Krencb at tbebattCot 
St. EitevBn's, but rectnTed a wound, of which herf. 10 Jan. I7P6E 
he m. Mary, da. of sir John Williami, of Minner Court, ea, 
Kent, bart., and n-idow of Charles, lord Shelbome, and tiad iuua, 
jilberl, rl.yoanfii tPHIiam, HcKBr. Susan, Margaret, d, ymingi 
and Mary, n. Francis Burton, eiq. Williata, the eldest son, (f 
^lane Caitle and Mount Cbarlea, m. Constauce, da. and oi>.h. al 
Thamai Middieton, esq., of Stanstead, AIouniliuhM, at. Eno, 
and dying without issue, 20 OcC 1738, waa luoceedod b; Ul 

Hemhy, lat earl Conyngbam, representative for Sandvich la 
the English parliament, vice-admiral of Ulster, gDremor <»■ 
Donegal and liondonderry, and a privy counwllor, created bam I 
Conyn^Aain. of Mount cWtes, 3 Oct. 1753; Htoount Canyu. 
Asm, 20 July 17fiGj and advanced, 14 Jan. 1781, lo thedignltiM 
of earl and baron Conynffham, with remainder if the bamny, !a 
■lefanlt uf iHiie male, lo bia nephen-, Francis- Pierpaint Burton, 
eLivnt wn of Jlary Conyngham- The earl n., Dec 1774, Ellni, 

oiJy da. and h. of Solomon Olerret, eitq., and dying withuul imte, 
3 April 1781, the eartdora liecaiDe extinct, but the barony d) 
1 hii nephew. Fraud s-Pierpoint Burton, 2d lord Ci 


The Tcry ancient family of Burton was seated (as hv tome tn- 
ditiuns) Cur many generations prior to 1460, at Kictiniand, oo. 
York. Sir Edward Burton, for bisseri'icesand unsliak en loyalty 
to the hoiiae of Vork, had the honour of a kni^t banneret oon> 
ferred upon him by Edward IV., after (he battle of St. Alban** 
14fHI: lie afterwHrdt Hittted at Longnor, cit. Salop: and hit son, 
sir Itoliert Burton, knt., had the fimt grant of arms, 29 Hay 
1478; hem. Chriiia Slopleton, da. of sir John StapWuRi, knt. 
Slid relict nf Kutwrt Crewett, of Upton Cressett, co. Salop: his 
•on, Edward, n., Isi, Joyce, da. of Henry Qriffln ; and, 2dlr, 
JacoH Coynoy. of Wntnn Coynes, OJ. Stafford, in IS24 ; hu 
ddem aon, Julin. n., KIlMbeth. da of Thomas Payne, of BeiJow, 
CD. Smaai, Mq^ iL 1543 i bis eldeat siin. Edward, m. Anne, da. 
and oo.h. of NichiJai :>laddocks, ij. ISOO ; he narrowly escapad 
during Uia persecution of the Protestants, tatp. queen Mary; 

■on, Tbo. 

dying of exceuiTe jof >I the deaih of ihr quFCn, find btii^gro- 
fuied inurnient in li» puiEh diurch of St. Sbad, Sltre«*)>ury, 
wai buried in tlie gBrdon at Lougiior, wliere tlie locnb atill re- 
in*ia* t liM el<l«t »"> Thnmai, m. Cuharine, da. aud co-h. of 
WiUiain BiexL, of AuhuD Grange, co. Sallied: 1619; hi) eldest 
«a. Edward, n. Eliiabeth NrwUin, d. 1(U3. Hit descendaiils, 
ip ibe elder braucti, resided at Longnor until I73i. when it wai 
curied into Uie laiiiily of Lingen, by an beir female ; but (hrir 
ride*t M>a, ttobert UngeD, took the nonie of Burton, (by act of 
purliuiient 1748,) pnnuant to Ibe will of hii maternR) greit iinde. 
The Bliuve-nanifd Thomai and Calhnrinc had a 2d ion, Miltiant, 
who, by bia mfe, Suun Lee, «•» fMher of U'illiwn Rurtan, 
•ntlwr of '' CfliDmenti on Anloninui," &c- ; and the laid Thainaii 
uhI CstbaHne bad alio a itfa loii, Francis, and a II 
masi lulh of whom went into Ireland 1610: fi 
TVIowHU Burton ilie present tnarqueu is Haeally d , ._ 

IB. Anne, da. uf TlioniBS ^iiiparil, uf Balnit, Co. i^alop, «q., 

•rhose ton, Samuel, n- MarEery, da. of Harrrs, an- (from 

'■Amt 2d wn, BenJBiuJn, the Burtotu uf Dublin and Burton Hal), 
-■JB Ireland, are descended) ; lij* eldeat mm, Francis, m. Alioe, da. 
af Thmiui* Tilson, (SI). J their son, 

. Fb^xcis Burton, esq., b. 1 Dec. IGIIQ, Itl.P. for C^eraine and 
llw CD- Clare, and u privy eouasellor, n. Mary, 3d da. of lieut.. 
fan. Henry Cuiiyngliam, of Staiie Cat'lr, and ninter of Henry, 
tmrl Conyiigbaui, and li. 20 MarcU 174!^, leaTinji iuue l>y her, 
^bn d. 1737,) 


t. WtLLKH.orslnMCiKlE, Mi33. telhv of ihr Hrheqiirr. •l»idinlMj 
r VMCT. nvcTnar af Duuxsl, ■ privy cauDaclloi, anil unic Uin(*Uenl..cel> 

4. Alici, a., S3 Bcpl. 1743, tii Ccorgs nore. birl., and i(. 13 Anill I7t9. 

FraHCI«-Pie&iiepoint, the eldeit iion, auereeded u tbe 2d 

.jrdCanyngbaDi3April 17B), and m., 19 March 1750, Eliubeth,. 

r^ridnt da. of the right hon. Nathaniel Clements, and sister f>f 

'Bobert, earl of Leilrim, and by her (who <{. 15 June IBIO) bad 


Bii lordship </. 22 May 1TB7, and was succeeded by hit eldett snn, 
tlEHHr, 3d barnn and lat marquess. 

i/«ir Jpporm/ — FBijicis -NATKAXiEt, earl of Mount 
ChablEs, the marquess's eldest lurriving bud. 
!. Crmfioni— Baron, 19 Dec 17Hn; Viscuunt, Dec. 1789* 
Earl Cunyngham, o Nov. 1797; Marqaess Cotivngbnin, Eorl of 
>Iount Chiles, and Viscount Slanc, 22 Jan. is'ie; Banni Miii- 
»ler, of Minster, co. Kent, 17 June lual. 

EiRL of WESTMKATil. Baron Dd™., Oovemw oo. W«M. 
meath, &nd Caloiwl of tlie Weslin«th lU^meni of Militia ; iarm 
17 July 1785; nicc«iil«i his fatlier, Geari^.Fredenck, the lat* 
esrl, 30 Dec IBM ; crentcd Klarquesi of \\'e>uiiaitli, by paienl, 
13 JiLD. IB23i narried, 30 SUy Ittl'J, Emilr. 3d i)l of Jama, 
morqueu uf Salisbury, K.G., first lady of die bedchamber to her 
iDBJtsty. and has iane, 1, Roba. A. Mav IBU ;— 2. Wii- 


16 Nor. 1819. 

Gilbert DE NnoEHr, ihe Gm of ihia family who willed ia 
Irelund, wa« one of those Engliab nohle* vho accompaaiod Huf^ 
de Lacy in his expedition lo Irelimd Itmp. Henry II. He m. 
Bosa, da. of Ihe said Hugh de Lucy, uid acijiured by that mar- 
riage the lordship of Delvin. Frooi Chrtitopher Nugent, a bro- 
ther of Gilbert, descended Williau, lit lord Delvin, (n^ 
Richard II., and from him, 

RioiiABD, 10th lord, creHt4l,4Sept. 1631, earl of Wealmeath, 
d. 164), and was succeeded liy his grandson, Richarq, 8d eul, 
who d. 1084, and was succeeded by his grandiKin, Richaid, !U 
earl, who dying it i thou t issue 171'!, vts «uccre<Ied by Lit brother, 

Tboiias, 4ih earl aud 13th baron, m. Margaret, only da. of 
John, lord Bellew. but d. without male issue 30 June 1732, and 
was sucmeded by his next brother, 

JouM, fith earl. n. Margaret, da. of count AliJia, of the dadiy 
of Modena, in Italy, by whom (who d. Feb. 1776) he had ]|fu«, 


Ue </. 3 July 1764, and wu succeeded by bis eldnt son, 
TBOiiAB,6th«arl, K.P., n., lit, 1743, Mary-niinuid, da.and 

h. of Vt'aller-Xhirand StHjiIeton, of the island of Hispaniula, esq., 

by whom (whn rf. 17^3) be had. 

I. HiriiAaD, tor* DHvtn. A. I7tt. kllM ta i dad 1761, 

Theeari m., 3dly, Aug. l7S(i, Catharine, da. and cu-h. of Henrv 

White, of Pichforditoon, do. Kildare, esq., aud by her (who d, 

6 Aug. 1773) had iasuo, 

a! QROiiuE-FaEiiEBicx, 7tli earL 
^. tli<rav, l. No*. IJilt. sn.1 A iT!i>- _ 

1. TATiAaiHa, hO April IM. m.. M Jul* ITftI, Ihs hou. JuhD RoiliirT, 
ttOlMt of own*' M )liHl Rndnrr, ud iL Ftb. I7H- 

Tha Nu4 d. 7 S*pt> 17BI| and waa autxeeded by hi* eldeti «ur- 
vivlng too, 

OKOauB-FtiKDXNUi, 7lh earl, b. IB Nov. 1700, n.. Ui. 37 


of Oloocesm and Hertford ; and others, Bgun. uHTt that 1 
Walter Fiti-Gilbert. ton of Gilbert B«kM, ■ wesllhy dtiiea n( 
London, and brotber of Tbomai ■ B«ket, archbiUiop of Cao- 
terbury, was its founder. It i» certain, howerer, thai the family 
nanie was derived froni the office of chief butler of Ireland. We 
commence oiir account, therefore, with 

Theobald lE BotEler, on whom that office wu cnofemd 
by king Henry IL 1177, *nd he and hit tucreasurs were bound 
to btlend the kings of England at their cnronation, and that da; 
present them with the first cup of wine, for which they were lo 
have certain piecen of the kiiig*^ plate. Some time after, that 
king granted him the prisage and buitenge of wines, to oiablt 
him and bia heira the beller to aupporl the dignity of ihc^ 

From thii Theobald the office dearended. through fotir gmen»> 
tioni, all of the name Christian name, lo Theobald, &ih but- 
ler, who d. nam. 1*J!HI, and wni sucoet<de^l by hit brother, 

EmtoKD LE BoTEt.En, who sal in parliunenl aa • Iuk' 
1303, and in I3U was created earl of Cornck. He d. laSIJ 
loaving, lietidea other issue, 3 sona, 1- Jamei, hii luoceiMVf- 
and, 2. Juhn, ancestor of the precenc earl of (^rrick (*m tM 

Jahes, 2d earl of Carridi, was created, 3 Nov. 1328, airl«' 
Ormonde ; m. Eleanor, da. of Htitnpbry de Itohun, <«rl of Hct*>. 
ford and Essex, and conilalile of England, (by tUe princen El* 
zabeth, da. of kitig Edward t.,) and dyjiifc, 1337, wai nioeewdiA 

Jaues, Sd earl of Ontioiide, and 3d earl of Carrick, rf. 1381^ 
leaving ■ ton, JaMES, 3d enri of Ormond, who d. 1405, leaviiy 
Saons, 1. Janes, 4th earl of OniioDd; atid, 2. air AitAnnl, aa> 
cealor of (he present earl. 

James, 4th earl of Ormonde, d. 1453, leaving 3 aotii, L 
James, filh earl, who was created earl of Wiltthire 1440, lakoi 
prlnoner at the battle of Totwon 1461, and beheaded, wiihool 
issue; a. JouM, 6lh earl, d. unm. 1478: and, 3. Thomas, 8A 
carl, who d. IGIQ, leaving 2 das., his co-lib., ofwbum Jforjwnt 
nt. lir Wtlliam BuUen, and was grsndmmber of queen Anat, 

On the death of the 8lh earl, the title was auumed hy£» ■ 
PiEBCE Butler, great-ftrandson of sir Richard, Sd son of tb* I 
:id earit hut be waa created by king Henrr VIII. 1637, earl of 
Ussory, and the title of Ormonde, by the same king, conferred 
on bii queen's father, Thomas BtiUen, viscount Rocbfon, aon tt 
Margaret above named. He if. 1539, leaving, beside* other ianie, 


uidlBitki^i*>>f "IXM latrekmiL 

! toDn, 1. JAMii, 3d mrl oT OMory ; uid, S. A^tAot^ uiaMar 
of the eul of KOkeniiT (mi UoI IUU). 

JaxCb, 3d carl of (Wiry, wm craMcd nlxvunl Thuria In Ui 
liuliCT'* lifctuDC, lAUj wid in ihe lu( ftiiiUBBal of lleary 
VIII- dbuiocd an act of natituiJun uf thr imrldina of Ormonda. 
He d. IbSA, Imtidk iinu, Tiiohas, earl of Onn-nide and (H. 
rarv, who it witluiui male iniie 1014; and yi^H. of Kiloafa, 

WiLTEB, iDixHfded hit onde, Thomai, and bcramr 1 1 ill Md 
of Onnoude, and 3d carl of Oaiory ; m. Eleanor, da. of EdouHld, 
W riicaiuit Mountsanvt, and had iinie, Tkomuu, Titcouu 
Thnrlra, who d. in bii fiubcr'i lifetime, leaving iwia, bjr B^mm 
beih, da. of Jobo PoynU, of Amoo, to, Olnucnur, caa. '- 
Jaiie«. litharli and Rieltant,<it Kilcwli, of ohom b 
The carl d. 1S33. and 

o the raturalioD of Cbarlee II. irdianced, in 
uubakcn loytlly to thai kinK and liii (iilhcr, to (he itgaltfat 
duke ai Onnonde in Ireland, mmI created baron IliiUer, <^ Llaa- 
iboDy, and ebtI of Brtcknock, iu England. IJli gner m. U* 
nuaiii. Elizalicdi. only child and h. fflf Richard, liicouni Ding- 
wall, and Ctrl of Iksnuitul, by Eliiabech, only da. and h. of 
Thoinaa, lOth cvl of Onnonde i and by her had, beiiden other 
iMua, 3 una, 1. Thauu. who 4. In Ua fkiher'i lifetime, leaving 
ime 2 lotu, JitHICs. Sd duke ; and Charlei, crraled earl uf 
Arraa, bnl d. without iuue )7Mlj and 3 daa-. EliiabMh, m. 
WimtuD-Bichard-Georige, earl of Derby ; and HenriMla, n. 
Henry OauTerqiieniuc. earl nf Grantham ; il. RielMTd, cnnted 
fWlof Anan \6ai, d. IIU&, learing an only da., Charlo«l«% M. 
Clarta, kird Comvallii, anceitor of the preienl earl ; S. Jaltn, 
mated, KH^i earl of Oowtan, and d. I67J, withcut uaua. Tbe 
didte d. 31 July IIHUI, and waa iiuceeded by hit grandun, 

JaMK, ad duke, and 13ih earl, K.O., who, on the removal at 
the dukr of Harlbannigh and the Whig adininiitration fram ihe 
eDOnala of qoevo Anne, waa appointed cammaiidvr>in-cb>af of 
the foRaa, wirdan of the cinque porta, and mnalahle of Dover 
Caatle. On the aotmiiog of king Oeorn I. he wat inipnidied, 
and retiring into France, vai attainted 1^ act* both of the Bri- 
lith and Inih pailiamenls. He died in eaile, and without tiir. 
Tiring iicae 1746, and bii title* being conaiderfd ai furfeiled 
under Uw acta uf attainder, remuned dormant till they were 
dahned in 1701 by die Cither of the prsMUit maniueia, <iu llie 
groDod that the Irish act of attainder affected the ealam indy, 
ud not the tiller, in which the Iriih home of lonla conrnrred. 
Attnrding t<> Ikia dectnon the duke'i younger briHlier Cliarle*, 
eaH of Arran, became of right 3d duke of Onnonde, and on hit 
death without iaaue in il^li. the dukedoni and manfueaate bonuue 
eniact, hot the earldoia dcroKed on John Uutlir, i ' "" 
a%, bfJow named, niid on liii death withiiu 

—^ coaaia John, who daii 

■Sid whoae deweni we oui 

death without iuue in HIO. upon 
and was allowed the tillv in IjUl, 


RiCBARD Butler, or Kilcaih, enq., 9il non of ThamiB, b 
Thurlea, and broLher of the Isc dake, m. Francm, da. of Mema 
Tuchet, 2d earl nf Canllehaven, and d. 1701, haring had, ba> 
■ides other Isaue, a «on Waller, nho if. in hii father't lifetiin 
leaTing iuue by Mary, only da. of Cbrinlnpher Plimknt, Sd ra 
of Fingnl, 3 mat ; Thomas, who tnceeedtA hii gmndfuba M 
Eilcaih : and John, of Uarryricken. Thomas, of KikailL,ik 
Maff^aret, eldest da. nf William, earl of Clanricanle, and widoV 
of Bryant Magennii, Tiicount Ivesgh, and it. I73S, jBaring M^ 
only sun, John, who, mi the death of Chartca. aai of Anta^ 
brother of the last duke, in 175S, ouixeeded lo the eataUa of tt> 
fkmily, which had been purchued by the earl on bia brother^ 
Hltaiiider, and, acciirdinK to the decinan of 1J91, ith in ngic 
IBth earL Thio John m., but d. n-ilhonl i»iue, and \rta monid* 
ed in the uid eatstei by hi) linl coiiiin. Waller, only ton Af Juh^ 
of Garryriuken, above named, which Walter was father of 

JOBN BCTLEB, who claimed and was allowed the titld rf 
earl of Ormonde, && as above sUted, and became of right 19A ■ 
earl, (and then represented the -leTerBl families of OrmoiAL 
Kilcaih, and Garryndien,) m., 2ti Feb. \^G9, Anne, da. u2 
wle h. of John, earl of Waudesrord, by whom (who 4. 3 APIS' 
1830) he bad insue, 

1. Walter, l*t marqnesi of Ormonde. 

3. J°A''«Ka-Wr 

The earl if. 85 Dec I7»A, and wai succeeded by h 

Walieb, 17ch earl of Ormonde, Int marqiiesa, and In buna 
Botler, of Llontbnnv, co. Monmouth, b. in 1770, K.P. ; ■>., If 
March 180S, Anne, lit- and uile h. nf Joseph.Pryce Claile, esq, 
(by Anne, sole h. of Godfrey Clarke, of Sutton Hall, oo. Dertnr, 
eiq.,) and by her (who d. ID Dec 11)17) had no inue. TM 
manjueu d. 10 Aug. IR20, without iKue, when the manjiitBaw 
and the English barony of Lhuitbony became exiinn ; bill una 
succeeded !n the earldom of Ormonde, viacoiml of Thurie*, and I 
■be barony of Arklow, by his ne« broiher, 

James, present and ISih earl, and 2d mnrqueu of Ommide. 

Hrir AppareHl—3ons, earl of OasonY, the earl's ddeM soni 

CreoHoHt — Earl of Ormonde and Ossory, Viscount Thurin, 

and Banin Arkluw, Edward IV., 3 No*. 1337 t Baron OnDOiidB, 

of the United Kinptom, 17 July 1831 ; Manincu of " 

in IrcUnd, Oct. i: — 

ITLICK-JOBN DE BUBOH. HA«a< r.*» .x.l Rt»i. of 
CLANRICARUE, uid Bwnnof l>unk«IHn in ih* Vrrnngr nf 
InJand, anil OAnm Hnmnrhill nf Sonwrliill, bi, Krai, in thv 

carl, TJJuij Iflolt . 

InJwd. bet- I8S5, »ni cnmtra Bmnm NnHrhill, 
riiri. S Ar>ril 1836, Homtni, iinly dk. of if 

0— ^u Caaning and nf ViMininlnt CanninK- ana nM imuf. 

I.ELiaABKTB,«. « r«h. iOMi—i. ('I.R'K.(nnf OvniMhi. 

t. July IKI?: — 3- IDOiil. lUJU ; 4. llE>TIlt:«- 

CaTHKIuke, k Nur. IIRt9. 

Tke tuaUr nt Dc Burgh nnk> ■mnnft Uh* tnnH anrlml in llie 
anind kuiftriaau. Uubnt di Iturftlii mH of Kmii, *» ane of 
the gratcK nihjdcta in Enmpc In ilx rrifrii* nf Kinj[ John and 
Henry 111. Hb iiiuJe, AiMm d» Biirfli. •«|]*I in Inland, and 
ra mukMo- of Kktuird da Butvl). lord of Coiitiaiii^i and Trim, 
■ho A 1343, lawing tvo auni, WaJier, nri of Ikier, and Wll. 
Ham, anrvner nf the (aria af Clanrleorde. 

Uuci, lit wrl of Clanrkarde, mu %n ciwMl 1 July IMS. 
Frum hhn the title deuxnddl lo ■ diract line to 

rLitt, &th earl, wlio waa trmtnl. SI rrt>. lfM4, mar^MMof 
Claarlcanle, and earl of !4i. ARaui'i, in En)[lind t liiit dyinr wilh- 
OBt iaaue, t(i&7. thoae titlea breame eitiuct. and the caildoin of 
Uanricsrte drrolTtd on kii fint couan. 

RicbjiHD, Hth aari. who abo d. without lunic, and waa aac< 
(Mdad by bU bratber, WtLLiAM. 7th nrl, fathtr of RicUABD. 
till rarL, (who A wiihoni iiiue,) and of Joiiv, Uth carl, who d. 
17 On- 1733, laaring iinw, 

MrctUEl.. tOifa eari, ■>., 1!) twpl. 1714, Annr, aldnt dn. and 
ohb. of John -Smiili, (if Tiidwonli. co. IIuiu, nq.. tprakf-r nf 

the cniwQUC^t a^^d widow uf Hugh Parker, atq., vldni nun (if 
«( Benry Paricer. o( Heniugnin, eo. Warwick, bart., and had 
iaue by her, (who d. I Jan. 1733,) 

i. JoiiM.^wVTHE, lltliearl. 

1. Axia.xa. ROKinl, m (IdwiT. and ><, nJin. I7M. 

*. Il>i.>, M.. I May I7tl, OixHtt Jmoloa*. m).. mhf BIO f>( mlia. lUJuha 

The Mr) d. 20 Not. \T2B, and wa^'nimMdad liy hl> ddnt eon. 

JoHx-KMrxas, llth earl, 6. II Nov. 17«). fa. Ileator, 
veunnat da. of ur Henry Vincent, of Slokv Daliernuii, oo. Sumy, 
Iwt., and had i»u« by her, (wbo d. -St Vw. 1801,) 

I. HtBMT, ItlhtarL 


3. Joii)r.TiiONA.i. 13t1i esri. 

TLe earl d. 21 April 1;B2, and w 

, «q., Ud i. Hv, 1 

Bucceeded bj' his rldcu 
intaHnr. K.F., 

Uemrt, 12th earl, b. 8 Jtin. 1743, i 
vaA govemor of Gslmiv: adranced It) the dignity f^vaxnwamd 
CUnrii-ardft, 18 Aug. 1785. The niar<|xi(3* m.,'17 }\mL 17K, 
Uiama-A niiF, only George Paiilett, 13th inBrquaa of M'iit* 
Chester, and Ly her, (who m., Sdly, cul. Peter Kingiton, whs 
wa> killed at the attack of Buen« Ayreii, 33 May lao? ; and, 
3dlv. 22 May 1S13. adm. sir JuKph Sidaei Vorke, knt.. sad 
K.C.B., hair.broiher of Philip, earl of Har^wjcke, K.O.,] haJ 
no iuue. The marqiieu d. B Dec. 171(7. when the marqueou 
became extinct, atid n-as lucoeeded in the eartdoni bjr hu only 

JoHN-TnoMjts, 13th eart, b. 32 Sept. 1744, a gen. in lb« 
armr, col. Ii6th fint, ^vernor of Hull, and gov. ca. O^wav. "* 
luajeaty wai pleoMd, 39 I}o!, 1800, W grant (in defoult of ii ._ 
tnole ol the earl) the dignity of counleu Clanricanla, co. GJr 
vay, to the linit otid every other da. of the body of ibe eaH, 4 
they shall be in priority of liirth and leniority of age ; and Ik. 
dignity of earl uf Clanncorde, to the heiri niale of the badrl'' 
■uch fint and erery other da. lawfully bom iu the like auccevu^ 
nrXordiDg to ibe prlurity of birth and seniority of age. The tA 
m., 17 March 1700, EUia, da. of air Thomas' Burke, of MarUt 
Hill, CO. Oolway, bart., and had inue, 

. .. . — r, pretent marquew. 

The earl d. 27 July I80S, and wot succeeded bj- hia tmly a< 
Ulice-John, 1 4[h earl, and preaent marques*. 
H«ir Apparent — Ulici, lord DrNii 

Crtationt — Baron and Earl, 1 July IG43 ; and again in int.. 
with remainder, in failure of male heirs, to the das. of the ISlll 

t DungBrraD and Kiiulmnkv, Baron Buyte, of VDU([hBU, 
•a of Bandon UHd)(e, and Danm Bmgliill, cu. Cork. In itic 

Ptenge of Ireland^ and Barua Boyle, of Alanuni, ro. imiinenci, 

in dial of Gnat Britain ; a Uenenl in Ihe Annv ; ham 31 Oct. 

17^ ; >uix)Hl«d hi* fatbar, Edmund, the lale earl. Ocl. 1789 ; 

•urn«f.9 0rt. 179S, habdla.Uenri«u>,3ri1 da. of Itie late Wit. 

liim Puyiili, eaq., of Midgham Mouac, do. Berki, and faaa l»- 

. U» 

1 Feb. 1797, <l. una 
I Dungarvan, 

i^aApril 179R,rf. I Jan. 183G: a. Uk 

a Sept. nav, A. 9 Sept. 1810; -1. C'lIAKI.ES, vunwil 

Dunpanwn, b. S Dec IROO, ■■>.. Id March imH, ladv Catherine 
.Si. L>vr«i<«, da. of WiUiam, Sd carl of Uowth. and haa iwia. 
Edmuiid.RogtT.Robtrl, b. 19 April 1K»;— &. Johh, b. 13 

Mairh 1803 i G. LL'c*-GEoaoi*K*. b. It> March IWM, 

<1.3I Aug. 1U27; ;.Lo('i*A,6. )e Sepi. IBOfl. d. SO Mny 

line; S. BuBERT, b. March I80»: U. RicUA«D.(^- 


Sir RiCHAiD Borr.K (»n of RiifceT Boyle, of Pmton, Rk 
Kent)>-aiaprivy(uunte]lorin Iivland i ireatcl, )K Sept. ICIB, 
baniD Boflf, of Youghall, and, 11! Oct. 1020, viKnunl D'otfar. 
cnji. and earl of Cork. He d. 1013. leaving fmir Mn», who wrr* 
all elevated In the peenfce, to., I. Kiciiaao, anrceedsd hi* 
[itlier aa eari of Cork i wa* enateil, 1(144, baron Clifford, of 
IsnMlKiruutch, and, lOKS, carl al Burliiiglon, iu EneUnd ; d. 
ICO'i. and waa tunxeded by his granilion, Charlca, aorlof Turk 
and BurlingtUD, father of Richard. 4(h earl of Cork, itc : on 
»tuJM datll, irithaut male iuue, 1733. ihe Engliih bnnn 
cui* cxlinol, and the Iriih devolved iin hia kininian, Jolm, Stfc 


rL of Orrar; ; 2. Lkwib, cnawd boron Bandon and vfaooDnt 
i>vle, Blain M the battle a! LiuarruU Iti42, i-p-; 3> RooBi, 
eBi«d earl nt Orren', nf nbom hirroitfler ; -1. Fajivcia, ormul 
■coiint SliBDDon, wnicb udis becaiiii) eiclinct on tlie d«Mh of hia 
n Rnd beit, Rich&rd, 2d risuaunt. Robert Boylt, the a 
lebrated phikiNi|iber, wu kIh a ton u( the lit earl iiT C'^rk. 

RoQt:ii, 3d win of the earl of Cotk, wan created, 28 Feb. 1G2B, 

baranuf firo^Aif/,ftTid, 6 Sept. leeO, aal of Orrery ; n. Hu^uM, - 

da. of TbenphUii* Howard, eari of SuffbUi, and by her had UnM, 

1. RooEB, 2d eu-l. 

S. iiiiiiHY,uicHU>[<>rih*airi>iirSh>iii>DB|Mriiu<(ifbj. 
He if. 1079, and vaa succeeded by hit ton, 
RoQER, 2d earl, d. 16)t8, Iwrmg iisue, 
LiOHEi., Rd earl, d. t.p. 1703; and 
ChablKB, 4th earl, K.T., whn wn cr«at«d a peer of GrM 
Britain, hy the title of baron Bns/e, of Mar*Ioii, 5 Sepu l/ll, 
m. EHxabeth, da. of John Cecil, earl of Eieler. and d- 20 Aug. 
1730. leaving issue by her (who d, 12 Aug. 17^2) an only ion, 

JoHK, &th earl of Orrery, who liecame also, on tbe death o( 
hii kinsman, Ricliard, 4th earl of Cork, 17S3, Ath earl of CMJt, 
m., IM, S May I7S3, Henrieica,' youngest da. of Otargt BamIL 
ton, lat earl of Orkney, and by her (who d. 12 Aug. 1733) hi 


S. Ilmtiu, m., IB Oel. 1777, John. Hkoubi O-Nrlll. 

8. Hauii-toh, Rth eui4. 

3. Eliiasiith, i. 7 Hit 1731. ■•- Ur Thoow WonW- bu(- 
The earl m., Sdly, BO Jnne I73B, Itlargaret, da. and (ale h.4^ 
Jobn Hamilton, esq., and tiy ber (who d. Oct. l^6a) had ia 

4.EnMUHD. 7th earl. 

S. Lvcv, 1. 1] May l}u. IK.. 171U. Ocnrg?, Mh lUmuul TonhiitaB. 

Tbe earl d. 22 Nov. I76S, and wu micceeded l<v bin tan, 
Hamiltok, 6th earl, who d unn. I7 Jan. 17li4, a&d vx 

oveded by bis liother, 

Kdhitmd, 7the>ri, A. Nov. 1749, m.. 36 Aug. 1764, Anne, Aft 

of Kdbu^ Courtenay, aq., niece 10 JcJin, 4lh earl uf Sandwl ' 

(which Riarriatfe waa disaalvad 17830 and had imua, 

. ^ ^— -It DungWKl.i. not it jtouhb. 

■ "■'— lWfc«ul*.7Setrtiln>I,l«»lD«-..Mjm 
rldficcnfui. taruthrT id Ortvida. earl of Ba^r 

Srpt. lim, m.. I7W. Cm 

Her bulythip "d. 10 'itic I7BS, and bit lordihip ri 

1786. Muy Mondtion. fonngm da. of Jobn. lit viKumit G»l- 
Tkv. The cwl d. Oa. I7IM, and s-m wooMdrd b^ hii un, 

^DVL-VD, pmenl uid Bth «ri. 

f/«tr Apparml — Vimnint DrKOARVAV, Mm of ihe orL 

Cnrofiafu—BanRi Bnvlc. <if Vo<i(eUU, 16 tippt. leilt; Vli. 
nnni DnngnrrBii, and carl uf Cork, l6C>n. IRSO; Baron Bnw. 
hiiU^afeb- I83K: Earl of Orrny. A Sfpt. lUW; lUron Ba}'&. 
of Hantim, cu- fnaimn, bi'vpt, I7I1- 

tyiml—Ovt of M 1^^ cncaarl or. ■ UudV h»J |in ]MklE imtettlBd UXRII 

COMMON, I<Hd Dillon. Baroo of Kilkenny W«i, ro. M'eat. 
nnth. Abtk 3 Oct. 1790, married, 19 Aus. IU30, C:bariotM, da. 
U Jobn Talbot, c*q., and niece of the eaif of Shrembury. 

Tb» noble fanilf i* docoided from QksHT Dlt-LOX, abn 
obiained from king John, white carl of Monai|{ne. ■ irnuit iif a 
large tract of oiuntry in Ireland, afterirardi diitiogiiiiliiKl by ibe 
■pfitUatifln of Dillon'i ooiintry. 

Qe>.* Dli.LOv,of Drumranjr, chief nf tbe funilyof Dillon, 
unnmta the end of the 14th century, left tun un*, the elder of 
Tbom. Miraricc, vb> ancenor of ihe TiscDunla Dillon (irr Ihat 
tiUf); and the 3d, iir J>UE«,wu progenitor of ibe earb of Jto*. 

Jamei Dillok, Ui earl of RoaroRimoii, wu crealed, 34 Jan. 
iei9. lord DilloR, baron of Kilkmng Wnl, and. S Alls- 1623, 
xtranned In the dionily of earl of HotrammOTt / he >b. Lleanor. 
dL at air Cbriilophej' Bamewall, of Turvey, and had jiaue 7 

1, d. 1641, and iru nicceeded 
In, Margaret, da. of David, carl of 

JavKi. lit mi of 
bj hit eldeal wn, 

BOBXST. Sd earl, n., 
Barrymote, by wbom be 

I. J AMI*. Sd earl. 

He m., 'Mij, Dorothea, da. of George, earl of Riintingdnn; 
and, 3dly, Anne, da. of ur William Stroud, of Stoke, do. Sonwr- 
>el. br whom be had, 
2. CabEt, Alb earl. 

TheSd earl d. 1643, and wai lUKceded by bii ddeat ion. 

Jambs, 3d earl, a. Elitabelb, tiiter of Thomai, earl of Slraf- 

ford, d. 1649, and wai ricfeeded by bit only ton, 
Wk»twoeth, 4th earl, (tba eelelirated poet.) twice m., but 

t. a.{k SO Jan. ISS4, and wat nicceeded by bii uncle of half blood, 


Cabec, 5(h cnrl, M. Catherine, d*- of JoliD Vt'ardao, d 
Chesler, d. 24 Nov- IGBU, leaving on only »on, 

Robert, 6th eart, ni. Margaret, da. of tir Tkomu PutM, of 
Coomber, co. Devwi, nnd had iuue, 

1. RoBEKT, Jthearl. 

2. Jakes, 8ih earl. 

Tl>e 6lh eui d, ijlb, and vai vucowded by bit eUm ion. 
RoBEKT, 7th earl, d. a.p. nn, b»i1 was tuon*dal hj hl> 

James, 8th earl, d. s.p. 1746, when the male luue of tbe U 
mtI beoaoie extinct, and the title devolved upon 

Robert, dth earl, ^rreat-grandaon of Lucas, Sil lan of At IR 
earl. He waa a mBribal in the French aniiy, and dying tTJIt, 
VBS succeeded dy his brother, 

John. lOth ^ri, who <i. 17^3, leaving an only wo, 

FATBtcn, lllh earl, n. Barbara, da. of IgnstiiiaBe^. of Bde^ 
GO. ItoBDoiDinon, eta., and d. 17 Nuv. Itil6, leaving an ouly da., 

M*K.A, (,.iJun»lflB. 

Upon the death of the Ilth earl, the title was claimed by tkc 
present earl, as liaoal descendant and heir male of Patrid DBkan, 
7(h son of the 1st earl ; and ufter an invcMigation irhidi balad 
several years, and in the coune of which two counter dainu WVB 
adranccit, the hmise of lords decided iit his favour 19 June ISiS. 
His descent we now proceed to stale. 

Patrick Dillon, 7tb son of ihe 1st earl, n. Jane, d*. uf 
baroD Maloae, of Ballyniahowne and Clanmulla, and bad imie, 

James, of Bath, m., Ist, EUzabeth, da. of — ~ Veal, of Lan- 
cashire, by whom he had Issue, 

na'^'t>UaD.ssi|..or D!IS™wh<icl>lni(dliiclllkufcailo(llDn*- 
He m., Sdly, Penelope Huran, by whom he had issue, 

MtCHAEt. Dillon, 2d son of James, m. Mary, da. of John 
Jemmell, of Old Bridge, tM. Sleath, and had isniie, 

James, of Dublin, n. Elizabeth, da. af Joseph Plunkel, of oo. 
RiMcommon, em-, and had issue, 

AlicuAEL, capt. in the Dublin militia, slain at the battle >'! 
Rnss, 1798, having m. Slary, da. of rev. Richard Griffith. an<l 
leaving his wife enceinte of 

Micuael-Jaues-Robeit, present and 12th earl. 

CnHifi(«u_Daron, IGID; Earl, \622, 

€rtrt—Oii s rhHpsaux, nisi tHrnrd up vnnlnri s lUccn iblpf srttnr. 
AUHMrtsr*— nuur. s liUbi. Winn ^evfelvd vrrt, anncd or. SiitiMfT.tfit 
(BB daw ipiln. bsslud. msntanl Aud bilM. Dt. 

oMint I'atUn, and Baron Fielding, uf Leraflhe, in Ireland ; ■]•.< 
Earl of Donbigli, Visiunnt HeliUng, Barun Fietdine, of Ncwu- 



tann P^doi, and St. Lh, in EntHand, md a Count of ihe Ru- 
BMEmpirp; ««n SA Much I7!)6. 

JXKr Appamt — VJuCMint Fieldiko, the carl'i ton. 

CnoAoru — Earl, ViMnnml, and Barun, 23 Nat. XVtt. 

SmEablo/Dexbioh, <n(A« Ptrmfttf England. 

JOHN BRABAZON, E«rl of MEATH, ind l«rd Bra- 

lozon, Bunn Ardw, K.P^ Cuitos RoiuloRim m. Wicktow ; 
6ma April 1773, lucHndai hit brother, Williun, the lue mH, 
WMay 17»7( "••i'tW. »l Dec mil, Melnina-Adalaiila, 4lh 

da. of J<>bo, srI Clanwilliun, and hu iaiuB, I. Aktuukt, 

lonl Aidn, i. 10 Nor. 1802. d. 9 Feb. 18M ; i. WILLIAM, 

M. 3I.P. fur CO. DuhUii, h. Oct. 1803 i 3. Josx, 

ylSOA; <.RiCBA«Di S. The ODD » I A, *. Jniifl 

ne laiiiily of Dnhiwn vai ieal«d >■ Aloarley and Eatrwell, 
n. LacMler, aa eorlv ai Ihe lime o( Henry IIL JoHV Bba- 
MSa», -U •AD of Jnlln irf EailKdl, vaa falber uf nr W11.LUM, 
«^ va* ticuiitn (rf Ireland 33 yean, and i. IMS, Icavisf 

Edward, created, in July 161B, baron BrabsHia, at Ardas, 
t- 1 Au((. 1025, and iraa ninvedfid by hi* ddeit hhi, 

WitLiAM, 2d lord, CTMled, IS April 1037, (vl of Mealh, i. 
lUl, laving an only ».n. Edirard, 2d carl, d. 1G7G, leaving 
three una. luavHivetyearli of Mralh.vii. William, 3d earl, it 
1084: EnvAlti. 4lb carl, d. I70T; and Chamrre, tth earl, d. 
1715, and vai niDcecdcd by hit rldnl >nn, Cdjwobtii. 61I1 rmrX, 
who d, vithout iuue, 13 Der. I7&B> and was nuetewlHl liy hit 

KoiTABn. 7lh «rt, m. Martha, da. nf the rrv. M'itllarii Col- 
Una, of M'ATwidi. and luul iuiur, 
1. AvTUoKT, Sth earl. 

\*i 17M. CMhHbw, lU. Mtd Hitr h. or 

ir^nt^Tul>(.'»dif.'i>UhMilHi»i, ' '"' 

id by hit eUi 
tl Maf I76U, Uni 
Jokn I>ejgti, uf RowiDarland. nq,, and hail iHiie, 


'k*41..L«C*r Kcftrbi^. caq. 

!«. Jon*, lUUl el 

f. ma, -., « Aui- lan. r 

niTlVoO. ai 


rr*. m., II Mvdi lam, lata M 
■ucceeded bv hit ddnc ton, 
i*H, 9ihrar], £. 6 Jnly 1T<)9, vbo ruktUed in ■dud 
26 May 17X7<vd wM nuoceeded by hu onlj- bmihpr, 
JoHV, pment and lOlb earL 

Heir Apparent — %rii.l.iAM, lordBHASitzoN, eldest ■uniriDi 
ion or tbe earl. 

Cnmtiotu—Barrm, IB July lUIB; and Eari, IG April 1637- 

Sapiorlrjt-Two nj-inBi or, coUmird mai clulnHl guk*. 

Buvn Killeen, of Killeen Caitle, ai. Slnth, K.P., a \'Uiior and 
Trastee of Ihe Ruya! College of Si. Patrick's, Maynncnh j ism 
Sept. 175!); nirceedtid hi> Talhrr, Arthitr-Jiunn, ilie latr cart. 
21 Aug. I7!)3 : married, 18 Dec 17S5, Frvncen, only da. of John 
Dunnellan, (aq., of Ballv Doanellan, to. Oalwav, and baa imi ; 
- — ^I. ARTHURJAaiES, tordffiJfam,M,P.'forci>. Mnlh,*. 
Bt Oenera. 29 March 1791, n., 11 Dec IdlT, Lnuiaa, only da.</ 
Elia* Corbally, esq., and haii imie, 1. Arthur-Jamtt, b. a 

Marl82D; 2. A ia.. b. 1S26; 2. Barhiet, h. 12 Aof. 

1793, «., II Sept. ISI7, Juhn Jodm, jun., of Llanartli Conn, 
CD. BloamouUi, eui. 

The family of Plunkell is auppos«J (layn Lodge) to bi if 
DuiUh origin ; tbe time of its selttemml in Irdand csnnbt ba 
deddediv aacenaitied, but it was certHinlvaa early aa ibe rajgn «f 
Heury fll. John Pluukett, of Bewley, ro. Louth, l>i-iiw ISO, 
had iuue 2 sons ; John, ancestor of the banrna Louth ; (mv (U 
lilh;) and RiclianI, of Raihregan, to, Sleath, whose giatubiKi, 
sir Christopher Pliinkell, lived in the reigtii of Henry VI. and 
Edward IV., and had insiie, by Joan, his wife, only da. and h. 
(if sir Liiru Cusar, lord of Killeen and Dunsany, 3 »n* j Johk, 
ford ijf Killern, ancestor of the present earl s and ChriilopkeT, an. 
resior of ihe lords Dunsany {ire Aal lillr). 

LcCAS, 10th Inrd Killeen, {7ih in descienl from John abore 
iinmed,) »a* created, 20 Sept. 103)1, earl of Fingall, and d. 29 
March WAT. leaving, heaidei other issue, Cbristophek, Sd 
earl ; end Ceorgt, grandfather of tbe Oih earl 

CiiSiSTorKER, 2d ear), d. lO-ltl, and wai aiiccerded by hk 
<oa, LiTtE, 3d earl, faiber of PETKa, 4tli nrl, who waa oot. 
lawed 1691, (by the name of lAike,) for his altadimpjii to king 
James II. ; lull his ontlax-ry was taken o« 16!)7, and lie d. 1717. 
leaving an onlv son, Ji'stih, 5lh carl, who dying without iinie, 
34 March I734, the title devolved on his kinsman, 

RoBKIiT, Olh ewl, (grandson of Georoe, yminger aon of llw 
1st ear),) m. Mary, da. of Robert Magenis, eiq., and d, in FarB-, 
1768. kavHng isnie, 
I. A«TUi-K.JAitE», 7tl> ("rl- 

>r FinnU. ant 

to A 1738, and* 

AaTHca-JAMBi, 1th nri of t^ingaU. and ISih InnI KiUsm i 
4. July 17:1). a-, 18 MtTcb \^&S, Henrietta-MarU, oolv da. 
h. at Wilfiam WooUkiK, of WiwDuoiplou, u>. Bnki, 'iai|., . 
by her (who d. in ManJi lAM) had i»ue, 
iB-JaME*, the pi 

B«aoK of CAVAN, Vii«nin( KiloHinJe and lard Lambvl, 
K.t\ a General in ihe Annf, Govpniur of CaUhot t'aMlr, 
■nd Colmd Ulb Rcgimrnt of Pout ; ■urcFnlwl hit father, 
Ridurd. ihaUucaH, S No*. 1778: ftom 1(1 !<ept. 17<9: mvr- 
liirf. lu, 8 Jul; 1783, Hotion, youngnt da. and cii-b- of sir 
Hrnry Gould, knt., i>ne nf the jiidgra of the ''-uurt of Conunoii 

PleM iiiEngUnd,uidl]fber(whn>/. 1 f)ct. 1813) had iuue, 

1. KicH^mD-HEHBT-KoBEBT -Gilbert, b. 31 ManA 1783, 
iaaJ.\9 Fch. 1780; — 3. Honoba-Klizabetu-Hestib, fi. 
M April 1784, >», In, 9 June l80Jt. taptain Woodgale, who </. 
in Nor. I80e, and 2dly, S April 1809, captain O. F. Harrey, at 
(h« 10th re^ment of dragoona (whiiii m. wai disiolTcd by act of 

(jaHiaDimt. 181(1) ;- 1 ALICIA-MABCtBETTA-NOBTIIMOBE, 

i. 1 Aug. 1785. IB., A Jan. 1813. Charles. Piunfefort DuDeombe. 

of Bric^hJU, CO. Burkii. eaq., d. 3 ApHt ISIS; 4. Sornxt- 

AxiHTA, b. 13 March 1787, d. Mi May 17U>>i &. Ri- 

CUAKD-HEMBr, (. Bod d. April 1788; fi. OcoBoe-Fbi:. 

DCkfCK'Ai.-<:i'tTU(, titcount KUcaurtit. b. 9 March I7119, 
•>., U .May 1811. Sarah, only da. of J. T. Cocpin, of Cowley, 
QOtr Oiford, CM- andit 28 One. 1 S2S, having had isnie by her 
(•rbo <f. 30 Dec IS33.) I. FREDERICK- JOHN-U'lLLUM, 
•itrotaU KiUourtitc 3. llmritUa-AaguMla 1 3. Alicia t *• 

JaHai fi. OUrnT-GKirfft I 7. EnwABD.HEMBif-WEiJT. 

voBTK-Vitt-iBmB, 6. 4 Hay 1701, rf> 13 June 1813. Thatwl 
■•..SdiT, 11 Aug. 1814, Lydia, Jd da. of WilUan Arnold, of 
OMwaia, io tbe Ue <rf WigU, e«|., and bat Iwuei 0. 

Oliver Lahbiht (descended from an sndcnt fnmilv a 
name settled In Vorknnfre and Nonhnmh^rtand] wu liipc 
gui-ernor or CoDnaiiglil, IGftI, ftnd 17 feti. 1II07> created liu 
Capan. He d. 1618, leaving > ran, 

CuABL£8, 2d lord, who, in A|iril 1647, "'is emied tI* 
Kilcotiraie ^ai ear) at CatMin, m Juw, da. of Ridinrd, Inn 
bartea, of Tniro, and sister of iKe Ul earl of Haiiiior, ta 
iwue, Richard, Zd earl, who, bv Rm*, da. of sir Jamn 1 
knC, had is«ne, CuAHt-Ea, 3d «vl. He M. ra&ielbniL. li* 
Si. Leger Gilbert, esq., und had issue, KichaUD, 4ih eari 
Beary, whotie aon, BicnAttD, bemme Sth rarl. Richasi 
esrl, m. Margaret, liilcr of sir Patrick Timnt. oii.l bad 
Ford, Sih eorl, n., 2J March 1741, Elizalieth. da. of J 
Wale, esq., and bad iuue 2 das. ; Serbia, d. May I77S 
Oercnide, m. air Michael Cromic, hart,, A 21 May 1808. 
earl d. 20 Sept. 1 773, and was succeeded by 

RicHAKD, 8th earl, son of the hon. Hairy Lamhan, !U i 
the 3d earl, n., Itt, Sophia, h. of the hon. Oliver Laoibarl 
■on of ChiLrles, 3d earl of Cavan, by ivhom he had no lasue 
3dly, 13 Nov. 17(13, Elizabeth, eldest da. of George Duvts, ( 
" '■'-eiiavy, aiidby her(whod. 27 Feb. 18U 

1. KicuABD||nr«aent earl. 

1 BL"Aa«iHj«I«,' " W AftU in\ m.. 9 Dor- ITW. WOUam- 
RldlMU. E*q., ILN., «ph» of Jahii. larl SL VJnimt, G.C.B., (vhiC 
riMS itu dtBolrsri tn- act of pulSsmnt, bi April 1709il tadtbvre-m^, 

Hli lordship d. S Not. I778, and wai nicceeded by hii 

RicHABD, present and 7th earl. 

Htir AppartiU — Viscount EilcOdrsie, the earl's grand 

Crrafioiu— Baron, 11 Fell. 1618; Viarount and Earl, IC 

SiiraorfiM-T-o nun £ Muk aimour. annhbrd wt'ih (nU to am 
Ihslilislmeu •doninl with |>luin» of tlx witkh reuhm aigau uiil 
alunii[(ll> sad ilielr Ixni tIaA lo mt tmmm, Mngrd nM. 

fORD, in Irelniid, and Bamn Talbot ; alto Earl of Shrem 
isin^^' F.S.A., Aom 3 March 1753. 

OEORGE FORBES, Eabl of OEANARD. Viio-unl ForbM, 
bran of CUnehu^, in llw Perngc of Ireluid, uid Bunn Oba. 
HABD, of CMlk I>Daiiiagtuii, co. LeictMer, in Uiat iif llw t'niwd 
Singiiam t Luulcaant-Generjdio lli> Amy ; wle Ciortnuviuul 
Cuilfl* RatuliinuB oa Linwfard, aud Culuiial of the Iii>U[(f<if<l 
RcgimaK of Militia t ClErk o( Uie Cniwu aod IIatii(>H in tliF 
Court of Chaucerjr; Mid a Pri*y CiMinMiU'ir ju IrrUnd : bant 
U June IJCO ; tuccaed«d bi* father, Ocargr, th* tate Mrl, in llw 
Iriab tilla Id April 1780 i crmMd baron CranarJ in tlia Pmt. 
^of the I'nitnl Kingdom, IHMi iMrntd. 10 Miy 17TB. 8». 
lina-Franm, 4th da. of John Ravdon, earl of Moira, by wbiMi 

(vho d. June Itt'-I) bt had iwic; 1. UEORUE-JOIIN, 

(Mcnnf Forba, t. 3 Alajr 17B3, M.r. far at. Idnj^urd, a m^r. 
gca. in the annjr. and aid-da-tamp <o the kiiiii i -^S. Uli. 
CABKTU-MiBT, L 3 Dac. 17He, n., 15 Gn. lUUiR, daorgr. lord 

Ruclife; a iSELifca-rBANCES. t. M JuW 178a, "nd >(. in 

1791; 4. ADELaiDE-DoROTHEA, b. 13 Aug, 1700 i 3. 

Fuvcii-Beoikald,& 17 tjeiiulT^l :- — -O.UA»TtKan-ti»v- 
DEKiLL, A. SS Dec. 1793, capoiin 3d foot icuard<, killad at 

Waterloo: 7. AxcoitLEBMB-Moiaa. b. July I7M, if. S 

April IRIO; R. CaaOLiNB^ELixA, fi. 13 Drc I7U0| 1. 

TcaniXAUD, b, 23 June 1801, d. 13 April 1803. 

JaMEfl FoBBEi, 2d lard Forhn r<t Rnmland. rxs fAdi (>//<,; 
left a Touuf^r Hn, I'alrick, of runni!, fnnu wbuni deuvndrd tir 
Akth'l-r FoBBEi, of Cwtlis Fortiea. co. Ixinjtford, bom in ^Icot- 
Uod,but made a free denncn of Irdaiid, ID^ created a bart. of 
Nora Scotia, 1B38, and d. 1S33, loivinK a tun and heir, 

Abthvk, created, 23 Sept. 1075, baron ClaiuMugk and vi 
count GrBwrf, and » Dec l«B4, adTRDmd to tba d' 
rmti of GroRard ; and dying lll!l&, wan 


AbTbcb, 2d earlt «., Oct. IliTU. Mar;-, eld«t da. of dr 
Georite Rawdim, cif .lloint, hart., and by her (who 4. 1 April 
1724) had i*9UB, licoaaE, 3d «rl. > othw Ka», and 3 fl». 
lie earl d, 34 Aug. 1737, and wai iiiiveeded by hii tnii, 

ObobciE, 3d carl, h. 1<SUA, wnior admiral of thfl rod ( vraa 
aunmoDCd, by writ, to the house of peer* during the lifetiffle uf 
loi father, aud pW-ed iu bia barony of Forbe»t "aa ap| '- 
florBmiir of the Carribee litandi, 1729, and 
court of JMiuooTy, 1733 ; m. Nary, eldeit da. of WUIiaio »ia». 
wt, Tiawmnl Mounljoy, and widow of John Pmuni, of Ard- 
uU, 00. Mealb, ew],, and bad <HUe by her, (who d. 4 Oct. 1709.) 

1. GeoBoC. 4lb earl. 

tba dinfir of 
d by hT> eUcn 


3. MiKT. M. mi. Irvine, or Eilinburfh. 
The earl d. aS Oc(. 176S, B»d wu imxcednl by bii cMeM Mn, 
GioBaE, 1th earl, lieuc.-gen. in the Krmy, and ool. XNli ifc 

by her vwho d- 19 M«y U78) hi 

Ceorbe, &Ui eoH, A. 2 April 1740, lucueeded hn bther If 
Oct. 177!>; n-, lat, lytW, DonxhT, ubUt of Henry Paget, IM 
aai o( CibrJi^^ and 2d da. or lir Nicholas Bayley, i^ Hm 
Nevyth, in the Iile of An^^CMf, tiart.. (by CVuvline PmN, 
srandda. of William, dth lonl F^iget,) and bad iaaue by bay 
(who d. S4 Feb. 1761.) 

1. Oeodge, eth earL 

The earl m., 2dly, 20 April I7GG, Osargiana.Aiigiiata, eUart 
da. of Augustus, 4Ih carl of Berkelev, and had iisue by b^V 
(who m., 2dlr, Samuri Little, D.D., and d. S4 Jan. 1830,) 

a. HcNKv, VaSfiil. ITei. ■>.. s>D«. IVM. Ellubelh Pntsn. N UiM 
or Jatm, lord Tin. 

t. Alfiiit-aioiiaim, ^'7JulTi7n<i>>->>B i;n7.R>). AndiOKld M-ird. 
s. AuduiTi, k 4 Oct. ma. •>., In ITMI, I)eul.«ai. >li Juno Lcilh. GXA, 

7. Ei..iAB«Tii,tLD«.irau, 
The ou-t d. IG April I7RO, and wai lucceedfd by hi* etd«it Mn, 

Oeoboe, present and Gth earl, and lit baron Griaiard, it 
Caicle Donningtoa, ro. Leicvsler. 

Heir Apparail—OEonaEJoaii, viioount Foanc*. 

Craiftmu—BBTOn and Viirount, 23 Nov. 1675 ! Earl, 90 D«fc 
1084 : Baron Granani, of the United Kingdom, 34 Feh. 18ML 

Stipparlm-w Ogrier, nu unicQD ffJklooU. Sututar, nirmpm, utilgt tttwt/v4t 

0( glory. 


Baron of Aghrim, 00. Galvay, Barun de Beede and (liaki " 
Baron uf Amerongen, Middaohier, Livendale, Elit Sterrdt, • 
Ronenbei^, in tho Netherlandi, bora 21 Nor. 1(120 ; mmeni 
hii father, Reinhardt-DiedeHck-Jaoub, late earl, 3t Oct. IBSS. J 

The 1st earl of Atblone 
de Reede, lieiit.-gen. o[ the 
who evinced ii^a) coirrag 
klngdniD to hia oiajeaty'i ol« 

lone, 30 June llinl, of which Che cdel.rated ool. Ridiard C 
KM gnreraor, and hod auccenliilly defended agaiiui il 
and Uockade nf the whole amiy of jfeneral Unuglaa 
reding year. On the 19ih n( July he alw gained llie decUva 
battle of Aghrim, over general St. Ruth. For ihne brilUaM' 
lervicea he wai dhmi deservedly rewarded with ibe earldom al 

a GoDAHT r 

e* ill Ireland under M'iltiam IH 
nd skill in the reduc 
's uliedienre. He beiietied and took AlK 

AtUone >Bd bunny of A|tt>Tini. Ue Hlifwiw rKmrnl ih* 
dukola at the Briiiih bonic uf (Wnmofiii uid, In inf3, hail Ui* 
grant of ih* fbHaled muMi of Williun Dnnf^n, oul iif litn*. 
^d^ mMundiu to ae,4WI irrea, oonAnnnl In inuOt and, IflVt, 
waa created ouTof AOAmt, and honni nf ^pArim. Tlio Krani of 
tbekand* being rrverwd by parlianiRit, lA Dk. t(I9B. and aptiru- 
priatad tn the ]iaynieni of the puUiu debu, lite fanitly mlm) lo 
HolUnd ; and m cwi of Alhlone ul <d ihehuiiM ofyttn at Irr- 
land until 10 Alaich i;»&. Tba Ul («rl m. L'nuU-Philpau dc 
lUaaiddt. and by her had ime. Uohabt, 9d earl, ai.d Fndt. 
ti^-Chrulim HwT.Han elt, one of ihe nobin of Gneldcrland, 
who m. Henrietta, counteaa de Nuuu. The (Srl d. 1730. Kud 
na aiiiniitut by hii aon. GoDaiT. 3d earl, at. Uenrietta, da. ul 
William, latearl of Rochfonl, and had anitr, OoDiKT-ADalav, 
3d coH, and Godart. 4ih eari. Ilia lurdahip drin|c ««• (iineeded 
by OoDABT-ADmiasf, 3d au-l, who dying 8 On. 1734, »ai nw. 
(ceded by hU brother (Iodait, 4tli earl, who dying win. Not. 
1747, «aa Riereeded by hii eoudii, 

FitEDEmiCE-WiLLiAH, 5ih eul, who m. liouiaa, bamaaa* d« 
Vaaenaz, and had ianie, I. yHtDlaica, Rih iwri ; S. William, 
hmron of Keede, lereral jt»t% amhauadiir frnm lite United Slam 
in the court uf BerUti, d. 7 June 1816; 3. Jfaru-^iwimyMr. 
The eari d. in 1748, and wa* nKcewled by 

FaEbtSlcE, <iih earl nf Aihloiie, ■■. Anna-ElizabechXhrii- 
lienne. haronaa de Tiiill de SecnHksrkiii, and by her (who A at 
ti.e Hague, lU Jan. 1819) had iaaue, 

1. PaEoeaiti, 7il'<«rl. 

3. Rehauii-Di. 

The e*rl d. 13 Deo. 1800, and ww ■uemadfd by kia eUeat urn, 

KmCDEBici, 7lb eaH, b. 21 Ocu I7«V. »-. I Harcli I7IIO, 
miaa Itliinler, wbo d. 8epl. 17K1, withuul iHUe; and, idly, II 
Not. IBOO, Maria. 2d da. of air John Eden, nf WindlMioti, cu. 
DnHiatn, hart., and niece of WiUiani, Ut lord Audiland 1 ah* «., 
Uly, air William JohnMone Hope, U.C.B., hird of ilie adnindi*. 
The earl d. & Dec 1810, without iuue, and waa auomeded by h'» 

KEXA(II>-l>ieDEBlCJI-jACO«-DE-RKEIie, 8lh caft, at., 10 
.Hanh I81H, Harriet Hope, da. of John-William Hope, of Ain- 
•irrdani, aud of Cavendrih-aqiisre, uq., and by faer (who m,. 
mj, 3 Alay laU, WiUiam Oambier, ch)., aon of lir Jaoin 
OiD.liicr, knt., conmii -general in the Netherlanda, and auain of 
lurd Uaoilner, uid d. 3 :^pl. 1030) had iwue, 



2. Oeorue, pre>«M( rarl. 

The earl k. 3t Oct! 1023, and wu lurceeded by hit ddot nn 
Geoboe, prcMnt wid 9th eu-1. 
Ifdr PrtiinmpliM—Tb.e esrl'i hraiher. 
C7«Kor«— naran, Viscminl, and Earl, 4 March 1691-1 

FITZWILLIAM, Vjhkuiii SIUioii, oaA Baron Finwilllan, ol 
LifTard, in Ireland; hIso Karl FiltwilUun, Vinount Milion. 
Lord Fitzwillisni, and Baron of Milton, in EogUnd, D.C.L. ; 
horn 30 May 17*8. 

S'mEari. Fitzwi 
Htir ApimreiU — Cj 

CfwoHoT.*— Baron, Det, 1620 1 and V 

ill the Pterape tf England. 

11 and Earl, 31 Julv 

SBELIirRNE, Vhcontit Cluimaurii'e and FicwnauHn, Ihron 
Keny, Lixnsw, and DiinkemiD,F.R.S.,Mi>rc|ueuof lAOtdoirnr, 
In Great Ilriuin ; bcm 2 July I78O. 

See Mahqitess q^LAMSDOWHE, in fAr Feerage of EHgtatul. 

CrBalioni — Baron Kerry and Liznaw, 11S1 : Karl of Kerry 
and ViBCOUtil Claiunaurice, 17 Jan. I72S( Viiconni Fitimanrice, 
and Darnn of Duiiherron, 7 Oct. 1761 1 and Earl of ShellHNr. 
20 June 1753. 

Heir jt/ipareiit—EKtl of 1^'tcombe, the marquMa'i eldMt 


of Athboy, Baron Cliftnn, of Ralhmore, Co. SlMtli, and L<Mm 
Clifton, of Leighton Bromnwula, F.R.S., D.aL., HereditHf..B 
High StBwanl of Graveseiid uiid Milton; iora 30 June 1767 1 P 
luoooPded liU Aitlisr, John, the lata earl, 31 July 1731; mirriid, I 
10 Sept. 1791. Elixabeih, 3d da. of the bterighi faon. WilUaa J 
Browiilow, nf Iinrgan, in Ireland, by whom ho haa Ime, I. I 
EDWARD, /wrf rii/Io». M-P. for Canlerbury, M.A., ft. 2a F«fc, J 
1709, m., an July 1020, Euuna^aup, da. of tit Heary Parac^ J 

Lart., M.P.. and hu John, t, 16 April IBS? i S. CATliAatVE, 
a. 10 Jan. 1803:3. M^aT.n.. 1 Juaa lfl23.<.lHrtM BnmiUDw, 
of Laurgan haii«c, en. Amii^, nq., M-F., and ■/. 90 Jtin* 
Ia23: 4. William. 0. 18 On. iau7i O. JoiiH-UvHrA^, 4. 
II Oct. 17S8 ; 6. Elizabeth, b. 1 AprtI IWW. 

II oriKinallir (mini in the enindn ■>( 
>u>i Bllgb (m« of WillMm fUlch. -iT 
Plymuuth) west tx Irelwiil, and wh i/ Rulinion, Co. UMtli- 
Ue J. IBCtt, Itaving a wm and lieir TiiOMii, v-hn was tme ot iha 
priTy cODiidl fnr Ireland to queen Aano: n. Kluabeth. jmunoen 
da. of cdI. Jaine* Napier, of LoHghvrww, to. MHlhiand rf. iilO, 
Inrio^ a numennu iuuc, of wlmui tli* dilnl ann, 

JdBX. HL, 34 Auk- >7>^ rbBxUla. only wrrlttriK ehJld and 
bancn of Edward Ilydp, earl of (.'lurriidon, aiid lu hcc own rl|1il 
balxmcH Clifton*, lis trM creatod, 14 Sppt. 17SI , Iwniai rV{/)oa, 
of Atlibojr. Id Ireland ; 17 Marcb IT^< vlutmiil Damttf ; and, 
29 J<inr 1725, ra/l of Dimiltf. By tlir a)«» lady {who 4. Sn 
July 1722] he had ixiie, 

I. Edwaid, :MearI. 

2.J0HX, Sdevl. 

X M.«.. -.. Uurli 173B. WIUKin Tl«h.. -q. 

4. AoHi. t^ IH. 17 Mpi. mi, Robtn-Hiwklm MuciU). at an Mali, n 
Dom, mi., md. Uly. Dk. 17U, BctBuil Wanl. •lireuni lUiicnr. 

Oiftm., in right of hi> mntlurr, 

hnuv of peen, by that title, 1 Feh. 1737. Hs d. uiua. SI July 

1747, and wai lucceeiled by hit linHher, 
JoRH, 3d cul, k. I Oct. ITlfl, "■■. 1 1 SepL 17m, Mary. da. 
■Nth. of Jotin tkoTte, of Sirmt, oo, Weatmeath, mij., Inr whinn 
Hha A X7 Mardi 18031 be bad iuue, 
H& JoHV, prewni mtL 

■tsr- ^^- - 


of RclttH. to. Mawh. CM. 

ft S.MLM, i. Ill FtU. fij». rf. ««■. 

7. *^*"'*r;^ rt * L^*'i'ri*.1"f''* 

■uececded by bia ton. 

The earl </. 30 Jul' 

JoBK, prwiennnJ 4ih earl. 

Heir Apparent— Eon A»D, lord Ci 

rrm/toTM- Baron, U Sept. 1721 ; ViMnunt. 7 March ITSSl 
Earl, 21 Juno 172S ; Baron Clifton, in England, l>v *i" " 
n», IGIW. _ 



JOHN PERCEVAL, Eaui. of EGMONT, Tisooaiil 
vil, of Kanturk, Baron Pireeval, ot Biinuii, in tbi- Peenmat 
Ireland, and ■ Baronet uf Ireland, Lord Lorell and Ho1Ibo4,«C 
Enmore, en. Sotnpnwt, in the Peerags of Great Britain ; iam 
13 Ang. 1767 ; anccwled hia father, John Jameii, laie earl, M 
Feb. IIIS2; married, 10 Miirch*179S, Bridget, onlv da. of lieub- 
col. Olynne Wynne. M.P. for Carnarvnn, lirother of ThomM. 
lal lord Newbnrough, and by her (who d. 24 Jan. 1826) hw 

iuiie, HGNRY-FREDEKlCK^OS£PIUAMES,ianf/>««. 

cet»il, HI., 1826, Louiie-Marie, da. of the cauat D'OnelW, ini 
haa liiue, a fan, b. I April \BSS. 

Sir John PencEVAL, lat earl of Egmonl, b. 2S Jnlf 160, , 
vas crested heron Perceval of Burton, 31 Aiiril 1715; vunmA. 
Pertevol, of Kantiirk, 1722; and. 1733. advanctd to the dign)^ 
of earl Egtnonl. 20 June 1710, hin lordship n>. Catharine, ^— 
da. of lir Philip Parker i Morley, bart.. and ijsier to tir Ph 
Parker ■ Mnrlef Lans, bart., who d. 20 Jan. 1740. and wu 
[■M heir male of the hinl« Moriey. This l«roiiy of Morler a 
tn the hmily by the nutrringe uf air H'illiam Parker, knt. [in 
ard-lmrer tn kins Richard 111-,) triih Alice Lovell, banma 
Moriey. dn. of William ImveU, lord Marley, 2d iod of Wil 
lord Lovell, uf Tiobioarch, Inron of Lovell and Holland, Jlic., thai 
reproen tattoo of all wbiiji csitered in the family of T^arT 
thii alliuice. Lui they ooiitd not Iw claimed, by rtanon nf t 
Hinder of FraiiHi. viKount Lovell, on account of bja ■< . _ 
to kinaRichard III. (that attainder never having been revaned^ 
Uia lordnhip bad itaua by hia wife, (who d. 22 Aug. 1740,] 

1. JoBH, 3d carl. 

|.C*ili*ai«i, MlJan. 1711, ».„ 14 A|irU 1733, Tbamu tlmnwi.of the 

IkM. udiLIIJUDCl?*)!. 
The taii d. 1 lUBy 17-18, and wu luweeded by hii hd, 
JOHX, 2(1 esri of E^mnnt, appointed lit lord of the idiriirRliT, 
10 Sept. 17G3, and *«>■■> in Auf(. 1704; b. 34 Feh. l?!!).!); m., 
16 Feb. 1730, C'sibariiie Cecil, 2d da. of James, 5lb eul of SalU- 
bury, and by her (who d. Ili Aug. 175i] had iuue, 
I. JoilN-Jj»IE8,3dnrl. 

1. CBOL-PJimim. 1. 19 on, i™, mii-i Mvch Ijaa 
X Pmirr-TnrnJii.&. loHuch 17X,upI. R.N'..uiilil, J g April 179*. 
1. Edwaui, k 19 Aptn I7«, Id Ihc umy, m., af Juir i;7S, Sinh. d*. of 
JitallnniDi.iif, UHlil.Prti.MU, lutinBliBl iMubiba 
IvbsAM Aprtliwn, 

£ CUbolu, ». I7n. d. uniH. la Apis ISMi 3. MuY, t«lB with Ca- 

Bit kvrdihip n., 2dly, 2i> Jan. 1756, Catharine, 3d da. of the 
faoD. Charlei Compton, (4th son of fJeorge, 4lh e»rl of North- 
waoftim,) by Mary, onlyda.and h.of lir Berkelev Lucy.of Brca. 
boame, to. Hertu, ban., for hi> iaiue liy whom, (who wai created 
k fimnn in her awn ri|irht, by the title nf baroneai Abden, (>f 
LcltOTi CittUf. 19 May 1770. and d. 11 June 1784.) ae Bakof 
Aimot, in Ihe Peerage qf Engiand. 

Hia lordship wai created ■ peer of Onat Britain, by the title 
of lord LovELL and Holland, Won of Enmore, ro. Sonienet. 
6 M«y 171i3, (both which title* were forfeited by his ancesior. 
rranos, vJKount Lovell and Holland, 1405 ;) he c(. 13Decl770, 
■nd wa* succeeded by his son. 

bella, only da. and b. of lor 
M duke of Bolton, and had 
1. John, 4th earl. 

' I. Iusa(.u,n. ITUU.'F. 17TS- 

The earl d. 8S Fel>. 1822, and vaa succeeded by his only son, 
JoBX, preieal and 4tli earl. 

llrir Apparent — Viscount Ferine VAi,, son of the earl. 
Crcatimu — Baronet of Irelaud, 19 Sept. 1661 ; Bnron, 21 April 
17te: Viaoount, 25 Feb. 1722; Earl, 6 Nov. 1 7»3 ; BaniD LoveU 
■nd Holland, 6 May 1763. 

Bdd— PBHctrALr^uid M. Burjofili 
1, niiKuM, duciLiT ailbind 


I, Sth Tuconnl, who d. iriihout ii 



iiucccededhybiaunrte, TeoMAS. 6ih vismum.l'. 

■na of Jvim. ihc 3d viKuunt,) nbo n. Mmr^rec, coJs. irf JunM 
Buniltou, of Ituigur, «q., by Sopbis, 3d ils. nr Jolin MardxiU, 
visoUDt Arslon. father of Charles. Sd esrl af PetntMrou^ nl 
br hcrtvboil. Mav 1743) bad iinie, I. JuiEi, 7ll>: 3. Soaem- 
— " "■■- " i he d. J Msrch 1810, and na 

ho dl aa Oct. ITil, and wm curmM 

Sch Tiaonint, cr«Ued earl ct Cm- 
IB .May n*b. Jiiliuoa Boyle, ddM 
anuon, and by her (who il. SS Fcb> 

, 8th ri 
» eldest uiD, 

■ueceeded by h 

JamEB, 7iI> rucouui, « 
bf his bnKhcr, 


ride, 10 June nw.andii 
da. of Henry. Itt earl of 
18IM} had ime, 

1. HeHKV-Tboh^S Sd cari. 

duTd Roib. oq. 1 look tb 

1JAM.I7S". --,* 

The earl d. 15 April 1774, and «ai luooeeded by hii oUaM 

HEUIT-TBoma, 9tb yiwount and 2d earl, 6. 19 .Maj- IJM^ 
«., 7 Aug. m*. Sarob. 2d da. aod co-h. (vith ber uiter Catba* 
rior, baronen Muiey) of Edirard Taylor, oT .Vakeaton, r%^, 

4. iAiin, K m Apill mi. 

of Uw Nb. HoirT ifuvdl, U» bUbop sT MMh, I 

s. JtrLunA. a. in Srri. ijm, m., » Oei. lan, Samnct-Lmy Coiti, r** 
7. lUiHiaT, k II Dtr. 1;H4. IL, l>I>(clll«,FrDKiiSi>a(c, 

aad Holrwond, ni.» anri iiiy, W7 \u€- iOesK StBin*w Fordt. rv|. 

■4 Wl». W ^•*J" 
W^CLu-ke, tiTDEha-uf jBin«unun|uaMOI 

The earl d. SO July 1013. and i 

SoMEiuET-KiCHAIti), IDthrii 
3d «rl of Utrrick. 

Heir Premmpline -The boo, 
naxt brother to the carl. 

Crtationi — ViH»uiii Ikerrin, t 
Earl of Canick, 10 June 1710. 

>■ incceeded t>y hi* woo, 
ninl Ikerrin, ao'l preMni 


Tipperwy. 12 Way t«td|.; 

HBXBY BOYLE. £abl of SHANNON, Vuinunl Bojl*, 
BaroD of Cutle Martyr, in Irduul ; Bkiui CAmLTOX, sf C«ri. 
uo, <D. York, E.P. ; Cuom Rmulonim on. Cork, t'lprk of tha 
Pdlr, and ■ Tniim of the Linrii Mwiufsfturs, fom S Adc. 
1771 : luccHdcil hii hiher, Richard, the bite carl. 30 Ala* IBO; ; 
married. 9 June 1798, ^anb, 4th da. nf John Bjir, al Ch{Ip 
S fde, Bq-, (dacended from a btandi of the rarli «( Clanmdun,) 

■nd bj her (who rf. Hcft. 1830) hu mat, 1. r>TlieRiHX,t. 

13 Mardi 1901— 2. HiciiaDIi, 4. 22 Keb. 11«2, d. lf»3 i 

3.8AaAn.i.3fiJune 1803; 4. llARmiiTT.b. SA Aiik. IflOSi 

S, lx>UISA-(iBACE, i. II Sqit. 1807: -6. RICHARD. 

tiwma/ Say'', &. S Hay 1809; - — 7. a da., I. Oct. IB13; 

8. a DA., t. 13 July 181 4 i U. IIlBav.CitAai.K>. U 10 

Nor. ISlQj 10. » OA., b. Feb. I817i 11. ROMMT. 

rKAMCti, i.6 0ct. 18)8 i la. FBAaCM, «. 11 JuM 1020,4. 


For ibe origin of thii noble family, ho the title EAaLoTCoBK 
and OmaiiT- Hekbt Bovl*, of Caatle Hanyr, 3d Mm at 
Bogar, In euH of Orrtri-, m. Mary. 3d da. of Mumni^ O'Bry. 
to, earl of Inchiqum, uid rL IG8l< leaving ihiics 

HKvaT, vho irai ippoiotcd a privy ominirllar, 13 April 17S3( 
dccMd ipckker of the faoiua of eomnioni, 4 Oct., and appolaud 
chaacellDr of the exchequer, IS Nor. in the lam* yeari « eo«»> 
mniancr of the rerenue, « Nov. 173« : again appointed dtan. 
ticll0r of the excbw]uBr, 1 1 April 1730 ; rwom one at [ha Inrdi 
jnalica of Irriand, 3 May 1734. vhich high ettce ha BUad 16 
Umaa; and created, IT April 1738, baron of CailU.Hatlgr, xU- 
amot Bnglr, and earl of Shannon. The earl at, lit, CalWinc, 
M da. of ChidJrr Cootr, eH|., of KiUeiter, nepbsw of Charln, 
earl of Mounirsth, by whom (who d. S May 172A) ha had no 
inRie! M., 2dly, ^ept. 1728, HenricMa Bovl*. youngni da. of 
Oiarfaa. 3d earl of Cork, lord high lf«afli7«^of Ireland, (by Ju. 
UatiB, da. and h. of the hon. Henry Noel, of LutTenham, nk Ltd- 

' I, 9d aon of Ednard, TJKVuni Camden,) and had JMue by luFr 

_ Ik* <l«th •>* hb 

'onynfibT.t Mid imd !•■«* by 


Hairy Flueoiu, H ion i>r Janm. lu t 
DM Roa, In th^ Pemf!t of iCnglaitdU 

Tin earl d. 37 Sept. 17G1, and w. 

. nicceeded by Us ri 

1783, ai 

y coiuiielior, 17S8 ; a 1""! of the , , . . 

. i, and crnced a peer of Oreni Britain, 31 Aiig. 1786, tiy tha 
title of baran CtrMon. The url pn., IS Dec. I7K), Cath«rii>s 
eldest da. of llie right hon. Jolin Puiuonb>-, ipeaker of tb* 
haute of comnvMu in Irelud, and brother of Williuii, Sd e«t 

o d. 30 Jan. le»7) b 

I. He: 

r, present eari. 



Tbe earl d. 20 3Iay 181^. and was niocaeded by hit only mo, 
Uehmv, pretenl and 3d earl. 
Heir jlppamU — Viscount Botle, Ihc earl'i son. 
Crnrfimu— Baron, Viionmt, and Eari, 30 .Mardi 173G i 
Banm Carleton, co. York, 21 Aug. 1786. 


ViBominl Lanestiorough, Baron of Newtoivn Biiiler, eo. Fenn*. 
nagh, bam 31 Oct. 17R3i succeeded bii fatlier, Itobert -Herberti 
the lAte earl, 17 April 1806, 

This family ivai originally sealed in the county of Buulii^ 

" " ' *" "nyton, near St. Ives, ao.Caai> 

I the 2d. air Bwphm, awttlail at 

George Butler, 
bridge, lS7a, had » 
BelturWt, CO. Cavan, and was grandfather oi 

Theopuilus, ffho was created, 21 Oct. 1716, barooof JVm- 
fuuvt BiUier, with remainder lo the hrirs male of hit tatlHt^, 
Francia. He if. nithout Imie, II Ittamh 1733, and was ra* 
Deeded by hii brother, 

Dbihii.ev, 2d lord, created viscount iMtmboroHgh, 18 Ao^ 
1738, m. Catharine, da. and co-h. of Neville Podey, of DubKa, 
(3d son of Thomas PooIk}-, of Hartest, ro. Suffolk, est)., \if 
Mary. da. of Edward Nerills, Sd son of lord Abergavenuy,) ^ 
irhom he had 33 children, of whom only 4 tons and 1 da.(ul^ 


., Mtj 17311, AUry, bciin* of BwbarA Berry, 
et WarduuimfD, oo. WcaUnaiUi. Mq., by wbuni be bad inn* a 
da., jiitBC, if. young, uul an only win, 

, 3d nrl, t. 4 H*Ritt 178S. ■>.. M Jbm IJM. 

I. RoaiBT, ad tarl. 

Tha earl rf. 34 Jan. 1771>. • 
RoBCiTOlEHBia'r, 34 earl, i. 1 Ani;, UM, »., A Jan. 
1781, ClizabeUi, ridot da. of [li« H^I ban. Uatid L*t(nirli«. 
e of bis majoty'i priiy v<nuiHiUon, aod by lier (who d. t2 
U 1788) hwl iwue, 

a. i. ApiU ITIO. •!• 

m carl d. April 1806. and wu nicccoM by hii mo, 

K j^ praient and 4lli »erl. 

er/VanMpJlee — UEORoEMfonn Butler-Dakteru, n>i'> 

nn, SI 0«. 1715 I Vinwunl, 12 Aug. 17SB : 
» July 17a«- 





« 79- ATgenl, thicc covrmt n 

rtn0 rlertfcd. 

. LlbETt) mile. 


JAMES DUFF, Eahi of FIFE, Vi«»uiil Macduff, I 
Druw, nf Kiltryde, co. Cufbii, in the Pevnige of Ireland 
Baioa Fife in thai <^ the United Kingdom ; Ijord Ueu 
OD. Banff, K.T., O.C.H., Kni^l uf the Spaniih Order of Sm 
Fernando ; succeeded hit father, Aleiander, (he hte etui, in '" 
Irish titles, IG April 1811, creeled biLrun Fife, ia the Peerui 
of the L'niled Kingdom, 1627 ; raatried Mary-CKroline, 3d &, 
of Louiu, couutMS of I>y!iart, and <i>ter to lord Hunliogtovei^ 
of BuckmiuBter Puk, co- Iieiretter, aud by her (who d. Deb 
1S05) had no imie. The eart u a lieut.-col. of the ' 
shire militia, and served aa a major.gen. in Ibe army of (hi ■ 
Spanisli palriuts. His lordship was wounded at the battle rfi 
Talavera, 1809, and again, seTerely, al the tlormiii); of F«I| 
Malsgurda, near Cadiz, in which be volunteered his serrioH, , 
in 1810. 

This nohle family ia derived from Fi/fB Matdtiff, who « 
man of conniderahle wealth and power Itmji. Iiing Kenneth IL 
of Scotland, and gave that prince great auittaiice in his ■ 
nith the Picti, about the year S3t. On their reduction, t 

king Kenneth gave to this Macduff, in reward of hie Iii^l 

all the lands then called Ollielinia, vixicb he himself had ta2. 
quered from the PicM, and which extended from Fifenen IT 
Clackmannan, from eaat to wett, and from the river Forth 01 
the wiutb, to the rivers Tay and Eme on the north. Of lUl 
met of land, which lie called Fife, he was appointed hereditnf; 
Thane, or barun ; and this dignity was enjoj'ed by his pi ~ '~ 
in a direm li[ie to Macduff, the Bih than ' ' ' 
bnted to the restoration of kinj; Makoln 
confirmed to him his county of Fife, and created b 
of in 1W>7, or lOfil. The title of eari became extinct In 13A9; 
on the death of Duncan, the 13th ear], without istue 
From the same anceMur descended DaWd Diiff. aarettor of tha 
present earl, to whom Robert III., 1401, granted coniideraUt 
lands, and the barony of Muldavit, which continued to tie one if 
the diief titles uf the family, until alienated in the bagioning «f 


lo naviiiB oonub^ 
more, that klv] 
d bini oirl ihetv- 

1, 1J27, repiesented tm,. 


rarl of F^fe, 24! April 17^. HU lordship, during the leMllon 
in Swtliiiid, joinrd the duke of Cumberland it Alierdeen, in 
Mardi 1T4IS, nnd made ■ free offer or his lerriceii [o the gnrem- 
nienc in any wav his majesty •hinild require. He m., Int, Juiet 
Onlcie, da. of .'inme^ eari of Findlaier and Sesfield, and chan- 
o^or of Scotland ; but by her (who <i. 1733) had no iviiie ; he 
n., Sdly, Jean, da. of air Jama (Irant, of Grant, bart., and d. 
30 Sept. 17(>3, having had iuue bv her (who turvired him, and 
i. 18 Jan. l788)7>o'"a'>d7diu.,rii. 

1, WiLLIaM, J. wn. Much i;U. 

S. Jam£s, 2d earl. 

3. AlEXandEH, 3d earl. 

' ~ ~ ' ' gm. D«li»ll, uid d. M Nov. IRia 

■U Imdahip d. 30 Sept. Mta, aiid wai nieceeded hy hii Km, 

JaXEH, 8d earl, who wai, 10 Fell. 179V, cnsttd buDn Fife, 
la the Peerafte li England; lord.lieut. o>. Banff; n., 1760, 
Sormbea Sinclair, lole h. of Alexander, 9lh earl of Caithneu, 
i^j Slargaret Primrine, da. of Arcliilnid, 1th eert of Kowberry.) 
The earJ d. without iuiie male, 24 Jan. 1S0», when the Engliih 
bunny lieouie eninct, and was succeeded iti the earldom and 
vkooanty by hi* brother, 

Alexakd£B, .IdearL.i. I7><n, m. Mary, da. of George Skene. 
of Skene, en|., nnd had isfue, 

I. JaMEi, present earl. 

K ALn^HDiia. U.l*. tar ElRln, linitrfo. in ilie ■rmt, col. Md fool, m., 
» Marcli Ull, Aane, yuunfiul im. of Jmuti sicln. ct KIlliMle. nq.. mai 

& JaiOj 4I1.J V Dm. laTa, AJetavlrt'FimcIt Taykir. m^lof r>Til enfrtiuvr^ 
4. Ahkc, m.. IS Oct. IHOP. Blch>nl-Wh>cton DulT. of UnoD, »!■. uid 4. 

«! StaxH, IB.. 90JiiDelflCi7, Dwile] Colliei. of Gnt'i Inn, oq. 
'ne earl rl 16 April 181 1, and was lucceeiled by his rldetl lun. 

James, present and 5d earl. 

i/#iV Praumptivv—'Vo the Irish lilies, lieut.-gen. the hon. 
AtEKAKDEB DufF, only brother to the earL To the English 

Cri^^Bflnju, 28 Jidy 1735 i Viscount and Earl, 26 
April V]h'J i Baron Fife, In iho Peerage of the Uniied Kingdom, 

^" We i. u»r,Kl l.t .nd «h O. . lion mn, »nl 1«- 

Otttr. M'mcl *L vm. a fas, dnnnrlle Hinliw. btlwpim • it^'. hf«d<m- 
Sniipd or in cWrf. aim mo tsdUoii. irgeni in taut Dufk u( On™. 


K^fiinnffi cod aJdlDg. 


Preaton, and Baron of Ardaolla, G.C.B., a Genera] in Uie AnOf, 
Colonel 38th Re^ment of Fool, and LieiiteDani.Ooi-ernor rf 
Berwick; bom 12 Dec. I75S, lucxeeded liik brodier, AugoiM^ 
tlw late earl, 7 Nov. 1811. 

This branch oC the family of Lvdlme, (who, acanrdin^ . . . 
Aea, aranmed thdr name from the Uiwn of Ludlow, co. Sakf,) 
settled CD. WUu in [he middle of the 14th century. Sir Hmit 
/.ikUow, knt., of Maiden Bradley, co. WilLt, (whine fatber, A; 
Edmund, m., 9d]}-, Margarel, relict of viicuunt Bindon, 8d tm 
of Tbomaa Howard, duke of Ni>rfulk,)n. LeiitiB,d>. of Tbam 
^^'eit, Gth lord Delawnrr, iras represeiitatiTe in parliament 
Wilu, and il. 1G12, lenving iuue Edmund, reprerantatife B 
Wills, and l)ie celebrated funeral of the parliament anny, | 
IS93, in exile, »I Vevay, in Sivitxerlaad, wherv > monuBWut I 

erected tu hii memory ; and Henry, m. , da. of Wil^ 

Webner, of — -. m Engbtad, e«q., and of Newtnwn.Di— 

gon, CO. Tipperary, by Jane. da. of Rat|ili, and gmndJaughwf 
to Etalpb Rolleaton, of Rolleeton, go. Nolliii^hatn, esq., and af 
Hkrgaret, 3d da. and co.-h. of ijr Richard Uiiigliam, of WaL 
00, Nottingham, knt. 

STEruEN LuDtow, nq., Ileary'i only ion, lettled in ba<n 
land ; ho itudicd the law, was named one of the six derki of ll^ 

court of chancery, and rf. 21 Oct. 1721. learing iitue, by 

Lachard, a Welafa heirm of large fortune, 

1. Petek. 

a. WiLMtH, nLCuharliicijlaprard.tliteTaf JuiB, lit ml of Covton 
KJ>., by wboo ho lud l>iii>. 

S. AitcH. M.. n Feb. IW3, rnnL'kBmard.orCuUeBmiinl, (•i|.,CMI 
■nndtUbcT ot Fnnilt. HI nil of Dindon. md d. May I7ti. 

4. AKAMLLA, >■. Dt'U Niuin, aq., oC R(VRi>dll«. CO. KIMtn. 

Petee, the eldest ion, tn. Mary, da. and h. of John . — 
of Ardsalla, eiq., and had issue by her, (who was descvi 
from the noble family nf Gonnaiutown, and rf. 23 June \^f' 


I, 111 carl. 

TEi Li'DLOw, lat onri, b, 21 April 1730, reprasenUd H 
inpdon in parliBnidiil, iworn of tire privy miindl " " 
uikI appuinled, 31) iMarch IJIIS, MHiptniller of bis a 

Iitla o( Tucounl rrrtloa, uid t*n LiuUai; 17' 
I7&3. Fruuei Liunlcv, eUlal ib. ai Thnmu, 
boroofb, {\>Y Vnaam.'iA im. of U«rKa Up-" 


>ey. uu luwaUy lUKCBded frotn Anne, duchaaa nf Cinrr, itiMr 
>r king Edvu-d IV.,) ud had iuue by her. (wlui 4. 30 Slwrh 

AvatKTtT*, Sd earl. 
OxoacE JjtUEs, prBBtii htI. 


_lDrdiliipif.36 0ct. l0l)S,and «m nitomded l>y h[> tldwl Mm, 
Anuciius, 3d cvl, b. I Jan. 17(Ui> -t hhih- 7 Nov. 1911, 
~ liy bii only broUier, 
' praeDt uid 3d wrL 

KEL, Vnconnt C»rb'n(cfnrd, Barnn rurpeiiwr, iif Killuhv, co. 

lUT, O.C.H. I bom 10 Doc 1790 i >iicreRlH] lili bnrlbiir, 

^ the blfl eu-l, 20 Dec. 1KI3; ■urrW, Uc(. 1817. Swab, 
^ child of Hnbert Cmws, of Kil)Rii, cu. Yurk. m^. 

e familT nf Carjieiiler ii of mnnidonilile ■ntiqutl)' in iba 
tttf at Henfurd, wbere llipf were iw.iIihI u ■ pliwie cut«d die 
me. in the giiuiali of Dilwyn. TIuhiim <'iirp«uter,p^nd- 
r of ibe In lard, d, 1054. leuving MifrriJ unit, nf wlmtn 
mmnthe (.'wprnler, the flth and ymingeai, at. tllninor. da. 
r William Tayliir, of M'iUiiiigton, and d. 1091, having 3 hum 

GconcR C*«peitTCK. lit bird Carpeniitr, yoiingisii noii of 
Whammmhe, b. 10 Feb. 16a7, limii.-t[fri>. iu ihe inoy, and go- 
i«raar of ihe idand of MinorcB, wai cnalnl bano Carjimter, 
nf KiUagby. 39 May 1710: «-, 1003, Alire, da. of W^ilUam, 
Itt riwnunt Charlononi. aud 'L 10 Feb. 1731. iMiiug itaue by 
hM («bn d. 7 On. 1731 ) an »»lv ton, 

Uroaoe, ad lord. l>. 3»A|.(il 1U»7. «'. SO Aug. 1723, F.IJw- 
battuoBlf da. and h. of David I'eiiy.of M'Bii(WBri,«t.E(ux,«H)., 
■Ml of Ji^D Pmty. of WaiuioHl, eo-;., aod bad Ihuv, 
I. (ieoNOB, Sd baron, and Ut earl. 

«. Ali<>»Muu. *. t Dm. ITB. fa-. >•■. I> Mirrh I'm. rhnln Wrtm- 
■--B.Meartof ^noBIi »n<l, »"- -■■-—- - ■-■ 

HwWdahip d. 18 July 17411, iiiri n 

- UKOKaK,3d lord Carpniu 

iiioveded by bi* only W 

A. Wi Aii^. 1733, adTanced to iIm 


1 Carlinsfard, and earl of Tgrfonnr, 
m., March 1748, Francn, sole da. and h. tit sir RoWl 
CJiftUa, nf ClifloA, no. Noitin^atn, Inin., K.8., (bj 
Coole, onlf ' dn. Bad h. <^ Nrniran ContF, 2it farl or 
by Franres, founpnt sisler oT Ileary, earl of Grai 
vhom he had iuue, 
1. OeoBOE, 24 earl. 

I. Geohde, 3d eari. 

a. Jobh-Dklaval, 4th te 

KC of admlnlit 

S. BLiuaa 

klfiABi. ITK 



ring male Uan*^ : 

The earl il. 9 Manzh 1 763, wad wu nicxeeded by his eldm an 

aEOloE, 9d earl, 6. SO June 1750, m. ls^ 9 July 1T| 
Fraace* Mannen, eldeii dB.of J<^n, maninns of Granbv. eUh 
Bon of Juhn, 9d duke of Rutland, (which marriiig« waa 
h» act of parliaiuenl in Oct- 1777) The ewl m.. 3dly, 3 Jl 
1 78D, Sarsh, youiigvsi da. of John Uuasey, lord Delaval ( and 
h«r (vho d. 7 Oct. 1B00) had issue, 

J. GmuK, ^ t April ITW. if^ July J7Bft 
Pcrafintl. muquofl of WjLlnfbtil. 

The uri a. 16 April 1805, without n 
wM lueceeded by hii nephew, 

GeoBQE, 3il earl, (son of hli hroiher, Charles, capiain B.N 
captain in the army, and lieuc. Isl regiment of foot iniaiJa, kj 
Oct. 1788. His lordship enlwed inlo the Ruisian army ai 
limteer, d. at Wilnn, In Liihuanin, of excessive fatifue, 2 ^^^ 
1HI2, and was buried with militnry honours in the nAnH 
church, where a monutnenl hu been erected to his meoiorf J 
order of the Russian eommander-ia .chief, prince KutiuoB' &|~^^^ 
lenskoi. He waa succet^ed by hi> only brother, 

Jon H -De r, AVAL, pmeut and 4th earl. 

llfir Apparent — None. , 

rrmXiofu—llamn, 211 Slay I7IO ; Viscount Carlingford, s 
Earl of Tyrconnel, I Mav 1761. 

IN09, BAni. of MOIRA, Baron Rnndon, nf Moint, m. 
Marqiins of Ha>IinK>. Earl of Rawdoii, Viscinint In 
Bnron llunfferfi>rd, llaaiinga, Ac, and Baron Rawdon, 
Peerage of the United Kiu^m ; born i Feb. 1808. 

r« Mai 

s -/ U*. 

11!, i« the Prerage 1^ Enplimd. 


t May 1M»| Bm<h> Bwnlan,t April 
nWt IhI af lUrm M Jan. ITM I Xh^mm of HmiIiics T 
Uac 18IK. 

Hodlay. <rf (.'uUp tiara, Lorrf a*uod«ni, of OMn, and • Barooii 
e^ IraUoa : l>om 30 Julf 1761 1 (UconM hfa fatlMr, Arthur. 
guifid«n. the Ule r«rl. B Oct. 11109: ■aarrtMi, 19 Dm. 1787, 
Muv, (Idai lU. «ul heiicM of nr John TTrrall, of If««D HbU, 
at. £ttn, Urt. 

Sr P«ri. GoBK (•>«) of Oenn] Qon, diiwn of laaJiw, and 
hnthtr nf tir Juhn, whii na bird nuvor of that dlv, 18M) MU 
[M in t<«la>id j at t>at«Ua. da. if Fnnai Wfcklifla. ma., and 
maaof> Wimlwonh, earl ,4 Suafford, Inr wbom h« had 
iHDcS mn*: I. tlr Halpll, imcr^UT ot the em-li ^R«a (etdnct)i 
miA S. ^r ArAtr, aiiMMnr of th» inrl* nf Arran. Sir Aithur 
trMCTCMadahkrt. 166d.anil had Muv, l^il, and a youDRcr aoo, 
Owrn, at((in]«]r.^a. <>f Irrlaiid, nnd jiMlf;* of ihvfWn uf Vtm. 
mat Flni. *» fathm- of John Oort, rmm) liird Annaly, lord 
AMjmtice of Inland, whow tide bamnp Futinot I7S3, but waa 
iun »ad in Henry (ion. lord Annal]r, who uhm d. wiihmtt ioiia 
niair 1 Paiil, thr dd«i hd of ilr Arthur, d. In hia nuber*! life, 
lime, laarina iuiw, hj Anne, cMatt da. of rir John Oon, «rf 
HaeoHih, m. Hmi, air Anhur. Sd ban., •iinvMor lo hla pinA- 

foll«r, whoM MB, 

8ir ArTHiIi, 3d bart., vai adraurad, \^r,%, M the dipillin 
•\l haroD Jkaun/Zm uid ruennni .Viuffiy, of CaiiIb Oon, anil IS 
April I7<iS, Freiiiecl aarl nf the ialandi uf Arrm, ea. UaloaT. Ill* 
lorMiip at., 16 Mardi 1730. Jaoa, hdrwa of Ridiard 8wioilara. 
rt. ».| , and widow of WilUam Worth, of Haih- 
mif., and had iwne, 

■ b.^'hDb. l»-7, kHilKf (noiily ann. 

InH, H ', , nut had aanr. iut 4. M »pi. '|3' 

£ Ab*. ak. t;B*. Anhar-DnmUltalT. nq-.aoilrf. in*. 
,JaMaBiu,i>.,iUAi«.17W.niUI|<Ix>r»'<^i WMI). MldHcinalr. 
Liaara, k, U July 1;n, iH Join Rnai mti, bwT. |w tam 
•rl if. 17 April 1773, and *» lum^xd by hln Mn. 
irB.8*riiDEa«, 3d earl, K.P,, 4. 2fl Jul* 178* i a... 2* 
00, Calharine-Annexlpr, 'mlv da. of M'itliam, viacvmnt 
and by her (who d. SA >'»v. I770) hail imif, 
b-SauhDCei, pmetil «arL 


.■■3. Aaai^-atBrr,t.i Dk. ii— , , 

& chuiB-uvudw. «- iDOiH. lan. 

4. mn-Cmsbtcan. m.. Soil. IRM, OnrR-Harnnl LUiAh*. OS. 
MBdCtlliilMa. Mil i^ctiL n>. (.'hDita, Imd blOnp dF KiMns. 

,.___, Jl a. Emily-Jmt 

1. WoiiiJ»itii,».«Billl76S, m.. Itl.Ori. 17K1, Hmry Hmtoo, oT CloMtiV 
_.. ntxfbtdi iM.1 BidM*, 3 Arril iDUi. JBha. 1« mumieKsf nfeann. 

t. ELimirr>lJliLAHiiiT*.&. Aptll nm, m.,« \ug. ITin, Hmn li^i._M 

s. CATHnnia-CHAiiuiTTi, k hSipl tm »- EI Juk IT«.Mh>>.KTM( 
Fitki. 8th lort CufaRT. 

a. JlHi, k Not. inn. "■<■ ■ July ITSS. Dudkr Loftiu, at SBIm. tB. 

Thv earl m., 3dly, Anne, i*. nf the rev. Boteyn Kid^it, of 
OllW, CO. Vnrk, anil by her (wlio it. 1778] liad issne, 

7- (iiioiioii. k In rEb.l77'l.<l«a or KDUta, -.,■«, .Sn|4iii,tl<..^itr(i«n* 
ItiMon, Iwn.; «n>l MIy. July in^a. Miria, wkU>w of ThamirBmliuiT tan 
iif llDlyttnad Hduw, cd. Deiob, si|.i b; hii Id wile !)■ had. bstMa gtin 

W>pAiL«-i ISDKLaai.Junt^Eiam-PunfciyTuitKIi.rfDiiMD.*^ 

U. MABtA'I^I'IHA, Ik JuiUi iJTS, M. Jaino-KlKil Gorr. nf BaWu HlB. 

"^V KL™OK,'V!ii^.\Tje, m., MiyiUni. thihcn. Fnpdskl CiTalkk 
llie earl n., 3rfty. in Jmi. I7SI, E1iiftl<eih, da. of Bidiaril 

IfiidcririKid, ewi., uid bv her (<vba d. It Jiuie Iti:*!)) had iMnSr ^ 
111 S*imi>iiu. k Am. llki, A 
li Joan^VrtblWi'^ ' ' """■ 

bnlutil PUte, knl., who* « Aoill !»». ^^ 

John Dmiilii.iiii DfiMiMt Utbcvlor Mortnn. — 

IX Edwabd, ».. 17 Oc«. ISH. mil. MHj-Aniio DouglM. u-" »— ' " 

■ -•--■■- Mliibiift.fc — '— ' ■— - '■ — ' — ■ 

1;. CHAkim.llHI.-O.- 

Tbe rarl d. 6 Oel. lSfl9, and vai succeeded b; 

AnTHUIt-SAL'NiiEnH, |ire«ent and 3d eiirl. 

ITtiT PntvmpHBC—Rou. culond William 
lirntlm' (o the earl. 

Crmlioiu -Otronei of IreUnil, in(l2; Vi»oc 
Aiw. I7SS: Euri, 13 April 1763. 

s«««-riJ!^T™i™«. "ami. 

Viwimml Slu|)ford. Banm OnirKTOn, co. Weiford, in the Pear. 
aee of Ireland, and Daron SALTEHtironD, nf SaUeraTard, ma 
dietter, in that of (Ireal Briiiin, K.H., I'apUin of (b« Bud 
of Oentlemen Ppniionen, a Oovernor eo. yerford i bam IS 
Ang. 1705: siirccedivl lu-i fatJier. Jaincs, the late eari, M 
Mari'h 1910 ; married, 29 Jan. IT'Jl. Elinlctb-t^wti, eldial dk. 




of ll«nry, M «nk* <rf Bucdauch. ILO,, (by El»aWb-Rni4«>a^l 
Mnntagn. ih. uid ulc h. ■/ Oentye, 4l^ •'ml. u/iil i>L dnhp uf 
HiHtWeii. K.(i>) kod by b«r (wbo •/. j^ ' tn'. 

1. JAMES-THOMAS. rBOBiBfy ■ ,. 

fgcd, ft. 37 iJorth I71U, ■•-, 4 July U:. 

Sontt, da. nf tha late aod unWr u> tlic i<: .>•, 

■ud by her (who if. 2:» Fdi. 1II2S) hi .,,r. 

ne»rw,t. 24 April 1tt3A t 3. Bdmr^-Sirlnr;. I. Hi lii^, Itjil- 

S. ImMla, &. and d. 1830 ; S. i^IuwAKii, t. II June ITftV 

^t. 3J guudi, n-i 4 Jxif 1830, HonUJa^.'lukrloIU. ila. ot 
Tbomu Locktraid, e«^., uid wiilow iif Rtchanl TihUiu. ma. i 

1 Hkbiit-Scott, ft. 21 On. I7»7. i" l^y onlai. •rrti- 

•UMna of Lel^UiD, .»., 10 May tR3S. AnnMMs da. of U'iBiun 
Bnnrne, <if Bnirne'i HiU, to. Carluw, «^., hy lady ChailuHv 

BMiriM,dk.of Juwph, 3d eari of Mayo: 4. .UoatAat^, A. 

II Na*. 1796, npt. R.N., ta., *l Malta, 39 Aiig- lm7. ConMJa- 
Wliufreda, ftl dH. nf lient.'a>l. WhitmiFrr, mnnnanrliTig oAmt 
I J iiiiwliiimi in tKat wJand, and tta* itm« a fm, b. 33 Juno IIIJBi 
— -3. l|jk«r-KLixaBETn, A. 21 April lf»l ; — & RoniT, 

». M No*. I«0a,d. liept. ISaB;^ 7. ELII*«[TI|.AllI>A.ft. 

g Jut. 1905: ft jA-rK.h. So Feb. I HOC; H. Cft»BLiitTlt. 

A. TSrpt nnFi.. RJiii'P ISM; — tf). Cakoi IME, &. H 
.■.c]it. inn, rf. an mfunl. 

JaMKi StopfoMD. I>t carl at CouruiiTn, (wboH ancntor. 
J*ina Siopfnnl.'of Sallvrrfard, co, fhnlrr, lintnUji devixndcd 
fnn AmAWw ^ Slaekpon, one al the dfht banma oo. riwaUir. 
Hlltn! In Iceland 1II4I.) vw rrratal, IP itepi. UB". bamn of 
r«wta[», oi. n'rxfanl: and, 12 A|V<1 i;6^ va firthrr ad. 
TBnOHl to the dignitin nf vJMnuiil Stopfnnl, asd Htrlot f'Durhiu-n. 
The earl <■., 34 Feti. 173fi, Elinbeih. only da. of Edvard taiiytlt, 
bifbop of Dowa anil Ctxiiior, by vhoui he liail buiw, 

I. JjIHE*, 3d wL 

U. ■imi.-fOT.hiitviniiir, ■•., 1 OcLipii 

'h tOS. Wm-snrhii, 

>., fl Die I81t. Junn Bull. TV|. 
>|i of c'sA uid RcH. >(. >4 Jin, inin 

Hit lunUhip d, IS Jan. 177". ■>"' «» lucmdori t>y hU •on. 

JkilES. »1 twl. K.P.. ereaied, 7 June I7IH1, tnr.m Milw^ 
nf JUb>n/«K(, ». Clxater, 6. 3B May I7»L ■>■. 11 April ); 
Man-, da. and r^u-h. uf RiriiaRl Powu, nf IlinUohaui Hull. 


SuCCutk. nqi {^y Msry Bi-iideneU Mouta^u, tUicr lo Caoqp^ }m 
duke of lUcioUfpi,) mid by h*r (whA d 3 Jan. IBID) bad inM, 

1. Jaii£s-0ede6C, prcMint earl. 

t. SlrEcWAiia. K.<:.B.>>idK.T.S.,UHU..(a. kiilwBiitT.MidniLWite 

3. ^rRuBIIKT, K.C.B., ulmlnlarihilblut, ».SFIElkl7<«,Bi..l9JuNM*< 

.tk ainpiin-BiuiB, b) holj nrdm. rhipinln In onHturr lo hi" ■UWHi 
cvDon oF WlDdHtT» DTvbMiduy of Ht^nftinlp anil wttitif or BmrtjmSta^Mi^n 

The earl <t 30 Mureh 1810, uid t 

I iucceed«d by Hb d 

JitMES-OEOKDE, [iTeteDt sHil SJ earl. 

/Mf AppartnUJAXE.a.Tao>iAi, risooont Sroppout, ibt 
eail's eldm wn. 

CnoMoiM— BWD, ID Scpb l;58t VucountBnd Bail, li Aid 
1761 j Buon Snliertford, in Eu^und, T July 1790. '~ 

Pidibful la u uotiippy coun 

JOSEPH LEESON, Eabl of JIII.TO^rN. ViMoiiw 1_ 
buroiighi and BBTon Kunboroiigh, co. WicUov ; bn» i ' 
17!)i) : sucxe«deil liis jn^ndrnther, Ilrtce, ibe lale earl. \0 . 
I8UT; inarTied, June ItOfl, Uarbara, da. of air Jiahut ~ 
ATerediib, liart., and vidinv of Eyra TJlson, bird Cast) 
•nd )>u issue, JOSEPH, dtctninl RvaLonmnh, b. 10 9Uy I(f 

Joseph Leeso 


I of Milum 

II Msrrh »7ll,i 

oreued, S May 1746, laron Kiatliarmtol; R Sept. 17^0^ 
Riuthamigh, and, 10 May 1763, eari of ilillmmi m., ItuU 
Jan. 1729, Cedlia, eldest do. of l^ancts I^igti, esq., slid liyliw 

(whorf, 29 Nov. 1731) h: 

1. JosEFii, 3d earl. 

S. BaiCE, 3d earl. 

S. MARt.fii.. Feb. 17ii4.Jnhn.!il(«lnrMsTa- ,, 

Tlia carl n., Zdiv, 90 Oct. I73tl, Aune, da. of Xalhaniel Pntui 
ciq., dvncendtfd fiom the viicoupis Oonnannon, aiid had laae n 
her, (who rf. 17 Jan. 1766.) "' 

4. flBNi, «, ill AptD tTiiii nr., 17T". Hurh nmtT. oT Ladxr Puik. ». • 1 
The earl m., 3dly, 10 Feb. IJOS, Kliwbccli. 4di da. of WmW 
Vrvnch, of Oakpurt, duin of Armagh, yaunH»t un -of J4a 
a 1. .» D fj Pari,, ou. RoHmnninn, eiq., and had naa*. 'fl 


all fcili "'*"*"'' 
kliHtitth.''rl?.'l'Ub.lil]a. William t 

A.RvBio^k la M«y i«a. J... i; au^ t? 

7, CUV-'A. &. M Dec. ITWI. >•„ W Bit. I 
nniifOierl|!M hoii. Davki Liiuuchf. 

171W. m 

... or iting^ Kali 


. i 

b rt^ — ■ «( I ha i%M kBk Jute kowiiPl. am KvW* Df ou Mt av 

IIm art 4. S On. 170. and wt« lucisaM I7 ttli ddiai wn, 
JoiErn. SI (u-l. i. \-,M, whii 4 a**. »7 Sm. IW). and wm 

MCcmded by hti limthrr, 

BbIcE. ad «rl, £. so D«. I73&. a.. tA On. 170A. «*ri«. d^ 

•( JofaB enrrdM, oq., an* bf bw (vte d. U Jn); ITTt) bad 

■ad I. I«»u1b hb rohef ltf<Uim\^bi| Ia4 IvH^fcH, |vba>o~UI|. ■> 
1. Joalrii, 4th MrL 

larliiM. k.M MtHft IM.m a 

*l d*!! "Wliui. nWM IM Ml 


xint CaulfeilJ, Itarun of L'barkmant, a Tnuti^ of 

^nrei boTTt R Jul. l77S;iii«v«drdh(ifkCller, 

Li Aug. 179!); huitM, Fali. imi3, AnnN 

■r WiUiun Ilernimglum, of Row IliR, M. 

,_, ^_ 't U tie nnititm* of I*ltrlm,) ftnd Km Inua, 

-fntM-WitttAM. it M AI>(w>iL]« IH Jau. 1023 ; 1 

AM.FinKOa, J. im?: — 3. SUbu-Mei.o*ihjl, L 
. '. mm. 4 Miurh 1837: *• EniLT-CHAkLUTTC l>- 

r Tear CA(ii.ri£t.n. Imvtnfr w>n-Fd miinr nffii^r* of hl||li 

n Iralaod, during ika relftiii of quean KInabnh ani king 

a, by Uie Uiwr mocarch, 22 Dn. 1020, i-natcd liu«n 



Chtfrfmmmtj with, rcmaxadtr to his ncpheir, sir William^ who 
became, on his iiiidc*ii death 16S7i 9d oaroa, and (L IMi, leaf, 
ing, besides other isme, 3 sens, s mteasi r el y banms Clar ^aaaf, 
viz. ToBT, 3i baron, mnrdered 1641 ; Robeat, 4th faanm, abo 
d. 1641 ; and 

WiLLiAsi, 5th baroQ of Chazlemoot, created risoonnt ChaHe- 
mimt 1665, and had issoe Vf Sarah, da. of Charles Moore, tt 
vuooant IXrogfacda, 

William, 2d risoonnt, sk, 11 Julj 1678, Anne Manjetson, 
only da. of James, archbishop of Annagh ; and dying 21 July 
17^, was succeeded by his son, 

James, 3d risoonnt, n. Elizabeth, onhr da. of Francis Ber- 
nard, of Castle Bernard, esq^ iu<^ ^ tne oonrt of Common 
Pleas, (ancestor of the emrk of Bandon,) and had iatne by her, 
(who m., 2dly, 9 Oct. 1740, Thomas Adderley, of Tnishsainon, 
00. Cork, esq.,) 

1. James, 4th viscount. 

S. FsANcis, nu, Oct. 17<9> Bfsrr Eric, calf da. of Jote* \bkA Cyres Inrbic 
L(MMfoo9NoT.1775kacDOiBpatedbf hiilaAy, cMat da., sad a ftsHto lateit. 
to sttmd hift place in the icnau, as muiMaililhe fat CharkBaast. he wm hut 
in a tremendoas stann in their paaagf to Iidaiid: be left tanSb 

1. James, anuOor^tbeamr. wtohaatakantiMaBBeof Braa. 

2. Eleanor, in.. 31 March 1787. WilUa».Fonrard, 3d eari of Wi^kML 

The viseount tL 21 April 1734, and was succeeded hy bis cUert 


James, 4th viscount, K.P., h. 18 Aug. 1728, cresttd earl of 

Charlemont 23 Dec 1763, it i^ypearing &m the xoUs of tha oonrt 

of chancery, that James L, by letters under his sign minnrfi 

dated at Westminster 16 July 1622, directed the diief goveraor 

of Ireland to cause letters patent to pass under the great seal, 

oontaim'ng a grant of the dignity of an earl to ths ^en. lori 

Charlemont, but which was never put in enecution ; m., 2 July 

1768, Mary, da. of Thomas Hidunan, co. Clare, esq., descended 

from the noble family of Windsor, viscounts Windsor, which titk 

became extinct 1728, (who tL April 1807,) and had issne, 

1. Francis-William, present earL 

3. jAMRB-TiioMAS, b. 1 Aug. 1776, d, 8 Sept. 1793. 

3. HSNRV, of Hackly Lodge, oo. Armagh, M.P. for oo. AnBajdu (b S9 July 
1779, m., SO Aug. 1819, Elisabeth-Margaret, 8d da. of Dodwdl Browns, of 
Ralinet, co. Mayo, esq., and has biue, 

1. jramcs-Mohrncux, 6. Oct. ISMi 

2. Henry.Willinn, b. April 1828. 

3. Zoe-Marnret, b, April I8M. 

4. Elixapkth, 6. 13 Dec. 1773. 

The earl d, 4 Aug. 1799, and was succeeded by his son, 

FsAircis-WiLLiAM^resent and 2d earl. 

Heir Presumptive — The hon. Hekry Caulfeild, only bro- 
ther of the earL 

Crea/i<m#— Baron, 22 Dec. 1620; Viscount, 8 Oct. 1665; 
Earl, 23 Dec 1763. 

Arm»—fitt Plate 73. Barry of ten argent and gulet, on a canton of tbe le- 
oond a lion paMant gardant or. 

CrewfoA dnnm't head erased guln, gorged with a coUer gemeB aigcat. 

SmppmH9r»^Tm9 dragons, wings elevated, guiss, gorged with a ooliar ge> 
mell aigent. 

ifeWs Deo dMe<*> Mro t mtHm t*, Ood my lesdsr, end viy sword aiy con- 




^^OBK SAVILE. Easl of STEXBOKOt'Oir, Vtenni ¥,4- 
' nigtoD, Bwxm PcilBnKtoD, of IjangCiirtL, M.R.U-. braXJoK 
I7IEI : tucraedrd bU f«ib<r, Johu, hu cnH, Feb. Ism : iHrTW. 
SOAiig. tan;, Aquc, Mttt ira. ur Itiiljp, nrl .if tlanloirkc, 
K.U..>ndliu >Hue,^I. JUHNXHARLES-fiEOHIfe, n'^. 
aturU PtOinglmyb. 4 June 1810; — 2. HEjiKT-ALEZAKUCa, 

1. 1-2 Drc. 1811 ; 3. SiLjtH, A. 33 Feb. 1813; — 4. PuiLIF' 

VOBKE, £.23 Aug. I«Ui a. CHARLES^TtlAmT, 6. 34 fib. 

IBlBi — «. FKEDEKit^t, b. 17 ,M«rili 181J ; ^. AaTHDm,i. 

20 Dec 1H19. 

^Tbe funily uf Sif ile sppesn (a hivv bnm xatcd in Vorluliirr 
^aBrljr u iba Idth crnniry i ■nd Iwo brandica of i( were, at 
aot period*, elevaied lo tbe pv«ran of Eiigluid. by ih> (IUh 
ri of Suuec kod marnuen irf Kuilai. of ichich ibe farmer 
ledtiDct (ID thedemlhof Jchn.Sdnu-l, I67i, sod thalaito 
« death at George, 2d marquss, in IfOU. 
L (btRl brmcb of the family vh neaied at ItlnhUy, eo, Vark, 
pflrludi waa nr Johw Hjvile, one of the baront at ths (xciw- 
trigna of Kliubeili aiid Jainei I. Ilia ddaat aoii, ilr 
I cminl a hart. I6|I, Inil dj^ng vlUioiil turvltiiiii 
fimv, thr title bcramo mlnrt. but the ataln derotred U bii 
brother, Joux Sai^ili, whuM KraDdun, CHaaLEX-Savit,!:, 
(»q..of MHhler, ». iOTC'"- Aln)>eiB,<»-h.araiiWl MilUiie. 
., of Felley Abbey, en. Notlinghatn, and d. S June 1741. 
_„ iMOe br her (wlio d. S4 Jun* ITIW) au nnly kin, 
'bnv, IniuJlol K.B., 33 June 174(1, cmied damn PvlHiigton 
^Loufard, R Not. 17&3, and adranrad to the digiiitin r4 ri*. 
|knlf>uffi>v(Mand rarlof .tfrjAormifA, II Feh.l7M. HI* lonl- 
^m., SO Jan. 1700, Sarah, da. of air Prancii HIaki' tManl. 
V, and aiiler at John, lord Delaral. and had Iwne by her, 
W> M., Sdty, 4 May 1780, ihe nrr. Sandfurd Hardnialle, and <L 

vam. ini,) 

■ l. JOBH, Sdeari. 

.;K|iiirin>>i^j bvid, wuhmi ivui itn;. 

c Mil i, 37 Feb. 177B, anii wag lucuaedcd hy hii (lui, 
r JoBK, ad earl, A. H April 1761, m., s;. S«pl. 1782. tUluIx-tli, 
^ and lole b. of John StepbeuMii, of llaat Runibatn, to. Hucha, 

L JoKv, preaant eari. 
* iuaiH.ktFtiKin«,r>„i<i.siun.tM.Ji 
3. MM, Uoin lUcluFd, •ail Blokt. and h>1 < 

iBiry lUduFd, •arlBlokt."^— >>'^«'"-<'-' ' ' 

.«IJuiielTM.«UDcF. II 
m ovt 4. Feb. 1B30, and wa« iiKnvded by liia only ton, < ' 
Poa», pmoit aad 3d esrL 
\Jttir AppttTTttl — Joiiii-CHAiii.r.H><it:oHSE, viKtiiini Po 

laoS the eari. 

r. 1 703; Viacuuniaud EmI. 1 1 Fob. 177 


ViaoouLS Tonumr, Bvob Wiatntfln, i£ Gart« sk Gahmv; 
hant U May 1758; tuooNd^ ha &tbcr, E^wd, die btt auL 
10 Aug. 1788 ; mgrrUdy 6 Nov. 1781, Jbim, dft. af SidteH 
Chapman, of Ijcicifln, m^^ by whom ( vho A 18 Jmm^ I7M) he 

had inue, 1. Jave, 6. 22 Nor. 1788; — 2. EDWARD, 

•WMun^ TWfMNir, A. 18 J«ne 1784, ai^ 28 Uaj 10811, Imtjf' 
Louisa, da. of Joha Heya, «q., and by har hai iaaue, 1. Mimmdy 
h. 18 May 1810 : 2. ckarloiit^mUp^mfietUjimm. A. 4 8i|t. 
mil: S. LHcy.LmwuMarUa, 6. 19 Nof. 1812; 4. H€m(<^^) 

A. SI l)#c 1813; 3. AjrwE, b. 8 Doo. 1785, m., 14 Jvb* 1810, 

Br Charin TJiad, hart. ; 4. AftTHum-RicHaftl), 5. 14 Jan. 
1787, «., 1 Sepc 1829, CharloctoJ'itxharbert, aldaM da. of 

Df^wge I>a\*ah, Mq., of New Qrore, Pctwwth, Suwcx; & 

UABELLA-bLiiABETH, 6. 19 April 1788; 8. ADOlPBrs, 

k 3 Au)S. \mu m.y 9 Nov. 1812, Javia, 2d da. of F. Ilevar, 
rh).« and has iwue, 1. Anme^Chad^ 5. 12 May 1814 ; 2- fKarte- 
i\jU, A. 21 Nov. 1815; 3. HarrieU^ 5. 23 Oct. and li 8 Nov. 
1817: 4. Anhur-E^uHifd^ 6. 31 Jan. 1818; 5. Biwrnrd^ b. 18 
H>«« li^l I 0* AiMphut^Avfftutut^ 5. 22 April 1823; 7- *^^ 

*. 22 Jail. 1828: 7- Jobv^osiah, A. 4 Fab. 1792, d. 19 

Julv 1798. Th«> rarl ••., 2dlv, 30 May 1795, Harriet, aUnt da. 
«4 Vi'Uliaiii Boani, of Paxhill Park, oo. Suaaar, a»f., «nd vidov 
K^t* the rav. John llodioote. 

Sir aJvmrJ Tumomr^ apaakor of tha hooaa of oomaMiia 1881, 
asU hwU «*hitfi' lianm of the axchaquar 1871 ( was fiathac af air 
,KJw»rU Turuour, kill., m. laabeUa, da. of Wiliiam Kdth, cari 
iiMrijM.'luil ; (lu ihe failure of whose issue male, tha Tumour 
MUatas d«vulvW tku the reprssentativas of his da., Sarah Tur- 
Uitur, whit w. Frauds CW« Mq., and had issue, Sarsh, who, sor- 
vivii^ )U1 th« uule line of the Tumours, bacssna sola hesresa of 
lh« t'auulv : xhe mi. Ji«e|ih Garth, esq., and d, 22 Sept. 1744, 
hMviiitf i»<ue« Kdwakd, Ist earl ; and Sarah, la., July 1757^ 
Joihii.\ViUijuiulU(uii Foster, of Newton Cap, oo. Durhaan, esq. 

KuwAai>, Ut earl, sole representative of his maternal ances- 
tors, wa» ortvAttxl harou Wintrrtun^ of Gort, 10 April 1781, and 
advHiu'vd to the diguiiv of viscount Tunwur^ and earl fFiri/er- 
teK 19 Feb. 17(i8: iha earl m., 13 March 1758, Anne, da. of 
Thoukas, lord Archer, and had issue by her, (who <L 20 Jane 

1. Ei>wAaiH the present earl. 

3k AHTHt n. fr. I7M. iL U M«y !>«. 
S. liKiftjkidtt. U J<;.. 6. S tkt. tAjL il June Utf4. 

4. liEo^OB. \ 4 Vebb i:ifti. m. RiiuHo At lUuMett. niece of the cardinal 
duke lie U«u«.H*tt. nml J, In iVvkm li> April 1813, learfaig hsue, 

1. AtuohKnillv. M. the iWraUer de l*sri«cC 

i. Cmvkc, ^. 11 M«ti;h ITHK 

3. Knmrtv, ft. U Nov. IMO. m. at Cr)loo. A July 1830, WDUatn Crsa- 
vUle. fM|.. aMTrtary to Kt»v«minmt. 

4. KdwarA-ArdwT. fr. ii Aug. MM. 
&. Jane, K M Aiiril iHm*.. 

8b Hkmmv. k M AmU l^«^ R.N.. *, Sefit. I8M. 

«. Cmarj-ks. 6. i!v June 177*. Ueat. •Rh foot. 4, £3 Feb. ItlC 

griLiwim^ f.'l?tin. IJ*L — » CO. W. Jatei *lMn. t^ 
Tk- <»l «., Ulr. 18 Feb. t7T". nhabclh. i». of Juhn Arw- 

S^UarA ITVl.H'uBMn M Aa rtinn. okq., atuiuituti-i^iii:*! [•> 
*■ hiM. BmI loAla CooiBuii,) bad iMut, 

K bWiMJan, ta »(■>* oAm. k • Jim. im. «. M, M !«s>. ln*> 

Ik SMbW Bt^i* BuiiiH.I. n Mn UK- 
IS. liHilHKrift. I. e (M.. A 4 )><>^4K 
«. Kun^n,4«MHT)i ITW. m. rr MifcUlf li»>L— . w^. nriMM>4r» 

li. f*iu^RiJi:i£.*.,ouM. 

,n»aMt 4. It Aaf . 17ISB. uid rM aaonvlfd by lil> iltet Mn, 

'ti- EtnrjatK proenl *nil 9d Ckrl. 

tj--/Mr Apfnrmf ErnrjUP. viMffltnl Trmxacm, xtn of ibe 

'II*mR. 10 April I71II ; Vimmuiu and Earl, 19 Teh. 

MT — 4 1km piHHii ^T^mi Mir*ni< holdtai Jb ilia Ai 

^ THOMAS »T. LAWHANCK, £*bi- 0/ IIOWTU, Vh. 
OBBDi (it. Laicraiiett, Baron of UowUi \ tori* AUf. liwat Mb 
MxM kl. Uilin-. WUliwn. the Ule oarl, 4 April IKSi ; imintti. 
9 Jut. IfKG, Emilj, M uid yoaoKiOl lU. 1^ ill* law nart, InJ 
AUT »r ihe prtHnt uianiuaa of Uanrlcard*, and bmt liHU*, 
VILLIAM, riimitJ St. Lmrrant*, B. U fari* Nor. IBSB. 

The funilf of St. I 
Bivtb, tijr teonctt, tin 

Tu'uHAs St. Lawhakce, Uth baron, t- lODO, «■.. 23 So],i. 
IIB7, Sluy, eldeH da. of Haory Barucirall, 'riKMiul Klii|pl*ii<l. 
■odbadistuebyber, (Bbi>d.l«On. IJla,} 


1. William, SGth ti>rd. 

D. Mau, m. MmiTh' 


Hia lordlhip rf. 30 May ^^2^■, and n-at succeeded by bis dden Km, 
William, 2(ilh lord, A. 1 1 Jan. 1698, n., 2 Aur. 1738, t.>uc7, 

foungent da. of lieuL-gen. Uichard Gu>rg«B, and had iuoe bybcr. 
■ho m., 3dl;, Nicholas Weldon. esq.,) 
1. TnouAS, 27ih lord. 

rll 1749. 

>r ITSI.'in., U AogilTa), RIdurd. eldw laD of til RirtiHd 
Hit lordBhip if. 4 April 174B, and was auccceded by his ■Idnt 

Thomas, 37ih banin, i. 10 May I7.W, craauid viKonni A 
Lawraace, and earl of //oHlA, 3 Sept. 1767, «-. 17 Nov. 1700, 
IsBbella, da. nf ihe right hon. lir Henry King, bart.. and iMi^ 
of £divvnl, lit eart of Kingslon, and had iuue by her, (irb* A 
BO Oet. 17»4,) 

1. William, 2d earl. 

1, Thduah. D.n.. biihnpnfCvtkmBdRoH, n. Firuai, c^sEdbi^A- 
helwB Df Henrf CwbUn, D.n., wicL liu buue, 

1. Thocnu.lDlialyonlen, m..Z0keli.l81S, HuiM, Dotyi 

m holy or 


mnj, A 7 Aug. IJW. 

ahn L«Ue. P.D., Iwdblihev af 
. 1773. Dudb-t. lurd EMntTi *Mi^ 

buww ot SUUv) b«nostli>« 1774. 

a. fclllABITB, ■.., 7F* 178B. gm- •!' 
md Robgni Town. co. Diin>MH.%«rt.. jinn a. s j<u>. iiiu 

The earl d. 20 Sept. 1801, and waa >uai«eded by bia eldest Km, 
William, 3d earl, b. 4 Oct. 1751, m., I June 1777, Marj>, 

2<1 da. and oO'h. of Thomaa Blrmin^iua, earl of Lovlh, siM 

had i»ue by her, (who d. ao July 17113,) 

1. HAaainr, n-.U Jw. UUI, Anhui.Frtnch SL Onirite. of Ttraw. tt, 
' *"" Ity, ftom -IMM 



rolIiT, or Ckiugh H< 
"Th7~eaTl m., 3dty, Jlargam, eldest dn. of William Burke, of 
Olinrii, CO. Oalway, by whom be had issue, 

6. TnoMAB, present earl. 

a, William, k Nol. inn. d. njijntl IBM. 

e, Ch»rla. 

. i 


TlM (*ri iL 4 April lan, ud tn 

TuoMAi, piTMni knd 36 tuL 

Iltir AppBTfHt — Viacount 8t. UiWKAirci, ilMMcI** MO. 

rrroftou — Bttrim, originalljr bv wddi*, Ani]>> Hniry II.. 
kinK John'a MUnit of cuifinnatiaa t uat Mais, 4 Jfarck 1469, 

TUinryVIl.!— - * 

■= t.l7«7. 

I •WB. 4 Jfwc* 1469, 
md wrl of Hvwih^ S 

OEOROE KINO. Ej»l al KIN<IHTON'. Vitmunt Kinfit. 
baruu^h. Uarou KiNcilon, uf Hodtitifcliam. in Irfbnd i Baran 
Kls«*TOK. of ilic I'luwd Kinftdoni, uid • Vtunad^oaa irfifa* 
IMtt rulvrlni lorn U April 1771 1 HirMd«l hii (kil«r. Bo. 
had, tlielats ml. 17 April 17B9l cnaui m Tma of ti>» Vai»ai 
Kicif4>itii, by the title of Hum Kikuiton, 1? Julf 1791 c •ui^ 
W.5 SUv IIU4, ladf IlFlcnB Moorp. oiilv dk. nf StrpbcB, lu 
' iif Mwouwhcl. vid hu 1h,iw,~1. ^UWAKU, Hmw«>J 

i«lir»^, fc «IH"- >7Mt !■ RoRKBT, K. IT1I7, M.I-. 

». Curk ; ~ — ^3. JamIc, «. IBOOt 4. IlKLtSA. a.. I Dae. 

t9,Phiiip.[>iK^e>Cuuk«, uf Vi>rkibu*,nH. <- — 0. Al»Bt.jUt>B- 

h Sir JoHK Kiwo. wu cTKIad Band RLngkloa ISM; hit tW 
~ ~c bdsinf extinct nii tbp dcCMM ■/ Juum, tuni Kiontmi. 
le daIc, t;«l. Sir Uulwrt Kinf;, iirotim nf Sir l>i 
, w« crmied m Immnvt, 1083, uiil ftMa him (Wvimdnl <ir 
t KiBK, crOLtcd, 1T4S, bkmii KiuKtbuniu^ti, vlw. dyiiiK 
M.. the title b«oiin« niiiitt, I71UI, but tli« tiBt)iMli7 ^f^lvt* 

r EoVABO, 6tli <«rt.| uid In («rl n( Kint(>tini. /i. 30 Majr 
|UW. n., < Jan. 17^11. JonF, dn of TI«mH CwHciU, vuj.. <i 
im r.harladniit hmily, and had imwio, 
1.1. Ho».l.T.2drir_f. 

. . ■. L4wr«nc«, nvT nf Ihlri. 

lino. Ttwnu Tnil-r-. c 

rf, l( Nov. 17117, aiHl Ki. 
kltoaut. MMTt.A. t7»4. ■>■. * 
tJUdarA ntiKOTMld. ,^ Mouiu • 1. 
* ~ avof LciiiitDr, by hit 1>t wili'. 
d aiHl wil* !>■ of Janini. 4lh iiii< 
iHwtio d. Dk. 11123) had liiuc 
I- GsokuC, prewDt carl. 

I. Uaant-^EswAUb t. U Aug. KiTS, < 

«!■■■ I bIb A is Fib. IBI 1 be liBl line, 

S. CiralbK, ■>., •! SegX. l«S7. JDhn Od^, of Cvr^a. to. VftUifcti, 

«! iBiidu. m.. Aug. ine), A 

on, or sWalck, li.K., 


1. jAHam-iriuiiH, opt. R.rr., m.. n Nov. 

10 ilw dKLOtornirniDlnrtJ 

Kls. CuTDttnr, °d <ti. K^hil^ 

<«, nhUihop af DuUhi. nd hnhn*. 

a UtHMdT, —, It Sept. U«l, St»phHi Mo 

XL Haut, m. Cnrg^o. Man, oTIUclvilciad 

dmUBd UorDun. 

Kode: ifidMlT. Mod-, nidi 

IHidat from the il*gue » IM 


The ou-l rf. 17 April 1790, uid «ai »i 

LMeded by bis >l4Mt •«, 

GEOaeE, pnaeat and 3d Mrl. 

Kjhsmobovch, iU 

earfi too. 

Cn.B«™-IUrmei of Treland, 27 Sept. 1G82! Baron Kbw- 

■ton, 13 July I7W; V\,amac Kiiipion 

luNo*. I76O1 Earl of 

^, ofthalJuiicdKiiix- 

a™, 17 July im. 

^■w-SmIHiim;*- CuIb. tmUmnniBU 

miiiuix uppxituw ■ dais 

hHkd, (MM) M liw vitat, HI Jiritan- 
^—-601 of * dual «r«.«" > <l«m biM 

ma. ■wh >r>t 11(1 ta >M itiM 

^Snatrltrt T-o llsu tin (ck •innl and rulai. diKillT ciamAl atUn lio. 

Molynmix, of Itlw7l»>»ii^>i ■ BaninM of En^Uiid. and Vice- 
AdaiintlofCounaugfit.M.P. forDroinrichtiom IK ftrpt. 177! I 
>iic<«(id(Kl Ilia facber, Clwrlei.WiliiuD, Uic lai« rarl. 31 Jan. 
179s ; wtarrM, 1 Jan. 17K!. Mann, 8d da. of n'illiam, (kh loi4 

Cravm, and baainua, I-Oeobqiaka-Isaxella-Fbakcci,! 

t. lAUeo. 17ilS,n.,33 Jun«IB10. Chai^a-Pa«oeUreiirell,aq^i 
vm of Puoue QrsnfcU, Mug., and d. in child-bed 2^ Juoe 18g«;i 
a. Ma«»*, *. 22 Feb. 17ua; — 3. CHARLE*>.WiU. 

LIAM, BueoMnl Molynemj, t. Ill July I7MI :- — -4. LouUAai 

AMMK-MAkiA, i. IS Oct. 1707; 5. UeoaDB-BEXiCLET,. 

Mptaiu 7tli linibl drsfriHini, b, IN July 1700:— 6. Umk^w^.- 
RiCHABD, b. ■i^Aug. 1000; 7> FsAVtJKa, i. ia03t- — B-- 

I C&*oinra-lljiitmtETT. t. 4 >!■* IKKI ; fK Fia^fd*. 

>. t Uareh IBM: 10.* KiTMUmiMi, L M £«. 


Tliii iK-ble r«nily irwB an unUokva n>i>)* dmcvnt fran WU. 
liam (I« .Mulinet, lord u( iM^tini, one vt ihv fi.>llowm at kiitg 
WTlUwii the Omqueror. SJrWiLLiAU Mvlrtir.v-c. at Stltau. 
Msfc <ritb hit own hmait m Kaodard* at lh« batllr of FMdrn 
ncU. Sil RiCHJIBD SIOLTKKL-X, Df SvflOB. baft., VM CnSUd, 
91 Dk. 1638, viuuuiit Mnlficui. of Mu7ln>n>uMh. ». 3tary. 
' >ir Thomu CaryU, and d. !(;:«. )a)v!ii« >uu> 
UAan. Sd fbcounl, who d, wiiliiHti l»u«i 2. 
CaBVLL, 3d rlHinint, who d. I(I(W, and n* niccMdOd by lii> 
■ iag «m, 
H, 4ih nMnunt, ■>. Bridgat, da. and h. a( RiHxrrl 
Iaft. of CharicDMe, «>. Wanrirk. nu|., and rf. II Mkk^ I7I7, 
Imvuig iMua by bar. (who d; 29 April 1713.) 1- Uic(iAa.D. AUi 
yiioiiual, who if. wiiboiit iuu* mate 19 Dm. 17M t S- ('ARTLt., 
tUt Ttaconnt, 4. nam. IjU; 3. William, 7lh viKumut, ithn 
-'m a wim. 30 Alarch I7U ; i. Thmiaa, wba a. Uaiy, ^ of 
■ma Leverj, of London, aud d. 3 licpl. 1790, Iraiiiig in i<ul; 

C)iAKl.e*-WiLi.iAM, who nucOMiled, mi lb* daaih of tii* 

•rie, WiHiani, aod became Rth vlHtiuni Al'ilynrni i rrfnied, 

I Xov. 1771, earl of Se/lom fa., 27 Nov. I7«B, lubdla fiUH. 

tope. da. of William, M «ri of HarririKi'm, (hy f.'anHna. aldxt 

^ of Charlo Fitaroy. 2d duke rif (Irafum,,) by whom (w(m 

'injan. I6l0)bebadiuue, 


Tht wiui d. 31 Jan. 1790, and wn* nitcwJed by hit oidf turn, 
WiLLiAX, prewil and Sd earl. 

Ilrir Appartnt-'Ctt\w\.tt-yf iti.iAU,yiiieauJA MoLTVtVXi 
he earlV eldest ton. 


■OBERT JOCF,I,VN, E*ni. of RODEN, Viwwmf Joe*. 
n. Baron of Newport, in Ireland : Damn CLAaailAiaiLL. of 
• L'nitad Kinffdom, K.P.. and an Engliih Bnnmrt, AudlMr- 

Inaral of the 1-^ehe^er, and ■ Privy Cimnwilor ; Aont 27 (^l. 

tJVH; tuoneded hii fatbn-. Rolwrt, the late mrt. fit June IA20 j 
(tod a Peer of the United Kiiigdum, by ihe lille nf Baron 
abnwdll, of Hyde Kail, co. lleru, 17 July 1131 : mnrWrrf. 1> 
I. Ilta, Rlaria-Franras-Catberlne, in. of Thoniaa, lord I« I>r< 

Btocai; aixihaiHsna, ). ROBERT, nfnemml Joet/)fn, S."" 

ftb. lar - ~ - ■ " 

I. iai«; 2.TilOM 

i. 10 April 1SIB,(f. May 18SQt— 





. 13 Dwvlflla;— fl. Fmances. b. 80 Nor. 1814 1 
G. Emma, daceued i- ^J. Mabia, b. 2» 6ep(. 1834. 

KulDiua JocELVH, ft uulilemiui of BritULny, puxd 
ICiiglaud in tho time of Eilward [he C«nfeasor, uid wu fatber oif 
■ir OUbtrl Jaceljfn, whu relurued into NumuiTid)', uii KK 
panied ibe Con^usror in hi* cxpeilitJoii agauat EngUnd, I 
whom he obtained the monon of Ssuipringhaiii ; left i»ue 
Miu, Oillien and (teaffrey. The eldait wu burn U Scmpr 
hfun, and fnuiided (he Cuterdwi nionniery of iiionki «t 
place, who were from him eklled Oilbertinv; he iV. IISG, uii 
wu lanonizod by Popo laiiooanc lU., 1202. Ge^rep dtJtce. 
ii/ii, 3d Hon, on hii l>rother pinbradng a religioua IHr, JnlleriMd 
the estate, ftmn wham dearended Thumai Jorclyn, who m., 122iL 
Alaud, ds. and co-h. of sir John Ilvde, of Hrde if all, co. Unt^ 
(iiy Elizalieth, da. of John, lord Siideley,] by n-bich marriagi 
the earli of Roden twcanie pououed of Hyde Hall, which iMf 
reniaintid ev«r since in their ]Hffiseiuiaii. Sir Kobebt Jocelts, 
of Hyde Hall, lineal deMendaut of Thoma*, wa* oeatad a bwe- 
nst 1GU5, and had, by Jane, co-h. of Robert ftLisnge, of SOBivt 
fonl, CO. Wilts, euj. beside other issue, sir tjtraiige, 2d ban. | (alW 
etsitiir of sir Conyers, who, dyi ng withiiut issuo, ti>otitl«daiielri' 
lo the earl of Roden ;} and Thomas, SIh son, who, by Ague*, dl 
of Thomu Dray, esq., had issne an only ann, 

ICoBEBT JocELVir, lofd dumisllur of Ireland, vid 13 (iisi 
lord Jiutice of the kiuj^om, who was cmted harnn .Vnrpad^ 
1713, and advanced lo the dij^nity of Tiscount Jeeelgu, I75Jk 
The v-iscount m., lat, C'hariolte, co-h. of (Jharles Anilenua. of 
WorceMer, esq., who d. S3 Feb. 174? ; he »., 3diy, 16 Nov. I7M, 
Frances, da. of Thomas C'laxtim, of Dublin, esq., dowaa 

RichBEd. eart of Rosx, who d. 36 May 1772. 

3 Dec l7o^ and was aucceeded by his son, 

Robert, 2d viscount, who was advanced to the dignilv tt 
ewl of Wurfm, 1 Dec. I77I. The earl n.., II Dec, 1762, Ann* 
HamiltUD, eldest da. of .laom, earl of Clanbrauiil, (by Bcnrietn 
Bentinck, da. of WiUiam, Ut eat\ of Portland,} and h. of hd^ 
brother, Jainu, Ian earl uf Clanbrasut, and had fssi - 

I. RosEKT, 2d carl. 

1 lonlt£ip d. 



■ Apta ma. J«n« AttnKkto. C]., ud 4. hti >ld<» UK, 

. ii., liffi, John SDUInn, n|. 
Tbe oH d. SS JniK 1797. ind vn vuKflriH l>7 hi> wn, 

RoBSiT, ad cu-l, a. M Oct. tTM. K.P. : ■iidiMr-grnvnl uf 
ihe eirheqiier, »nd custoi rmulonim oo. Loulh ; ts.. lit. S Fob. 
1788, Fntim-TheodmU, ddert da. of Hoben Bligh, don o( 
B|di(ii, hrnthrr of John, rari of Darn]e]', and h»d jaur. 

I. RoiEiT, pi-CTcnt auH. 


■■ irW. •>.. T FMl. ItUl Rkhv4. 1 

Ttie nrl d. 9t) Jun«l830, and wu iiiDcccdrd by bi> cidat hid, 

ROICBT, pnsent aiid Sd Carl, 

MWf jlppaml—ViKoanl Jocrtw. mn of the earl. 

rw«irM<— Kngluh Bnonei, IfHUt: Bvon Newport, 1744] 
VuoMiii Jore9;n, nbf>s <t»d Kari of R.u)fm, 1771; Bnoa 
1, 17 Jnirisei. 

Lninie. Ixml Vaughan, Baron Fetben, i«m 3 Mareh I7KU: 
cjooeednl liii brothir, Wibnot, the kce earl, 9 May IBM. ml. 
in ihF vtoy ; aartud, 2 Aug. 17Sa, Lucy, Ath da. of Williaoi. 

Tilccruni (inintnay, and luu huia, 1. Wilmot, b. nw, d. 

vm. \%\a -.^-i. KItN£ST-AlttiU8TUS, tord rtuvAan, t. »(> 

Os. 1800; 3- George J^AWBENCB, npt.Mhhfoot, b. 6 Feb. 

IMS; n., Oct. 183U, Mair-Jowphiue-Bodie, da. of Hvnry 

VSbnk. of atadrid, «>q, ; i. JotiK-SuATTO, b. »l 4Jcl. IMS ; 

B, WillI'IM.Malet, lic4il. 4th dn^non RUnrdi, i. 18 >Iui 

US7t~— & LtlCV-UAHHIETT.i. 4 Feb. ISOU. 

JoBX Vavbiian, Ui viumini Liabum*, (grnndjoa of Juhn 
I'tllgfaatl.lordiihlerjiuticBof the«Dunof CommanPleaa, INS3.) 
■werolted, by William III., :2d June IC9S, Uron Frther,. Kud 
•iKvaut /.ir&urHr. Hii lon1>li>p n. Malet H'ihnot, ad •■•. <it 
John, earl of Rnchnier, (liv KNralwlh, only da. and h, ot Juliii 
Malot, of KiimorF, on. SomerHi, «w|.,) and liiier and oo-b. of 
hw brother. CfaarliH, earl of Roi'hntcr, and htiit iisue bv h«c 
(vteA 1711). 

1. JOKV, id viiMViint. 

(. WiLKOT. adviwounl, 



Tte viicaiinl d. 1720, and vras suroeeded by his lAim tOB, 

John, 3d viioauni ( m., lit, ihe da. or tir Jolin BenDct, lui., 
■eiveBn[4C-law, who d. without iHue, Vi JaXy 1723 ; m., Uly, 
I7SS, Durothj, da. of Kchsrd Hill, of Beiililsi, a>. UoDlgH. 
me^, e^if., and had iwuc by bur, (nhu li 30 Not-. IJIN),) 

Hi* lnrdahfp rf. 15 Jan. 1741, wiihmit issue nudv, and its tab 
ceeded l>y his brother, 

WiLHOT, 3d rixniint ; m., 1737, Eilxabelh, eldest it. irf 
Thomiui Watson, nq., and bad iuue, 

icmor of B«r-lck, il. 91 Junir Fw- 

Thevisoounl dl )9 Jan. 1706, and *rai tuMeeried b^ Itl* cldnl 

Wii.uOT, 4lh risroont, advancpd to tlie digiitCy (iT Arl nf 
iuiHr/ic, la July 1776 : ra., 1st, July 17M, EliiabCTh, Unix- da. 
ot Joseph -OaKin>'Qe Nightitigale, of Sfambead, co. Devon, esq.. 

by her («■! 

1. WiLUOT, 2a ean. 

The earl m., Sdly, ID April 1763, Dorothy, eldnt da. of John 
Shafio, of Whitirarth, co, Durliam, e«q., and had isaue by b«r, 
<wharf, 12 Sept. )8US,) 

SI. JoHH, present earl. 

:4. D.nioTiiv-ELinsmi. ft. 13 M>j l;SI. "., U May ITtS. ill Lawifpf* 

The earli/. G Jan. 1800, and wai aucceeded l>y bit eldMt sou, 

WiLNOT, Btli viMoiiDt, and ed earl, b. 9 May 1755. d. ■»■■. 
It niay 1330, and was ■ocveeded by hii only brollier, 

JoHH, present and 3d nrt. 

lleif Apparent — Lord Vavohah, the esrl'ii eldeil *on. 

Cna/ioni— ViHMunt and Baron, 26 June 1095 1 'Baal, IG JhI* 

177«. . „ w . fl, nMlr-U. 

S.ifl(H>nnv— Dubr, ■ dni«m iTcwUnt, i>in«i (Inaisl •■». sib/jO t. »a 

wjth ■ I'l^n ™'lu >">(e, BmbflMduulEhuieU wlh ibRsfleurMlf-lkuam 
and rtminhi joW. 

OMint Ctwiwiltiam, ro. Tippcrary. Daron (tilford, oo. Down, and 
a Baronet of Ireland, bom lit An);. 17!|[> 1 ■uneedcd hk ^ihsn 
Richard, the Iai« eail, 3 Sept. l6Wb. EnToy Enraordinary aiHl- 
Ambaasador PIvniiHitenliary at Berlin. Created a Baron of 1I10 

United Kingilnai, by Uie lille of Bamn ClannilliAiii, at C'lui- 
iriUiwD, s& Tipiifrarr, M Ju- ItUU; ni'n.v', .'. Ji.iv lElO. 
Udj EUiabMh Uerbcn, da. o* Omrp- I l-i. ^-v-i - K^'. >,->,. 

Th* ftonlly of MzxDE, mndmi! 
•Mopd for manf cmturin In ihr cl ' 
rf lh«t cnuDty, iD>ntioD>, thnt ni 11 ■ 

smI« birillltj the M«a4n, thai the* \uid iln- i>au..i:,ij,T nf I'ln- 
pnljeod of Liiteuy, wuj Ibiit nuny of thia Bneipnc (wiiljr iralV 
intemd in ll>e abbey of RiitiFVdii. A dtscvnduii u( ilili houai 
vB WUliam )Ie>«li, aliu M«da. curuwcntUxl litliup uf KiUur 
in MM, uulapriTjoauiueUM tulund Umry VtLI. 

Sir Jonx Headi:, knt., eUe*i toa aaih-aS JJtm U«ari«. of 


, atid premiar baronM at IrvlMid, u^ A 
ins, hsrioK utne, 

M, *Im a. Elinbeth, da. cf Mr B«)int Tnnn, kni.. 

fck iur Josh. Ih ban. 

DniiiiicK, 1*1 hnH- (■rtMt, *tu>lt^ Wiie, 

liiul,ni.rart. ait. IfudrnllHr uC H llUaiu. ut Iut4 Bliflidiilfl. 

lacfH, •>, Lvi. (»■ Cntli. Kt. 

7- EiKMii, ■.Gtid*iaS>tf>.a«>.ii(Ctnt'iiliia.>naRitT4eMnlafilkt 
;aUin«F man at TtrpiTUT. rIdrM un of Ihc m. Thatnw tatfl, nf 0004- 
itf*. fo. HcntoM. Iiwlj wn of wmitni SwW, pM«™urj nf r«Iilrrturr hi 
Uk f^rn dT qaHD P:u^1jcib,) iiiil UDcIv ci tlH! cvMmtad JmaAu b'lWa, 

Sir John, 1>( bua., w» appirinled attumey-ftra. Ifl JunM, 
duke of York, jiulgti of tlie CO. Tippcrai7, iDCinber for ihc iiiii- 
rmii}' of Duhftn. 1089, knt. .vf tfce »hire for Titfrnay, 19112, 
and created ■ bart- £9 May 170S; n., Ut, Mary, <!•. and li. nf 
Jtaa* Cuppiugn', Mi|., w)>n k, witbniit ijuie i m., Si'lv, EIllu- 
bed) or Eleangr, 2d da. (and co-li. vith Iipt uilar, u 1;« «. }»m», 
3d viacvuiK Ucrrin) of tvl. Daniel Rvdmaii, l» wliniii ihc iiiH)*- 
nf BallTTifi^, with III mtniire state*, arqiiir(i<t unrltr ilie ami. 
mcawtitlUi, were cmfinneil by tlie an o< •cnJitiiviii, nn the 
mtomion cd king Charka ]t., and had inie an imly da., 

I. Kuitaarw. >.. m, :• MirrT> im). <lr Rakih l-'Xu. oT CmUc FrAi. 

Sir John n., Sdly. 14 June insS, Ellubetli. Iih d*. of PicrW 
Oiiiter.H>f«nMlk«win.*>>dliiuliMnebylMr,(<Tharf.I>«o. 17A70 

II 1 1, ■iiccnaii'a baru. 

r"itn, at 0«tRTL>1uvu. ptUt r«un- 
, tttfttfl^ nf K IHiiInf . iir\A nruf hn of 


Sir Ji'tis ^ 13 Jul I7II, and wu HiflCMilnl by hit diknnni; ~ 
6tr PtEECa, w^ dying ■ tuinar and iinni., «-u sUKRideil (7 
ha onlv Itfothcr, 

Sir BlCKASB. 3d bwt» m.. I ApHl l/aV, Cadiarinc, Sd dik df 
U^uT Pndie, taa., f:nodf«U>a' of Ueniy, Ui laid UuDsUai^ 
and W bSDC bj W («bo -. 3dly, C Oct. 17«B, tin righl hoa, 
tir Hbitv Cairenditb, of Doraid^ UtU, 00. Derby, bart, and 
4.21 ^>Ri>lj;9)u>(i«lTa>w, 
1. Sir JoHS, Isltui ' 


t' eiul of CluinriUUiui, luid iih bMn.^6. a\ 
April 1!44. cmted IJ Nov. |;GG, viiivmnt amsUliam.*ui U. 
ran of Gi(fWrf, and adruind 10 tbe di|^iy of fvrl of Ciani*^ 
liam, 20 July I776f n^. ^ Au«. 17GS, Tbeoduiia, only da. i£k 
b- of Roben-Hairkdii* Magill, «q., (n^bew and h. of nr Joha 
MagiU, bait.) bv his •ecmd vifc, .Iniie, 2d do. of John, ml of 
Cunky, and by bcr (vha ij. 3 March 1817] had ii 
I. RicHAao, a raiL 

n, k I7TS> ••mtpr-^t. ta tbt annj. Bid CB.. lanul^mcnl in 
mil, UnultCWflbn Aa. of the hen. Kdnnl Wiid, uid ha __ 

~ v.l7T«ibikolTiiTdrn,»..aApriliuni.iabifeMhPBir> < 

_ . .. ■DyhB.-hoitJBSwt 


9. Hcair-Uu^ *■ in Feb. In 
B. eDH-iaa, In Um arniT. kiDtd la Enpi, I 

SAliVK, hMAprfllTAfi.., rAprillJM. ' 
Ictauri-Chipd Wluitj, at Wbuliry AUw), 

Apt II \fao. 

■Tn, Rkhud W1b(«(U. *fl: 

la Mai.uiiii-jlD*ivtii)*. K, 31 Ok, limi, Juhn-Bnlam, liiih a 

The earl if. lu Oct. ISUO, and waa lucceoded by hia eldrat Km, 

RicHAKD, Sd earl, b. 10 May I7B6. m., 1st, nt Ichiiuliili, iM 
Boheniia, (t Oci. I7II3, Caruline. »iantes> of Thuua, M da. of 
JoMph, oouiit of Thuiin, by M'tlbeliniiu, counlem of \Md4t 
both of [he moat ancitnt nubility in Oennany, and rdkladH- 
ttimy of the reigning prince*, uid Lad iaaue by her, (who irt' 
Atg. 1800,) 

1. RiCBABD, preieni eari. 


t Puil StctHDT, diuiMrtaH 

'--''BAiti^- • fa* 

bsauix, i.itU|i:n. -.. uj»»ii!ii.i:iu>it>u>N»t,t«te-nwtu. 

BDt CInn-lliuttBhi. (tmnbfilua laitwmpniH or CeimiD). 

I SOe^-TEMPLG, Ei>L NUGENT, in iha PMrage oT IrtlHul ; 
T Hh^e of Burkingbun uid Cbuidoa ; ManjtiM* of Chutdn i 
r Harqiifss iiF Buduiwhuo, tni Eu-I Tniipls, lu th* Peartgaol 
^ - tand, K.O., D.C.L. 


I'BOHOUGH, Vifccnial Ainieni, ViMmint Alifbnrmieb, of Bdnii, 

d Baron of Bdu'nglaM, nico^cil ]iii brMl«r, JoCo. 3il carl, 7 

1i I8S3 I worried Manhn, mily cliiMof Jnhn Burton, oq., 

I niece and h. nt Ma*an ficrurd, nq., and baa JHii*,— I. 
BASON-GERARD.nENJAUIN, viKvmti j4hww. b. 17M i 

ItOi, al KirkBudhrighi, in Scotlanil, (.'•omrlia.Jaiif, da. oC 
-Tanday.df WaMrlDTd, gRi[.,Bndhu ihuc— -2. Elix*; 

y RoismT STa«TrOBD.«-hoie|[tod in Inland about ItUM.and 

II H.F. fur CO. U'icfclav, wBi Krandfatlwr nf 

IiJollM, til earl, ivlin wa* envied baron of BatllBahui, it .^tay 
^^i farther Bdraiiced to (he lillo of viwoiinl AtdbantugK £t 

uf 1770, and. a Feb. 1777] (» the dignltica of viM»uut Anien. 
_'A earl of AMbamgh ,• m. Martha, co-h. of the rav. Boiijamin 
p^tlM, archdeacon itf Lei^iliu, and had Uiue, 

1. Edwaid, 3d Mrl. 
>'S.Joiix,adaarL j 


la Herbert, of Ureal Glemlisin, to. Suffolk, uariv of the «• 
of Pembntke and 3Iontgamerv, [ly Anne, da. af Dudley Xofth. 
of GlemhuQ Hall, esq.,} but had no iuue by her (who 4. U 
April 17as); anri hJB lonh,hip m., 2dly, 21 March I78A, Anltc- 
Eliubeth Hemiikor, unly da. of John, Ui lord Heniuker, and 
aiten w the late 'liiehMS of Chandoa, bat hud no iisue 1^ her 
(who m., adly, Dec; IBOI, Oearge Powell, es^., and d. H July 
1803). The air] ± a Jan. l«Ol, and wu nioceeded by hii bra. 

JoUH, 3d earl, m., in April 1777, Glixulieth. da. of the ban. 
%n4 Ttv. Frederic Hnmilion, eldal son uf Inrd Archibald Hamil- 
ton, 7lh son of M'ilHum, 3d dukii of Hamilwn, and hud iixue 3 

1. BuiIaRii.iii.,EIIJulTi;W,THFwlmtTalJahn-RldwrdI>elapHalUdir- 
*>» look ItieBunt of TdIIcbucIh onh, by mn] tlin mtnuil, IBU. 
(. Loitiiji. HI., SOct. ITahUwbnbJatHiRo&er. uvliLiDccUlU, 

The earl d. J Maicb 182S, and irai nuxeeded by hit broUur, 

Behjamin-O'Ncjils. ]»v*ent and 4tb earl. 

Heir Appareiu — Viicount Amiehs. the earl's ton. 

CcwfiDiu-Daroa, SI May 17«3 ; Viwuunt, 32 3u.\f 1776; 
Vlicvuat Amiena, and Earl of Aldbormiph, 9 Feb. I777. 

.tnu— Set nu* 74. Barrjr of lu, aigoil uid aure, 1 Hub nnpam 

O/t^t-^Kn arvD Ktiboted la ajtdoiif, holdlnf a KrmfUf , proper. 
Sa»>it*r> Dnwr, an emUcmAltnU ll^nof Fvnv. Trai«d argvnTj *^ICl 

bail I ■wnrd-bdt tulB. 

irMta-l'4>WHBMI>Maf<tiriUi. NolhlnitwmOlnlourandirmi. 

count AloiintcMUetl, en. Tippcrary. Baron Kiln-orth, nf JAaiav 
Park, on. Unrk j torn 20 Aiiir. I7ft3 1 nioiaeded hU father Ste- 

Ehen. the late carl, 27 OiO. IBSSj nartied, 31 May 1S1&, Anu- 
larl>,dL of Samuel W'vmi, eaq.. and hai »nie, 1. JahK, i. 

UMky IHWi 9. Camolime-Ahhe. b. 19 Nor. IMI ] 

S. IlKtKMA-ADELAtDE, b. 1 Aug. Itl33 ( 4. STEPHEN, 

itnl KUmrlh, b. 11 March lasS; fi. CHAHLtl-WlLLiAU. 

«. IT Oct. IBM: S. ■ DA, fr. S9 0cE. 1828. 

RlCHABD UOOHB, 4awei4aii Irua ih« >l<i>irH,«n. talufi, wt. 
tied in Ireland Ump. Jttae* L, mhL iutd iaup. ThiMM* of Bvn, 
00. Ti{ipermry,ui«taruf tbufiuiillfiHUi^ ilu-rr, wtd NrBllitlH, 
hii h., who «■ the grandda. uf air Umrm rnwkc, Imn., lunl. 
duof-jiuUM of tb* Kisg*! B«i(li, in KhkUdi). and had bnip, 
BicHABn, n^ 1692, the kon. Klinhnh PAninnl>y. «Mn( ri>.ii( 
WtlUatD, viTnuni Duncannon, and tUuriit lli« Gnt rarl of Bfa- 
kgrnngb, and il 1701, laarinK Uoiaan nn)t Mn, 

Stefueh, crnted baron Kilinrrih, uf ^oon Paik. en, Cork. 
ITtSl. and futihrr adrancenl, 17CGt to il>a dipiiiv nf viioiimt 
MmiKmbMI. (rf AIosiimmMI, tn. Tippwarr- Hi* Inrdiblp m. 
jUtda CcMUf, grandfla. of the ri^t ban. Batnn Utlvnla,,Dr 
NTKiawn, (W. Dm-n. (by Sarah, i^andda. nf Jama SlarvtaiOD, 
■idil<IAop of Armagh.) and h.ef hiv hrMher, Itobert Cb)*lll«, 
Mh, nid by her (who J. lA Aug. l7fH) bad iuuf, 
' !. Kit-aiBD, L » Dr. ITM. <i. tu Uri^. ITM. 
-ft MTKraEM, a) vtuuuni. 

ir ■''liwton. •■. \n(i*, .k. Bid io4b of DJ«bT Fovka. ««v 
1ft, luHnd had Uuir. 

1. ■« Ua gQwJu Hut. dt. e( tbt hen. mt •■•■ llatan 

and A AptU UItTm. 71. tui>lB( k«l 

J. W.ttii 

■i^lUiaiir. 6. Dk. J7M. ki Iiulv 

OWU itf IMdl LbI«(.'<u 

e. «AJUH. r>.. 91,ll<n)$«i>lli>iil.uri:— lla«.a4,,«ail^.i;ll. 

The vimiii I ' : J uat uni' f gff i wl by bia ann, 

Srkriii.s ■,toibadi|[nll7 

■it ear) of M.>:n..-«.,.,ii. >.„., «:.. li Juiia l7tW, !lrl(« Kainloii. 
4lk of John, ^il vul ul ll.urih kv tli^xia Pi-nwiil, da. "( Jotin, 
mi of EfmauU aiid hy her (whu 4. 27 May l7Ud) Uad iawe. 

I, STEPHeX. W Hul. 

it Wdnbipd. 14 May'li>K>, aixi Ka('«Hrt<Rle<l liy hu .uu, 
Stepbm). 3<I «uI. a. It* >(nr<]i 177U. •>-. It t-lifn ISO). 

-1. SIE: 

I. rvf Tti'lnrt. 9<l mri of Kin^iifi 

I. fUtaa-BLiAKoa, »,^ H*ii,ii lIuO, •>•.. 9 Frb. 10 

Itbhtm UubliiHfB. 

Tilt earl if. 27 Oct, IB33, knd whs tucceeded b}- his eUeil soi 

Stephen, present Riid 3d earl. 

Urir .Ippareat — Lord Eilwobtb, the earl't ion. 

C-natigat — B«n}n, 14 July 17fi4 ; Viwvunl, 23 Jno. 1700: 
E>rl. 3 Jan. 17f!l- 

>~S(CPIutT<- SiblF. ainn wlthlD EbonlfToipdlr-l irgml. 

(Vsi— A Unn pnjfaw an a nNi 
colUniJ uid rtutned or. 

I rhlTioc«r»; \tAh pi 

TRIM.VisciTinienDunliice; torn 11 Fab. 177S ; lucceeded ^ 
fstlier, Randul-Wflliiun, the late marquHs, in the enridom md! 
vf'Wuunly, 2S Jiilv 1791 ; marrird, lit, 28 April 1799, to «r 
Ilenry-TempMl V'ane, of WinvKd, co. Duriiaio, b«rt., »ad 3 

him (whnri. I Aug. 1(113) the countess toA issue, VRAtf. 

CES-ANSE VANE-TF..UPEST, t. l(i Jan. IWHl, «., 3 Aptil 
18101 the pruMiit manguets nf Lnnduiirierry. The omUcM ■■■, 
2dlr, 24 M;iy I>tl7. Edumnd Phelps, e«| , nlio bns asranied Ihs 
uauie of MuailanMU only hy royal aigu manual, 37 Juim I8I7. 

B*H»Al.MACDO»lHRLL,of Dunliire,de>«nded from the Mael 
donaUs, lurdt of the iilei, na> created earl of Antrim \3 Dee. 
1030, and d. 1636^ leaving a lona, Ramdai., 2d mrl. who »•• 
advanced tii itie dignity of nianguos of AntrJnt, on account of bit 
loyalty to king Charlfs I,, 1644; wu twice n., but if. witbniit 
issue, a Feli. 1683 ; and ALEXAHnCB, 3d earl, vbo d. ISM^ 

Randal, 4tb earl, n-ha n. Rachel, siner of Clotwarthy^ U 
viionint Ma-vereene, and d. 1» Oct. 1721, leaving isaue, 

ALEXAirnKH, 6lh bhtI, b. la July 1713: hen.. In. 10 April 
1735, Elimlieth, da. nf Matthew Pennefather, esq., which lady A 
Alareli 1737, leavinf- no issue ; he n., 2rtly, Anne, dden da. and 
h. of Charlw-Palrick PhinkeiC, raq., sou <if Blaithev, 7th Inrd 
Lonth, by which lady (who rf- U Jan. 17S5) he had inun 

I- RAtiin,»-«MH 1711.™.. auAug. iriT.JoKphSanilfDnl.of V( 
°%f K*K!ri'i^-H»i...i*.™'s8 Jmel7«7, "-. I Sept. im. «l. J»m. 

3.^AMl>Al. -WILLIAM, lliB late marqne». 
The ear! m., 3dly, 6 July 1755. Cathwine, yaun(:nt da. «f 
ThumM Mcredvtt, of Newton, esq., and rrfipl of Jaaw* Tayloc, 
esq., bnither of Thninas, earl of Becllve, by whom bo bail nl 
iuue. The earl d. 1.1 Oct. 1773, and was luroeeded by bia only 



villi Trmiindn- tflhii djiUKbtan. and thrlr km* tinil>; pl, 3 
Jul* 1774, LMitia Uorra. rid«t da. al Uerwy, lit *l»c>uni 
lUonntmorra, wid rdict ur the hon. Anhur Trvmr, only aon of 
Arthur, vucouut Duupnunii, Uid bad ' > • •• 

I. AKXEXiTmaiNE, thp jircMnt n 

e b)' Lrr i*lw .«. 1 

Tbr mangi 

i. 28 July 1791, whm tba nurqoBMa bw 
arlddin deaniidHl in In* eUeit daof^tA, 
aiKE, tlie prttenl «ninl»i> uf Antnia. 
tptitt—LmAj CUAit.oTTs Kk«n, aolr •! 

CiKotimu — ViMDonl and Eari. 3 Mov ITBS. 
» (lOMttt llrcM* «HiH M. Arcnr, ■ IjrinptHl mbli. bM t^ hr^t^ t4 

. THWJAS PAKENHAM, E^iL and RAaow r>( I/INd- 
~IORD, Irnh llonmin. hirrm hilrhfxtiT, in iW Pn-rain- «f ttri- 
BVaiMid SingdoBi, K.P., Ci)(im RiMiitonim m. I^nriftford and 
IWntmeath ; bom N May 1774 ! •iirrn^nl hli fathar. Kdward. 
EltiAnd, the late lord, 3 Jane M9i,ii\ tlii* banmy; and M ll>« 
■ sriloBi, 27 Jan- I7tlt, on the denlh of hi* gniniliiinOuir, Klna. 
'mh, the late cmnleo; crealcd a Pen- nf the rtitted Kinfploiii, 
^ the title of Baron Silcbcbteb, I? July 1831 ; awrrirrf. VI 
i. I8t7< OeoripanB Ly)^, lia. of the tale and liner to the 
MiteaH Bcaurhnnp. and haa ianie.— l. EDWARD.Mt. 

iBAKL, lord Fatenham, b. M Ort. 1817: i' M'll.l.IAM- 

IfltoOM. A. Al Jan. IHIO; S. TllOHAl-Al.KxaKDEH, A. » 

March 1830; 4. CirikaLFa-REoiMAi.n. b. 31 6epl. IIW ! 

i. r«El>««ic«.BKAi'(riA»p. ft. iB ftrpl, 1833 1 6. C*. 

■tlCE.i'iri.tciA, ft. 34 Sept. IBi«; 7- a Dii'onTxa, *. 

Kit Oa. 1K37. 

_ WittiAM DK Paixkham »m MiHrnt ai Pakenham, «o. 
dFofk, fnn]L Edvnrd 1. 1 bin eldaii ion, nJr Edmund Pakeuhaiu, 
h lemijj. Edirard 11., RnM, da, and m-h. of Roben <to VaBan, 
>D)n whnni devended >lr Iluffli Pakpiiham, wha,if. lHKp, Henri- 
ni., leavinf; imue, t. lir Jafin Pakmham, whnw nnty da. and 
^de h.. CiHiiiianre, <-«n-ied the rataia of LaeA'tagUm, to. Auwnc 
Hlier bntband, lir Otntlrv dela Pale, km., SdunofiEr Rlehanl 
l» la Pole, K.U., l>v .Mai^rrt Plantagmn. ommuai of ttaltalmrr, 
Uy da. of Uenrfivi d<ike nf f^lnrenM, brother In Kdward IV.: S. 
' uiuextor uf ihe mr/i 0/ Jjangfunli 3. Anno, fa. air 

ley, knight hanxerM, br irhnin iih« va> mothV^ of 
Ir Henry SMney, K.O., Uml deputy of Ireland. Sir BdinM 

7S4 mm 

of NiehoiH, KeompMiied his oonMn, 
1970 : hitmadton, Henry FiloHu 
HaU. ei>. WmtemtBtk, Ump. Chaiim 
Tlunas Fakenlum, knt^ of PtkenliMii 
1606, whose ion and heir, Kdwaid 
of >sirwih— Hafl, knight of the shire 00. WesU 
l^oxAS Pakcvhax, 1st lord, b. May 1713, m., 5 Merah 
l«3ft. ITrtitiftk. solt iMirsn of Midiari Cuffe, e«q., nephew and 
<£ Jkaaih9\^me Annf^icr, 9d and last earl of Longfoi^ of that 
uSt« vw^ flvwTNL 17^ baron of Lsngffdj and had iaooe by 
twii# «;» cr«au4« & Juhr 1785f ooante« of Long/Ml^ and JL 

U Hz^w xM^tk^iCMAMi^ 9d lofd. 
^ KiMKxr. a :)» nj. vIm ^ wmk 1773. 

«. ^ TM«h>. Cw^^C, a aininl of tlis red. b. 1797. «-» 178S» Laahtu da. 

i« C^wi-H v-^t^Ki. k i) A«if. i;aSk hM UkoB the sununae of Coxolly 
k «&££i:a ?,• jBi jAir rttwrnktm, m.. 8S May 1819. Cathnine-Jane. da. 
4<'OhKBidr%v^rji&n.»-^MKMfeMr Bavfccr, caq.. and has iauie. 1. Lomim, b. 
SSC . J. r-MMfaf. V 3*9: X <%mmS>rr, b. Ilfi4: 4. Htmrietta, b, 182S; 3. 
r -i— i «--«>»>:;^ ifr^nrtt^. ii. laiS: C Artkmr, b. 1R». 

jL rs>'Me^ H 1. K. citO acrcke. Hi Mil, b. li Oct. ITU?. ■>.. Fetk 1813, 
laaikSi^a^ >i v^ . i%. yi laem^.^fm. rfdoM-Xu^nutm WathenU. and bv her 
.-«^-' »- : ' N.^^. :ftfr luii Imw^ Ctm^e, b, MM. 

4. Jijik-^ .v^ . R.\.. k IS Oct. ir»^ M.. Aug. 1817. CaroUne^EnOT. da. 
jf 1^ H.-vEB^K^AC^ IV^iBMaa* aiad hM htme, 1. CMhtritte; 8. Kiitmbtai X 

X Urnatk^ UttA. k U MsKii 17K> Mb. 1 Sqpt. 1814, WUttam-Dattoa 

.. H«K-vrak K » SrtpS. I7». m^ !• Afril 1818, ivr. John Han. 

«. 5.-^^<t. ^ ^.^ .^c^lten. k 4 Jnr I7». m^ Jtahr 1889, HarrkCt-llaria. 

>N 1 3cVri»fw K ^ Im. UM. d. mm. 11 Uaj 1881. 

ik H*>»f-i^ >. ir Jxlf UML 

Ik IV .\ . •. < Ht-vh IStX 4. 8 Juhr ISfl. 

< F^a.ix. vs. «.. .*«.vr in^ X^hahOraashf VaMMcur, caq.. and A, 1779. 
r< HS-.&X «. •«.. J*.»^ 11^ WiUiam Sholock. of Shcrlorkstovn, oq., and 

Hi« kvcs.^*'^' :'. :K) April 1776% and was succeeded by bis son, 

EowAmiwMTv baCL« ^ lord« fr. 1 April 174^ ■••> 23 June 
ITOL C;a*h^r:r.«>« ^ da. of thi» right hon. Hercules-lianKford 
R«>«lir\\ bv Kli'a^teth, vi»cuuntess Langford, and by her (wYio d. 
12 Mairvh K^ir;> had issue^ 

:k Six Ki«« ^x;-^ V . >«AKL. li.C.B.. maior-ccn. in the anny. and eoL 6lh 
Wm< l».tU rvx(:*v-««:. «V« rrcvi^rd the thanks of both hoiue* of parliament 
itw h»«>M»Jht t V. ;hc battle* 1^ the Pyfvnee*. 1M|3; k 19 March l^H, killad fai 
wtkm oeAf \«r« (^rkiftisk. in A.-vrrica. H Jan. l»lk to vho*e memory a monu> 
" eai fc* etecrvd :-» 'He v-:a*heiirml of Sc. PjiuI. at the public* expense. 
X Hkiu V t o-K«>nKaT. i'.B.. k i!* Sep:. I7H1. ci>i. in the army, and akl-de> 
Mi^ t\» the WiniC : r«vet«ed an homniraMe distinction for hb KallanC Mnricca 
M ihuwUk rxMnie» d\)ntir. CiuOad Rudrigo. and Badi^oa. Tn*. Osc. 1817. 
SwdAjNSili^ihrtou. da. of ThomM. lord Le DopcDcer. 

;^aii !j fla!i*»!*aa . & !i'ivM: 

gWidmMhw, Jan. MM, 

Jifir Afpartni—Loni r 
CrraHmt — Baron I'lil- < 

n i)m> 4«nh of hit 

.il Junf I7«t. 


Cifliiw, Bamn Uawion, of I>awwn Cuun. Col. in ih* Amyi 
lain as Feb. 1781 1 uKBinIxI Lia falhrr. John. ih« late «ri, Xa 

Richard Dawioh, of itpaldington, to, York, caq., n. Abbf. 
da. of (ir Henry Ijowiber, oi. U'exunorlanil. knt.. and had imar 
4 MAa >»d 3 daa. : Irnoi hu cldm ann dnrendcd Ai.iXAKniii 
Djivaos, oT Spoldingtno, liviiii: I'iCn. n. MamrM, da. of Bow- 
hod H(irberi,nf &kiti<F(irtb,cD. York, Mq., and ••* gifai-irnuiri ■ 
fclberum'ii.LiAMUAWMii, whaHttMin Inluid (flap. t;luulr> 
IL ; be M. ElixabMh, da. ut Alcauidtir Jardjne, at iIm (amity o( 
AiqilegirUi, (lir the d*. of Alexaiiiler Jnhiulou, of I.<xJi«lry. 
joimgw brnibcr of Jamea. 1*1 Mrl ••( llarifidd, grandfatbar ol 
WiiliatB, Itl iD»n|ucia of Aniiaiidale,) l>j whoin lie bad iiane, 


lai ttii of Doichester, ■ 
«». Donet, oq., by Maiy, da. of Johu ChurvhiU, of Hvnlmry, r 
DonM, aq., and by her (oho d. 2 June 1761*) bad taaue 
1. Jona, id viwountajid lit earl. 

3, la hnb onkrr 

l>&IS¥H.I7U><t NJUHlW- 

a Miy tTiV. m. liMfoMM. FiMeHck 


The viioount d. 23 Aug. 1779, and wu iiicreeded by hia eldcti 

JOBN, 24 vitcounl, vbo vaa ercMed earl of Porlartrngton, 1 
July I78S, *. 23Aug. 1714, m., 1 Jan. 1778, CarcJine Swart. 
6lh da. of John, 3d «rl of Bute, K.G., by Maiy, only da. of Ed. 
ward-Wortley Monlague, esq., (by Mary Pierrepont, ddeu da. 
of Evdyn, duke of Kingston,) and bv her (who d. 20 Jan. 1813) 
bad iHue, 

1. John, pretent eorl. 

by rovA) ilru nuniu]. MArcb jes^ b- 19 JuIt I78& oi-. ^ Mir lais, Eliq. tti. 

or Eomona-JoAhuH Horiirty. nq., (by kady Lury LuttreU. <U. of Simon. 14 

■Bl of Gu1uawtDB,l and hiu iiiue> 
I. J«le,K.tJulTlS17- 
l. CunUDfr-Huy, ». 1 Oct- ISIK. 

3. BHllKMh-WBlbimB-AiuM, A. II Hitrh 1S9I. 

4. HaarT.JataB-R«bn,A.«Scpi. ISO. 

, c!b., U«it.-col,, look ttiF uimune of Dasih after 

nlq>niir^>l|iimuiuil, Murh Iffi9, t. ig Ort. i;m,M,laA^ 
— «t fU- or lord Huffh SeynwuT, and has Itaue, 

3. Oiaaaa-Lii 
thatoTDawaaoIr^— , 

uad, HUT- i^Hoi"' ■) 

1- Onrjlvu'Aii 

nl Huffh SerrnDUT, and has 

tth foot, M.. 10 Sr)) 

1. Jol^^^. k io did tf. iS on. IMI. 

, l^n^DUil 

■illBin, TOunfcM da. of Uiat.«B. 
. tut., vhkh lij]F d. IStl. iBlhi 
Ichl. »c|., and luu > «R>, k UK 
mf, m., 4 Feb. laoi, lit Many Pir- 

eb. laB, ICallB-DaTciipfn-Bnia- 

:13. the hon. and m. Hnr)-Datl4 

Hit Inrdsbip d. 25 Nov. 1791), uid was succeeded by his son, 
JOBH. present and 2d earl. 
Htir Pr«wnpfip»— Willi am-Henbv, next brotlier of the 

diriaA'MjKV, & ySept. I703. n-j 
' Bwtnton, co. Waivlck. no. 
lADBICT, hgOct. I71H. riL.t Mnl 

Cmfioni — Bnron, 30 April 1770 i 

Hint, 28 Juiiel77fl: 

JOHN BOL'RKE. E*hl of MAYO, Viwount Mayo, of 
SlonKruer, Bsron of Naaa, cu. Eildnre, Knight Orand Cross of 
the Boyal llaiiuvprian Uuelnhic Order, U.C.L. j born 18 Jiinv 
1766 i succeeded bit father, Josepb-Deane, the Ute eorl, SO Aug. 
1794: maMcd, 24 May 1703, Arabella, 4Ui da. of William- 

Uidiwonh Pncd, of Biium Haam, on. Drron, c*q.. Udy of tb* 

Bit lurdibip U dcuended fmn an ddo' bnuich of ib* BcmritM 

Tinninti Mayo. (*hiiji lillr, coatemi 16S7> ha* bun donuanl 

■DCS the deaui of John, 8Ui riKDunt, 12 Jan. I7^<) uid fmn 

' luDfl ■noenor M the dr Burflu or Baurkei, cwk of Clanri* 

e, and of llitcr, which Utter tarUoin wM carrud from Uw 

[ teniJy by the marriage, 1352, of EiaaiitiA Jt AurpA, nole h. ol 

n of Ed<Tanl 

JoBK BooKE, l«t earlof Mayo, wai created baron of A^UM, 
1 1 Aog. 1776, viKOnnt Mayo, of Mooecruer, 13 Jan. 17»l, and 
' adrsnced u> the dignity of nri Jtfa|», 34 June I7RC n«wri 

[ ^b, 1725, Mary, 3d da. and co-h, of die riEbl hoa. Joa^fc! 
I lord chief baron of the exchequer, by Elinbeth, da. ~ 
I Parker, archbiaho]) of Dublin, and had iBue by her, (i 


' n»ee*H<f.aDec.l790,and« 
Joiiv, 3d earl, m., Feb. 17f 
Lcewn, (wl of Slilioirn. (who d. April IWKI,) but d. 
iame. and wai lunveded by hi* brolhcr, 

JosEPH-DcuMK, 3d earl nf Mayo, and archblahnp of Ti 
m., 1710, Elizabeth Mrade, only ■liter of John, rarl of ClauwU. 
Earn, and had iuue by her, (who 4. 13 Uarch 18(17,) 
1. John, 4th earl. 

bltboDal'>/muriOrA,'<.VAvtaim,m.,mMttth IWl. 

. Robnt, t. » Ju. ITBI. ■ 

' hot. JofiB Joerlyii, of fair iiui. at, uama. 

: MDdnd, a. u Dx. ith. «., aui- iki , Rotcn UBiackt, gf waoa. 


S. Chaxuitti, ■k.lTH, WIlliunDnne. orBTinniFlMl11.C>riB-.a«, 
II. Lomu. ' ' ' ' 

H^p ^ AldwvTi «>. Glmicntvrr ttq. 

Tb« e>rl<t. 20 Auk- 1794, and wti mivceeded by hia eUial Km, 

Job v. prtMnt and 4th «arl. 

Heir Pnanmptivt—TbB ban. Richabd BoukkE, lord biiliof 
oFWatebfobd and Libmobe, neU brulher to ilie earL 

CreaHoai—Biron, I77B ; Viicnunt, 1781 ! Earl, i;8A. 
(er ■ Lkm niDpuit. uid in lb« xcontt a dnttcr hiiiul couiwd ai tht vrtot. toib 

LEY. VixOTint Olerawley, Liirnn of dutle-U'ellan ; botn 16 
July 1772 ! eucceedeii liis fnlher, Richard, the lare earl, 9 Nov. 
1834; namn/, 19 May 11)03, Iiabella, 2d da. uf William St 
Idwrence, earl of Howih, and by her (hii marriage with vboin 
■HOE diMolved by art of parliament 1820, and who d. April 
1B2G) had iwue 1 ds.. Mast, b. March 1804, m., 18 Feb. I8S8. 
Williiun~Jidm M'Ouire, <if Boratown, en. Down, eta. The tart 
m., 9d1y, IS July 1838, PrindllB^eciliB, 2d ila. of Hugti aioorat 
nf E{^line IlauM!, 00. Doirn, eiq. 

Hii lonisljip'n immediate ancestor, the lirni. FaAHcrs Ahx£»- 
tKT, oT Caitle-Wellan, was Uiu elileil sim of Francin, In ™. 
coont Valentia. by hii 2d wife, Jani? i^taiihopp, niece of Philip, 
carl of Chesterfield, nnd half-brother uf Arthur, 3d riKonat 
Valentia, and lit earl of AnKleiwy:(s« rnr/ of MouKTWOMia;) 
he HI. Deborah, da. of Henry Joim, 1>i>hnp of Meath, (eldeat loii 
of Levis Janet, bishop af Killaloe. and brother of Ainbrote 
Jonea, bishop af EiUare,) and bad iuue by her, (who d. 4 Sept. 

IMI. m. JUDS B*U«. M'jBbhl^in 


an), af^ of NI[h<4u Ward. sii... 

FhaKCIS, the eldesi sun of the hon. Fraud* Anntsley. was re- 

fretenutire in the English parliament for the Itoruugb of Prartoa 
700, and for Westlniry in the six tucceeding parliameiiu, and 
ra* olw a member for DowDpairirb, in the parliament of Ire. 
bud) ha <■> I<t, fi July 1890, KKiaheth, da. of air Joi^ 
Manin, knt.; and 9dly, July 1733, Etiubeib, da. of John 


Cropler, of RorJiener, m]., and widow nf WJIUuD G 

SuRierficlil IlalJ, at. Kent, (sq-, wba d. without isiue ; m 

91 Aii{[. I737i )l<*rBh, only ila. nf William Sluane, nq., 

of air Han* Sloane, ban., and wlduw nf air Richard Fowler, of 

Haraage Orange, co. Salop, by whom be had no iiaue. Be d. 7 

Aug. 1790, kavintf iuue b]- hit 1*1 Udr, 

I. FJi*!.r™, P.C.U, rector ul Wta-kk. eo. LutrUR. •... m, Ellabtih 
94Um,(«liirhnurTlue»udfHDlT«1bTK:i of puiivnaiin H>r JTsa»| and 
allj. AniHs lU. nf lir Hobcn Giyn, K.B.. by Gtbalwch, d>. of Juno, M cul 

LH miiv. dpi. or the DIuioihI iniiiMlf-WVi d. la Eh> Wal iDdlri ITVL 

liam HuburT*. of LHUe Manic. OL HnrtMd! eaa., aad d. iunc I7V 
L Jona: i. j>h». bub Aium. 

6. W'ltLiAM, laCTiKoiirii Olerawlev. 

7. ACTBca. d. wi^ Ju. I7HB- 

o the dignitjr of 
itGlfrmtlisltiim: 17M; the riaoouni m., 10 Aug. I73S, 
Anne-Bermford, ddeat da. of Manaii, earl of Tyrone, and aisttr 
nf Ute 111 marqiieH of Wateifurd, and bad iaaue by her (who il. 
12 May 1770,) 
1. FBAHcis-CBjiaLEs, iR esH. 
t. MiHCL-i, k 17 i^pra I7U, d. um. 
3. RicUABD, 3d earl. 
«■ Wl»JAH,dHaeri>o«,k9H>nAi;4;,d.l1 Juiul8l7.hivBu.ii.mln 

fnmi Ehci DIgby, blitaor ^DiDinon, bnthB irf Hobeit, til kird DJitoy.mnd 



11 if. 12 Sept. 1770, and was lucneded hy hia eldest 

FraHcH'Cuables, 3d viscount, created enrl of Aimftlef Hi 
Aug, 1789, with remainder to bii brother. Ilicliard, «., 8 Feb. 
I7O6, Mary, dn. and co-b. nf Bicbard Grove. e«q., and dying 
witbiHit iwne, 19 Dec. 1802, waa succeeded by hu brother, 

BicliARD, 2dt!ui,b. II AprU 174a, tn., SS Sept. 1771, Anne, 
only diild and totf h. of Robert Lambert, nf Dnnleddy, tu. Down, 
e>q., and by her (who rf. 30 June 1823) bad iaaue, 

~. WiL 1.1 AH- Bicbard, 3d earL 
ok. In^iad, eiq , and *L tl April l^. havhif bad b^i#. 


, m,t Wtar («te A is Jul 

V1UXUI-#11XM7eiUT, kirf 

rf> MMJ t" rf.«A.*i»OJfchrtB» 

dikkSMbw^tiMj ■i' hi< i— >• 

r I rn ~ " ' — .. -^ --^ — -«- 

- I ft V n I - -^ ■-■- -^ -^ "^ 

» lk>Mj^^ Mp. ■>«. ^ if BiAoi r «il >n ii , rf 
Ji— ft»x.l»^JMi^»»»i».*.nOw.lW».«w««iJ. 

■ a^^ OM. - ir •-. o«. ina. EiBbttii. 

■■iy> ■! ■JhJi.t>TWr.t«h*/A>nimi.l 
" Till* 'M'ti iimBB> b* ad 


Cmplrv, (it Rodtetter, fx)., and (rido* oT WilliuD U 
Sdoierftflil UbD, ni. Sent, a^., who d. withinit itiuc 
31 -tufc. 1737, Sanh, tmly lU. of Williui Slouw, < 

BO i«M. Hi A 1 

William, lit riKount Olrrmirlvf, 6lh ton of Frmcii Ann**. 
ief, el Culle-WdUn, (. 1709, wm orated boron AiBftltf, uf 
CutkhWellwi, 30 S«it. 1756. uhI xlvuimi 10 ltM> digniljr <>f 
*lKioiiiitGT«rawtf)rUNor. 17OB; tb« iriumiol ■., 16 Aof. I73B, 
Anne-Bensfefd, tUnt da. of Marcut, carl at Tf mn«, ■nil Milm- 
at the In miniuw* of Waterfurd, and had imae lir bat (who d. 
IS May 1770.) 

1. PKa)cc»-rn*ai.Ei, lal ari. 


9. CATHAitiHi. m., Ju. inill, ilr Ndl O'Donil, of NoipiiR. co. Hija. 

The ear] rf. 9 Nor. 1824, and wu succeeded hj hit eldesl ion, 

WiLLiAM-RiCUAXD, 3d earl. 

ffeir Pretumpiive — JAMEa-AiJHEBl.Er, e>q., ihe eaH'a at- 


Creo(iofu— Baron, 20 Sept. 17&8; Viscount, li Nov. IJMj 

Earl, 18 Aug. 1789. 



ViiCDunt Enmakillen, Baron Moiintflarence, and Baron (itus- 
STEAD, of Orinatead, co. Wilts, in the Peerage of the United 
Kingdom, K.P., Castoi Koculonun and a OoTemor of the ca 
Fermanagh, and a Trustee of ihe Linen Manufacture ; bora 33 
March I7C8 j succeeded his father, Wimain-Willoughljy, the bte 
earl, 22 May 1R03; naarritd, 15 Oct. 1805, Charlotte Paget, 4cli 
da. of Henry, let earl of Uibridge, and titiler to Henry, inar- 
queu of Aiiglesey, K.O., O.C.B., and by her (who d. 26 Jan. 

1817) had iBJue, 1. WILLIAM-WILLOUOHBY, ferrf 

Afaunlflorenct, b. M J»n. 1807; 2- Hembt-Abtdck, £. H 

Feb. 1809 ; 3. .Iahe-Anke-Lodisa-Florence, b. 2? Jul^ 

18)1; 4. JoHM. A. 8May ISlSj ft. Lowmy-BalFOV*. 

b. G June 1815, d. 1S18. 

Sir HicuAEL Cole (grandson of lir Williiun Cole, of En- 
niskillen, knl.) m.. 20 Feb. 1 Ii7 1, hi* luiuin, Elizabeth, da. of Ut 
John Cole, bart., (by ElJiabeth Chicheater, niece of Arthur, earl 
of Dnnagnll,] and aisler of sir Arthur Cole, lord Randagh, (vhicb 
title became extinct in 1754.) and had itiiie, 

JoUM, of Florence Court, 6. in 1680, n., lit, JiJy I707, Flo- 
rence, only da. of lir Bourcbier Wray, ben., of Treblich, M. 
Cornwall, (by Florence, da. of sir John Rolls, of SlevenitoDB, 
CO. Devon,) and 2dly, Alary, da. of Robert Suundenon, of 
Castle Saiinderioii, esq., and d. July 172G, leaving iiiue by hi* 
IM wife, 

JoHV Cole, tit lord .Uountflorence, b. 13 Oct. 1709, crested, 
8 S«pl. ntIO, tmton Mounljlormet ; n., Oct. 1728. Eliubeth, 
eldest Jh. uf Hiigh.Willoughby Mruilgome^, of r«rrow, co. Fer- 
managfa, esq., and had issue by her, (who d: April 1771,) 

I. WiLLIAM.H'.LLOUOUBY. lit esri. 

a. AHTHiTi. ». 8 Am. nso, m.. 1700, Ulkli, Am. ud htinm ot Claudiiu 
llunillaii, oq.. ind U^i Imir, 


3. UUUh ».. Alu. int. DUIcr'suOHd. 

1. Fuu-Ctaakma.iL, UDK.i;as,WIIU*mlrTliir,ii(CiuUt ItilM.n. 

Hi* lonkhip d. 30 Nor. IJffJ, Mid vu niooMded bjr h» cUcit 

WiLLiAM-U'iLLot'OBaT, 3d lord, ft. 173Q, enaled TlkoDunt 
fnauUJIni, 30 Julf 176S,ani( ulrwind to the dignirf of «*rl of 
fimi^iJbn, 18 Aug. 1789. Th« carl m., 3 Ninr. 1703, AnM, 
only liMcr of AnoMZ, eul of Bdmoce, and had lime, 

I. JoBtr-WiLLoraHBT, pKunt aari. 

IMh iiittiMtiil irf loai,tB'tm>r ot OnTtmad Kul'TinMr) Ton. vtmnninri 

ptMwd •RT'knuitebutlcsf SidBBHa. « July miti th> tMtkaf Vlnarin, 
El JuBtinS: (h>liU>l>,<irtlHPTr_«B. Jiil)>HiAii(.liiIii UwbHthc} 

IMilLar juB, In Bii or lufannburr,' ccB., 

by bl> tiitM M 

' The tmz\d.3i May 1803, and 
K JoxH'WiLLoitaaar, prnmi and 3d carL 
" H4ir ApparrrU—ljoTA MoUMTrLOBritci:. aon of lh« Mil. 
CrfoNotu-Baron. 8 8«pi- I7«0i Vuoount, «► July 177«I 
B«ri, 1788; and Banm Uriiuiiwl, of Oritulcad, oo. WUla, in 
the Veengt of the United Klngdooi, 1 1 Aug. 1816. iwtlDf the doMw on an wlhiui bulkier, chund ■ tha imtDn. 

■tqavW-*— Tkd di^aas r^aiduK 'en. acti huldbf is tha Inun Cu» 
sav a oart pnvfr- 

i(ii«B_&iH>o^, rvymiim. W(inlilpGoil,ifn«ibekliii. 

BaroD Eme, of Crnm tlatile, Oovbtdot of FormMi^i, Mtd a 
*" . . ■ - •- * - '■d.hi* fuMff John* 

Tni)(«e of the tinea ManuJactur 

pJUecorl, Id Sept. 1038: 




This familj' is descended (ram a branch of the viiooutiti Fren. 
draugbc, in ScolUnd. John CbeightoH, of Cnini Caitle, ai. 
Fcrinumgh, esq., «. Mary, da. uf sir (ierard Irvine, of Cutle- 
Irvino, and had issue, Abbabam. who entered into thr miliiary 
■ervice, and row to the otHumand of a r^ment of fiiot, M tha 
head of which he diaiingiiished himsdi' M the bktile of Aghrim. 
in 1693; he represented i». Fertnaiiagh in parljimient, and ij. 
March ITOSi laavuift i«sue, by hii wife, Slarj-, (da. of Jiaatt li^m- 
[iawood, bishop of Clogher,) un only sou, 

Davii), b. ISJI, who diGtiiwuiiihtid faiinielf, ISttfl, at ihr Met 
of i6, by hii gallanl defeace ur Uie family sual of Cmm ('.atilc, 
against an amiy of fKHHI ohogen lara of Janwa II.; Iw traa n. 
turned to portiamenl for Enaiikillen, 1092, promoted to ikte nim- 
mand of a regimmit of foot, in the reign oif tiBatf-e I., aud was 
iflerwards a major.g«i. in tlie Brmv, and gov. of Kiluilinbam, 
He m., 1700, Catharine, 2d da. of Kichard Southwell, (only *oa 
uf air 'fhomas Southwell, hart., atid father of Tbonuu, In lord 
Southwell, by KUxabeth, ddeat da. r>f Murrou^ O'Brycn, Gth 
baron and 1st earl of lucUquiu,) aud d. 1 June 1738, laanng it. 
sue hy her, (who d. a Ajiril 1759,) 

I. Abhahau, 1st lard Eme 

Abkaham, III lord, created baron Erne, of Cruin Caitle. at. 
Fprmanaoh, 15 July 1708, m., IM, July 172n, EliEabFIh, cU«« 
da. of Jiihti Rtf^noD, lord-dijef-justice of the conn of King** 
Bench, (by Eliubedb. 3d da. of tKephon Ludlow, es^., tocetmc 
nf the earls of Ludlow,) and bad issue by her, (wbo J. 6 Aug. 

a. Joi 


His hjrdihip IB-, Sdly, 7 Sept. 1762, Jwie, only da- of John 
King, of Charleatown, to. Hownminiiti. esq., nod widow uf Ar- 
thur AchcMMi, O^., 2d sonof air Arthur Acheson, bart., by whom 
be hod no issue. His lordsbip d, June 1773, and was siiecee4oi 
by big eldest son, 

JOHS, 2d lord, created Tiioount Erne, 1701 ; and carl nf Ertig, 
1780 s n-, li>t, Feb. 1761, Cathenae, ad da. of Ruherl Howard, 
liishop of Elphin, and sister of Halph, TiHcount Wicklow, and by 
her (who d. 15 June 1766) bad issue, 

I. ABHAnAM, 2d earl. 

WeidcB, lai].. uhI hu'Swe. orolBni. 

Jaat-Aaat. ektel da., n*., Au. tBin. Robert Fovler, mq-, son <tf Ilia 
bUWDoTOaarT, ud<<. Uii IHS. 
CaAtrlK.Hds.. '■..JsasiaiS, [hcrcr. Frnicb Stunlnvui. 
I. Slimb«tr. a.,m Marine J(iiHaiUu«.i«|., anil d.MJaa. ITM. 


Tbe tsrf d. in Sapt, IMS, mi vm anocMd^ b; lik Mmi mm, 

AaMANjtx. procot and 2d carL 

£raf pTtttiBipHve — Tha boo. coL Cbeiohtom, ih* Mil'* bro- 

Crmimi—lStToa, tS Julv 1780; ViMuuDt, Jut. 1781: 
Eui. l8Ai>K. llKt. 

"mPUtrli. Ar^mi, * linn nnipinl •nil*. 

JOai4 PROBV. EiBL of CARYSFORT. Itorin of Cvvt. 
Carl. CD. Wiekluw, in ibc P«0Vfn! of Ir«l«)4, anil lUron Cjhi i. 
FOIT, uf Nonnan (Inm, oi. lluntinpl'in, in ihil of lb« (.'niird 
Kfna4i<ni ; Wn 1780. I'lrcndiHl bi> fsthpr, Jnlm Jmbua, ika 
iKe lard, 7 AprU IftM; ■ H^jor-Uenanl. 

RAWPOLrs Pbobt, of tho aty of CliMter, trtiWd ■[ Brunp- 
Wi, CO. MuntiDgdon.X ih* dii«F of the Ihh raitury, and by bli 
wife, d*. o( ^~ RrTnari, hid 3 »nt, I. HalpA, iif Unniptoii, 
> Hring lA0t^rf. 1006. wiiboul iMnr; 2. Hr PltK«, uf BniupMn, 
■enrvd til* nffim oT bwd tannr al IjjaAm, 1632, J. IS3I, Iraiing 
bjr Klinhdh. da. uf Jabn Tliuroufcbgnud, uf Chivon, m. Rmem, 
mi; S Kino »>it 1 da. ) |. tir Hekkaob ; 3. fifiBHW. I>.ll., ■ 
(nuiidcnilile benpTartKr to Jhui Culltve, Cuiibridor ; 3. Charin r 
-—■'■. WiOiani i>uiriilail. 

4- IffBryi b. Emtuurl t 0. IVo/iinfAoHi, n 

!«ir HestaeE. thi vtdmt (nn, ft. l(Mn, tlisriff uT Durkt. n. 

Hd«i, dk. tif Kdwird Alien, (i( Fiiir^lry, i.h Middlawi. nq., 

and lif her lind air Thomat, lil liari.. nod JoHM. E<if rAanu 

! Aat|r WW crnil«d a Inn., IflCS, bb<) n. Franco, da. of «[r Tbn. 

I MuCciUan, nf Cannin|[bin, larl-.lijr wbuai hefaad JHua, rAonw, 

[ ASi*, «. Tbiniiu Wenlvorlh, uf Ilarrowdan, in. 

I MorthampUin, nq., by wlimn alie irw uiaUier uf Thoouu, l>( mar. 

L ^av of fiorkingriaffi. flir TbiMiui upraaantiid ft. Uumintdim In 

~~ J parhMmeiiU.aad Ayia^ without icm* raaJo, lUBV, llie title 

iBcilioct 1 but theMalaa dnrcudH in bl* brother Joiiw, 

^ who n. Jane, da. of atr Hidiant Cuai,bBn., (ancWoraf the rarU 

'nlnw.) aod had iana, ynuicea, A hrik, i but dyin^r 1710, 

lUle* dvToIvnd In hi* Rial* bdr, M'illiaRi Prnb^, can., gn. 

•r uf Fort St. (itor^, Madrai ; m. Otnrielta, da. of Ri>tHTl 

I Ilsrcronl. no., and had iuue,firfi<A>i, 

|. tt. air Juliii Oilnrne, of Kewun. ci. l^yftrary, bun. t anJ an 


JoMK, reprMcnini on. Himtloftdon In partlimmti n. the hon. 

~ ~ e-Lerwon Oower, elitnt da. uT John, lord Oo*ar, (b]r Catha- 

line RuBsel. da. or Johti, duko of Bciirard,) uid had iuiie by h«r, 
(vha d. 10 Juiis 17S6,) 
1. JOBM, lit lord. 

& Troiui. knicd M UK atiBck oT TlHrnlnui. I7I«. 

4. Chaklh, apt. R.N., commialcati erChiAua Oackyni, m. ni 

l.'chirln, cBOn or Susvkk. »■ NanhMmrtoD, in., lu, Siuu, di. 
C««* ChBiT! cw-i chulrmui at Ihe ifcliulUiic baud : mi. Idly, I 

Sir Jonv PbobT, the ddest eon, reprnented Co. Huntiwdon 
in three niiooeuive pu-limnenta, was £. 25 Nov. 1720, K.B.. ■ 
lord of the admiralty, 1757, Kwom a privy counselliir, and tre- 
kted liaron Cary^orl, of Carvsfon, on. H'icUow, 17S2 j hi* lonl- 
ihip m., 37 Aug. 1750, the hon. EliiabMh Allen . BiMcr and oUi, 
with her filter, Francei, baninesi Newhaven, (who d. 1781.] of 
John, 3d riicount Allen, by whom (who d. March nOA) he had 

1. JoHK-JosnCA, present cbtI. 
9. Gliiukth. 6. 14 Nqv. 1732. X. I1>M*J 
Sioiet. Bq., whu t 10 tim. ITOt. 

Hit lordthip d. IB Oct. 1772, and wai luccevded by hii only 

JoiiN-JoBHUA, E.P., 2d lord, who was adnuicrd 10 the dig- 
nity of earl of Cargtfwt, I7BO, and created a peer of Ensland, 
13 Jwi. I7BI, liy the title of baron Cary^ori, of NonDon Crov, 
to. Huntingdim, b. 13 Aug. 17Iili unbasudor lo Berlin. IHUO, 
and ta St. Palenburgb. IBOI ; m., ItC, IS March I774, Elicabelh, 
only da. of sii* William Onbonie, of Neivtown, EO.Ti]>ferary, ban., 
by whcim (who d. 1783) he had iame, 

1. WiLi.iiii-At..«i>. c« Ii. I77U. 1- <■■-. M Surinam, 6 Au*. im. 

2. Jon-), prewnt eari. 

A C'a-tBViLLa La-atfi. «pt- R.V u t» a* m wirbin« ^. k !«»> 

ima, i^hrtii, d.. or Oi^hoB.^^v|ugh Hj 

1 johnJoilHU'i" Giaa'Ule, 

d, of ■uilibir Pack, e 

TkcmrliL, 3dlr, 13 April 1787, Elizab«b,ti*tcr of Oai>rK>, !•( 
mariniMa of Bockin^iam, bj wbam he had Imus, 
7- Funcu. k u MHtb lim. 

(. Ei.iiukn.t.u April 17». ■..Vri^iai^.WIDknWdli.irf HobM 
The ^rV'Apri] 1028^ ud^ru (iiflMedwl bjr hli altet mr' 
Vfring HHi, 
JouM , preunl and 2d tm,tt 

Htir PmumpHv — The hon- OKAIITIl.lJ^LK*laeV PKOBT, 
■he cu-ra bratho-. 

la—Baiaa, 33 Jen. 17G9 1 Eeri, 18 Anf. I7W i Baron 
at Nonnaa CRlai^ oo. Huntingdon, 13 Jan. IBOl. 

>PIB*7& bBli ' ■- -■■— — 

oMch-i hnd. < 


^ EDMUND BUTLER, Eabl of KILKENNY, and ViKoimt 
Honnlgarm ; £orfi6 Jan. 1771 S •Qcracded hit fatlm, Edmund, 
Ac late riMuunc, 17 July 1793 ; created «rl of KiDceniiv, 20 
tlacl703: ium«d,30June 1793, MUdred,eldatda.of Itobert 
n^ler, late archbiflbop uf Dublin. 

of Pierce. Sih earl of Onnonde, 

lunt Muuntgarret 33 Oct. IMO. 

descended, in a r^ffht line from 


|w> Oml (iUe,) wu ci 

— ' d. 1571. FnnD him the title descended, in a risht line from 
_ . ler to win, to EDMtNn, Gth TiBcmmi, trho ■>. Eliiahetti, da. 
«f Julm Bryan, of BannnMire, and iridow of Oliver Grace, of 
SnteeSeid, and d. 173S, leaving 3 miu, tuooeufTe viacounii, 
)Vk., 1. RiCHABD, 7lh ritctniiit, d. without luue U Ma; 1730 ; 
'% Jakes, Hcb riicouiit, alto d. without imie 13 May IT49 ; 

Edmdiid, 9lh TiKnunl, m- Anne, da. of Toby Puroell, of 
Xlllynunia, eaq., and dying 6 March ^^6t>, wa* tuoeaded by 

Edml-KD, lOtb TiKnunt, «., 1774, Charlotte, 3d da. nf lir 
Ih ion Bradltrcet, bart., and had iuue by her (who d. i^ Marrli 

Him. iju, ElUfcWin-or 

■yblln. u., md il. IV Mty in<7. te>ln( U><M one HH 
KdaanvLfiKh. b. ITm. 

he f iuouat d. B Feb. 1770, and wai iixiceeiled by hiielden Mm, 
Edxitsd, Uth vittwunt, b. 37 July I7W ; »-, 7 Oi^t. 1768. 
eorietta, ad da. of SomerHt-Haniilinu Duller. Ulli earl of Car. 
fick, a^d had ioue by her, (who d. 30 June I7U5.) 
1. Edudhi), Ibi earl of KJIkeiiuy. 

t d. 17 July I7B2, 

'. lU. of TbDoui Muih. mi.. HI'! 
1-.. 7 '^u«. '?«>. John-Cwtlnci™ 
id «a> succeeded bjr bin cU> 

EdhDNQ, 12th riicount, and present and 1st eari oT Kil. 

^«r Pmumplht — Hehby, next Burriving brolJier of lie 
nrl, to tbe title of viscount SluunlKiirrvt ddIt. 

Crmfioiu-VisuniDt, 2,1 Ool. 16001 Ewl, 20 Deii 1783. 

Munt Valentlm, Boron Mountnorrii, n( Mountni>rrit Cutle, co. 
Armagh, Baron Allhun, of Allhaiu, n>. Cork, and ■ Bu-onrt. 
T.R. >nd 8.A., F.L.S. ; bora 2 Nov. \^lt^ 1 niccMided hi> r,itlier, 
Arthur, tbe late earl, 4 Jiilv ISIO; mirrud. 3 Sq>i. 1790. 
Anne Courtenay, 8th do. nf \l'illiam, 2d vitmiint Courteiiav. 
and has iraue. — 1. GEUKGE-ARTULTR, pumiuit FaltrtlM, 

M.P. foro). Wexford, 6. 2 Oct. 17!l3; 3. U'ii.i.l*K, in luJy 

ordera. Rector of North Bovey, Devon, i. 19 Feb. I7UG, 4. 1 Not. 

■, of Newport Pa^etl, CO. Biicrkt, de- 
Mended from nn ancient family of that name, seated in the on. 
of Oloucester and Nottingham, was one of the undertakers for 
the settling of the (iruvinue of Munsler, in Ireland, (rm^ Cliia- 
beth; ho tn. Beatrix, da. of John Curnwull, of Moor Park, m. 
Herts, esq., and hail inue, a sou, 

PSAKCIK, who was first made a kni., and, 1630, a bart. o( 
the liingdom of Ireland, and n'ni priniipul lecrvtary of state in 
that kingdom; and ou 11 March, 19 Jac. 1., created viicouut 
Vaienlia, oi. Kerry, in Ireland, to him and the heirs male of his 
body, to hold immediately after the death of Henrj' Paver, k-is- 
uount Valeniia, nithout brin mule of liia body ; and n-as also, by 
king James I., created baron Mounlnorrit, of Mountnorris, 00. 
Armagh, in Ireland, m-, 1st, DurolUy, •In. of >ir John Philips, 
of Picinn Castle, oa. Pembroke, bart'., by whom he had issue, 
AKrHita, 2d visonunl, and other rliildrcn ; and, Sdly, Jane, da. 
of air John Stanhope, by whom be had a son, Brunei*, anoeMor 
of the earl of Anneahiy {tee that litle). tie d. 1000, and was 

te •» IiIhi traMunrof the b«*t ISA?. "'^ hird prtTv Ma] ISfS, 
A. KliutiMh. da. uti Ohb. of (ir Juua AIi)>an. of C 
BmU, at.<l by lur. wlu ninlvxl hlin, and <J. IfilQ, I 
lea ulber chUdrea, wbn A youug.) A daa.. wbo ail D 

J Si;,-,: 

•2, hadbma. 

riternl«»'«ri«tf'wtHiahnMal. ** ' . •» nr 

The nrl 4. ID May ISM, and *» ninwdnl (if hli ddnt 

Jameb, 3<I earl, M. Calharine Damlry, nalural da. at kiiig 
9 II., aiid d. 1703, laannK an mly da. and h., (.'athariuv, 
m. WiUiaiB PhipF*, aq., anoator of (ha rwl of Mulgrave {w# 

3; JoHK, 4111 earl, n. Kecriacta, da. and ni-h. iif WilUaiu.Mi 

ri of Derl-y, but '/. 1710, irithiBii turviting umia. 

S. Abthi'H, BIh «rl, ■■. Mary, ila. iif Jvhn Tbonipaon, lord - 

fcrenhIlDl, but d, withcnit b>ii(i 1 Anril 1737, whtin ihr till* 
aired on bi> Ut oxuiD, Ricliard, fiih Inrd Altham. vhna* dv- 


}, 34>K 

I ot (he li 


I uarl <if A»K)*K-y. I).I>., aiiil •Icon 
■taitd, 3d Iramii Allliani, iiii ilia 

of hu infant nephew iu I70I ; "■■ Ihiroiby, da. uT — 
iiy, of Deruiuhire, aiid d., u well u bu hruilivr anil iieidir*-. 
. 1701,h9»'iiigiaHieSMmi, 
ArTNUR, vim bei-Biiie 4ih lunl, m. Mary, natunl da. vf 
Seha Klieflield. iluke uf BiiFkiiigliaro aud Xutmaiihy, but dying 
^p 17 Nut. 1737, waa Huxcedcd by hU bnitbnr. 

Richard, lkl> lianm, and after tbe daatb of hi* emnin, Ar> 
..UT, Gth aarl at .\a^wy, r.. In, St Jan. 17IB, Anna, da. 
dWd h. of eapk Jnho Pnu(. nf Monkkiy, m. Ilavnn, by whom 
fwha J. 13 Aug. 174!) h* had nn Ibiic. The earl at., Mly. lA 
Mpt. 1741, Juliana Donovan, by abom (whii iMnivad 'liltn, 
Dd n-ai. Matlhp>T TJboi, »)., and d. lU Not. 17;i|) he had 

1, AaTMca, hit uiaiewir. 

1. Ricaaaoa, m.. iult ITnli RolMn rhair*. nrTavpliSlMBSaD. (o. Wn,. 
Md. «•).. »d '. I«i7, 
X Ji'LitH*, w. Ill Freteirk naul, of NrvtowB Onmwt, n> KUknr.v, 

4i CAnuaiai. ■. ioan T<ii>l>. cb]. 

Feb. I7ni : and, im hia dnlh, the uiai«*>iim to lii* 
. ifaa euntciled belwrcn hii Mm and John Annn- 
c/ DalHaack, tii., »lu> denied the ralidjiy of the lale varl'i 
Tiage vilh miM Uunovan : but after an liircaliEaliim whirh 
td newly four yean, the qumtlon waa daddsd iu lavuur uf tliv 

e ul .ige 11 


oak hl> 



die Iriih hooM of pecn u luonmt VslenDB, and immediBtclr 

hi* writ lo the Eii(^ub pHrluunent u eu-1 of An- 

I, bowerer, ihe judganeot vat different, the Eag. 

da deciding aesiutc ihe peiitioner. Hi* rauie 

S before iJhe Iriih house of lords, who sffiimed 

i, and hU lordship cootinued lo lit as vii- 

"it lordship wiu creitLed, 20 Drc 

, l«^ 10 M»y 1767, Lucy For. 

^'ICKue, only da> of Oeorge, lord Lvttelton, and sole h. of hR* 

I kroiher. Thcoiu, ad lord I^ieltou, and by her (who d. 20 May 

^ 1 783) bad issue, 

1. OEOmt 

Tbe nri «., 3d]y, W Dec \1B3, Suah CaTsndish, 3d dt of 
the rigbt hon. sir Benry Cafendish, hart,, (by Sai«h, bumuH 
M'Merpark.) and had issue, 

7. HmT, -bo m dnnnnd. II Auc- 1019. aliUc IwhiDi, hsiliu m., IT 
Au- tA1B.S«r^i ttdHt ds-of IL AliuwoTthiOT liRlli}wcn.a)p LKiddB»0i^ 

Smcnn, HU of Umrj. JHh dulu of Bawftin, K.'c. 

ns-WaUHtuni, km., lOD of DB'ld-vr. WiImr, Dr^hcnlry HiU.oi. IIbil. 
aq., sad aadBn of tLi Alnsada WeddabuiB. of BIkIuhh, N.D., Ian. 
^1. JcLUK*. 6. SI Not. 1797- 
Theeart d. 4 July 18 IS, and wai succeeded by his eldest son, 

Oeoioe, pr«wnt and Sd earl, and 9tb visrouot T^entia. 

Htir .Ippor^tU^OEOitaii-ARluVi, vikwudi Valevtia, 
tddeet son of the earL 

CrcaUoiu — Baronel, 1630: ViMOunt Valenlia. to. VLenj, 
]C2li Banm BlouDCnorris, IGSS; Lon] .Utham, IB80; Earl 
of Mouncnorris, SO Dec- 1793. 

SeePlaurn- Pah- of ill u«nt nd uun, ■ tacnd (uIb. 
A MooCt hadln — ■' •—' ■■ ■•■ ' 

ViscouDt Castle CuB«, Viscount and Baron of Desart, eo. Kil- 
kenny: succeeded hit father, John OtwsT, the laic «u4, XS 
Nov, IB20. bom 1! Oct. 1818. 

The family of Ct(ffi> ori^nally English, tsltled in Ireland in 
the rei^ of queen Elttabeih ; when Hugh Cuffe, esq. for hi* 
services to the inwn, had a grant nf (iOOO acres of land in cu. 
Cork; frORi him descended 

Jobs Cirrrr, creaied. 10 Dec 1733, tiaron Desart, m., 1st, 
S Sept. 1707, Slanjaret Hamilton, only da. and b. of James Ua. 
millun, of Camesure, co. Down, taq., (descended from a branch 


3. JoHX ; 4. OtwaT, t 


uiLMiRh inJiiud 

tf^.i'mtlTtt. B 

la. MxaiHi. K.n itnTUi;nn. the 

It Inrdihip d, 26 June 1740, and n 

. lUccmlFd by hit t 

Joax, jd lord, i. 10 Not. 1730, n., a Sqit. 1753, Sophia. <m\f 
da. and 1i. of Brcllrid^ Bwiluin, of RodiEeld, em. Corll. «., (Iw 
Sopfaia, 2d da. of John, 3d lord Kingttoo,] and widmr of Richard 
Tharnhill, of Thornhill L«<tii, nq., and bad ii*u« by her, (wh« 
d- i Aug. 17S8,] 

Hi* Imddup d. 29 Nov. 1767, vidiout iime malv, ani 
■ucceedcd by hit brother, 

Otwat, 3d lord, rreated viKmuit Daarl, Jan. 1701, and 
■dvanred to the dignity of earl of Daart, 30 Dec 1793; n 
Aug. I7BA, Anne Bnnme, eldest da. of John, Sd earl of Aha. 
nuint, and u'lter of John, inar>|ueu of Sligo, aud by her {who d. 
Id Aiig.lat4)hadiuu8, 

I. Josu-Otwat, ad earl. 

C WiLLUai 1 M.-Oaoasa. 

4. Ei.iiuiTB. »., Drr. lao, Kinnr Wmyii. of Tlinnfarl. ro. Kllk 
^. UtDIU-Daaatai:!, m.. It Huih IM7, 4Lr Jams (urpbtll, K.f 

Th« nrl (<. D Aug. 1804, and vu ■iicneded bv hi* onlv *au, 

Johx-Otvat, %1 eaH. & 30 Feb. I7II61 m., ', 6rt. I 
Catharine, ddeal da. of Mauriae-N. O'Connor, «q.. uid hi 
(vho rMi. m Jan. 1S31. Hote.Lambiirt Price, ■*q., tldai 
of air Roae Price, ban., who rf. Jan. in»l)bad imie, 

JoHM OxwAT^O'CoKMoa, pr«wnt and M carl. 
Thceai'l d. 23 Nov. 1S30, Bud vu nmwdHl by hi* only loi 

JdUH-OTVAy-O'CuKNoa, prnent and 3d earl. 

Utir PrrtumpHt^e—Tht hon. Williau CtrrE, tlic < 

rr«aM>mt-BBron,10NDV. 1733; ViKOunt, C Jan. 17(11 t 
SO Dee. 1783. 


•— S«PluaT& Argent.* bmlilaiicrnc ubWpliliicottiHl »«*,<■ 

**/«>"Two iMpordi rrfuduil propn-, emch ftarxnl with m caiUi 0^ 


WILLIASl HOWARD, T,*%i. of WirKI.OW, Vbeoiiiu . 
WiiJilun', Barnu CloDmore, of Clonmure Otxle, Guvemor m. 
Wicklow, uid Colonel at the Militia of that niuntT ; «uLTC»dal 
bii falher, William, the late eari, 27 Srpl- 1818 ;' married, 18 
Feb. ISIS, Cedl-Francea Hunilton. da. t>f John, lit rDanjuna 

of Abrnzorn, K.U., and bu inue, -l. Eueinor, b. StI April 

1817: 2- Habriett, 6. ICi Fel>. 1B20; .1. PitjiMCE*, k 

Sfi July ISai : 4. Akxe^aHC, *. 10 Dec. 1821. 

This branch of ibe funilv of Honranl has been Iodk **«t«d it 
Sbelum, ro. Wicklo*. 

Robert Howard, bishop of Elphin. b, 24 Sepl. 1683, nic 
ccetled (D the family eaute, 1728, on the dealh of hii ^er bra. 
tker, Hugh Hovard, of Sheltoii, eaq., ind n., 1731, Patjeitn ' 

ther, Hugh Hovard, of bheltoii, eaq. 
and aole h. of Oodfre)- Boleyne. of Fi 


er, est)., (deicendud fnnu 

Suffolk,) by Alary, aiiter of the right Ihdi. 

Henry Singleton, lord-cliita-jnitine of the Common PIhu, aud 

if. 3 April 174D, leaTiug iuue bv her, (ifho d. 5 Jiuta 1764,] 

1. Ralpb ' - -' 

k. jHtxITCl. JiAnC „ _ ... . 

RaLrn IIovard, the ddeit K>n of Kobert, biitiap of Elj^ii, 
rapresented oo. WicklDv in parliament ; wai aworD of the priry 
cuunril in 1778 : created bairon ChnmOrt, of Clonmore Cattle, 
ra. Carh>ir, 31 July 177B : and advanced, 2» June 1785. to the 
dltfDJty of Timninl WiMott. Ha lordthip n., 1 1 Aug. l'7ih. 
Alice, sole b. uf William Funvard, of Coiitle Fonrard, m. D»- 
arfpl, esq., by Isabella Stenart, grsnddn. iif lir M'itliiio Sten-. 
art, ban., laird of Diindaff, North Britain, and by b*r (n-buwaa, 
80 Dm. 1793, created, in her o«n right, otmnleu of IViMotc, 
■riib remainder to her iuue male) liad iuue, 

I. RoBsaT. 3d ewl. 

3. William, 3d wl. 

a. I7» 

IU*ciilnDit'iifth(WlclilDwiniUtlik'i»..iDDK. ITM. ruhvlor. W lU. of R» 
b*n VUgh, ilna or Blplila. ud dIr* at Jnlu Blifta, IM <u] at Dtralri. lud 

I. IUl|<li. 

Mat llUt, the bon. Oao'BlrtA'etoa Frvtrw, loa of 



The viMMUiit d. 26 June 1786, and wm lucceeded b; hfi eld- 

RoBEBT. S<1 rincount, wVo aliu> BUCreeded hi* mother, Alicia, 
in tlie MrUuio of Wickloff, 7 March 1807 ; he d. untn. 23 Occ. 
litis, and wat nicceeded liy bii next broLher, 

William, 2d aarl of M'icklow, who uBumed the oanie &n<l 
armi of Fonrard on lucceeding to tbe eetBl« of tiii maiemat 
ancffituni, hut, unce hi* acceadon la the earhlom, bu obtuaeil 
hit iDBjHiy's licence to resume the name of Hmranli m., 31 
.March 17^7, Eleanor, only da. of [he hon. Francis Caulfield, 
(by Hary, nnly da. o'f Jolin, lord Eyre,) and niece of James, \fl 
t^l of Cbarlemont, K.P., and by hsr (who li. 2 April 1607) hud 

3. FaAHCiA. Id holy viAen. m., It«4. Fifficia. ila. of lh< tiKbl tc>. Clcnrgr 
Bfoilmi. Mihop at Kllinoie, nKil hu iuue. 

I UXit, O). WBUlUIta, (H). 

The earl li. 27 ^t. 1818, and was lur^joeded by his eUetC so 

William^ praunt and 3d e>rL 

Meif Prttumplim—The hou. and rev. Fbancib-Uowai 
the earf I nwtt brother. 

Creation! — Baron, 21 JulyI778( Viuouni, 38 June 17f 
Kta\, SO Dec 17D3. 

lt»iui»l_IlawAUi. IndulScil. AigcnI. ■ 
I I dupfan giila, turnad up ermine, a llun 
w mnurh an mow in frB piDper. 

ffi proper. 4iir«hr imif«1 uid chAl 

THOMAS SCOTT, Kabl of CLONMEL, Vi«coimt CIoii- 
Hiel, and Baron Ewlifori ; bom 15 Ang. I7B3 j succeeded hU 
father, John, the late earl, 2.1 May 17118 ; marritd, Feb. IB(I6, 
Henrietta Orevitle, 2d da. of Oeor^, Sd earl of Vfarwick, and 
has iHtie.^1. HabbiEtt, b. 2 Dec 1806, fn., 20 June IS27, 
Ijiward-Mostyn Uoyri, eaq., eldett son of sir Ednrd-Pryce 
IJuyd, of Pta^wtrn, co. Fliiit, ban. ; 9. Ixhiua-Auovita. 


M'iddow, Baron Clonmore, of Clonmore Cwlle, GoTenior 
WirJduw, and Colonel of the Militia of thai mimiy ; lucnciled 
hii fattier, Williaiu, ihe lale earl, 2? Sept. 1818; norrwit, I 
Teh. 1816, Ctul-FrancM Harailtno, da. ot John, 111 marque 
of Alwroam, K.O., and haa inue,— I. Eleihob. i. 2H April 

1817 i 2. UiBBiETT, i. ICFeb. lB20j — 3. Frances. 4. 

'JU JuljiaSl; 4. Ahxe-Jahe, A. 10 Doc. 1834. 

Tliii bnmrh of tbe fkoiilf of /Imiuinl hu l«en long uatcd ■■ 
li^hdion. CO. WlMow. 

RoiEKT Howard, buhop of Etjjhiii, A. 34 Sept. 1683, ti.c. 
(veded to the familf eilste. 1738, on the denih of hit dder bra. 
iher, Hugh Howard, of Shellon, esn., and m,, 1721. Patieiive. dv 
and wle h- of Oodfrey Boleyne, of Feuner, i»q., (descrndcd fniin 
iho Boleynet, co. Suffolk,) by Muy, siiier of ibe riRhc him. 
Henri Singteloa, lord'Cbiei-jiutioe of the Common Plow, aiil 
J. S April 17W, Imring iuue by her, (who d. 6 June 1764,) 

I. Ralph, Ut vuonuit. 


Id Ml,. 

_. fc, Juli Ijm. JohntKt([bicio.™iiif Em* ° 

RALra HovAKD, the eldeii aoD of Kobert, biihop of Eiphin, 
rcpl«>ent(d nu. Wickldw in pariiamHit i wu ■■om of the privy 
luunril in 1770; eraaled baron Ctoaniort, af Clooroare Caitla, 
ro. Carlaff, 21 July 177B; and advanced, 33 June 178^, w the 
disnity of viKonnt IFieltkm. Hii lordiliip n., 11 Aug. 1713, 
Alice, xlle U. of William Forward, of Cutle Furwuni. oo. Do- 
nt^i, esq., by Iwbelk Stewart, grandda. of sir William Stew. 
art ban., laird of Dundaff, North Britiun, and by bar (irhoiru, 
Bo'Dts. 179!t, wealed, in her own right. ramnteM of B'MVnr, 
with nnnainder tn her issue male) bad iMiie, 

1. KOBBBT, Mewl. 

S, Wii.i.iA»i,Mewl- 


i PSS^ -.. 1 on. iNifi. WHitaB..PB™n H, 

* „WU. -.. * V« IMS. 0« >«"■ C™vlI>M 

BoaCBT. 2d riiK»unt. who mtto lunwdad bli H 
in the nrUoai of Widiltnr. 7 Mvrh 1I»7 | ha A ■ 
Itlti, *ad Bx niccwded b; bi> Dcat hroUirf, 

M'ii.i.ttK, 2d wrl af WisUair. who awumcd lb* ■_ 
■rmi of Foneanl on »ircE«tilIg U> llw aUIH of bll a 
wwesUn, but, Miuw hi* mcouco to Ui* mrldoo, bwM. 
kii unjaM^'i Itconc* to raunuc ibe uwna of flatmrdi i 
Hudi I7B7> Eleanor, only d». of tliR hiin. t'nmdB ' 
{itf Mary, oalf (U. of Juhn, lonl Kyn,) uid uiem of Ji 
tvl of Ckarlonunt, K.P., uid t>y b«r (wlm ■(. 3 AprU lW7) l>a4 

1. H'lLLljiK, praMix *aft. 

BRBfWd. U>lui> of Kllmnrr. nil ha UuH. 

4. Imuu-'i, a., '-V""^'"'i'rr IitIt inijthc, of BwtaiU!*. co. 

I f •<u*..i..aj<(jjMn>Mi*n><.iiB— wiiiiBiAnoM. 
the ar"d: sjf Sept. 18ta, ui'd -» iiK^cd l^y hi* vhlMt ton, 
ITiLiiAM. prwiit and 3d mtI. 

Htir Fmtmpim — The hoii. and rer. FlutCIB-How^au. 
|h> CBrfa next bnither. 

CrraAHu— Banm, 21 July 1778; ViMtint, S3 lam \^t6 : 
~ " Dk. IJOS. 

■■ n*U 7& OuutBlT. ■■< ■"< UIl (luka, ■ h»1 tMum lU 
rMuat—HowABA iki4 ibI an). Aitml. • Ufn nmpMt (uIm. 
n I rwpeu fUld. lunad iqi cnnlDr. • IIob ihhui (unlwu or, 
Lhe nHmfh bq arrov tn fHa ofopn. 
n— Tm Map pfoplr. dardw ■gru^ iMil ctwlnait ar. an* ciBHtnl 


> ne), and Buwri Gulifon ; bom Xi Aag. ITK3 i aiirRwlRl hi* 
father, Juhn, the late earl, 23 May 17118 : marritd, D Vvh. tlWa, 
IlanrielU OreriUe, U da. of Oaorn. Sd earl or Warwtdi, and 

hM iwur. 1. lIiaaiErr, b. 2 U«c. 1HU5. m.. 20 Juna tttt?, 

Kdward-MMtyn Uayd. ttq-> eldsl lou o( >lr Kdwanl-Pryn 
iJvyd. of Pn>tt<reni. to. Fliui. barl. ; 2. LomA-AuofSTii, 



b. 3 Dm. IBOG, m., 3 Dec tS!8, Jnhn.nsrriBon Slater, aa.; 
- — -3. ChablOtte-Raciicl, *. 12 July 1808, m., 30 April 
1830, Ileury Arbuthnol, esq., 3d >od oT the right kan. CharlM 

Arbutbnoti 4. CibolinE'Sophia, A. 7 Feb. ISIO ; S. 

FRAircER.MAXT, A. Nov. 1812; 6. 8oPHij>-I.ovisA,i. St 

Nov. 1814; 7. BENRY, lord EatUfort, b. 4 Jan. 1816] 

8. CBAkLES-GRANTUAU, b. 1 Mvch 1818; 9. AVOCSTA. 

Avne, b. 1 Feb. 182n;-^10. U£o&oiAHA.GEiiTnuDE, ttwii 
with Augusta,) ± 19 April 1831. 

UU lonlibip'i Bn(«9tor, Tbohas Scott, esq., a csptain in 
ibe arm)' of king WiUieun III., fell in the field, chargiDg tb* 
UQumy Bt the head of hit troops, m. Slargarel, da. aDd D. dt 
Ilffliry Onmby, of Tubbervadj', co. Rmcummiiti, and had Uana 

Michael, ttl; 
oelL, tiliilu' iNirc 
Mahobber, d. ; and 

John Scott, Ik earl of Clonmel, b. 8 June 1730, a|>pDint«< 
wlirjlor-general of Irelaod, 15 Dec. 1744 ; altomer-fceueral, t< 
Nov. 1777; prime lerjouit-Bt. law, Dec 1783; lord -chief -jiuM 
of the King'!! Bench, 17B4 ; advanced to the dignity of bann 
Eartifori, 10 Slay 1784 ; viscount Cloamel, 18 Aug. 178S ; aaj 
earl of Cloimcl, 20 Dec 1793. The earl n., lat. i;G8, Caai*> 
rioe-Aane-Maria, da. of Thomaa Matthew, of TbutDaatowv 
House, and sister of Francis, earl of Lendaff, and had inoe by 
her (who d. 1771) an only inn, who d. an infant. The earl ■., 
3dly, 23 June 1779, Mar^tn^t, only da. and h. of Palrich Lb«^ 
less, of Dublin, esq., (by Mary, aisler of the lal lord Cloncurry,) 

' 'y her (who d. 5 Jiot. 1839, ■•(. 67) had issue, 
\ present earl. 

The earl d. SS Atay 1798, and wu succeeded by his only son, 

Thomas, present and 2d earl. 

Heir Apparent — Hesby, lord Eablbfort, the earl's eU<«t 

luck trippsnt projw. 
'—DfrTvr, ■ temaSe &;ui 

iW»— Fail lo ImmgrtM. 

ribbon. Baron Fil»gi'''»"' "^ '^'"^ Coonello, co. Limerick, la 

°i. - n. ^ Tivlnrxl and I^rd Fillirillbon, of Sldliltrv. OOi 

j iom a June '17»» 

and ^ h< 

Devou, iu that of the I'nited Kingdon 

■Qoveded his fnther, John, the late earl, 38 Jan. 180! ; mafri^r, 
14 April 1826, ElizaheChJuliB^eorpana, da. ot the Ule lord 
Qwydir, and of lady Willoughby, of Eresby. 

The 6unily ot Piltgibdon, the chief of which wiu atyled the 
While Knigbt, utherwige Ciangililim, la descended from ihe 
FiUferalds, barons Offaley. progenitors of the great houaea of 
ni£av «nd Deimoml ; from the same origin are descended the 
Knights of Glin, and [he Valley, and the Knights of JTerry, 
otherwife the Blacic Knighta. These titles were conferred by 
the earl of Desmond, as a count Palatine, on junior branches of 
the house of Fitzgerald : in the like niannec ai Hugh Lupus, the 
ewl of Chester, created his inferior barous. 

The elder hrandi of the Fitigibboni lerminated in an heiress, 
who cBTTJed the estate to the Kingston family ; as thus described 
Jy Smith, in his hislor)- of Cork, vol. i., p. 41) ; viE. " The WTiite 
Knight, otherwise styled C/an-GiiAon, was descended from Oisle- 
bert, or Gilbert, called by the Irish Gibbon, the eldest son, by a 
2d wife, of John Fiti-Oerald, ancestor of the homes of Kildare 
■nd Desmond : they had Utrge possessions in this terHlory, a 
pan of wbidi is now the estate of the right hon. the lord bnron 
of Kingston, whoee grandfather, sir John King, was, 4 Sept. 
1660, so created by king Charles II. The lat lord m. Catharine, 
da. of sir Wiliiun Featon, knt., and dame Margaret Fili-Oib- 
tnn, his wife, sole hejreia to the family of the White Knighta." 

THOHAa FiTzoiBBON, of BallylandcT, co. Kerry, eaq., an- 
crator of the earls of Clare, repreaentalive of the collateral male 
line of the ^Vhlle Knights, assigned bis estate to lord Kingston, 
for its better protection from llie forfeitures then directed against 
the ramilies of Roman Catholiia ; Imt bis lordship and Mr. Fits- 

Cin shortly after died, both leaving infant families ; and as no 
re-asagnment of the Mlate was perfected, it was nerer 
recovered. His son, JouN Filigibbon, Rl.D., was father of 
Thohas FitEgibbon, of Ballyaeeda, co. Limerick, ivho left issue 
ftmrsuna; i-is. 1. Johh; 2. Palriek ; 3. Ttioma, ; 4. Gibbm. 

John Fitzuibuov, of Mount Shannon, co. Limerick, esq., 
eldest son of Thomas, h. I70B, was called to the bar 1731, at 
which he practised with eminent sunless ; on liis entering the 
profeuion of the law, he published, " Notes of Cases determined 
M Westtninster," the accuracy of wbieh was admitted by lord 
ehaacellor Hardwicke; 1777i he published " An Essay on Com- 
merce;" I76S, be was returned to parliament for Jamen-lown, 
and afterwards for Newcastle, co. Limerick ; he m. Elliiior, da. 
of John Grove, of Ballybimudi, cu. Cork, esq., sister of Richard 
Drove, esq., (whose da. and sole h., Mary, m. Francis-t'harles, 
1st earl of Annesley,) and ri. II April 17^, having had issue, 

t John, Ist earl of Clare. 



JoDH FiTzclBBON, l»t larl of Clare, lord high chaiiccll'ir nf 
Irelanit, l>. 1749, van ethioited at Oxftiril. and thence pruceeM 
Id the Irish bar, where be HKin became conapicuoui ^ 1 7(M. br 
n-Bs appoimed altoniey-fteneral ; 1789, lord high chanrdlnr, and 
created lord FittgibboH, of Lower ConnMlo, Co- Limerick ; 1793^ 
created rJNnunC FilMgibton, of Limerivk, ro. Limeridc ; ITAS. 
■dTMieed u> the dignity nf earl <ir Clart ; nad. ITCO. ■ 
peer of the United Kingdom, liy (he title of baron fif- 
Sidbury, co. Devon. The eatl m., 1 Julv I71»i. Anne 
of Richard'f-hapel Mlialey, of W'baley Abbey, m. Wicklow, ««]., 
and by her bud iMue, 
1. JoBN.adearl. ' 

The eart d. 28 Jan. I8(QI, and wa* niowaded by hia eldot too, 
John, Sd eurl of Clare, and Laroii Fitwbbon, of tijdburv, ol 

Heir Fretumptice — The hon. RicBAkD HoSAttr, only bro- 

iher of the earl 
CTeatiom — Lord FitXfribboa, of Ijower Connello, I JBU ; V'u- 

count Filigibbon, nf Linuirkk, 20 Itoc 17!»3 i Eari at Clan. 

10 June 179fi ( Lord Pilxgibhun, uT Sidbury, in the Peerage of 

England. 24 Sept. 17»». 

SupparUn—Otiler, a [ton nl». UfUn-, ■ srlflln, vlDp dcvilcJVaiiait, 

and Baron Leilrim, oT Manor Uamijcon, tiovemor and a Cuitw 
Rotulonun en. Leilrim nnd Dont^iit, Colonel of the Donegal Re- 
tfiiuent nf Alililia, and a Trustee of the Linen Itlaniiraclure ; 
born 9 May 176S i nucceeded liia fatber, Robert, Hie Iste earl, 27 
Julv 1814 ) taarritd ini« Iterniinffhiim, ddeat da. and u>-b. of 
K'iDiam Bermingtuun, of Bun Kill, co. (lalvay, esq., (siater to 

tb« oounteu uf Charlemnnl.) and bs« i»ue, 1. ROBERT, 

"iieptinl Cfemeali, M.P. for co. Leitrim ; 2. William-Std- 

«EVi — a. ChaBI-EB-Sieffihotoh; i. MaBIa, w.. 24 

Juty IBSa, the hon. and mt. Edward -SoulhweU Keppall, 3d mq 
■if the earl uf Albotnartet 5. Elizabeth; B. Caro- 

r, HouEBT Clehenti, am-, (brother uf 

8tradi^, eiiq., memlier for CarriiJcfcrf^i 

'"" *--' the partiament of Jamet n., but 

ioiD waa nilored to hii Male in 


Cai-UL, uird appoiiiMd dcputjr rloSi^raaiiureT uf Inbiui i 1m m. 
mis dandford, of tb* CaMlan^ ftunily, and bad jhub. 1. TW. 
|i4iViu, ■ leUnr of Ui« e)UJin|UV, privir ajuiuellw, and nmnbar 
for (.'aTan 1701: 3. Hii«<t«, rvpraaniUlivp iii parliuwiK far 
Srwn 1715, d- 1733> {laa'ing Umic, Henry, manbpr for I'arMi 
n*i,d. 1747,) and 3. 

NatHaXIEL, mmber for OuUck 1777. aod far Varan fracn 
1701 until hii deeeue ; aidlerof ihc aullr•)lu^^. pri*y cnuniMtUar. 
iind deputy vioe-mawrer of Ireland, at., 31 Jan. 1739. Hannah, 
eldec da. uf William Oorc, dewi of Down, id of *lr H'iiUam 
(tore, ban., priry oounadlor tu Charlei II., and lefl luua, 

I. itoatiT, III ciui. 

t. Wii.u*«JiiD«l77n- 

1. HK*i>\.Tai«>ra>».-al.«Mhrect.affbnI.nMBl>wlnriiin.> 

nnl WtHi; '•ni Mli, aL» I7J3, Cattyirtac. tMiM ,1^ ^liu tbki m>. 
I^ BfraOinl, brwhn ofilH IN aurqiHa of WMvrO-d, and ><. •nSii. ■»». 

iBviB^M*. Ida.. ».,lair ■ " - - 

RoBEBT CleKehT*. lit «arl of LtiitriTD, A. 2& Not. I73S. 
■ras crcaT«d baron JXMh, of Manor IJuDUum, II Om. 17m: 
I l^irin, 20 D«r. 17l>-'> : aiid advanfod to ib» dlj^iii* 

P_Tbe earl d. 27 Jul; 1804, and vai lurewded by liiaoldeBlui 
Hatuuiiel, prtuiit and 2d earl. 

' Apparrnt — RoiCBT, b>rd C'LEHEXTa, eldMt vm iif I 

KICDARD BINGHAM. Eabl of LUCAN and B*no!< -f 
CAi^TLEBAR, aod a Baronet of Nova Scotia i iofw fi l>n-- 
I3M i Hiccceded Ilia fAther, Chartei, the late earl, 2!l Marrli 
; married. 26 Mav 1794, Elizibclb Belajvw, il«. and i^aji. 


of Htnry, last earl of Fnuronliere. (whoso mami^ with Brrau^ 
EJwsrd, [irtsenl duke of Norfolk, had been dissolved by id rf 
[larliamiiiii the lame year,) and by her (who il. at Paris SJ Maidt' 

1819) had issue, ^1. Gmzabetb, m., 27 M*rcb 1815, OnD> 

ville-Venables Vernon, esq., eldest win of die Brchlnsliofi of V<nfti 

2. Chablotte, i. 20 March 1805; 3. AxvE, nt., Ul 

July 1816, AlemnderMurray, of BroughWn,e»q.!— 4.LouiUt 

m., in France, 1817, Fnnds, lord Elcho, eldest son of Fraod^ 

earl »f Wemyss ; S. GeoboiaNA, n., 15 June 1831, Chaftal 

Nerille. ai\. .— «- GEOROE-CBARLES, lord Bingham, a " 
aiid linit—eoL In life-guardi, and M.P. for co. Mayo, n., H 
JuDel829,ADne, da. of Robert, earl of Cardigan; — 7.Rl(B>m», 
Camden, b. 2 May 1801. 

The family of Bingham in of great andquiiv, hav 
s«aLed in the cooatiet of Dorset and ^merset a& ear _ 
reign of Henry I. RoBEBT BlNOUAM. iif Bingham MElcomlly' 
Imp. Henry VIII., m., Alice, da. of Thomas Coker, of Ml^ 
pnwder, co. Dorset, and had a numerous iisue, of whom, Bi)litrL 
his eldest son, continued the line at Metcombe ^- "-' -- •* 

93. a bait, 
rt., wfaowM 

Sir Bekbt, of Caitlebar, co. Mayo, created, 
of Nova Scotia, and had issue, air Oeoboe, 3d hart., 
father of sir HEHBr tuid ur Geob&E, luixesstve baru., 
latter was father of 

Sir JaUH, 6ch hart., in. Anne, da. of Agmondeibam Vm^ 
es<|., by Charlotte, only da. of William Sarslield, esq., (bretberi 
Patrick Sarsfield, earl of Lucan, a general in ibe army of Jam 
11., killed at the battle of Iianden, in Flanden,) by Mtrj, 
tiiral da. of Charles II., and liater of James, duki of "- — 
Be d. 91 July 1749, having had by the above lady, bttidM 0(1 
ifsue, sir Jobk, Glh bart., who d. unm., 1732, and 

Sir Cbableb. 7th bart., and In earl of Luoui; et«Bted bu 
LuMH. of Casllebar, 24 July 1776, and advanced la the dignl 
ofearloT/.uAin, 6 0ct. 1796: «., 1760, MargarM.da. andm 
of James Smith, of Caunnoi Leigh, co. Devon, eaq., and by I 
<Hho d. 37 Feb. ISIS) had isaue, 

I. RicHalD, preaenl earl. 

a. Ljvi!nsi «».,aM siTMn'l.C«ngeJahn,|iteiBil«ISp«i«r. K.O. 

4. MniuJAiicT,>ii.T)u)nulJndii;.arHaUriniirt,*t>i. 

The earl d. 39 March 17!>!), and was lucoeeded by hi* only am, 
Ricuabd, present and 2d earL 
Heir Apparent — GeobgeXhaBLES, lord BinohaM, *oa 

CrMfioiu— Baronet of Nova Scotia, 1634 ; Baron, £4 Ji 
1778; Earl, 6 Oct. 1733. 

ViKouni anii Barcm Bdmorp. of Lutlc-Coolr, one at ihr Rmrv. 
tentative Pern for Ireland, ■iid ■ Ouromor m. Trrniui ; Biipolnt- 
edOarmor of Jamaioi, Au«. 1028; ism 11 July i;;4 ( nic- 
neded his faihsr, Armsr, the latp Mrl, 2 f pb, 1U02 i marriid, au 
Oct. laUO. JuliuB Butler, 2dila.of Mmry-Thnnui.wrlnf C*r- 

ridk, and hu ]««. 1. ARMAR, tVMunf Carry, U.P. on. 

Femunagh. b. 33 !>«■- 1801 f- — ^3. HKtHT.Tlloit*.. M.P. 
for to. Tynme. b. » Murch 1803. M , Feb. IB3U, lady llairini- 

Anne Aihlcy J^ooper, da. of (hr earl of SliaflHliurr i -3. a 

DKcaaJcm. A. July 180«,<i. an infanl. 

Bo BE a T I Avar, of Ahenii. (aq., grandfather of the In rarl, 
■t.Anne. da.of iherrv. JainsSiodair, (3d ion of lir JunnXiii- 
dair, of Caithneu.) by Anne, da. of Janua Ualbraith, «■>]., M.V. 
fnr John'm Tnwn. IC6t. and had Iwie. 

«. Axi, •■..aNm. IW. WIIIlHn-KinovfhbTfalc, wlnf KnnUniia. 

AaMjka Cottar, lit earl, lat in •everal narilanienta for oo. 
Trrone. and ira* inaled baron Brlmorr, at Caalle Coole. 6 Jan. 
ifsl : liMount Belmon, 6 Dec- ITBO; and advaneed ui the diff- 
nity of nrl of SrAaorr, 1? Nov. I7U7- The earl m.. 3 Oct. 177'J, 
Margaret Butler, eld«t da. of Sumenel, earl of C-arrick, {by Ju. 
liana Doyle, ddm da. of Henrv. earl of Shannon,) aud had iuuc 
by her, (*bo d. Jan. 1777.) 



. prewnl rarl. 

r\ M., 2dly, March 1780. HmrietU Hnbart, etdnt da. 
of John, 2d earl of Budtinghamihire, (which marriafte 
Ived hr am of parliament ; and the counteia n-vt., I i 
William, maniueu uf Lothian, K.T.,) and had iwue, 

April l7D3,WiIliaiii, 

Uuly IM4, 0«7r|»Jnhn 
"'The'wr",Mly,"T"March 1704, Mary-Anne, eldtat da. of 
lir Jamea Caldwell, of Cattle Caldwell, on, Femiana((li, liart., by 
whom he had no itiue. Hit lordtlip U. 2 Feb. 1UI>2, and wan 
d by hi* only ton. 



> X£ L>; r^ TTMcat aud Jd earL 

''•"- .« stHf-^nJ — ^Vemar, visccMint Cokkt, dden m < 

. -•-;.r..'..._%ror.. ^ Jaiu 1781 ; Viscouufty 6 Dae. 1|9; 

'*->"- "si^ '^az-z *" 0«*'?s. a ftAltlrr, and In chieta, iwr vfni. 

>ik..«M"^' - '.'*•(* V j^ fanltni mifar. docaOy rollHcd aid ctatal i 

*i.'r - ■*. •■^^r ^^;^ Virtue floiublics for crar. 

y'.*..N'. SJ VMTS MATHEW, Eakl of LAXI 

^' <H.^ Ik..: i..«i l:%ir*.'i-;. L*:i«i;id'« of Thomastown ; bm% 9 

'•R> . x.!.'".* V.C*: -> '*i:her. Fruncis, the late ear], 30 July 

r.-,.«#v*N, ■•! J ..V 17^;. i^nrude, Sdda. uf John Lmom 

rSiS -nKiie ■a.'t:?'^ •■* •it-h.vr.ied fiMOi David Mathew, 
i.i.;<%Ai>.i- '1 xM;; c!a'«dr\i lA*., vho»e monuxneut is tcU] 
>*x«i .1 . 'i' I'M* :ciir-u Ji Laruiaff. 

':)''« « t'* 'i . • »\:.*, .*£ Kader, co. (ilamoi^n, esq., wj 

><.v«>. I Ik •■•• I .'4 La::«!;ifr. AaJtnhercKtatey, which hit 

• «<« i.hI l'ii ■ ,t^i *-v'ifi :v::e v^irueaioriaJ. Helefi iMueg Gl 

^i.k. :«.>«. .>^.. ..i^ i.>^ y/t :j,« fiuuily iu Ireland, who m. 

xv-K .:i». ^i >;i- ."i.'Ii:i ?-.»*:::£• ^^ Aotoii, «>. Gluuoettcr 

•« ...» .£ I'll .. .i> l>:..!vr« \L>«\Hiut Thurlen, eldest j 

^V k*T«;r. "...1 .1.'. ji 0;-i:..':;d,* a:id was great-grandfat 

(.- -^Ktit^^ .>iaui«:.*. .>£ rboruaikttfwn, who had thr dqpnee of '. 

w,..oi-«u .:n.ii 1..1I. ri .V («:. iU77« ^y hif relation, James 

.X K,\>ix'i,x.%.\J\,i..yx;',iK-c .*i ■.*:.. -iriUer^iiy of Oxford, m., ]; 

. i.i •■.ix.\ .<ii ..1. 'i >i' J 'U-.i S! eIVy, lurt., !»y 3lnry, e\At 

I I.i •.^•-.t. .1 >.:- J<..i:i ii.k;e« %fi tir-e, i\x Sustex, bart.; an 

J'il\ ! 7 1 X Vu::o, w :u»'-A */* J jiU:es d*r U l\»er, 3d earl of T 

>i :it> i. \*r'K<.: -»:.o« 2*j N.'(»c. 17:SIl He had iMue bv I 

iifeioKov. who vi. h!» v\m:>:iu Mary. Anne- Mathevr, and 
:'/iV bTs ♦uibcr, Itas-'u i>**ie bv her, (who m., tMlv, t 
l>H;irri, «n.., i: Au^. ITWJ iiv^vicv* i5k. 28 April 1733, ♦/. 
4:iil K!':*..4Vth. On ^hc :.A"!i:rt? or male i<sue in this hranc 
e^tAii"* aLn.»i\tti ;o ii«x«riiv Mashew, of Tlukinastow-n, esq 
m., Ut, >l;vx*irec, 4:h Ja ot Thoniju IViiler, esq., (grand 
the h..*u. Richard l*u:I«^r, >iUi ol Jari:i.>, (he l»t duke of Orm* 
by Udy 3lxr^;:uvc. olJt^t dx. ot' Williaiu. "Jih earl (»f Clanri 
anil willow Kti lUiau Ma«:euni», visctumt Ivengh, and tiyhei 
ft an July 174:0 had issue a da., who J. Wo'J ; and :Mly, Ihi 
4th da. ot* AViUiani Bntwnlow, ot Lar^un, (hy Kltzabeth ij 
ton., eldest da. of James. t»ih earl ot' AlK'^l^*rn,) and had in 
her (who wi., idly, S'j't. 17t!l, nja;or Ford) one mm, who 
infant, when the estate devol\ed to the male heir, 

TiiOMAH Matiifw, esq., who wi., (i July I73li, miss Ma 
and had iMue, Fbancis, 1st earl : and Catharinf-AHne'l 
who m.y iNt, Philip Roe, esq.; and 2d]y, 17(^1, John Soo( 

EARLS. 78!) 

ou-l of Clonmel, loid-diwrju scire nT (he rmirt of King's Bendi. 
ABid. 1771. 

FxjkHcis. tit eul. A' 173(1. repreteiitcd m. Ti]7p<^rerv in teviraJ 
inrliamenU, wu cnuled, 12 Out. i;s3, biu-on Landaff, ndruicvri 
to the dignitf oT TiMaiint Landi^. 30 Dec 1793, aiid to that ot' 
Orl of Lmtdag, Nor. I797i «-, 1 Sppl. 1764, Ellia, 3d dm. oi 
Jwhh Smyth, esq., (Xd Kin nf Edtiard Sm^-lh, hiihop of Dowti 
and Connor, by Alary, Sub da. of Clolworthy iilkrffington, 2d vit- 
cnnnt Hasiererie,} and td >ir Edivord-Skeffington Sinylh, 
l>iirt., and hud iuue by her, {who d. 9 Aug. 17010 

I. Fbahcis-Jamei, prtnciu earl. 

of tati.m.~ — . d». uf Juhn WtlLb, of LKiilntthTtnice. to. Suncj. ««|., 

The nrln-iitlly, June 1704, Elizalielli, Sd da. nf Clotvurthv 
SkcAuftton. lit earl of MawtPrFiio, by n bom [who d. !l Feli. 
179C) be bad no iune. Tbe enrJ d. m July ltlU6, and wu »ur- 
r^eiVed by hii eldest Hon, 

Fbamch-Jahes, preient and Sil earl. 

Ilgir Pmunijitio»—TiiB Hon. (iEokck-Mathew, iipit bro. 
iber of the eaii. 

CmNnu-Baron, 12 Oct. 1783; Vncounl, 20 Dec. 17a;i 4 
Earl, Not. I707. 

n-NEILIh of Shaiies Culle, Visoiunt Raymond, Visoiunt anrl 
Itaron O'Neill, of IShanea Cutle, K.P., iitAemA at the Anirim 
Militia, Joint Poslmnitcr-general in Irrlund, a Gorernor co. 
Antrim, and TruMeV of the Liuan Msmifacturc t bum 23 Jan. 
1779 i suraeHed hi» fniher, John, the laie viaonrnt. 17 June 
17118; created viHiouni Raymond and enri O'Neill, Aog. 1800. 

Hit lordeliip ig dncBidcd from the andeut princes of Ireland ; 
tthoae rcpriTenlativc, in II>42, h-bh crenleil enri of Tyrone, by 
Henry VIII., im disduiming [he title of prinoe, and nibmiltinji 
10 the Eo^iiih crown- 
Sir NEsnv O Neu.l, of Shnnvs Ciutle, knt., n. Hanbo, ds. 
of sir Francii ScaiTord, f^ovemor of I'lster. and had itnie. Rote, 
viha m. Randall Macdoiiald, marqiieu of Antrim. Sir Henry 

JoHK CNiitt, of ShanM Castle, (who»e younger brother, 
('harlei, ■>. Mary Pmilett, etileat dn. of Cbarlo, duke of Boiton, 
and d. I7I6.) who ./. 17:111, leaving iuue. 

CBAKrva^ tbe ddestsoii, tomeeded at Sbanes Castle, m^, TTS7» 
CfciliMiM 9i ^ and o»-li. of tlM bon. dr John Brod€S^, (c^^Cft 
am «r Alo^ riMMDit Middfeton, lord chancellor of hiBhmd.)% 
Ammv ^'■'r sister of Treror, visooont HiUsborongh, fother dri!he 
1st — rowt ef IK>«]ishiT«, and iL 16 Aug. 1769, leaving Itm 
If Wr. (vW dL SI JnIt 1742,) 
^l« Jciay^ Isi T«K«iuat. 

iL Sr.^lMiy, k « Hax 1741. m. nkt Bvirovet, and A Mar ITMl 

JtsQt^ ML. i%|« iMu Rkiuvd Jackaon. of JmMmm HaU, ov Ltodoa- 
j« Mimtifl l» TiKomft TbwBshend, TiccttMf of Iidaad. 

jftwY^ 1st TMflNuit, represented 00. Antrim in several parfia- 

of the pfiry council, created baron O* JV#tf^ of 

Cfefde. S(^ Not. 1793, 'and adranoed to the dignity of rfo. 

OTAaH; C Oct. 17»&. TheviMXNint im^ 11 Dec. I777, 

B < wi P w wihr child of Charles, lord Dunganroo, son of 

'«f Oadi and Orrerr, and had isme by her, (whed. 

3 ;$iif«. 1711X) 
U C»AftLi»-fiE>fKT-ST. JoBityVesent earL 
t^ Ji«3«^BaMpr»4ltv«A«». ftw V Iltcv i:Wl buiKm^mi. in tiM aiMy*aBl. ki 

Ik* OlMiCNMvqKkMM of fooc-guu^ crmtabic of Uic caf^ 

TWTisnnBitdL 17 Jme 17M»of dievowidshereoerredsBan 
^nih the reheb at Antrim, and was saoeeeded hy hisildsit 

OajAix»>HsarmT«£T. Jomr, ad Tisoovnt, and ime ea t sod 

JMr iSwayiffir loHX-BmrcE-RiCHAmp, only brother of 
shie «kC 1* she TsaciHuitT and baronv of O'Neill onhr. 

t>««dMn*-JBaN«u NiW. IjSS; Viscolln^ 6 Ocu' 179ft; Vis- 
ltat«M»d and EarU \9d%» 

Te-^ I^R-INk^ecldcfafircflkt, and the base rqpranBtiag 

' cooped at the vrirt gvln. In taaea 

aad boMkig a nwad profcr. 
C<Mgcd with an eastern ootonat, and 


J»A!«C:^ BSRNARIK Cael of BANDOX, Vbooont Ber- 
SMV^ smI Viwvisni and Baran Bandon; bam 14 June 1785; 
«»cw««lv4 h» AiOmt, James kte cert S3 Nov. 1830; aMrrM, 13 
Xaev^ l«Mk >l«rr-^«u«u^Ubuua Bcudrick, eldest da. of the ho- 
si^^usfeSM' t^WW JtitvalriKlu anchhishop of CaUiell, next bntliar to 

thwf i ^K. ^Ish viMWMmt >liddletan« and br her has iasne, 1. 

rKANi IS^ r»A.>MM.« MUmmr^, &. 3 Jan. 1810; 2. CBLUtLXt- 

Kaoi^^iv i.« K 4 Jan. 1811 ; 3. Hkxkt-Botlk^ L, 8 Feb. 

I^lti -4« OATMAniXK-HKymiETTA, 6. 11 Not. 1813; 

X ^.vMV«x K I! Jun^« <f. 7 Nor. 1815. 

r«A)ivu BsEXAEis of Castle Mahon, 6. 1863, (descended 

from m andeaE hmflj of Eii|!<i(h orifln,) wu in<>'i>>*' KAMur< 
(«i«r«l uf Inland,!/* quara Anne. 9 July Ijll i prino (ar^iaat, 
» Jw. I7:M : tuid ■ iBd«:e of iW ann nf C<>nin>.<n Ptvm, ■» 
June 1726. Ileutmthe Gm ptuiiwueiit ot WiUUin xuil Mvy. 
i> Ort- 1G92. Tor Clngbnakrliv, tni niu rlvrted nvnwntmirt fcir 
Oudaa, ?7 Aiig. 1(193 sbtii.,-ta Feb. 1AU3. AJico. ri.l^l dh uf 
Si«filieu Liiiilui', nq., luixttar vt ihv *»ii> of I.iidt'm'. (owl 
gruultin] of Mr Hfniy Ludlow, uf Maklm Bradlejri ea. VTiIW. 
by LMiti*, da. of Tboniu Wot, 6th lord IMavar, *h«r eldot 
xHi. Edmund I.udlnir, wat tfa« cplebntcd reMiUlMD fT'i'Til-) 
»nd d. ±) June I7^>l, teaviag uni. by Im, (*bo 4, lUy 1741,) 
1. I.. ..t il.,s;.,i(lKiurD«HiUI,eo. Emsi, hli biir. 

.' ilJii, to. Wiutftiiil, g. 17 J"*! iltl. d. a Tti^a. 

, AaraVB. k I MH. in>- & Mai IJIT. 

a.>uam. ». tl Trli. Ijm, h,.. lit, JuBa C»' 
. ..^-limnTI .n.l MIJ. »On.l/*0, ThomM Adtolt} , (< 

FhaKCIs. tlu^ fldni um, tfu watrd at Baalagfaama Hall, sa. 
KMg«, nd l^tl* Brrnard, in Irabud, t. 91 S^l. lORfl, hl. 34 
JUrrJi t7Si, Anil* fcitv. anlv da. uf Ilaiirv, earl uT (^lirllnini^ 
!>r Aralwlla IkiyU'. yoiiii,i:**t da. uT CluirW. Ii>rd L1llf..rcl. of 
Idunabacnoith. (uMai wn uf RiFhard, Mr) nf Cork and Hurling, 
um. by Jane i^ymour, yiHingait da. of H'tUiam, duke of Suaici> 
■M,)aDd had an ubuc by hnr, who rf. Jan. 1727, Man bar &• 

tber, earl lleory. who tf.' 1730, Icating bit laraa n 

' * ' * jibuH', tba boD. Joho FilBoaurka, 

d latbn nl frilUam, Luman|U*aat 

i Ireland ti 
creainl earl <•( SlitHI 

UnidowTie, K.<1. i ht rf. IS MarrJi 17Kt, and ■ 
liii «tai» by hi* rj^Iiew, 

Jamei BKioaan, cm, 2d un of Xonb-Ludlow Baroanl, 
KbovF naniHl. Ha wai knight nf ihe ihira fur Cork In three 
[■riiamenu. m. KalkcT. youngHl da. of Pert^ Hmyih, a«q.. 
tister and on-h. of n'illiuni »iDivih, of Iliadhoraifb, caq., and 
widow of Robert Gnokio, uf Court Aluaherry, ch|., aDiI d, 7 
, Juiy ITSO, leaving laue. 

"U FaAVCii. 1>1 nri of DandoiL 

., m Nm. ITnt. Wiaim, b 

ut. ITM, m., ITMi IlivrtSI- Lma, rbouuril DonfraAh 
. m„ am, nicUN .ukMB. i/wiMua Kan. <». KMIInc 

Man aou, ivu cmud baran fi«v/t», m Nov. 
It AanAw, eOct. I7M ; and furiker adruioed, fl 


Aui;. 1800, CO the dlf^tj* of I'luomnt Semard, uu] «Bri of Baa- 
dan, b. 9A Nov. ITbs, m., IS F(^ 1704, lady Otherine-Hta- 
rietls Bo}'1p, da. uf Rjchsnl, 2d ear) of Shannon, and br bcr 
(ivho if. D July 1816) huj iBSUi-, 

a., e. 4 Shm. I7«7. D.n.. Aeu of LctgUIn. 

3, FMmia.6.*7FBl>.17SB.iMJ»n.l«J. 

II. Wi;j.iAH-SMtTHii. t. 13 K^v. t7<a. 

StuouDI DoDcreitb 

7. LBiiiiiA-ABirii, k. M Dk. 17WS. 

IL Hsviiv, b. S^. I7n. tUin li Wainkn. 

v. Eliiavbtr, a, TOuDfc 

7he €Br1 if. 39 Not. I B30, and wm niecceiled l.y Wi di«t boo, 
JauE9, prewDl und 3d tai\. 
Heir Apparetil — Fkahc)9, viscuuiit BEnxABD, eldnl ton bI 

CreaSom— Huron, 30 Nov. 179S ; VimMiiit, 6 Oa. IJWf 
It and Enr), Aug. 1000. 

Viscount Sleu-irt, Barun Cutle-Stewart, in Irdand, kiid aBk- 
roaet ; nuniivded hii fatbpr, Aiidrcn-Tbomas, the lute Hrl,9B 
Aug. 1809; maTjird, 23 April 1806, Jnniniii, sole djk nf «l. 

Ruliiiimn.ufthe royslartilliry, and hill iFiue. 1. EDWARD, 

Hicmnt Sleami, 6. 10 Sept. 1807, "> . I''«l>- 1B30, EninidbB, 
only surviving child of Beajamin BHthuni, «i|., dK«Me4, and 
grandda. of tae bishop of Norvrirh; —3. CitAMLEt-KMOX. It. 
33 April 1810 ; and uther i^ililrcii. 

Thii hrench of [lie roval hoii«e of 9tp\vnrt in dnrendcd (htcn 
RonEBT, duke of Alhniiv nnd regetii of Scntlnnd, 3d le^Iiman 
son of king Robert 11. Murdocu, Sd duke of A11>aoy. nic- 
I'Peded his father, Robert, u regent of the hinBiloiii, but wu be- 
hmded, <rith bji loo eldetl soni. 1436. Uiti 3d eon, *ir Jak«», 
(surnamed the Onus,) fled to IreUnd, and nu nilher of Av- 
tiBEvr, crested, by king JamM Itl., lord Avaudate, but d. with* 
out iuue, 148(1; and of K' alter, vhntf son, Andirw, mCj 
reeded to the title* atid ntatei of hii unciv, and heoune 3d Idrd 
ArandHle- Hia ton and hpir, Andmew, Sd Inrd Arandale, el' 
changed hit banmy of Avandale far thai of Orhillrte, and trn 
thereanrr slvled, liy content of the regent and pnrliamnu of 
^totlaiid, Inrj Odiiliree. From him dewHoded, in ihe 4(h ir^rrf, 

AKDiiev, 3d bird th'hjltree, «ho Kdd that borany to hh 
.,_ . a . jir,,....,. -^nof Jami.. earlof Amiaa, 

1. AkDrBv, Sd lonL 

t. JosiM, 6tii Uird. 

;<. BuHiT. oCljty, (o. T)mBr,tireu-fnat-fnaiUub(i(i{t)MM«* 
IIU lunUiip rf. ia»3. and m* uicn^iM by bi* Jd«M ho, 

AsDKKw, 2d lard Culte-Slvvart, iL 1039, iMving Itmu, Ax. 
nKEw, U turd, who d. 1IU0, Imriiy an «i1)f dhi, Mmf,m. 
Henry Elowanl, (ih nrl of !!>iilTiilk ; miil JoaiAi, 4lh lurd, wlie 
</. vitlunut iuiic, 1003. •rhen [ha lltta dwulvint un Iili luuJt, 

JoHy. Slh lurd, wliu iL unn., abinit 1078, awl thv tJd> (•- 
mained duroiant, lill. in i^^^, it ou cLtiiitnl bji, (iid >IIoir«d w 
Andrcv-llinaiu fitevacl, nq., w be'r nuUc uf Rotivn, of In;, 
3d fan of the lil Innl. 

AKDKEW-Taou.A>, wbotliiubKsnia CtlilonlCutla-SWwBtl, 
wu created viKoiint CaiHe.Slraari, W IV-. I1U», Bud mt- 
vapccd, 2» Der. 1800, lu iba d-Kiiit)' of nrl uf {■•uOr^Kv^rl, 
M., U Jul^ 1781, HmTib, da. and .i>^. «f ibe hun. [lurffrr) UIC, 
jndp of ttw Eotirt of Cumuuiii Pica* io Irvlaiid, and luul Iwua, 

I. RoBEKT, prcMnl farf. 

.MORC Vbcuunl SuinUle, aud Dania Dnnoughmun, of KiuH-k- 
IHij in Oic Teera^ nf Irelniid ; anil ViKniitil Huwliiuwn, aiid 
Ilur<ni lIutchin>on, of Aluiandrla, and of KiiucUorty, In itir 
P<CT*tt' of tha I'nlied KiiiKd>"» : ■ tleiiaral <n the Army, Co. 
i'wl of the IMlh Fint. uirl <i<»ri-n,ir uf Stirling CmiI«, O.C.U.. 
aitd K.<;.; Wi> I& .Mky 17'';; cruMl a p««r of tlio UnflaJ 
KiiicdMD, by thu Liilu nf lAr,'ii JIulMntm, nf Alexandria and 
uf Kui^lvft^, lU Utc. IlKII, in rcwBcil of hli trrvicn >n rha 
mvnt npediliun to Kvypi, tlie dilcf nHitnHuid of nhiuh hiid 
det'^riil on him after iht dealb uf )ir Kaifili Alwrrrumlijr i ti»'- 

n. Jo>iu.Dupie. M-P. fi>i'Qid-fMHii,*;ii;'/jr^jf^^^^i;;JkaQ^ 

3. JaHCs. 1st MrL ; . 1 : T I ,,7 

JahUs, W «BrL of CnledUD, L 1139, ailed Kiand bigl) «BI«> 
liiiiij in ibe S^hl IniliH, uid vu iNLriuuMd to tbe digailjr.of 
Imiruu CiUadm, fi Jmiu 17!Wi vincnuul, Nur. 1707 ; mixi carl of 
tWfdini, S!l Dec. 11)00. The earl n..3U Nur. l;74, Ann^adtb. 
uf JiiniBa Cran fiird, of CTBwfurilibunj, co. Down, «)., and b; 
ber {«\w it. 21 U<w. 1777) hid iune, 

».' M*iii.Li_i, fr. ! Aug. 177'j. •«.. i Julj i;M, .Miilr™-ThiBn»i. IMIi k^ 


Tbe eafi rJ. 22 JUurdi KI02, and wu secceedea ly hU oiilr son. 

DdfbE. yeaviU utid 2J etirl. 

//rir AjtpOTtnl — Vianiiuu Alexander., tbe cwl'i wm. 

Crrattsfu — Baron, 6 June 17etf( ViHUUiiIn Nuv. 17U7 ; Eari, 
ia Dae. 1800. 

. — >. 1 . : ,ju„ , i,„^ „ .iilngnl iijcfflt, 

niiur, Ihflhflnd holdliw Burord fiTOptt. 

. By icauiilbyUilil. 


(.'aitlerneBG aud Kenniaiv, Hnrou i>r I'liMlenMie, b Bunnitt of 
IrelHTid, and a Tniiira uf the Ruya) Collr^ '>r Alnpiouth ; Htm 
15 Jiln. 1788 ; BiicMieded hia failier, Valentine, the laltr ekii, 3 
Oal. IRISi married. 1 July 181(1, AogiiBla, Sd ila. of tir Hotim 
Wilmet, of Osniustoii, to. Otthy, lart. 

SirVAtEKTiue Bbo»j(e, of Crofti, 
Kiirer of the tiiU-n of Berwick, auditor of 

Imid, and audiuir-gHa. of Ireloud, i ^ ... 

;uid queeii Mary ( he left uwiie, sir Valentine Browns, kut^ 
privy oiiuaK«llor t« ^uuen EUialMith, who purctuued latga tafm 
fn Irelanil, m. Thumasiiie, Biilcr of sir NicuUs Baeoo, ka| 
hird.keeper of (he grmt nenl to queeu EliiabMh, and auni of' d 
c«lebi-ated Francis 1»[^ Venihini, viKuiint 8t. AltnmX U 
chatirellDr of Eii^und, rnun whom dmx-iided lir V«i.ElfTW 
BaowME, of Castle Rtwe, whn was creited a ban. of iWl 
10 F«b. imi.and m. EKiulHith, Sth iIh. of Gerald, lOtb sari 
Kildare j he wna ancettor of 

VAtBMTiME, A. ir>3<l, a jirivy rouiine 
arf. of foot in his army, d'CMtrd after thi 
Rbdicatioii, by patent, dated nt DuUiii, 30 Alny IfiOD, 
Xnunsre •■ be m. Jane, only da. anil h. iif ' "- ' ' 
brullier of JiUQU. oirl of FJiunl, and had 

Nu'lioLAS. (lallfd) SdnKount Kenii 

prince. IIU lucxlillip ». IIJIU. ' ' 


Tht InmoeH tf. 34 June IJSfl, and ww taccodtJ by btr d 


Ua lata molber; and irwn* 14 July tHSl, . 
ithHed KiBKdom, l>* the tiile <>f rbnuni /fxtoUw^* 
■W Unitalint. The ewl d. » Aag. IBSi, «i 
tacried by bii nvM braUw, 
Jottw, prceent eu-l. 

. Afir f>miH»plii«— Ta iba Iriafa bimnir* Md tilla oT vi 
SvIcbhiHn, Uie hun. Johh llRLr-UuTcaiKioK, Mq 
itba cvL Tu the barony of HiitehiiuKin "T Aleouidrik. n 
■Btiou— Baron, 16 Oct. I783t Vi»™.im J No*. ! 
20 Der, ISOO; Bum UotrJiiAKiR, uf Aleundria. ii 
at ibe Unired Kiii^un, 16 Der. t8DI i VT 
I, in tbe Peerage vt ihs t'liitrd Kingdon, I 

PUM77- OuartirJTof*- la 



leunder, and Barim Caledon, K.P., a Tnittee nt ill* LiliM 

Maniilariure. and a Gn^e^lu^, and Cokinel of the Tyrone Mi- 

JUia, 5on. U Dec 1777 : iurre«)«l bit faiber, Jamn, tlM Uie 

Mrl, 22 Slairb ia02i marritt. Id Oct. 1811, r«lh>rine Ynrke, 

Slda.i>f Philip, earl of Hanlwidie, K.O.j and baa iwuis 

M3IES-DUPRE, viMCount Alesander, 6. July 1813. 

Tbe elder hranrh of tliii family waa ennobled, 1003, by tbe 
tille of carl of t»tirliiig, in the penon o( WilLi«h AlKk- 
jUrnEI, of Menstrie, wcretary uf aiate for Svutland. lemp. 

The Mrl't uicealor, Akdrev AlbxakIiEb, of Lnndonderrr, 

■Itunwd, in 1689, bjr the pw^iaownt of Itablin, held 

jamea II., sfler his aMicacion : fruni him deaoeoded 

kTBAHiEL Alexuider, eaq., who m. Eliiahelb, da. of Wil- 

U'Clintick, of Duiunore, to. Donanl, «•<],, snd hid Utne. 




9. Jakss. l»t nrL ' . ;■■( f < n' 

«. £i.i>t.>fi.JiwU>Uut>re,DfWUImF«k. Biitti.uq. - ..■<■ 

JamCii, lot earl of L'sledun, L IJSO, lUlud ^veni bigb vtaa. 
tiiiiii in tliB £a3C IniUet, and wiu adruiuxl t» ihc di^milr '■' 
Ituuu CuJalvn, n JafiunDOi viHiiiiUH Nuv. 1797) •>»l •miJ 
CoiW™, 20 Doc. IIKMI. TlierarlBi.,2JNuv. 177-1. Aiiiu^ id ^ 
uf JuOH Crawfiird, of CrBnTiirdaburn, co. Dowu, esq., moA bj 
her {who rl. 21 Deo. 1771) h^iBUB, . - 

i. H»iiti.A.», 7 Aug. I774i H.. I.;ii)i 17M, .iiulres Thomai. mli la4 


Tbe e«rl d. 22 Alardi lUOi, and wu lucraedvd by liii anXy wn, 

DupBE, iireaeiit anil 2d Hitl. 

HeW Apparel — VUciMOt AlekahdRb, Um KBrl'sum. 

CrMtwiW— llaruD, S Juiis HHU; VIkkhiue, Nov. \^i^ t £u^ 
2fl Dw. 180U. 

ftarf— A dKiff MTU Bnlmmd In »imnut, ihe Ii»ni1 hnld^ii ■ tMai vnm. 
suiftrltrt—rtiiur, % mnauM with > mfimi In hn il^l haM |ii^ti. 

.VAffff— JVi-HHtrrf^rifrrnJ. By cca dliit bv liatf. 

Cutleruufl nud Keninani, Barou uf Cmtlenme, k Bamlm o( 
Ireland, and a Tnism uf thp Royal ('«llege nf MayiHoth ; tttm 
lA Jdn. 1788 i sucuwdcd hi« failier, Vakstiar. the late «*il, 3 
OM. ISI2; manied, I July 1810, Aogiina, 2tl da. of efr Hoticn 
WihDM, of Ounuutun, ni. Derb;, ban. 

Air VALKNTtHE BloWxE, of Crofti, to. l.lnniln, mu tiw- 
ilinir (if the tnwu i)f Bvnrick, auditor of ilie Eirhequer in £>N[- 
laiid, and audiU}r.f(eii. of Ireland, in the reigni of Edward Vl. 
and quewi Mary t iw left isaiie, sir Valentine Browne, ImU ■ 
privy onuBMliur to quwn Elkabeth, wbo pui-cliawd laige ■ Willi 
in TrcLiind, n. Thonuuiue, liiur nf lir Nifoloi lUoon, tqU, 
hird-kteper of ilie grmt s«il to quesu Elizabeth, and auat of tlw 
celebratad Fraouii, li>r<< \'erulBm, vincoiint Si. Alban'a, lofd 
dwucvllor of Erif^and, from (Fbuiii dmceinlvil >ir VaLCXTlXt _ 
BmoWKK, of Caille Rams, who wan cnsilsd a btrt. ot I 
lOF*!). 183l,>ndin.EKaati«h, Dill ila. uf Gerald, IDth c 
Kildare 1 lie waa antxautr of 

Valehtine, 6. 1A3U, a privy conii'eUor 10 JaioB II., 
cut. of root in bis anuy, citncvd afirr ihnt iiLir>niTnale tmiQarwH 
abdicatioii, by patent, dated a| Dublin, 30 Mnv IGQO, vii^iMi 
Kftmart 1 he n. Jane, only da. and b. uf tir Niclmlaa FkinliM 
brother nf Luciu, ewrl nl' FJiif^, and bad insue, 

NiCUOLAS, (luliRl) 2d viKuunt Kunmnr.!. nlui Kai a c 
king Junta's army, and wax aiMintcd for hit adhermm Ic 
pn'nM. nil Wdibi]) m- ISOI, his cuiuiii, llrleii, ddat da. tmUM 


CdJi. of Thoma Brawne, aq., Sd aoa of wr ValenitM, tii* lii 
' 1iin^ uiil it « Bnuwli A|>ril 17m, laviiix ihuc, 

Valiktike, {cbIM} M r\Km,ut, A. IflW. a. Nn. 1T»I, 
Bnwria, jd da. of ThmnM Boiler, H^, ((rtnibon of i)i« bnn- 
lUchat^ Bmler, only brutVr <rf JlniN. iiuke of OrncMid', j by 
M»rgM«, eHot ihi. of WjIHrtti, mH of Chnirfnrilp, tnit iHdtw 
of Brmi M(s«iii, rjaMani uf Iiragfi ; and had iiaur by ber (whu 

*."^JL,« -he* 

>. •».. 17x1, Jolm Wnin, M). 

2. Till 

m., SdTv, On. I7SS. Man, only d, 
raid, of CMtte li>bcn, kdA wid^ nf ^u>i 
nd left her (wtutm..3d1v.Jal>D, Ion) Brlhw) fi,(vii 

of Mxtmn- (Intrr- 
nr) nf Kncal, 

^ SO Juiie \ja», and rat «h»w<M by bi* «M, 

I ^.. TuHtfM. i<ai3ed) 1th ripcuum. k ifte, m. Ur-. I7M, Aiuir. 

floly da. of Thouiai tukr. of I'ainiiuBii. «>. (arlo*. wq.. Mu 

I ■atd heir uf WilHam Coke, oa^ gorrmor of t^rlnw tinder Jainra 

'"■-'■ • - . - ™ I, Builcr. 3J *« uT .ir 

ia, [^ Anu^ only da. of ihc Wi. Thoaw* 
Hoard Bailaf , (uxsunl Cakrayc. and bad 
' "Li.EaitHE,(EaUod)Jkb 

d. & Kept. I79A, and wat lurmded by hi* inly 
KuiiuarF, wKowMCTOlrd, 

> VaUUTIHK. (called) Ml viacomi 
ta Feb. 17M, bonn of Cc$ll*nt>t, 
Wff^uictA la Uie digxitia uf earl of Ktnmar*. and vifoounl C^ufA*' 
7i|Ww, » Uiic 1800; k Jan. 17U : ">-. I >t. 7 July 1777. O-r. 
I Mte INllon, da. of llfmry, I lib vl>niun[ Dillmi, (by libartnUr 
■I da. and li. of lleorge-Uciiry, 3d and Intl cwri of I.iHt- 
LjWd,) anil by ber (who d. lA Auk. 1813) bad JMue an ooty d*.. 

, ' Tb« eaH m., 9rily, 34 Ana. I7»6, Miiry, eMrvt da. of Michie 1 
AyfaiUr, of Lywu, oo. Kiuare, (mj., dracoided from an tHrr 
ll of rhc baroiii Aybner, and by her (vho i. 4 Sept. 1B0I) 

t. FiJiix.b.iSHHinM.AiaMir lyi7. 
IV cert d. 3 Ud. ini3, «nd vn lUnxHciri liy bl* ddoM tttK' 
" -.exTiKE, prcMmt end 3il wH. , 

r I'TMUBpliBt -The boil. THOMAt BaOKKB, MXt'lr 



Crnlisni— Baroom Df Irdand, IG3I ; Buds vhI ViMNxmi, M' 
Feli. 179B i Esrl, Kl Dec IRIKI. 

rwrf— A ilnol drM-m ■mew. wlnp n|iiiii4«f. nbtccuRF Dcmc 
Si>;var1-n— TvD fynia uRvii Kuilu ublb iriitai islUiBil wad ctulMd, M 

count Limeridi, and Dsron Gleatvarth, in llie Peenge ct '-* 
land, and Baron FnxFord, iif Suckpole Cnurt, oo. Clan, in _ 
of th e United Kingdom i bent 8 Jitn. 1758 : Mim«ded hii fathM^ 
William-Cecil, Ute lord Olenlworth, 4 July 1794 : cmud ^1*. 
Doanl and Earl of Limerick, 11 Feb. IGffil, and Bonn FiRfiiid, 
11 Ang. ISIG; marritd, 39 Jan. 17B3, Alioc.Mary, onlv ^ 
and h. of Henry Omuhy, of Cloghas, co. lUayn, F«q.. (by itttj, 
ddeatsiaWrof sirBeiiry HarUlonge, bart.,] and bv h«r had tuoci- 

1. EiiMTiHDXt-ciL, b. 23 Nor. 17ftS. <t 10 NaT 179Sfr 

2. UENRV.UARTSTONOE, bm n/«l»>rtA,i. iGSr ^^ 

17tt9, ■•., II May 1608. Anabeila, 2d da. of Tenniaon Edww 
of Old Ctnirt, CO. 'H'k-klaw, an., and hai iuite, 1. fdnva,^ 
Heniy, i. 'i March ISOO ; 2. AunaJtrUa-Erina, 6. 5 Haj ISltf 
3. Afary-Gint^'anii, A. 10 Not. IHl 1 ; 4. tniliam-Hmty-Tlm^ 
nuon, b. 9 Oct. 1B12 ; d. Johii-HarttHmge, b. 31 Aug. 18IS; 
e. Enulp-Canline, b. 23 Mareh IBIS; 7- VftUia-AiunMla, K 

39 April 1III7 : 8. Henrf-Frederidt, b. I Jan. 1830; 1. 

WilliaU-Cecil, i. IB Feb. 1701;- 4. Edmuhd-SextoiiS 

lieiit. 6lh TegL. at dragouua. b. ^ Feb. 17!I7, ■■-, 14 F«l>. lefljB 
Elimbeth -Charlotte, da. af the late bon. WilKam Cockayne,^ 
Ruthton Hall, no. Nartluimptan, and niece and oi-h. of Bbclnic 

tail viMMunt Cnllen ; 5. AIaby, b. 31 Qa.. 17B3, d. 20 JUt 

\a\T; (L TuEODOBiA, b. IS Jan. 17S7, at., 1) Joly 181b 

ThoQiBB. Spring Rice, «eq., AI.P. Co. Limerirk; ?. LuCY, 2 

laMaroli ITSS, «., IC Slaccb ISlfi, Rowland Slsphenvio, oj 

Farley Hill, co. B«rk«, e«q. ; 8. FaAKCEa-SELiV^ i. J" 

.luly 17DS, fM., 8 Auf. 18111, lir Henry-Robert Colder, of F 

House, cu. Kent, bart,; 9. Lociba, t. 3 April 1708, n. 

July 1835, Peter Pole, «q., eldeit son of itir PeU-r Pole. t> 

ni.P. i 10. Cecil-Jahe, 6. 28 Sept. 1001, «., IS Mara 

1828, the rev. John Di^Ialield, 2d ion of John Ddifield, a 
Campden MUl, uq. ( — II. CaKOLIne-Alicia, k. 16 Jab. 

Edmund PEmr, of a Devwithire family, lettM at LJroendL 
Icmp. Car. I., in. Sutannah, only child and heiren of Stepbetf 
Sealtin, esq., and d. 1066, leirins iuue, 

Edmumo Pbbv, of Stackpi^ Court, co. Clare, tea., wJ. ia 
diD army, </. I72I, learing iwie, I. SarUyn, of Stadtpole Court, 
rf. without isnie in 1730j 2. BTACKrOLE, in holy order* ; and 
4 das. 

the 2d ton, ni., 2 April 17IG, June, da. of WJU 

liun Twie)^, arrhdnmn of Ltnurirk, (tiy Wmm, 4h.«f iMPnTr 
Wnv, Un., uii of lir CliKUophcF Wnf. WUj M* M At 
binia^ dib md <«-h. of Ed*ard-C«dL,rIwvuni Vfanl«lM,MlM 

or i&e tM Mtl gf Enur,) ud W. a I73B, l« 

UnrM, » tm tm, m.. M, II Ji«a 
ilntiD, iM.. ■h«^. ■hiHwt tan* In inoi 

llntlD, IM.. ■fM J. ■uuut tan 



1. VBl«t twItaK*. 

Hvu. Hf.. W.r. to ftan(nt4. 

TS» tUmmi 4. ■Hlnul B^ OIK Ik Ukrt. ■!« Itw I 

% WiLLiAH-CcciL, III tap* UWnivanK. 

«. W»*T. ». OTJ. 4 » f- 
& 9KlTOir» b. )T;ll, 4. )fj 

>lun>d], 0^ Tex-, m. 

I. ITn. •li Itnirj llitulcnff.elBniSt. Iiui. 
lord Ulminanh, nni ttratlxir tif K4< 

f;!ii. — . AHuchi: 

knbhip m.. ld>r, 4 Oct. I7H, FhirMhaa, it. at Rkhanf 
■CMinurU, •(£ IJ>n*Hoh. oq.( and widm nT itni. Cnann>. HtH 
|«>Milp <!. 4 Jory ITM, and »M kuomM bj hi* on); xo. 

E»mi')id.Uev«t, Ed lord lilcnwurth, and f w — i it ud Iw 
Mrl nf Limerick. Uid hwim yiafird. 

/Mrvf/TM^M— Ilev>r-H«KT*ri>]fac,lAntOLBiiTwoaTN, 
•UoM »a of ibe tvL 

OMiwac— Bvon, 31 MarlTOT: ViMvinl Hid EvI, II F*!). 
: Bw«n FiiKfofd, of Iftaekpnie fmirl, oi. tUre, In ill* 
(vnfihe I'nited Kiocdian, II Aug. Inlft. 

Mn. «unBVn^*Hiaii>n>ind*rfrw.tiiiMiimi 

» MMMr. ( (nm pnpw rinollr nlUn^ 
r caunwc, Doi b][ craA. 



TV, Vutrniint- Dimlu, uf Puiiln and Balliuiwloe; llutm Kikna- 
Del, of Garl^ly, co. Ooliray, in tlic Peera^fe of IieUnil, a»i 
TiscoUKi Clancahtv and lUntii Trendi, uf UsTliiill|f,iM tkal 
r>r ibe United Kingdom, (JUarqiieu of Uetinlcn, in (ho Ncibef' 
lands) O.C.a, QoverDar uid CiiMoi Itutuloruin Co. OHlivkv, and 
iMoml of Che Galway Mililin. His lordihip was 31.P. tor ibc 
ca. of aiiway till hi> acceoinn to llie li'le ; a)ipoiiiled » Coauah- 
lianer lo the HCbirm of India I«OI. On iIic renamtiou Of iht! 
priiim of Orange to the Bovcreigiiiy of rhe Neihfrlaiids, in ISIS. 
)ia iviui appointud Ambaisadur in th« ll^io; and wia, in IfllS, 
l'r«aled, liy ihv Iudk i>f the NctbeHanili, luarquHs of HeDtdcn. 
whicli lilie Ills majesty uas gradiiuily pleated [by lif^i manual, 
dated 16 Aug. 1634)iDalk>iv him to anrpt ; born tB ifay lT(i7: 
tuccceded his fatlier, WillJani.Pon-er-Kejitinf;, the lato earl, 37 
Aiiril IHOQ ; created Baren Trencb, intbe Peerage of the (.'niled 
Kiaf^oni, 4 Aug. ISIS, and Visnnint OftDrarty ISai ; marrM, 
9 Feb. 179li, Henrietta- Margaret, 3d dn. uf ibe right lion. Jdin 

Staples, and hag issue, 1. WILUA.M-TUOMA.-^ eJiivMl 

DHtJa, b. ai -Sept. 1803;— 2. R[CIIa«U-Jobh, J. 22 Uanli 

lews;— 3. ROBEBT,£. Oct. IBODi 4. Louisa-Avousta- 

AHHE,ir.23Dec. 1796; S. llENniETTA-MAacAaET. i. 13 

Oct. 1709, m., SB Feb. 1826, Thotnat Kavanaicli, of Bon-u, Co. 

Kilkenny; — 6. Emily -Flobimua, b. 7 Nov. 1000 I ?■ 

Frahces-Powek, 4. 23 Jan. IU02, rf. 28 Dec. IWMt »■ 

This faniily, which baa been ennobled in two hraiidiFK, acnmed 
the name from Ibe toirn of J.a Ttanehe, iu the province u( 
Poituu, of which they were fomieily jjisix.'ubI. TIio £nt of the 
faniUy in England khs 

Fdedebick dt la Tranehf,nr Tmxebe, n pmlesitint notilmiau 
who fled fruDi Fnuici) after ilie uiukuu'ic of l^t. Bartbolumsw, ami 
settled in the co. Northoinbeilat.d in 1574 ; he «., ISJtl, Slar- 
saret, da. of Thuwas Sulton, euj., and had iinie^ !• Ttioiui. 
nU heir ( i- Jamfi, rector of Clungell, in Ireland, and pi 
of estates in Cavan, m , 100^, Margaret, du. uf Uugh, visi 
Montgomery, uf Arda, and had issue an only da. Aune; 3. A 

Thomas, the eldest sc 
Brooke, of I'uiitefraet. ( ... 

Bid, who settled at (iarlially. in Iictand ; n.. ItiJi", hit ouutiii, 
Anns, only ohild and h. of the rev. Jamea Treach, and d^ in 
lOfiO, leavioB iinue, Fhedebicij. unce.tor of ihc curb of Clan. 
Carty ; and JnJtn, deau uf Rapliue, auueator of lord Aihuiwn. 
Fbeqkbick, the eldest ron, L. in 1003, succeeded at Garballvt 
from whom descended hii tordsbip's grandfattier, 

RiCliABD TaENCii. uf Garbaily, esq., 6. 1710, was i«tumed 
lu parliumeul fur tlie go. Oalwi^, whiiJi (wuiity his bther bad 
rrpreseuied fur 37 yeun. Ue n., Vi llorcb 1733, Frai.tes, only 

J. FaaDHMn: I. Oitib. hmx. kritMi 
1^^ WikUAM-FoTCI 

i-1>ou 1 ii-KrATiHe, Ut Mrl of Uannrtr. *. 1341, 
f. 'L* kuiicbt ol Uur thin for Gklwar IiM, 

» ' > rrprcioit uniU VA Nov. 1707. «lNn b> 

iiilv of buruii Kilrtauttl; aW«l ri«»iul 
J' .1 wl of ClaHtarlr 1) Fab. IIKI3. The 

r„ J. Aiinr. aUcM d*. of lli* rifHn '•"U- Cbarin 

CuK'iii'T. iir>il •i'.ii'r uf LuJ»v vIhouoI Utwiiljv), Bill) by )irv 
,1*^1.0 d. 8 Juiy \n-a) b»i JMiu, 
• i. tlltrtlAtn, preMtit earl. 

4. Pow«.. r>.n„MrhW.horo(Tu»iB. fc. 11 J»™ i;?'. -.. !!< Jm. I>«. 
Itoiw. di.arWiltcrTiiW.OH. of rulliTiY'oT. It ll..l« K-« Tn~h, 

mfa ld. *■ Jul]r 1^1. ... IBtl, ! 

• Cii»«'. "H- "^ ki 

IS April m 

4* fo. T1|L|itfrvT. H/f,, ^iwtiuv 
i;. LiW";. M..cii IJW.*"" '"' '~* """" ~' "" "■""""■ 
in. KHiLf. K Rtirt. inu. nL. II April ulii, Itobm Lwmith*. of Hu- 

The wtl i. 37 April lOOS, and *M Ncneded I? Iila tUfai 



RiCHABit, 211 uid pT«ien[ earl. 

Hnr Apparent— VfiLLiAV-'fantixt, Ttacnunt DuBL 

t'reafjoai -Banui Kilommel, orUBrl«lty, 2fl Nnv. 17U7 : VIW 
roiint Duiilo, o( Dunlo uid Rallinuiloe, 3 Jul. IHDl c Earl it 
Clancarty, ni. Cork. 1 1 Feb. IU03 1 Baron Trench, in the PeOb 
Hge of the United Kiugdam, 1 Aug. 1815; Vincuunl ClaneBrtr, 
1S34 : nnd Marquess of Heusden, by the king of the NettMiB 
Unda, 18 JuIt 1819. 

,4rtii*~S« PIiiH 78. Quulerlr. 1« u«lHli. Arnoil, i lien iM^wt fUNi 

9M nBd 3rd. ATgimli ■ chief indoind uble— Li Puis. Ota all (bSnc mtr 
•ufnMDUUoo En&tad to the nu-L Iry Ihe kliia of jhs Nethnlaada, nnd vbJrh M 

tlfOfdwUh tlKCORiaMara nurqucHof the NMhnluidi, and diwodwl 
wlieil ot ikL qnkix gulH. f 

/. — .. .- .j_. 1 II "-Imidirnnplniiaicy m^f 

"loss's' "S.'Tlffl 

larrDcMl— L( P p«^ 

and Jtaron Unsfard, of Market Hill, co. Armagh, and a BanxuT 
of N.S., lots Onvemor and Cuiton Rntuloruio of Armagh, uatki 
Cokinel of the Armagh Militia, and a Tnitlee of the Liaen Mb>, 
nufacture; sunuedeil lii> father, Arthur, the late carl, \t JM(< 
18117: morrinf, 20 July 1805, Mary, unl)' da. of Robert Slpamnr, 
uf WodiiighHin Hall, CO. Snffolk, eaq., (1iy Mary, ddeit da. oTtlF 
John Bemanl, of Brampton Park, co. Nurlhainpton, ban.,) aaA 

hai iniie, 1. ARCHIBALD, lord Acheim. b. 39 Aug. \Vf»«A 

2. SlAmr I 3.MiLLicEH»i l.OttviAi " * 


Sir Am 


I, WHS created a 

for Scntii! 

8ir Arthur, 5th Iwrt., fi. SG Jan. ITiGti, m., 1713. Anne. da. 
of the ri^t hon. Philip Savage, duincellor of tlie exohe^er i^, 
Irriand, and had lame, 

1. Sir Archibald. l*t vlacount Ooafnrd. , 

t. M< iiuLt, «., i;u, Ruben Tt«Kh, a^, of Muniim Cvlle. m. (Wmr, 

•ad i. In I7<n. ^ ^' 

Bir Arthur d. 19 Feb. 1748, and wai micceeded by hU «Ide« 

diitnilf ol litoount Cnford 211 Jun* \;%Si. Hii lonbhip 
1740, Marf, ymiDgMtda. of Juhn UfvbsrdMn, of Rich Hill. 
Armagh, m^., and Iwd iwuc lijr bar, <<Tbu <L May nCS.) 
1. Ahtuuk, JW vf 

. ..,lB."i"7». 
Mlir. ITTK Utsm. tUa» MunU. MfOi 

J. JrirA-HMBinTA, IK. I7«. " —*f IMI. 

■■ turlinH. ■.. lit. int. - 

OMv*: •d4, Mh, JfnuiUn Fhti'Ii. ch. 
t. Ma BY, ■•.. im. Hugh "— 

The viscouQt J. A Sept. I7M, and wu iiMtnidsd bf liit ridoit 

AmTHF*. Sd vJxMinni, who vm *dviini-e<) to the illKniiT of 
rari of f ^oiTon^ Feb. IBM. m., 1;7«, Blillluna, da. ufllniWen. 
GinnI Pott, riBMfnried frnm the aiuMiit family if Pol*, nf Rad. 
boame, oo. Dert>f, and by her (wbu 4. I Nor. lltSA) had Iwue. 

I. AacritNAt-n, pment MtrL 

. in I ni> uiKT, «rt, Gi ih( rnUhtnan (uinK 

.'i:. Uird Wlllhn-HniTj-Cai'HUIWi Bni 

.: . i.M^i. of M- JmB'^ riuioli BrliriibiiL 
l(JU7, uiil wu luoceeded by hii aldeu 

I, pmenl and 3d earl. 

- BcmiAi-n, Wd AcuEsox. 
I, !i«pt.lflail; BaninUuifunl, anjuly 117t[; 
Vimont, ao Jud* UKA i Eail. Feb. IHOA. 

lulURENCE PARSONS, Eail of R0S8E, Barvu Oiman. 

town, a Banm^t. * Privy CouuwUor, and Ouvemor of llie King'i 

[ County, aud Jniac Pwtnuiter-Oenen] in Ireland, U.R.I-A. ; 

'pm SI Hat I7AH; auccmded bin uncle, LaiireiMie, the late earl, 

• 3tay ISD7: marriHl, b April 1797, Alice, da. of Jnhn IJord, 


tiiiail Jard ji 


Un.,IO^or. 1G20, uid d 

k'itll Uf Julm BorloMi, and 
Wd uiuil 33 Ajiiil IGi3,) n'aa 

visciiiiii Itoiie. i July ICSl, with reuiBinder ut tl» lieii- 
Lis graUrgmudfathKr, air ^Filluua, lord juauce of IrcLu ' 
yiiuiiiDt m., Ist, AiiDC Walaingbuu ; 3dly, lt>ll2, i 
Brjdge&i du. of George, lord Chiuidiis (bv Jane, ds. a< Ji< 
Biven): and, Sdlr, IGUfi, Elixalieib, hJiIim da. of lir 
HaninL4]nf cuunl iJuD^ltun, (grandwn of Jamea, earl o 
C<>rn,) by FniOLei, da. and okIi. of Richard J«niiin|{^ c 
nitge, CI). UrriFord, esq., and iitler uf Sarsh, durlieiu o 
boraiif^, and had iuuu by her, (uhn J. Jun> I7SJ<) 

1. fitcitABD, Sdviiomut. 

*.QntMM,i.i3.Ki.'iAm\t.4. VI. 

His Inidihip if. 30 Jan. 1702, mid vat tucTMdcd bv V 
RlCSABDtSd TiMAount. wbo, lOPeklJUS, nudv.,i. 
ttotu, n., 171s. Alarv, eldest d», i>f lord U'lllinm Panic 1 
of Chartn, 2d dukeuF Bolton, (ly IiDuiBn, dn. of the in. < 
M(ni|Hiuiltan, vounger sou of llie duke de la Force, i 
uiit bad iuue by hi" ' 

1. Itic 

r.t«'lioJ. I7I8,) 

The eail d. 1741, and waa succealetl I7 hii <oa, 

KlCHAKl^3deu'lof Kos*e,d. 21 Aug. Hf-UiavinKiit.. 
Olivia, da. or Hugli Edwards, nn-. ""^ by hi>r (who d. 1 1 
ISM) had no inne, when (be lilliw of eurl of Homo aai 
ti>xinanUnvii beeamo oatiuct. 

Sir Lawkekce, the younger briMber of air WiDian Pi 
lardchiefjuniice of Ireland, was neaied at Birr Caartt, ml 
appointed attorTiey-general and vice-adinirat of J\1uiiBiflr, i 
turon iif llie exriieqner. Bis grauilaoii, 

Sir LtiTBEVCE Harsaiis.of Birr Caitle, waa crested a hi: 
15 Dec 1117;, n. FmniHi, youngeat da. and co.Ii. uf U'ilUu 
TagR,eaq., son of air Anhnr SarDge, privy cDuniallor >o Ju 
aiid it. 1690, leaving itsue, 

!eir W11.LIAII, 2d hurt., who m., In, EUubeth, d;>. 
(ienrve PreHtoii, bare., of Craigitiiller, in Su>tlin>l ; and, 
EliaJieth, ddeat da. and eo-h. of air Oeoi]^ St. rieiirge, k 
Duumore : be had iuue bv hii fir« lady, 

Wi*aMii,ai.llan>i%ila.o/Tlwn]iiri|nii, of CliRiTad. oo. (M 
aBd^. bsfon hii fttlw, 1h«Ui(Iuu:i 

, |. Lauhe>(cb, Sd liart. 

Sir U'lLLiAU d, 17 March I74O, and wai luccceded 

ddeat da. and co-li. 1 
1710, Anne, only A 

who a.., Isl, 3Se,.l. 1730, 
m Sjirigpe, e«,. ; and, gdly. * 
antBorib Itnroiaii, «»()., of .' 

!ind brfrtw df tier drollier, Cutti ITamun, doui iif \l'kMirf<>M. 
Mid d. 17fi), iMriti^ U1UC, by hii flm wife, > lun uul heir, itr 
WILLIAM, 4d hut., of whom precndf ; and bv hi* M, 1 it*.. 
Aunt, a. R.-B. Dci-ercll, nq., and I mn, 

Laitkiiiici:. fc. 2*1 Julv 1713; crennl 3a Sqic \^St, hvm 
Onwuifevn. niili rrnuiindpr (o liii nephew, nir Idiirrniv Piuwiw, 
Wrt. ; further crraiHt riununi fAnmnXMm, H Ocl. IJM, awl 
adTWUed la the digniiT of eui of ffdur, Feh. I«00, vith tlie 
ume remuDder u tnt banrnj-. Uii Wilihi]) n., 1 1 Junit 177^, 
.'■DC, eldat da. of Etlwiud. «rl of Kingiluai, tnd bad iuur an 

/uMu. A. XI llBihins, iL.PDac. ir'.'r Robirf, ihnHinl Lonui. 
ThcesrI rf. oiihuut iuur male, 20 April ItOT, wfaai ike \U. 
.■tmniy of Diinaiiloii'ii l«c»me ratinrt, Inn ihc Imrwiy ind earl- 
dom d«*cendvd, purtUMnt ta ibe liiuilutiun, lo hi* uqJww, tii 
Luirvuce Pirwnv 

Sir William, lih U»rl-, <■., 28 June 1J54. Murj, only dk. 
and h. of John Clrre, of Kilbury, nm., (drKcndnl (rum llic Chaca. 
(if Omuby aiul Blicklius, co. Nar^iDi, wtiow ■iicuuir, Kdwuil 
(We, of Clermont, ill Nunnandy, came to Kiigl""! «iili Williun 
the Conqiuror, Md whow deumdaot, lir Rotwn (lore, of Oriui- 
l-y, ■. AU«, da. uTiir nUIiaiiiBuIkii, of BUiUing, aiiJ aunt vf 
•|ues Anne BdUen,) and had loue, 

1. i)ir LAuaEVCE, Sih bart. aud 'M carL 

I^ Wiliiam if. 1 May 1791, and n-u nicceeded by hu ddtal KM, 
lur l>Aii»a«cE, >ili bartn who hIm winMdsd ■■ lid aarl of 

RuMB, 87 Slay 1807, •»> ll>e dn-eaw of hia unae, LaL'MVcX. 

*«rl W RoHtt, wiihoui iHue male. 

ilnr Jffortnt — William, lord Oxtt»ritotiyi, iho mY* 

■1IUUI KiMienaa, Ilarun <if biniiertun, tu. Kilkenny; Ivrn Vi 
\««. 1773 : sumnled his futlier, Cliurla, ibe Ule aarl, U July 
MiOHi nuirnerf, 17 Hay IHIII Dima IlErberl,cliU>tda.of Ueorge- 
jlniculiiL urcMul citfl of Pembroli* mid Mutilipnnery, K.U., 

...d Im. i«i.r. 1. JA31t~'*-tHARLES.nBBBERT.\rEL.>, tMr"U«( Semrrtoa. b. 17 Sept. IBlBj- -«. 

Maiv-Jank-Diaha, *. 2(i M-v 1B22 ; 3. IlKaaKaT-WKi.- 

MiaK-KLLIl, 4. lu N'pi. 1023: *. CHABLn.MKLaoai;- 

JUHacftT.A. IS No.. iu;i. 



CaamE^feS AaaS, 1« eiH of MdnMnfton, wad aordi^ii 
Dahli*^ VM kfttbcr cf Jkraes, III Tiscounc CUItteii, and 
Henry Ai^ar, of GorvraB Cutk, hy Aim»-£llia, onl^ da. 
JohnBrncoe, of Amberler Castle, oo. Sussex, and sister < 
km9 £Bfau Its lord Moadijpy who was so created IS Aug 
ptoiil. rtnaiader to Hcniy^ risomiit difden, aiidl 
and to Ckarles, earl of Normanton. His lordship 
Dec. 173C, cdocated at Westminster sdiool, and aften 
at Cluist Cimrcli, in tlie nniTersitj of Oxford ; 
haB of vUcfa coUcfre is his portrait, as also the portraits 
grandfathfTy Wdbore Ellis, bishop of Meath, and of his 
Wdhore £llis« lord Mendip ; entered into holy orders, a 
appoinnd chaplain to Uu^ duke of Northumberiand, 
vhibt k«d lieutenant of Irdand, in 1763 ; from whence ' 
promoted to the deanery of Kilmore; consecrated, 20 Mard 
bishop of Clorne ; coosecrated ardibishop of Cash^, 1771 
in 1801 > archkishop of Duhliny bishop of Glandelapfa, and i 
of Ireland. He was created baron Somtertony oo. £]dare, I 
I7»: tisronnt SMnrrfon, 12 Dec 1800; and earl of ^Ton 
CO. Kilkenny, 7 Febw 1806; au. 22 Nov. I776, Jane, ddcs 
liiuum Benson, cow Down, esq., (by Frances, da. of < 
Macartney Portis, esq.,) and by her' (who dL Oct. 182< 

1. WsLBomE-£LLi&. present earl. 
& Gao»«K-CHAU.cs, F.R.S., b. 1 Ave. 1780^ 
X JAmBkVsholTO«Aa».aRlMlBKDDorKllmoi«.b.lOJnlTl781»ai 
Uflt ljMlii^Tou«fc«ds.of SaiauclThomiiMa*af Giecnmount. €0» 

^\ RamY.WiL&iAM, Ik S Jidy ITS*, 4. a kklknC. 

Sk PaA]ica»-A3CXB. M., U Dae. !««• ThoiB»-IUlpli.9iTSBcoii»t Hi 
The ear) </. 14 July 1800, and was succeeded by his eldest 

\rELBoaE>, present and 2d eorL 

Asr .4ppmmi — Viscount Somerton, the earl*s son. 

Cff«iBlii«u_Baran, 12 June 1795; Viscount, 12 Dec. 
Earl, 7 Feb. 1806. 

Jtr wa S <« ntte TL Asm*, a 1km rampsnt or. 

Owt— .K demi 1km rampant or. 
I j^MWi ^ri Tup Ikww. thtdeMrr fet btnd and the limitHtftxttmA- 

MM ttuiv. both nlam collared and du * ' 

or andi aauiv. both plain collared and drained guka. 

JIMAk— Fm irifM ria Arts. Tba baaten path b thft ttft ooew 

Visconat Chaikrille, Baron TuUamore, F.R.S. and M.S 
Aom 30 June 1764 ; created Baron TuUamufre, 7 Nor. 
Viscount ChmrierUie^ 29 Dec 1800, and Eari of Charier 
Feb. 1806 ; mmrried^ 4 June 1798, CatharincMaria, da. a: 
hiti S M of Thooutt-Tbwnley Dawson, esq., of the Cremo 
nuty, and wid<»w of James Tesdall, esq.,and hasissne, CH Al 
WIL«U.\M, Isrd Trn M rnMre y M.P. for Carlow, 6. 28 Apri 
«n at Floratico, 26 Febw 1821, Harriet-Charlotte^Beasi>ol 
da.oftlla kte eat John CampbeH, of Shawfield, and nieoi 
duk» of Argyll, and has issue, 1. CkmHm-WlUim^^G^owp 


2i ix-t. ins7 ; »- M/rtH, b. is Ft>b. tssf. 

JoBK AIi>OBB(dnmidedfmmiiir Tlwimit Mo(in<, ofCni^iu. 
kill- tnnp. qiiFcn Elinibeth, yaunfterbraharofarr Edward Moore, 
knt., anmior of the Diarquesii a( Drnglioda) repmentad Klng't 
Ooaurr In parhaoient, iru eaUed M (he jnirjt onuncit hy Otorge 
I^ IT 1 4, and bf the ome BionKrch natcmtrd baran Tytllamtn, 
23 Ort. 1715, M. Marir. da. of Elnathan t/um, of Dublin, aq., 
«nd had inua, (Iwudta other children who d. foung,) 
<- I. CMiiLEa, ad lord. 

1^ t. Miir; II KiiHii-ib. 
' Hu Lirdahip if. B lw|'(. 17''3, and was niaM«d«l hy hia only ann, 
CbmlEK Moork. 2A liird Tullainnre, fi. A|irii 1713 1 wa> 
apptnotfid a pH^ c^iriaifllor, gov. of King'i Cininty, and imuter- 
inaiter.g*n. in Irelund ; and ailvanred to tlie dignity of aaH of 
CharUnIb, IG Sept. IjaS- The earl m , IS Oct. 1737. Raiwr, 
only da. ard h. of Jimin Cofthill. wq.. dnmided from the Cog. 
bills, of (.itjhill, ro. '^'urk, and d. without ivue, 17 Feb. 1764, 
when ihe varldoni became extinct, but the ntalei def olfed to hii 

JoBH BcBT, the eldeat *on of the hon. Jane Bury above 
named ; 6. 1 Not. I72fi, «. ratharine, 3d da. and oo-h. nf 
Frandi Sadler, of Sopwell Hall, cu. Tipperarr, «q., and 4. 4 
Aug. )7S4, leaTinjt imie by her (who n., Sdly, Jan. 17W. 
Henry Prittie, lord Donoalley) an only un, 
CBAai.Ea-WiLLiaM, preteni earl. 

^^ Btir Apparent— CaxKj.K9-WiLi.ii.M, loni Ti'LLtifOar. 

V'tViMfletu— Bartm,7N«-l797: Viicount, 39 Dm. 1 800 1 and 

■bri, 16 Feb. 1806. 

, ,*iv-St> Plate TIL guutfrtr- lit inJ Ith. Vnl. ■ rmi u imttt. w— 

' Beai. induiriSnl. Ainn. nnacliMlDdnucdor. IhrHniullfii pMrxtfaM. 

Ow— ■«■ A Mw^ hBd aiii|M4 at tlieiwck. «, plncnl lhn>u(lil)M nrrk 
fnun bckMallti avtw—Bi-ai. *iil. Oul of a iImhI fri-Miilor. aMitWi 
t\*wd rtvpad ai the fhdutdcn. pn^v, wrmthtd tduihI th* itapln, or luail 

wMbwhin alunwlj aula. ••". tmirtiaiS mittat, ■i.«th«|1 imnnl iht 

. iimt rirtm nt cnm crwrii. Vlnu* IncteMOunilmhtttijM. 

' KfCHARD WHITE. Eabi. nf BANTRY. Vlteoiim Baar- 
•teiMi, ViacuuDt and Baron Banlry, of Bautry. on. Cork ; botn 
ItlAtg- 1797 i *'■■ preneiiied with a fRild medal, by tlie dly of 
Mink, for U* spirited eaertinna on the trHval of Ihe French fortn 
~ r, S7 Jan. I7117 : wan created Baron nf Baiitrv. 31 
blWt'VisnnuHBantry, 30 Dec. IflOOi Eari of Baiitry, 



'■ tant 

andViaVMiii BcwbaTen. 23 Jan. 1810: marrial, S Nor, 
MM-gwwl^BUn Hbtb, da. of William, «rl of LmiobH, »oj1 

imub; 1. RWUAIW, viKaiHilSt^ir/uiva,. t. 16 No». ■ 

—a WiL>.i*«, 4. Nor. laOl:- 3. HiMos, i. II Mxrti 

IBOT, Hn»ign lOLh foni ; i. ItoiiERT-liEDaES, 4. 31 Sln«. 

1810 J o. AIakia, d. Juno IDI7. f 

The earl ilcrivHi Iiii dncent froiD air TnoMiia Wm 
BJcknuiiiivunh, m. Heru, ihe Ciuiider oT St. John'* ( 
Oifiird, Biid bnitlier of Johu Wliito, lord Uishnp of Af ini 
1557- The iniuiediiic .iioHUr of thi« unble family 
land duriii); [he civil n-art nhich onntnenced 1641. 
wendaul, in the 4th degree, 

Richard M'hite, of Bautry (wl"> "t* maiemally deniuvl. 
ed froBi the Huiiiltona, orAnaD)(h,) «. AUrtba, da. of ihf rar. 
dean Davie*, of Dannum, do. (^uik, and hod iknie, 

i Mimuitr, III.. II Nm. 1736, Richard LonRAl'Id, iImhhh l.aIHtirvDi, 

StMott, dd»t 9011, m. 1J60, Fnuii».Jiuie, da. uf RKibari. 

Hedgn EjTO, of Mount lledgis, esq., (Ijy Helena, da. of ThunM 

Herbert, of Muckruu, ew|., and d. before hit falber, kuiu 


1. RicuAmD, preKut earL 

ii. Mjhtiia, m.. i«no. MkhapMl 
Heir Apparent — Richard, 

.jUIIwt oSlnt'f inHgnn, amMii« nf nt 

I cun. and inU n>ulEaii, ■ rmuillrr'i as, Imha 

bolrtlnf Id hU rlllM kind ■ lllhl hun^m^i iwiiid. 

ihBrhtad.baifllD|ei«r«u AhrrlrftliiBd, u 

, „„._. h.l£ at. 


and Baron Caher, en. Tipperary, fiom 17 May I70< i tuffwriod 
bii J^iiiier, Riduu-d. the Uie earl, 30 Jan. 1«1U. 

Thi* bnuich of ilie iiotiae of Bollar ia deHved fntni JauE* LK 
BoTiLLim othenrise called Ualdie. ur the £nf|4i>hn»ii, wn (by 
Catherine, da. of Genld, end uf Deemond) of Jame>i, 3d earl of 

()nnande,wb"9eil«>MBdBiitit vere, by tLewttlMMnnAfThntnt*. 
lOth «arl of Ormmide, nniueH nan in rnnaindet to ihp M»l«ii iff 
UiD bouie of Oimoude, on tiiilun of tbs hnruni Dunlnrnf. 

TiiOH'iii Biiii.Eit, of Cflher, or Cahienlnini, tie ^ml- 
ifi-uvdaoa <>f Jainn le RwilW, ■>. Ellin, dk. of (he Mrl of Dn- 
mond, and had iwiiie, Edmuhd. vho, by Catbrnrine, da. of air 
l-ierce Poer, had Thomas, whom (mated baron Caber, 19-13: 
«. Eleanor, da. of Pierce, tairl of Ormonde, and by her llail 
iHUO, EiiMirHD. 3d lord, vbo d. wiihoiit iinie niBlft, when (be 
liUa bHanieexciuct ; hut qiu«n Elizahcib renevecl H. ISR3, by 
■ new cnwtion, in faruur of >ir Tbcobai-d BcTI.en, •nil of 
I'icrcc, yiiim^I brmher to Thomai', lit loni Caher, bv ■ da. of 
Mac Pimw, lord Dunhoyne. From him dcSMnded, through a 
knig line uf MiccUfv, Piebce, lUihlnrd, wbo d. at Par», If) 
June 1 JflS. nfln., when tbi> branch of the family berame e'llinrt 
ill the miil« line. The estates, pxrsuuit lo b» Inrdibip'a will, 
devolved ugion Richard, graiidmm of Ricliaril Butler, of Batly. 
nahinch, co. Tiiiperary, father of 

JaMEI BirTi.KR, of Felbard, who m. Sarah Nlvhnlli, Miil r/. 
in the £ast Indlea, ai ia preiunied, July l7Sa, lenviiig iuiie, 

I. RrcRAKD, tltb baran, and 1st earl of OlengBll, and vis. 
munt Caber. 

3! JaicV I Aug.'lTTS, m., !S Oct. IBII. ThuniH, lonl Maniini. kiiil 

Richard, Illb banjii Caher, vai, 23 Jan. IttIG, adv^nnced lu 
tlio diipttia of earl of Glengall nnd viscount CahcT, ca. Tippe. 
raty, i. 13 Niw- I77S; "■, 15 Aug. 17a:i, Emilia, youngrst dB._ 
iif JBniea.t«t.'>fobn Jeffreys, of Blarney Castle, en fork, esq,,' 
(by Arabella, eldest sister of John, 1st earl of Clare,} and h«l 

I. RiCHAID, present earl. 

Mnof T|lt IDirquFftOf Dom^L 

The earl d. 30 Jan. IBIS, and was succeeded by bis only son, 
RicnAKD, present and 2d earl. 
//<!> jlppareni — None. 

Creaiinu-Baron Caher, 6 May 150.1 ; Earl of GlenKwlI, uul 
Visoounl Caher, 23 Jon. Ifilb'. 

■>»M.1*7H OuiTI«lvo(4. IK. Aijtml. 11 rrncifll propiT, A 
liKthw tm tb*» brtfivcB of ttur "■".-■ --- or.-- ,i.i.# ■-.!_.-., 

Ma w oodbtmr fvlde. 

BOVD, Eari. of SHEFFIELD, Viwmmt Pevensev, Baruii 

ShefliehJ, >if Dunamnre, ra. MeiLlh, and Bsron Sheffleltl, of Rm- 
Domnion, in tho Peerage of Ireland ; and Rarnn Sheffield, ro. 
York, in the Peomft of the United bom 10 March 



laOft; MMMded bis tekar, Joka; the Utft tari, 30 Xiff Itil ; 
mutrtitd^ 5 June 1825, Harriet, eldest da. of the earl of Hard- 
wood, and liat kaiM, a soir, piuimni Pevrntt^^ ^ 840«t. IW, 
and <<. 21 Jdarch 1829; 2. A da., b. 13th A^pril 1820L 

This faooily is of great antiquity ia the West RidtM of Yetk* 
shire ; and it appears frans ancieat grants, &e., that Wilhan SK 
HovmoTOC, or UoLmoTD (fior the name has beea variooslsr 
syeli) pnssfHitcH the lands of that name in the reign of Bdwaid 
I. From him was descended Isaac Holrovd, es4|., who settled 
ia IreUnd, temp, Charles II t and acquired considerable piamii 
sions in that kingdom, and was gsandfather of Isaac Holfoyd, 
i. July 17<>8; m. Dorothy, the younrnt da. of IlMiisl 
r, of Penn, oo. Bucks, esq., by Martha, his wife, dn. of Sa- 
MelHsh, oif Blythe^ eob Nottingham, esq., by whom (who 
dL 29 Aug. 1777) he had issue 4 sons and 4 das., of whom tho<Mily 

JoBy, suc c ee d ed, on failure of male issue, to the estates of Us 
Bsother^s fimiily, and thereupon, in pursuance of the will of hit 
■satcmal unde, took the name of Bdbrr, in addition to, and b^ 
fore that of Holrofd; created, 9 Jan. 1781, baron Sh^gMd^ of 
Dunamore, oo. Meath ; 19 Oct. 1783, baron SheffieUL, i]K Rm. 
common^ with limitation, on failure of issue male, to the male 
iHKe of his two das., Bf aria and Louisa ; created a peer of Great 
Brimin by the title of baron ShfjBMd^ of Sheffield, co. York, 29 
Jnhr IWd, and Mlranoed to the dignity of earl of Sk^fieU^ and 
TSMonnt iVrnuvy, in Ireland, 22 Jan. 1818. The earl was pre- 
•ident «f the board of agriculmre 1803; and, in 1809, appointed 
n ■wasber of the board of trade, and sworn of his majesty's most 
bMs. priry cvHincil ; he was also F.R.$. and F.S. A. The earl m., 
Isti 17^« Abigail, only da. of Lewis Way, of Richmond, en. 
SnnvT^ «ft|., (bv Abigail, his 3d wiie^ sole h. of John Lockay, 
esq^ br Abi^^ail, da. and sole h. of sir Roger Hill, of I>enham, 
<i9k Bii^ngham,) and by her (who d. 3 April 1793) had issue, 

i. M iaiA<J<.^KrHA. m., 11 Oct. 179iS. sir John-Thamm Stanley, of Addcrly 
^urlL« cvk CiMsSrr. but. 

JL |jM-t«a-lV>K<»THKA. M.. March 1797, U«ut.-ffen. sir WUUam-HcnrY Clin- 

icnry cun- 

IkCB^. cuL of fh^ Uth tool. eUert son of the late gen. sir Henrr Cllatnn, 

lUk. ^oMn-nander-iii-chie: in North Amcrkiw fovcrnor of Gibialur,) and 

«:^ Ktftttck. Cth carl of Ltecoln. 
TW mtI m^ 2dly. 26 Dec. 1794, hwly Locy Pelhani, 3d da. of 
Isi earl of Chichester, and by her (who d. 18 Jan. 1797) 
«(• siM-ririu(r i»ue. The earl m., 3dly, 20 Jan. 1798, lady 
.\ttne N«wth, dS da. of Frederick, 2d cairl of Guildford, K.O., 
attd had isMie an only son« 

4« Oc<>aoK«Arur8Trs-FaEDcaiCK-CHAmLE8, present earl, 
to whi^mi Kis late lujge^ty, George IV. and queen Charlotte stood 

X i*\rM*niMR.A!(\KraicnKau \, ft. 33 Dec. IttHt m.. U June 1897* the 
hh«a« oai^ Arthur Lcnyre. mo of Oeorse, ai earl of Dartmouth, and d. 31 Aug. 

The earl «<. 30 May 1821, tiged 88, and was succeeded by his 
only son, 


'Htir P M M m p UM ta lb* IrUi bmr<nj id SbMBoU oT BoMm. 

Crratmu— Bknin Shrfiietil, nf Dunaniiin'. cu. McbUl. 9 J«D. 
13Ut Bwon Shddd, o( RoKommaa. IS Oa, IJUt Mid. iii 
dafailt of iHiiS nwlv, rfataiuder *i( tkit htrnnr In ilia dmU w»u> 
«( bb tva ^a., UarU and Lauiw | Uvuii hbctfirlO, of IskaOiU, 

k. Voffc, 39 July 18U2 1 Kwl of tibitfMid, Vuommi Vevai. 

qr. In InUml, 23 Ju. 1818. 

* <— SHPlMcni Quuuilidf^ III. AluTt, ■!■> rnKluiiWUMOBL 
B llin*frUn» iWMMi nr. ■• nwif nr>1knf>it«— llnLuiiD. M. 

'l>u40-> ■ lion regudni 

T Kth- 

hn fr Aaril iJiS ; 
Hint, U l><<r. 1818: 

MORBV, ViKOUni Ncwrv aoil Mum*: Am A 
niecMvbd hii l>ni(h«r, R»Wrl, tb* lw» i 
Oen. ia iha Anoy, ud CoL ef the 8(kh Hi^t. of Fimt. i 
TiuMBttf iIh Lin«i Uuiufactura; rrMiad, 12 Jn. IBtS, EmI 
nf KUourey, ViKDunl Jitwrr mad Sliinie. <i>. UnwnPi marritd, 
20 Fetk I7B7, Aoiie. Sit da.' uf Tluniiaa FiiJirr. af Act.m, (Ol 

Middlawi. nq., and liy lier (wlin d. 3» (Xl. IRtn] had inne, 

I. FKAKCIiiJACK, nmnaf A'arry, late M.H. for Newrj, «, 
13 Dec 17S7t »-. i Jan- IHI *< ■>■«•. »■■■ da. «t Uanse Uiinn. nf 
niuuut Kennedy, ok Widdow, and Kilinoina, eo. Ksny, m).. 
uid bai iotue, I. >-ni«u.Janfc, 4. 2 Feb. ISIS: 2. Ao^>V. A. 
lO Alay 18101 3. Jatt.Sdaiit.EliBibfA, b. G Jnly 1817) 4. 

FrBnrU-lImrs, h. 3 Aug. IBlfi j 8. Fiiweis-Hlliiir. 

WiLtfAW, *. IS BUra. IJ97j 8. F«*!fcr«.M*«o««BT. 

(i. an infanti 4. Ai(ME..M«iirA'Ei.IitANiTB, b. 33 Murch 

1790, «., 2(1 June IHIfl, the hnn. and rev. Heiiry'Cncliayne 

Cntt, brmher la mrl Brnwnlow; A. AmKi.ia. £- Q Ajirl) 

1791 : 6. Fkahces.Elizabeth. 6. 2 July 17IH, il, IB 

June 1825. (leor^ llift^rinion, n-i., Iieut.-n^ grmadiar Kuardi i 

7. Seliha, a. 3 JiJy 1794. «., A July IRI7, tjia Un. 

Orlanfhi Brid|[anan, 3d un oT the rati i>r DndfanI; 8. 

OEoacuHA, b. e Srpt. 1795 ; 9. Alicia-MakT, b. 2 Dec 

i7m; t — 10' MAReiLA-roiEPHiiiE. b. XI JioY. leoi, m„ va-. 

1832, the bnn. John-UeDry Kntra, M.P. fur Newry, 3d un n* 
riKount NonhJand. 

The familv of Nreilliam vaa iiealed at Ncedhai 
early w. ihe'rM^cn of K.lwnnl III, and afierivi 

t> at Slienton, 


count g tfw r ^y , 18 April KM, a&d dL 16S79 kirfng a son, 
RoBEKT^ Sd ▼iscoant, twice m., and d. 1653, leaTing« by bit lit 
wifii, RexKBT, 8d Tiseount, wbo d. without itnie 1&7 \ and Vr 
his ad, CRAKLSt, 4th riseount, who was father of Robbbt, fttii 
riacoimt^ father of 

TsOMAa, 6th Tiscoiint, suceeeded his father, 89 May 1668: 
Mm iVanoes, da. and h. of Francis-Lereson Fowler, of Hamsfe 
Oraage, oo. Salop, esq., and by her (who m., Sdly, 2 May 1666, 
Theophlhis Hastingn, 7th ear! of Huntingdon ; and, SfOy, the 
dievalier Michael de Ltgondes, of the house of Auvei^gnc^ a ooL 
in the French senrioe, and d, 27 Dec 1723) had issue, 

RoBBKT, 7th riseount, m. Msry, da. of John QiBey, of Crew, 
00. Chester, esq., and has issue by her, (who d, Jtf ay 1765,) 

1. Robert, 8th visomint. 

2. Thomas, 9th viscount. 
S. Fraxcis. 

4. JoHK, lOth viscount. 

5. AXXB, d. 9 March 1/91. 
& Mabt, (f. 1784. 

7* Elizabktm. 

H. Hrxribtta, <f. 1777* 
The viscount d. 2 Oct. 1710, and was succeeded by his eldest 

RoBCBT, 8th viscount, who d. an infant, March 1717» *od 
was succeeded by his next brother, 

Thomas, 9th viscount, m., 29 June 1730, lady Mary, Sd da. 
and co-h. of Washington Shirley, 2d earl Ferrers, who dL 19 Anf^. 
1784. The viscount d, 3 Feb. 1768, without issue, and was suc- 
ceeded by his brother, 

JoHX, 10th viscount, acoL in the army, m., 11 Jan. I738> 
Anne, da. and co-h. of John Hurieston, of Newton, co. Chester, 
and widow of Peter Shakerly, of Chester, esq., and had issue bv 
her, (who d, 9 Aug. 1796,) 

1. Thomas, d. 19 April 1773. 

2. Robert, 11th viscount. 

3. Fbancis, present earl. 

The viscount d, 27 May 1791, and was succeeded by his son, 
Robert, 11th viscount, m., 10 Jan. 1792, Frances, eidest da. 

of sir Robert-Salusbury Cotton, bart., and sister to lonl Comber. 

mere, O.C.B. and K.T.S., and by her, who d. 26 Nov. 1818, had 

no issue. The viscount (LXA Dec 1818, and nas succeeded by 

his brother, 

Fbancis, 12th viscount and 1st earl. 

Heir Apparent — The hon. Framcis^Jack Needham, vis. 

count Newry and Mome, the earl's eldest son. 

CreaiUmt -Viscount, 18 April 1625 ; Earl, 12 Jan. 1822. 

ilmw— 8«e Plate 79. Argent, a bend asure. between two barlu* hcadi ca. 
ipthed cable. 

CrtM—\ dcmi phrmfac proper. 

Suf pa ritn Beater, a bay horse, mane and tail table. SinUter, a $taf 

if«ffi»— XiMc aut mUHftmm. Now or ncrer. 


VUfuiini ytoadi, Bwon Monck. of lUlytnuunnn, <». WtxtotA ] 
bom iB Jutjr ^^S6 ; lucuvded liii lather, ( harlH-^twiIiiy, ibe 
Uu TiKcuai, 8 June 1SCI3 1 crated, 13 Jm. 1S32, Eari of lUlh. 
Uown; married, 38 Jul^ IQOG, FnwM le Potr Trmch, Sth dik 
of wiUiun-Pow>K«itiDg, lit eaii of CUncartf, and tuu ianl*, 

1. AiiiiE-Fi.ouii)'. !>• 18 Sept. 1BU7I 1. FhahcBiI' 

Imbella, i. 20 July 1809;- — -3. Harbiet, », Jan. 7, and rf. 


ik May 181-2, <£. April I(jl3; ». Klizabetii-Iwvibe, ». 1 

March 1B14 : 6. WlLLiAM-Powei, t. March, and <4. May 

1816; 7- Emilt. t. 5 April tB18; 8. I^oOiiA-Domo- 

THEA. A. .1 March 1020; 9. OEoaoiANA-ELtea. & 30 June 

IS21 : 10, Cabolike-LeTitia. ft. 20 Aiiril 1833; II. 

UexriEtta-Margabet, k 26 March I82S ; Vi. 13. Twin 

DA*. 6. 17 Hvpt. 1828. 

Hm lordihip ia docended froiii the annent fannilf of Moxci, 
CO. Derail, fram which pronaedHl the doke* of Albemarle. 

CVAKLEI MoNca, caq.. n.. 1(173, Sarah, da. of air Tbomai 
Slanlejr, of Onnge Gannau, aiid had Uniu kvbd ton*, ih* ddati 
of wfaom waa *DC«aCi>r uf 

Gbobok-Paul Mokck, eaq., who m., 34 April I7&0, Ars- 
iDiiU>>B>ir«£ord, >iiter of Geone de la Fner, let niarquiM of 
WaWHvrd, nd had iuue, 

I. HciraT, -b. aNoT. ITSS, iMbelUBntlnrk. MdL of ITair, lililiikeor 

:, [tn>KiiubnhNMi.*ldsiiU.>nliii-Ii.«f U>r«ilii<oibiitioiau(h.) 

ISAprUIW. C«((><)eta'l>(» BctBTBd, IH lUfVUH 

S.'riiaHAarSIlB or (he lit 'Ikoudi. 
^ TdOMAi Mo«cE, 2d MB of OeoTtT-Paul, «., 15 Oct. 1J53, 
"" " ' "" I. and if. 1772, learing JBue, 
J'l. CHaaLB*-STASLt:v, Ui viacnuit. 


^CB«*t.Ca^V AX I. ET . 

kMMCB. I7B7, on the death of hia 

vhhoiit JKue male, and waa crmitd baniii Mmfkt 7 Sm. I7I 

tni*iutlualMimeli3\ Dec 1800. Hia lnrriahlpn., ITSn, Anne, 

((atar of Henry Quin, eiq., and l>y her (who (f. 30 Dec. IH23) 

I. BEXBr-STAiTLEr. prearnt sbiI. 
wt- CBAai,a»Jo.aPB-Kn.iT, 6, » July IW. "u " 
^^pan. Tnui^ da. si Ih* luiJ. wmh|laa, of El 



TW iw>at £ » Jaw UM. aid wa naiR^cii «* ^ ^ 

Qjuot ind BvDc Aine, «a. U 

BrilaiD; iem 34 Srpt. I7B3; . __ 

Rjchftn), lu e«ri. 2-1 Ang. ISS4 ; took die . . , . . 

tddiaaii to, and before ifau oT Qain, trr ma] s^ aaouli | 
April t81&;~rrinf, !7DBe.18l«,Cki«&n», da.(ad»tikiiiM 
of TtuoiB n'yntlhui, of Dnimrvs Castle, ea. Ghnorfw, ^ 

of CiMivdl C«un, CO. Olnanxcr. esa^ aad h» ioue, >L 

EDWIN-KICHABD-WYNDHAM. »„«/ J/-™i«»tfc«(. 

Not. 181* ; 3- ^<^ f>^"" ™">«^ 

lliC>> *«fi»» '''^ iFunuuut from Con lead C*b*. or Om rf tl« 
^„ndiad bMUoi m«urcb of Ireland, in thr -id 

nandwo, Comae, wm th* 1h wiio b.ire ihe nime , _ 

^ dnccnduit of Con : he is uid to hare been numardi et Iia- 
Isnd in W* At the fim arrival of the Eagiiib, ini|L Hevr 
II. Uw lai^i'j' "' *i"'° rertainly piKsesse4 large lerriloriat, ST« 
wilA tl'*T gin-fmed as hereditary chieftaiiit j man; plaoM nil 
r-udn ih^f """f- "» ln<*'qui"> Tyquin, &t. th.Hi^ noir rai^ 
vere* W other propnewjru. Cnmden inentioni OQiiin, of DaUj 
a^M, Binong '^le Uliier diieftuiu. Imp. quMn Klizabetti i kf 
jj,i,ler ofthc fnmou> O'Neil. 
The inuoe^*'* descent of the earl !< from the ai 

, ; a,hiimin, CO. thiie, where hii anrralors pnSKssei , 

It ^^^«l^OUlWlui'l, '"''"■'««*«''» o*'''*'*'ql'''».Slond«ius% 
^*SSto^' »^ "PI*" *" *"" ^ 8™" '""^ po^-r ft? 
^BlMi»- ThefamilvdociimeQWdetnilaniiinheriirmar. 
*■! ^v mo^aerahl* raniilira diiriiiji thi« period, and deHrib* 
g>t* "r 1 linil expulMon from t'lare by Ihe more poverfiil 
*■* TX fyBiiiM. and bring the pedifcrM down lo 
•*"*•-!: mSoo of Umerick, 1521, whidi mc he mipied 
l«Mt> "'''^ rf Ml infinoities; bin brother, Jahei 

QuiH.oT Klnullock, « 

ceaor Milled, on baOK 

Clare.) vuhtberof DoHobaa Qiiiv. oho «. Judiili, dk-H 

sole b. of O'Kionlui, an Iriih diieTtain, d, lti71. uut «•• ■■>- 

n the abbey of Adar« ; he left Imuc, 

nr QuiN, of Aduv, CO, Liiii«rick, h. 1G«S, who pur. 

■ roiuidenble «tate, <w. Liiucrjck, uul had ■ gntM Itmn 
Charin II., 13 March IGSl, oonlinnlnK to him the *>tue of 
AiUre : liii ittceat frooi the andenl princra of Irelutd U trtog. 
niml by nir Kidisrd Csniey, knt., Uliler king ii urtn*, in ■ n. 
rord catered in filter's oSux, in 16H8 ; he n , In, Btidgpl, da. 
■nd »le h. of Andrew Rice, of Uingie. m. KrrrT, (^. (eldin 
l-rother of sir Stephen Hire, knt.. lonl diief huron of the ndie- 
qiier.lCS;); Sdly, France*, dk. cT ni^jw Buyle Hull, Hn of air 
Wiitiun llull, of Leemcon, oo. Ciirk, knt. i and, Sdif, Catha- 
rine, da. of Pier* Blorony, eiHj, ; be d. 28 Oct. I73&, leaving 


of Dn>)ii«h Cut If. n 

"' ™V>1ibUhi i*l ,. 

. 4- C»iui»ira, ■■. John OT.adJ, at KlltiallT Own. en. Umcrtck, me, 

^^ KLUKoa. m. ftundUi B*rrT. uT Lnnlu.: m, (wk. 

^Vli JUDtiu. ■■. JcAry Kcatini, w. 

^^T^teNTIirS QuiH, of Adare, rnnfonnid to tbe ettahUahed 
Mpim. >*., 14 Oct. 1707. Mary, eldect da. and co-h. of Ilmry 
Wiofnhain, of tbe Court, co. fajnerirk, caq., rf. 2I» Jiil)' 174*. 
havin* liad haue, 

2. WvBlni4», who nicceedrd. 

a. caaua. t, M F>(>. IW, to whnm bt> fHhR bcqmihHi lani vuim lu 
Koiry C4Tan4Uh, of DOTtrMce Hull, en. n^tiy. ifrandfjtThnfif Itlfhanl.kncL 
~--^ ' Ik liirfl. int. leaTint Wacbi: Mt ^lu>4.* Jan. Inil) iniisly 


;ihonl« kWnj. «. KlUucni. b 

r. &. lu SCSI. 17H. M. TlKmi 
ton. loM OHnlE, hu Munnd I 
IBT. m. m WBUb* B>ik», of 
tauAaar; HAi.tai y.C.iai 
DUAM Qi'ix, nf Adare, 
r Kilmallock, 17(!B, >>•..... 
I OaWBMi, of liawion Oruir. n>. Monagban. 
1, da. of Jalin Veacy, archhii'h'jp of Tuam, 1 
.t de Vrad,) and aimer of Thoinaa, viHouni 
' il 178», iMTJiig JHue, 

KTIKE-RlcnAin, 1*1 Ml{. 

i^x. llnii..cDL In iht aimr. m.. ini. Mut--^<mKi 

. Idljr. own Pk ktr. Mr|. 


Sir VALKYTinB-RiCHAftD QiTiir, Ist earl of Dunraven, vu 
crcaui m faarmec of Oreait BriuiiL, 24 Mardi 17tfl, banm ^<i^rf 
99 JoIt 1800, adTsnced tt> the liutliar dignity of viiomim McmU^ 
rari, 22 Jan. 1816, and to tlie title of earl of Dumntven^ 12 Jao. 
Itti ; "L, 22 Aug. 1777, FVands-Murid, 6ih da. of Stephen 
StnnfWB^ 1« eariof lUieBtcr, and by her (wiio dL May 1814) 
flsa u^Be« 

1. WixDHAM.HsvftT, pment earl. 

._^ 5 '^E^^^a^SS^ *• *^P^ 17W. «»•. 7 Sqpt 18U, Emfly. M da. of ib 
Jofea SMilh, of SfdUaf, CO. Doom, tert. 

3. EusAarni, k lUr 1779, d. tmm. 3 Auf . 17S8. 

4i UAaaiarr, k 21 Dae I7M> au, M Nor. UM, sir WiDiam Payne-OaDver. 

The eari ml, 2dbr, 26 Feb. 1816, nirk Blennerhaaset, widow of 

coL Blenncriiaaet, (br whom, who (L 6 Nov. 1821, he had no 

iBoe^) and dying 24 Ang. 1824, was suooeeded by hit eldest son, 

WiKDBAM-UEismT, present and 3d earl. 

Htir .4f}Mimi/~RiCHJUU>-WTXDBAJi, risooont Ada&e, the 


CwltoM- Buronec of Great Britain, 24 March 1781 ; Baron 
Adare. 90 July 1800 ; ^leoount Mounteari, 22 Jan. 1816 ; Earl 
of IHmnvcn and \lsoouit Adare, 12 Jan. 1822. 

4 » imm S<eFIHe7». Q«Hlcrir, Itt and 4th. Vert, a Ptgmu rtimn, and a 
dhkf «»— V<MX. Sad and ard. Aauie, a dwrran betvccn three Uum* hcMb 

tion) OD acanton or. a tRMl slipped vert— Wtjtdhav. 
■ad ooupad at the neck— gciar. ted. On a fettcriorfc 
^ggwttfM and aaure entwined, a lion's head emeJ 

aapeaper, pUn, eolared. and lined ec. 
lelstiicre. I wish to see those thioga which aie abotc. 

WILLIAM HARE, Eabl of LISTOWELL, Viacoiint En. 
BiflMrt and Liittnrall, Baron Ennismore, co. Kerry ; Aona 1750, 
ILP. far Cork, 1796, and for Athy 1799; (the last parliament of 
Iidttid;) created Baron Cnnicmore, 90 July 1800, Viacount En. 
Bismofe and ListiyircU, 22 Jan. 1816, and £ari of Listowell, 12 
Jan. 162i ; larnW, Itt, 90 May 1772, Mary, only da. of Henry 
Wriiton, of BattygibHn, oo. Cm, esq., and bad issue by her, 

r^rho d. & Aug. 1810,) 1. Ricbaao, tiseomU J^mnmonr, b. 

90 Maivh 1779, M.P. for Athj, 1708, knight of the shire co. 
Gvk, 1812 to 1837 ; m,^ 10 June 1797^ the hon. Catharine- 
IMdtfM Dilko. eldest da. of Robert, lord Gonbrock, and dL 24 
211/^1897 IcvriniP isne by her, (who </. 19 Oct. 1828,) 1. WIL- 
LLAM tiMtmmiSmmtmorr, ^ 1801 ; 2. J?irAan/; 9. i?o6er^, L 
180|. 4. Hemrf, k 1806; 5. CkoHes^Lmke; H LeHiHi^m^i2 
Jan. 1824, RjchaidjOlirer AWworth, of Newmarket, cow Cork, 

* . J Cmikfnmei 2. William-Hew «t, A. 1 July 1782, 

rr 17 Julr 1806, Chariotte, only da. of Isaac Baugh, e^i., and 
T2, ^In* iriOMaa, *. 18 June 1808 ; 9. MAftOABET^KVE, 

Korfdk, esq.; ««. ^^l'{V^:Jri 
fg^ 8th hu«»n; — «• Locisa, ••. 



Buthfi, etq., (tUen ton of ibe ri^ht hon. C. E. Biuhc, lord'cUff. 

Justin of ibe Kins'* Bench in Ireland: B. OtdakInb, ain 

10 Jan. laOB, RicWil, loD of Gmrge Maurudl. D.D.. dcu of 
Lsglilin. The nMOunl n., fdly, a Mardi IHIi, Atine, 2d da. 
of JoUn Lalhun, of Aletdnun. cm. Tip|>eTsry, e*q. 

JoDii Hare, of ca. Norfolk. ■ftCTwBrdi of lh« dty of Cork, 
cat)., n., .Maiy, do. of WUliain BuhcU, of Taunlon, u 
., and bad iMue. 

Margaret, da. of Smuu*) Mavlor, 


rf BlHfDcKaM. r 


i Hare, nq. d. I7ttt, and wu guncrded by Ui kki, 

n iLLijiM, prMOit and lit isrl. 

//f(r.^j);i<irni(— William, TiKwim Evnmmobs, M.P., ih* 
carPft gimndion. 

CmMmu— Baron Enninnora, 30 July 1800; ViicODDt En. 
Binnore and Littowtll, 23 Jan. 1816 ; Earl of Liitowetl, 19 Jan. 


^■mwt 0IA>DINE, of Olaadine, King's Count. 

^^PMrbory. uf BaUror^nadc, co. Tipperary, late Loni.Chief-Jiu- 
dM id (M Common Pleu, a Lord of the Priv^ Council, and a 
Vlibor of till Royal College of Sl Falruk, Alaynoolh ; iom 3 
Pec 17iA I in 1780 be hu appnjnud Solidlor-General of Ire. 
had; Allnrney^Oenenl, 16 Jul; 17lt8t Lnrd-Cblef^Jnitiii^ nf 
the Court of Common Pleaa, M Dec IDOO; ««ated a Prar, SO 
Dee. ISOU, by the tille of Barim Norbuiy, to him and the hein 
male at hit body, and adTannd lo the dignity ot Vljcoiinl fltan. 
din* aod Earl Norbiiry, with remainder to hin 3d uin, 1837l 
marrifd, t June 17701 Ctnce Orahatn, baroncai Nurvood, in her 
own right, da. of Hector Oniham, eiq., (by Drace Maicwell, nleco 
of JabD Maiirdl, lord Farnham,) and by her (who waa created, 
7 Not. 17^, haronen Norarood, with remainder to her mala 

iiane. (w* tkat liUt,) and d. SI July 1S32] liHd iuua, 1. 

DANIEL, who nicnieded bii mother In the barony of Norwood 

MJoljluni 9. HECTt>B.Joni(, m., 1 Jan. lAOS. Ellia- 

bnh, odIj da. and b. of William BrabaMn, eKj., and met* of >■' 


Antlioay BrsbBion, n[ Neirpnrt, co. Alaj-u, b»i\-. vid hu tiU. 

Nofni, ^. 5 June 1814; — -3. Isabella; 4. I,Fini«. =. 

B Mardi ISlil, William Drowue, of Browne'i Hill, .u. CwWr. 

Thti noble fAmily, oriffTDBllr frum Norfolk, wtlM in InLm 
iu the reign nf Clurlei if., and wa* diiUnguiihed fnr iu itDcii- 
iMnt U (be ause of king WIlEun HI. in 1688. Hi> lunbk^^ 
father, DaHIEI. ToLcm, of Bcecbwood, esq., m. Lptitia Ontj, 
it. of ThoDiai Oliray, of Cattle Otway, co. Tipperarr, r*^., ak 
WBB nearly allinl tn Olway, bidum of Oaanry, and lubd iiaue, I. 
Daaiel, knight oT the shin for Tinerary in ituceoin {"i*- 
ments, m. Reliecca. da. of Paul Miiichen, eai)., and dl IIM. 
leaving iuue, Harriet, m. >ir Henry Oibome, hart. ; Saiah, m 
Robert Curtis, eaq. i Eliiabeth, m. William Horley, eif.:! 
JoHK.lMlordNorbHrrj 3. //nirj, rf. ; 4. Oftnijr. tf. May laff; 
5. CotAdriM, la. John Orwii, of Old Abbey, oo. LdlDarid^ M^ 
•^.Oct.l79»i e. PAntta, m. John Head, of Ashley Paxk, ttk T^ J 
, tan., «nd rf. 27 Sept, 1803. " 

■ ApparmI— To the eadchira, the hon. HECTOkJan^ 

ToLER, the earl't 3d aan ; to the barony, lord NoKWOOD, Akfl 
evl'i eldeat loii. 

OmIwm— Baron, S9 Dec 1800 ; Earl, 1837- 

mg ■Tgcnt bcMkd ga^tu I 



-Mckili, ■ TruiiM of the Royal Collvfce of St, Pstridi, Maynaoth ( 
turm t Jan. I77S: tucceeded hli facber, Anthony, tbe bte tIi> 
(■onm, 16 Dec 1786; marriMt, 37 Dec 1704, HmiguKi Saaxh. 
nell, elileit da. of Thamaa-Arthtir, vlaeount Smithirdl, and lij 

her(«bo d. 36 Jan. 1830) had inat, 1. EDWARD.AN. 

THONYJOHN, 4. 3 June 17M; 2. ABTBUK-AHiiiaHT, 

b. 2 June I7!)B, d. 30 Ai>ril 1837: 3. Jehico-Charlei. 6. 

34»eFt. laOO; 4.RoiltaT, £. 33 Jul. 1803; 3.Chable>. 

6. !H A|irri 1U03 ; P. Edhchd, 6. 1« Feb, 1808, rf, Sept. 1836 ; 

7. HE)rBlETT>,d. Aug.1814; a Matilda. 

Sir KoiERT DE Pbe«to!>. of Gonnansion, in Ireland, wm 
■ppointrd deputy la Kifkard. duke of V'ork, bird dt^ty at In- 
land, youngmi >un ot kin); Edward IV., 1478| and the rame j-ear 
created viacuuiit Gormaiulon. I'roai him the title deaceodH in 

NicnOLAS, Cth riicounl, n. Mary, da. of Nicbolaa, lit >jg> 
count Klngstand, and had iuue by her, 
1. JE*tCO, 7tl>>'iK»nnt. 

cauiH Tw((h, ud tud >Ku> by bir. 

Jamb* and AwTHOvr, Olh and 9th viKounti. 
The viwwunt d. IG43, atid wu nicoiwded by hi> un, 

Jesico, 7[I> viiouunl, wbo altacliing hrniHir to the Jiarty of 
king Jamei II., wa* outlawed in 1601, from which time, al- 
though llie title was regularly asaumed by his lucoeaiion, they 
enjoyed no Hat in the houae of lordt, nor any ullier privilese of 
' ' eerage till the preuiil vitmuni daioied, and by a loleinn 


deduoa at the bmie of lord* of Irdand, 25 Julv IMM), wi 
uond to the di^itj- of hi* uiraton. T>ie'7Ui TiMmi 
Titbaui naue (n>le, uid wu luuxedHi by hit nephew, 

Jekico, aib naoount. upon irh»e <tcuh ihp title dei 
to hit brotbcT, AhthOnT, Dth riuuunt, who n., 171)0, 
Pmluo. only rltitil of his uncle. Jenioo. 7(b viacouni, uul 
ScpC I71ts loving ioue an 01117 fan. 

JRSICO. lOtb TiKDUnt, i. 1707. ■•■, 9 Feb. 1739, Tbco 
ddcM 4a. of John BunnriU, llih lord Trinileitoint. and 
(who d. 16 Jan. 1788) bad Imd^ 

Amtrokt, Ilth Tixaint, m. Hoanetta, da. of ljnit.4!a. 
John RotiuuoB, of Dention Ball, at. Suffolk, uid d. lo Da. 
17M,lMTiivianebvlier(Hhoi>., Sdlf , ■najor.gBi. Chiiil 
JiarfTmiiai, of Dalingfaam House, 10. Cambridge) m only - 

Jesico, prewnl and 13th viscount. 

fifir ^pparnt — EnwAUi-ANTBoicT-JoHy, ridesi » 

Srr* n ' i !Mi*^li'trm'iiiri 

«( Lh—JiA. n. Lahrin ; aUa Earl of Jeney, ViiDuunl 1'illien, 
«t Danfard, and Banm of B«>, in England. 

IjAN. aT CmkiDo OalMi. to. Sligo. Colonel in lb* Am}- : tem 
»t iVa. i;;; < —BcwJid U> ftUxr. CbaHen, ibe Uce vist1ouD^ 
* :A<--. IMS : t-rfieJ, fA. IM)7. Hcarinia, eldM da. of 
l>n«iMAa)«irihT BnvB« «a^ U.P. flr Maro, and bu [sno, 

< 1 rM.tKl.fc!i.JtEXItV, t. tun?, liaut. 1st foot jEuarb; 

•—^ T^»rt>u>k|lioMivi<'s-<ltorraT. (.3 April 1811 : 

%, AftTWTK-KKiarxvklHsrKtK, t. »>.\pnl laii: 4. Coit- 

«««x5txK.Jtr«e*Tr>. k. It tfrr*- ISIS;^ — &■ HcsaiXTTJt- 
H(«»^ •». T <V«. IftK. K4vaf4^i>lui ^naler, eaq., ddest km 


VUcnnnt Dillon U tha npnmauiive nt tliB eUrr hntnrh of 
the wident family of Dillon, oboM aocator, Hekby Dm.lom. 
obtained Irom king Juiui, while aarl of Uonujgne. » ftntii nf a 
Ui^ tract of caaniiy in traland, mttenmi* diitinguUiied liy iIm 
appolklioii of** Diiion'i Cmatltj." 

GcRjtr.D DiLLOH. of Drnmranf, chief of the familr oT Dil- 
lon towsrda the end of Ihe )4th ceatury, left tvo *on«, tiie elder 
of whom, tirSLtuaicE, wtm anoeuur of the tiicounM IMlkm, 
■nd the jrounger, *ir Jana. afl the e«rU of RoMommon (m« (W 
Mil). Sixth in deecenl frmo «ir Haurioe vw >lr Tmrosax-d, of 
C<iiteUn-a«Ilen, en. Blayo, knt.. crMWd. IG Maidi IQS1.8, Tit- 
count Dillon, and d. lA Mvdi 1924, «t mi wlruiced an »gt, 
that he vu enabled U> mlleci <n hii houH, at one line, abOTS 
one hundred dnrendanti. Me had Unie 8 wiu and 1 1 diw. : of 
the ann*, Chrvtaphn, the eldest, vho d. in hi* fatlier'i lifetime, 
wu aiKmor of uie 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, and 6ih TitcouoH, and £u- 
eat, the 2d, wai anceaior of the pmeni Tiuuunt. 

Theobabd, 7th cisMiunt, itai grandton of Ii<icai, abm-e 
named, and luiy^ed to the title, 1683, on the death of Ui kini- 
man, Lticaa, Clh viacouiit. He serred in the armjr of king 
Jamea II., and wai outlawed IRW ; aud, althuu^ hii outlawry 
wai rwrened hy bli Hm and luccmorj hi* devmdnntt were fol 
many yean preienled by their reH^pont icraples from taking 
their teat in Ihe haute uT peer* ; and notne of them, a* well u 
the junior bninche* i)f llie family, were dittlngiiiihed ofliren in 
the French and other foreign terrin*. lie d. lOSl, leavlnf 
iHOe, HeiTBr, Blh liaoDunt, (vboie oulyion, RichaBD, tllE 
tiacount, d. without male Isue, I7^)> ■I'l Arihiur, a lieul,-(en. 
in the French (ertice, father of Chables, lOth viiimint, wba 
■- Franras, only child and b. of the 0th Wicounl, and d. without 
lurriring iuue 1741 i ""I of 

HlKar,IUh Tiacount. who larTed in the Frencti army u fn|. 
of Dilloa'i regiment, wbirh onntinand he resigned before tlie net 
(or prerentinit Britiib lulijivtn from catering into foreign ner- 
Tire, ft., S6 Oct. 1(44, Charlotte Lee, plJe»t da. of Qeorn- 
Henr>-, 3d arl of Lichfield, and at length ule h. lo the nrain 
of the earl* of UtUletd, and had iMue by ker, (who rf. 1 1 June 

1. Cbakle*, 13tb TiMxiunl. 

1. Amtiii^ii. fc. S Sept. 17U, amajorfn. Ib Itv Vnxch iRiMLf 
Tnkaco, tad «A. ptcncMiiroCDIIlDal ntknail, m., Ix, llmt I.uct, 
fnuai dc hdth^ a l1eut.HRD. la the Franch ■irvlrej Jin4 <nl. pm 


4. FuiKu,b.eoa.i;47.>>.. June 1707, ti 

«, CB. Nortilk. Iwl., ud if. S Huch 18U. 

li. rATn<BiNi,t.4JuHi73>.<i-MH«yITg 

* L'aSIItiJi..».ii8t5i.l7SB, m..; 
KromKe, *nd it IS Ai* iflK- 

The vixnunt it 3 Nov. 17S7, Bud n 

Charles, 12lh vricount, K.P., whiMr dalm to ihe lucmM; 
iru published Ly the hnuse of lords in Ireland, aTcer ■ Klam 
bearing, 18 March 17B8; i. 6 Nor. 1745. «., 19 .Aug. ITTC 
Hen Hetta-M aria Phipps, «nh da. of Coastaniinc, lord Sfil- 

Eit, (by Lepel, eldeic da. oi John, lord Uerrev, «f Ickwattk. 
ME sou of Jobn, earl of BriAol,} and by her (wba ± I Dk. 
1782) had luue, 

1. MEKRr-AuooTtiS, present viuynint. 

2. rHAHCIB-CHULOm, h. 17 Feb. i;»1. •»., 14 Mint I7<9, lit TV— 
WcWhofOllModl, ». Wau. tul..unl^E7 Apiiiims. 

The vJuount d. 9 Nov. 1813, and woi nioceeded by hii «Bh 

HexaT-Airousrcs, present and 13ih 
Heir Jpparent^Tbe visoounl'i eldest i 
CrraMsn— 1G21. 

■ 1* fli- QuulfTly. ' 

LEV, of Waterfnrd, in Irelnnd i alio Earl of ScarborDiif^ti Vb* 
eonnt and Baron Lnmley, of lAiiDley Cuile, in England ; Sam 
16 April 1TS7. 

.«f«EA»i. of ScABioiiOUGH, 11 the Perroumf England. 
Urit PremmpHve—Thn hon. and nv. Jons Satillc, n«! 
brnth«r to the earl. 

Crralun— Vijcount LuinW, 12 July 1630. 

STRANGPOBD, of Slrangforf, co. Down, in ihe Peera«c.,( 
'*"-' -'. and Baron PesshuBbt, in that oT the L'nited Khv- 
, I.C.a, O.CB., O.C.T.8., LL.D., F.R.S., F.S,A,i bant 
lnl<niidon3l Aug. 1780 ; apjHnnted Scrrelarrof Legation al thp 
Court of Portugal 1803; Mimxer Plenipotrnliaiy ai the laid 
court 1806 ; Enroy Exiraordinary and AlinniiBr Plenipotentian 
WBntll 1808 1 Inveitod Willi tbeeniigni of the Bath, and tirom 


(iT hi* Majoty' 
dinvy »Qd Mi 

1SI7; Amhuudor Kitrtwrdinsiy'uKt Plen^otcotiaiy la tha 
SubUme OttofnsD Porte 18X0 : Ambuikcbn- E*tttior4hiMrj ami 
Mlnisier PJenipotentiu-y at tliu Cuurl of KuuU 1830: enBt*d 
Barvn Peiuliont, in the Ptwragt uT Grotl Briiun. 3G Jul. 18S(: 
Hut UQ aspecialemliuiy to tlieKmperorof Bruil 19 Aug. 1838; 
mmrifi, }j July I8i;, EUen, jriniigot da. of sir Thomw Burlut, 
of llarblehill, co. Galwaj', Iwrt., (widuw of Nichola* Browne, 
of Mount Hud, CO, Gdway. eM|., uid <f>ter to Eiiufaetli, cuun- 
if« of Cluiricanla,) and by brr («ho rf. at St. Petenbureh 30 

May 1836} had iwup, 1, OEOHOE-AL'OL'STUS-FRBDE- 

RR'K-PEKCV-SVDNEV. (to whom hU Uie m^tf wm 

>p<>iu»r,]&.aC!ttocl<liolmlC April 1818: 3.Piiii.ippi-ELi2a- 

SVDXBT, 6. at Stockholm IB July 1819: 3. L:oiiei.-pBit.iP- 

Tbohjs.Henbt, a. at CoBHantinoplc Aug. 1B31 : 4. 

LoiiiaA.Si.i,BK-P>*KcEt-AL'eiTiTA, b. at Conitantinople 31 

Fell. 1833 1 fi. PGBcy-Ei.i.EK-FRF.i>E:aici-WiLLi*H, (3rd 

uin.) £. at St. PMMibui^h 26 Not. 1835. 

Hii lordihip U dewended from an ancimt family, which wu 
f«al«d at Cardiun, in U'itcihire, ia the early pan nf liie liftMUlh 
cantury, whole anna were, azure, an etcuti:heon arftaot, tatrauad- 
ed by »i» tiuni rampant or, u appeared by a aeol then 200 year. 
iM, eoJubited to the herald* ot the ViiiuiJon of M'ilu, In )08», 
whidi mat wa> allowed to the younger branche*. 

Jobs ShTtiie, of Coraham, Hq., died in tS38, and left 
iMU«, by Juan, da. of Hubert Brouucker, of Mclkaliain, (the 
aneenor of rUcnunt Biuundivr,) five lona, 1. JiAh, whciw de- 
Kcndaota were living in 1621); 2. TuoMAa, the ancettor of the 
viioninu Sinngf'ird : 3. Ilenrg, whcxe *tm, Henry Smythe, of 
Baydon, co. M'illa, entered hit pedigree at the beiakla' riiitatioii. 
in 16S0: 4. Aofore, who wa* living in 1503 i 6. RitltarJ i and 
three du.,vix.^nn«,/ati*, and BIIMUth, whom. Symou Ilonc- 
pool, of LaiidoD. 

TBOMAa Smtthe. b. drta lfi22, (he wcond ton of John 
Smyihe, of Conham, (by Joan Bruuncker,) became Fanner nf 
the Ciutomt to queen Alary and queen Elisabeth. He pur- 
chaied 0*lenhanger and other property in Kent, uid teiileil at 
Aihford. Hii eiunnive eaUtai wen (till further increafed by 
his marriiige with Alice, da. and Mjle h. of sir Andrew Jiidde, nf 
Ashford in the same county, (lord mavor of London in IMVO.) 
by 3lary,da. and h. of sirThnmai Mirfyn. By Ibis marringe 
the lord* Strangfbni became the repmentalivM of tir Andrew 
Judde, the founder of Tonbiidife free^achool, and cuJi- of 
sir Robert (Hiielialey, lord mayor of London 1411 and 1431, 
cho wa* the eldat brother of lleiirv Chichelay, archUahop •<( 
tlontarhury, and founder of All Suula College, Oxon. Thonuu 
tSmyihe alwve-nieationed, if. in June 161)1, and wan buriol in 
his chapel at Aabford, having had iisue seven siina and oil 
P .dMtghten. Of the sons, Andtm. the eldest, d. ui infkiit 



Ifc tmr%, Ac M, «M i n i • «« the Tuomnu Sinui^. 

^ AUK: Wb.Sm^ <>. Mdk.<rf Waiimin Blount, a>)., 
(«W«^***, Babol gilaty. lu mil tt Itfinmcr.) b^ whom 
fa ^ » —a, <r J»n, tie dfcw. m. Inbetls Riai. voungmt 
*. ■< Batan. ^ af Tnfck, wU. Wl ■me. Robert Smvlhe, of 
Bm^% OB. KH^ wks B. Ddntky SfdiMT, eU«i d& of ttubert, 
Mavl af liirwr. Tlia triatti Isadnued in sir S'dnry. 
fcJlM* B»Jtfct ■ twJ ttarf JMBM if tte enhenoer. who d. \lf}. 
fik Kdw4 ^ipW, af Lwd* ChMl^ oo. Kant (the 5th ion of 
' " '■ tW, id « At iwlh of bii only Mm, rfr 

^■ightcn bscanie hi> co^Jhain. 
Sir Jon Smttmx (ddaai too, at Tbomu Smnhe, ibr Cm. 
t^MT, 1^ Afice JaMa afMiaiil) <ru A. IJAG, ud vu iherifT 
irf KciM, «S EXs. Be B^ in I578. Eliubeih, lole d>. and h. of 
Jaka natos, aa^ ^ Hartauir in Heme, in tb>i county, (loo 

I, North Coon, aad SnuTT, Ingetfaer viih the n, 
■BDOB oi loe mdcnt bmiljofApulderfialil, of which Eilbumi in 
hi* aamr of Kbil, tays, ihrni in hi* time, ( 1650.) " thay couU 
be liaMil Cor mpvarda of fin hundml ;-Mn." Sir Jolin Smytfae 
iim Nor. IflOB, and wuboried withhii faihar in Ashford churdi, 
liailiig IHOC, X dai. Katharine, at. lir Henry Baker, haru, and 
ElinlMtk, m. dr Henry Neville, of Billiugbear, ai. Berlu, and 

S^rXHOiUt Smttbe, of 0>ianh>ng«- uid Aihford, l*t *j>. 
count, who wa* made Kni^I of the B^ih in 16jS, and vu cre- 
ated TiHWnnl Straagfiinl, \^ July l(i2S. Be m. lady Birban 
fi^ney, 7tb da. of Robert, lit earl of Lciceiler, K.O., and 
niece of the memonble lir Philip Sydney, and d^ at Hungerfoid 
Houie in the Strand, on 30 June ISSS, vai buried in hit di»fA 
at Aihfurd, where hit ma^jficenc monument, and thoae of hi- 
father and graodfather, niU remain. He had iuiie by the lady 
Barbara, (who «., jdly, air Thoinu Colepqiper,) 4 das.. Bar. 
bara, m. Peter Rycaut, of Eaatwdl, co. Eeul, eiq., Etitabeth, 
Philippa, and DoTalhg, and 1 Mm, 

PutLiP, 2d TiBCount, b. in 1634. n., lit, 23 Aug. ISfiO, 

, the \ 

' lu 

Us Sydney, youngat da. of 
ItuUcrt Sydney, 2d earl of Iieii-ester, (by the ladv Dorothy, 
dit. iif Heiiry Percy, 9lh earl of Nnrthumberlaud,) by whom 

ho had an only diild, OiaMa, t. UiGO, who n. Adit, 

and d. 1G91 t.f- Iwbella, viicoualeis Strangford, d, June lOGS, 
and the viicotint m., 3dly, about November following, Hary, 
da. of Oiwrae Porter, eti)., eldeic wm of Enitymioii Porter, groom 
nf the lieddianiber to Charlei t., hy bia trite, Olivia, (4th da. of 
John, lord Baleler, of Dramtielid, by Elizalietb, lifter lo Oeniwe 
ViUierii, the favourite duke of Buekineham,] and by her (wEo 
d. 13 Not. 1730,) bad ioue, 
1. rH*i.Lt.,&.idsi, _j).joi.iiB. 


89* ■ 

The WicDunt rf. Aug- 1710. kod tm «uH«e<lnl by lih only mmi, 
EHDrtflOH, 3d >i«>unt, t. March 1081.2, look !i!i tot In 
parliunpni 13 Nor. I'ISt ■"■i ■< ^l- Minin*!, in IxiDdm, Ann* 
Eliiabmh, da. of tnimi. If Largn, of Chaloni, in France, and 
dying 9 Sept- >731. bad JHae hr ber (who A in Holland June 
!7fi4, hariDg « , Sdly, general VandertuTnt, of that cminlry) ui 
only child, 

PaiLiP, CtfariMnunt, LUD., dnn nf Derrr. A. U Mairh 
1715. m., is 1741, Mary, da. of Anibuny Jej^nD, e»i., of 
Moyallaw, co. Corii. and had tMue, 

1. Maiv-Ajiiii. ». I7ta. !<. IJJuhJWI, Hfiia. 

S. iiiovEL, 7th Titcmnt. 
Th« vixDunt d. 29 April I7S7, and wsu >uccFed<<d by bli only 

EL, 6lh TlieonDt, i. I 

May 1793, who tmbraenl the 
' - - - lerved many (TMir]iai»n» 
I was )et'<u«ly wounded 

in North / . , - , 

at the iialtle of Brandywine. In 17B3, he enlered iiilo hnly 01 
den, ni.. 4 Sept. 1779, at Ne* Yorli, in North Amerira, Mafia. 
EtiuL, eldial ds. or Frederick Philipte, eaq., oT Pbtpiburgb, in 
tiiat pmvinca, oiid bad inue. 
I. PcacY-C 1.1 vToii.Kr Dyer. Gih Tiioaunt. 

1. BLiiA-Kiajs. h. I SrfC. mi. •>■. >• Juu IBM. J«aMi SHlUrw, of 
DubUa, M.a 

3. LTanii^CainLH-HiwiTT. t-WMtn^ XTta, i.tJSo''. ];S7. 

*. L<to>u-Sia>H-!(VDirii(. b i MiKh I7». m., I? No*. IMT. John EM. 
o( s^fhCxd. CD. summ), 1*1. 

Uii lordabip d. I Oct. 1801, aud wai nieoetdtd by hia only 

SriiNET, 6(li and preaeot viicuuDt 

Heir Apparent — OBOaoE.iAron«Tt)S.FaBDXl>iCK-PERcr- 
Smser, the vi»oount'i eUlent ion. 

Crpafjinu — Viuount, I7 Julv l((2S ; Baran Peothunt, In the 
Feengeof Great Britain, 36 Jan. 1035. 

c_™... ™ .._ j.-_ . ^^ omUmiBl ID ThoiiiM KnrihF. 

m mctiUlH bKowi iht« linn 

PeacT -Clixi 


and Burun oC BBllvmote, cu. SU)p, » Cnuni of the U<ily Romu 
Empire; nicceeded hin grandCather, Nicholu, Uu: ble tiioouni, 
30 Dec. 170!) ; married B da. nf ruunl Hsukowrti, of NamimJid. 

in Moravia, and b; her ru-borf.lllS&)huiuu«, 1. FRANCIS, 

n. a ila. tif ctnin( AiDHdee, uf Kurigiuy ;■ ■ -2. LiSwis, alw b.; 
S. a Da., m. count Aioadoe, of Hungary. 

Sir John Taaffe, knt., deioended from > family of great u- 
tiijuitv in the conaties of Louth and SligD, va* created, I Aug. 
1623, 'baron Ballymote and rincount Taaffi, and d. 1643, laving 
1-1 sons and 3 du. Theobald, 3a viscount, the pUest loo, vu 
created earl of Carliogford I6lia. Tha earldom of Cwlingford 
beciunc extinct in l^6^, on the death, u-ithout iuue, of TuKO- 
BALD, 4th earl, but the viscounty and barony devolred on hi) 

NiCHOLAH, (only son of Francis Taoffe, and grandson of Wil- 
liam, Hth gon uf the lit visouuct,) irho became Gth visoiHiDt. He 
was a count of the holy Roman empire, cfaanc^lor to I-eopold, 
father to the emperor, Francis, a lieut.-gon. In tlie Austrian ser- 
vice, and col. of a regiment of fusileen, and was pD«f«med of ■ 
Mnsiderable estate in Silesin. His lordship obtained the golden 
key from the emperor Cliarles VI., as he did from hit nuoDciMr: 
and diitinguiihed hinuelf by the name of count Tufle, during 
the war, in 17»a. with the Turks. HJi lardshigi m. .Ifary-Annc, 
counlesa de Spendler, da. and h. of count ^pendler, of Linli, in 
Upper Austria, of an ancient and iUuatrioua family of llw em- 
pire, and a lady of the bedcliamber to her imperial and Hunga- 
rian majesty ; and had issue by her, (who rf, 21 Nov. 1769, al 
the castle of Ellischair. in Bohemia.) 

1. John, b. I Jul. I7M. ■ miiiusllat inncrlsl uilick, and ctunterlitai tn 
Ihrlt ImpnUI msjBtlB, m. Wsclh caunlEB Cholsek, sad d. bcAn hli biho. 

1. RonoLFHUB, present viaoount. 

& FRANns, chimbrrbLn to Ihrbr lm;wrljd milcstlef.a gncrsl tai tbeAiu- 
IrUa «exvLce, ODil ■ rounE at Ihc hnJi flamBn empire, n., at^tuwftl. IfTl. rhff 
ildai lU. of John, lord Belln. mdhtd no luu* by bcr, who d. ; r«b. i;si. 

The viscount d. 30 Dec. 1769, at the castle of Ellijchaw, in 
Bohemia, and vas auccveded by hit grandson, 

RoDOLFDUs, present and 7th viscounl. 
- Heir Apparenl—Tbe viscounts eldest ion. 

Creo/ifln — leaa. 

Anmi — S« Pll(«JII. Gult4, S CTOSl Al^ffXt, ftt^Vt Saun. 

CftMt — A dflxm trm nnbovfid ia amunir. the HsihI jfispUie s tcyneUr 
I rieraicd prDper. 

WickloiT, Baron of Nnvan ; tuucesded hii bther, ThOBUU, the 
late viscount, 4 July IS^. 



Roora JaKEi(ionof Thomu J.inH, irrlihiihnp af DuMiii, 
whu •!. IBl&i and grmadion of dr Itnf^r Junra. knt., oldrnnui 
of Diiltliii) >u crnlwi, 35 Aug. 1638, burnii Jo»n mi riHiDUiii 
BaiKlagk, n. Franco, 3d da. of (In-ild Mourr, lil rncount 
lAro^adm, ud had istua b; her (whuiJ. l6d»)8*otii, 


^The xiKoant d. 163a, mnd wu vareeniei bj hii ddnt um, 

Aarni-B. 3d viirount, m. Cmtbarine. da. of Rirhard, Ifl tmr\ 
of Cork, and dying 1S09. wu tuectcded by hii only mn, 

RiCHAKO, 3d vitoouDt, cresled, 1 7 June 1071, earl iri'ItanpUgh, 
andrf. without male iuue, 171 1, when iheearlrinni liMstiie extinct, 
and tW other tillH remainad dormant til) l7Mt, wlicn thay werr 
claimed by and allowol to bia nn»in, 

ClIAiLES, 4Ih TiHDunt, grral grandson, b> aboTp rndlcd. U) 
Tbomai, Sd ann of [he 111 viioHinl. Hv vai appointed chairman 
uf cumiDiltM* to Ibc hoUH of lord* in Ireland, m. i^arah, only d*. 
of Tbomas Mootgumcry, «sq., M.P. fur Lifllbrd, and had iaiue. 

1. Cbarlk, fiihTJKount. 

3. TbOma*, 6th ri 

ws^i. i; 



>H>, b. a Jut. I7M. d-Toaiif. 

t^jtttin, b. U Sent. 17>V 

IBS. g. 1 Juw lip, bie dhJot I< 
I Cinr, of DninjbniiA Park, »■ 

Rosaa, It at llHcti inn, Ayoun 
- - ""iliSJitt? 

I. M. BIlK. U On. or mtfK 

d by hi* 

CllaBLCn, fith vincntint, b. 33 Ocl. )76l, poit taftuia R.N., 
d. unm. 84 Dec IBOU, and wan lucceeded hy hit next hn»hcr, 

TnOMu, ath viwounU b. 8 Feb. 1703, n>-, lit, 31 Aug. 1804. 
dixabeth-Carcdine, only da. and tnle h. of lir Philip Stepheni, 
ban., and by her (who if. 17 June IBOe) bad no iwiii. The rii- 
count n., Silly, 16 i^pt. inu, Caroline, aole da. of thf Ulv nil. 
Lec 00. York, and had iu,.e, 

1. THOMta-HEBOH, present Tiirniini. 
nTBva. k IxtB, If. la June utm. 

-iacmml J. 4 July 1830, and wai lucrceded by hit ion, 

OMaa-HEBOH, present and 7th rlncouut. 

k PrMWBffnw— The riaoount'a unde, (he Hon. RicRaan 


Sleryoii ; BftTon FitiwiUiam of Thomcaitlp, co. Dublin, F.ILS, i 
succeeded his brother, Richard, the Inu- viscount, 4 Feb. IBIB. 

This runliy is fiipposed M be s ymin|irer branch of the verr an. 
denl hoUH of Pkcwitlism in Rngiand, whnw reprswiitative ii 
the earl Piuvilliiun (me (hot ti'Ur,) although the eiart name of 
thnr original ancestor, who settled in Irelaod, temp, king Juhn, 
ii now lost. Sir Thohas Fitzwh-liam, of Meryoii, co. Dub. 
lin, wu created, fi Aug- 1639, viioauui and banin Pil*irilliam ; 
and left, besides other issue, 2 sonn, Oliveh, 2d viscount, crv- 
Bted, by king Charles II., eul of Tyroonnel, but d. without lime, 
1667 : and William, 3d viscount, who dying aluut 1681, wm 
succeeded by his only son, 

TuoMAs, 4th viscount, a privy counsallor lo king Jwoea II,, 
and outlawed for his attachment to that monnrrh, but got hi* 
outlawry revunted, though, being a CachiJic, he never aai aftA- 
wardu in the houie of kirds. Ha tf. SO Feb. 1704, and wa* ni^ 
ceeded by his son, 

Ru'UA&D, 6lh viiconnt, who conformed to tbe eatablished n. 
tigion, and took his seat in the house of peer?, 1710; ni- Franrca, 
eldest da. of sir John Shelley, of Michelgrove, co. Sussex, liart., 
and by her (who (t. II Dec 1771) bad issue, 

1. Richard, flthnseount. 

t. WIUUH, nb, butiL HllkauliucTlTliig ImH. 

3. JduHiS Llnit.«ai., col. of Ihs M Ibol, i(. 171V. 

t. MtHv, ■■., IH. Henry. Wh tad of Pcnibroke and MoiKS'iincrr ; uvl, 
tdlv. Nnitfi-Ludkiw Brnuicl. tsq. 

6. Faabgu, ■>. Oeorge, Sii Uinl Carlwry. 
The viscount if. 6 June 17^3, and was sticceeded by his eldeat 

RiCHASD, eth viscfiuni, i. July I7II1 K.B., F.R.S., privy 
counsellor and rice-admiral of Leinsler, m., 3 May 17)4, Catha- 
rine, da. of sir Alathew Decker, hart., and had Issue bv her, (who 
d. B fliareh 1786,) 

I. RicuABU, 7th viscount. 

3. JoHH, present viscount. 

Tlie visoouni ASH May 1778. and was succetided by hit eMeit 

JoHX. pmenl and Bih i-lKvunt- 
Heir PrtMUmpHrt—The bun. T. Fi 

CrealiaH — 5 Aug. 

J,™._.iM- PI... IB, Uaraeiwt' 

-' — ■ - * plUIM 

*bcn.lii two 


uid Baron of Turvey, oo. Dublin j marritd. In, , and 

liAdiHue I ton, JOHN; m., 2(11^, Muy-Anne, eldni d». of tlia 
Ute John Bradiihav, of ike dty of Cork, nq., by Eliiabctb, ilk. 
of lir Robn-t U'arren, of Wamii'i Court, co. Cork, bart.. and by 
bw bad nu iuuc ; and, 3dly, 3 Jan. 1S20, Julia, da. of Joliu 
Willi*, of Walool Trrrace, Lainb«th, cm]. 

Conqueror, they n 
■y II., when tbav rsiiHivcil 
Beerhaveii, oo. 
iticf of Heath and 
if CrickKown, w. 

e Banmg Trim- 

Cork, and lubaniueiitly, acttl* 

Dublin. Sir Chkiitopbe* BabvEvaI 

Heath, tivad in the IMh MUturf, and vai 

whom ChrvtophtT, tlie cMcat, wai anreicu 

laMoo (fw Oul Uli») I and traa Jouk, the younger, deacended 

the riacDunu Kingaland. 

NicuoLas BaXkewaLL, of Turvey, co. Dublin, waj, 29 Jane 
1646, cmUd vimnint Bartumill, of Kjngiland, and bwn of 
TririKy, in Ireland, m. Bridget FitEgerald, eldret da. and co-b. of 
Henry, I'ith earl nf Kildate, and relict of Rnry O'DnnnrI, earl of 
Tyronnnel, (ivtiicb liUe wu forfeited In lUlS,) and by her bad, 
ba&tm other iwne, 

I. BsiTKr, 2d riHount. 

«. raoacii, Bt BigcV4ain>. tn. Meuh, lo. IvH, da. of PhUIlp ril«cnU. 

' WIrtBlM. n/BMiVtowiiMiil Wonil Pnfc, J. I7M, iMvlnn Imut. MmiIh- 
Banmll, aiMiaU Dninatn Wona la Tbomu KMIy.fln.. and Him, bT 
SM^nlut, 1700. vlth Anne. ilj>u|huiarT>HnutM-Cun,l;adlHiH. 
MdWHasdlilM. biHtxilnruiui ud 

M ATTnw, only lurrivins (an, nhoa* claim to the tlilea 
VM tdmllted by the bouae of lordi, which Mattuew it pre- 
Nut and 0ih pficauDt Barnenrall, of Kingsland, and baron of 

The Tiicoont d. SO Ang. 1663, and was racoeeded by hii aon, 
Hekmt, Sd viHDUnt, <n.. lit, Mary, da. of John, JM riiroiint 

Netierrflle, (by Mary, do. uf Rictiard \t'eston, aarl of Partlllid,) 
"her had. 

VI. Tlwmu Vuc«i1, lord ItJventoo. 

d by her had. 
I. )UaiA<i>.>, '« 


Tlie viKount m-, SJly, Slorjr Nugeiit, da. of Bichard, H 
WeiUneath, aud had iuuv, 
2. NtcHOtiAi. dd viKiiiimt. 

d by hii un. 
, 188S, Mary, dn. «f FnneU 
dmrhsn of TynMnnal, (niiittir M the duchen dowager of Ham 
borough,} liy bcr first builand, G*»rge, count Hsniilcaii, and fad 

Th« viscount d. 14 June I72fi, add vu mccnded bf bii ion, -* 
Henhy-Besedict, 4lb vticount, m. Honora, d*. of Pw 

Daly, of Qiieeniberry, oi. (Jalwiky, and by her had no irnie. H 

TlKount d. 1740, and WM iu<x).«ded by his ne|ihew, 
Oeoroe, Gth vUcount, who having eurly in life rmbraMd d 

protestaiit religion, took bis iiat ill the houie ut lurdi in or abii 

I741,rf. Puntoiu, in Pranue, 5 April IBOO.and yratimt 

ceeded by hii kiniman, 

MjiTTUew, prewtit and Gth riscount. 

Weir Appannl—JoBV, iba viscount'a only «on. m 

CraUknu — Vixnunt Bamen-all, of lUugiland, and BanMi Iw 

vey, W June 1(I4(L ' 

.<wiM—So« Piute S*. Efmhu. 1 lioraure eomllM eoltfc 
Ortt—Oiu of ■ «uaJ lonmct at ■ plumt a? l<f uaukh fiMbcn. or, Hi 

«ure. vwuHlMgaili milluinDl th»irfiqm»dtnilf«ltwitWo«of tWV 

REENE, and Baroneu l^iughueagh ; tucoeeded her father, (3iia 
I'heater, the Inle ewl of Masiemtne, 26 Feb. I S 1 0, when tbe ea4> 
ddm heismn eitinot ; mnrrinf, SO Not. ISIO, the rirbt ba^i 
Thomiis- Henry Foster, iinw viiumnt Feirard, who took the nai4 

"f rikeffinjjlon, 1317, and haa iuue, 1. JOHN, b. 30 No» 

1813; 3.6;o. Other iuuo, («w tweoun/ /■.want) 

Sir JOHH CLOTWOCrur was a rery eminent pervon Id tl 
reign of king Charin I., and M instrumental in forwardinft d 
TCaUmUoa of king Charlei II., that he waa, immnliately onll 
r«Mor>(ion, al Nov. lliOO, createil baron of Loaghne^y and ri* 
cmiDl JlfofMrMrw, with remainder, on failure ii( ianic mal* it 
his Iwdy, to hiB son-in-law, sir John SkeSinglon, hiiaband of hT^ 
only do. Mary, and his issue male by the taiil Slary, and failiaf 



*udi, to (he b«in ft^eral of *ir John Clnlworlliy. He <f. IMU, 
and wai nuneeded hir bii aoo-jn-latr. 

Sir John iJKErrixcToir, 3d Timnint, detrendml nvm ■ 
family' which had b«Ri msW ftt thr Tillnge of fikalliiinon, on. 
lAncutcr, (from which tliry darired iheir naOW,) ■■DO* (he 
reign of Edirmrd I. He d. 31 Jung \60&, *ad irw fuCcMdtd hy 

, 3d V 

n.. M>r 

uf *ir Edirsrd IlungErfbtd, uf Farley Caette, c 
and had iuue, 

S. RjinAiL. »., III. RiadilL 4Ch Mil of Antrim i latf. Ml), Rubni 
HwklH Mum. u>d A 17x1. 

4. Hinn.iiLdi, RdwudSnitb. tMupornamindrimikir, 
The tUcouM d. Mardt 1713, and »■■ tu««H«d l>y hl> um. 

CLOnroKTBT, 4Ui vJKount, r., H Sept. 1713, Catharine 
ChichcMei, eUnt da. of Arthur, 4lb eul of Donqial. ancator 
to the mai^uow uf Donegal, and by her (who d. 1 July \14B) 

, Sth TiKOunt. 

a. Jsm. la bolr oTdm. <. 
Tbomteni 9t Mh^, «vi. 

4. Huasuun»D, ^ [jm. 
t. ncse. <ntlH(m>T. 

5., Jjau-inB. Anhur-Hohun SI. Ufir, Ttomunl I>i7M- 
nlle, 4.5AprDI»I. 

The Tucount d. II Feb. 1738, and va* luoceedcd by hi* inn, 

CLOTWOBTnr, &ih rinaoinl, who waa, 3 Julv I7MI, treated 
rsrl of MiUHreene, a., 10 Itlarch 1738, Anne, ekieat da. of 
Bichard Daniel, dean of Down, and by her (wbo d. £? Alarch 
174(1) bad no ianie: and Sdlv, 20 Nov. 174I, Eliubcth, noly 
da. and h. of Henry Eyre, of howter, do> Derby, ru|.. and had 



3d earl. 

Chicbesteb, 4th earL 


ad waa ■titceeded by hit ton. 
b. 38 Jan. 1743, >>■■, 1*1, 1 Ang. 
e Mary^nn Darder, and bv her (wlta d, Oct* 

Sept. 1757, ■ 

Clotvobtht, 2d earl. 

1789, mad ,,. , — , 

1000) bad nn iaue ; an.l, Sdly, ELzabeth Uine, and bad no 
iuue by her (vbu >»., 3dly, Uenrge Dnran.) Tlw eari d. 18 
Feb. 180ft, and vat gucceeded by hia iitsl brniber. 

Hex ar. 3d earl, gnvenior of the dty of Cork, who d, nam.. 
12 June 181], and waa nucoKded by hia only mrvivinK bmiher, 

CatcneiTEB. 4th earl. n. Ilarrin Jucelyn, etdeal da. nf Rn> 

It eaH of Roden, 
ttaBBlET, TiHoiintei 

a Slaisetemv. 


Th« Mrl d. 35 Feb. 1816, when (he eBrldom bec«D« aniocti 
but the viRcouuty of MBSsereene and bwiiy of Ixnighnca^ lU- 
Tolled on hin only da. uid sole heirras, 

Harriet, preaent vii«iunt«t. and bBioneu o£ Loo^untgh. 

Hair Aj^Mrsnt— The visooUQtesi'i ion. 

CrMliuiu— VUomiiii and Biirou, 21 Not. 1660. 

9uujarlrr>— TwotUgiHWc'uinfduiduiIgukilor, ■ndHcfa lOtfvdwUl 

coiTMT CUOLMONDELEV, of KeUs, co. Euinnth. Bum 
Cholmoudeley, of Newburgb ( SUrqueu of Chuliuondcfa;, ftc 
in the Pesngeot England. 

11 Iht Peeragt </ Bnf- 

couKT DOWN, CO. I>(.*n, in the Peerwo of IreUod ; and 
Bakon DAWNAV, of Cowick, co. Vork, fii thai of the UmMd 
Kiugdom.ond a Baronet of England; aurceeiled iua father, John, 
in the Iriili riscounly, 21 Dik. 17II0 ( creaLed Baroa DatTnaji, 
of Covick, CO. York, 30 Alny 17!)6 ; auumed the sunuune or 
Burton, in addition tf> thai of Dawnay; Marrurf, 31 Dec 181>. 
Looita-Maria, da. of George WuUtesd, of Apsley, etq. 

the Conqueror, and from him descended sir William Dawaajr, 
who woa made a general in the 4th year of Richard !., 1193, H 
AcoD, (now culled St. Jenn d'Acru,) in Syria, nhere, having 
killed a chief {iriiice of the Sanuetii, and aflerwsrdt riaying k 
liun, he cut off a paw, and preseuled it to the king ; sbo, ai ft 
mark of hit approtwlion, immediately look a ring off hi« Rngi^ 
Biid gii-itigit lo ur William, ordered, inperjitlHam rei memofi^m, 
that hii crest ihould be a demi.Saraocn, with ■ lion's pair in oBi 
hand, and a ring in the other, which i> the family cugniianae W 
this day ; aod the ring is still in the possession of Tisoount Down- 
In a direct line from the above, docended sir Nicuot^s D«wa 
MAV, who, in tbs reign of Edward II., oliUined the king's abar> 
ter for a market every week at his manor, and a fair ertrT tmB 
at Sheviock. co. Cornwall. In the 1st of Edward lit., haW* 
a lummoni to parliament amongst the biu^ias i and aflenraidl 
■ervins in the wars in the Holy Land, against the Inedels, W 
brought from thence some rich and curious medals. 

Sir JoBM Dah-nav, of C'owick, liart., was created TiKOUnl 
Vov-ii, ID Feb. 1680, and d. 161*5, leaviug on only son, 


\aifrtf,U M 

. . _R., ud A fUhout ha 

The viacmiiit •!■ Majt 1741, biuI wm ■iinonlvd by hi* ffratiilMin, 

f)Exnv.PLEYiii;i.i., Sd viMxniKl. k 8 Apnl 1727. Itl >ord of 
the berichwnber lo (leorge, pnncv of M'litc*, kBt. of the iliiiv fiir 
York, a i»L in Ihe umr, and licut..n<l. lAth rtgt. nf ftMH, which 
Ue romnuindnl at the battle of Mindeii, 17A9. The vJMOunl 4. 
II Dec IjGO, of a wound he received at the InUlle uf Cunpau, 
near M'nel. and was luoxeded by hl> unly brulher, 

Jonx, 4ih Ti■cml^^ b. April 17311, ■.. 90 Uay 17(13, Laun, 
only 4a. and h . of M'iUiun Burton, an., of Luffeiiham. (D. Rut- 
land, (by Elliabvdi, da. of George Till, of tStntGeLdnf, m. 
llant*. wq-, anmtar of ibe baroiu Kiven,) and bad i* 

I. JoMH-CHat*ToriiE», pmmt viicuiinc. 

T. W^U.M>l-ll.:«i... In ho<> nnlm, 1. WK\•^. 17T». ■».. ;jiir 


JAMES HAMILTON, Vi«cockt uiil D*boii 
BASE, mi Biiox MOLXTCASTLE, i». Tynme, 1 
Bmrta Aheraini, and Barm of TuslrT, Bnon Haml 
Kiikpalrkk, in SaitUod, and ■ Bvooet ; Marquan i 
am, and vaamni Hamilton, of Hamiilon, co. lUtcssti 

WOBTH, of S«onis, (O. Dublin, anil Baroo of Phil 
Einc'i CinnIT: iern 33 JUI7 I7S^t nicrecded til lu 
\r iir:.m- J.iliiij ihr late Tisoount, 30 Maj- ISIJi. 

noble laaSj, vho, temp. Edward I., rere H 

Of tlii. 
cain|ianicd that prinA 

E Moi 

npedrlian 10 Palmine, 1 

. ir allndn. To thii ur Waller tunvalrd 

bit wa. ud to lum locMedcd air ITalteb, hi> hear, irl 
R icaAlD. i> mentioud in cbc pipe roUt, oi. Nortliwnpig 
tnm whtaa ieKtoitd 

RoBCBT MoLIsirOBTH, wlio waa, 18 July I7I8, 
baroB ol PiiBfttrntn, and riicount MtitBtarlk, of Sword) 
enmrdinarr to llie toon of Denmark, in vhidk atatio 
adsd WTcnl nan, w- Letitia, 3d da. oT Ridutrd Coon 
of CsIkiDaf, ajid tiater to Ricbard, Itt eari of BeUamont 
h(T («ba 4. Ill March i;?J) hail isue, 
1. Jou». 3d riKount. 
S. RicbaRD, 3d yiamont. 

> v...,j^j|,iw>i. kntbr iru>wilhSpabi.ial[n ntfTbmnl Arrtb 

m, «dvw,tD \1lit apiAlaWlacflnifnu^aimof tndei 

- " h i^o. l"^ ■-■ ** -""Ij '7»«. a™*, »Mi 

tmiA, ca WIcUo*. nt., iBd by bcr iwtk 

JoBir, 2d Tl>a>DDi, (. Nor. I67U, in 1710. mirny to the dukn 
of TuBCsn)-, in 1730 to Ifae Ung uf eirdinU j n. Muy^sniir, 
ila. and m-h. of Thooiu MlildlaiAn, of 8tuiMHl, Mont F'lrba, 
TO. EcHi, eM|., bj EliiabMh, eMnt dk. of Rldunl, lit lord 
Oniluv, mud liy ber (who d. 13 Aug. 1160) had ■ paMliiuainii 

tfiiv. I. e Hit 1W> ■■- 1731' Fndvlck nm. ih|. 
The vitrouni d. IB Feb. 1726, aud ■>■ Miccoeded b; hii next 

BicniKD, 34 TiKonol, Bid-de-fanip to the duke of Marl- 
borough at the battle i>t ftunillies, a lieuCgm. in the army, 
keeper of the great »eal in Ireland, ma«ter*gen. of tbe ordnansa, 
oomiuaniler-in-rbier of his majeol]''* fnrmi In Ireland, gn*. of 
KihnaEiihani, and Geld-manbal t>r bi> m^ratv'i fmrtt ; n., lit, 
Jane Lucaa, and had [uueby her, (who d. I AyrU I '43.) 

l-'aber, arcbdeacon 

2d1y, 7 Fi 
of Clonfon 

h aib malbtt Muf, itaou 

Lnsdai. e Uar ITS). 

t. nn. m.. in. B> Dk IMI. <VUIIiuii.Bnitunn Pue- 

ibf, at InwUUri and, kUr. tl July ItH. wmiun. 


It i. 13 Oct- 1768, aiid irai lucceeded hyhji onlii 

RichiBd-Naiiait, 4lh vixwiiit. A. 4 N<iv. 1748, •/. unn. 23 
June 1733, and wa* »oc«eoded by hia iiHinin, 

Robert, ftth riuount, (eldnt mii of the hon. M'iUiuu Mulei. 
worth, 3d um of Robert, l«t vlncimnt.} b. Dec. 1720. >".. IB 
Aug. 1761, Mary -Anne, da. of Uraol Alleyne, eaq., and by her 
(who d. 2 Aug. IBID) had iuue, 

1. WiLLiAK-TiioHAi, 6th riMotint, 

i nauRT/»>^. N Oa. 17W. MUT-J«tn. t\«-i .U. or ChirlH, «<h vb- 


iitta-Mabia, t. a Nor. IJIU, 

ntlSH FBEftAGE. 

ItlS, and WW raooeeded bj his onlv 

k 18 Aa|^. I768f major-ffvn. 

The naoount and hii bdy 

am. boBid the AmiBtna trantport, on 

iW Cafe of Good Hope, on their pnwigf 

181^ vhea the titlw dcrolyed oo hit lit 

and 7th Twcwnnt, loa of Biduvd 
riaeoont, and younger md of 
1^ riteoimt*s next brother, JoBV 


withdjiht cnm 

. »l^ 

loMre of b; oovtttry picraik. 

ciOL Goeh. and Baron of Rathdovne, cd. 

the late risooimt, 27 

IM*: ■eiiif rf . 30 Ang. 182S,Marr, 

3dcM> e»q^ and has isne, 

k as JoIt 1823; 8. WiL- 

k Jalr 1824 ;' 3. Maet, &. 5 

k Jan. 1828 ; 5. a sov, k 8 Oct. 

antioaitT, col Salop (assaroinf 

in that oountr). Adam de 

da. Vf J«hn. kW LoreC lotd of Minster 

Vr h<r had isne, sir JoBX DE Chkt- 

£«^ ISe. «. I«*eftk da. and h. of Philip de Milton, 

W heai t^ kc^d»hxp» <f In^rrvstrpe^ :Salce, and Gret- 

Kdd » LxB scomded William^ hu mu 

He had isme, tvo sons, nr Roc El. 

4f SET Ka2ph de Gmdon ; he had v-ith 

L Warvidu and had issue, sir 

. «f Isi|Ei«KRe« vho had 2 sons, RicHAaD 

Marfacec a. William Porefoy, esq^ of 

RicHAMD, the ddcr aon, ail Thorns- 

hiM, ea^.. and hy her had sir Philip 

tTakTTVTicxw v^ m. rVa-h-r x«£ct of Edmund, lord Ferran. 

jc i*)uhrurr« .aawHKia' ^ the mar^jisess Toviubend,) da. and h. 

de la R«che. and hr her had issoe« a son, ITi/- 

Wf w t k-is ftsher, Irft a son, William, who, 

ICk i mc c wAtd'his fTaBd&thir,aad vas mifinited on TexbsII 

«c \ 


* \ 


JOHX Chetwtxd, of Ridge, near Bloicliealh, cu. Suffurd, 
esq., whu vu fsiher of 

1. Walter, 1m Titooam CbMwynil. 

2. Joax, 2il TiKount. 

3. WiLLIAH-RlCHABD, 3d riHnunC 

4. LucT, m, Edwud yangi, on.. Bub klngwunu. 

Walter Ciietwvvd, eldenHm.wucrMUd viHmoE CA*t. 
Wfiut, at Bearhavm. co. Cork, and liamn of Balhdmnu, oo. 
DnhUn, 20 Ju;ir 1717, with limiuiion lo the hHn male at hi* 
tklher. Uc n. Mary, da. and co-h. to John Berkeley, tiieount 
FitK-Harding, who d. 3 June 1741 ; hii lordihip d. wlibnal inue 
SI FA. 173s, uid wu lUGceedcd hy hit brathcr, 

JoBH, 3d viKouDi, 1717. ambuudor to the onurt of Spaim 
who had unie, 
bonw^ HjiU, :^uAilk, --■' ' '-•-■-'—>-—'- ••'-•--- »-« » ■- 


"' 81 tai. 

17117. and f 

d by hU 


WlLLKM.RiCQABD, 3d vixxmnt, reiidenl at the repuUic of 
6a>na 1714 ; «■ UoD«a, da. of William Baker, e*q., contui at 
AJgiert, tiy Delwrah, da. of air Leonard Rolrinion, knt., (ancei- 
tar to baroD Rukeby,) by vhom (who d. 1720) he bad iuue, 

1. William, 4ti>t-i>roui>t. 

SL Ka't, m. tht Iw. and rev- Kcurr Hoixr, «s of Hebtt, Itb told 

i. DiBUE. i lias. 

7. juHK, tD boJy tfdvtk fn- Judlib Plcoti. by «bon b* tuA imtm two cb» 

WOlius. m. pBiclnpe ruJoon. hy whom tw hiil Imh. anil m UUal 
In u arikn alth Uie icbek. ■■ bdnlAiU, In liduid. Jus* i;w. 
BU lurdsiiip d. 3 April 177U, and nai lucceedad by hi* ddeat 

art da. of ui Jonathan Coiie, I 
17tN>) he had iuua, 

1. WlLLItH, kMJUl. 17^ 

& JonH-WaiTHuat, ». in Prb. 171 .. 
S. BlGRAiD, preunit viKouni. 


: April ITfiS. ■.. lUj IMt, 
J>«» of MKlfanl. R.G. 
Uit lurdihip d. 13 Nov. Ijgi, and wu >uo»eded by hii (aa, 
RiCBAHD, ath liMWUDt, b. 39 8ept. 17A7. •"-. 30 Jul; 1^ 
Charlotle Cvtwright, liiter U Ralpb Cartrri^i, of Ajiihi>,M 
Nontuunplon, «q., M.P. for llut col, and had iinie, 

I. VlAni.ttTT'.. t M S«t. ITO. 

t. Enacii. 1. a Sett. 1.97, ■■■. U Au(. l^i. E. 
&. RiCHAkD-WALTBK, preseiil TI 

The viuouat d. ST Feb. IBSI , *nd was auctceded by hb only ■■) 
Bickakd-Waltei., proem and Gih viicount. 
Hfir ApparvHi—Tht haa, Riciiied.WaI.tEK CHKTVTn^ 

■he riacount't ddett son. 
CrRih(iii_2J June 1717- 

B S*|H. I7«b A Wtek. 

Brodrick. of Midlelun, co. Curk, in ihe Peerage of tiduid, tat 
Bbrmi Brodrick, of Pepper Harrov, in England, Lord Lieo. 
tenaiil to. Surrey; bom I Nor. IJW j luiceeded hii fatlier, 
George, the lale viacouni, 22 S^I. 176a : marritil. Id, 4 Dec 
177S, lady Frances Pelham, Sd da. of Tbomu, In eaH of Chi- 

cheiier, and had iuue by her, {who d. 36 June 17»3,) ^l- 

FBANcEa-ANNE, m.. Si Aug. 181)3, InipivFroeinan Thtnna*, of 
Batten, do. Suhu, esq. The riioount m., Mlf, 15 June 1797, 
Maria, dL of Richard Benjnn, of Oidea-Uail, go. Essex, (by 
Uaimab, eldest da- of sir Mward Hiklie, bart.,) and bai uiue, 

2. Mahia, b. as March I7!»t 3. Chablotte. i. It 

Feb. 1801;-— I. Harriet, b. 3 March 1B03, n., 31 Hart^ 
1829, her cousin, the rev. William. John Brodrick ; — tk Enm*, 
». 10 Aug. 1804{— & UEORGE-ALAN, A. 10 June I80C; 
7. Lucr, b. 13 Aug. 1807. 

The family of Brodridc ratne from Numiandy into En^aiid, 
lemp. W. Rufui, and iteilled iu ro. York. 

Al.AH BROnaicit. lord high chaaceltor nf Ireland, wuereMcd 
haron MidkUtn, 1716. and viseouiit Midltlm 1717, St., lit, Ck. 
tberine, da. of Redmond Barry, of Rathcormack, no. Cork, oq.. 
and had iswiB, 

4. Ai-iw, id riaamin. 

Hi> lordtbip «., 3d1y, Anne, da. of lir John Tmor, nuuler of 
roll*, hut hkd no iwue b^ her. and drlng SI) Aug. 1738, wa 
' 'd by bi« only lurriTing ion, 

AtAH. 2d tincMint, A. J*n. 1701. i*., 7 May i;», Hny, 
rouDgMl da. of Algeraon Capell, 2d carl o( Euo, and bad lame 
ty bv (wbo d. 13 March 1702) bd imJy ion. 

OEOmsE. 3dTiicouD[,S.»Oct. 1730, m.,! May I7S2, AlbiiilB. 
Men da. of ihc hon. Tfaomai T<nm>h«nd. and sitter of Tbomai, 
lal Tiicount Sydney, and had iHUe by her, 

" ~ C, prewnt Ti»count. 

Fiimuof Una- 



nommf, 4 Aug. 1796, Hurriet, wile d^ of Benjamin Baugfa.rf I 

Burwarton House, ci. Siilop, esq., and hu isnie, 1. <iUS- 

ma-MBrio, da. of Slalhew Kiusell, of Braocepeth Cattle, m. Dor- 
bam, esq., deceased; 3. Edwakd-Hollaitd, b. SS April 

179S, d. Oct. 1802. 

Tiiie liriuirh of [he noble houM of Hamilton ii descended fraa , 
■ir Frederink, Gtb and youngest <on of Claude, lit lord Paalajv , 
ator of the marqiiesi of Aberoom {tte thai titU). Sir Fred*- ■ 

i father of 

u of the privy coiindl In king Jaoiee [I., 
but emhrticed the party of the reTolulion, 1686, and diilia- 
fished hlmaelf at the balile of ihe Boyne, (from wbence be ■£■ 
terwarda took his title,) at the defence of Londonderry, uid the 
etanning of Athlone. He attained to ibe rank of mBJ>>r.feiienli 
and vai appointed vice-admiral or the province of I'laier: 
created, 30 Oct. 171a^ haron Hamiltim, of Stackallanj and. SO 
Aug. 1717, riiconnt Bofne ; m. Eliiabetb, da. of air Henry 
Brooke, of Brooke's Borough, co. Fermanagh, knc, and by bcT 
(ffho d. SB Dec IJSl) hod iuue, 

1. Fhidbiicie, k., itd^, Sophia, ibtB- of Jmns, In ta 
and d. 10 Nqt. 171$, IsTbig l«ut, 
OuBTAVca, ad viioount. 

~ ~ ' ii.17lll,DiHMlHa,dBlTdL0flliduri,liitdBell*v.a 

[, 3d Tlicoiint. 

H. IJM, iMVlDg, bH 

1. Fhedei 

2. Richard, 4th ritmunt. 

The viEcount d. 16 Sept. 1733, aud 

succeeded by bisgnuid- 

OiTHTAvus, 2d viscount, i. 1710, d. vnm., 20 April 1746, ud 
WW succeeded by his coui' 

FrgdeuicK, Sdrisoou 
Benjamin Kadley, esq., ai 
the honours devolved on hie onuner, 

RiCHASD, 4th viscount, b. S4 March I724, m. Geni^'ana, 3d 
da. of M'illiam Bur;-, esq., (by the boii. Jane Monre, da. of 
Charles, lord TulUmore, and siiier and h. of ber brother, Cbaries 
Moore, earl of Charleville, and hsron TulhiniarB, wlune title* be< 
came extinct, 17 t'eb. 1764,) by whom he had issue, 

1. OCSTAVITS, 6lh viKdunl. 

t. CnASLKS, a. a Oct. lT9i>. cux. HlhrCRt. of driKOOni, v.,*S(rl- ITA 
mUiLjitcr. da. of OntitophcKlrwaii, ma il. wtOioMbtue atlt 

1773 p Hutfh-Montgim 

»"»n)<- 1 7JJ. '■ t™"«- 

I. ft. tMuTh 1T71.~-T .... 

Th« viNDUni d. 30 July IJ89, and >■* luneMlMt bv hit i 

GvsTAf c*. Bth viiODunt, 6. » Dec. 17*9, «.. I April 1773. 
Mmnhk-MallUB, ooly da. of (ir Quaile Somtfrillfs, of Scancnill*, 
». Mcalb, Uk.. ud by her (who «., 3dlf, dr Thomi* Wctib. 
ban., and d. 18 Sept. 1836) had iuuo, 

3. Out 



The riMount rf. 20 Feb. IBIG, and wiu niamded by hi* hi 
GttSTAVPB, present and 6th viiaoiint. 

TUMXont'i only ton. 
W . 0«*»M— B«on,20O«.1710! Vlicmint, SOAug. i;i7. 

^^ JOS 

me by her. 

Allm, of etiUorgBD, co. Dublin ; gaccceded hit fatbo-, joebua, 
the late Tiionuit, 1 Feb. 1616. 

JoBnALLBa, created TiKOUDt^ttrn, and baron of AUbrfan, 
■h, 1M4, Mary, eldeit da. o( ibe risht bon. Robert T\tam 
and utter of llobert, 19th carl of Kudare, and bad luue b] 
(who d. 1693,) 

1. Joshua, 2d viuount. 

S. RokUT. ^ Nat ltH7. "l. IS Jui. i;n7. Pnnca, di 
banBefUxculi^iin, niil^KDK. 1711. h(Tiii(ii9ui 
r_ I. HDtan, <■ May i;3S. 

^P & mBai,iB.,aApdiint, 

^-ABlcaAao. A.MJul]>l<IM, U.. 
I ••S.of ■u^BtOnn. of XIIlxliT,' 

(• May i 0. Dontbir i I 

> The riKouDi d: 8 Nov. 1720, uid 

JotHlTA. 2d vinonnl, b. Sept. 1686, 
garet, da. of Samuel du Pih, of EptUDi, 
■Mue by her, (who </. 4 March 17&S,) 



m PmbTi lit kwd Ccr^on. 4 


JoHM, 3il viKxmnt, who wai grovly Iniiulted in the i 
Friday. 2S April IJJS, by three dni^tDoiis, r««elved a w<m 
one of them on his hniid, which ucciuiaiied m lever, and i 
cause of his death ; he d. unn. , 95 May I ^^A, Bud wai ntc 
by hii fint wuiiin, 

JonN, 4th viscminl, eldest ton of ibe hon. Richard AI 
ton of John. IM viMWUnt, irho d. irithoui inue, 10 Nor 
knd vta lucoeeded liy his nest hrother, 

JoBUUA, Sth Tiaoount, b. 36 April ITSB. n., b Atig. 
France!!, eldest do. of GHynor Barry, of Dornulavn, ca. ] 
eaq., and bod iuue. 

1. WnUim Mcflmi 
Buoceeded by hi 

Jo BHDA-Wii.tLui, present and G' 
Uiif Apparmt — None. 
(7r»o»»— 87 Aug. 1717- 
.. c_ Di— B3. Arpot, two tan wi 

^"baui Jiiw^ -IK"--"-— ■■- 
urfiri— Two UlboU ubli 




and Baron Dumboyne, co. Meatb, Earl and Baron Verul 
the United Kingdom, and Baron Furretler, of iba Peei 
Scotland 1 bom 26 Sept. 1776> 

in tht Peertigt <tf England, m 

BlNUrON, of Ardglan. go. Oovn. and Baron Barring 
Newcaitle, co. Dublin; bam I Oct. 1793; lunmided hie 
Oeoi^, late vigeount, G Manb tB29: ntarritd. 81 April 
Jane-Etiiabetb, da. of lord Ravens worth, and has iuue, 
OEORQE, b. II Feb. 1824 ; 3- Pekcv, b. AprU \HK 



pdiu M 

JoHH RHVTE-BAiiaiv«TOK.l>iviscmiiitIUrringion,&.iaaR, 
uiumed ihe nanw and kmi) iiT Ba>iiihi>ton, nn •■icmding 
ihe nuile oT Frsndi Barrington, nf Torta, ro. Euei, § 
<if *ir Thntnu BuTiii)(t(in, iif Barringlon Hall, >>art., i 
mated, 30 JunE 1730, Tinaiiint flnmu^ton. ciT Arjglua. n>. 
DoBTI. The ritmunl m. Annr. da. and cu-h. uT (ir UirUtm 
Dainea. knt., and had ii 

I. M'lJ 


, tha m. mr. TrWnB, vteA 4 A|«U 1; 

■lof ilwhlidi <Dun of aAnlMlij, mow 

_^ il^^W^liltMlf*. •>>«■«««)»(»•( a 

tbakhitimia&nirn.aodadnhalifttiWUNtalTMi Ka ovMaa. ■■ lb* 
awK orhk olBBl wflcB miar macfe Mpt sTw. la (Mi awut- 
■awth aaJ oo^ IkM tta SL HdMBtta, ^ riaS (wha «^^^ ^=^^^ - 
A^Sa. of tba oBa aaBlw. bat wltli aa kiwin cMpiwMi 
alDocanlimnaelMD. Bat kk omoln •■«>«• ddiAr m^M 
har^ mm lb. Wat laaia Wb% b ln«,wl« il u iaiiaii 
»n>iiler l >iHaafthiFiathaa»l.aB^II. BteaXa- Taak 
Ins ar iUiMb Alp* ot Uh I1b» and KKMal Mmm, a*nbal V- 
lo aanoa oBtr fcoi ilika c< tb* UDa.lbtaa of Hltf niaa. mi i 
Bd TBt aa rivb mmmndti. afla bMw ftpidU to tn ■ 
am, dU ast nstai* a lUiA Ha ■taedSlbinWiad UhKi 
ancahar, botaf HnBa bi caanund andar aart Horn. Ha A 

«. SaTrn, OEBMOUadbUuiBDrLkaadaff ITM.kbhoaof BiUitainr bi 17n. 
■sd bWnii of Daibas Id IT9I. ud 4. U Modi 18X1, wlAi^l liaur. hivtm ••.. 
lal, i Feb. tfn, [Haia. «ut da. of ChartH, ad r^ ' - — - - 
iWl ndMr.fOJiuwim JaD<.oalTda.oril 
HMdnma. to. GIoucbIk, ban., wba il. Aiu. la 

r SuuR. n., June I7M. Rabat Piltc, of F 

« liaonml if. 14 Dm. 1734, and i 

Imiraliy in Hi 
vunaeUnr in 1 

1 tncceeded by hii eUcat 

WviaOKint, ft. 1717, »l. 

maawr ot thp grea^t wardrube ia \JS4. 

!, and Hcrelar; at war, and channllor 

l^lhe'excbequer, in I76l,traaiurer of the nary in 1762, a tratitl 

■^ t«7 at war in I7S4, which he r*»ign«l in 1778. afw 

K crown Uiiny-four yeara, and enjoying tlia ooiiGdrocC 

' e kinn, Georgs 1. and 11. ; «.. 10 Sept. 1740. 

_,, , and b. nt Heiirv LotcII, youngnl aan of air 

ilathiel unell, baron of the euJir^uer, and widnw of tha bon. 



> succeeded br hit 

oouni, ffi. miu Anne Murrell, of Thciford. 
■ tn. Norfolk, (who m., Sdly, 3 Feb. 1813. Edward ThaniTcrafc 
' * ., and d. IBI6,) and dying wiihout isiue, 31 July 1801, <m 
eded by bis next brother, 

CHAHD, 4lh Tiicount, m.. in 1783, Sutu, da. of WOliim 
, if Philadelphia, esq. The ritcounl dying wiibout imw, 
>t Valendennea, in 1813, wta aucoeeded by hii brother, 

Ueoboe, in bnlynrden, Sth riKouni, 6. 16 July 1761, in., 
13 Feb. I7SS, Elizabelb, da. of Robert Adair, etq., and iat 

1. Willi am-Keppel, pment viuount. 

" '^leana. cnit. R.N. 6. 9) Nov. liM. m., li Jan. IWT, Iwlir Oneai 

]. Cbvte-tlBDrfe. b. 27 Oct. IJff;. 

I. Auguilui, A.17 Unrch IBM. 

ii(iiai^Rtrn-Piiu:ivu,.». 10 Feb. l7«g.iliilDatQuatKBr«,14 jum 

iBK-RoaniT. t. IS Frt. 17W. i M No», 1894. 
Foomin, D.C.L,, 0. IBJulj ITSe. 
.ituiiu.1 a. K July iwii. 
_ .aAirca«,kMOct.lBra. n-.SSOel. laal, WiUlnn.culof Dutiumn. 
' 9> CaAauRTa.Bii.uaia*, b-Xi Much inot. 
■ •- ■ — Taaa^oHa.k i7Jui]r lae. 

HGia-Djiiaaa, k K Uwch isn7, <(. «i Feb. 1»A 
MijuiA.CaBnTni«. 6. R Mai ISlo. 

L Kie Tiaconnt d. 6 March 1829, and was aucoeeded by hit eUm 

WiLLiAM-KeppEL, present and 8th Tiacnunt. 
Heir Apparent — Oeohge, ihe \-iicouDt'a eldest son. 
CrtaHm—U Jan. I73O. 

CO. Kerry, Baron of Caitlebor, to. Alayo, In ibe Peenm of Ire- 
land, and Baron Oaoe, of High Meadow, in (hat of Englaad : 
lorn IJ Dec. 1781 : autceeded hia father, Henrv, the lau vis- 
mmnt, 39 Jan. 1S09; marriff, S Marcb 1813. Eliasbetb -Maria, 
It da. of the ban. Edward Pulev, ad son of Thomaa, lord 
>, and bai iasue, 1. HENRV-EDWARD-HALL, & 9 


Ju. 1814; 3. BLUAIZTB-MAKIAi 

4. Wll-LiAM, b- 13 Sept. 1890;— 

KIETT ; 6. Editibd-Thomaii, b. 28 

— 3. Akm^-Maiia: 

-a. CtBOLim-lUK- 
Dec 1836. 

Tbc fwnily of Gage bu been Kated at Firle, id Sdnez, n 

John Oage, K.G. leap. Henry VIII.; lir UmrdGage, knt. of 
ihe Balh, trmp. qiiwn Muy, and rir Henr; Oage, gDveraorof 
Oxford. tvmfL Charla I. 

Sir John GadE, of Flrk, wu grmndion and heir of lir JirftU 
Cage, E.G., wai cnawid a bul. 33 March I6j 
and co-h. of Tbomaa Dorcy. cwl Itiven. and had JJ 
Tbomai. hU tucceuor, and >ir Edirard, of UcDgnkTa, oo. »at- 
fulk, ancettor of the preaent >lr Thuuuw Gagv, of JUngTKva, 

Sir Thokai OaoE, 3d tort., n. Mary. d&. and of John 
Chamberiavne, of Sherborne Caatle, co. Olford, and had iuue, 
»r Thomas, 3d ban., d. hrim..' lir JoHH, 'Itb baru, who wu 
falher of nr Jobv, air Thouai, and tit William, &(b, mh, 
and 7th bani., wbn all d. young nr <inm. j and Janph, nho wa* 
father of 

Sir Tbomai, 8ih ban., created ritoount Gagt, and luuon 
Gage, of Catllebar, oo. ftlayo, U Sept. 173Ai m,, lit. Bene- 
dicta-MiHa-Thereta, m1« da. and h. of Benedict Uall, of Uigh 
Sleadow, co. Glooceiter, Mq., and by har (who d. 3S July 1740) 
had ft 

I. Will 

.. >., » Dtc. ilM, HnguM. ill. oT ' 

r. and If. J April ITin, Id 

3. UTUtoa-EllBbrih. I. It n«. 1M9, «., II rib. irW, W J. II. UUke. 
I wi., Munnf (hrlaUalil^ 

Moikc, (■•., tad Blan R> C-n*MB^Vr««a Wmnnnh. M awl lui mar- 
r yrf n-rfi^.— andliHkaiii!, I. Uary, i>., X Aiiril WD, HinlT- 
I htiT IMn*. HI., at Cn-> Hail, E- - - - ~ "- 

«. HotM, |l'*> vtUi Ja 

Anf. I7». ••. Clurisi 0(lr. m., nd 4. 
April it;*, ■>., rt \<t^ \m, UoBUgur, Mb tul of 

^TuoKAs. lord Oagis n., adly, 38 Pre. i;u}, Jano Godfrey, 
widow of HenryJermyn Bond, nq , by whom (who * 8 (.let. 
IT&Tl he hud uo ianie. Ilia lordship <f. IVc 1754, >n<l wan 
(uccMdfd 1>y hli eldat vm, 

Wtt-LiAH-UALt, 3d Tinount Onge, A. I Jan. 1718, and, 3? 
On. 1780. wai creaMd baron Oa^, of Firle, co. Siihbe; and, i» 
1790, baron G^/t, of High Meadow, eo. Gkiucetu-r, wiiii rea 



niidiider, in de&iUt of i«i . . _, ~-. 

eaq., m., 3 Feb. 1757, Eliiabeth, utmr at San^Mon, lonl Ew^%, 
by whom (who d. 1 July 1783) he bad ■ urn, b. ftluth ITn^ 
wboif. ui inrant. Hi* 'lordihip d. 11 Oct. 1791, Bud vh — 
CMded in his litln by hit nephew, 

Uehst, ■ iaajor.K«n. in the army, t. 4 March 1761. > 
Jan. 1782, Suunna. Maria, only da. and h. of the late Wuu^ 
Skloaer, (KrBnd.da. of the late admiral rir Peter Warrea, K.RJ 
and br her (vho d. April 1821) bad ' 

1. HEHKr-HAI-L, present riicoul 
WlUiun SI. QutailiD, nT $cusp(oa HiU, c 

The Tiscoiint d. 29 Jan. IROS, and wai mcceeded by hk mo, 

HFHny-Hai.1., preient ritoount. 

Heir ,*p/iarfn/— HejirY, the vi««ninl'» eldmt bod. 

CreatiimM — Vinomnt, 11 June 1721 ; Barvin U*ge in ^■'g'*T*| 

..iiiMi— S« PUu m. QunTUily III wid 4th. P 

■ uIllngulB— Gaoi. gaud III. Anin. iHinlni 

Owf— A nm itauni aignir, trmcd md ungulfd 

. S"W«l'"-1""D .nryhounil. erf i UfEhl Brnwil c 

nl>in mllAnp adnmeii on Ihrtf un«T eiij(«« with HF 

"-- — - m« ftfuf. Coimce wlUhxit fta 

Banm Temple, a Privy Couniellor, SecreUry of State fiw dtf 
Foreign Department, arid M.P. forthe I'nivenity of Ciunbridgal 
hm 20 Oi^t. 1784; aucceeded his father, Benry, Che late ' 

17 April 1802. 

Petes TeiipLC, nfStowe, co. Bucks, esq., d. and »a» 
at Stove, 27 May 1677- John, his eldest un, wat tam 
the Templet of Siowe, (represenled by the pment duke of 
ingham and Chandos.) and Anlhong, the 2d wo* ancestor o 

Sir John Temple, knt., matier of the milt in Ireland. A' 
1077, whose 2d Mn, rir Jetm, at(orney.feneral < 

HENnv Tehfle, Isl viitcount Palmerslnn, 
created 12 March 1722, baron Tempi*, and viscoti _, 

m,, lit, Anne, da. of Abraham Houblon, esq., and had ims* fe* 
her. (who d. 8 Dec 1735,) 


Hehrt, 2d vitoniut. 
_(. ttlcniiD, M.P. (bt Donloo. ih., IS Ms) I7«>. H«rf«u. obI] 
Tbobids Prihui, of Runmn-, co. Suon, mi., uul ilua or TliomH, 
m Chk^CT, BSJ 4. ■ AuR. I74n, Wvlnt l-ui by h« l*he m.. >di). 
I^iSXtiK iE'lrfhn'i" '*" "* '*'*^''*""*- «"' "^ **"*■ '™" "" 
The vitoDunt m., 3dly, II May 1738, Isabella, da. of air 
di Gerard, of Harrow .on -the-blU, on. Middlesex, bart.. 
widow of sir John Fryer, bart-. who d. without iwue, 1 1 Aag>. 



1703. Tlu TinouDi d. 10 June 1767. «^ 84, uiil wm iuc 
ccvded by his gnndian, 

Hekbt. 2d vinouDl, I. * T}tc 1730, m., lit, K Oci. I7«7, 
Franco, oniy lU. of lir Pnndi Poule, of Fuule, O). (1u«ttT. 
■ad hv her (oho d. 2 June 17«iU) had no iwue. Tba ri*(vtml 
»., 2diT, fi Jui. I7T3, ■^■■rj, dk. of Bmjuniu Uec, mo., ud by 
Jwr (who (£. 8 Feb. 180&) had iuue, 

1. Bemby JoBH, 3d Tiaooum. 

f. 17 April 1802. • 
Iehbt-Johit, present and 3d HMninl. 
>Jj7«tr PntumpHte—Thv hon. W 
Bnnt'i only brolher- 
b'OMfiea— 12 3Iardi 1723. 

— . QsmtnlT IM inJ t 

I eOVMT GALWAY, and Butm of Killard, M. CUre i «om IS 
UkTch 1782 : tiirccfdal hi> fHlher, Robert, the Ute vIhoudI. !3 
July IBIU: nornn/, 4 June 1004, CBtheriiie-Eliuhetb, da. of 
Ihe IbIc cuptain Ueor^ HandGcId, and niece of the Uu lir Wil. 

liam Smvlh, l«rt., of Hill 11*11, ro. Ehu, and bai iuue, 1. 

llEOBfiE-EDWARD-AKUNDELL, b. I March 1805; 2. 

CHAILEa-GuiTj>vi>«, b. II Slay 1800; 3. AlQUSTtii- 

M'tLLiAM, b. 8 April I80R; 4. EoML'HD^ambiee, 6. 21 

Dec. IB09;— S. FbEDtBICX-SMTTIi, ». 31 Alay IBII ; 8. 

ElikuethXelia, b. 2(1 Sept. 1812 « 7. lloBArE^AH- 

HZmi, i. SMay 1824. 

itiqikily In tho co. of York, and de. 


TMOtiu MovciTOH, Mq., who, in I4M, m. Elinor, ddeat 
da. and co-li. uf Witliam Almtnn, nq., of Hunscote, cu. War> 
vick, (by hia vife Johnnna, only da. and b. uf Aiilhany Bucrile, 
e*>l., h. of air ThonuM Botvilc. knt., and of Ciithariiie hi* n ife. 

e had iuua a da., Ji 


RoBXRT, of Carili uldnt «on and h., «■ Jsoel, ds. and tu o( 
Habere Luou, esq., of Homdon, and vu father of 

William, who, in Aug. 1546, received from tbe earl of Hsn- 
ford a letter. Mill extant, commaading him, in the king'i lume, 
(the kingdom belns then thntBteoed with an inruioa from the 
French and ScoW,) to repair in person to Newcastle, with hii 
tervantB, tenants and others, making as many of his numberu 
be could to l>e hursenien armed with spcan, or archer* on bane- 
back, that they might be able to do service when they arrirtd sa 
the borden of Scotland. He ni. Anne, da. of air Hubert Adtf. 
knt., (by Elizabeth, da- of Juhii, lord Clifford, and aonl ef 
Henry, 1st earl of Cumberland,) by whom he had issue, 

CBBiaTDFHEit, of CsTil, M.P. fuT Appleby, n. Prancei, da. 
of Qoorge Husaey, of DuSeld, esq., and wa* father of 

Makuatiuke, of Cavil, »>., 1571, Eliiabeth, da. of Matthew 
Ventworth, c«q., of Bretton, co. York, (by his wifp, Maude, da. 
of sir William Middleton, of Stockeld Park,] and had issue; sir 
PbiliF, his successor, and John, uf Garum and Biirbnd, Co. 
Vork, m. Susanna, da. of William Berrie, esq., co. Lincoln, and 
d. IG22, leaving issue, 1. William, d. unm.: 2. John, of Melton 
super Mo[ilem, co. York, a major of infanlrv in the annv of 
Charles I., n. Mary, da. of Samuel OldReld, esq., of Oldfidd'. CO. 
York, by whom he had an only child, Elizabeth, n., 16G(i, Jobci 
Fountayne, esq., of Melton, whose eldest da. and co-h. Tbcodo- 
sia, was mother of the Ut viacouni Galway ; 3. sir Edmund, ia 

the army, m. Anne, da. of Hamerton, esq., of Hamertfln, 

00. York ; 4. Marmaduke, of Hodroyd, co. York, a cspt. of In- 
fantry in the service of Charles I., m., lliSI, Mary. da. and b. U 
Richard Berrie, esq,, M.D., of Hodroyd Hall, co. York, and, by 
special covenant on his marriage, assumed the siimanie M 
Berrie, hut rf. s.p. 

Sir Philip Mohcktoh. of Cavil, (ddest son of the above 
Mnrmaduke,] b, \C|^^, was knighled, IGI7, by king James I., 
and if. I'i46, having tn. Martha, da. and co.-h. uf Frauds Suttnn, 
of Sutton, Cheehire, esq., nnd had issue, 

Sir FBANCts, who was knighled ni York by Charles L, 2S 
Jan. 1G41, m. Margaret, da. and co-h. of Thomas Savile, esq^ 
(and sister of EUzaWth, grandmother of ThoinM U'entwortb, Ikb 
and last earl of Stafford,} and had issue, 

Sir Philip, who was knighted at Newcastle, 1643, served 
some time in parliament for Scarborongh, and was moat honour- 
ably distinBiiisbed for hit loyalty Co kings Charle* I. and II. He 
was several times imprisoned, and twice banished during tbe crril 
war ; and at one time his grandfather, hia father, and himadf, 
wereall sequestered by Cromwell: during the usurpation, he bad 
the gam) fortune to l>e the meant of saving both the king and the 
duke of York from assassination. In oonaideration of ihoe nif. 

ferinm and service*, king Charles II., in IC56, wrote him a letter 
with his owu band, promising that, if God restored hini,sirPh<li)i 
should share with him. In 1669, ho was hi^ sheriff of VoA. 
■hire, when be rec<rired the ihaulu of the mayor and aldermen of 



York, for the grtu imien be hBd pprfnmiMl in 1050. In li 
ing himMlf, in heading uid ciianin^DC the dti»i» ualtiit the 
parliammiary cmninuiden, culonel LiTbiirnc uid lord Fnirfu. 
Sir PliiUp m., ICSU, Anne, eldai dm. at Robert Evre. of llighlow. 
CO. Derby, en|., [mnMitor of th» prc»«nt earl of S'ewburgh,) and 
by her had two »di and a da., MaryartI i WiWiain, ihe j'tfungeit 
ton, wsi a Ueiic B.N., and kilted before DBTfelnna, in Spain, 
1 706: and the elden, 

Robert Moncktoh, ewj., of Cavil and Hodroyd, nicMcdcd 
hii falher in Feb. 1G78, and wu one of thou who wenc orer (o 
Ilnllaod to king WiUJain III., njid returned to ibii cDumry 
with him at the rerdation In IStSi be mu aTterwards one of 
the onnniiuinnen of trade, and tervpd in teiBral |iarliaineDU 
for Pontefract and Aldborough, eo. York t n. Theodoaia, eldeai 
da. and co-h. nf John Fnuntayne, nq.. of Melton niper Slon. 
ten, (above named,) and by her had t«o ton), Roitrlf whn 

Joun. the eldeat, 6. I60S, who wa* advanrtd to the dignity of 
the peerage, in 1737, by the tillet of baron nf Killarrl, m. Clare, 
and viicount (TafDvy, nicreeded lo the family «Iat» in I73S, 
and purcbated the pment family raiidence of Serlby. oo. NotU ; 
he, in 1734, wai repmentalive in parliament fur Clitlieroe. ru. 
Lani»ai«-, and aflerwardi fnr PontefracI, and wa>, in May 
1734. appointed a commiuioner for hi* majmjr'i revenue in 
Ireland. whiiJi office be retigned in 1747. In Oct. 174S. his 
lordahip waa appointed ■urvejor-general of hit majeaty'a honour*, 
woods, fomu, &c in England and U'alea,- and in Ji'ly 1741). 
received ihe degree of L1.D. at the initalUtion of the duke of 
Newcaatle, chancellor of the L'nivenity of Cambridge. The 
viacouni m., lit, Eliiaheth, da. of John. 2d duke of Rutland, by 
whom (who (t.!3 March 1730, aged 31) he had inue, 

I. William, Sd viacount. 

md prvenur of BrrwkVmiTHol) liUixt. >«. a U« I7XI. 

3. Juan ; t. KLiuanTB, bwh d. Inhnii. 
The riacnnnt n., Sdly, 1734, Jaiie, 4lh da. of Hfflir)-M'am« 
Weatenra, enq., of Queen'i ro., (ancealnr of lord Rmunore,) hy 
DeaBor, liiter of John, lit vitcount Allen i by whom (who i. 
May 1788) he had, 

. .___ _. ...___...-_ ......_ ^^ NoflhampfoB. fl. 3 An*. IT**, m. mint 

hid liMHli) Iwt, |Bha4. liiSrllt. luit.} 

fc Han-AnK ••■ atr Omzc Plant, 

" ' "«t. kininntht .--".n.^n-... 

I Nov. Vtt*. m., im. Sofdlla PI|IO>. d» nl timte, lord 
E~. « n-_~ •- ■•- EMt indlQ, (■(»* In 17W. "hrih 



uDF nm, Edmund Boyle, Tih w1 c 
int d, IS July 17SI, and «u succeeded b; hii 

WiLLiAU, 3d riumint, agipointed, Dec 1748, receWrr-g 
of hia tnijesty'a cniffn and fee-farm nait in the oouni 
Vork, WMtmarland, Diirhun, Nonhumberland, Lonmcip 
and io different parliaments represented Pontefracl and Tl 
in 17<i9, hiK lurdshlp aiiumed the name and anna of An 
ponuant to the wiTl oftiis maternal aunt, lady Prancet An: 
wid «., 12 Aug. 11*7, Elixabelh, da. of Joseph dn Coau 
I, esq., by wbcnn (who d. 2 Jan. 1793) he had Unie, 

.lAM, 3d Tiscminl. 

-. - -- Jol» l/M, m., m, 3 Sept. 1574, ib PnaiM 

i and. »iUri imis. Iha V> ilc Ocununad Smllh, of Tring Pa 

4. RoBEKT, 4th riionlnt. . 

._ - _>, »ho4. Id IWilt 

L 10 Nor. 1773, and wu niHxeded by hit 

UEHBy.M'>, 3d rJKonut, l>. IG May 1749, it. u 
Harch 1774, and wan succeeded by hii brother, 

KoBEBT, 4ih viununi, K.B., and one of hia mr^ly'i 

and repreiencative of York and Ponlefraci, i 

>t parliunenta, b. 4 July 17aB, »., 1 March 1770. Elia 

da. of Daniel Mnthew, esq., of Felix Hall, co. Esiex, hy ' 

(who d. 19 Nov. ISOl) he had iuue. 

II Srpi. iwai. 

,fc.4Mat IW),II.N., d.( 
1.18 Jim 17m 


I., Sdly, Bridget, Ofdr child of PambertoiiM 

esq., and reUcl of Peter-Auriol Hay-Drummoiid, nq., ton ( 
archbishop of York, and brother of Robert, IHh earl of Kir 
Hia loniship d. 33 July 1810, nnd >ras suoceedvd by hia > 

William-Oeohge, present and fith visonmt- 

fffir .^/iporntt— Oe o ■ o E -E D w A BD-A R V N D e L, tha rim 

eldest son. 

CrfaAan-S7 July I727. 



of PovenaHirt, w. Wicklow, nad Borun of U'in^^field. n>. Wn- 
fon) ) Aom 3 Oer. 1816; ■ucceedod hii faiher, Hichan), tbc Iktc 
viKouat, 9 Aug. IS23. 

This nMv funilf WM Kaled U Wioslielil Cutlp, ok Suffolk, 
prior to (he C'ooijufn. Sir RiCBiBD WiKariELO, tho Id via. 
couni Pmrmaiurt, for liii «nJn«ii trrrim ww niid« mufMbkl 
of Ireland by qutea Eliubeth ; «od bj king Juiim I., far hia 
■uUequent Brhievemenu, tirire jmnid in ih* goremmenl ol 
IreUod, anil rT«ai«d viwouot PowerMinin 19 Kfti. 1618. to that 
counliy, where the fmniljr have ever tfnre conlinDnd. The tlilr 
became eitinci in 1034. on the rJMWunl't detniw wiihonl imu : 
bill via conferml. to 16RA, on hia tnole heir, Pulioi WinfcfieU. 
the 2d lord, iiho aIio d, viibuul ioue male iu 1717. when the 
title a^^ia became ealinct j btit the e«al» descended to Edward 
Win^^eld, w\. 

RicHABU WisortCLD, 6. 1«97, only imi of Edward, wa>. 
1743, elevated I4i the family honoun by the lillea of baron fFinf- 
fietd, of Win^eld. and vimxhidI Paientmtrt .- he m., lit, 30 
Aag. 1721. Anne, da.of Chriitopher Uaher, bh|., who d. without 
iiaue ; and idly. 13 April I737, Dorothy.Dereifiinl. only da. ol 
Harculei Rowley, eiq., grandfather of vlieount Lajigford, and 
had iwue by her. (who d. 31 July 17Sa,) 

I. EowAmti. 2d TiKouni. 

S. RicH.tmn. 3d viicouot. 

i. Pauca*,6.>Juwl7n,ii..»Noi.I7<7.i<'hn Got*, lord Aimi])f. iiul 

I Oct. 1731, and wni 
. I72n, wh.1 

yii. at Wdnlnitiun'. 1 
lUHveded by hii elde 

. unm. 1764. and wi 

EnWAMD, 2d TiiHiunl 
nunecded by bii brixher, 

RlCHABD. ad viMounl, n.. I^pt. 17«U. Emily Stratford, 
of Jnbo, earl of Aldbiimugh, and had ianie. 

f MHafim riare. e 

)« \Mf Wlkun SnTMdt at Ballj^nmuiD. nv Cnt. 9q- 

nint d. 8 Aug. 1780, and wai lucceeded by bit ddoi 

JUCUBO, 4lh vi 

., Ut,3«Juiwl7Bn. 



Catharine Meade, 2d do. of John, lit earl of CluiwiUii^ 
had issue by her, (who d. \^ Feb. 1 J83,) ■ 


t. JoHi. hlSMit. ITDI.if. M CaJntan, In Ponugal. 14 M*r IKII. ■ 
3. Edwiiip. tnlwly ordcn. b. tu Nov. i79a.m.. Ti A|nl> uAa. ' I liM 

3d da. of ihrUtclwD. Gmge Jonlyn, vhI ulKtaf Ibeariof rnilnCW 

G SnL. taet, kovhiE knie, t 

I. Itid1udll.GH>r»I 3.Ed«nli 4.EnillT- 
The vucoiint m., 2dlr, 9 Feb. 1706, IiatHsUa, 2ii da. tif UiC ri 

hon. William Br.'Vnluw, (wrter to the counted of Damlej', . 

vitoountewi de Vesd,) and had inue, 
*. WILLIAM, 6. al Miiv 17M, In holj otdm. 
i. JtH», b. i Sept. IMO. 

7. Eiiii.v.n<..4Juncia9fl.Ih(nv.FRda[cllTvl>lcloa,rcct>»o(AtllBi 

The vtKuunt d. 19 July 1809, and wu lucceeded by Uia eii 

Richard, 6th viicount, & 11 Sept. 1790, »•, 1st, 6 Feh. It 
Fraiiwi-Theodosia, da. of Robert Jncelyo, 2d esrl of Ruden, i 
by her (who d. 10 Muy 1820) bad issue, 

His loniahip m., Sdly, Aug. Ift22, Thcndnsia, 3d da. of the ti 
Hugli HnwaH, brother of William, 3d ear) of Wicklow, 
whom he had nu iuue ; and dying 9 Aug. 1823, was simee 
by his only son, 

RiCHAitD, present andath viicoimi. 

Heir Prrw.upf iiv — R I CH A S D WihofIelD, trnf., Ow^ 

• Iw roalolneil in liireaf IhcAcLiL 

OW — An Hglr, wJn;ti displayed mrjrcnl, i^lng un itit 

MuTu—rvMiKsif SdIih. Fidelity liarcod. 

and Baron of Castle Diirrow, co. Kilkenny ; iom G Nor. ITi 
siicFeeded hii brother, William, the late risonint, Jan. IM 
married, Isl, W Stay 1802, Deborah -Snaanna, only da. and fa. 
the rev. \t'illiani- Maximilian Frrand, 3d son of William Freij 
dean of Canterbury, (by Orac«, VDiiugest sister of Richard, li 
Rokeby, archbishop of Annagh,) and by her (who d. 34 3Iaj 

ISIO) has issue, 1. SuflAN.goFdiA, b. S July 1803, m.. 

May 1624, the rer. William Robtoson, ion of «ir John Robins. 

liart. ; 3. HENRY, L 17 June 1806, took the surname s 

arms of Walieb only, hy royal sign manual, Nor. 1S27, m. 
June lti2S, FrancH, da. of the re>-. sir John Robinson, baj 

and has isiue a ion, h. March IB'iO; 3. CAiOLiaS, i. 

July 1807. in.,2f) March 1829, Henry Every, of Eggintoa Hi 

CO. Derbj-, aq. j 4. William, b. 14 Aug- 1808. d. 

1813; &. HaantETT-ELICABE'TS, b. Ifi Dec 1609, d. 

Sept. 1837. The viscount n., 3dly, Sa June 1813, Emily-Thi 


philia, Mtn da. of Tbeophihu Mctcslf, of Fern Uill, i». Bark*, 

ban., ud b^,- ^6. > itin-born Sox, Jan. 1813 { 7. Au- 

acSTA-AvELiA, b. t June 1810, if. i Hay ID27 ; B. L'a.ta- 

LOTTE, i. 2lt Nor. 1818 i 9. SopHiA^EOoaiANA, A. 7 Nor. 

ISSO, <!. 18 July 1826. 

WiLMAM Flower, of Durmw, CD. Kitkdunv, nq., irw 
cmud 27 Oo. 1733, UroD C'lurfc I>«rrmr, uid rf. 36 April 
17-*6, leaHng in only lurrivlnft toa, 

Hekbv, 2d lord, rreB(«d, 30 Sept. I7&I, viioninl JiUriMi, 
«., 2S March 1740. Eliuhcih, da. iif lieut.'gcn. M'iUiam Ttnon, 
and had iuue bv her. (who <L 10 Feb. 17a9,) 

1. William. 3d ritmiim. 

J. E^itAum. li. « Jm. mj. ". "". R MMrti IKIS. 


It d. 37 June I76S, uld vai nurmedBd by U> only 

William, 3d viHOunl, 6. 35 June 1744. >■., B Hardi 17K, 
Elitabeth Ridge, and bad Imu* bf b«r, (who m., Sdljr, 3 Jan. 
1730, John JoDC*, D.D.,) 

1. WiLLiaM, 3d Ttwaunt. 

■. HHKT.t. M D«. IT«B. <<■ T«uic. 

X Hsxar-JErrKT, 4tb rlaoonnt. 

. fc. »7 Not. iWt, «., 10 Non. )N«. r™nrH WHnetord. o( 
■ 4. t Jm. 177R im* i Toanf. 
ElLuiri»['WMlw'(rf HWT- Ttiowil'cllfdaii ud MlV. brjl'i ITM, 
PryH-LvTidai Pm>. «).> ^ 14 Ju- 1KI3. 

i. C*anliir«. t. M Auj. in* 

The viKoaot d. 30 Augl i7B0, and v 

(DOcHdcd by hi* ddwt 
6 Jan. 1803. 

William, 3d riKouni, i. ID Oct. 1767. <t. 
and wai lucoeeded by hii only brother, 

UcMur-JKrTMY, pnaent and 4tb viicoiint. 

Heir AppartHl—Thehon. llrKKt Walieb, (Uie Flowkn.) 
only ion of the riscount. 

Cr«a/iMU— Baron, 37 Oct. 1733; and VtKouni.SO Scpl- 1?"!- 

Armr—ScT Plate 81. Ill utd llh. Atfcnt, ISO chtinonrli bHWHB thnc 
riTBU. FKh having in (Tinliit ipM hi lu ^k labW. MHl bRwtiii (ha CIMt*. 

S- Ow(— A ma, hiilDK 10 «rn>lnt qnt In tu bnk. 
^^nMvij'tBT— Two tlffn racuiluil pfniwr. riunlly nillared mid rhilnnl 

and Babon MOrNTMOKKES. of Cantlemuma, o. Kilkenny, 
and a BaruQFt; tarn 1 S<^. 17^. tucmeded his half-brother, 
lIim-ey.Rednioud, the late vixwinl, 17 Aug. 17II7 ; "nrrird, 34 
April 171(4, Anne, da. of Jotcph Readr, of I'ntic Hoyle. co. 
KiUtnuiy, ew)..and by her (whod. 31 A)iril 1823} bad issue, 



1. HERVEY, i. 20 Aug. I71M ;- 


Tbi* family derira ill uri^n from OEorrsi 
BEKCT, > younger son of Herri de Montmoninry, gm 
of France, wh«e elder hhi «u animator of ibc dukn d 
marency, of Luxemburg, of Beaumont and I^val. The< 
ants of Oeoffry app«ir to have had large posHuicois in 
and Ireland, in which latter oountry (Ley fventually len 
the ISth ccninry ihey assumed the name of Alorres, i 
[inued to be so called until the present visoonnt retu 
royal licence, that of Montmorency. 

Sir James ItloBDES, of co. Laierlagh, lived in the 1 
tury, and had issue a son, tir John, who left two sons 
whose doKendants emigrated to France, and John, whos 

Sir JoHH MoBRES, of Enockagh, wai created a ba 
Ireland, 2S March Itl31,m. Catharine, da. of sir Edmimii 
of Abingdon, and (f. 1G48, lenring a son. 

Sir Revmond, 2d bare, n. Ellis, da. of Garrett ' 
Cool namucky Ciulle, and d. 1660, tearing, besides othi 
a sons, 1. nir John, irho sncreeded his father in the lu 
but whose issue male became extinct on ihe death, in I; 
of dr Nicbolaa Morrea, Sth ban., icheii that tiile devolve 
2d viscount Mountmorres; and 2. IIebtct, grandfalhi 
lit riscnant. 

Hervet Mori 
morres, m. Kilken 
of cavalry, and repreieoled the borough of SnocktoTter, 
James's parliament 1889. He (/. 1 72'!, aged upwai^ of 
ing m., Isi. Leiitia, da. of Walter Walsh, of Caatle Ho- 
by whom he had 4 sons, who all d. utiia., and 1 da., Im 

Devereui, esq. He »., 2dly, Catherine Builer j ■ 

Frances Butler, grandda. to Edward, ritomint Qalwaj, I 
he bad a da., tn. John Kavanagh, esq., and a son and he 

Francis Mobbes, of Casllemorres, it. Catherine, di 
of sir William Evans, of Eilcreen, co. Eilkennv, )urt., (I 
da. of ool. Richard Costa, younger son of Cliarlea, 1m 
Montrsth,) and had iuae, 

1. HemvET, 1st viaoiunt. 

»4 A^ IJM. m., it, Vligt 
•■q., D* vbnin be hid bnie, 
1. SlrHimliick-Bviiii.l 

S^ Muy, «. C]a.rum BaylVj of Git 

„ Sli waUHR, m.. idlT. «l«T-Ju1lH«, 

Dpfwiwoad. (o. Kmunny, no., (snd n>-h. •■» wHIi ha sMir Mi 
flMNn^wUUimCiBdler, I>.£,ot lirRldiud Rrrehof Uf^ Ci 

3. Sir Wuhnn-BTiiiH-Rym, pmrnt lad,^' — 
3. RaVMORP, bibcr of Ibc ih •bmunl t-n 

Hebvev Morres, of Castlemurres. 





wM enawd baron Mmntmorra, of CutlennHm, 1756, uid ad- 
Tsnced to the dignity of rucouot Mouiiunonn 1763 ; ■>., Itl, 
1743, lidy Lrtiti> ParuoDb]r, dk. of Bnbaioa, far) of Ilesboroui^. 
by irbom he had luue, 
1. Heivct-Rednoitd, 2d rimxint. 

■BBHMi aDdBilLTi ltud4ll-WIUbini,iiurquaiof Aantuj madii. Iff)]. 

* "^ IK nr. Jnteph Piatt, of Ctinh Caule, CO. c»u. 

il III., itdly, Mary, 2d d& of Witlioni U'all. of Coil- 
aacky Cutle, do, Walerford, mq., (hy Maiy, d>. of Villtun 
nwFnby, viicount Dungsnnon,) and by her had, 

^ *. Fk^Kcii-HeavEr, 3d anil prewnt viioouni. 


It d. 1766, and wtt iun«eded by hii eldest wn, 
^HbbVBT-RednonD, 2d TJKtKint, and on the death of tlr 
dudtu Morrea, in France, 9tli ban., d. unn. in London 17 
* Aug. 17^1 after haring alienated the paternal otatea from the 
nnl ban male to hii lialen, and waa mcceeded by hia half- 

pBAHCii-HEBTEr, 3d aod preuat TTunuul, and lOlh ban. 
Hii lordihip, by royal licence, hat rtmimed the pritnitite family 
Vnoe of Aftmtmorcncf, 
^H Beir ^/iporFnt— Hkkvet, only ion of the riiconni. 
^^LCtwtfioH— Baronet, 28 March 1631 ; Banm, 27 April 1756 i 
^^HOaoouut Mountmorrei, 29 June 17G3. 

CO. Tyrone : Banm Hill, of (HderfleM, n>. Antrim ; barn 2 Oct. 
1763 t tucceeded hia grandfather, Artbur, the late rinount, 90 
Jan. 1771 : narrinJ, 3a July 1796, Charlolie Filiroy, eldeit lur. 
viring da. of Charles, Ul lord ^ouihimpion, (by Anne, n>.b. oF 
adnural sir Peter M'lrrni. K.B.,) and by her (who d. !2 Nov. 

1828) had iHUe, 1. ARTHl'n.HILL, .^LF. (or Hoinney, L 

9 Not. 17iia, n., 10 Kept. 1021, Sophia, da. of UeorRe* D'Arty- 

IrHne, CO, Fcrnuuiagh. cii). i- 3. CHaMLRi-Ueiiav, b- Svpt. 

> iSOl I d. IStiept. 11123. 

^^K. Am Maaaftssi^DoviiiBiaE. 

^■1 Hii lonlBlup'* rraiulfaihar, AaTiitia-Hii-i., I<i Tiwnini, wu 
^fn^ brother of Trevor, visoount UiUiboruugh, (areeatar of tha 
marqaeaa of Dovnitiire,] and gnudinn of It'iUiim Hill, who n., 
9dly, Mary, ddeat da. of tir Marciii Trevnr, liuruiit Ihingannoii ; 
•0 CTMted 1663, for bii (ignai galbinlry in wduiiding Oliver 
Cromwell at the battle of Maralon Moor. Succeeding, 1703, to 

ike eatalCB uf hit maleraal grandfather, tir Jolm Trcnir, of 

lit, tpeaker of the haute of ooiuinont in England, ■ 
aounUlioaer of the great teal : he aaiumed the na 



aiid ann. of Tbevor, and wai rrcated, 17»S6, riwount 
nan ; he m., Isi, Aniie, 3d da. of Josejih l>^ne, a 
baron of the exchequer in Ireland, but by her had do ■ 
isiue. He n., Sdly, 12 Jan. 1737, Anne. da. of Kdmui 
Cli Swfford, eni., and by her (vhn rf. 13 Jan. 170!)) h>4 

1. Aamuii. k « Dcr. Ij™, buli b>ir»» hb hihir tl Jum 1^". 
Kuulal-wlLlkiDii, liIiiun|ut*i<iF.\nlilin.iiiKl^ IIWII he hud. 
Abtbus. preseni vitantnc. 

a. /.Kg*. 6. 17^', 4. (11 lofwii. 

3. A>ni.i>.aiJiiniiI74I, •■■.eFcfa. llOg.GsfM. lUfwIotMoi 

4. PicDi^icii. b. 17 Mvch no: «., « Ml) 17U. Ctuata-Poo 

'^. J*irE. d. win. IT r^ 170). 

HU lardihip d. Fell. 1771. and whs succeeded by bi> gn 

Am-THtta. preMOl and 3d vinmuni. 

Heir Apparent — AXTHrn-HiLL, (he viscouni'i elds 

Crratiott-M Feb. 17«6. 
.(r"M-.S»Pl«lp81. QiutlerlJ, J<l«acH-' - — - 

SOUTHWELL, Bvon Suiilhwell, of Caalle Man 
Limerick, and a Baronel of IreLuid; bora 25 Feb. 17^ 
ceeded his rather, Thonuu-Artbur, the late vjicount, 
noe; married, 7 Alay 1799, Jane, 2d da. and oi>Ji. 
Berkeley, of Hindlip, co. Woirester, r*q., (by Jane, da. i 

air Wiliiam Coinpton, hart,.) uid hu iMue, 1. T 

Abthub, *. 22 Oct. 1801, d. tinm. 1830;— 2. SoP 
THAKivs, i. 9 Feb. 1B03; 3. LAD*A-MA>tA-HEt 


1806 ; — 6, CHARLES-HENRY -ROBERT, i. 2C No 

The ramily of Southwell it of great antiooily in tlie o 
NottinghaiD, where they were lordi of Soiithwdl till Itmj 
VI., and ofterwardi aettled in Norfolk and Suffollc 
Southwell, of Bartiam, co. SufioUi, otq., retnOTed to 
tone. Jamea I. Hi> graodion, sir Thomas, waa creMei 
of Ireland 1662, and wai father of 

Sir Thouas, 2d hart., created, 4 Sept. 1717, baroo Sa 
n. nieliara, etdeit da. of Thoma*, earl of Coaingtby, as 
4 Aug. 1730, wu (uoceeded by hli eldeat ion, 

Thomas, 2d b)rd, A. IW8, m., March 1719, Marv, el 
ef Thonint Cuke, of Melbvume, cu. Derby, eeq.. (ersndai 
John Coke, principal (pcretary of itaee tn king I'harlitt 
Mary Stanhope, da. uf Philip. 3d earl of Chestereeld. 1 
ahip d. 17 Au([. 17(W, and b-bs fucctnled by liin ion, 

Thomas-Oeoboe, 3d lord, b. 4 May 1721. uwued < 
SoulhvtU IS July 1770, m., Itl June 1741, Margaret, da. a 

1. TuOMks-AmTHt:] 

The vucount d. 30 Aof^. 1780, uid wu nuccfided by bit >on, 

THOMAa-AKTBirR, 3d nKount. b. 16 April IT^a, «., 7 Nor. 
1774> Sopbia-IllKria-JfMepha, 3d d*. or Fruidij»^h U'*Uh, 
oount of S&rrant, in Pnnce, and hkd iuuc by her, (who d. 6 Jan. 


u. «. IT Much 1771. '•vt' « tlw ntJnd Ih 
ofil Hmliisni, InEnpti K.C.H.iiul K.( 
■, I. D Fab. ITte. major In Uh (nni. naH 

t. HiUtaiKir. A. I Scp(. 177*. x^. 19 Dec i;»t, Jtnli:u-t>n.lon. 19 

The TiicnuDt d. 12 Feb. 1796, and wm lucowded by hia 
Thomas-Ahtiioxv. promt mid 3d vincount. and S(h 1 

rrntfion*— Baron M of trahnrt, ISCa ; Banui, 4 Kept. 1717 i 

ViMoont. July 177«. 

' — ' =— PlMtF M. Jirtfrvt, tltTH rJnqiHfdlli picm4 ciika» cbu|«d on 
rok IndLni jpHf ultuil uir^it- chArjrcd on Ihe bod]* *]lh Una* 

I. JOHN VE8EV, Vtscoi'Ki DE VE8CI, of Abbey Leix, 
Qiiem'i Cflunly, Baron Knapton, and a Baronet i>f Iraland ; teni 
lit Feb. 1771 : lueceeded his father, Thnmw. che late rucount, 
13 Oct. IB04 i married, 35 Au|{. 1000, Fraii(t«-I«titiB, Stb da. 

uf the late right hnn. William Broirnlow, and hu iMau, 

1. THOMAS, 4. ao Sept. l«03 ; 2. Willi.h-Joux, 4. 10 

Aug. 1806; 3. Catbarise, b. 11* June 1H02. 

WiLMAH VeiCv (3d aon of a family which had l>«ien tealeil 
for«amefniieratian« at Hititleaham, co. t-uffolk) Hilled in Ireland 
in ihc taga iif queen Eliiabelh, and left an only ton, TnoMAi. 
in hoi}' nrden, anshdeanin nf Armagh \Ki\ whu B'aA father uf 

JoH ». D.U., cnmiecraied bishop of Iiiiiierii-Ji 1073, Bud arch. 
Kiahnp uf Tnam lli7n. Hii)[rare va>thrceiimes oneof the lordg 
r Ireland, in 1713 and 1714. and d. 28 March I7IQ, 

iTJng, betides other itnue, two suus, Tiiohas, ancestor uf the 


prewnt vincniint ; and Ilentg, in hnty orders, father of b 
FiiTgemld anil Vesoy {ice thai Hilt). 

TaoMAS, eldnt hiii and heir of itie archbishop, ww a 
bart. 38 S«p[. I60B: he wu also in holy orders, and ooni 
buhop of Killatoe 1713, aod of Ouory 1714: i>LSIai7,d& 
of Deaey MuiduuDp, i^ Heriley, co. Surrey, c«q., and i, 
1730, lesying iMue by her (who d. 26 Feb. 1748) two di 
an only «m, 

John-DeneV, created, 10 April 1750, lord Knspion 
Alay 1732, EUubeth. eldest da. of U'iIUbq) Bnm-nluw, e 
' 'j Elizabeth Hamilluii, da. of Junea, 6th earl of Abi 

Thomas, Sd lord, who was created riicount dr Vaa, ol 
Lelx, S2 June 1770, m., 24 Sept. 17C9, Elizabeth-Sdini 
da. and cu-li. of the right hon. nir Arthur Brooke, ' 

t. JOHK, present \ 

Irooke, '— t i 

JOHM, preaetic and 2d viiuiuiirii De Ve*ci. 
Htir ApfMrent — TnoHAn, eldest son of the vismunl. 
Creatioiu -Banmet, 38 Sept. 1G98 ; Baron, 10 April 
Viuount, 37 Juno 1770. 


LIfford, ro. Donegal ; bom W An^. I7B3 ; oicceeded tdi 
Jamei, late vJMuunl, 16 ApHl 1830; momW, April 1809 
Anne, da. of Comwalliii, lit viicount Hnwarden, and hi 

beifdet I DOS and 3 Dab., who if. infanln, 1. JAME 

March IRU ; 3. Al.tctA-lAHE, A. 31 May 1813 

JOBH^AMKs,A. 17 April 181S; 4.Str«AK,A. IBApr 

0. ANHK-OEomoiAHA, h. 38 Feb. 1834. 


—m-Wmiiuni. vhod. fu Jutj IM. 
Abdc IB.. 17*7. aiuiq' CocHc. 

arm, amti^ Um iuitttotS^ ro^wtvt Klnii'a 

^Joiis. dHD of Cloym. d. 14 

, AchaDO Wmdpuk.m. 
. Chartn lUjrlrT. at KnavH 


t d. !8 April I7IU, wtirn he wiu Hineeded by hi> 

J&jiCA, 2d vijtcount, in holy ordera, de«n nf Amu^li, A. ^ 
On. 1750, «., l>t, 20 July l77B,Uenriviia-J<irti(h, Arthur 
Pomertiy, TiMouiit Hurbertuii, anil by lier (who •!. tS April 
1778) hid no iuue. The viimmnt m., adly, 23 Un-. I7BI, 
AlJcu, Bldat dk. uf Jalui Oliver, D.D.. dean of Ardagli, and 
had iBue, 

1. Jtrntit, preMni vucninl. 

TlU viMounc i. 13 April 1830, and w 

■ JaMKI, preieni and 3d viiioiunl. 
I Btir ^/ipamit— JaME«, tlie viHinxi 
' - - " ron. UJan. 1763; Vll 

■unweded by LJi dd • 

, "TSft-B^jl."!' 

Hon ofCutle War4, to. Dovne ; born 1790: succeoded hii 
ancle Nicholu, late viMounl, II Sept. 1B27: "arriprf, 1« Feb, 
1826. Harrietl-Ueiiri^'iina, 7th da. of the rer. Hetirv Mucwell.of 
Temple Michael, ui. Ihiwne, and niece of lord Fu-iihsni, anil hia 

iuue. 1. EDWARD, 4. 23 FeU. 1827: 3- Hbxbv. 

WilmamXkobbie. 6. 2« July 182«. 

The family of Muni it of Noni 


Capeschorn, TO. Chwter, which King, in h» Vale-Royal, oUi " > 
grest liirdnhip and demesne, Riving nania to tlie ■ncJ«nt tsil al 
the Wardi." BERNAitD Waid lettled in Irdand, lABO,whi»e 
*econd cod, Rotetl, was creautd a bart., but d. vitbout niT'lting 
iuue t and Beiiiiard, the elden vm, wu anceiUir of 

Michael Ward, member for Dowiubire. IJH, who tnc- 
ceeded to ihe family estate, and waa appointed one of the jn»- 
tlcea of the KinK'!< li«nch in Ireland ; m., I70», Anu-CathaiiiW, 
co-h. of James Hamiltim, of Bangor, ca. Doime, esq., (b; fioflua 
Mordauol, da. of John Mordaunt, vitcouut Araloa,) and bad 

ofCloiAnnhjr. I 

BEatiARD M'aud, eldest ion of Michael, t. Aug. 1719,we 
created baron Bangor, at Castle fi'ard, «i. Downe, S3 Haf IJTO, 
uid advanced to the djjinity of viacount BiBiffOr, 13 Jait. 1781; 
m., Dec 1747, Anne BliRh, do. of John, l«l ear] of DwrilrT, 
(widow of Rnliert-Hawkina Mafgill, of OilCord, to. Downe, o^. 
and mother iif Theodocia, oounleu of Ctaawilliam,) and bv her 
(who d. 7 Feh. 178») had iuue, 

1. Nicholas, late vixxiunt. 

a. jDHif. ^ uucn ijh. a loaeg. 

3, Edwabd, b. April I7U. m., lias, AnbdiA. yaunnw da. at WOlUn, lu 
tail at dandon, and d. 11113. hiving lud Iwue, 

- ■ ■. Aprtll7».ii.»™i. 

nBU*, A. I7ie, d. HUL 

3. EiiwAiiD-Soi:THWeLL, preaenl and 9d Tiaeouiil. 

4. JohB-PMty, ^irai. m., at Calcutu, I« Aug. in;, EImdo^ 

m. H., V Knt. list, JnbD BiTl«r. nq.. F.R. aad A.S.I 

'■--nl «., Mlj. Uo JTO?. LoulH. M da. and tn-K of di 
-' -lUbmk. n>. WIcUow, and b) h« (MwA I* iS 

ij IJSB, ta boir onlen, ™„ 31 Aug. IRM, li 
lalmt Phlllipi, of Lonrwurth, m. Hnvln 

(^ Mar iTin. 

Tbe vilcDUnt d, 31 May 1781, and wm lucceeded by hi* son, 

Nicholas, 2d viicount, b. 17G0, d. umn., 11 Sept. 1837, ^ai 
wai mcf«eded by hi« nephew, 

EDWAao-SovrawELL. preaent and 3d viicoiuit. 

Htir.Apparent — Edwahd, hia lordahip't eldest ion. 

Cnufiinu— Baron, 30 Mav 1770; ViacuuDt, 13 Jan. 1781. 

J E_ Di..^ B4. QiuuiwJj, lit mil Mh. Aiute, • — ~- 

GuIh, thno dnqoafoUB vgBTit "~ 

WILLIAM LAMB, Vibcouht MELBOURNE, l-onl Mel. 
bourne. Baron of Kilmore, go. Cavan, in tlie Peerage o£ Ireland, 
and Baron Melboubke, of Melbourne, o). Derliy, in that of 
ihe United Kingdom, and a Baronel ; Secretary of SUle for tlie 
Himie Department : bom Id March 177SI ; succeeded his father, 
Petiiiton, IflC Tiscount, 22 July 1828; mamrf, 3 June IBOO.lndy 
Csrnline Ponsonby, only da. of Frederick, 3d earl of BeslmnmKh. 
(I.y HenrieCta.France«, 3d da. of John, let earl SpmoBr.) and by 

her (whorf. 25 Jan, IHSB) had i»ue, OEORGK.Al'(H;BTlIS. 

FREDERICK, b, 11 Aug. II107, to whom king George IV. 
stood iponKtr. 

17-'<4, . 

phenn, B.iliertLan.,., . , . 

and lir Matthew, 1« hart,, and hia nieee, Eliiabeth, ». Iba n-i. 
Henry Middleditch. 

Sir Matthew Lamb, of Brocket Hall, co. HBri«. 1st Uii., 
repnsente.1 the city of Peterborou||-h in thrw y -•■ •-'-•• 

pointed one i.f his majesty-* counal {aTJ.\if ' 

plantations and ouatoa rotulonim of the ulwn 

crusted a b^U of Great Bcitaio, 17 Jan. 17^'. - 

da. of the right bon. Tlwina. Coko. "I M. 1 - 

teller of the exchequer and vice.<Ji«..l«UH> u.^"".. Au^, ^ 

sister and solo h. of George-l^wa U*-, ot Utimiutmum^, M« 

1.'™Pb»i»tO». Istvisocnt. 


A. A.-tHB, !»., l»JulvI74J, ilr Ccotg* WcBitn)^, 

Sir SIftttbew d. 6 Not. 17C8, and Kit *ucc£«iled ^y bii gnl]' 

Sir PemsTOK Lamb, lat vi««nint MeUxninie, rtpr en nwi 
the borough of Mulmesbury in parnameiit, appointed j{«Dilenj«ii 
of the bedchimber to George, prince of Wftle*. adwuml to tht 
dignilf of lord Meibvurat, Inron of Rilmare, 8 June tTJO. nL 1 
count Htfltoume, 11 Jan. IJSl, and a peer of the United — 

April 176!l, £liiabedi, only^ da. of air Ralph Milbanke, of Hd 

by, 00. York, bart., and bv her (vha rf. 6 Annl 1816) had turn 

1. Pknutox, t. 3 «ty im. H-P- f« to. Hatt, A. hmk. M Au. I«M. ' 

8. Wll.t.iAK, preunt viiooiuit. i 

iln»- imtauukH u Munich uhI Unliid, 1. 1; April ifis. 

or Dungin'on. Ii. 11 July in', ■•', 17 M>T 

morceded hf hia tUiA 

taolieUe CMOline-Ad 

n. EHiLr-MjHv, ».lt AprU i;sj, m., xi 

& t9UKi>n.AiiiE. b. 17 Jul; naa. & 9 
The rtKounc d. 23 July 1828, and v 

WiLLiAH, present and 2d viitoun. 

Heir Apparent — Tbe turn. Geoegs-AuquiTIIB-FkcoxiIK 
Lamb, only »on of the viscount. '1 

Creafiirru— Baronet of England, 17 Jan. 17&5 t LaH JME 
baume. Baron of Kilniore, co. Carao, 8 June 1770; VuoM 
Melboame, of Kilmore, U Jan. 17B1 ; Jtarou Jttelbounia, 3 

18 July II 

). Derby, ia the Peerage of tlie United 

nt (ulo, hoMlng Id I 

j^— cwiiww! 

Is, hoMlng Id tab iwvi 

DEN, Lord Clifden, Darun of Oowran, oi. Kilkenny, iW^ 
Peerage of Ireland, and lord Mekdip, Baron Mendip, Inlj 
CO. fiomertet, in that of Great Britain, Clerk of the Privy C ~ 
eil, in Ireland, and Reoirder of Cmrran, F.S.A. ; fom tS . 
1761 ; ntnmwded Lis father, Janiw,tUe laic vUcount, 1 Jub l4 
and liin Rreat-unde, Welhore, lord Mendip, in the En^iili f 
rony, 3 Peli. 1S02 ( married, 10 March 1792, Caroline Sp«r 
eldest dn. of George, 3d duke of Marlborough, K.Q., (bt C 
line Ruuell, only da. of John, 4th duke of Bedford,) and b« 

(vrho <j. iU Nov. 1813) had iuue, 1. CAaoLiNE-Aitiia.l 

Oct. 179^, ''■ 12 May 1814 , a. GEOBGKJAMBS-WH 

UORE. L 14 Jan. 1797, U.P. for Okchampton, F.R.S., FA4 
m., 7 March 1822, Gwrgiaua Howard, 2d da. of George, fltk ■ 

irf CBriiria, (by Onifttou, eMat ila. of Willirun, 6ih dulitf at 
Drvonihire.} Uid hu iuur, I . //niTy, «. 25 yeb. 182Di 3, £«ciil, 
4. 9 Jan. tB27 J 3. Car/)Rnt-Aiiiu-HaTTittt, b. 12 March 1838 ( 
4. <Ca>p<^if-G«of^-Fr«d«Hcik, L i May 1839- 

IIU Iiirdi|]ii|i'* psinoaL uioutan originally came fnioi Frane*. 

CuAat-ti AoAK, ot Yorlubire, cm)., n. Kllii, diu of P«i«r 
BLtnchevillr, eiu|., of tha to. Kilkenny, wtlled at (Jnirrui, ok 
JvOkeiHiy.uidiJ. tkeni Ul'«b. JU06. Ilii xin, 

JaKU Aoak. of Uuvna CasUd, nq., (maiuber fur rnanf 
ytatt of the Iriih pvliamenl for ibe baroii^li of Lviciiiin, tfid 
tabMqaendy for Out of Govnui.) d. 30 Hov. l;a.1, fuviu <■<., 
Ut, 10 Jul iOIH, SiUHuia, da. of Joha AlexaD.ler, (h|., wlia 4. 
vilboal iwu» i and. Silly, Alary, eldnt da. of lir Uaiirv Werajm, 
Ol Damnfar«, km., and by her (who d. IB April 1771,'agea IW) 

^. HESBT.liiiheir. 

FJawm,M.,«Jii)t lT4t, Rcbemi, (nlTdi-Dr wmiui.bM Cm(I> Du- 
■BdtlMMdt Hary, 'iKiKiDi AiJhiRODk, iL tTW. laivui ■■■». 
I. Csnti, 6. 18 Xprn I7M, emu*,<l3untnaa. lm«cSlhm, i»» dwM, 

1. Eu.14 croudoiaum of Bd 
rrtufli. >l*( lor4 AthflVTi ud J- ■ 

> right. 1 \Hi. i;n, H., 

?;£i?-,i' SSI'S 

'. m-. 1« of 

Hexst AdaB, wtn and h. of Jbidm, ut in 
whif^ amtnnbtdd at the anenion of Oeiyrge II., I797i foe tha 
Lorough of Gowran ; n., 30 May 1733, Aune Kllh. odIt da. of 
Wdbon EDI*, Inibop uf Mesch, and >i>ter of Weilnre ElIU, li 
lord Mmdip, in EnJEtlaud *, d. 19 Nov. I746, banng iaue t 

1. James, lit TimuDt Clifdeu. 

a. WiLaoBB-ELLjt. b- 173^ anF of hti m^joty'i fomminbinna of the n 
locu. vhl ^trputyiDMfta-m^itt-gtrKnJol EngtMDii; iit.,«1 Oct. 17ffi.Oatru 

CUfdMi, ' 

Dpwucllor in IrelaDd, voe ni 
IIWWii, uid |MKniiailer.geiiaral in tlial kin^.>iu ; A. 3,. Hutt 
XJM. Previous la hii dmaiiiin Vi tlie pucrmge, be rqiisaiMri 
tit maaj jean ilie ttnmij of KiikoUDy In porbsntBii. H» a. 
40 Jbnh I7M, iniia, ddni dn. »f John MatUu, <■!.. 
vMbw of dielwn. Henn-Bovlc Wi<tsiru()i^, 2d mhi (rf El« 
■ul of Siuiiian, ui4 W Umc by Iiit, (n-ho il. 'M Jvly 1809 
1. HESTK-T-WELIOmE, frvKoi viwuiint. 

ThcTisEauotd.] Ju. ITft9,Mid wuiucoeeded bjhlteldnii 
HEsmv-WcLlOKC, praent and 3d viicount. 
Bttr Afpanmt — Tbc hon. (lEomae 'Jahe« -lA'ei.Ni 

AftAK~£i.Lia, die riionuit's o^v too. 

Crratiaiu— Buva, 2? July I7|G : VUcounl, 10 Jhc, U 
: Bum Srnidiu. in Ibigluid, IS Aug. I7»l. 

Unnorule ; bam 9 M«y 1786; Oojemor, or.. Cork; w 
hii tkiher, H>ya, iJih 1»" riwount, U N..». I8!0 : marTH^^ 
June 181C. hij l«l ooiiiio, Clurlolte.Enh«r. 8d da. oT F™.-* 
wirl of Bandou, by C«luirin«-tl«i"«'*< iwihr dd. of Rid 
BuvIb. 2d coH of Slinnuoo, lud Las a «in and hair, H^vt^ 
1 (W ISIU. 

Tt«« i. a tradiiion In iKi* noUe fimily. tliat lir Roikbt . 

l.««s«, hnt.. «h.. ^ prr-ait i" !«« « >he l*"l« °f ""»" 

Hunnad th« lijoflueror willi lil> hwid, wbuo iiuJnJng tlia ■ 

Tvrj. i„ SuMwc **■■" H"'wl wa» nf au »iicienc houae is N 

^. ^ ,,tU»d al l.'li»ml>c. CO. Kent, when- hh dncouda 

vprt of grf*t etnlnenrc, uiendMl Rlrhtnl I. tO ike il>p of 
Acre, in tba Bal^ l^nd, (u appoin fnini ui liucriptliM on the 
coffin of Ralph dt St. Lceer, in the riinnh nt llcniube,) knd In. 
tenciarrled with the ray^ ttaiUy in the p*noo of *ir Thiion* 8t. 
Lcger. kni-, who ■>. Anna of Vorh, dnchMs of KKMv, tlM«r otf 
king EdKird IV., and eldcal d*. of R<diar4 PUnllSvnet, Avikr 
of York, 

Sir AKTHOiir St. t«^, of LHaombK, Kmd nnd«r ihrae 
of Ireland, uid vu erewad 

by Henry VIIl. K.O., for hii eminaiit •■nrioei dnring hli «• 
vemmeni in treUiid, where hii denwndcnu HlUed. He Wt 
uuici lir Wakhau si. Lfffttt hird pmiilenl of MunMcr. who 
m. Vnahi, da. of tieor^jr Nevill, inrd Abnvavenny, [by 1*dy 
Mary, da. of fidwud iiinffard, duke of BuJiinghafn,) aud wat 

Akthi'K St. Leger, of Doneratle, in Irriand, and of Egfci- 
ford. Oh Devon, who waa created by Qiieen Annri IT^S. htava 
of KSamiaw. and TJMxaint Donerafle. Hw Inrdahlp M,, M Jan. 
1690, Elizabeth, bnreai of Juhn Uayea, eu]., of WtnohlU«m co. 
fusei, M.P. for that port, and niece of lir Janwa Hayta^ of 
Bedgebury. co. Kent, aiut had iisne, 

Aktbh*. 8d riicount, h., June 17)7r Mw. only da. nf 
Chartea, lord Hohim. who wm killed in a dtiel with ihe duke uf 
Hamilton, and had iuue, 

AaTiiiB-MoHrji, M viMonnt, 6. 7 Aug. 17IB1 frrti In 
the EOf^ah parliament for M'indiitiea, and wu aimiiinted, \^^^, 
a lord of [he l>«lchBnibeT to Frederick, prince of Walea i m., l)t, 
3 April 173n, Mary, helre» of Anthony Shepherd, of NewfMlTr. 
CD. Longfnnl, esq.; and, 2d1y, 3 Jan. 1739, Catharine Skeffisg- 
Wn, eliUat da. of viicouiit MaMBrane, but H. without iwne, at 
Liibon, Aug. I741t, when the title devolved to hii nnde. Hates, 
4ih viuoont, n., 1 72S, Eliaabaih, eldmt da. and co-h. (rf' Jowph 
Deane, lord chief baron of the exchequer, and d. without liane, 
25 April 1707, when the titlea bocame extinct. The MtalM de- 
Kended 10 the iuue of the Tiicount'i nMer, the hnn. EUeabctli 
St. I>^r, who m. RJdiard Aldworth, of Newmarket, co. Cork, 
eaq., gnndion of sir Richard Aldworth, prarmt-manhal and 
rice^preiidenl of Munsler, deacxoded from the andeni family of 
Aldworth, of Stanlakei, co. Berki, and had iuue, 

St. Leoei Alswoh-tb, who racceeded to the exatn of his 
II r fir, the 4th vEacuiinl Doneraile, and look the (urname of 8t. 
IiEeCH. He waa created barun Drnterailii, 177')< and, I7HA, ad- 
vanced to the di^ty of i-iscmint Donernilt, Hla lordiblp n. 
Mary, eldeat da. of Redmond Barry, of Ballyclogh, Co. Cork, 
(•q., deicended fmm a branch of ihe earli of Barrjinore, and had 
isme by her (who d. 3 March I77B.) 
I. H^m, Sd riscount. 

E. RtcBAnD. h, 11 Juli 17SI. •■,. 9<> July 1TT9. Anw. ildcit cU. at OiarlN 
BUkncT. nf HolTwell, ca. Rncnniman. f^.. ud by h« (who *. IP Jl^T 

1. Muiune. A. 17 Sept. ITBD. m„ 10 Fllb. Iliq. th* hnn, and kt, TA- 
ward Tarlouf , brodwr of Tmnnp, aurriuiiB of If eadrbrt. 

^BKk. 'l»I.,' cod W Mn, 

3. HHlriMtm-Fymnfc b. 


The hon. Rkbud SL L^tr ».. UlT, t Oct. IS 
». jotiB-GiSJIn. k 19 July I'aii. 

0. ChulMU-HcnriclU, 0. n Jul IHI3. 

i« - — ■'■■ 

iiu WiiUuru, 


4< Cbute*>Arcbw, 

T- H°«iiJi™rKrf U FcUlIM. 1^ 111, John CodHlL SMI.: » 

R. MAiv>,>KJatui Waiklu.cfCHdaiuii.BKCa 
111. Loviu-ATum, A.Si>Oct t77l>LifiJul!laol,riua>-Siipn 
MD, dT Ponl, CO. Suliip. aq. 

It. CAUi.isiUlMiiAiiiHU.aTiTiii, b. 1773. M., K Wr Mft 

'^. Cu^ikumK-TiiuiHwii. i!?'m'uS'i77J. i^. n Oet. IJBBi 
ToHd, lonl Rliendiiln 

Iloiub n^lhj'c'klfW' ^f- tat'air^i MmIw, .l 19 Mi; laiR. 
The riBconiit A 16 Mny 1787, "ni "m BQCowded 

HnVEs', Kd Tiwunnt, «. S Mnrch 17SS, m., 3 Noi 
Charlrnte, 4th ds. iif Jamei Ileniard, of Tastlc Brmai 
and itiiter or Frandu, l>c ewl of Bindon, ond had tsniir, 

1. Hates, present viimnni. 

X. JikHui 3.SniiH. tmh ii. •ounf. 

i. CuAUATTi. t. Ill Fd). ITtll. o.TdJuli ll)l<!, loom SuocU. e 

o! Makai^, ^ id Mirdi 17%. ••.> 31 Oct. IIBl, Hkhud Smrik, 
Tli'e viHuimt d-Biiov. ISIO, and wu tuocMdad by ] 

Uatt-s, prcKotuid 3d viicounc 

Heir rrftumptivt—The hon. Haves St. Lecea, wii 

~ laKota — Bitraa, I77B ; and VUoount, 17flS. 


THOMAS KNOX, Vtorocw-r NORTaLAXD, B«ron 
Wella, of Dunguiiion. c». Tvrane, In ibe Vrengt uf Ireluiil, 
taxi Baron RMnfiirly, of Runpliarilii, CD. Rmfinr, in thii PrrTtge 
ill Hut United Kingdom ; a TniiUc of tie Linen aiBniifinniuie ■ 
bom & Aug. ITft-l : sucmeded hii fallier, Thuma*, tha late lia- 
(Dunt, in hii Irisb titin, 5 Ufc IRIH, and crcaieil Snnni Han- 
furlv. 1886 : married, 2 Juue 1705, DinnoJaiic, eldot da. and 

co-h'. of Edmund, riwount Per;, and ha* iuue, 1. TIIO- 

MAA, b, IK April 1TS6. M.P. for Dunnnnon, n., 38 Feb. IUI5, 
Slarf-Juliana, do. of [be right lum. William Stuan, archhiihop 
of Arm^, and has iwue, 1. Thomat, A. 13 Nov. 1810; % 
Marf-Sttutrl, b. 31 July 1818; 3. Louiia-jHtiaKa, h. Feb. 
1820; 4. ElitaUlh-IIenTiella, b. t, April 1823; 6. JuHaita- 
Franret-CaToHne, t. 18 Feb. 1836; 6. ft'\iiiam-S(uarl, 6. II 
Marcb 1026: — 3. Eduithd^extov-Peit, opt. R.N., M., 
3 July 1813, miu Hope, Bitter of Janiea Hope, of Crusie lUII, 
Wut Lotbian, N-B., eaq., and haa iuue, 1. r^MiuM-fi/nunil, 

b. 16 Marcb 1S20 ; 3. Saphia-Franeet, 6. S April 1833; 

3. JoBv-HexKV, M.P. for Neinr, b. 28 July 17M : «^ 3 
Feb. 1B23, lady .Mabella. JrMepbine Needhun, da. uf the earl of 

b. B May 1835 ; 4. StHiia-HarrifM. b. 10 April, d. Nov. IKS? ; 

*. James, ft. 3 April 1;M. m., 23 Sept. 1824, M»ry. 

Loaiaa, eld«t da. of Edward Tsyler, of Uifnni, to. Kent, ctq., 

and baiixue, fni^y-LouiiDift. 2U JunelHIS; 6. WiLLlAM- 

" i,b. and d. 1704 ; 6. FbavcCI. 

Thit noble family onumed their name from the eatale of Knai, 
in the lATony of Renfrev. in Scotland, u-here ihey vere an* 
denlly teaied. Thomas Khok. m. Mary, da. of Rubwt Brii-e. 
of Kilroot, CO. Antrim, ew|., and had isaue 2 da*. ; I. Mary, «. 
the right hon. OlivBr St. George i 2. Annt, M. Ctuirlet EclJiD. 
«i. IK»m, e»|. He berame iKiueued of the prwent family 
estsle, CO. Tyrone, 16»2; in which year he waa r«nim*d for 
Newton ; and upon the diHolutiiin, whirh toidi place in 1009, 
he sat for Dunganmm, whjrii Ixiruugh lis continued to repreunt 
tilt hia death, which happened 1728. He waa, upon the aoMa- 
tiaa of the preaent royal fntoily, to whnte intenat Im wai gnatly 
attached, made a privy nmnwllor, and declined the hououi' of 
the peerage, baring no male iiaue. JaitH, hfi brother, m. Ell. 
labeth, only da. and h. of Hugh Keith. n>. Down, Saq., who 
descended from Keith, earl mariichal In the Pt«rage of SoMland. 
Ue d. 1733, lesring itnue aereral da*, and a ton, 

Thdnai, father of the Ut TJKOunt Northland, ludwedcd to 
the family estate on the death* of hi* couiiii*, mr*. Kt. Georse 

s M.P. I 

from 1783 lit! 




I. MHsan. 4. W iScah 
•. Hno. V M tM. BE, <. 

M- mm^w Mk oak d. I 

bwoa (rtdM, IS Jm. 

d^ Hi»aiM. dk. af JasM, mH «r Abcnvrn,) mmi hy htt 
(«fa» A II On. IMS) b« >n^ 

■ T. ■*» Til i^HMd br Ihe Jiitj at Vat 


A a- J^ i I ■ tan. a«_Ldl|B(tT •^^"^■>*' 

*»rtirt WlDB. tan. 

U. C^>« llM I.'*, a A— fl MW. 
a. ttifthLntabi a. Ilitai II ihfcliTi 

«d <. JvSMLfeltaS. IMMwR'hntaf tad iMC trr h<r, l^n A I Mm 

!*• «. Mr. N«(- uet HnM^ r 

a^^auuik li tatf artel. bA* 


7- ■&■»■, ta tal* nrteK d«B of Dm, i^. *" Fi*t. tm. Ciuriwi 
■taw BTifcTtaw «■*■!!.)< RMfcrt H>U. u I-awwWT, tan., nd In 

I. BtemO-IHkTBpl*, k tWI. k, IIM, nta )- 



S. Jwe-Diua^mic. n« Scpl. IW. nr, Johti-Thoinu O'MdlL 

The TJHOunt d. 6 Dec 1818, and wu iuccc«ded by his elilHt 

Thomas, present Mid 2d visteninl. 

Heir Apparent — The hon. Thomas Kvoi, the viscoum"! 
eldett Mn. 

CrtatioM — Baron lA'ellM, 16 Jon. 1781 ; Visroanc Nortb'uia, 
a July 1791 (IrUh titles) ; ntid Baron Riuifurlte, In Che Ptengo 
of the UniMi KingdolD, 1~*" 
oulur, and rnnilsl v Ih 

ARTHUR-JAMES POMEHOY, Vkcol-mt and Babov 
HARDEKTON, nf CBrheiy, cu. RiMm; bora 19 Dec. IT.'iflt 
•iuccwifed hii brother, Henry, the late viicmint, 29 Not. IfiSO i 
married, Oct. 1800, - — — -, dL of Thomas Kinidey, e«|. 

The family or i'oiMr>iy i< of Nonoan uHgia. Ralph de Pn. 
meroy had a gram from the Conqueror of Bfty-«ght lordnhipi in 
Deron, and othen in Somerset. His descendants nere tunu 
mnned to parliaRient as barons, and were posseued, for ceniuriei, 
of Berry Pomerny, CO. Deron. A brani-ii of thii family sat leateS 
at EagaAon, CD. Devon, and aftervards letcled in Ireland. 

Abthdi Pomerot, b. 1633, irlio took the deme of A..M. 
at Cambridce in 1064, entered into hilly orderi, and A ieua of 
Cork, m. lUizabetb, sister of iir John Otborne, ban-, and bad 
issue. 1. Joatsi 3. tUchant, d. ; 3. ElUaUlh, it. ; 4. Jlfary, m. 
RirJiard, eldest ion of sir Ricberd Col, burt., lord duincelltir of 

JoBft, the eldni son, m., 1710, Elizabeth, do. of Edmund Ik. 
nnllan, esq,, and had issue, 1. Abtbuh ; 2. Johtt, a lieut.-gen. 
in the armv, and ail. Cith regiment of foot, and sworn of the 
privy TOUnal, 1777, d. 10 June 1790- 

Arthcb PoueroT was created lord HaTberUm., Of Cartxry, 
10 Sept. 17113, and Tiseount Uiahertan, Q July I7Sli «., 34 
Oct. 17J7, ibe da. and coJi. of Jlenry CoHey, of Castle Carherj', 
esq., hrotber of the lit lord Momiiigcon, (b^ Mary Uamfltoii, 
da. of Jamei, 6lli eoil of ALerconi,) and by her («hi> d. 1 Aprit 
1794)had iwue, 

1. Hesmv, adviscoont, 

3. AaTHVH-JAMEs, 3d viwount. 

' holyordn,!. i!iD«.17M.iit., Hata.cHeida. 
nr. aq-, snahs* Ihw. 


kU LTBAj d- youjig. 

3. WiU-lAH. 6. »! Ii€pc I 

4. Jahii. 6.»M.n*^T»7- 

6. Thomas. 1m viscuiint Northland. 

7. «»ao«ii*, k. 10 Feb. 173«. d- 
«. II uLUi, b. in Fiti. in». 4. 

9. DdUTHT.MT April i;w.A 

10, JDHH,MVF*tk)7«u.<'-i li>vhig>H. Unc mil te. at Marr^fM^ 

erwacrlaprind, CO. Dawn.nq., and losoint iwix i>a lani. 

1! Thamu. ■ llnt.-«l. In UwniudJi ■■■ mki WIUui*, 4a. at Tka^ 
WiUiont, or CrcU Uutow, en. Budu. aq., Hid hu Ihie. 
Tbouas, ItC risonjnt. wtu creMed baron WtUa, IC Jao. 
1781, aad vitoouat NarlhiattA, 5 July 1791 1 h- 29 AanI IJS, 
n., S5 Aug. 1753, Aane-Vewy. ad da. oT John, lord Enuw, 
(liy ElUabetli, tddest da. nf M'illiam Brovnloir, ea^^ b; Slin> 
teth Hamiluin, da. or Jamtja, earl of Aberoom,) aitd by lur 
(who i. 21 Occ 1803] hod iaiiue, 
1. THOuas. present viicount. 

PB«I OMma, aid d. TfMi. m>, kwbw ud iwa- 

■ .n. ™.. — ».b.«lla»im 

>, la Inlr oidan. 1. 1 Im. IMH. 

I, H. thim. nUaiA-Nvnnl Horns. 

9, nhiM MSTblB^.Oct 

"Vr ajtoitSSeih, «.. 8 Ang. ISlli, mUlMm Ponionl^. c■^ 

11. rbartB-HenrT. b. 11 AptU liMI. 
11. EniSj-Lai-lDlii 1^ H^m.AdElBiilb 
i Rtahl hoH. Gaomn, P.CL., rt. In. n Jn. lau, Adm. M da. <rf * 

and In bvi^ 4. KlJan.' IHIK) had no 1 

& CBAaiu, 1b h^ ardm, udidra 

•ub. da. of Robm Bm. Uu M.P. (Or 

■*!■■ "^ *:S«Jjo. ItBB. bavliic had ku 

». noi»n-£^t ; 3.' in«iiMi t. o 

T- Edmdbd, Ib hoh onlm, diao oi 
■Mr of iti ThonuH tbktUi, of Ruifbi 


Thomas, presant and 2d risoount. 

Har Apparent — The hoD. TaOMAS Kxoi, ibr vliroui 
rldett mn. 

CrraAow— BaroD Welln, 16 Jmn. 1781 ; ViKouni 
5 Julv I7III (Iritfa liilM) : and Btitm Ruirurllp, In 
oTUie Uniud Kingdom. IS36. 

1 Nonbbuxi, 
lh(> TMngB 

ABTHl'Jl-JAMES POMEBOY. V.bcoi «t .nd Damit 
UARBERTON, of Cubery, cy>. Kildarr; 6om lU Dec. 1798; 
•oRvnlKl hit liruther, Henry, the Uce i-(*count, 311 Nor. IIUO ; 
marrieJ, Ort. 1800, , da. otTltomat Kiniley, Mq. 

The tunily oC Pemrrn^ is uf Xornuii oripo. lUJph d« Pn. 
mcnij' had a gmit fram Ih* Conquiiror uf fiftjF^ight lurdihipi iii 
Devon, and oiben in Smtrrmt, Hii detcenduu wera siuii- 
nmned to pkrliament W barons, and were poueued, fur eenluHeik 
of B*ny Pomeror, o. Deron. A branch cif thi» family «M imied 
at EngndoiL, tn. Dvrnn, and aftercrardi ifttled in trcLuul. 

AKTUca PoKtBOV, ft. less, who tank the dCCTec of A.M. 
ai Cunbridee In 1664, mlered iotn hnly orden, and if. detu iif 
Cork, n. Efitabelh, sister of sir John Oihonie, hart., and but 
ioue, I. JouH i 3. Richanl, d. ; 3. EH*abflh, iL ; t. Mm, m. 
Rirhard, eldest son of sir Rjdiard Co>. ban-, turd chBiicellnr uf 

JoHn, the elden son, m., 1716, Elizabeth, da. of Edmund Or-> 
Qi^an, enq,, and had iutie, 1. Aaiaum ; 2. John, a timit-^ietl. 
in the army, and ol. 64Ib rvf^meiit of (iiot, and iiwom of iha 
priry ttnincn, 1777, >'. tO Jane 17!)0. 

Abtuur PoNEROV n-Bi Created lord /fdrWdnt. nf CiirbrrTi 
30 Sept. 1783, and vjwaimt llarberlm, S July ijoii m., it 
Oct. 1747, the da. and co Ji. of llenry Coney, of C'aslle CarbiTy, 
e«|., brothar of the lit lord Momlnpon, (by Mary llanillluii, 
da. of James, 6ih earl of Abercorn,) and by her {•ho 4. 7 Aiirii 
17»4) had isauc, 
J.HB1 ■ ■ 

— -■. ta tuAj orlv*, b. 

I. Jd^. a.' ns^. ITS 

t. Arthur, h ■;««. m. Fi 

I, 3d viieouBt. 

9, eilubetll, td da, ol 

(vho d. 22 Jan. I 

The vlsomint d. without lun-iviiig iuue, 29 No*. 1 829, and 
tucceedad by hji tiext brother, 

ABTRUK-JAUia, preaoQt and 3d vicmnnt. 

Heir Pmumptive — The hoa. and rev. Jouh Pomeroy, 
lardohip's brother. 

Cr«afj«fu— Baron, loOct. 1783i Viwimnt, 1791. 

------- id« Mgndlod BiWi. . llpo no 

m Huln. luiidUig in ihr 4c 

Hnwardm, on. Tipperaiy, Baron de Montnll, and a BanmM 9C 
Irelaod ; bom 28 March ITSO ; auccwded hia brother, ThooMt 
Ha1pb, the Ute viwounc, 24i Feb. IBO?; nurrial, 8 July 1811, 
Jaue, ynungesi da. of Patrick.Craufurd Bruo!, of Glenedg, 

of Taplow liodge, Co. Buck*, eaq., and has Juua, 1. a 

i. Nr>v. 1812; 2. IsAbELLA, b. I Dec. IS13 ; 3. COBH^ 

WALLIS, b. 4 April IBI7. 


nlniiogiie 1030 ; his ton, Abtovi 
MP. rAr Konctopher, 1692, and Caihell, 1605 ; and tua xn, 
ROHEBT Maude, wna cmtcd a bart. 170Si and, I7IB, ! 
EllEabeCb, da. and h. orFrancn Comwidlii, of Acton, OA. Sfl 
dIeieK, and of Abbermarles, <o. Carmnnhen, eiq., and d, t Af 
17&0« leaving iatme, 

I. Sir Thi 

3. CoiiHirALl.:B, 3d barL and lit Ti'sanitit. 

.1. Ehhj. n^, 33 Ocl. I»l. Ill Chulnon LclKtlRHl, ol 

4. Ai.rcK.k. 17M, iL suphcnHoan, oq,. Ko of Thoniu Moon, of MM 
Ud, as. Tlppcnrr. nq. 1 

Sir TuoxAS, 2d bare, wni createil, 18 July I778, banm I 
Slontalc, and dyins tinm., 17 March 1777, tbe title of bareak 
cune extinct, but tnal of barouet devolved upon hii brgtlief^ v 

ConK«ALi.i9 MArUE, l>t rlieoitnt, vu, 30 Jom lTa\ 
created huvn de Moitta.ll, of Hawvdcn. to. Tippenr}', and mn 
furUier aAwmavtA to the difcnlly of Tlicount Batoar^n, of Ba< 
trarden, £1 Dec ITOSi *• 1730. •"-, l>t. C Aiu. 17M, laOtlk, 
da. nT Thomaa VeiTtoii, of Uantmiy Hall, co. WoroeiUr, oq., 
aad L^ her (who d. l;S7) had, _ ^ ^, ^ , ^ ^_ 


i^i m., 2dlv. 10 June I7M. M«fT 

nifoe of lUluli 

ADen, of 
1775) had 

Prior Park 


3d vUcoiml. 

by l>«r C*h« rf- 

4. SOFu'll 

.O' Northampton, n , ^ _ . 

The viHuiuil in., 3dly, June 1777, Anne-Eliuheth, i 
Charla Stanley, rUctmnt Mouck, and had iuue, 

€. Co mN WALL IS, pment viicount. 

lan. >'>■ afthihiiiLFTtii^t^ld1»niu|hl>iltil(, andhutaui »ta 

bill, *. Wardi ia~ 

'tItobdiL fViDilt-Aldbonmih 1- 

ai, fr. S No>. im. e^I. a-N., • 
MarrlilMoporCailiclI, and hi 

•. Mhlcy. will loi, 1- 

$9t ITta, In holT onlRi. m., » Di 

JuH mv, lord itobm-Pi 

Hii Iwdahip d. 33 Aug. 1803, and waa lucrenlrd liy hi* ten, 

TaoitAii.RAt.rH, 3d rlioniDi, b. lu April 1767, »., 14 Dm. 
1708, FrancM-Anne Agar, only da. of (.'hnrhM, Ut rarl of N«r- 
maiiMin, lord nrcliluliiip of DuLilin, and primate of lielanil, /t. 
vitknut luue, 36 Feb. 1907, and was nicteeded by hii half, 

Heir Ai»parenl — The vitruunt'i son. 

Creotiotu— Banniet of Ifehind, I70S; BWD, 39 Jun« 1700 ; 
Viwouot, £1 D(b 17!I3. 

awToifi'iiuia. ™ ' "" *"°" "' * 

barauiltfuka. holdiii«r in «om or illnvd tbtI. 

Inn (UW. riurgnl on tht iTuHiMn nFthacmt CMrta 

HARD, Bamu Oriel, of Odloa, oo. Louth, in tba P*««gi «r 
Inlaad, Bnd Baroii Obiel, of Fen«rd, la UiM of dia UnMl 
Eiogdoni ; nioccedid hit niMba-, Slarnretta, late viwiniitEMii 
in the Irish [itt», SO Jan. IR34, and hii fatlier, in tlia tiaiiaT 
of Oriel, of Femrd, l<f Aug. IBM. Hi> lonbhip [ook (lie mz- 
Dime mod arms of SKEi-riNGTON only, 1817; t^rritd, SO Hat. 
1810, Harriet Skeffinpon, r" " " ' 

., oo- Rildare, {gnudaon irf 

Oriel, and tImdiUiI^ 

niiRQABETTA, eldeit da., was Created Woneu Oriel, oTOi- 
Ion, CD. Umth, S June 1790, and advanced, 7 Nor. 1797, to tie 
dignity of viHWunlm Ferrvrd, vith remainder lo the bnie mak 
of her body by the right hon. John Fo«er, who, |J July I8S1, 
n-M created a peer of the Uuiied Eingdom, by the title of baran 
Oriel, to whom she was «. 14 Dec. 17C4, and bv whom (who d. 
lU Aug. 1838) ihe had iaaue, ' 

a. Thomas-Hemby, preient viKoiint. 

TuoMAB-HENar, preseot viKouni. 

Htir Ajiparmt — JoBM, vtscoum Mabbakecne, th« rla. 
count 'i eldeit ■on. 

CrvoHoiu— Bwnn, 8 June 17»0; Viwount, 7 Nor. 1397 j Ba- 
ron of the United Kingdom, 17 July 1021. 
^^T'"^" ?'•'• **■ "iuiulwiy. III and *Ui. M 

a»*bualelianHahttwriB«Mfuiw-P<>a8T»r"' ' 

O -t-An wrmaldpnyiir 
b. jflSi CTir t^X'^S^ liaWtad b gnta jmAm ind brHcha, oUt* M«k- 

^mUBi tbtd^whoUlMEiiUa^ihua ■k>i'lii( p>llE.ud■b--^■— 
Kurtg— B™«»rm(u.. They wIU rite atidn, 

Iionl ydvertoD, Baron uf Avonmorr, Hegiitrar of ihe High 
Court of Chujcerrin Irekndi torn 31 Fell. 1790; (nrcmded U* 
father, WiUIun-Charla, the late riicauot, 2ft Nor, I BI 1 1 mar. 

Hed, lit, , da. or Thomaa Booth, of DuliUti, bv wbcdi be 

had iaae a Mn, BARRY. The riumint »., 3d1v. Aug. lltZL 
Cecilia, da. of Cbarla O'KMh, of Bollj-brook fark, od. Tip. 
pcraiy, bi)<, by vbam he bai no Inue. 

The ritcouDt*! great.graadrather, FnaNciil'YrLTEB'roK, (- 
in I70a, «., IG Aug. 1733. Eliiabtlb, da. of Joniw Barry, c*i|., 
■od d. 87 March 1740. kaving iuue by her, (who vaa k IG Not. 
1717, andd. in lOOi,) 

I. BaRBV, Ul TUoouni Aronmon. 

nluik. a 

IV 17«- 

BAaBT-YcLVEBTOH. l>t TiKuuiit, b. 'IH May 173(1, wa* ap. 
pointed atloroey- general of Ireland, I7''2, and one of hit ma- 
jeaty'i moat booourable priry counwtlon, lord diiof baron of the 
eourt of ExdiMuer in 1B04, created lord I'tlrfrton, baron id 
Af-onmore, 16 June I79B, and advanced to Ibe dignity of Tii- 
eonni Aconmorr, 1800 ; m,, S Jnly 17BI, Mary Niigml, da. of 
Wimam N'ngmE, of Clnnlcst, go. Wntmeatb. nq., oud had inue, 

1, WlLLIaM.ClIABLEB, 2<' ' 

VlLttJUt-CRAKLBI, 2d TiKOUDt. b. 6 April I7«3, ■»., 1 Sept. 
I7B7, Mary, ddni da. of John Rradc. of »*t Cann, eo. Hanu, 
an., and had iiaue, 

S. BaBBT Jon*, tamun t i-tMoanL 

JdIui Moc^d, wi,, of TviiMa, at. l^u1n>nJUIl. 
4. LoniiA-SAaAH. »- in Au^ ITffV- 

Tba viMuunl d. 28 Nor. 1814, and waa narpedpil by hta Almi 

I, i;0fi ; ViMBUDt, Dm. 1800. 

Lord Templnown, Bkron of TempleCovu, on. Antrini, P.S.A. ; 
iora 8 Nov. 1771 ; lucceedvd bin father, doeworthv, the bn 
lord, 16 April I7M ; aAvaaixi to the dignity of Vbanint Ten. 
pletown, March 1806; marritd, 7 Aug. IJH, Mary Monta^, 
only da. of John, Sth eu-l of Sandwich, [by Klary-Henrlena, 
cUai da. of Hanv Paalet, aih and laM duke of DnllonO and hr 

hae (who <L 4 Oct'. 1824) had uaue, 1. CATnABt)JS-ELW». 

■rtB, 6, 1798, d. aninfiuit: 2, HENRV-MONTAOP. 

6, 11 Nov. 179a; 3..MABT.M'lLHELHIKA,&.l<IJuaein))- 

1. UEOitcE-FBEOERICiiliD the armj, 6.5 Atig. IHOSj 

a. AmiHr*, in the army, b. 16 Jan. IW?; G. EnWAIIb 

Joax, b. leSrpt. 1816. 

The family of t'plm wn tetMi at CpcoD, do. Com**]!, m 
«arly ai the Conqneit- 

liENBV Uftoh, 2d son of Arthur Upton, of Liickton. CO. 
Deron, vent orer to Ireland a rapt. In the armv, under tlie earl 
of £H«it I59S, and settled at Caitle Upton, en. Tippentry. The 
semal bckdi of the Upton family in Ireland have served neariy 
140 yean in parliament, viihuut intetmlnion. They irere 
leaden t>f the diaaenling iotereat ; had * lety siteniiTe inflnence 
in the north of Ireland ; and being firmly attached 10 the illni. 
triiMit house uf Hanover, as the atrenuooe lupporlerc of the dril 
and rt>tif(iou> lilienies of the nation, they oinstanily earned 
thenualvn in those northern rountit* with the ^teaieal aea), 
BMlrfly. and ipirit, in that cause. 

AmTHua Uptoh, son and heir of Henry above named, left, 
betides other i»i)e, tvo sons.- C'totvorlhg, whnee onfy da. and 
h. was crested, 1766, riscounteu LangfnnI ; (im Babox Laxc- 

3omv Vttoh, b. IS7I, a mlonel in king William's mnur, 
n* eunged ai tieutenanl-colond of dragoons at the meinnnble 
battle of Almanaa, in Spain, under lord Galway, who, for Ua 
■pirited conduct on that day, gave him the Dammand of the rtw- 
ment, upon the death of ool. Killwrcw, who vu killed U m 
bwinning of the action. Hem.. lOlMarch I7II, Mary, only lt>. 
of Francii Upton, by whom he had 3 sons and 5 dfut. i of the loiu, 
jirlhur, of L'phm CaaUe, eldest taa and h., h, Jan. t7IS, at, 
lit. iiophia, da. of Slichacl Ward, of Ciuile M'ard, eo. Dinrn, 
and one of the judj^ of the court of King's Bench in Irdaad, 
by whom he h«d nu inu* ; he m., Sdly, t^arah, da. of Pole Criitby, 
of Lix, in Queen's County, ivq., and had no isnie. and d. Oct. 
I76B. Froneia, 3d ion, A. S Jan. IT^iO, commander R.N., and 
wia in several engagements; among olhen, in that with lord , 


Ilan-ke, off Caps FiniMerre : he commanded the Ffrret iloop 

- ■■ bluckadeof u ^^- - • --• --->■-> ■-■->■ ■ 
n the dreadful i 
off thai port. He d. utim., and the ra 

Clotwortht, Sd and lait mn, and Ut lord, b. U March 
I7al, created baron of TemplfloiBn, m, Antrim, 3 Au^. 17;e 
Hit kirdthip was, I76I, appointed derk-cmnpCrDller of the lioua« 
hold Ui her rovol highneu the primstia dovager of Wales ; m. 
iiinbeth, sitter to lir fidnard Buughlon, of Lawford Ball, hart., 
Sth Wt. of the family, aud 3d da. of Shudiburgh Boiishion, of 
Poaton Court, ■». Hereford, e«q., (eldest ion of sir Wilham. 4th 
ban., by hi* 2A wife, Cathariae, da. of air Charles Sbiickburfch, 
bart,, by Mary, da. of the hon. Algernon OreviUe, by Mary, da. 

and co-h- of lord Anhnr «""■"'-- ^t" ' ' ■ ■- ■ 

be had iuoe, 

1. Jobn-Hemhv, present riieoiint. 

M.P. (ar'CMlIe RhtoB. i. S Aptini73."™L In the mrmy. ra.. 1 Rlchltd Itowud, of Cullc nUlIu, co. Norfolk, t 

el,) by whom(whQ d. Sept. Wi3) 

l«Oct.l7T8, n..SI Aug. ISM, JUBHSblllCtDD. «q. 

IS April I7B6, and waa auoxeded by his eldest 

JoBH-HsNaT, 3d lord and 1st <n 
Hiir Apparent — Hehbv-Mohtai 
Creutiau—Btiran, 3 Aug. 1776; 

of Shanbally, 00. Tipperary, and Baron Liimore; bom 2 Oct. 
1772; suci^ed hii father, Cumeliui, the laie lord, 12 July 
1797 ; Bdvanc«d to the dignity of Viscount Lisiuore, 30 May 
180G; married, U Aug. 1808, (Imt from whom he wan dironKd 
in 1937,) Eleanor Butler, da. of John Butler, earl of Ormonde 
and Ossory, and sialer to James, miniuess of Ormonde, and haa, 

I.CORNELIUS, *. 1809; 2. Williah-Filedestci, 

b. 1810. ensign 37th foot; 3. Akne, b. IHll; and other 


The family is descended from Ceallachan, or CaUaghan, aprince 
of Muusier, renowned for hii exploits against the Danes. Uis 
descendants founded a monastery of Austiu Friars at Clunmene. 
and thecastteof Dnimoneen, which waa their chief seat. Smyth, 
m hii Ainory of Cork, (vol. i. p. 303,] aaya, " The castle of 


Draouuieeii stiiidii boldlf on tha Uick water ; it wai ttt lUef 
taat of the O'GaUa^uoit. AIhkU the time of Jemet I., tkev 
erected a rery stately hooie on the {bandation of the cattle, which 
was ruined in the late wan : the Otftle lawn is large, and weD 
fftf^iatwi with a high stone wall, flanked with rooad towers ; and 
the whoir, though in rains, from the opposite side of the ritv, 
hf its lofty sitnation, has sdll an angost appearance.** <%mvE. 
Lius 0*CaiUigkan was lord and diieftain of Pople CaBaghan, sand 
srised of serval large territories in 1994, as appears by an in^. 
■itioB taken by sir Thomas Norrls, rioe-presideDt of BInnstv, 
M Oct. 1694. From him descended 

CoavBLiusO*CALLAOHAX, representative for Fethard in the 
second parliament of queen Anne, and connrfcoous for his grett 
abilitiei at the bar ; he m. Maria, da. of Robert Jolly, esq., and 
was interred with her (who d. 6 June 17^7) io the wnlly ranlt 
at Shanbally, where a monument is erected to his memory s he 
Ua issue, 1. Roberij member for Fethard in 1757, ai^ S4 April 
1735, Alida, ooJi. of Edward Worth, of Rathftirnham, esq., (by 
Jane, h. of Richard Saunders, of Saunders Court, esq.,) and d, 
without issue in I7CI ; 2. Comefiut, a master of the court of 
chancery, and representatire for Fethard in 1761, (L without issae 
in 1769 ; 3. Thomasj la., 7 April 1740, Sarah, da. of John Daris, 
esq., and by her (who <L 13 Aug. 1745) had issue, Co&yELius, 
1st lord; and a da., m. Robert Longfidd, of Castle Martyr, 

ComxELirs, 1st lord, was, 8& June 1785, created baron lis^ 
■Mre, of Shanbally, co. Tipperary, b, 1732, mi., 19 Dec I774, 
Frances Ponsonby, M da. of the right hon. John Poosooby, 
speaker of the house of commons in Lreland, brother of WHUarn, 
eari of Besborough, (by Elisabeth Cavendish, 8d da. of WilHam, 
3d duke of Devonshire,) and by her (who dL 25 May 1327) hsd 

1. CoayELirs, 1st viscount. 

t. Str RoRBRT-WiLLiAM, K.C.B., miOoi^fCB* in the army* sad cammaadCT 
of the forcci In ScoclaDd, b, Oct. 1777* 

3. Gbo»«b, b. S«pt. 1787> 

•4. Uk-isa, b. 5 Avf. 1779. iM*. 18 July ia07* WOUam CarendUi, ftq.. MP. 
for DerttT. ddcst ton of lord George-Avfiutiu-Hcnry Carcndiik, son ot Wl- 
UsB. 4th' dttke of Dvrouhlrei 

S. Klicaiibtr, ^. Dec 1783, m. John Hrde. of Castle Hyde, in Irdaod. ciq.. 
Mi 4. W Auff. 18M> 

C Mary. 6. 31 Dec. 1787. 

His londship dL 12 July 1797^ «nd was succeeded by his ddest 

CoaxBLius 2d lord and present viscount. 

iifir .4M«rna— The hon^ CoawsLius 0*Callaobak, the 
visnmnt^ eldest son. 

rrv«li«Mut_Baron, 25 June 1785 ; Viscount, 30 May 1806. 

.4rm»— See PUte(l& Ar|tcnt, a mount rert in baaet on the tinlster. a copie 
of oak. and bmant thenftom. a wolf pasiant towards the dexter proper. 

CW«(— A naked devter arm emhowed, the hand graiplns a »«ard bcDdwiae. 
and IntvfaMd bv a wrpeot, all inoper. 
—Two ftaic* proper. 
I ft flwhuw Futhftil aod courafiotts. 


Errit, of Boyti', ai. BuHvmmciD, GuveriHir o.iJ ( .into* Botii. 
InroiD OIL Hocomnmuii, ■ Id«utenmDlUl«i«Bl iii the Arwf, *nil 
a CoIubH in tlm Militim m. lta«mminoii | bnra 12 A<if[. 1771 1 
BornAl. 9 Dec 1799, Fruira^ unlj do. and li. of [dwmca, 
ovlor XiHH, (If Jna King. 4ft. of Edward, «rl oT Kii^ini,) 
mad hu iune.— 1. Jahk, b. Nov. ISOO, m., 19 July I8S4, Aa. 

duny Ltfnrr, uq. ; 8. Eleamoi, &. July IMISl 3. 

ROBERT, L July IBM, H.P. for on. RoMmi.mnn IBS?, hl, 7 
Dee. IS», Anne, only iliur of nr Rotwrt.Bnoih 0.n. of lin*. 

del, 00. gjipi. but.; 4. C«aOLlKE, h Srnt. lOM, ■>., 89 

M»rdi IS37.*irHu1.ert'Uare BoaUi, uf M<gD,bMt., 
uid rf. 13 Jui. IHSai — &. Famcts, &. Jui. law. 

H» k>rdi]ii|i !b ad >nn nf Robot Ktaa. nrl uf KlnjrMAfi, (tiy 
CarolinB. da. of R. FitipvnU, ntf.. by hk In *He, tb* hao. 
UumtM King.) uid hniihar In OMrg«, the proenl nrl. Hti 
lonluiip entered the ■my In 1791. wid wrrvd in the liellkHdn et 
mnadkei*. U the taking of the Fmich WiM India lilandl hi 
I7IM, under theeomnand of lieat.-f[en«ralilrf1iu-lnOrev, K.B., 
(laM nrl Orey.) He, In I7tl». niceeedtd ta the family «»te>fll 
tlu ODQutie* Roaoomaion uid SUgo, which wore left tn him by Ua 
father. HiilordthipinaanaMdbBroii Enit lSm,and (druuH 
to the d%nily of a Tbeouiit 30 May I BtMt. 

/Mr ^pporraf — RoBEVt, onljr Mn of the viKOunt. 

CnttHaru—Bana, IWOi Vinount, IfKM. 
h*ndMg«i«a« Mft. AtnicnKDrSlffin 

FRANKFORT DE MONTMORENCY, Baron l>»nlrf.^ .rf 
Galmoye. co. Kilkenny ; bora 34 Nor. 1800 ; nir«eed«l hli talhcr. 
Lodge-EvBDi, late viununt, 24 Sept. 1823. 

For the former pan of ihe vi 


's gcnculoK 

RCTMOHD, or Redmomu Uorber, e«q. 
and Irotlier of Hervey. I«i viKDiuit Haunt 
the law, VM one of liu aiitjoit'/'* mem twnourable priry mundl, 
and JU.P. for the city of Dubliu, m. Eliulieth. da. and tola h. of 
Fnoda liodge, of theoiytrf' Duhlio, eH|., and d. 1704, leaniLg 

1. LoDss-Eva 

as, vitoouDt FrmMarl it Ma^mvMnef. 

]««<t«i,<(. I7W, M. MaiT Er", •><L Hirii>il>b.B( Eil- 
Puk. CO. Clan. «*>)., aiuf iilwf o( lonl Eyre, uf Eyn 

■ V«. llnib-nL duke irf V«k'> hiuHn. d. IK. «torM4 
» pmnMloa id iIi« ^^rtrur. *•.. L^lltla, d*. of 
l'tt>tiy,a^llmi^(cin.rn. (hnlrr. of itiv nmillT 


■Ill gf Cvrnfort. In ■tam (•ba d. ISO} hi 
t. H Jul; ]in« : i. Hqmoi^amin, ft.% Auit. II 

-D-Alan, itrul. tt.N.,>ii., In laOb Hai7-A 

t. Eiiwiid-iyAiiii 

k MWfc <■; a. Oa««IIM-AurMM. hlMK'. 
Ull, KcUiDldlT Ulid do. UtMl £. Jdi 
IKV.HsuTHMEtK.a^q'.Ucut-R-N.) 6.1 

a. Fna^XuIn, Ikul. «M Rgknm 
A SHateth, at oni. MolHwDrih. ' 

k*. oq., UHl ^ isio. 

V FUHCIH, m. Anamr Pr 

LoDQE-EvAXa DE MoKTHoaEvCi', IM viMWUni FranUbn 
de Moaunoiency, wu returned to puliamCDC 17<>8. Ue «•■ 
higL iheriff of CO. Kilkenny, uid Mmie time recetver-graerBl of 
the poit-ofllce; appointed sonnd wcreiuy to earl rii i ii iHi«», 
lord-lieut. in 1793, and, in 1797< a lord of the treuiuT- and frirf 
OoudicIIdc. Hie Ivrdibip nat created baron Frank/art, of G«l- 
moje, in 1800, uid in I81d resumed, l>y royal sign maniul, tM 
sndenl family name of Muiilmorency, and vai iidvuiced id tba 
dignity of viscouul FtankfoTt de Monlmtreney. The i-iiomsl it., 
1st, 1 Jsn. 1777, SIbtv, da. and soleb. uf Joseph Fade, of Dub- 
lin, esq., by ohom he Lad no iuue t and, 3dly, Catharine, da. of 
George While, of CosUe BelUngliam, esq., by itliaia be bid 

. Lodqe-Retmokd, present viieoant. 

of Ed wd.S|mKc CodptT. uf Uuknc Culc. 
The viictnint d. 21 Sept. 1822, and 

-Worfiworth Coopa. W]., MB 
co> Sllfa, Oq. 

iras succeeded bj his only 

Lodoe-Rethokd, present and 2d vJicounl. 

Beir PrenimptiBt — >one. 

Crtaliom—BaTon, July 1800; Vistymnt, 22 Jan. 1815. 

>nu— See Plate SC Or, i ciou ruIh, betomi [oui tsfln iliiptaiH) 

Cr«4— A pcvnck In pridv. 
iniijKirtn-.— Two Mnirk. 

CHARLES VEREKUR, Viscoukt OOBT, Bamn Kiltv- 
ton, CO. Galvay, a Privy Coiuuellor in Irabuid, Governor uf cb* 
CO. Oolway, Conslable of the Castle of Limerick; bom in I768i 
Colonel of the Limerick City Militia; luoneded his natenul 
unde, John-Preudergaat Smvth, the late ciicount, pursuant lo 
the limitation of the patent 23 May 1BI7. The ituxmnt hi^itf, 
distloguiihedhioiielf by bis gallant conduct on ibeGtta Sept. 17S>Sii 
in opiwaing the progress of the French invader* at Coloonjr, fot 

honourable augmenlatio 
of CoAwny ; married, li 

_ 01 Loiom; 

ileaaed lo grant bun aft 

I tn the arms of Verier, with the motM 
, 1700, Jnnc, da. of Ralph M'estn)n>- of 

Anj-feoii, «>■ Limerick, nq., reHrt of VTIltimn Sumrr, or Cor* 

ncJlv, oi. Hara, e«)., uid bv har hMl iMQB, I.JOHN PREN- 

DBRUAST, L 81 April I'TM. n., 13 Dec. ISIS. Maria, eldMl 
dtt. of the ri^l htm. Sundiih O'Orady, lord chier bartin of ibe 

nubaqurr in IrcUnd, and horn ahi, A.'3B June IRIT ; S. Jc- 

l.|jt»jh«i., 31 Aug. ISlS.cul. Thmnai WhJte.of WiwdluuU,a>. 

Oabliot 3- Geoboiaka, ■■■, 2 Auf[. IB17. Jobn-Walkra Tbe viKoum m.. 2dly. A Murli 1810, Uiubeib, 
rldcst da. of Joha PalUner, of Derrjiliiiliui, co. Tipperary, esq., 
uid liBi, 4. CajtmLES, i. 91 AprU ISIS. 

The fumly of Sutth wu formerly leatad at Roudale, oo. 

WiLLUH SvTTH, of Raudale, ro. York, f<*ip. Charlr* I , 
aftCTTTBrdi of Ihmdmm, oi. Downe, in Irvland, «q.. left inue, 

William, bi* ■un«uor i and RaIjA, father of William ^yili, 
bbhop of Killala lOSI. innilaied to Raphoe in the tame jvu, 
ouiMcnted bI>bop of Kthnore I6»3, d. IC99. 

William Smtth, of Ihindrum, esq., m. Mary. da. of Thonai 
Dvwdall, of Olaaqiutol, on. Lonth, esq., and had iteoe by her 
(who d. 7 Sept. 1704) 2 »ai. rit. 

I. Tmoha*, biahop of Limerick, inceator of Haomnt Gort. 

t. J'H«. of MomitDuIi, CO. Dublin, fUhs ol Erimnl Swrfth. Uthiip M 

i Fmn' hl. 17 ASf. I7H. nDtwR KIlIC, 4th •on of ilr RubfR Klnf. 
barL.ivpheworJahiip lord KItuMon. 

TheMdHp riL, Ml)', April tTin. HiiT. Sih da. of rlMmrthT SMlIwMa, 
3d TtKDunl Hiurtenf, (by Ricluel. <U. o( tlr Kd'ud H mi giii ft inl. K J^ oI 
PDly. Hungafotd Cinlc, co. SoiBcntt.J and had Imut, 

4. sLcflbiiiqi-IUDdAl, m., VI Aua.lTaA, MuT'UIt dLo''^ iMi. Jdhn 

— - ■ wick. 

4* Aor, or Goviaa Caill>,ea.KIIkHuiT.>>q.<l|iai><li>lbaDf 
™=»,™=uHlCIBii-..™i bad 1«». r^ -'-'-— ^- "— " 
n April 1719. J< " " -- -. - 

r^n1^li«K lh( f)^l ban. XdKiarrig^flwrHi.otTUiD) Park 
S*. »■ U Ivt. ITlZiM of tk* prtTT oM^ In iTriUHl, and a 
fKM,«IJiatlfM,lMI<^ap.i mfllary. ■h,4Aa(. I7M, H 
EidAaHlj, a^ 4. wraM ail. 
•1 Au of JasHa Anr, of Gosraa ChUi, CO. K UkHUT . w.. lira 

a, «., G Sept. ITBI, Fruitb-Maihis, 
Ja Burwo, Mq. 

Tbomas SmvtH, tnihop of Limeridt IflSS, grandlklbir of 
John, I«| viicoimt Oort, wai b. at Dundrtim 1650, and edimud 
in the univenity of Dublin, where he wai anuecraiTd, 6 Dec 
169S, and enthroned in Linierick, 3U April 169e ; he wai deci«d 
Ti(«.«]iaiHvllnr of Trinity coUw, 1714; he vaa for aome dme 
rector of 81. niartinV-in-the-Fielili, London, and, on ■n»unl of 
hla Hfrcat piety and learning, wna reoaminFndFd by Tennlxm, 
anbb\ttnm of Canterbury, 10 queen Mary, who promoted him to 
' Me of Limerick ; he' if. 4 May 1725, anil it-aa Interred in the 

family ranh of St. Minchin'i rfaurdi. The biahop tn. DorothM, 
da- aUlwmt* Bningh, biahop of Ardagh, by Mary, da. of *"'"" — 
KlngimiU, etq., and by bar (who d. Q Aug. I7I 1) bad it 

vi¥fOUSTs. sat 

CuiiKLEa-VBRBIBB, MCDBd u>d pmcni Tiuoiint. 

//nr-JpTMrmt— Ths him. Johk-PkekDCROjIST VEItllllB, 
eldeM ton of the viicininC. 

CrtvAau-Buon KHunoa, Ifi Slay ISIO; Vlscnunl Oort, 
32 Jan. 1816. 


ji.'SI'l^" au 



t mlntE, laM 


Sunn Cutleoialne, of Mordrum, do- WntmaMh, Mvr CoBn< 
«d1oi in JreLuid, Uovemar Co. Wcttmmb. ukd Cniuubla hmI 
Onrernor uf Athlone : Aoni aSAng. 1761 ; crMled, SI Dm. 1 91 a, 
Darun Cutlenuiiue, -wiik remainiler Ui bin only hrotbcr, Hklwfl, 
and Ihc hdn malB of bl* bgdy, and 13 Jan. IB32, advuioMl to 
(hedi^iiyof Vixmuit Canlemalnej namW, SO March 1709. 
Floriuda \r Pcwr Trench, cidai da, oT ^f'ltli■IIl, lu aai-l of Clan- 
oarty. by Ann« OardiiMtr, ualer of triike, i JKount Hlaiuitiay. 

WiLtiAU Uakdcock. of Twyford, »>. WMiMMh. «<|., 
(deiceiKlisl frum a family -if iiuiuiWralile ajitiiituiy ia th« axtntj 
of I^nauivr,) ww cl«rtad knigtil of the ahln. en. Wratawalh, fn 
the lat parliammt after the mtoration uf C'harln IL, aad tp. 
painted one of the eoimdl of Connaughi ; he had a fnnt, 13 
Feb. lOaO, of a patent, erecting hit eatatea in M'eitmeath into ■ 
manor, by the name nf the manor of Twyford, with ampb 

~- Julyir- " ■ . . J- 


UB^ pri- 

!y l«6i, Abigail SMiiioy, aiiivr uf lir TboiDai 

had iimic 

1- THOXas, who ■uocmded. 

Stanley, knt., and had ii 

iwk. kn.. noHdar ol RublJa, N.P. As Aihlm* 

II MaT !'•'>' BIlBMlh. da. at Nicbi^ CaddiB(Ue. 

™^ WUulS^'il Mvy. *hI 

... . .. uGU^li>(CwUeJi>,a«, 

Thomas Hixncoci. of Twyfcwd, eldnt urn at WiUw 
EiboTB named, repreMiited the borough of Idnesbonngfa, ICSt, l> 
28 Mav I6S4, m., 6 July 1677. Dorothy Oreen, and bad USM. 

1. %1'ii.LiAii, wbo aiicvHctnl. 

~ ~ inUmdoick, uMnrtim>lku(.-aDT(nu'll<KI■t■ 

4. iliCHiHIi, dMn of Achonry, vho nioeeeded hii tUttt hOa ' 
ther M TwrfoH, and earned on ibe Uoe. 

■ ■■ '^-nh.da.of RlcfairdBtocklMni.sq..indh«dlMHa, 

& Ssuiti Ik Doumii lO-Sraii-s*. 

RlcHASli Hamdcock, of Twyfijrd, in holy onJen, dm 
Adtonry. 4di son nf WiUiun, luccecdcd to the estate on the di 
of bi* Ndat brnther iriEluwl inue, «. Sarah, only rhild and . _ 
h. of Riduvd Toler, of Ballintore, co. Kildare, e«]., it. SS jM 
1791, leaving iuue by her, (who rf. I Jnly 1S03,) ^ 

1. William, lit baran CMllemune. 

,., — - ---- -ji Jrrtop. of I 

at lb FTRlBlik HoDd.^n. 

K. \TrKll, ■■. John UaiuiHU. wt- 
Hftr /'munv'tiM to the buvny only, RiCBASD, tbe ^ 
rmini'i only brother. 

CnHUVmi—BanjD. 2i Dec 1813; Viicnunt, 13 Jan. 1823. 

ut«l. (hirasd >Kb*r 


Thomas de courcy, losd kingsai-e, iiAaoa 

COURCY, of Couroy, uid Buvn uf Ringrone. Aom 10 Jid. 
IJ74, Premier Baron at Ireland ; nicrMdMl hli [ulier, Jolm, 
the Liu lord. 2t Maj^ 183S*. 

Bobbut de Cocicr, 1020, wu lord of Codrcv, in Nor. 
louidyi in which he wu luoceeded hj ha ma, KiCHaRn, wlio 
accompanied William, duke of Normandy, in hii eipedilion lo 
EnglBBd, and wai praeot ■( the dediive Ikatlle of Hatllngi. 14 
On. 1060. Hia aerrlca were rvcnnipenHil wilh a couudenilile 
number of tonbhip* in England, amnng nhieh wai thai of Sloke, 
CO. Someneu which fnnn it* lord, wai iiylad Stoek C'dvncv, 
Khicb he held ptr mtegram luraiHaiii, with Uw lordahipa M 
Ncwentam. Seckenden, and Foxene, in Oxfordahire. He rf. Id 
1006, and »» lucceeded hy hii xm, 

RonERr, lord of Courry. in Nnnnandy, baron of 8Uike Conr- 
cy, iteward of the houaeliold to king Henry I., and lo hi> da.. 
Slfaud. the ein pi e ai , m. RoIhsId, da. of Hugh de Orantmonil, 
baron of Hindiley, ea. Leiceater, and lord high ileirard of Eng- 

hBadlnrr P'I'flm' (R""'*^ 
of Enf Land) of vearms hii I 


oomniander M the battle of Noctluunplon, agKinst Uie SaMi ; Ki 
Avida, dn-nnd co-li. nf Williiuii de 31e>chiiies, earl of Cunhdi^ 
umi by her hod . 

William, bU nicceuor, who nni one of (he wiinesKiiakk 
Beury II. '• charter of (he lands and prirjlegca gnaxui (o tbt 4 
bey ubiircb of St. Peter, Weatmiiuter; fnim whom deacoidtl 

BliLE9, I)[ baron of RingsaU, who wu kepi oat of bii irf 
dom of Ulster by Hughde Lade, to whom king John had 
il, upon Jiis father's appreheniiioa, and lendiiig him a prii 
London; and upon his claimiiig the earidom, aa beir to hit Tatha^ 
Lulc replied, that he would Duinlain the charter of king ' "^ 
to hinuelf, riuoe ear! John ne'er returned to Ireland to re 
bii outluwry. Lade being a great favourite of the kin^, and 
powerful in Ireland, Miles was oompdled lo ijiiit hia pretem' 
but, to makB him some requital, kins Henrj- III. cuafermi 
him the barony of Siiisiaie .- from him deicended 

ALMEetctrs, 23d lord, who was outlawed 1691, but hi* o^ 
lawry wni soon after nsTeraed, and 25 Oct. 1692, ho link hi* teal b 
the home of pe«n. He d. 9 Feb. 1719, n-ithout laraei, wbi ' ~ 
barony devoli^ on his first oounn, 

Oer^ld, *on of Mila da Couref, 3d son of Patrick, 

lord; (which Alites was member of king Jamca's ptiliiiiiiii 
1680, Cor the borough of Kingsale;) «. Elixabelh, da. and ■ 
length sole bareas (after her brother's deub, 13 Dee. 1698) 4 
Anthony Sadleir, of Arley Hall, 00. Warwick, «k|., and bjr hf 
(who d. 18 Jan. 1722) bad issue, 

1. OziALD, 34th lord. 

Oehald de CotikCT, 24th lord, «., 13 
retla, only da. and h. of John Eaajngton, of A«h]yng, co. Ueftit 
and Qniuington Uall, co, Otoucester, and tL without 
1 Dee. 175i), when the baroniei devolved on 

JoHM. 95th lord, (dearended from the 4tb ton of the IBA4 
lord,) M.. 30 Oct. 174s, Martha, du. of William Henio. il 
Donibeiier. esq., and had iuue, 

1. JoHX, 36lli lurd. 

niL-tnr. 0I On 

1" SaHraaT? biuBBiH 
hllw, A mm. Id May mil, j 

Hli lonlililp, 17R3, wu pncented to hia majesty, and had 1^ 
haoourcf MMwrtlng ibe andenl privile^ of his family, of we«S 

{ng his hit in hit ni.ijnty's presence. 


BkiiotrluHett, of Cutle C'diiwaTi cik Kenr, nq., utd Iw b 
(wbo rf. IS Dec talt) hmi i«M, 


1^2'nDd. K.T.S.. evt. lrj(. 
Hjn isn. Jah&Jin 
. CO. HaBili. MI. 

iubv. m.. ii ^(. iitii, winim & 
irddiip d. S4 Uay 1033 

1 by hii • 

TuoMAS, in lioly orden, prewnt lord, 

tfA- i>r«liimfKJ«< — Juux-:^TAi-i.ETa9r M TovacT, «»q., 
nfplKW to bit lardihlp. 

■ctil, EhttE ni(^ dUplaT*et fuls. ihictDT trolrlHiJ 

iMi<t ur. ■■ H(l> diiiiltytil tnm, 
M Hinil, mnnnl, usiuM, ciinHi. lufitri, jnnil 
. Tlillh nnqum (U ttlnft. 

TOM'N, r». Moatil. M.H.I.A. : l«rn 30 Jan. I773( luocraded 
hii fuher Nirhiilu, ibe laic inril, 16 April 1813 ; marriai, IJM, 
Msria-fhffnu, da. of KirJisnl Kirw.n, of Cn^, ca. Umlwmy, 
esq., by Amir, da. iiT >ir TIiuxiih Itliilui, of Sunien-illci, barw, 
uid hru iiHir, THOMAS, h. 1190. 

The origin nf U>i> nolile family li lUUd under Ihe litis of ti*. 
count KiuKilaiid. S>r C'HRItTorltKIl BAKXewnLt. of Criclu- 
iflwn, CD. Mealb, uiootai of the lwnn» Trimlstown, being dder 
bmthar nf Jnbn, uumtur of the liiroiiiils KingaUnd. 

RoBEBT, 2il kin of lir Chriitrvpber iliors named, wu created 
baron TTimtHlmr» 14(il : fmm him dMoended 

Matthii«, 8th lard, who «>• outbwed in the tmublB* of 
Ireland. iri41. and th* title thereby lout lo tha familv, uutU it was > 
recaiered, I79S, by hii daaendaiil, Thomas, 13lh lard, hereafter 
mentioned. Hi> gnuidion, 

JOMH, lltb lurd, i. 1673 i m. Man,-, da. of lir John Ilarne. 


^M will, knt^ tBTOo erf iha eidicqiier, ad aon of trfr Rl^Juwd Bw9^ 

^f iraUiO'Cnclulavii, bart^ by irkoDi h« had, beoidet other iMM^ 

^ 1. BOBEBT, ISlb bfi 

i. Jon, !>.. ta rmcT. Mi Wurv uid '- wtihool Ihu. 

^ KjrHtliu, M- FnwH« 4k of Nkbolu BunmU, Ukd VH 

BoBEiiT, IStb lord, »» falhrr of 

TuoMAS. I3tb Iwd, ■ knt. of Kl&lla, who 4 uam., « 
title deirolTed oa hia couiin, 

NiCBOLis, mil lord, ■■„ IH. I7IW. Marthn-H 

D'Afoin. ds. of (be pcwibwt aF ibe inirtiaineDC of TboiilaiM|j 
-■■■^ -'-■-- ■ "-T 1789) tad ii — 

3. JoBH-TiK 

•-177". ' 

1. Wi. 

hip »., 2diy, 3 Aufr 
Charlts Eiutace, hf vhirlt Udy 
BrkD Uiivd, lieut.-a:iL '" ' ' 
■It!;) if. 18 April lSI3,t 

Jobh-Thoha), pment lunL 

•r Apfrnmtl — ThoMA*, Iu* lorddiip' 

r, a AUK- iliffi lucia, !>■■ oi majHr-fn 
hirlt Udy (who rt-m., \BH, majur-an 
17th Luicert) he lud no u>ue. Hi. 1«^ 
ind mt, lucceeded by hii only aoii, ' 

SwK naTv (A Ermlms ft lurdun CDenDad fvlv. 

A fbawtt of Die OACrVtt fHIbcn ift. fuls, BMuv^ *ti1,ttiA« 

of Diinuiiy Cutip, 00. Mnlh; born 7 April 177^: •oonadsd U 
Iniber. HbhiIdU, the Ute lord, April 1^:2 1 ; morWAf, lil, Ol 
1803, Charlolie- Louisa, yuuiif^t da. of Nicholas, lit lord (3gi 
nirrv, and by ber (*ho d. at Inly, I8IH] bad inne,-" 
I. tfANDALL, 6. at Rome, 6 Sept. 1804; ^3. EtnrAal 

K.N. ; !l. Loi.oTTE, rf. young. His lordihip m-, Wt,! 

Mairli I8S3, Kliu, ddml da. of Ow>r^ 7l)i knrd Kinitalrd. " 

The funily of Plunkett is luppoied (sa' 

•r« IfOdK*) to be of I 
;ilrinpi>( id Ireland « 


not be deddedly aKvrtuned, but it vu omainly meariy ■■ 
reign nf Huury III. It hai eueoded into many pana c/ 
kiniidaai, (particularly the coa. of Mwth, Dublin, and LotM 
— J .. .1..*. .j,Qe three diatinct peenwet ara en^iyed by difin 
I, tbt aaridom of I'ingali, and the baraniai of D 

JoHM Pi.DHKCrT, tbe ear)i»t of the iuiub on t*«>rd,a)ipi 
Xo have becit M«t«d, toivaniK the bcter «id of Ibe lllh r*>ai 
at Bewl«v, or Otuilieu, cb. Loulb, wbere he d. IMS. Vnm 1 
detwiidfj Miotlier John Plukkett, who bred Itmp. Ha 
III., and hkd 3 Mim, Jalm, aiioQtor of tbo banmi Loudi ; 1 

Kit:ilABl>, smwiEor of ibe euliof Finginll, and diapm«nl buon 


Richard, VM dopiity lo ■irThomai Hunfr^, lord-Unit, of Irvkul, 
143S ; m. Joan. do. and nlv h. of ulr Lutai <!'ii«d(, kau, lord 
of RillM'ii uid Duniany, and bad. beaidn oElirr ebitdren. 3 »iii, 
I. ./dAn, oho bad (he lurdabip of KiU«n, and wu aaontni' of ibo 
Hirit of Finfrall t and 3,CiiRi9TDrKKB. who had the lordihip of 
DuDnauf, ■nd il noooiniiHl by the Iriih gmoalx^iu It( hnvm 
Dunaaiiy. From biin d«*ecnd«d In regular nicraudra of job to 

PiTBiCK, Ihh Unvt. trhn having RirriTnl hia ion and l»lr 
apparent. Eiheard Ptujiketl^ vaaaunwrdvd b^ hii grwidaon, 

CmiDTOPHEH, lOUi Inrd, vho d. bnin.. and wai nicnvdod by 
bis bnither, 

Rahdali., 11th lord, who, adhNinf; lo ihp pariT of kllw 
Janm II., wu outlawed lUSI i bin, being cmnprinnl in iho arll- 
cIbj of Linieritk. WM reaioiwl toLiimtaicai nrglccling, howrrcr, 
to plead hia lieoHlt of the aald nmditian* in the nrai parliwnmt, 
neither p nor bii dearenibniii bail plarn in thu hiniM uf pren (111 
the late lurd nenvered hia neat I7ttl' Hr oi,, I at, Amie, da. of air 
William Penhall, rriicl vfThcwbiad, lit carl of CarllugTKnl. and 
br her had nn iaust he m., ftUf, May 171). Bridget, ool^ da. 
of Richard FXtiaing, eaq., inn nf >ir John Fleming, of Htahnl- 
niock, CO. AlcAlh, kill., Kiuidion of WiUiiUn, Ixuun lilane, and d. 
16 March I73A, leaving iaue by btr. 

Edwabd, 13th lord Dunaanv, b. l7tS. m., 1794. Mnnr. eUat 
da. uf Fiaocia Altai, of St. Woulitsn't. do. Klldarr, n}., and 


ft lordakip iL June IJUl, vid waa iiicw«d«l by hia wu. 
BaXDU-l PLtiKxCTT. ISth lord Dunaany. i. Mvck MM-i, 
L UaMirel, da. of Edward Archdaimn. on. Kilkeiiuy, «aq., 
get oT Edward Mwideville. of Ballydeue, ru. Tippeniry, oa. 
her (who d. 1» Sept. 17111) had iaiiie, 
iKO-WADOiMa, prcaent lord. 

JLL. MOrl. 17711. 

I^K ■»»»«»».•-. TJulj WB.TliMBiB. lllh loid Iflulh. 

C J ABHaT^^lW. -*. Aufr lait. Phlllli LlmtrlrK.«|.i ay!.»rtl), 
VMt len, JuoM HrlB Bunm, cufit. It.x., un of iht tiia tibnap ut 

, ,, Sdly. J Auf[. 1800, Emma, lincr al air Uruni- 

Dnd Smith, uf Triiig Park, eo. Ilerla. hart., bf whooi (who 
andi^. June 1838) b* had no iaaaa. Hia kinlabip in 

_ . . and vaa allswrd, hia awt and prandano* iu )ia^^ 

, which had been loit by the iisfHiirn™ of hii {traudfather 

■ not tmawliataly pleading hi* induaion in the articlH uf 
.^aierick. He^ April 1831, oiid woa auiiwiM bv hia %,a,. 
EuwAID-WADDiitQ, pmciit Mid 14lb kird. 
Heir Apparent — The hnn. Kai 
^ip'a eldM MFO. 



wir««— iiee PUtc Si. Sables a bend, and In the sinirter chief a tower «i|crik 
r -^tt — A hdCBr pMfint aigenU 

S>rrc^ " f f r> Prj»>r, • PcgMu, whigB tevertcd per faH or asd aneoL 
r.T. IS xBtckipe ancmt. anned, omuM, nlein couand and chaiaed or. 
Jfur>— Ftf jfuM :»•/«. Quldu without impetuakity. 

J.OIES Bl^TLER, Basox of DUNBOVNE, m the co. oT 
3lMthy was coofinned in that peerage by reversal of the outhnr- 
rie> whidi affected the title in the court of King^s Bench in Dob- 
lia. in MiAaelinas-tenn 1827« by rirtue of his majesty^s wamnt 
dated at Windsor, 26 Oct. 1827« authorizing and requiring his 
at«arBeT.general for Irdand to fiat writs of error for the esami* 
nation of the leoords and process of the outlawries, to eoD£m 
the erpon therein, and to consent to the reversal thereof. 

Hu lordship was bom 25 July 1780 ; married^ 17 Aug. 1799, 
Ekooor, da. of David OTonneU, of CoriL, esq., and by her (who 
*L 15 3lardi 1817) has issue, besides several children who dL 

vuoag ; 1. Rosai.ivd.Eleamok, &. 9 July 1800, m., 13 

^une 1819, John 31arshall, G^»t. in the 79th foot; 2. 

Til£OBALD.FITZ WALTER, A. 11 Feb. 1806; 3. St. 

JoBV, i. 24 June 1808 ; 4. Hekkt, A..28 Aug. 1809 ; 5. 

Jaxes, i. 8 Not. 1810 ; 6. Edward, A. 29 Oct. 1811 ; 

7. Cbabxks-Lexnox, 6. 29 Nov. 1813. 

Thomas le BottiOer, 3d sod of Theobald le BottOler, (who 
flottrished in the reign of king Henry III. and was ancestor of 
the noble honses of Onnonde, Ossory, Carrick, Mountgarret, &c) 
m. Sioolda le l^etit, da. and h. of William, lord of Dunboyne, 
fxum which marriage descended sir Edmond Butler, knt,, who 
was cxvated by king Henry VIIL lord baron of Dunboyne, in 
the CO. McatlL. by patent, dated 1 1 June 1541 ; he cL in 1508, 
and was succeeded by his son James, the 2d lord, who was twice 
■k, 1st, to Maigaret, da. and h. of Bamaby Fitxpatrick, hnd of 
Upper Oswry, by whom he had two sons, wlu> left issue ; vil John 
and Picfve : John, the dder son, dL viti pstris, anno 1602L leav- 
ing a son, Edmond, who, on the death of his grandfather in 
1624, became the 3d lord Dunboyne; hedL in 164it vmI vas 
succeeded bv his son, James, the 4th k»d Dunboyne, who being 
implicated in the rebeUion was outlawed ; he tf. without male 
iaaue, and was succeeded by his cousin. Pierce Butler^ the 5th lord 
Dunboyne, who was grandson and hi to the before-mentiooed 
Pierce Butler, the 2d son of James, the 2d lord Dunboyne, by 
his 1st wife, Mai^nn^ Fitzpatrick. 

Pierce, tfa« said 5th lord Dunboyne, was likewise outlawed, and 
dyinff 3 May 1600, was succeeded by his only son, James, who but 
for the outlawries would have been the 6tn lord Dunboyne ; he 
if. in 1701, leaving 2 sons. Pierce and Edmond, commonly called 
the 7th and 8th lords Dunboyne ; the last mentioned Edmond d, 
in 173:2, leaving 4 sons, via. James ; Pierce ; John, in holy or. 
den ; and Edmond, who <f. s.p. in 1783; of these, James succeed- 
ed, and was commonly called the 9th lord Dunboyne ; and dying 


s.p. in 1768, WMniccmded byhi« brother Pierce,o 
ths tOih lunl DnnlMyne, who d. fn 1786, luHiir ui only Mn, 
Pisn».£dR»auii, conmooly otUed ttte Ulh luid DuiibrtyiWi who 
d. uom., and «u suoeeded Ivy bU uncle, (he rev. Joba Builcr, 
D.D., who wu cammonl)' called the I2th lord Dunhoyne, ktid 00 
hi* demth without iuue, 7 May 1800, nil th* mole dnneD>t>nt> of 
James, the id Uird Dimboyne, t-y hii liefore-menliuued Itt wife, 
bfcame extinct. 

The ULid JauiHi, the Sd lord Dunboyae, n., Sdiv, bdr Harn> 
rvc, da. uf Donogh O'Briim, Mrl of Tbomond. anil bj ier had a 
nimitTnii progeny, of whom the ddeit ton, Ih« hon. Jinies But> 
ler, of Cirelia^ ro. Tipfierarj, m. lady Ellen, da. of Walurr But. 
ier, 9lh earl of OnDonde,and left lame, which became Bttlnct tn the 
mate tinr Id the 3d ){«neration ; the 3d »n of Jsmn, IheSd lord. 

dennftn of ihe city of M'aterford, and whose ^reHt.gnuid«n 
h. wae Jarnee Biitl^, of Craf^nagowra, ra. Clare, eiMi., who a. in 
)7S4. leaving an only ton, Jiunei Butler, who, On the deceaie in 
lOUO, of the before-mentiDned rev. dr. John Btilirr, commonly 
called the 12th lord Dunboyne, became the etdeat male <inH«nd< 
ant of lir Ednumd Botler, the lit lord Dunhovnn, and ai inch 
petitioned hia inajeity for permiuiun to prove hit deicenl, that 
be might he enabled to revene the ontlawriea hefbre mentioned, 
a* exiitiiig agaitiat Jamet and Pierce, the -1th and Glh torda Dud- 
boyiie, which ]>elitiun hia majeaty wat gradoutly pleated to refer 
to the amtideratioa of the 'i^w-oSlam ol the crown In IrolaDd t 
and the BtKn-ney.aeneral, before whom (he pedigree wat inree. 
ligated and profcd, made his rcpart on the taid petition to hit 
exnQency the lord.liFiitmnnt of Ireland; whidi, ofler detail. 
tug the eridencea produced in nippon of the petilloner't claim, 
oonduda at fotlowi, " I'pon the whole of thia caae 1 am humbly 
of If ininn that the petitioner. Jama Butter, hu mfficiently 

ETOVvi hit right to the title of lord baron of Dunboyne, and that 
it majcily nay, if he ilial] he gradoutly pleated to to do, au- 
ihorile th* atiomey.genaial for Irelimd 10 fiat wriu of error for 
tlie elsmiDJltian of tlie recordl and pmceti of the outlawriea 
afbresajd, and 10 confcn thn crrora therrin, and to content to the 
revertal thereof." Whereupon hit majeity't warrant iiaueri for 
the revenw] of the outlawriea, and they verv reverted aaordingly 
IQ dne farm of law, ai 1>efore italed. 

//Wr Apparmt — TaEOBAi.n-FiTEWaLTCii, hi* lordiUp't 

/,>.:&. U J.-^ IM! 33 Sa.*^ rUL i. Br ^ C 
1- Ta(»u. ^ ;««. 


P««*ics, 3d Lad, ■ 
1575, wiittooi ii 

Oliteb, 4di lord, ■ 

i,i^^iit K.Bv>A 

Mattbcv, Sth Ixnl. ■. Manr, At of or K^Md fti 

M yitrjm. uid rf. 19 Julj ISn, Icanny imc, 

1. Olitem, Cihlord. 

t. Th'Ou; i.f>r»cmr llotTii.^ 

ULrvia, 6lb lord, took liit mm in ■•rfi«a)«at ]■■ 
wu on Ihe cuDmilMc of pririk j gM in nor. ISJIi, gav. i 
Lmilh, ouiUwfd in \he Co. McMK. and ^ in 1679 ; «. 
da. uf Kuid*ll, 1)1 nri of Antrim, and widow of laeaa 
Dillun, aud by hnr had IHUC, 

Matthbv, 7>h lord; aprocoi iamd tsootlawUB 
Init herf. in the same year, before tlie retarn of lite ed) 
■•.. Int, Janp, da. of oir Lnltc Fiu^vraU, and by her bi 

I.fli.iTr.B, Bthlord. 


, -2ilJy, Anne, da. of WUliam HaouhoD, nq.. a 

Olivch, Bth lord, wai ouUaned 1689, and it \^V, 
iuuo by AlaMla, 3d da. of Hmrj, vtununl Barnewall, 

SIattiiew, BLlilord, A. 1G»S, and d. 17M; ■. Sim 
of t.;iiri(taphar Uumi. of BUckheath, to. Knt, bM)., 

I. Oliver, loth lord. 


of Luko Nnifnlll-. 

m., ua d. in ITHT. Ml !■ 

t. of Kllk>u(hC'aHl*,a>.Tri>- 

Ilu lunUhiprf. 4 HarA I7SS, >nd >vH ninwded Lv hi* 3d hu. 

Thomas, 1 1ch innl, who vai reimird la hU imnk In ibv pMr- 
*«e in I71W ; BL, 7 July IROR, Jl■rgluv^ da. o( Kwuldl l^iin- 
hett, I3lh lord Diinmuiy, and by her (who rf-m., I April 1837' 
nujor TiidaD) h»d iraua, 

1. Tkoki*. prcMot lord. 

i. RAoniLt.MtiKKv.A.aiOrt.UlU 

_■ lordiiup i. Sfi June IB^ uid vm uictiMded by hi* wm, 

i Troka*, pr«Miit lord. 

^M*4r />rfnMpMw- Th> hon. R. M. PiuncTT. Ui lord. 

EDWAJtD DIOBV, Lotiti DIUDV, Buon of Gnihill. in 
Ae KiniF'* County t also k Peer at EujfUiid, l>y (he till« of Earl 
Digby, narnn Di(^y, of t^lieriMme, in Urcat BrJlaiu, D.C'.I>. : 
b</m G Jul. 177^ 

Si* EaBL Oronr, in Ihf Feerage nfEnf/lnnd. 
Ileir FrtmmpliM -TiM boii. uid r«v. KoberV Dionr, bni- 
iber tu the earl. 

CrAtflon — Baron lOSO. 

Baron of Monaghan, to. Monaghan, a Lieu ten anl-Ocneral In the 
Army ; fiorn 30 Nov. 1770 > uiiKeeded bia hnilher, Cadwalladw- 
Darii, lOth lord, 9 April 1784 ; narriof, fi Julv 1796, MabelJa, 

eldent da. uf Janin, lit earl of CaledoD, find baa ianic, 1. 

CADWALLADE8.DAVI8, b. fil Feb. ie03, M.P. for in. Mo. 
nn^OD ; 2. Anne, m., 20 Ncn-, 1013. capt. Ctarlet Oordon. 

, B-N.; 

-3. ELIJ! 


y tsia 


The family of Blagnrg is of Welsh e 
In descended from Codwallwler, kin;: of BHiud. S»wtu> 
BlanTv, b yonnger a«n of Tliuiaaa ap Jerui IJoyd Blayoif, 
■erred in ihe Kinles of queen Eliiabeili In the Low Ciiuni ' 
and sflcrwardt nccompanying the earl of K»ex to Ireland, to 
in that kingdom, and waa, by kinKJamei L, 30 July lr>dl,cnMM 
bartin Btagnry. of Mona^lian. Ho </. 1 1 Feb. I<i29, and wm auh 
ceeded hy his eldest luni, 

HexBV, 3d lord, who was kiUed in a haltlr- aeaioii O'Neik 
5 June I64n, leaving issue, GnWAKC. 3d, and KichaID, Hb 
lord; which Ust WBs father of HEKBr-ViHCExt. 6th kvt, 
iriio d. 1689, and of M'tLLiAX, Cth lord, who 4. I7« ' 

CADWAt.LAneB, tbe 7ih lord, m. Slary, da. of lbs b 
Tuehet, ad son of Merrin, earl of C'uilehaTen, and 
Charles Talt>ot, duke of Shrewihurj', and by her (who d. ii 
bad issue, 

1., 8lh lord. 
3. Cadwallader, 9th lord. 
Hii lordihip m., 2dly, 3 Aii^. 1794, Mary, only da. and Ibf' 
■ir Alexander Cairns, ban., lull had no issue bv her, whiKfc, 
Sdlv, col. Charies Murray, and iL m Aug. 1700. tils lordihip i. 
3 lAanih 1733, and was succeeded by his eldeac sou, 

CbaM-XS-TaLBOT, (Ith lord Blayuey, In holy orjo^ ■•., 3 
Nov. 1734, iaiuibeth, da. of Nicholas Mahon, e«|.. (b; Hcansr, 
da, of HeniT.Vinceat, Sih lord Blayney,) and had i«M)e, 

I. HiKiv-VmciirT, ■ho d. sn Infur. 
His lordship d. without aurririug iuiie male, and wna McceeM 
by hli broihor, 

Cadwalladeb, gth lord, b. 2 May 1720, m., 20 Dec. 176S, 
Sotdita, da, of Thomas Tipping, of BeauUeu, esq., and hod i* 

1. CAnwALLADER-DAris, luth tord. 
a. Andhew-Tiiohas, lltb lord. 

3. Sophia, m., 1788, John AnMlnmg, bm|. 

His lordship d. 91 Nov. 177^) and was stin^eded by his < 

Cadwalladeh-Datis, lOth lord, i. in 1769 
2 April 17B4, wu sumeeded by his onlv bnHher 
Akdbew.Tuouas, preseut and lltli lord- 
Heir jlf^iviit— Cadwalladeb-Davis, only son of hi* 1N 

CriufuHt— 23 July 1681 

armr—»tn PIWc m. Mbk. Ihne hnna^ bfacU «u»l iI ttw nmX MiaLlI 
On'— A hoiMT'i hen) caupeil *l th« neck ■'p'"' ("l^Ufd, guica, Wm M 
lt>ief^m~tim lionn nbl*. brhlM iiul uiMM. or. 'j 

PHILIP BHERARD, Lord $iR£RARD, en. Uiuim : miil 
Itaron Sbemrd, and Earl »f HarU>rou)(h in England ( born 2B 

Aug. 17!»7- 

Sm Eaki. tf U 
Hfir Ajrparrnl-- 

CONWAY Biid KIIJ.ULTAOII, co. Antrim : bIso Mnrquew 
and Earl uf Hertford, Vitcounl Dmictutmp, Lord Conw: 
Barun iT Ragley, in England, K.O. F.S.A. : lorn V 

q 11 March 



' ApponiU — RicHABi 
•alion — Baron Conira; and EiUultagh, oo. Antrim, IB Orl. 

and a Baronel or Ireland; Aeru II Nov, 17(IAi >uccerded li!> 
coiiiin, JoliD, the late Inril. -4 Jlorch I8O71 married^ 25 Jan. 
I7R3, Catharine-Cliurlutle, 3d da. xf Arthur Oore, 2d earJ of 
Ami), by Catharine, onl; da. of M'illinm Annnley, rinnninl 

This noble family ware originally (rated In Caermarllientbtrr. 
in the principality oT M'alea, TrDm vhence they remoiiMi in llie 
ra^n uf Jamea I. to Ireland. 

JoiiH EVAHS, the fint of the family that rame (nw, Kttlad 
at Limerick, when he vaa living in 1638. He left issue, 

]. GcirsOB, of DaTJyphLltp. CD. Cork. BftcTwarilv of DaUygTainuia CuUr^ 

I. Johni ■~. 

Z. DiaoRAfl, q. John BfAllcr, a 

Geoboe Evakb, esq. (the elder Km.) wrred in the xrmy 
raised to itipprFU the n^bcjlion of l&ll, wbjdi bdofC ended, he 
aeiiled at Boll ygren nun e Caille, in the co. of Limeritk, where, 
and in the ra. of York, he anjuired a contidenible ulate by a 
grant of land) under the acU ol tettlcmonl, and by several pur- 
chaMs. Ue H. Anne, da. of Thouiai Bunernian, of Cooliuah, 
CO. Cork, e«q,, and had issue, 

1. Right hoii. GcnRoE (his 



hi&'eldett Mil, 

Right huti. Oeoboe EvakS, □( Ciiherast, co. LdaHaiA; bt 
also was bred to the prDfesiiaii of the lair, but fiiUoteiog iht 
example of hia faUitir and lirother, he became rerf active ia ■»■ 
moling the revululion of 1600. After the reduaioa W Inteoil 
by king WtUiaiD, he nas retunied to pu'liaineot for Clurierilk:, 
ill the CO. of C'-ork, called into the prii-;- oaundl, made coilot n- 
tulanim of the oo. of Limerick, wtiich co. he n!)ire>eiited in par- 
lianienC in 1606. On the Boceniiui of Geor)^ I. to the thiOM, 
be wu offered & peerue, but dedined ic, and it w 
ferred on hii ton ; nu, m 167B, Mary, da. uf Johu E 
I'ourt (Jutle, CO. Galirav, eh,, M.P. for that a ' 
Uamenu, and d. Mkv 1730, W' ' 
I. Oeobqe, lit lord. 

~ " — In 1717, tout , 

■jf ailliUriyn, la Cat) 
olUn. of dsBMit, 4 
city, M.) mad hJn^ ' 

3. EUntefh. I 

Eyre.uf Eyn 

[tMii. I. UM>.iLlHii|hii.i]BlydB.ii<lkertefiW 

of IUitkpiiiuc,i;u«n*i CouaCj, liiit., ann* vmritim 
•quRta Intaad, indiiu-i ' "i i ~ * r 1 1. i if 

■- OHint Putluia, af Ntw 

7. EinAnm.. m. Uuiti M 
•than •he m nodn •.! llMt* 

tar Oi^iiiiiliUtT- 

Okobge, ddai win nf the Hg;hi hun. (itot^ Evui*, wu, 
9 Hoy 17l(, (dnring h<9 father** HfMime,} (msted baian Car. 
Aery, iritli remainder, In default iit Ibuf male of his hoiv, to 
the iame male of hit falher, m. Aiiue, ila. of H'illiaio StaMird. 
Of ffislherviek Hall, oi. Nnnluuniitaii. rw)., and eo-h. lo her 
bfMher, William tilaffurd, and I7 her (<rbo if. 30 Dec. ITS?) 

I. .«■■■'.^nrhi - ■ - 

3. GzoacK. 3d lurd. 

, graudraiher of the [ ir mu t lurd. 
'Hed ( 
I da- of Ricliard, !tih viMwuiit tiiiwiUiam, (by Franrta, only 

Ui> lonlablp d. m Aur. 1741), au 

Oeosob Er^Ha. id lurd L'arher;^, m-. 83 May I7lf2, Fnnrci. 

1. Oeobqe, Sd lord. 
• i. JouH, Sib liiriL 

•■ FaAXcn'vemi. w.. I», I* Oct. liW. Bdnvd-Wiflii WliMB, *h.i 
•«, »Oi, IhOK naiT- of Utteitia kJu, eo. fuMk, m^. ad A l> Mf 

HU lordahip dL 2 Feb. 1751), and waa aucceedad If U* ddeai 

UioaoK, 3d lord, ■- lat, 7 Feb. 1760, Juliana, 3d da. of 
'M Xnal, 4tl> carl of Uainabonmgfa, and bad itmle hj her 
d. IS Dec. 17CD) an ont^ child, 
j^t.lAaA.Kll Dk. ITU), m.. is .l»ril ITlfi, Edmd-UulDMi 

nil Mihip m., ^yl^is Dec I7S3, Elinbeth, 3J da. ol 
^riiiupber Iloruni, aC Cailon Hall, oi. Derby, eu|., and had 
Nue by h«r (wbu if U June-l78J) an tnily Mm, 

OEOatiE, 4tblnrd. 
lb lonUhipJ. 311 Ma-/ 1783, and waa mnceded by hi* only 

Osoftat, 4th kml. h. IH Frb. nG6, in., 13 Auj[. I7»S, ttumiii, 
d wie h. uf col. tlenry Watxm, rblrf eii^niwr in Heogaf, 
d BU UMie by her (who m., Sdly, SI Jan. 1800, Ueorge. 
Evan*, uf BulKudcn Ilall, co. Liinerirk, eai)., nod J. Nov. 
120]. Hi) lunkhip li. 'Jl Dec^ 1804, uut was auuMeded by hii 

Joiix, Mb lord. b. 173a, M.. 16 April 1750, Eici&a, 4th da. 
at WflUwD (.'imre, dean nf Clonferl, and but iuae by her, (irho 
" 0JUI.1HOO.} 



8. FmoccB-DniiDTBEA. i. s July t;<M. «., 

i M»lltA-Jl>M«Kll,*.WS*l't.i:W, m., li ,. — ^ 

Ilia lorilsliip d, 4 March Idffl, without male Isaac, and wt0 
su<xeei)ed by his cousin, lir JoBW Etavb-Pbeks, of (^^ 
Freke, ban., gntndsou of the hou. John Evans, nf BuJgaim 
Hall, CO. Ltmerick, youngest >on of iieorgSf the lit lord Ctf* 
berv, whoM deMsnt we now proceed to trace. .^ 

Jons Etavs m., June 1741, Grace, only da. of lir HiW 
Freke of H'est Bihiey, co. Norfolk, and of Castle Freke. e^ 
Cork, bart., (by ElUabeth, eldest da. of sir Jobn Meade, bntt^ 
luiCfiBtor of the earls of ClaiiwilliBni,) and ildter and ■deh.K 
her brgilier, sir John-Redmond Freke, the last ban.., fepr u ~ 
for the dty of Cork, and if. in France, I71SO, leariiig i« 


in.Elinbeth,dLot RkhudBgchiT, oT IlotylBD(ik,t*^.«A 

4. rr«nc«. "1. Ji)>in Miinl! an', of Ballimurl, eo. LtannVk. 
t. m. EUuboih, dn. of Rabat Woodoxk, aq.. and rf. Icariac la 

8. Cathahtkr, ni. GRMge Putlmd, «q-, il. 

0. Jmn.m. BlchMdc™c(r.»it..ofBo«l«T. Oiirm'i County, ■l«nt|al_ 
John, 3(1 ton of the bon. John Evans a»d Oiace Fitdt*, «•> 
snnieil the name and arms of Freke, piirsiinnt (o llie *lll af U* 
uncle, WHS created a bart., 1708> and, on the death of his rUv 
iirother, succeeded also to the palemal estate. Be m,, is Jolv 
I7M, Elixalieth, 3dda.Df ArthurOote, eariof Arrui, and M 

1. 8irJ 

I, his successor, present lord. 
dQwof Qmge.MhlonlCHlimv, lad "'" ' 

. Apm 1; 
I* am, n 

i^dfc ittbrtaopbti tttn^ 

a. Jsn^iana-DDmlhea, (. ID Tcb. Itmi. 
a. CiSaitoM^bukKIe, 1. 10 Mnj 16(8, 4. IB 
4 PcTCT-AucustuB. !□ iFwSTrny. 

r John d. ao March 1777< and was succeeded by fail « 

4 March I8O7, as Bth 
lusio, John, fith lord, witlioM 

:t brother tu ibe present lord* 



MER, Bonin of Bolnth, co. Mmtb, and Bwvnet at Irelaod. 
K-CB-i a Lieut.-Oenernl in the Army, GoTemorof ih« Canadu, 
and Inie AdjulHnt-tienend in Irelaod : bom 24 Slajr HTJl : *>ic- 
ceeded hii father, Uenty, Uie lalE Uird, '22 Ot'l. ITBft i took Uu 
name and anna ot Wlutworlh, in addition in Aybniir, by rayal 
tiga manual, 1S33( marrieil., i Aug. IMI, Iiouiui, Sd da. of nir 
' John CaU, of WbileTord, co. Cornnalt, ban. 

!>ir CnniSTOFiirR Atlmer. of Dalrath. m. Mcatfa, wat 
cmted a bamnec of Ireland, IC63, d. \G]9. IIU ad »an, 

Mattbcv, wa« rear-admiral of the red, and was created hann 
Aglaier, of Balraih, do. Aleath, 171S, «. Sarah, da. la Edward 
Ellii, at the dij of Ijoodon, E*q., aiid had imie, I. Hembt, 
3d lord : 2. EEiabalhi 3. £uey, m. Hugh ForI«wme, e«q., to 
whom (be wai the 2d wife, and was mother of MmiJifw For. 
tHCuc, esq., *ho sucreeded the Furl, hii half-lirother, in the 
barony of Vortetciie, in Enf[Uiid, 2 May ITGI. Hit lurd^ip d. 
Ill Aug. 1734, and was Burceeded by bin mhi, 

Hekbt, 2d lord, m. Elizal-eth, da. of Henry Prieetman, ««q., 
and bv her (who d. Jan. UM) had iaue, 

% HEBBT.'Sdlord. 

a. pBii 

, In holy nrdert. prcbAiiUrj ol 
t lordahip i. SK Juno 1704, and wi 

I. Bd tiar of «i 

by hi* cddMt 

•. of William Pnnx, 
.. , .. , , . o rf- 24 Oct. 17fl«,) a 

da., Anna, m. to mr. Teiicket : and, 

HtvBV, 4lh lord, (who aUn niineeded to the baroDelcT ; 

created, in )(HI3. on tlie death. In 17B0, of Iiit kiniroan, irir 

Hattbev, 6th ban.,) «., 23 Feb. 1774, Catharine, ad (iMeT of 

Chnrla, eart Whitworth, G.C.&., and had Inue hy her, (who 

■MP., 32 Sept. 17B7, liowel Price, eeq., and d. 9 Jan. IMS,) 

m£-\. MoTTliEw, jireseat lord. 

t. He»«i.M*rf«»17I«,*.4l , _. 

' " -"■ " .■•> —.~^<r — . .. u . iioci^im- 

'. Mini K.s.'[f. ™pufl 

». Ho»i:-WMiiw«MH.t.Son.l7?J. 
UU tordihip if. n Oct. 17U6, and wai niMceded by hla wm, 

Uatthkw. prcMni and 4tb lord. 

Arir />raai>ipfiD«— Fredemcx-Wii.LIam, hii lordoh 

CreaHoHi — Baronet of Irriand, lIMiS; and Baron, 1718. 
I Jrmt-attlttttm. QiunntT- IMudUh. Ar|<Bi. ■ bud lUili.iii 

JOHN MAXWELL, Babok FAHNH-431, of V^mbtm, a. 
Cavnn : a Privy CoimiteUar ia trelaad, OoT-emor of to. Cmia, 
Coluticl of iho Ckvui Militia, Hid one of llie R(^r«MiRiuiici 
Peen for Irslniid ; lucoeeiiled hii couniri, Ji-)iaJataet Barrj. 
Maxwell, late BU-l i>f Fftmbnni, Tiacourit and Inruu Famluuii ia 
the uid bBioiiy unly, 24 July 1S23 ; nuirrird, i July IJtO, Ju- 
tiaiia-Luoy, eldeai da. of Artbur, earl of Mouiilnorru. 

Thi* funily )■ descended from s branch of the earli of Xillua* 
dale. Sir Hcrbebt aiAXWELL, wa» antdtor of HeiW^ 
created 1434, haron MixwfU, of Uolaveruck, whitge deundanl, 
RnliDTt, Iwd Maxwell, wai ci«ated, 16III, earl uf NiUtodik 
Sir Johii Maiiretl, only lirolher of HerLien, wa> iuic«sutr of • 
branch wbicli xiltled in Ireland in the rwsn uf qiMvn KQiabeili. 

JoHH Maxwell was crmled, 17^6, Iwrun uf FamKam, a^ 
8 June 17I!t, Judith, h. of Janiea Itamr, of Newton Barry, CO. 
Wexford, eH|., and Lad iwuie by her, (who d. a April ITTI.) 

1. ROBEBT, 3d lord. 

S. BABRr, »d lord. 

X H»*T, biihopor llHtti.whanierHilst taihCBDUH nf hu milfn4 
ETWd/UIWT. «. MirauM, only da. of AntNiuT Faxn. loM cbli/ Iwbagtitr 

cxditquei In IieUnd, and d. 7 On. IJW. Itavbf f 

I. Joux-MAxwaLL, prewnc Inroi 

^ t. ._..-. '-ntia^aS^ITWjWyAllM 

itpJ'ai'"""" "" ~ 


». M«iiry, ui a«y oroen. Hk, a a«pu ,. . ..^. 

HarT^ThBBH*. oiri of t^Vw- ■'^dhB tatu^l. {I™r» k » -tnc. I^ 

■M. : 3. &flu«ar-RliMnl, k in Oct. IMCi 4. Ibmitir-ilarm 

Hav Iwi;. In Uh anni i «. CkvbvJMvt, k Uu iw 


L AH^ 16P(b.llU3. luviii^n.Uieii(lii)uii. OocnWj-nM, bh 
[])* lordihip >(. 6 Aug. 1 JfiO, and wai miceeeded by bFs eldof 

KoBinr, Sd lord, wu prenled, 1701), rlicouut Fanihain, and 
adi-anced to the dignity of earl of Famham ; m,, Ut, SJ Dml 
I7i>!'. lIcnriFiia, nninlns dowager of Scaffurd, and tale h. dt< 
Philip CaniUlan, eH|., and by her (who d. SO Aug- Utl)) hM 

The earl «., arflv, I Der. I77I, Samh. ti.ler of Dndlejr, 
Sydney, and rf. IG Nov. 1770, wiihoiit iituc mule, when the 
dom l>M»Qie extinct, and the Laniuy duioli vd uii hia btMber 

BaSlir, 3d lord. rr«M«d Htrount Famham, I78O, and ad- 
nuKcd (O tlia digait; of carl tJ Famhuii, 33 Judb IfSA, m., 
lit, 15 Jan. i;al, Maffr>n<i 2d da. and ro-li. of Kobon Kinft, 
of Dreiuuu, 00. Aleath, e>q., »ad liy bu (wbo ± 4 Deu. 1770) 

Hii lordihip n., Mhr, 5 Aug. 1771, Onrr, da. of Artbnr Bur- 
den, ttH; and br her (who d. B Marrh IHIOl had iuue, 

4. Caii-a, M. RiMi Ooni, »■., iinihn (g fh* odI of Rn^ 

a. fii.>uaan. 4. Jan. IRK. 
Ttu <*rt rj. 7 Oct. I80n, and waa •uccmdad by hu k>d, 

JoBM-JiHe*, 4ili baroa and 2d cvl, «. Uncr, unly da. of 
Thutoai Culfe, of Grange, co. Kilkenny, *sq., and d. wiibnui 
iuua, 34 July 1823, wbea ihe ewldotn Kud viiomiity ut ['am. 
ham becaoM tgaia cxunct, Uul dia baroiiy of Faruhan devulvnd 

Joux Maxwell, prewnt and Sth baron- 

i/nr /'ri!«inif/ii«— The rer. IIesbv Maxwell, Uie baron '9 

Cnatim — nhO. 

doo, CO. Kerry, in Holy Ordera, ttMtor of Caaileitland, 00. Kanyt 
D.D. ; hvm I Nov. I77I ; auaWHM hi* lit cnuiin, John. 3d 
carl of OlanduiT, in the barony of Brandon, 33 Oct. lUlt, wbm 
llkK till«* of rarl of (ilsndure and Timiunt Croabi* lircnnia •>- 
(inct; marfwif, 3 May 1815, Cmilia, ridcat da. at David La. 
loqdie, of Upton, nq-i'lcniirhl nf tha aliira. en. Cariiiw, hv lady 
f>cUU L4«Nm, 3d da. uf Juarph, In earl of Mikown, and had 

inue, 1. Maitbke, b. 2fl June ISlfi, d. an infant; -1. 

Elizabeth, b. 1817 ; 3. Cecilia. 

Sir Maubice Cbobhie, Ut lord Branlon. wa* lo cmled IG 
Sept. I7G8, m., Dec I7IS. AnncFitzmanrirp. eldeil da. of 
Tbomu, earl uf Kerry, and niilcr of John, carl of bbelbunie, 
fiither uf WiUiam, Itt man^iuiu of Lanadownc, K.U., and by 
ber (who d. \^ Dec 1767} bad inne, 

I. William, lit earl of (Jhuidore, and rimnint Craabip. 

ADBica. dMui of Unwrlck. i. M Juw inn, hivhu m., 

llHMti, d*. and (o-h. of WUUin Oita. of KUnaicGy, w 

IT Aptfl 11(71 ha* u Aly da.. 

I. Ukabatt. <■., E4-aid Moon, of M— 

b, aOf, 14 Aiu. t;<B, Ptm CmndM. tDuavnt 1I1 

Rarr Ctifiitllah. bin., ibv Pyu, da. indcu-^uurluiil 
"-•ft*|wh«d. lAOcl.lHUDiad Wc. 

% William, preaeat baron Brandon. 


Hii lordiliip d. 20 Jsii. 17(S, and » 


William, 2d lord Brandnn. wlio wmi. 30 Nov. 1; 

riKOUiit Croebie, of Ardfert, and, ^2 July IjTC, luin. . _. 

dignily of etirl of Olundorei n>., ItC, !0 N»t. 17*A, ThcodMii 
BRgb, 3d da. of John, eurl of Damley, (by Thtud.Hik nrde, b*^ 
roness (Tlifloti, of lieighlon Brnmowold, in her nwn rigti). oa^ 
da. of Edwud, 3d earl uf I'larendon, and heir.«ener>l of Chada 
Stuort, diiks of Ridunund oiid Leimoi,) and by hec (oIhi 4. tfk 
May 1777) bad inue, 

1. MiirsrcB, 1. 1! FEb. 174». A 10 Not. roUowtaf^ 

S. Joax, 3d earl. j 

3. AxHi, 1. 1] Dt. ITU. ■!.. M>T 17TJ. WUllui Tdlul. of Mourn T^aUr 
n>. Rwomaim, cu.. ud A Fib. IJis. 

t. THuDDMurSjJyiMlTW. 

S. AMiicLu. ». II oa. UK. >■■. n Feb. ITn. th* hm. E4nrd WiM. M 
maa o( BamMTd, viimunl Hangot, * ID Not. ISiSi 

Tbe earl m., adly, 1 Nov. 1777, J">e, da. of Edward V< 
etq., rulitt of John Ward, esq., by nrhmn ho h»d Do it 
ear] 4. 11 April I7SI, and wnt luccecdcd by lui aou, 

Jou», 2d etu-l, n., 2G Nov. 1777. Diana SaokTlllf-. ddnt da. 
of Geor^ce, 1st viicounl Sncki'ille, niFce of John, 3d duhe uf Dur> 
■et, and by her (who d. 39 Aug. 18141 had no iune. Tha earl 4. 
20 Oct. 18I&, irhen llie earldom and riicaunly became extioitij, 
but tbe Iwrnny devolred on bi> lat couiin, 

William, tbe present banm. 

Heir ^pparfnL-^SonC' 

CrtaHim—lO Sept. ITS8. 



■Three ewcirdi protH^Tp ]> 
moA WH. la pal* pobil doi 

nl ilo«n"KiJ>. »I>faicd if 1 fluik* i>iupa. 
rcii*T(Un( prupB. duollf ivlkvAj hmI chalairi q^' 

JOHN LVSACnT, Bibon LISLE, of Mountnortb, 
Cork ; Wn 4 Dec I7B0; niaxeded bit father, John, tbe ttttT 
lord. 9 Jan. I70R : maTried. 14 Seft. IB09. Sarah, eldnt da. oT 
" 11 Ctibb, of Invemeu, North Britain, esq., and by her hi 

The family of Lgmghl is davended from the amant bouw df 

JoHX LraAonr. eu., wan, |8 ^t. 17^ treatvd baron LiiU, 
of Houninonb, co. Cork, m., 1st, i;3S, Calbarine, 3d da. aiid 


1. John, Sdlord. 

DcKKnilr. ui'il <. irltbOHt bnie. t \<ig. 

Moore, of Moorcsfort, 04., and luul iuue by her, (who iL Nov. 

Ilil litfdihip d. IS July I78I, nuit waa lucceoilAil I'V lii* elil 

Joav, Sd lord, m., 177", BlarUiuie, da. nf Genr» Cnnnnr, 
BallylKikeD, aq., uid by her {wbii iL 19 Oct. ISIA] luul tuut 
I. JoBM, 3d lard. 



s, Gwau'l-KBldlil, fi. April l«l. 
7- CtihnkH, b. ts Srociiax. 

3. ELiMii™, 
Ilil lordtbip d. a Jan. I79B, a 

wB> lucmdHl bf his eldnt 

JoHM, present and 3d lord. 
Htir PretuMplir* — (IeoroE, brother to the pi 
Creation— 18 Sept. 176B. 

EDWARD CLIVE, Baboh CLIVE. of Pl«»-ey. m. Ws*. 
font : Baron fljve, Bsnui Potri^ DarUD Herbert, Vi-nnunt Clire, 
and Earl of Powis, III EoK^uid, D.C.L. ; bom ? Slanrli 17^4. 

^ Creafhn—lUToa Clive, 00. Weiford, 17C2. 


CO. Wenford ; Earl and Bapon of Miilgrai-e, of Mul^rvve C«lll«, 
in EnKlana, G-aS., F.R., and H-A., a GencrBl in the AntJ. 
Colonel iiC the 3li>l R^nmeut of Foot, kiid GaTaniar oT Sarba- 
raugli; bam 14 Jan. 17^.^. 

SmEmi. q^MuLGBAVB, in Ihe Pttrag* tf E»glmitd. 
Heir .IppurvtW.— BKUBV-CoMcrAVTiiiK, vitCDunt Nva. 
iiANsr, the earl's son. 
Crealjon— Baron, I7C8. 

Iiohnrt Culle, co. Cork ; and alio Btron Anlen, of Arden, Co. 

Wurwivk, 3n .Inly 1B(I2, Lord-Li eutenani and Cuno* Ralul»- 
nun CO. Pembniku,, and A.S.; txtru 1 Oct. I7«I. 

5» Baboh AaDEM, in the Feerage t>f Ettgtand, 
Heir -Ipparrnl—Joiiy, Lit lardshi)i's ton. 
Crtalim — Baron, 1770. 

B Baronet of England ; bom 'A April I60S ; Ricc«oded Ida (atber, 
Tliomai, ihs Lue lord, 13 Oi-c lUO?. 

Tbis ancient family derlrei Ita d«c#ni from throe of Uia eA- 
brnled chieTi, nho were heads of the nfteeii trilMs of Nortli M'al* 
Bf the mtde line, from the TTyiiiu of Bodvean, in Llevu, «Ihi 
was deaoended from CoUuyn ap Tat^ui, lord of Ardudiry ind 
Eilianydd, who flouriilied ehout the beginning of the 10th oal- 
lury, and renideil at Harlech Caatle, thea collttd Bromwcr^ 
Tuirer. Bv the female line, from the Glynru oS Olfn-J^OSiM, 
descended ftma Cilm'm Droed Ddu^ nephew of Menia TrfA, 
king of Man, and whoM midenee «ru on the (ite of th« joiB- 
cipal Wat if the present Lranch of the farnilv. Aim from ihl 
n'ynru of Mehii, and the Abliey, descended j'rom MardtmM^ ^ 
Cynon, lordnfUTch Dulaa and'Abergvle, who lived in ibe llr~ 
of Rudri Mawr, king of the Britong, about the year MS, ■ 
torided at Llvn Bryn Ffanigle. 

JoRy Wtxh af Huoh. gtandardJieBm- at the battla d 
Norwich, A.D. l&4y, in the reiga of Edward VI., n as r 
tor his UTvices n-ith the iiland of Rardney. still in the pi 
of the family. He m. Elimbolh, da. fk lir John F 
whom he hud iuue, I. Hugh-Gaynii-Bodvel ; 2. flifAc-. ., — 

TuoMAS, m., lit, Elnabeth. da. of On-en-OriSth StMirfa^l 

Wi|.iafPI&fiDu: and 2dlv, Susanna, da. of sir r " "* " 

ban., 00. Carabridfeshirij.'and by her had iseue. 


GiirriTH. irha m. Calliarine. da. at WilHain VtUKbma, CV)., 
«f ConyHcdol, a>. llHfnwtkttiin, and liv hn liad umi«. 

T>iOKAK,onMW ■ huooM. S6 Orl 1742. m. t'nuvM. Mik 
h. af Jiriui Olyiui. of Glynn UitBO, M.. uid lij her h^ iM»e, 

I.Wr J>.ua, Sdliut. 

Sir JORN. M bnt., n. Jui>, h. of JiAn H'rt.n. nf M(l>l. a>. 
CtnMf^ «B^., iBd W hn- (who d. t* Mrf 17S4) had iune, 
I. ^ir TnovA*, In bftmn Nevhomuith. 

Sir TaoMU, 3d ban., wu cnated, 14 Julv 1771, bvon .Vnr- 
AoroupA, ah, In, I7(IA, CaUurin* Fercaval, eldeit da. of Joho, 
cn4 of EipnoDt, (by Calbarinc Cwil. da. oC Jufan, «ari rf S«1m- 
bur;-,) and by her (who d. April 17B8) had iauie. 

I. JaB<<. fa., Oct. 17a, Lou, da, at De Hm TIUh Vuwrdjaky. gf tiK 
Mieuc (vho ■•., Mil, ihe ic. dr. nnaMiV,! aad A If D«. law, slttoul 

HUlordibipaL, 2d]y, .Maria-Stdla Fe(rr>tiiQ*,iiicce ef (ha hi* 

Eaeral Chiaupfni, in ih> tmuerial terrice. uid marrhtnua of 



id by her (itlio ■ 
, prenwii Inrd. 

3dly, II Sept. 1810, b 

Hii lordship >l. I2 0ct.la07, aodwaiauoceedadbyhiioklHt M 

TnOMA*-JOHK< preHnI and 3d lord. 

Hfir /Vrnnjrfin— MrE^iCER-BuLaerzr. only brother M I 

€>Mfia)u— Baronn, 36 Oot. IT<St Baron, I770. 

vn--— Twu UcHu guls, *Ih dnm fQi^™*!!^ ■ r^"a ^^'l'" ^' ^iMii 
n- ncun <tc U> Dt I Itie ifaiMoiiafnl wdti ■ plain nillu arfm, ck*n 


MALD, of 8lBto, m. Antrim, and a Butmet <if Kov% 

l»Jgf-Oen. in the Army, and lat« CoL Ut Fout^Ouanla 

*lnrnu> J 


ISootia, I 


14 Oct, 17T&: auxeeifH hU brother, AlnanderWeiilwonb,l>iie 
lord, IB June IS24. His lordUiiii took tbe tiimunc of Bdndit 
in addidoo to biuI kfler ihai uf Mocdoaild, ponuuit ui ibe wiS 
of M* nutemBl lUicle, William BocviUe, of Ounth«ait«, tn. I'oft, 
nq., inn, tut ciQ bii niccastua to the title, reaumcJ the nwcxf 
BlBodoikBlil ; married, 15 Dae 1803, LouMa-SIaria, da. of ¥*e>j 

Ednir, mid hu juue, 1. JAMES-WFLLIAM, ft. 31 On. 

IStO; 3. WiLLiAU, h. 10 Sdpt. 1817; 3. Elus^ueth- 

DiAHA, i. 27 Fob. 1804, m., SO JuDe 11^ Danean DinuD, 

e>q., eUnt Mnof Henry DaviwD, ofTuUrvh, N.B.. esq. i L 

Julia, i. 30 Oct. 1605; S. SuBAH-Hi'SSEr, A. 3A Aof. 

1607: 6. DiAXA, b. 13 April 1819! 7- Jake, & K Mw 

18IS! B. Mahiamne, J. 27 July 18l6j 0. OctaviV- 


Bis tonlihlp ii repmencatirc of the very ancipnl bodit tf 
MacdODBid, lard* of tbe Idea, a f^unil^ of Norwegian origto, aOt 
lung independent of the Sontlish kinf^ In tbe lima even of 
king Richard II. of England. DoNALD M'DoHAtD, then lord cj 
the hkt, entered iat« a treaty wjtb that monareh, on the inde- 
[lendent Killing of a luvereign prince, lie b>. Uargaret Leilfi 
onjv dn. of Eiiphemia, ooiinleat of Rosi, and auumed the itlle <d 
earl of Roai, wbiuh wu oIm enjoyed by hii xm, ALeSjtvnU, 
and hi« f^ndwm, John, which latter ww outlawed, and fall 
earldom forfdied, 1481. From HuoH Macdohald, oest bro- 
ther of John, earl of Run, descended, la the Sth degren, 

Sir Donald BIacdokald, of SlBt«, who wai creaiej ahatt, 
of Nova Sculia, 1630, and d. 164H, leafing a Bon and bdr, 

8tr Jauei, 2d hart., fiLtber of 

>>lr Dokald, 3d ban., in, Jllary Douglas, only ^td of Ruben, 
earl of Mortnn, (by Anne, da. of lir Kdnard Viflier*, pnaidcnt if 
Muiuter, eldest brother of (ieoi^, duke of Buckingbaio, aol 
■iiter of William Villien, viacount QrandlHii,} and had imiic, 

1. Sic Donald, 4lh ban. 

S. James, Gth ban. 

*. lAAvaLLA, m. tir Atntntln Bmnmnui. but. 

A. QAnDAhA, KbcnL MnolcmaM.erKrptiocX- 

Sir Donald, 4th bart., m. .^Iiiry, da. of Donald MacdooaU. 
of CaitletoQ, and d. I7IB, leaving iuue. 

Sir Donald, who </■ hhir. I7X), and the title dcTolred on hia 

Sir James, 6th bart., m. Miuy, da. of Alexander Madeod, of 
n he ha.! issue, 

□riihernii, esq., Iiy 

1. A LEX ANDES, 7th ban. 

lie rf. at Forrei, 1719, and n-as ■uccccded by his son. 

Sir Ai.EXAHoEB, 7ih bart., who m. Slargaret ftloiitginnei^* 
da. of Alexander, 0th earl ofEglialoou, and had iuue by hMt 

(vho d. 30 Apnl 1799,) 
1. Sir Jahci, eth ban. 



a, AlEiisOBb, In lord JMacdoiiald. 

a. TM ri|bi Inn. lit Ancmui-D. but., tnmtaonau 
tmroo 4if L1» m hcijun Ln En^luid, ■rrcitle'l h Biui^ qf the 

llBr>.h*'liutludiauibTha. {i>bD<j7!%J> 

I. Slit Jabii. pnnirt tun., i. Marin 171H. 1^. lit, Kiuitinn, aa. oc 
JBtn SnDiow.jBT BWlBn. to. $>i»in(. n|.l Md. Mil. Kaoc. in*, 
Sorhl* KrrOEl, iMBldM. ii(1«iJI)ui-l.liulB, Mil g< AttcmoU. «lu A 

ihD. luctonlbkhop^LiBiW 

ir Ateuuder d. Nov. 114tf, and ww •ucceadad bt hi* Matt 

[ Gr Jakes, 8ih bun., d. unn., at Rome, 36 Julf 1708,Mid 

■ nuxredrd by hii brother, 

Bk Ai.ES«HDEi> MucoiijiAi-n. 9Ui ban., and In bed. wka 
WM crsMtd Wd Mtdonaid, of >ilue. oo. Antrini. 17 Juljr I77A. 
m.. a Ma; 1768, Eliiobelh-IKuia. Mnt da. of OadTrcv llnvilK 
of OunlbvniLo. to. York. «u].. (by Uiiuia. ridot da. ^ tir Wit. 
liam H'entwarth, haru, of Breltoii.) by wtuin (who d, 10 Oo. 
nm) be had iNDc, 
' I. Aa-KSAKDiR-WRNTwoaTa, lalD lunl. 

rGonrHK*. pnaeni lord. 
AKaraiLD, k » M*T 1777. M-. K Oct. isrit, JUH. Dvaoat^Hat- 
iV'jIlcUtMkl. B, 17 Aur. IMS. 
X.Muy,hUISM(. l&i. 
1. cWphdi. ^ ill Juiw mm. 
' A EllBlietti-mua. i. (9 Oct. lan. 


Hi* kirdUup il. 13 Sept. I7PC, and 

inmecdid by hli tided 

ffrir vlppOf*n/-J*>iE»-Wii.LIAJi, liii lord«hip'« «on. 
^...... "--met, 1629 ! Baron, 17 July 1776. 

, OUMIHI7. lu HicHlh. OiunrrliDf*. IB. A 

_ _ __ el flE^dnk^ J>rd, ^ 
■ IjiBphr-" ■— —"— .-1'. k;.._i _j I .1 Hi. i>k 

24 April 1777; ■ucnxideil hii fatlier 6 Dec tUUI j martial Ft- 
(rjdki da. of Ricliard Thonuu, hh)., and lui iuue,— — -I. Eo- 
wabd-Henry, 6. 8Niw. 1798, wmetime M.P. for BiwOiingleT, 

d. 10 Aiig. 1B39; 3. CAaot-iNC, L. 13 Dh. 17!M). a^ It 

Oct. ISaa, Heorr Hlodter, esq., M.P. for Heyusburrt 3. 

WILLIAM, 6. '3 Feb. 1800;^ -4. Geobcx-Warbch, ». » 

Mb; 18U2; 5. Elizabetb-Qeokgi^ha, &. 15 Mmy IHH: 

6. Leer, 4. 21 April 1806. d. 1819; — ~7- Rica*«D, 4. » 

Oct. 1S07 1 a. John. b. 2& April 1809, d. 19 Dec 1816 : 

9. Jahe. & 24 Oct. 1811 ; 10. Cqarlks. ft. 7 Aug. 1815; 

11. AdElE, b. IfilG, rf. 1822:^12. Thomas, & M Oct. 


FbaMCII Edwabdei. of UiverfardveM, esq., < 
■n kncienc W»Iih ramily. m. EUzabeih, dL of Kiiben lUc^ Mri 
of Warwick mnd HiiUuud, andbaran of KnuingUMi, aodbadiMia 
bf her, EdtraTd-HintTy, FmnBU, William, and iMcjf, 

William, 3d and irtilyBurvivimgwHi, (uccceded,aa thsdcatk, 
wilhoiil iuiie, 1721. "f Edward-Henry, earl of Warwick, smiA- 
■on of Ruben above named, u ibe etates of the Rich nnDr, 
and wiu created b peer (if Ireland, bv the title of baron Keymtg 
Mn, an July 177^, >"■> 10 June 1762,' Elizabeth, joungtot da. ad 
co-h. of WiUiam \t'arTen. of LoiiKTidge, tn. Pembroke, aw}-, and 
byher(whorf. IS Nov. 1814) bad iuue a >on, 

William, present li>rd. 

Hit lurdibip d. 13 Dec. IBOl, aged 90, and was tucceeded by 
hii only son, 

William, prawnt and 2d lord. 

//fii-.^p;>art7>f— Hon. WlLLlAH-EDVrAM>e>. eldest lurviij^ 


July 1778. 

COTE, of Balamore, co. Longford: Lord Lyttelton, Banw of WoreeBter; i«m27 0ct. 1762- 

Sn Lord Ltttelt 

Heit ApparetU — Tliebou. Geo hoe- Willi; 
faia lordnhip'i son. 

Cnartni— Baron WeitODte, 21 July 1770. 

Wtrden ; bor» » Slay 1503 | aiKncded hli /athcr, llobcn, the 
— ■ ■ — Ang. IH14, 



of O/tgttf, « K'''*!' 

> Ml' 

.ev-OdoLKlr, 1h lord Oni^oy, (dncendnl from 

lev. <i<. ItrrWA tawiatd tlie ■uriiame and un» 
■pliinr uM nnr of lir Sunuel Un^aj, hnl. ; 

0>«<fy, nf Uia W'unlru, 3U Jul)' I77« i hit lonbUp m., 4 Mkf 
17S3, KnuniH, da. »iul cu-h. of Kietiard Uuafrigbt, at l^aigtau 
Halt, CD. Kiiiim. cm., and baii iiiue, 
1. HoKKiiT, 3d bnt. 



I^^HUllwShip d. 83 Oct. 1809, *ii4 VM noMdel bj Ml tMMt 

[^JU»EiiT. 2d lord, i. 31 Oct 1771. «•, il July 1801; Fnnoti, 
^f da. of 1ieut..gen. air Julin nurgajnic, of Sutum. nL Bodfonl, 
. ,_Wt-, {bv Chariulle, eld(»t da. of gat. Jnhiiiuioe, n( OTcnUtH), 
FW' Northainpinn, who m., 2dty, gea. Evrr-PowKr-Trenvli La 
f Jtocr, bmher of W illiam, Ui (hI Cluicariy.) aud liad iuua, 
~ IZBT, Sd harcn. 

noDV-lliira'y, A- SlPrb. (»«, capuMguarJa- 
_. _ _ iDtf-HaiiLrr. b. U Aprtl 18U0< Ueui. Lit iiunb. 

ft. ruwaa-ELitiBiiTu'. e. la Mty iMs. 
7. Caaaunra. ft. » June Wl*. 
Hi! lorddiip ± 20 Aug. 1814, and was uictfctled tiy his eldcat 

RORKIT, pmenc and 3d lord. 
Htir PretampltM — The han. Mo 1 

On^eT, of DM Wanlen, 20 Joly 177& 
liummAj. lu hhI (III. Aiit«>i, ■ rsH (uls— Oaai 

Hl'OHHAMON MAKSV, Banok MA.SSV, of DanUi- 
league, eo. Ijmerid; torn 13 Feb. 1708; Huwacdad hia falhef, 
Hi^ the laie liird, 20 June III13; •urrini. 22 Juiw IR2(I, Ala. 
lilda, ytHiiigeit da. of Luke While, of Wuodlaudi, co. Dulilio, 
ew}., and baa iawe, HUUII, i. 14 AprU Ida;. 


The family nf Masty, derive their naoiG from tfae ton ■sd 
■ndenE lurdahip of Mitxsjr, in Normandy, thrar plaw of reautcow 
at the litaa Normuidy wiis conqHeFed by Rullo, in the jrear Sit, 
Bi which peHnd they were ityledlordi of Musy. BahOk Mjsit 
wa» crented one of the eight temporal peen* oo. CiieM«r, bv i^ 
title of lierou of Dunham Mauy, ly Hugh Lupui, mrl palatine 
of thsl county. 

Hugh Maskt went m-er in Ireland a raininander in the mtmj 
sent to repren the rebellion nf 1G4I ; his grmiton. 

Colonel HttQS MA«ay, ofDuntrileage. r». LimeHck, b. 168S, 
«. EJiaabetb, da. uf the right hon. Oecrge Eraiu, tuher at the 
lat lord Carbery, and had inue, 

I. Huaii, lit lord Masay- 

i. CuurMV. inholfor 

UuQH, eldcsE aoQ, b. VJftO, viia created liaroii JUattf, 4 Ane. 
177^ tn., lit, Mary, da. and h. of col. Junes DawHin, uf Baffi. 
HBCourtT, CO. Tipperaty, by whom he had iuue, 

t. UtfOn, adlnrd. 

S. Jun,li.10Oct.l7», tooktheiunumeiirDainca, la •ddllbatto^ 
afUf tlial or MiBV, m. Mary, d*. of John Lanurd, «q.. ud hul inue, 

1. ItllHbethi ■•■ Hobm Comiitaa Solcon, hi. , 

«.P. tor Clonndl, l. ITK ■>.. 11 ' 
rb D«tuiU. t?q., ud bia liwc |> 

4. F-tiEAKHTK. n.. lil.JolmAithut.orsnllt' DunmiTRuy, en. Cork, InR., UHl >(. .. : ..„ 

Hi* lordship m , 9dly, Rebeoca, da. of Franoii DiuUap, lateOT- 
Antigua, esq., by whotn he had, ^" 

& PaAHtia-Huaa, b. 13 Jan. I7II. m., 7 July 1777. Itn*. iota da. ■4' 
Cullum. ot Doblla. EH. ohkh 1^ i. Aug. lillS. 

5. Evaa, t. IS FebTlVn. m-, iU, . *») lud buu-. 

Ada., ■>■ rnwdi Sadler, of .Sainer^Wdlt, CO. Ttppennr. no. 
He M., aMf, Bito Htad, da. of gm. Hwl. ud A Nov. IBM. Invtm 
7. OMBKar, b. I» Aug. 17M, -- J-l* "™'- Ell"l«h- •""> .1^ 
Oagei of Hayitown, co. Dubhn, 

I. Uuflb. n., « Nov. II 

■a. Oeonc RoWiB, 

t, RtHatcA-FaAHCan, m. CrcDigeRobtiliu, of llyiaDnitoiaD 

liK Cabollkb, m, WUUam ButLar, uf Dtame, CO. Tkppcvary. c*^ 

Hi* lordahip 4. 30 Jan. I788, and was aiioKieded by hii^aon, 

Hvan, 3dlord, tn.Catbarine, da. of Edward Taylor,' of I 

L Limarick, esq., (coJi. with her sister. Sanb, 1 

-'- ' -■■ '^-(wboA 18 Ao] - 

of Carriclc.) and by her (wi 

6 Aug. I79I) had iuue, 


Hi* kinUhip d. April 1790, and wu iiurranlnl by Lii Hn. 

HCBH, 3d lord. t. 3* Oct. 1701, >"'. 13 March ]J»t, Hann- 
rrt-Everiaa, foungwl da. of M'illtun Daruni, of Orm-c, no. "fip. 
(wrarv, oq-, and by Itfr (who d. 14 Sept. In^)hiid Itaiilit 

I. HralC-HAMOM, preunt Jord. 

s. GH<u»-Wii.LiAn, u UJin. I71M, •*•. 
JiBtt H.-SmUh Bury, vt Unn/Tn Hiill. o 

3- Joan. 4. t June in>6. tujot In 1*1* r- 
tUtH da. of Mwnd Hammi^at MaU 

(lu iWu hail. Sumiih u'Cisdt, lord chh 
«.^tvK»>, Is holy urden. V IBOO, >L i 

a lordaliip ij. 3(1 Juue 1813, and waa luMccdBd liy hii cMai 

UueB-UaMOV, pmrait and 4th lord. 
Heir ApfarenI — Ilfaii, his lurdship'i 
rraoNon— July 1778. 

s r«l>HlU»lyor mycDunliy. 

and a Baronet of England i ■iinwdedhiibraiher,Mi>(Tiii, Iho Inlr 
lord, ID April IBM: Bwit>i«d lh« «urnameand oimi of Munlaflnii 
177«: iom 23 Not. 1702; M-P. fot Tngony 17«l to I7»6i 
marriiaf Elftabolh. da. nnd b. of Francti Charlclun, eu., aud 
by hn- had [hup, 1. EDWABU; 3, FnAKtin. d.; 


. Ug! 

la Die. 


1S36, Magdalen, da. of limic-cnl. Roxky, and widow oT Fn4>- 

rick Croft, CM}., and Ims issue ; &.Jobh; 6. SrmwCl*- 

DcDLCr; 7- Jake, m., 30 Dec 1811, fight hoa. Uenry 

(iDulbuni, late cJiancdlor of the exchequer; S. Ci.UASETa. 

<n. Charles Uonlea, esq.; d.CasoLiVCt lO.CATUEkUE: 

11. Mabt, n. lietit.-oal. Ellison; 12. Euilt. 

William Rokikboh Ktcled at Kendal, oo. M'eitmimLuid. 
Itmp. Henry VIII. ; hin »d, Ralihi, ramuiid u> BrianiiU,uar 
Rnkebf, CO. Vork, nnd his »n, 

H'lLLiAM RoBiNBoif, of Brigiiflll, and of Iiondon, merdtaoc, 
Vurcbased, iu leiO, the eiUte of Rokeby from air ThootM 
Rokeby, kilt., and d. IC43, having lild, beudea otlicr lutie, ■ 

T&OMAB, of Gray's Inn, barrister, tn. Fraam, ds. ofLamii 
f^mell, of Ktrkhy iHeethnni, ca. York, esq., uid iL iu hit fatbtrt 
lireiime 1S13, leaving issue, 

1. WiLLiAU, anceator uf the Uu lord RiAebf, 

3. Sir Lcomabu, anceicar oC tbe present Wd, of wtuan hae* 


). MABT, «. f.TiilMophei DtaiKnf. of DIhwow. nj, OHiBbcrlllHl, si). 

». PnANtis. ».. CeoTBe Gray, or SuiiwUk, to. Dorhun, e^. 

William Robinson, of Hokeliy, eldeii mn of Thomas, •>., 
Ili44, Mary, ridcst da. anil co-h. of Fnndi Laytun, of Ran den, 
Ko. Vork, en]., nuuter of the jewel-houN, and had itsue by hn 
(who d. 1068) an ouly aon, 

Thohaa, m., Grace, do- of sir Henry Stapylton.of Hytoa,oii. 
Vork, bart., (by Eliiabccli, da. of Cooyera, lord Darcr,) uid d. 
)7la, leaving iuuA, 

1. SirTnoHiH, cniuida)*n. inn, (with rnnmlnihi ID hb brothoi, VI)- 
llini. Rkbud, Ssptlmiu, nnd If fluy. ud la hb Unmui, HUIhnr Hobtan. 
nCEamttBY. CO. VoA, mt Ihchdmnnlrnf IhcJrbodkinKciHlvelr,) ■..Ul 
tliuKUi, cIdHt da. or Chuls Howard. M oil of CsilM*, toA vAnaf U 
rliolu, iDFd Ledmere. wblch tad* '. Jn Apill ITS; and sir Tbonm Hh-Mlr, 

Sanh. iti-nf Sooih. 9>d wMow of Swnri SahMn, sTIbitadan,^ 

lied. wllhDUI ■■•u^s Maich 1771, and wutsKHdMI Id th> bwesMcr if hb 

a, Sli William, t. i;il3, nicnedcd tali bccnncr, ThenuH, ai liaR., a. tim. 

.1 Kisav, mtloihi thiaimy. killed at HicilcfBnf Canhageu 17(t. 

4. RiCHABO, Ut lord RokeUy, of whom preKntly. 

.1. Sir SaFTiuuB, gcnilansD uihct of tbe black lud, linlghlcd i;«l, A mb. 


irai, and WH cnwed a tSirt. Itllll! 

Ricnanii Roii^bos, >at lord Rokebv, 4th lurWTfne; eon of 
William, was ronwrraled bisbop of Eillal^ 17al, trauaUled IoiIm 
lee nf Leigblin and Femii 1769, to that of Kildnre 1761. and ad. 
vaiwed tn he aPcliMBliop of Ann(i«]i, and primaic of all Ireland, 
l7Ce. In I7A3 lie irai appoinlcd prelate of the moat iliuiuiaai 
order of St. Patrick ; nnd cnaied, SO Feb. 1777, banin itoMf, 
at Armigh, with renaiiider, on failure of iuue mala of hii bodjr. 


to hill kinimun. Mallhew Roliintmi, of Edgrly, uid Wot Ijiyton. 

otk Vmli, Biid the iieln male of bit body, ait gTMe d. won. to 

Qtt. 1794. «h«i the btrony deToIred, ponniBnl to the liniitMliTO 

L H the palFnt, on Mttlbrw Rolilnson, aim of the klmvC'DMnnl 

I llitlibeir, wfauK docent trt now prmscit In ilate. 

gir LeoVikd Robiksoh (3tl lum of Thomsi RoMnann, bWor« 
I umed, and brother of Witiiam, (incotur of llie lit liinJJ wu 
^ ^ttmlieriKin of the dly of I«iidnn kui|{bleil IflffS. and d. liMS, 

It lAytrni.fw. Vnfli, (ls»hn . 
* body, tha baroneKry al \T!tn, and tbr 

TBEw, of Edifrfy.a 

■ iiune male nf hi» body, the baronetcy af 1 . 

of Bokeby, were limilol in reniaindcr.) m. IHiiabeih, da. 

!, by Deborah, da. at ^r Jnun Dillelt, knt., SJaa., 

t, who d- 1700, leavinr ui 
Ew, of Edrdy, and Wei 
iuneoialeor hi* he 
I Itotmv of Bokeby, were linii 

I ^Rnbtn Drake, of Cambridge, oiq., by Sarali. granddaugbier of 
1 ^Hmom Morris, of Mountmorrii, CO. Kent, (aq.. nod (f. Oct. 17Tfl> 
[ lll*d ^i lot^g iuue, 

IMattrew, W loH Rokehv. 
Tmiua. of l-tnmlii'. Inn. Mirbler. A n™. 1T«- 

IT77> IhvIu Ipmic br ho*. 

I. MoKBia, 9d lord. 

i. Matthew, lib and present lord. 

■vBH. ftflDv or Trinln-udl. CwnbrliCe. 

- . . ,-., ,n„_ ,^.^ Tm^tT at 

•; KtaAB, m. OMTgrLewli Snifi. Eaq., rrnamMDnR nf nriH. 

Matthew IIobihsoh, elde*t aon of the above Stauhev, 
•ftcceeded, on the denth itf hia kinaman, the archliithnp nf At. 
nagh, in 1794, to the harouetnr and the banmy of Rokeby, and 
beoime 3d lord. Re <f. tinm., 30 Xor. ISOO, and waa lucceeded 
by hia nephew. 

Morbid, 3d lord, who il. wiLhout iune, 19 April 1629. and 
WB* aoraeeded by his brother, 

Matthew, preieni and 4th lord. 

H«iV Apparenl — Edward, hia lordship'a eldnt Hon. 

Oeotinna— Baronet, lOHlardi 1730: Baron 1777. 

*-■ " a i l Pliu 90. QuattBtr. I« and 4iri. Arnni. ihm lumun an- 
M (Din, oHhia • bontui* lablA. w4 *» dlMMiM a mulM oo • 

— '-^l, mimbit, ckiatvl HblK 

,1 .!__ —A -..,11^ „, ,1,, ^,„ 

h cdRlB'i bod toupjdM. b«ktd, a 



KERRY, m. Cork, and ■ BamnM ; bam 23 Much I7SS ; 
(needed bin lirolher, Jobn.Thomas^tEinHiirice, lata lord, ^ E 
IS'U; married, 13 Aug- 1825, lAniw-Dorau-Deaai!, da. ^ 
Ilenrr-Deane Orody, esq., of Stilliu^iui, co. Dublin, and tflll 
itMie, BO BERT.FITZ MAURICE, 6. 30 June I82fi. " 

Ilia lordsliip's aoiKitor, >ir SIatthcit DcaNE, of Dmnmn^ 
vu. Cork, b. 1633, wu created a ban. II> Alarcli 1709 : he w» 
M sou of Muiliew Deaiie, co. Somenet, esq., wliei« the fuoit; 
u-M nriginaUy seiiled. Sir Slscthew m.. In, Mary, do. of Th*> 
maa Wallii, co. Someniet, eaq. ; 2dly, Mnrtha, da. of Rtcliai^ 
Boyle, udibHhop of TuAm, relict of raL Oabaldinlon, and of cot. 
John NdsoD ; and, Sdly, Uurothy, oouateu of Darrymarc, Ta« 
lict of Richiird, 2d earl of Bairymore. He ft 10 June |;10, lor. 
iii(f issue by liia \al lady, 

l^ir RoOEBT, 2d ban., m. Anne, da. and co-bdreai of Wil- 
liam Boltridge, esq., who commanded a troop of hone mtdv 
Olii-er Cromwell, aiid dying H Sept. 1714, waa lucoeeded bj hn 

I. Sir RoBEBT, Alh birl. 

I. ItcUAHi, M. John Spmd, of BjiUycunuD, r». Co 

. ixnt, m. WUliuD FroBun, of CuUfori co. Cork 
ir Slalihev d,, and wu succeeded by his eldeai 

Sir Mallheir d. ID June 179li without issue male, and wat tuc- 
ceeded by hia brother. 

The n^ht hon. sir RoBEBT, Bth hart., a priv<r countellar, i«. 
presented Ihe borough of Talla^h in two parlinmenta, and afur- 
wards Cnryifort, m., 34 Aug. 173S, Chartotut, 2d da. of ThunM 
Tilson, esq., and bad issue. 

bart., elccud knight ol At ihlre, to. Cork, and ^ntD<«4 la tlia 
dignin uf laron Mtulcrrtp, h ima. 1781 j b. 10 (kt. 1747, m,, 
iikf VJZb, Aaoe FiatDBuriee, gianida. mid *ole h. of Jolm 
Fltataurin, of S|Ritiglald Gutia, co. Llmerii^, e*q., (arphew of 
TtMMM Pitnruuirioe, Isl eui of Keriy, Brandfailisr of M'itliun, 
In oiarqusw of Luudowni:, K.O.,) knd bad lime. 

i, AlATTBxw, pniMnt lord. 
Hii lurdihip d. Jnly IHI8, and wm lucoeeded by hit eldait ion, 

Jonx.Tnowjs-FiTZHAURicB. 3d lord. C.&, a mi^^n. 

in the umy, ». 37 Sept. 1777. ■>■. 17 Ju>- Olfi. . 3d da. of 

H> UsTTia, of Bithop'i Cude, co. Salop, oaq., Liit dying s.p. 33 
Dec 1834, wa« lucrecded by hia only iimiTing bnnhcr, 

MaTtB£*, present and 3d lord. 

Weir ApparrtU — His lordihip'i son. 

Crraljofu— BaroDet, 10 Starch 17W; B*r«n 51u^erry, co. 
Cork. 5 Jan. 17«1. 

HENRY HOOD, Bamon HOOD, of Catberinglon, In Ire- 
Und ; Visoouul Hood and Baron Hood, in the Peerage ot 
England, and a Baronet of England ; &ont 36 Aug. 1733. 

«w ViBcot-jtT Hood, in the Petragt qf Engtaiut. 

Htir Pntumplivt — The ^'iwlo1l^l'> grandson. 

Cm^a — Baron Quud, of CBiUerington, 1^ Sept. 1703. 

ronnnc, cxi. Cork, Ooiemor of the co. Cork. Culonel of iho South 
Cork .MUitia ; bom a Dec I7T& ; lucveeded his (^[her, U'illiam, 
thelaie Inrd, 1 Dec 1787; nnrrird, SI On. 1799, the ban. 
Chariot le-TheodosiB St. Lt^, 6th da. of St. Letcer-Aldwonh 
Bl Lc^er, Tiacounl Doiipraile. 

His lordship's an rotor, RicnAND Toksoh. of Spanish Islaiiil, 
a>. Cork (lineally deiic«nded froiD Detijsmiii Tonson, esq., who 
was appointed by patent, 13 Nov. 1670, tnifp. queen Ellwbrlli, 
treasurer of the navy,) served durins the civil ware, a* major in 
tha regiment commanded liy major Richard Laurence, and 
obtained a grant of binds in the ro. of Cork from Cliorte* II» fur 
hi* diitingtiish«l conduct as an officer. He purchaaed, in the 
same rei^, the castle, town, and lands of Spauiib Uland, and 
"' ' ool Cork, as appears by the records of the audi. 

I'l offic«, and had a confirmation of llie arms of Tonson. 


M now boroBi fauD sir Ricbard (3ame*, knt., Lliter fdngU 
arms, dBUd 10 Jane 165«. lien. Eliubeth Bedier, uiifraf 
ThatOM Bticher, of Sbarkio, «k Cork, eiq., anA d. 1G»3, ■■ 
Bppeara by hii will, dated 3 Oct. IG92, pruinl uC Curk 23 Mui* 
1603, leaving iaaue an onh* son and heir, Hexrv, and > da. 
Elixabeth, m. ool. Daniel O'Donovtui, of Baulsghau, co. Cod^ 
member for the borough of Bidctmore 16B9, anil cluefuin of the 
ancient aept of O'DoDOTaa. 

Hehbv ToHgoN, of SpAnUb Itland, co. Cork, ea^., £.16 
Dec. lemi, was attainted lfi89, by kinj Jamet'* parliament hiU 
in Dublin, after bis abdication of the English throne, but be wm 
restored to his eslate on the acceuion of \vWun and Mary. He 
n., 4 May 1693, EUiabelh, Sd da. of lir Riohard Hull, of Le«n. 
oon Manor, co. Cork, knight, a judge of the comnion pleas, fb; 
Eliz^xlh, eldett da. of sir Henry Tynte, of Balycream Cattle, 
CO. Cork, knt., by MabeIJa, 3d da. of sir Percj- Smith, of Bal- 
]inatra,co. WBterford. knt., nephew of Biohard Bovle, Lit oil 
uf Cork,} and d. 25 MoF. 1703, having had isnie by her, (wbo^ 

1. KicHA&D, bii aiioxuor. 

2. HlNlv. ». M MjUTb UM. i. m in&III_. 

*. Ei.iuHTH.'b.MIin. ion, m.7^. tAuii. 1713. major John aBdiH, 
of !>t.Off,fD.rark,|i>Iui<(.]iXpi9in>.l lad.Miy. iht «v. Pscr II~£. 
M|i>>'"'o( 'Ite'^lhoD.ilt John «(»d«, tail.1 utoniFy-gai. ioi)Kdiik*<M 

(L Mahu*. *. 1 lf<». UH «.. n^tll im, Thoinat &diUoii. B9., a>« 
■ ;, BiAav, 6.11 Feb.!?!*, i(.4Aim;.I7(«. 

RichaUdTomson, of Spanish Iiland, and of Dunkettlc, tk 
H Jan. ISgS, iras elected to parliantenl far Baltimore, II97, 
which borough he c»niinued to represent for forty-six Te>n, ap- 

E tinted coL of tbe Bandon miliiia, and collector of (he port of 
altimore. Hederived a contriderahte accenionlo M» ealalefram 
major Anthony Butler, who, having no iuue, settled faia pro- 
perty, I7I8, on him, out uf friendship to )ui grand&ther, nMHur 
Ilichard Tonton, with whom ho had servri during the crril 
wan. Ho in., 1st, Kliubeth, da. of Hanry Tynte, esq., by wh>m 
lie bad issue an only da., Elizabeth, rL man. ,- he «., 3dly, Peold, 
da. of cdI. Gates, and relict of SficJiBel Becher, of ASadown, eo. 
Cork, eiq., and d. 21 June 1773, tearing Issue an only aon, 

WiLLiAH ToNSON, 1st bsrun Rivertdale, b. 3 May 173^ 
lleut.-col. aSd regiment of foot, and served a ounpaipi in n>r- 
tugal, under the count de la Lippe, appointed lieut.-cov. of (be 
gsrriion of Cork, elected to parbameut for the borough of TtiaiD, 
and afterwards lor Ratbaonnac, (of which he was patron,) and 
advanced to the dignity of baron Rivcradalc, of Rathmnuao, IS 
Oct. 17(13 ; hit lordship tn., 13 Nov. 1773, Rose Bernard, tddot 
da. of James Bernard, uf Cuile Bernard, esq., knt. of theihlrs, 
00. Cork, and sister of Krsngia, 1st carl of Buidon, and had jui 

by her, (who m., 2dly, James jtillerd, (.iq-, capl. 6Glh fbpU it, % 
.May 1810.) ■^^'"■.3 


iW, 17 ''tvl. ITU*- 

Ki* lordihip 4. I Dec 1787, uid <n* uinwnled bf hU eldMt ton, 

William, prcMnt and Sid lord Rirendali. 

Heir PrwTUKpUtt — The hati. Cu^BLEi-LcDLoir ToHioii. 
nwLt Nvtber oT tlte praent peer. 

Cnation—Baroa Hivecidale, of Itatlicamuu, dd. Cork, 13 Oct. 

" ~ -■ - ■ ■ „ pcUnti In cbiwl ■ J«i»i 

jmaiii. ibr hKiil <lii 
uTifnlHl, nlluvl, imH rhftl&M ttr, 

, Thb hud la hotllle 10 Ifnuw. 

HVNCA8TER, and > Baronet of Ormt Briuin : bom 14 Der. 
IS02 I niECMidi^ hii rather, Lovtber, tlie late lard, 3U July 
1818; married, Dw, IflM, rnmre. .Catherine, youagMt du. o( 
*ir Jahu Ranuden, of Byrom, co. York, Iwrt. 

Oamel DcPcNUiNOTOKwai Kkied M Mtincuur,w. Cum- 
berlnod, at tbe Ntimun Conqueil. 

Sir JoBH DE PenxiNaTOK, knt., tea* ■t«dtl;r Ktached la 
Uu unfortuoMe Uenry VI., and gnve him a iccret recepliim ■( 
" * ' ■ (li«ht from bin eneniipj. In remm tto king 
>ly wrnugbl glass cup, with Uli* tilculng to 
funily, that tLey ibould ever pniiper, ond never want a mala 
MO loug >B they tbould prewrre it unbroken, n-hich ibc tn- 
tition of ibme' timet imagined to carry ewhI fi>rtuiib and 
id it the liKk of Muiicatler ; and o( this glniw the family are 

fimrnrrt Tbii sir Jabn de Pennington commanded ibe 

fcA wing of tbe Enrliih army in an eKpedilion intn Scotland ; 
kbctv^aon, air Jijin de Penninglim, hud a command at the 
I t|KUearnoddeaField,4HenryVIIl. 

I , tit William PKnynroTov. of Muncasier, wai crested a 
1- Wt., al June I67C, fn. lubrl, eldnl da- nf John Suiiletoit, 
■IdntMnofiir Philip Stapleiou, knt,, and had iuue, 
.' 1. Sir Joisrn, Sd bart. 

t. PBILIF, 4. ini. wlthoul Lwia. 

t. Kliiiihtii. -.., 1.1. John Arrtin. nf OiBiholm*. m. W«(mDiliin.t. 

.1 awl, HIT, ThOnM^lllcUmnl.irfBUngh, InlheiuntSD., a>|. 

b HAMAan. 

■ WiUUm d. 1 July 1 730, and »u tneceeded by hia loit. 

Sir JosEFB, Sd ban., knt. of the ibir«, co. CumbetlaBd, a. 



Uarnrct Umika, 4itL 6a. ot John, Toama 

3. Sir JoBit. 3d but. 

I. Sir Joax, l« lord UooMHcr. 
S. LavTBE >r»l lord. 

Sir .limfli 4. TA. I79X and <ni taraeitA by hii ddett dm, 
Sir Jo8X PESMIKeTOx, tat bwvD Jltuusiter, and 6th batt. 
rniaatal co. Wwcinailuiid, advuiDnl lo die dignity at banln 
JiMMMhi. SI On. IJSS, will remainder to bit brattter. Low- 
ihar Pmi^^iaB. Ui* tonUiip ■■. Pendope, da. and eo-h. «( 
'mm r— iMHi. taa-, liiiMnf dcwetkdcd fnim the earb of ?lartb- 
1, nd had IMMC bv hgr. (-hi d. Nor. 180G,) 

a lucoaeded bj hit «); 

LovTHCa, 9d Vird, gm- in the army, and coL of the nnal 
ranran hMtaEoD, il, IS Jan- 1002. Etlber, 3d da. of Tluiu* 
9mTj, at Clafbam, «>• Sarrvy. ««q., (dncended frora Eilmtud 
Bbny, of l^ibbcAoony, oii. Dulilin, «M|., next brather irf" Jtaott 
IIWT7, In kird Ebniry. lord du'rf.juiticciiflrdaad, tnv> C3iarici 
U^) M>d nUtt of tafl. Jiaa Morison, and bj lier, (who tt 7 
On. ICS70 had >*">«. 

Lb»TBBa^roc»Ti:BJoHS[, pr«wnt lord. 

Hu bmbbip d. S9 July IB18, and m* nuxvcdcd Ly fair only 

Cnaitivu—BanHiet of England, 31 Jul 
HuaOMer, in Iratand, 31 Oct. I7B3. 

and 3d lord. 


Stt Babon Acc»HMD, in the Pceragt -f Englnivi. 
Heir Afipnreiil — Nmw. 
Crni/lm— 18 Nof. 17B9. 

of the Neale, co. MaVO, ■ Baroncl uC Scoclaiid, mid a Gorcmor. 
ro. IHayn : bnm 1 1 June 1794 : suree^ml hii father, Jamn, Ibi« 
lora, 23 Ma; 1836 i married, 4 Jan. 1022. KlJu, da. at Usvid 

liTon, of pDrtlaDd.riBce, eiq., and hu 1. JAMES-LYON. 

/i.'ig Nov. 1823; 2. Imbella-Ahne; 3. Aokei-Osob- 

ntxsA 1 — 4. Jonv-Uowi-MoaTAcc, b. 14 Mnnii 1020. 

Uia Inrdibip*! ancnlor, Jonv Bbowhe, of the Nnle, ee. 
Mayo, ma mated a ban. of Nova Scotia, 21 June 1633, n., 
163G, Slary, da. of lir Dominjdi Bruwne, of Caiile Margnreti. 
CD. Galway, knt., and had Inue, 

I. girGEOBSE. 2dbart. 

ft JVKi. UKMot of ** nucquBi n( SII«d. 

Sr John 4. 1668, and wai mnvnled liv bii ptdni «in, 

SirGEoHoK.Sdlon., >1 IGQB, Invi'ngan only ton. sir JoitK, 
3d ban., who vas fatharof lir Oeobue, 4ih hart., (who A wilh- 
oQi iiiue 1737.) and of 

Sir Jann, Mh ban., m., !■(, 30 June 1722, SIargat«t, da. and 
oo-fa. nf Henry Dodwell, e*q., by whom he had inue, 

I. 6<r Orobo*, Bth ban. 

3. Sir JoMW, 7[h ban. and lut lord Eilmiiine. 

Sir John m., ^ly, Catbmoe" d^ of air' \&'alier Blake, baru, 
aiid tl. \^be. He wai nicceeded by hit eldeac ton, 

Sir QKOBdC, 6[b ban., m. Anaalaria, eldeil da. of Denia Daly, 
Mf., hy Anne de Bur^, eldeit da. of Michael, 10th eaii of Clan- 
iearde, and aunt uf Benry, marqueu uf Ctatiricardo, by whom 

LaT.!!!*, B>. KwDiwl PocTi of BcUTtUe Park, en. Wittrtbrdi eiq. 

j"o*ii.A,''2!I^'Aii(t, ino. Ch«](. Blalu. of M«llii Park, 04. 

Sir Qenrge d. without laaue mate, and wa* nicireeded by hia bro- 

Sir JoHU, lat lord Ktlmaine, and 7(h hart., rmited baron 
Kilmaint IS Nov. I78t), m.. 23 April 1704, Alice Caulfeild, 2d 
da. of Janet. 3d viicounl Charlemont, (by EUnbelh, only da. of 
francii Bernard, uf Caaile Beruard, en|., anceator of the «rla ol 


Bandan,) and liiter of James, lac earl ot Cbntlcn 


1. Jai 

>. of JalinWUn.<t 

itch laSB, N(9t<»~liwph Ff 


i jSta^cmEod; Ti i_ , — 

a. AUcIl,>i..10iulTiefi.KV.JahD-B1lghB(D<in)Oif. 

4. GBirid S. EUalKlh; B. WtUlnm-Houy. 
7. Janw-CaultsUd, it. ISM. 

5, EmUT-JullBUi d. lEHtk 

HiaA«™v.^BM, l«v1ngt«M«t?'tMilwlio.^lJJulYl^, '"■ 

•^— — - -7WimU,nlllvdiOfJa«lnll«lH'. an. 

T«, k IV Jul J ITST. 1^. > Not. in;. JAb La^mntL 

Ciiu-S«iuH, "i. 1 Juna ITiV, '"•-. 3 Jul irw. Fnacb LoDfMttt. of 
i^ngui CiBltoi CO. Wflttnunth, tttd. 

It. EiiiUii.JULtAiiA. d.SJuljlTie'.'^. 3Sipt.l791. them- JofeaCnolt. 
of tlw Nwie Park, co. M.yo. 

7. LaTiTTa,ki9Aug.i779.<hJahD Ron. a^. maim Mth ■ Mty t Bffam. 
and I), w Dae law, 

Uia lordibip d. 17 •Tune I794i and wu niccaeded br liii lUai 

Jaue9.Caulfeild, 3d lunl, b. 16 Marcb l;i>5, n., 33 Jnh 
17!I3, Anne, 4lli do. oC the right hnn. air Ueitry Cavmuiuti, oT 
Doreridgc Hall, oa. Derkij', batt., (by Sanb, baroneu VMcrpak.) 
and bad iuue, 

1. Johm-Cavehdish, present lord. 

CURRV, CO. Kildure. and a Ban.; torn lU Aufr- 1773; «uc- 
ce«dedhlafBther,Nicliola), the late lord, 2a Aug. 1700: Mamat. 
li>i, at Rutne, 16 April 1803, EliEa-Ueorgiana, yaiingtat 6». ci 
lieuc-gea. Cliarlei Alornn, late In the EiM 
Indiei, youngeii >on of Xatlisnirl Blnroan, uf U'artoo Wyibe, 
CO. Caernan'oii. esq., and liad iuue by her, (tiis taartia^ wUb 
B-hum was diiMilved Uj- act of parliuDieui 7 April 1811, « " ' " 



a., adlf, June 1819, the re*. John Suiford, reMorof Nvneliead, 

CO. Somerwi,)^ 1- A!i!ir-V*LCXTIKE. A. 7 April 1(106, td 

wlunu her royal lu|{hne(a, Anne, duchm of Cumherlani], *u>od 

moatoT, 4. Jui. laSA; S. Makt-Maboiiiet, h. II) Fph. 

1904, ■•., Is^ 30 Sept. 1830, Johu.Mil^hu!.HtID^)^ I)uvii de 
ttoebcdc, (from vb«n fhvwBi divorced b^sct of parliwnmT,) and 
Sdly, 3 ApHl ISSfl, lord euuei Leiuitn. HJi lonlifalp n.. 2dl*, 
SO June IBIl, EmiJy, 3d da. of Archibald Douftin, eiq., ddat 
■on of liBiil..«<!n. Archibnld Dmigliu. wnne time M.P. cd. D<iin> 
friea, and relict of Jot^h Leeson, ew)., wtio iL btfure hii faitieai 
Brice. nu'l of Mihoun, had succeeded to the BUldnm, and fan 

iBiae, 8. EniLT, ft. 15 Jan. 1B13, d. AprU 1825; 4. 

Valehtina, b. 18 June IHIO; 6. EDWARD, *. 31 Sepl. 


Sr HcGU DE Lawless, oT Hoddesdrm, to. Hertu, u-lllcd ta 
Iirlaod lemp. Henrj' II., und oljtained b pranl from Ihecron-n of 
the nianiir of tjhangenagh, co. Dulilin, ivhere lie erected ■ caatle, 
the mint of vhich are (till i-liible. Richaid LawlE5< wm 
proroat of Dublin 1311, and held Ibeolfire of chief magiiErate for 
three luccnaiTe yean. Stcfuen Lawlehb waa eonierraiHt 
biihop of Limerirli I3A4, and tl. on Innocents' day, 1390. 

Walteb Lawless, of Tallmt Inche, to. KilkHmr, had a 
groQi from Jamea I. 9 May IU08, of wren manon. ailiiale cot. 
Tipperarv, M'aierford, and Kilkennv, iflih Hf^hlii at patronaj^, 
to be bdJ for eter, hi capile, by Icnighl'i lerrlce ; he M. Alar. 
garet, da. of Robert Wrothe, Mq., Kod d, 1027, leaving au only 

RiCBABD, who nirceeded at Talbot Inche, M. Margaret, da. 
of Patrick D«n, of Grenan, co. Kilkenny, ew],, and d. IO7O, lear. 
ing iuue 3 aona, of whom, 1. TuoMai, the younger, wa* anm- 
lor of lord Cloncurr}- ; S. fValler, the eldest, allaclifng htmndf lo 
the ouie of kliiK Jamea II., 1680, Eorfeiiod hu eoUtk He m. 
Anne, da. of Juha Bryan, of Jenkiniiown, co Kilkefiny. et<]., 
aod Iwd itaue A ton*, 1. Richard, killed at iha licge of Linieriik 
IGOI; 2. air Patrick, vho served in the armin nf PUlip V., 
kiiig of Spain, who created him a knight of ibc equmrlBn order, 
and sent him umliaisador to the court of France, during tbe re- 
gency of the duke of Orloans 1 be wai aflerwardi appointed 
governor of Majorra, where he <^ i 3. John, (nrolved in bit 
father's attunder ; A- Tbomai ; S. Jamn, both d. yonng. 

Tuo-MAfl Lawles*, 2d son of Richard, of Talbot Inche, by 
Margaret Den, n. EUiabeth, da. of Jamea Butler, of Kilkennv, 
etq.. and i^ 1704, leaving iuue, 

JOHV LAtTLEti, otShaakill, CO. Diililin, esq., m. Prancet. da. 
of John t-Hhcr. of Cnimliu, vnq.. and had istue, Ptler, anceiior 
of the bmily, seated ai StiAnklU ; and 

JoHV, «- Elitabelh, da. of Richnnl Macdiinnel, oiq., and Imd 
ianie au only ton, 

1 IiAWiEti, of Abington, CO. Limeridi, m. Jlarya 

Irish peerage. 

da. of Dominkk HiuiMir, laq., and d l(! Mucli 1779, Irarinf 

1. Sir NtCKOLA», Ut banm Cloncurrj-. 

a. Hahv. lt.l30rt.lIM. -n., >>Sept.i;H,PurHkLa'1rK.orDubliD.aa. 

UHiii.aiiiw(HU«i>rGuitviiii.tiiKiiriiui>4)r, i3 0ct.i;n;. 

S^ NlCBDLJls IiAWLEU, 111 tMron Ckmoin-f, t. 30 CM. 
1735, ndded ■( the cutlecf OBtleiill?, a leat bekuiging to hit 
family in Nonoiindy, until anJanaiag to the establuhfd rdU 
sion, lie returned to Irelaud, aad vua elected to parliament Ibr 
Lifford 177c, re-elected for ilie lame borough 1783, vhich ha 
continued to tvpreaenl ttU 1780. He wai created a bannipt N 
June 1776, and a pwr of Ireland 32 Sepi. 1789, bv the title at 
lord CloaeirTg I a., 31 Oct. 1761. Slargarel, onlv da. of VbIco. 
line Browne^ of Dublin, esq., and had issue bx- Iier, (who il. I# 
Fet. 179S,) 

S. V«I.«ltTlllE-BBOWMC, Sd lord. 

"-lUimxmiiifiJkii.' ms, m.. Jntw IMn. ThnmH WbiteT, tf < 
bbor, n WkUow, lu,, aad 4. hb vUn. IS Oci. IVW. 

.-Tt— -jMieiSM,«.nia(l». 

a* CnragtaaB, t.f. 
FlmoinViJaii* I8«0, U> 

u luoowded by ha uu. 


Ri(Ior4ihi|) d. SB Aug. 1700, 
VaLEVTiNS, Sd lord. 
Heir Appartnt — EdwaBd, hit lordEhip'a <nn. 
Crratioiu — Baronet of Ireknd. 30 June I7O6 ; and BvoK 
CloneunT, co. KUdare, 32 Sept. 178!>. 

*'*■* s ee Piute gv Ai^ml. on i chief Itidcnteil lal 

CO. Oalvav ; bom 39 March 1807 ; nicceeded hit Ailher, Luka, 
lale lord, ia Dec 18-26j marrifl, 22 June 1830, the bua. Cu»-' 
line-£tiubetb.SpeDcer, do. of lord Churchill. 

Uii lonlahip it dewended froni the tame Biioettor ai the n^ 
cvunu Oiir-yn and the e«rU of Roicommon. 

Robert Dillos, of dnnhrock, AI.P. for the borough «( 
Dunsannon, A II Juoe 1748, tearing itiue. hj Marram, hll' 
fife, da, of Morgan Mfwan, of To^enton Hoiue, co. VFoii-. 
■ '"naih. twj., (relict of lir AnhurShaen, bart,,) B»on, 

Li'iE, of aunbroclt, hit tucostor, who n. Bridget, d*. iH 
JtAn hdly, of Cattle Kdiv, 00. Gal«-«y, e«q., by Uonoria 4> 
WiTBO. da. of John, 9ih earlor Clumcarde, and had inue. 

!• ROBKKT, Itt hnd. 

S. Jons. rf.M.tvh 173ft 

. Robert, )>t lord, & 37 Feb. 1764, created baron of Ctml-ncJi 
3 Jun« 1790, n., U Jan. 177^ LetiUa, only da. and h. of Juliii 
Orten, irf Old Abbey, co. Limerick, esq., by Catharine Tolfr, 
cJdett unter of John, lord Norimrv, and had inme bv her, (who 
M., adiy. Mar 1B02, Clement Archer, eiq., and d. 5 June IfilG,) 

1. Luke, Sd lord. 

S. f«nniii(.«-BiiiDo«, h. 11 0«:-W" •"■• '" ■'™' "W. RWiMii. »1^ 

S. LaTiii*-8<riiiiHi, k £1 SeM. I7IH. •■-. 91 No*. Ism, Ihr hon. col. Hi 
Rob« le Pdci Tnwh, K.C.B. lad K.T.S., younfM «sC wnUua. I>i ml 
of clmanr- 1'><° if- IHM. 

BU liirdiUip it S3 July IJOS, and iru tucceeded by hii aiiij 

Lirse, 2d lord, h. 36 Apnl 17G0 
only da. and h. of JiMe|)li- Henry B 
liOuiu-Calherine, 3d da. and co-h. of Thomai B 
of Louth,} and by her (who U if.) had isue, 

I. RoHEmr, 3d lord. 


M, M., Nni. lan. John Coofiev*. of Mount C 
lordilii)) i(. 13 Dec 1836, and irai uidceeded by hii oe 

RoBEftT, prewnt and 3d lord. 

Cmtfien— 9 June )7IK). 

PUtK SIX Arnntf » Ibm n 
lbM««lIli[llatlU|iula, D 
A dvpHU fniMit> turned ' 

tn Ireland; Baron .St. Helem'". Co. Southampton; in tht 
Peerage of the United KiDgdom 1 U.C.B. and G.C.U. 

ilff Lord St IIelek'9, in f/>e Peerage nf Englaml. 

uid a Baronet of England; l-om S Nov. [793; nicceeded hit Ta- 
dwr, Bielurd, late lord, 1 June I tl'M. 

Thii noble family is descended from a branch of the houK of 
, Cavendiih, from which proceeded the dukei of Devonihlrt, *Dd 
nan ACMed at Doferidge, ™. Derby. Imp. Kliiabeth. 


Sit HixmY CitTKKDiia, the Ut tart., b. 16 April i;o7, 
eU«M HDD uf Willian] Cnvendish, nq., of Doreridge Hall, (Ifj 
Marv, da. (if sit Tiimiiliy T3 irel, of Sbotover, co, OiTon),) km 
■ppuiDMd idler of the euJieqner ia Ireland, by bin reUdon, 
WiUimm,3d duke of Deionihire, Inrd-lieut. of Ireland, IJSJi 
aod WBI creatHl ui Eiue)»Ii ban., 7 Mny 1755; be nk, 1739, 
Anne, da. wid cu-Iu of~ Henry Pfne, of Waterpark, OD. Coric, 
e«., (Iiy Anne, >isier of iiir lUchtud Edgecombe, ancestor of Iba 
atrli of » aunt Edgeoombe,) ion of sir RldiaM Fyne, of \V». 
lerpark, lord-rbief-juatice of Ireland, liy Lucy, da. of the duke of 
MtmtBgn, and had iuue, 
■ I.SirHEJiay, Wlfflrt. 

Sir Hemiy •-', 2dly, 6 Oct. MiB, Catharine, da. of Uenrr 
Priltie, esq., ancestor of lord Diuially, aud widoir of «r Ridiari 
Heade, ban., and had inua by her (who d. 21 Blnrrh 1779) one 
■oo. Sir Henn- d. 31 Dec 17(6, aud was lucvculed by hii 
etdai un. 

Sir HExar, 3d hart., 6. 13 Sept. 1732, i*om of the pri^ 
ommcil nf Ireland, and m«rer.genenJ there, 1779, ut., 5 Au^ 
1757. Sarah, only child and h. of Rrdiard Bndsbaw, esq., 
liueallr dnceuded from loni pmideni Dndihav, (whlcli lady 
was cmled, H June 1793, lurunen IPaierpark, vriCh remainder 
to bar issue male, by lir Heurj Caveadish,) and by her (nhod. 4 
^ng. 1007) had inue, 

1. RicHJkBD, lit lord. 

(■Bed br renl'lkoce,' Yjm l^~tiiS 

it. or J*ffia ^i.^gliB JiAen. of Sliriin biNI*, 1 
vlttaGmgc-Fnderick.TtbHi?""'^ •- 

t. PuDaucB,h7JiitTi777. ■„ Hay 

tku, M Hi or jLiiMB. 4. n kutch lui. 

S.Cm4ai!<a,t.lSOcl.l7Sll.n.ih>tii . 

«. Daaiuui, s. 13 Haj IW. •>.. » Dk. I7W. 

The haroneai d. i Aag. 1807, and was ■uixeeded by her eldnt 

Sir RicBARD. Isl h>rd, &. 13 July Ijes, m., 6 Aug. 1789. Ju- 
liana, eldest da. and co-h. of Thonuti Cooper, of MDltUnart Caitle, 
Kildare. esq., and had issue, 

I- HUNar, prcaent lord. 

I. RicHAis, tmlamtt u ide naUni U DtlU. 

ll.iUH.BAairtiili. 4. 31 April laos. 

>ui»«aaMiij»c4, m.. IS Sot. i«I9, Corie-Riduid PhUlK sao.. 

Hehkv, tirnent »nd 2d lord. 

/f«ir frtsumpUpe — The iuin. RiC9AMD'C»vsxDita, nan 
brother lo hu lunUhJp. 

Creatiaiu-B^raoetjT Mij iJM; Buon Waierpark, U June 

J/»^S«P1.t»m. Ouiuwily. 1M ud«h. KODr. U»»<u(i^lMib«- 
bo*rt l-u^ndoM-llliln.bDnltru— -'■'-— "— *.J — i -wJ — 

unlblix. SlHMWr, nUfpr 

i nlipkM (If nnr TOO. irgRM * 


of OrarvKnd, CI). Lonitonderrv : iem 10 Aprii 1(104; ■uacc«d(d 
Lii fatiior, Tlu>niw-Ni>rtli, late lord, 7 Feb. 1{I3U. 

Hli lordship's gTMt^nmdfsther, Jaues OkAvia, to)., (de- 
Mended, Bcoordiag to family tradition, from Willtun Ur»Fa. 
aq., oC Littlt! Wreaul, co. York,) m. min UerdiiiKii, roJi. <if 
■ir Jobn Uerdmaa, o( fitannlngum, go. Tioitliuiiilwrliuul, knl.. 
knd (t. in Ireland, leaving iuue. 

la cet I^nip Bucon I b , 

«H.yi>»S3W7MlrJ». of fb Jobn Co 

uhII CullOon. UtL I It WuS!mLbuI, 

4. Tbohas, raar-admiral, R.N-, father tt 

Thoilu Gi 
mini R.N., ao 

lioned, wu A. in'l{i8tK and m. 
without JHue in 17IS; and, 3 

esq., of Thuilie!, co. Comnall, re«r-«d- 

ceic Hin n( Jani« Graven, cmj.. before Dien> 

, III, ill 1713. iDiuWartie, whod. 

dlf, in 1723, E1>h>1«iIi, da. of Oil- 

, near Exeter, D.D., who d. Dae. 

S. Tao^Ai, IsllonlU 



raTfs, enlcred very early inl< 

, ._._.. .. . reodered himielf emineiiElr 

ipicu(iu&, particularly' by liii nllant omduct aa amofMnde 
chief of iha Briiiih vui, at tEe ^Inriou* ftid dedsJTB victor; «( 
adtnind earl Hove, E.G., orer the French QeM, on tba erer-BM 
inoraUe lit of June 17M, n'lien he n'a« dongerou&lf ammded 
ill Ihe right arm. For tlicte, suit a •erie* uf other hfgbl; dlb 
tinguiafaed aervicea, he vat, in July the tame Tear, crealad totd 
' Grarfi, liBTOD of Graveeeod, co. LoadondeiT}', in Inland. Hi* 
lordabi|> n., in 1771. £Ii>sbelb. aneof the dai. uid «>-h. <tf WU, 
lism-Peere TTilliuiu, esq-, cf Cadklgh, ovDeTon, sod Itt coouBi 
tn the countCH of Guilford, by whom ho had iuue, , 

1. TnoxAS-NoKTa, 2d lord. 

». 1—.-.W."..— . i^4S*pl.l7JB.mdif..Iui. WM. , 

.. as Dr. IBS. VntDnDi BaEwd, oq., of KltracnT 

In Inland, d. IK Feb. 

i. ilAMiAumt-Jkaat. m. Nov. isui, apt- Nadum, ILN-, ud «. 7 
niBlorilsLipd.9Feb-1802, and wbb suoneded by his ddat tooy, 
TiinHAS-NoKTH, Sd lunl, i. S8 Ma>- I77S, »., 2; June IMl 
uy, earl of Uibridge, and bad iania 

lady Mary Paget, da. of Hetuy, e 

% luBaLu-LKTiTU, b. II Hat i»n, 
Hii lordihEp if. 7 Feb. 18M, and ww nKceieded by Ua ddei 

Heir Preanmptire— The 

_AdFm1fa£lediinlii)ed vid ariKd or, enclrti 
He wlnnb)' ■ dual »r«ul auail. 
wifrt—Tvfo Toyal Tultura, wnn^ doAfi proper- 
- .^..ii_ -^ — »,._., — * ■* — glK ttiM not 

Miitl^.-A^tla nvn npur mi 

SAMUEL HOOD, Bahos BRIDPORT, of Cricket s£T 
Thomat: bom ^ Deo. 1788; nscceeded hit grand-unde, Al^d 
under, viKuunc Bridport, K.B., in this barDuy, 3 May ISlfj 
TMrried, 3 July I8t0, Charlotle-Mnry Nelwm, only da. of WO.. 

liam, earl Neliou, duke of Bront^, and haa iaaue, 1. Mabt-' 

Sophia, b. 1 Dec. 1811 ; 2- Charlottb, b. 3 Aug, iSISi' 

—3. ALEXANDEH-NELSON, ft. 23 Dec. 1814;— ~' - 

n«., i. IS Jul. IR17: i. ■ DA., i. 29 Much 1818; C. 

n D*< i. * April lB3t i ?. HoraTI0-Nxi.B0)I, A. IS23, li. 

1!» Jan. 1820 ; 0. HehIt, t. 18, and ± SO April 1824 t 

n. Ho&atio-Nelioh, b. sj April isait. 

Hii lordahip i9 Ihe Sd Km of Henry, 3d TiimunC Rood. 

Set V»«corxT Hood, fn the Pwmjic qf Eusland. 

Hii lordihlp'a p«et unde, irir AleI-AMDTK Hood, 1st r»> 
cuunl. and baron Itridport, K.&., wu younger brothor of bamiirl, 
lit Tiscount Hood. He «u bred from an eBrly Hge to the naial 
profeuion, appointed poll opt. 10 June 1TS4; diiplayed great 
oniin^ nhile be connnanded the Miiierra, of 32 Kiin> ; pro- 
moted to a flag 1700 ; nrred as rear^dminl under Iiird Howe, 
Bt the relief of OILraltar lT32i inrealed with the military order 
of the Bath 1788, advanced tn the dimity of baron Bridporl, of 
Cricket St. Thomai, in Indaiul, 12 Aug. I7S4, for hi) gallantry 
u Hcond in command nn the erer-mernorBble lit of June H^f^; 
in I7&G hii lordihip (puned a tignal vinory over the Frenoh 
fleet. For thne gBJhmt wrvices he vu created a peer of Great 
Britain, IS June 179S. by the title of boron Bridport, of Cricket 
St. Thomai. oo. Somerwt ; and 10 June 1801. advanced to the 
further din^nily of viicount Bridport, being then admiral of the 
red, vioc4daiira1 of Great Britain, and gen. of royal niarine«. 
The riKDunt m., lit, Maria, da. of Richard Weit, U.D.,preben. 
dary of l>iirh«ju, (by Maria, sitter of Richard Temple?, -rucount 
Cobham,) but had nu inus by her (who d: 12 Sept- 1780] i m., 
2dly, 38 June 1788, Mary-imphiii., da. and lote h. of Tliomai 
Bray, of Edmonton, c». Middlnei, nq.. by hia 3d wife, Elixa. 
belh, dn. nndco-h. of John Sadlier, cm.; the viicuunt d. without 
iuue, a May 1811, when the titln of viscount and baron Brid. 
port in EiigUnd beoanie eilinn, but Ibo barony of Bridport in 
Ireland devolved, according to a ipecial limitation In the potcni. 
to his great nephew, 

Sxuvt-t., 3d lord Bridporc 

Heir Apparral^Al.EXit'UDZU-Vt.t.myi, hii 1ord<hip*i son. 

Crtatim — Bsron Bridport, of Crioket St. Thmuu, 2 Aug. 
1784, with remainder 10 Samuel Hood, 2dson of Henry, viicount 
Hood, and hit issue ; which foiling, to Altntander Hood, cspt. of 
the Man, father of >ir Alntander Hood, of M'notton Hlntldgh, 
on. Scraerset, hart., {tt Deurett'b AVu< Barenelai/*.^ and hit 
isiue male, and in defuult of lucb issue, to sir Samuel Hood, 
hart., O.C.B., K.M.T., and K.F., M.P. for Wegtmlnater, since 
deoeaied vithoul ii 

tHIlDC Uw llflll ou , --. 

iK4 ur of Ibl (all nils, nMinc 1)M ill 


^ TMi>u*,3i h(t,i.SII«c l^.B^ In, hk cMu, A 

sk n^ »^ M*. 1TB- s>Ill^ ^<r iteM ^^A,m, 

Kc««— in-mR-wi^ 

S« n^a* a^ NIt, 1 S<pt. I7K, Bw BmIAm, ■ 

Tsoxu-BooiBBI, frniflbviTa Rmnrtifr. Oct- I79A,i.3l 
JnJr IJ3<S. >« l«D(cl;S3.Elii>l>«l>-AnH,4*.>uHliotik.rf 
dr Wimui JiBM, of Ellhoin Park, do. Kent, t«cv, mA W 

I. GloKCE^ccvtTilR-HEKaT-AKaE, pmtnl lord. I 

I. drutm-Aini. 1. » Dk int ■>., 9 Dk lilO. A Rii^Hrt liilMl 
rf HM PMt. cB. trBQiiath, but. ^^n 

&lcu>aJ.».(.ni>Ki;i7' -™ ■ ■ 

Crealioat — IWoitei, 18 May lOSl ; Baron RsncMe, 1 0«. 

OV'-Out of 4 di;cB] cunmel or. ■ dnml ttigU dlipkyed Hg«nt, kipA of 

Sunuriirt— Tno PsEul. wlogt e1jEi4l«l, HKcnti taatt of bUlau mMi. 
ana ducHlly collared ano Lined ot. 

reuiof^wn HsU, and > Bltronel of Great Britam ; torn 12 Aug. 
1771!; lueteeded hii fmher, Joshua, the law lord, IS Aug. 1816: 
nurrin/, Isi, 3 April 1810, Fnnces-Catherine, eUe>t da. of Chal- 
loner Arcedeckiut, of Olovering Uall, Co. Suffolk, esq., and by 

her (ivho d. 3 Aug. 18l5) had itme, -I. JOSHUA, i. 23 

Sept. 1811; 2.Mi»IA.Loci8A,m., 14 Sepi. 1830, WillUm- 

BarrdDglOD.Uarland Rowlev, wi., eldeat son of lir William 
Rowley, bart., and he d. 14 On. following. H<> lordship m., 

„., . , . . 5^ 3d d^ „f rir aiu-lH BIoii, of 

;.,uid hoa iuue,-— -3. CbiiilC9> 

-. „- lebytf 
Indies 1508, admiral Jomes-Corneliui Vanneck wax thvir n 

His lordship*! great.grandrather,CoBKELiusVjL>iNECi, esq.. 
payiniiB(«r nf ihe land-forces of the Unileil PrurincBs, left iunie, 

■ - -., 17W, M»rj. ™ikl of >lr Denl. Dutry. !■«., A wLlboul 

2. sir JoflBCA, CI 

DiDi. buiidinaMET il Ihc HuuF. 

Sir JoaBDA Vasveck, of Bevmingham Hall, co- Suffolk, 
was created a bart. of Great Britwa, 14 Dec 1751, m., 1733, 
Mary Dauliiiz. andhadiuuebyhcr, (whoii. 17^0,) 

1. Sir GCRAKU, 3d ban. 

2. Sir JosHDA. 3d bart., and Ut haron. 

fi, GtHTKIfi*, privy mvnk 
e. MAtOSUT.-u, It NO 

Sir JiMhua li. 6 March 1777, aiid vat wcceeded in the title of 
hart, by hts eldest son. 

Sir QEaARD. who dying uiim., 33 Slay 1791, ivis succeeded 
by his only brother. 

Sic JoiUVtVAxaKCK, lal lord Huniinglield. and 3il hurt., 
i- 17*^1 represented the bnruiigh of Dunwich in sii parlianiftits, 
advanced to the diipiily of baron llunOngJield^elC Knctuni^iBxn 


KOH RANCLIFFE. ■ Baraaet ot England, and Capl. in ltf> 
ArrnT: liofit 10 JUD« IjSS; iun«eded bis blhw, TIukbm. 
BooCbbV' '■» lau l»"l. n >'•»-■ 1300; marfitd, 15 (M- ISU?; 
Elinlietfa-MBij Forbca, eldnt da. uf George, awl of Gnuudf 
by SeUnB-Ftauoa Sawdan, titMr to Franda, mftrquesi of ~ 

IticaxRD Pakeijis, eiq., recorder of Nattingkani, In^ 
EliiAbech, (deKeaded from a family seated at Uaddertfidd, ea, 
Worcetter,) ptinduxed the manor of BunDf, co. Notca, and 4; 
leoa. Uis great grandion, , 

Sir Thokas PiBErNi, waxrealed a ban. IGSI.snd ct 168^ 
learing itsue, by Anne, da. and h. of Tliooiai Cnessey, of Ful«^ 
oik Linoolo, esq., beiides other duldren, a >oa and heir. 

Sir Tbohar, 3d ban., wbo d. 1741, and wu lucceeded by U 
3d, but fldsst turriving son. 

Sir Thohai, 3d ban, 6. S Dec. 1737, m., 1st, bin omaiii, J*q^ 
aole h. nf Thonui* Parkyns, esq., son of Sampson Parkyns, ililtJ 
son of the Sd bare, and l)y her (who A 8 Dec 1 'iGO) hA4 issoe,^ 

f. TuoMAS-BooTKsr, Ut lord Randiffe. 

(. J>xi. ^ II No*. 17»^ who rf. Jul lai;, hiving ••., 

IKLiumnv, k ■ Jw. I7S7. ■>- Hmn Chulnwonb, M 

Sir Thomas »., My, 17(15. Sarah, da. of Daoie] Smiih, a 
by whom (who d. 22 Mandi 1790) he bad issup, 

a. SAVnnii.Ma DK.ITV.tDho^on^d.SSciit. IBOl. 
S. HicHau.bltJuMini- 

ikKUM, i. » M>T 1774, 4._70ung. 
CHluoTTa. & 6 Ot. I7T& 

li. SnrsiA. b. 3 Aug, ITRS. * 7 Avtil Ijw. 
13. Pcxaun. ri. [^ IIU7. 
Sir Tbomai «., 3dly, I Sept. 1796, miss BouUb«e, and had imb 

TuoMAB-BooTHBV, crtatedharon Ranrliffi,On. 179S, i- 1 
JiJy 173a, m., 10 Dec 1783, Eli laheth^Vnne, da. and lule h. i 
sir tViUiun James, of Eltbiun Park, of. Kent, ban., and lU 
iuue by her, (who d. 31 .March 1706,) 

I. GEoaGE>ADGVBTUE-HEHKT-A>iKE, present lord. 

1. BLUuaCTB-AHHI, b. 1 Dtc 178C, n., 3 Dsc l»n, ilr Ricturd LcTIH 
oC High P»rk, cn.WsliMiuh. hui. 
I. BslivaJah. k n Dtb 1787. 

•■ AVRa-SAaAH-CATHAIIIIIE, i. I Ju. 1791, m., la, IhC DUUqiUM ' 
ChaMuli ndMlT. IJui»1H!4. prtnnJuJsdtPiiUgiuc. 

Hk lordkhip iL 17 Nov. 1000, and was snoweded by big only H 
OEOaoE-AnousTm-HEMav-AHyE, present and MIbpC 
Jltir Ap/ntretii—yoae. ""■" 


Crfa/i»M— Bainnet, IS May IG81 : Baron lUncliffe, I Oct. 


"tnlngliuii Hall, uid a Barnnet of Great Brilain : litm \i Aug. 
177"; siid'ceded his fattier, Jnihua, the late lord, lA Aug. 1816: 
morrieit, Ul, 3 AptU 1810, Francen.Caiherine, eldnt da. of Chal- 
loner Areedecknc, of Olevering Hall, en. Suffulh, eiq., sod by 

ber (who d. 3 Ang. 181a) bad iaiue, 1. JOSHUA, ^ 29 

Sept. 1811 ; S. MaBiA-LouiSA, m.. 14 Sept. 1830, WlllUni- 

Barringtoii-IIarland Itoivley, eaq., Eldot aon iif nir WiUiam 
Rovley, ban., and he J. 14 Oct. fullowing'. Bis lordship m., 
2dly,« Jan. 1817, Lucy.Anne, 3d da. of sir aiarlei Bloii, of 

Cockfield Hall, oi. SufTuUi, ban., and baa iuue, 3. CujkALZS. 

AifiiREW, b. 16 June 18IS. 


paymaster nf ibe land-force* of the I'nited Provincea, left iul 

I. oiaiiu). H., 17M. Mary, ttlltt oTib DtnU Dutry, tuit.. i. wH 

A. Jacobui, 1iuTfomaBl« at the Hstfue. 

8ir JosavA VanHBCK, of SeTeiilngham Hall, co. Si;aiith, 
«U created a ban. of Great Britain, li Dt«. 17^1, m., 1733, 
alary Diubuz, ai<d bad iMue by her, (whad. 17^0,) 

1. SirCiEKAHD, Sdban. 

2. Sir JoiiBCA, 3d ban., and l>t bartm- 

3. CLisuara, •>.. 14 Nai. 170. the h«. TIwtdh Wilpolc, Sd nu of 
Honllo, tiKKlof Dritird, K.G.. ABiunalW. leailnit bnie. 

4. HAIT-Aaao. ••.Hi!at|r['li>lKir,aa.,aBdbMlknif. 

«. HliatUT, ■>.. a nm. im Ot Dm. Rli*1i WHpoff, »d ton Df 
Horatio, Itt locd Wannle. of vrollotoD. ind 4. B Mi; IHIIL 

Mr Joahoa d. (t Hardi I777, and wu nicceeded in the title of 
bart. by his eldest son, 

8tr OEaasn, vho dying unn., S3 May 1791, wai nicceeded 
by bis only brotber. 

Sir JosHtia VairxacK, 1st lord Huntin^eU, and 3d ban., 
b. 1746, represented the borouich of Dunwich in *ix parliaineiils, 
advanced lo the dignity of banm llvntingfietd, ol Heveningliam 

ThomiOQ, o( Roeliaimiton, e 

(whorf. 7 1>ec. 1811,) 
I. JaanOA, 2A baron. 
3. GiHAHD. h. iSAug. I7M, •>.. ID Dr. int. ChnVMU, M dib of IMbi 

1. ntt, miK M*rr-A] 

Ilfs liicdsblp d. la Aug- 181C, and wu succeeded li^ bu tUi^' 

JoBHDA, 2d baniD HunlinfrGeld, and 4th but. 
Hair AppaTtiit—Bu lordihip's eldest mih. -«^ 

Crfofjiflu— Baronet of Great Britain, M Dec 17^1 ; BiHK 
Ilumlnglield, of Hevuningharo Hall, Ifl July 1796. i 

>rT>v— SaPliWSI. Atgmt, ibTcg bugle bonu. ta-o uul onr. guba, ui< ■ 

Cruk-A Inii^ lioni fuln. betwttntwn wlii|t»elPYitrd 1x81111, Uppcdiu 
SfTTw-fivw— Two grpyhouudi <TTQkie. cuk eoTf^ *ltli ' coUv |^T <<«■ 
gulM wid 01, uhI clisiiMsl. gold. ^ 

Lodge, and Baron Carrinfclon, o{ Uplon, co. Nottingluun, Ft 
and A.S., and D.C.L. ; bom in 1762. 

Sse'LotiTt CARBiyaTOH, in Ihe Peerag* rf England. 
Heir ApparetU -- Robebt-Jobh, hii lord«hip'» only w)i 
Cri^/inii— Baron Corringlon in Ireland, 179B. 

SIORE, of MoiiBiKhan, a GuTemor and Cuttoi Itotiilortun ec 
nionagluiii : torn 14 Oct. 1769; inctaeded Robert-tHminghjiMlt 
In lord Rowmore, in this bamnv, Aug-. 1801, pbnuBnt tuthc 
limitatldiii of the palent ( married, 3 Oct. 1791, Msn'-Ann*, W 
da. of Charles Walsh, of Walsh Park. at. Tipperary, fa,, nj 
had issue bv her, (who d. IS Atig. 1807,)— 1- HENRV-RO' 
BERT. M.E>. for the co. Mona^ban, b. 24 Au|;. 1793. m., St 
>'an. 1S20, Anne, da. of Douglan, aUi duke of Hamilton ■~' 

Brandon, and duke of Chatelherauli, in France;- 2. Wj 

HEK-Wll.LIAM, *. 23 Aug. 1793, d. 1—3. CltABLE«. ft. 

Not. 1794. d.; 4. BichaBd. 1. 21 Feb. 1790, »., 8 Jn 

1U33, Henrietta, only chilrl of Henry Scon, of Clanamulh, 

Mona^n t li. Johh^katen, b. 31 March 17flB, in [he 

guardsj 0. Chaulrs. b. 83 Aug. I80U, linit. 8th huaunt 

7. nlAKIANKG, 4. 10 Aug. 1801, m., 17 July 1821, Samwi 

Froiidi, lord £lJhii, and ifiler uf Francis, 6Ui earl oj Wemy«. 

The right hnn. Robert CuHlirQOAME, general in tUeamv, 
m. Kliubcib, 2il da. and co^. of Jnhn Alumr, nq., Bt.P. eth 
Monaghiin, by Alary, dowager bannias Illayney, vidow of Cad- 
wallader, 7ih lard Blayney, and tuts da. and h. oT air Alexander 
Caimta. ban., docended from the fainilv of Cainrn, oT KJchard. 
uu, in Scotland, which lady if. 1836. ^he other dai. and co-hh. 
of coL Murray were. Franc«, n-WiUiam-Ileiiry, lat earl of Cler. 
DioQl; Anne, n, the right hon. Theophilu* Joan; and Harrier, 
m. Henry M'eiUnra, esq., by whom abe wa« mother ol tha pni' 
aent baron Ruaimore. General Cuiiinghame wucmted, 10 flct. 
I'Sfi, baron Roamore, with remainder, on failure of iasue DiMle 
of his body, lu Henrj.Alexandcr Jones, eaq., »on of the abOTe. 
named Anne Jones, Warner Wesienra, K'iUiani Weaienra, and 
Honry AVeiiann, Mq«., loni of the abore-namtd Harriot M'e*. 
tenra, and iheir issue male sunwrnively. Lord Roaunore d. 
wiihout imiue, tt Ang. 1001, and ( Uenry.AIeiander Jones, e«., 
having d. uiim- in hii lifetime) was lucceednl, punuuit to the 
limitalioni of the paleul, by the prcMul lord, wbnae patenul 
descent we now proceed to trace. 

The family of Webtenha is Tery ■ndcnl in Holland. They 
bear the aiigmeulalion of the ses-borse in their coal-nrmour. In 
allusion to the gallantry nf an ancestor who, during the duke of 
AWa's ompaigna, was actiyely employed against the enemy, and 
nnd^rtoolc to swim acrosH an arm of the sea, with important in- 
telligence lo his besieged oniintrymen. 

His lordship'Ban(Mtor.M'aKHEBWiBTENBA,eM|., settled in 
Ireland, Itmf. Charlei 1 1., and was made a free deniien, t66S, by 
act of parliamenl, together with liis brother. Derrick Watenra, 
«q., (who left iuue, 1. Peter, of Alhurdee, co. Linith, elected to 
parliamcDt for Atbboy, Ifin2, m.. IB82, Sarah, lid du. of John 
Bligh, e*q., grandfather of John, lit earl of Damlei, and d. with. 
out JBue, 1003; 3. Jane. m. William Pearae, esq. t 3. lHl>«lla, 
n. Haget Warren, esq. ;) ^^ made hii will S3 July 1668, proved 
at Dublin, 1 Feb. 1776, leaving his estate in Ireland, in failure 
of his own issue, to t)ie eldeat son of bis brother, Henrirus M'es. 
tenra, on nmdition of his being sent to Irehuid and nauiralised; 
he n. Kliiabetb Wybrantz, and d. 167G, leaving iaaue an only 
win, Uekkt, and ElinaUlh, m. Simon Digby, lord bishop of 
Elphin, and son of Essex Digby, lord bishop of Dromoro, and 
nephew of lloberl, 1st bird Digby, of Oenshill, and d. IS April 

Hehbv Westenka, eaq., succeeded his father, 1(176, and 
aim ID the ettaiet of bis Hrst cousin, Peier Watenra, fq., M.P. 
fur Athboy.wlio d. without issue, 1US3. He was attaiiiteil, 10811, 
' r Janiea II., but restored on the acraasion of WiUiam and 
., 12 March 1700, Eleanor, 3d da. of sir Joshua Allen, 


knt., Bod aiiterof John, lit riscotmt Allen, sod d. 17)9, iMring 

a. WaIISEII, his tliiumui. 

4. PhTBit> la holy OTden, «■ mn. Bi 

9. Jani, «., M>T Ijat, John Moncklon, I>1 ilKOiint Gi]i»r,<f. Hit 17K 

Wakitbr WeiTENBA, e>q., elected to parliament, 1728, fat 
MurboroUBh, m., 13 Dec IT3H, Heater LanitMn, Sd di. rf 
BJcbard, 4t1i earl of Cavan, and sialer of Genrade, uo>nt«M<( 
Kerry, by whom he had iMue, 

1. Uemut, his heir. 

i. RicHAno. n.. S Jbo. vm, BrUgM, foiiiieHi da. of JtaHt^rft'^ 

B. PxTiii, ku'teil In Ihi WcU IniUa. 
7. RLAANan* m. Dad]c>1 Lewb, Ffltt- 
H. CusTiuiHt. m.. Ill, npliin Dodd: uid, Sdlr. Duf. ITSn. «lr EdiMl4- 

ment fur Monafihan, appoiutcd seneschal nf the king'* mMunia 
Ireland, ra., 1 Dec 17C4, Harriet Murray, 5th da. of o^ Jatm 
Murray, M.P. go. Monaghan, aa beTore mendoiied, kod by bcr 

1. U'AnHER-WiLLiAv.nhoEutceeded to the twrony of Rom. 

IIdi the nth hiunn. 

Oidca, oC TDiDpIsm 

B. fiKTSw bi 

Heir PreatimpliBf — Hexht-Robebt, i 

CrMNon — Baron Roasmore, nf Blonagbui, 10 Ort. 1736. 
ArmrS^ PWe BI. Qr-—- — — ■ ■"■ -^ •— -■ 

KEITH In Ireland, and Baroaeu Keith In EnRUnd ; tnnaB 
June I78B - 

DEAl':(IONT HOTHAM, B*i«o» UOTHAM. nf Sotnh 

I>Blton. and a Daronet of Euglanil ; Majiv in the Army. 31. P. 
for Lvom i niter 1 turn 9 Auk. 17!'4 j lucceeded bii ^(rauilblher, 
BeatunoDt. tlie lat« lord, 4 March 1014. 

Sir Joux Hot HAM, docmdnl frutn *□ Badent faaiily of that 
name, watH al ScBrboJnnigh, co. York, wai crealeil a tianmet, 4 
Jan. IRSI. Hewai iippornlal gdvemnr of Hull in 1043; bul 
having been diMOVered to hflld a oomrspODdeiicc with tlic royal 
IMrtf. he iv« tried and etmvicted by a eourt-martial for iliat and 
tnlleriiffcncnagainil tho parliamoil, and vas beheaded an Totror 
Villa logelh^r with hii ddetl hhi, air Juliii Hothani, kut. " He 
«» master", taya lard Clarandon, " ofa uuble fortune in land, 
■nd rich in money, of a very ancient family, and "(41 allied." 
From hi* 2d suti, the rev, Charles Hotham, dnceiided 

Sir Beaumont, 7th hart., who n. Frances, da, of tha rrv. 
William Thumiwon, and aigter of William ThompHin, of Butu< 

.jiWoo. eo. Vork. eiq., and had luue by her, (who J. ITTi,) 

K-J. Sir CniaLES, 8lh bare 

BI'S. 8ir John, 9th but. 

^^ 3. William, lit lord Hotham. 

*' 4. Beadmont, adlord, Bud late baron of the court of Eadie* 
qaer in England. 

ft. GiDHDK, b.7 Ito, l;tl. anal, la tb> umv, and cdL uih ihi. n( fini. d. 
Jan. ia«, havbii ■•>. IHu*. Taiui|«i •tm.Uttt Whidu 

. 1 ^laU IIM9. i\r liidUi WlUon, knu, nutn In Oua w r 
Wlpaior. UHt •!. W April iiiaa. 

T, 7ih bart., iL 39 Aog. 1771, "d vat aunwlM) 
m liii dd«t ton. 
" " h bart., *. May 1729, «., al Ort. 1782. Do. 

I&T QobartiiMiIy da. of John, Itl ear] of Buckinghanuhlrcs 
dnad ituieby her (who it 17D8) an only da., 

ir n)arlea d. 3a Jan. 1794. without isnie male, and va> nic> 
ceeded liy bia neat bralher. 

Sir John Hotham, Mihop of Clat(her, 9th ban., t,. I7SS, m. 
Sutan, du. »r lir Herbert Sltickvorth, bart., and had itane, 

LCbablib, lOthbart. 

niccecded in the title of 


Sir CbaILEE, lOih ban., b. 26 May 17*16, m., IC Nor. ISOt, 
Elizabeth, 4th dii. of OwKn-iUeyrick Mejridi, co. CaermutlMH, 
eaq., but d. B.p. Julv IBII, when \he bKrunvlcy devolved uu bh 
UDcle, William, Ut'lurd Uothun. 

WiLLiAU, lit lord Hotbam, adminJ R.N.. 3d wn of ur Bmu- 
DiDDt, 7th ban., entered esriv iiilo the luval XTvice. and fur U« 
diBtin((uiihed conduct wucreated.V Mardi I7!I7, baron Halham, 
of South Dallon, with renuiuder (in default of iisue oulejM 
the hdn male of his father, lir Benumonl Huthuu, ban. Hii 
lordahip luoeeeded, July 1811, to the Engliih buuneicy of Ha- 
tliam, on the deuh nf lir CbHTlei, the 10th hart. Hi) lordthip 
d. unm; 2 May 1813, and wan auconded, agreeabi; to lite liiait- 
Btian of bii patent, by hl> brother, 

Sir BEAnMOVT,knt., 3d lord, A.Aiig. 1737, «-,G June 1717, 
Susanna, 3d da. of lir liumas Haakey, kot., relict of ur Jtmtt 
Norman, esq., and bvber (n-ho if. Auf(. 179S)liad i»ue, 

I. BnAiTwwT, In Uieiinry, 6. ») Aug. \jBd, i. Aug. I7W, hiTtaf «. K 
H» 1790. RiUadiri^ilt, da. of ilr John-DlJuw DtIu, bnt., Kd ^stSi iaai, 
1. Fnocai-PtaUiidalplila. k; Dh. 17111, iLtl Aug. IH17. 
S. Bkaujioht, preaent lord. 

a. Gane-Pmlerlck, apooMunoui kii, k » Oct. vm. ™pt- R.N.. ■., 
U Aug. iSH, Siuui-Mub, ddcn 4a. of tbr niuillHH of ThoBKind. wd 

in-HlUM, h U Aug. IBU. 
T- Beaumnnt. h. 39 MiyleU, d. IB Ju. IE 
& Hiurr, t. 19 Oct. 1814. 
fi. Aujnuti»-ThoiDdi», h SA Jmi. IS17. 

4. Aiii»,u, b. gBJuly IT7S.'m-, U Ok 1 
Di ctfL, aad^SllanJi tsis, 

idlS, Ibe taoB. Fnuo-AtiBbJuUuw, eldfll da. of John", ml of 

1. H<nry.John, 6. U Dor. tflS^ 

t. rndeilck-HDTT. A. 3 Aug. 1M4. 

S. LoiTiiA, ft. ID Oct. 1778, fa..! Dec. lax. tir Chirlaf EdnoBMoH, ban. 
BEAtiMOHT, Sdlord, d.4 March 1815, and was iiHxeedcd W 
bu gnuidion. I 

Beauuoht, prenenl and 3d lord. 
Heir Preaumptive — (iKoatte-FHEDCaici. Ilia lordahip's 

• — Baronel, 1629 ; Bamn Hoihun, 17!(7. 
PliuVI. BuiyoriotlFa ugcnt uduuKi onacntuBsi 
lUlng a nn 


DBW«mi,fl). Moiughsn i f^om^ ^jii. 1817; sucoeedod iii> futlii^r. 
Riduril-TtioiDiia, dia laie lord, 31 Alarcli 1827- 

> ihi) family t he wu fslher of 

Waltek DjkirtoM, ofAntiiigh, a^^ d^ 1704, Inring imie, 
M'ALTEH.iuiccauiT of UkTuu Cremome ; uid rAoiwu, uicauv of 
TIioniHt. TowiUey Dairuti, e*q., whoae oaly da. *nil tule Lmreu, 
CufaarincJIari*, n., I Juoe 17l>8, Cluu-Iea-WiUumi Bury, ori 
of rfau-leriUe. 

WALttk Dawiok. ddeat too, m. Frtuicra, ds. of KJchard 
DninDD, eui; by whidi tnarHgige Uiu eitate uf Davioa*) Qrove, 
CO. MonM[l>au, wu couveyvil lu ilua liunily, and ^ 17'Bi iMvinf; 
Unie by W, (who d. Julv 1 73S0 

i. RiCHABD, 

RicBabdDawsom, of Dan-tun '■ Grove, 00. Monagfaui, »[.. 
ctocted to |iirluuDent for die iHinnif-li of Blonnghsn, m., 35 Feb. 
1723. EUzAbeth. da. of Juhii Veev, iirchbintwp of Tuun, and 
n«t« of ur Thomu Ve»ey, ban., iiiibop of Onory, d. 29 Dec. 
I76G, iMtine iwue by her, (who d. i Seiit. 1730,) 

u Jdbi.a i;u. 

3. Thomdr, 1>( Tufiount Cremome. 

«.¥■.■*. A 17M. 

4. WtLns. ii.tKDT. 1731- 

H. PkABCVft, b. ta Aui. 17^. m, Windhun Quib, of Adar*. by whom >he 
VH ItemMtin o(>U VatcDIlDt-RIchud guin, 1« ■»! of Duniavm. 

TuoMA* Dawson, lit Tttrount Cremome, b. 26 Feb. I72S, 
wu matMl binin Darlre\-. 3fl May 1770; advuiaxl to ihe <li|[- 
iiiiy of viuvium Creainrii^, 19 June 1786, and created baron Crr- 
namt, U XoT. 1797, with remiunder to lili nephew, Riclwrd 
Dawimi, nq-, and the hnn male of hii body ; m., li>t, lA July 
1754, Anne Fermor, da. of Thnmai, Ut earl of Ponifret, (liy 
Heoriattn-Louiia, only da. of Johu, lard Jiiffuric*, of Wem,) and 
had bane by her, (who d. 1 Msnii 17CS,) 

I. Rrr»4>D.Ii.Ju)Ti;iM>,''.aMuchl7T» 
The viicmint Bt, 9dly, 8 May 1770, PhiUdelpbia-Hannah, onJy 
ila. of Thomu Fream'e, esq., by Marginrtta, d>. of William Penn, 
eMj., founder of Philadelphia, and proprietor of Penntyliuiik, 
>nd by her (who d. 14 April 1B30) had luue, 

a. I'iK.Hu, i.90a.\m. 

\ JvL.uA-raiircin.ANHi, rf. n Jun^ \-,iq. 

• viacDunt d. 1 aiarch 1813, when the titlei of linoninl Cre. 

« and baron Dartrey became extinct ; tut the title of baron 

F row. II. u _ 

'^— I,a^ll A^. I7M, Anne, ad 

"^ i^i*. «fc Cfcre, bB1~ 

I id Yttk, natte ^ 
rim il iallMdilTai 

1. KKaunm, kB sw^M*-. 

W*j*ii^ *■*>*■ ■*^TT»i«l» j .rfT » - " y / {|£»»j«a.' ay. 

ttKmtmm Suvwx, dkM «», ft. IS AprO 17m. dtcM 

kk *. tf Anfar Oii*»w. of HocUn', tn. Armpit, et^^ ud 

L B tcm >B»-T— MA*. aW Pi DceaJE * ta tka Imimit •( Cr- 



r ("•"-• ^'^.f'^ l»». f»pt. Savdso) had iwiw, 

1. tec»*n»t f iwiMt b«d. 

ffii C!uir J. tl Mntk IS7, ^ed 38, lod 

RicaAKB, pMMK aad H Idtd. 
~ ~ I ■fifii T-- hon. r : 

DANIKI' TOLER. Bakox NORWOOD, of Knoduliin 


Hii lardiUip ii eldnt win of John, nu 

H^ Pf-MlimpffM— HlCTOR-JOUH, 

lonlililp't tiruther. 

Crmfian— 7 Ni". IJff?. 

Bvon Allanwin and W'iiin, of Aghadoe, (v- Kerry, and a Ha. 
mnei of En);land i ^wm 2d JiuiB IfS^l aurc^cilnl hii father, 
Georg«, [hb late lord, 9 Ajiril 17S6; marrialy ly Nuv. 183A, 
min HBItbent. 

Bit Inrdahip'i anircsior, ih-aEOloe WiHy, of NosteD Abbijr, 
CO. VorV, waa creaeed a baroan 3 Dec I SM, and d. 1 fUT}, le*viiu 
itstie sir Edmund, anceslor of the preaeot >lr Edmund-MuK 
Wion, of Nmlell, bart. ; [<w Dtbrett, Nea SarmeUgt i) and k 
second (on, 

GeoRGE WiJTs, «<]., M. Sarah, da. of Ch«rl«i Pelham, nf 
Broddesby, to. Linroln, e»q., (niiceiior of tlie baroni Yarbo- 
rough,) and bad miie, 

Peldau, m. lllbabeth, da. of the rev. QObert Wiebtoii, hv 
EUial«th AllatiiHin. aiiter ..fCl.arln Airanson, nf iiion, n>. Mli. 
dleux,eiq., and ^reat-f^raadda. of «ir Williua AUBnHin,by Anne, 
■lam- of inr Richard Ttuihard, of Whitby, co. Vork, twq-, and had 
lame an onhr ion, 

Geobce, crraiiMl baron Mfodlet, I7A7, *bo wis cined to ihc 
bar, I7BS, apiHrimed, I7SI, the Enaliah baron of tLeootin of et. 
diequer fn ^oilland, and rrealed a banmel 177^' Ua lucreoded, 
17«3, to the ntatM of Mark Winn, of Little M'arW, co. Gvm. 
esq., and, I77S. lo i)ic olatra of his couitn, Churre* Allanaon, 
eaq., fftiD d. withuui iuiie. on which oecarion he look the nir. 
name of Allaiuon, in addition to and before Winn. Hii lordabip 
ffl.. In, ITOfi, Anne, 4ih da. of air Rowland Winn, nf NnaieU 
Abbey, ban., and bad iaiue by her (wbo d, 9 Ocl. 1774] an 

Hii lordihip m>, 2dly, 34 June 17^3, Elizabeth, rldent da. and 
h. of Arriiiir Blennerhasset, of BaUirMedy, ra. Kr^rrv. esq., and 
hy ber (whi d. Aug. 183») had iime, 
% Ckakles, prewnl lord. 

— "-"In?', KlMb«"M^, tii^liia.VLewliH«iaiill(. ot^iUklltd! 

a- bm, fu.. mi *. Not. tan*, na^lnc hid kau. 
Muk, h(7 iu. Iim, if. >i>im. l7A|«fl1aB. 
tdraood-ricaiY. ». « Jan. law, d. b Jaa. MM. 


Cremome devolved, pursiiaDl to the Lmiuition of the patent. Vi 
his grnnd-nepbew, RicBABD-THoa&B-DAw*os, 3d btno. 
wliOH descent we proceed lo trace. 

Richard Dawboh, of Ardee, on. Loulb, esq., Mi mo if 
Richard, fnther of the lat TiBcouni, n., 22 Aug. I76S, Anne. 3d 
do. af BJr Ediraril O'Bryen, of Dromoluid, ao. Clare, but.. 
(grand-nepbev (rf Anoe Hyde, ducben at York, huUmc of 
(juetmi Mary and Aiuie,) and wu auauinated in Uarch 1782. 
near Us house at Ardee; he Mt Uaue, 

1. RiCBABD, his surcesior. 

3. Thomas- V M« V. dmn of CluiinKoolfc 1.6>)o*. ITBfl. n... SNor. ino. 
Aani-Hvla. onlTihi. vf Bincr Tavnln, M T^iwnleT Hill. co. innn. <u. 

4. ■UMt IHU. 

i. Lociin-Huar. Dipt. ILX..^ U Oc'. 17». 

i. Not. IJM, m. ml. irinlhui Qnta, only brHber oCt* 

RANCBS. fc April 177:. ".. M Maj 1713, cuL Cbvlv a**- 

RiCHABD DatSOK, eldest win, A. 16 April \^62, elenel 

knighl of ibe nhirc, co. Mousghan. n., 22 3Iny ITR-I, Catbarint. 

4th da. of Arthur Oraham, a Hmkley, 00. Armagh, esq., tad 

had Issue, 
1. Richabd-Thouae, who succeeded to tha baroay of Cn- 

I, of edbnxiDt Fofot. CA.Cata. 

He if. 3 Sept. IBO7, and was tncceeded by his son, 
RtCHAan-TBouAs, who,ou the death of his grait-Diide, ri 

coiiul Cremome, bacanie 2d and present baron Cremomn, ■ ' 
March ISIS, An ne-Elizalieth -Emily, 3d da. of John VT 
OH],, by Anne, eldest da.of Jntin, 1>1 mrl of ClaOiriUism, 
her {who m., 2dlT, July 1S28, capt. Rawdon) had iaan*. 

I. Yho«*«, t. »7'D«. l«lfl. rf.u inbni. 

i. RiCHAED, present lord. 

Hh lordship d. 21 March 1S27, aged 38, and was 
his eldest sarriiing ion, 

RiCBASD, present and 3d lord. 

fftir PreiumpHee—Tho hmu VesET Dawsoit, hi* 

Crcatim—li Hot. 17»7- 

^fMt— Sea Plat* SI. QuaiurlT. 1" »>>lllh. 


00. TiBperary ; suMeedsd hii mother, Urm*. baroneaa Nomuo' 
SJ Julyir- 

//rfr AppartHl — Cqables-Johx, eldest loa at hJa Iordiihip> 
Crtalioif — Baronet, IT93; and Baron Teipimouth. 17EI7. 

?liu«l. Aigsal. ■ cbnaia ubli bKWMi Ihm holly \t*'f 


ow CROFTON. of Mmc, o 

.■land; horn 1 Aug. IMHI: w 
boroneia Cfoflon in her o« 

JoilX (.'■OFTOM, or Mnle. CO. RoHoniinoTi, ncheator-Keneral 
of traland Itmp. quean EliubFth. (deswnded from ihe CrofMni 
of Cmfton, CO, Lancaiter.) m. Juie, tiiuw of lir Henry Duke, 
kat., and wn aiuselor of the familiea of Mote, litdomB, Tem. 
pie. House, and Hobili. HI* eMet ton, 

EowAKO Cboftok, of Mole, n. and hod iuoe, Thamat, on- 
mtoT of the Crofloiu, of IionRford Houw, oo. Slifco, and 

OeoaQK CaopTOH, (tJdtat *an,) M.P. for Aekeytim 1630; 
built the Caetle of Mole: m. Elizabeth, 2d da. of ilr Franda 
Berkeley, privy onunMdIor to kfng Jkibm I., fby Catherine, 3d 
da. of AdatD LnFlu*, lord dianceilOT of Ireland,) and had iiwie. 

Sir Edwabd CaorTOH, creaLed a ban. 1661, from whom rie- 

Sir Edwabd, 4lh hart., who m. Catharine St. Geoitfe, h. of 
dr (Hirar St. Oeorfe, of Headford, en. Galway, ban., and ob- 
tained large eauta, co. Ljmerick. Hii win, 

Sir Editakp, 6lh bart., m. SUry, iliier of Dasjd Ni»on, «.|., 
and A I7M, iesring iaaue one ton, «lr Edward, 5lh bart., 4, 
I7ID. m., 17 June 17*1. Martha Damer, youngol «»ter of 
Joteph, lit earl of Dorcheater, and d. I74S, irilhout ivue, and 
one daughter, 

CaTBEBiye, b. 1723, to ahora the family eWate derolvelt on 
_4h* dealli of her brother < the m., 1749. Marrui Low I her, eu],. 

' t> ainuned the name and arms o{ Cnfftim, waa created ■ ban. 
If beland, )7SII, and d. Jan. 1704. learing ititia, 
^ 1. Sir Editahd, fi. 17 Aug. 1746. 


\., nd <t. r^ ' 

..mi. ' 

, o(S( 


Sir EnwAKD, tiiat hid of lir Msrctu, ir. Aiine, <U- aod wit 
K. of ThoniM Cniker, at Backwealon, oi. Kildare. c«q., I>y Aaat, 
da. (and c»Ji. with h«r sister, Msria-Julianik, Udy Moms, of 
Uppervood,) of William Ryres, of I'ppercourt, etq. " ' " 
Sept. I?!*?- IcBTing ixue tir hi> lady, wbo tm 

fallijn-ing, b 

w A » 

The h»miir«t d. IfilS, and wu nuseeded by her p 
EawAma, ptioeni and Ut bvon. 
Btir IVm i m f Uve—Wf t Li *jt Cboftoii, wq., liii kwdihip^ 
CrwMin— 1797- 

Ffrench, ro G^wav, and a Baroiiet, a Trustee of the Rojd CU> 

l«g« of Si. Patricks, MavDOUlh ; torn B April 1786; «<diil 

hit rathar, Thomas, the bile lord, g Dec 181 i ; vtarned, 29 e«^ 
1 809, Maria, eldest da. of Jolin Droime. of .Moyne, 00. Oahrsf, 

Mq., suit liyher twhorf. July 11137) lia* iasue, a DaCSBVZB, 

*. JiilylBie. 


centurin, m. Rose, da. of Palridc DUlan, of Killoro, on. Ho*. 
cotDiBou. aq-, and d. \^S^, having had iinie bi^kar, («ha, after 
hit Uaceaie, iraa adTani'ed tn the dignity nt h a ra n — Ffnneb, «f 
Caitle Frraiicb, 14 Fab. 1796, witli ranaitidar to ht immt %j ^ 
Charlta Ffrench. ban.,) 

L TaoiiAt, lord Frnndi. 

X. Cjfjui j«. HI.. 1«. hg ccu»ln, AMbT Br»tM».«i»i »<MlTi !»«. 

». li-nt, m., IS la\i ITW, Wnrt.-gm. itr ODOiDle Dronilm d. of TkuitB) 

RoK, barotwn Ff^eIld^ <f. S D««. 1805, uid km lueocMlril by 
ber ouIt *i>n, 

SJT THOM«aFr»vc)i, lit haran FfVcnch. m.. yUj tT8S. 
Maiftaret, ddeit da. of Thdmai Keddington, of Kiloanoan, co. 
Oalwaf, M<|-, and had iaue, 

1. CBAiLn, Sd lord. 

3. Uahtix, ^ AprO>', 1 Dec lUS. UvRim. M dbof ThoOH Bai- 

«. NicsouR, t. Fab. I7»i.' 

3> ODiTiUJi, h Ma> I7W, M. niH KenX). ua lua Uaur. 

& Saub, m., U (M. inn. Ednrd Bnluli, of CuHiuh, ro. Gdwu, au. 

T- Hou, m., U on. IBIO, rruicl»-ai4kt>»[cr. ufAlbliU. tu. ^jjaiii. 

Hi* lord^p d. 9 Dm. IQU, and vaa luocceded by Lla ddpii 

CnAmi.Efl, 2d lord Ffrencb. 

.Stir Appur*ttt. H i» kirdihip'a brulhcr, TiiOM*!. 
CrMfi«n«— Bamnm, ITTd; Bnrim Ffrencb, of Cania Ffrcnch. 
CO. (Mwar, U Fab. 1708. 

ROBERT EOEN, Baioh HENLEV, of Chatdnock; born 
ax Dnwien, 3 Sept. 1780) iiucxHHled hia rathsr, Morton, lam 
Lird,6DK. 1830; •wrrird, II .llarcb 1824, HarridU, da. of .ir 
BobBnPeel,bail..8ndha.iwue.- — l.ANTHONY.HENLEV, 
i. 12 April I8i5 (^2. Robebt, 6. 13, and rf. In July 11120. 

Stt LOBB AlTciLAHD, in iKt Fteragt qf England. 

HoRTOX Edf.k, lit Inrd, wu ymingnt bralhvr of W\ll\ain 
Edtn, In lord Auckland, and ton iif sir Robert Eden, bart. ; wu 
appointed. In 177B, tninliier plenipotentiary to tl;eele«orof Dn- 
varia, luid miniiur (o ihe diet at Rstlibon ; In 1770, envoy ex- 
traordinary to the court of Coprnhwen ; iu UM, envoy extrior. 
dinary to the court of Dresden ; in 17111, rainUterpleiiipotentiiiry 
to the duke of SBne-Ootha; in ibcmme year, envoy cctmordinary 
Njid minuter plenipotentian' to the court of iterlin ; at the )«<i* 
time nominated* K.B., (vlih the IniignUof which or 




M ihe kiag's deiire, publiciv invested bv hi* PruldBi 
the lit Jan. In the following yew;) m 1793. ■ml 
minuter plonipotemiBrT Ki lEe court of Vienna j i 
buudor cstnordiaary uid miniMer plmipotairimn 
of Madrid, and one of liii iniijaly'i luoti liotwNusU 
cili and (lie same yesr ns-Bppointed envoy «- " -*' 
nliter plenipotentiary lo the court Of Vimni . 
till 1799, when Ue was, by patent dated Km 
Ireland, bv tbe title of baron Henley, of Chai 
■hip vta b. 8 July ITOa, n., 7 Aug. I7S3, EliiabM) 
bert, 1st, and sitter and co-Ji. of Robert, 2d earl of . 
by wlinn (wbo d. 30 Aug. 18S1} he had issue, 

t. RoBBBT-HEMI.Ky, prounl lord. 

- "■ Inbolior' . u_.-. 



da. of Wllliain KeUiam, oq.. nd • 




;.*iS«. iST 

irdthip d. 6 Dec. 1B30, and was cuan«ded I 

BOBElT-fiEXt-Er, present and 2d lord. ^ 

Reir ^ippormt— Authokt-Henlet EdeM,! 

ONov. 1799. 

FORD, of Somerhill, co. Aleath ; mreeadrd hia 1 
A-ortby, late hsnrn, 13 ^t. 11125; married, \a\a, 

piiBta, da. of Rhoded, nri., and has ianip, — 

S. HEKCULEi-LAaoroBD, b. 19 June 1820. 

Thf nolile fiunily of ii of Saxon orig 
■eated at Camichan, co. Cheaier; in the reigit of Ed' 
iJie penon of Rahdolfe de RowiEr. This bmi 
mily tattled in Ireland in the reign of Jaine* 1. 1 > 
pmentBlire, lir JonM Rowley, m., 2(1 Dec 1071 

linftui, 3d Tisoount Ely; and an only w . 

HcncvLES. who was, for SO years, knt. of the ilii 
•lond«rrf, and m., 3 Jrd. 1706, Frances Tplon, da 


L pmn. of CmUb Uptoi 
left JHue, Dotalhmi, m 
vitciirint Pnirertcauri ; snd 

tiEKctiLBs-LAKOFOKD, who wu One of hi) ma^eK'r'i privj 
onuueUon, and r^reaentatiVB in parliament oe. LondondcTry ; 

Onntby, e*q., by which lady (vho vw created, 17W, 
Somerhill, and vucounteaa Idjigford, vith ronaiiidei' Ui 
male) be bad ianie, 

I. Uebcdlcs, lit vitcoiinl. 

of RovliTi uuwaB frcAted ' 

itwDithr Tsylot, M wn of 

[, aarl of Momlnclofi. 

-4 flvouDt Lufffortlt imiuii 

S. rtTHAiliri. ■>•• Edwvd Pakoihun, kird Lmignint, 
Elizabeth, viuountcu Langfnrd, and burontH Sumerliilt. na, 
lurceeded in her tille* by her eldest Hn, 

UebccLEE, Ut TiKOunt, nho dying wiihont luiie, the lidct 
became extinct, b«t the eatates deacended to his nin.-e, Fmnrea 
Kowley, who m., an above stated, her Isl rouiin, Clotworihv, 3d 
son of Thnmat, earl of Bective, b* Jane Ronley, da. of iSUu- 
beth, rinconnteti LaDgford ; the uid 

Clotwoetbt Tatloo, on the death of viicounl Lanefurd, 
aasumed the name of Rowlei', anil waa created, 3<l July IHOO. 
haron Lincford, of Somerhill, to- Meath, m., 17DJ. hiiratKiii. 
Kranres, da. of Cltitworlhy Rowley, and had iinie, 

1. HcnctiLCi-LAVOFOKi), prnent lord. 

:(! ELiuiiiTit-ifiiia.V.B April WS. Otorgr Ffrguim, ar Pitfnur, \.B.. 


(iiccecded l>y ItU oiiiy 

HEactTLEi JjAHoroan, preacni banm. 
Ueir Apfarml — CtoTtroKTBT- WiLtiKCTOH -RoaEMT, 
hi> lontiliip'i Hn. 


(ill, CO. Londondsrry, ajicl a Baronet, Great Alnngfrof Irvhind; 
hmSNoT. 17;Gi Bucocedcd hi» father, John, the late lord, 27 
»H. 1812. 2Jm^ 


Ylban fiiv ceuluriM ; one bnnch at the fiotiM tt SmM 
im Bobluhcd in Luigitedoc, and uunkar in AngmlciDC. H 
i«f^faif's craM-pwidfHtMr, Flobbkce dk BLAnotxmi^ ~ 
Lonse, in LuiKne^oc, Mt iHue, 

Jobs BLiatiiEB.e. aq-t vhorMiredfroHi Fnne«, lAvrik 
rvTomioD of ihe edict of Naat«(, IfiSa, and Mttled in EngW 
H. U•f7•EliMb«d^ da. of PcMr da VerennM, A 28 April 11$ 
Icartiig Ume by ber, (who d. 1780,) 

Sir JoBX Blaovisse, lit lord Dc Blaquitre, CB., i. 
M*T 1738, su ■f^Jatc*) Hcntvy to Iiia [iuu«tj-> 

thcooun of Fiance, 10 July 1771, priuc 

krdJicDMtivit of Ireland, U Oct. 1773: 

order of the Bath, 3 Aug. 1774 ; creaird a bare, 17S4 • m 

of the priTy council in Iivland ; advanced to the dignity' 

bum do Blaquigrt, of ArdkiU, 30 July 1800 ; m., S4 Dra. 17)1 

□moot, da- of Ruben Dolnon, of Aiuiegrorc, 00. Cork, a ^^ 

a. Pma-BoTu, t- S8 Anril ITS, •<., IH. IS Sept. i«m. EI^. a] te 1 
Dcnk O'BitaD, d MnoMfe. co. Llnakk, ao., ud b« Ihu* m ti*. M 

■ -■ lllH>d,&.USc|it.I8aS. 

J. eaa>.caeuB: 4. AnoMi-Mul*. 
>.. MIt. » No*. IKB. Elia, ad di. of WUllHn Roper, of RuMMk 
,.~^, co.DataUB, Ba_ ud toll Inn, 
S. Clurlv. «i iniL 

vail, oBtrn of 1Ib}> covuMb Of kiitj Id hs an il^ ht, *Bd4.nK«. H 

7- ELiEAaura, ». 17 JnlT J7BI. i^. Juw laoT. JohibBawM tUakn 
Ffidam puk, to. Surrtj. «q. 

S. Eii^voa. hiJuni-iTtin. -..VJiB. in», JoHphKnlghi.M. 
Hii loi>i>bip i/. 27 Aug. 1BI2, and vu nicowdod by hit d4i 

JoHH, Sd and prmeni lord. 

Htif I'Tttvmfkirg—Mtjar.fmi. tbe boo. U*iluam Bl 
auiiai, next broiber of tbe prT>«at lord. 

EEB, of Stralfontdipon-SUnev, to. H'icklov. anil ■ Uumet o( 
Eagtand. L1.,D. : born 90 Not. 1777; sucreedeil bU uncle, 
John, 2d lord, 6 Dec 1831 : nornnJ, I Jhd. 1799, Muj, •)•■ of 
the reT. M'iUiain CbnTf, canon of Canterbury, aud rector of 

Swalediff mud Sturref, co. Kent, and hu iune, L AaxE. 

ELtKA, & 4 Not. 17!M, m., 34 April 1824, John Hnton, of 
PlMHmton.™. Denbigh, e«.|.!—^a. JOHN, 4. 3 F.b. 1801 i 

3. Mabv, i. 7 June 1803. «., 24 June 1830. John Longue. 

Hlle, elden mki ol Juhn-Jamet Beriingfltld. of Beckingbim. 

Usll. CO. Norfolk, e*q. : 4. Emilv. b. 3S Fob. I«04 t &■ 

Elizabeth, b. IB tjqit. 1806, ■■., Ptib. ISM, lir Augiuliu. 

Brydgea Hcnnlker, ban.; 6. Fvaxcii, i. 30 Apr^I 1B07 j 

7- Majob, fi. 21 July 1810; —8. Witi.i*M.( lurr, b. 

13 Marcli 1813. Hi* lor'dthip timk the aumaine nf Major, In 
addiiion to and ofur //cnni^n-, by royal slg^n manunl, 27 May 

Hi> lordahip'i grandfaihcr, cir JoHM HsMHiKEK, lit lout 
Benniker, b. l.t June 1734. succeeded his father-in-law, >ir John 
ainjor. of Wnrlingworth Hall, «i. ^iiffmUc, ban., punuaiit ii ' 

imitation of the paunl granted fl July 1765; and waa advanced 
to the dignity of baron Hmniktr, of Stralfonl-ii|>an-:~' 
Wlcklow, lUOO. Hi> lonUhip »., 34 Fab. 1747. Aunc . 
and EOiJi. (with bar liaier. Eliiabeih, ducheu of Chaniliv, *ifi> 
of Henry Bridge*, 3d duke of QianJoa,) of air John M«jor, of 
Worlingironh Hall. co. Suffolk, lort., and had iuae liy her, 
(vbo d. 18 July 1793,) 
1. JoBH.adlord. 

t. M*io», ». 9 Maj 1;m, ~., M June irm, Murj, da. of John Ptmta, of Km, (an., indtf. (Krb. jjw, lavtnji Una by her, (irho <. S 

r>>>. ima.t 

Kuia-ElbalMh, _ .. .._ .... 
I. mn-AMmt, m.. le Not. i: 
dto, CO. BBki, bare, nd rf. 17 

Stralford-upon-Slaaey. CO. 

', preisnt lord. 

t. R„v.. «.. m xpra itiei. bit it»t fooMia. adoc- 

' ih> tion. lie Bivdis-Tniiiihlirk Hoinilia. but. 
I Not. I7W. ur Fnurto-WUlbm-BTka, of BiBal- 


ildborouih-BTVilg'". 6- * Jra- 1797- 


7. AiuM-EI!u-EllBtKUi, n.. tB April Inn, her Int coubi 

4. AHHii-ELiiABiiTK, «i, lU. Bdnrd-iitnlfDnl . sd orl oT 
udMly, Gmrn PmcU. aq., ud iL wltboul iHur UJuIt inifc 

Bia lordship if. IR April 1803, aud hu nioceeited liy bii dd< 

JOHK, 2d lord, i. 19 April 1762, n.., 37 April I7»l. Eroily, d 
of Ruben Jones, of DuSeriii, co. Glamorfiau, esq-. 1-ui l>v h 
(who d. IR Dec. lSt9) had nu iuue. UU tardiiip d. a'D< 
}B21, and wu lucceeded by bii nephew, 

JoHN-MiNET, pretent and 3d lard. 

Heir Apparenl—Jons, bU lordihip'i son. 

Cnutioiu —Buronet o( England, 8 July 176A ; Lord HdmOii 
of StrMford.iipon.£Uu^, cu. \f'iddow, 30 July 1600- 

. ( plMei ihr hnd ptope hoMlBii < — 

m tcnUop ur, duigcd vith u atollendv— Hihiokk 
ipertm—hvitr, m Um^ ufenL Kttlrvd^ uld im^lAd HI 

lie gmtnl lupporl. 

CLAKEBOYE, of Ballyliedy, and Kitlyleagh, oo. Down^ 
H Bnroucc, Colonel of the North Downahire Militia, a TnuUK 
the Linen niftniiracturc, and Oovemor ca. Oowne ; £on> B Ji 
I7aa; succeeded hja moilier, Dorcas, the late baronea, 8 P 
1807; married, IS Not. 1801, Anne-Dorothea, only da. of Jii 
Potter, baron Oriel, by Marfjaretca, latti visoountsu Feltard, 
her own right. 

This family la of Scoldi ortain. Adani Btacknaod was a pn 
counsellor to Mary, queeii of Sinu; and Jobk Blacewoc 
esq., of the same house, had his ntale in the oo. Dowiie leqa 
tered, 1689, by king James II. 's purl lament, bill waa restored 
the accession of the priiico of Orange. From him descended 

Sir Robert Bi-ackwood, of BaUyliedy, oo. Downei, bm 
m.. Ill, 1713, Joyce, >ial«r of Joseph Lveaon, lat earl of MiltM 

1. Sir JoHH, Ills successor. 

Sir Robert m.', 2dly,, o^y da. of Isbm Macnrtney, 
Grace, sister and h. of Jnhii .AJdridKe, esq., Sl.P. for Klltvlen, 
and niece of lieut.-gen. George MMi-anney, descended Irum i 


s ibe Uu) earl of Slncanney, !>v vhnm be li*il 

Sir Robert wii« cnalni ■ ban. at Irdand, 1 Julj 17(t3, and was 
(ucoeeded by hii eldest hhi, 

St Joax, 3d ban., b. 1721, M-P- fat KiUylcaefa, and after- 
ward* far Buigor; m.. May l^bl, Dorca*, eldat da. and h. of 
jainn Stet'eoun, of KJIlylea^, esq., (by Anne, yaanfttat da. of 
gen- Nitliola* Price, of HoHymount,) only too of flan) Steven- 
sun, eia., {bv Anae HaiuillaD. 3d da. aiid at length lola b. of 
Jamea llamiltun, of Neilibrouk, esq., eldest son of Arrhibald 
llamUtoii, of If alcraig, next brother of sir Jomei Hatnilton. vis. 
cmint Claueboye, (wbich title became eiiiiict 13 Jan. 1C76, ou 
tlie decuue, without Uroe mole, of Henry Hamilton, 3d ritcount 
CUneboye, baron Haiailton, and 2d earl of Clanln-aoiil.) By 
thu lady (who wu created, in July 1000, baroness Duffmn and 
Claneioge, with remainder 10 her iuu« male, and who d. U Feb. 

a. Sir JaKEa, 3d ban., and lit lord Duff<>r{n and Claneboye. 
* j™i.,*.i>0<i. i;j;. tohotjoidm.-i.. Ill, imso-*--- ■•- -'■■'"=— 
SUm. Mmt OS. nl JoUss Dupif. of Whltlen t^uh, cd, B 

•Ir Pw Timplr, of Slo. 
H htlisf at Hlduin]. iUb 

k Vlka, ». a M» im. apl. R-N., •■.. 1 Jul; Itali. HflmSrUaa 

or Wtamtfi H*B, co. [>an«il', ch. 
tIaa.,M»r,aM)Uni. eDmIhiA, tMMd^ mO co-h. of WUIIni 
mtSIn, ffOmia, A). Hnth, aa., sad hM hnu, 

1. witite. s. n ApMi lan. 

LPaiei. Ii.MJsa.ITwf.k, in, iSAug. IWJ. I.ufy,«il ''■••g^ 

nalT^a-or ■BSjnr.jitihr hoa. Hsiry pomonbj, (lui licoihM nf Bi 
nriof Bsitafnuik.l who Hss killed SI iheMiUratFDiitiiHnr.uilh) li 

-• BiSn. latiail^DaknEi fiL.MlT.f' ■— •-" ■ " -'- ■■' 

K, oTCMWloini.tSH.. DolT wn or 141 

rhblshni' of Cuhd. 

K.C.6.. *M the 


8. ATfHkp "i^i l>Tp ffh- ITTl, Jnhn RvAn. A»n o 
Jolm Ryder, loiil vchUihap d 
Mly, I bct.l»B. thanT.Jimit 
JoDo. Ill* kBbdii of ItM ihin I 

S. SoHU, K, ism, Juns I 

10. Danru. K, U July IW 

11. Cathiiihii, ■>., JiiBel7B0~'ilr George DiUai. of PelBll, 
d hia aidaw, h 

RyAn, Aexa of LinnQTt. eldfH mi ei 
D. wbo il. wKtwuI iMuo Apra ino; • 

lim, iDd if. Srpl. I&7. 

'aaaull dc cWmlUy, kn' 

Sir John (J: 27 Feb. 1709; uid hi> nldow, la oonxidtmicm of 
her deicent, and being the wde repreMntBtive of Jomei Humiltoo, 
esq., nephew of James, viKooiiiit Ctaneb<n'e, ^nu crealed a perreM 
30 July IBOO, by the title of baronem bu/rrm and ClaiKf-Jft, 
with remainder to her iuue male by sir John Btariiwaod, hart., 
(/. Thebamneuii li Feb. ItIO?, and ira< tucceedMl by her eldot 

Sir James Blackwood, 3d bort, prfaent and 1st baron Dul- 
feiin and Cbuieboye. 

Heir Pretumptioe — The han, and re*. Jomt BtACEWOOA. 
next brother of the present lord. 

Crealiona—Baroaet, 17631 Barua, July 1000. 

oF Uh Hcend Itvei tvMf kavH al U» fim— DuVnwDaD. Snd. Ann, ■ 

inDWi ipalMrUet pjinli downwa'' " " ' -^ . - 

[tine dnqoiAiOe anBlatL md on ■ 
HiLTDK. VlHoont Cluelsye. «. 

OvM^-Oatofdoudt pmpcr, Aaun In ■plfDdDpr 01 

Sup p nit n Durtjr, ■ Uon jiula. gorged ullh i co 
SfiiMw, ID henUlc liga ennkw mOeced h lIw deU 

tlttlt—Ftr rtairtcUt. ByUuti^way. 

VENTRV, Baronof Kilkenny, and a Banmct ; me- 

a>eded his uncle, Willinm Toinisend, late ton), 5 Oct. lSS7i 
rnarrM, Sept. IS2I, Elizsbeth.Tbeodom, Sd da. uf air Jote 
Blake, of Mealagh Castle, co. Oalvay, bart., and haa a SON 
and beir, &vm Jan. 182II, aod another ton, b. Klarch 1833. 

His lordship's BDcestor, F)tEni:«ici-WiLLiAM MrLLm^ J 
(eldest son of WiUiam Mullins, of Bnmham, co. Norfolk, *r'" 
Jane Ludlow,) was seated at Dumham, co. Kerry, and was 5IJ . 
for Dingle, co. Kerry, 1002, «. Jane, ds. and na-b. of Rfchurilfl 
Erplt-n, dean of tVirk, by Jane, da. of Primate Buyle, and d. Si[fl 
Nor. 1713, leaving iwue. 

FrediniCk, the eldeet son, was b. 1663, and n., IGSS, Mv*J 

tha, eldest do. of Tboniu Blennerhasset, esq., (by EUea, da. <£\ 
Anthony Sionghton, wq., by Honora O'Bryen, eldest da. of Dir. | 
mot, Stb lord Inchiquin.) and d. 3 Oct. 1098, k-aving i-- - - 

William, *. 16B1, m.. 10 June 1718, Mnry. da. <if Oe..rpf 
Bovui, eu)., bjr tluj. ooly da. nf Thomu DlmiMrbiiwet, n<|., 
(by Hulh, d>. of Jobn lUoinerhusff, of RitUyMiHly, nq., liy 
FiancM, d>.of lir Edicuil Deny, of Tralec l'ull«.) tniiL 33Uy 
17CI, Inring isue b d»., Amu, m. Swnud CniDi]«, CM]., uid d. 
Ml vidow, ^[ed Ob, 2 S«pl. 1824 ; and an onhr ion, 

TrohaA, Im lord Ventry, crcattd a tort. ITy;, and, in Joly 
1800, advanced (olhedt^iily of banin t'mlry; b. 25 Oi-t. 1730. 
m^ 6 Oct. 177ft, EInabelh, da. of Townwnd Ounii, Mq., and by 
btr (who d. IS Jan. IBSS, ^[hI SB) had Ihuc, 


k. TowKUHD.nt., ITU. ChruubiOa. da-nf IliilainDO DiTnilM, aTHnlri 
Park, f<H|., uui ^ le««lng ]MtuetD only ha, 

TaoHAa-TnwiriEiiD-AmAMBEBo, prewnt lord. 

t. ItitHAaD.<H.iiidludlr«i(.oIvhan), 

f. CUaMIhlnalaui 9. Ckn-Mvla. 

& Fa^saaica. b) bolr mdvi. 

tTaaBDou, ■. U«Bd Bikt, of RIKdm. c». Annlni. 
BuuaaTB, ■■>. Hlclurd UliaantMin. nq. 
ft Aai»(,u. ra. RIchsil M'cailaiddj. of WiiBeUI. hi 
ID. Ca»urTTE,ii>..>MiiTl7W.niclmiMali«HT.a>i. 
II. Catsabjii, Ilk, « Dk. ITtU. Jama Holrr. «[. 

Uii lordahip having lived to be b greBt-^rMt-gniidfaUier, d. 1 1 
Jan. 1834, aged BS, and wu <Qcx«eded by hii ddeat ton, 

WiLLlAM-TowHiEND, 2d lord, n., lit, Sarab-Aime, da. of 
sir Rigga Falkiner, bart., by wbom be had ianie, 

I. Aix(, m., 9 Feb. mil, Ricbant-Oipn Timtmi. of Aidlultr. «>. \n- 

t. EtiiuiTB, fn., t; Dec. lUO, Nlcbolu d> Lachenb CrDmelln, el Cui- 

UiB lor'dthip B.,' 3diy, 13 May 1790, Franoaa-Elinbeth, only 

da. of Isaac Stge, eaq., (wbich marria^ wat diuulvad by act of 

parbament in Slardi 179«,} and he m., 3d1y, 10 Sqit. I707, 

Clara, da. of Benjamin Janet, eug., and had iscue, 

I. THam*. t. ID Aug. I7M. 4. aiwi. (HIT. 
Hii Jordiltip d. 5 Oct. 1827, without inrriving male iuue, and 
irai iDCceeded by hii nephew, 

THOMAS.TowHBEKD.AaAMSEmo, prewnt and 9d lord. 


JOSEPH BLAKE, Baiok WALI^COURT. of Ardfrv, n. 
Oslway : born 3 June 171^ i ■UDOcedat hia cinuin, Jnwpb, Hi 
Uu lord, II Oct. IBI6 : narrimi. 23 Sept. IS32, ElixitiFth, only 
da. of William Lock, aq., of Notburv. aa. l>un«T, and hat inuc, 

1. Hekkt^osefh, b. 22 Ocl. 182», d. Mafcfa 1828; i 

M'li.Li.iH-BiCHARD, b. 6 Jane \«iS, d. 6 April 1829. 

Bii lotilihip'i uuxswr, Ricrabd Blake, accompanied prioct 
Jaha to IreUad, 1185, and wat rewatded by ihac prince vilt 
Urj^ granti, co. Oalway. Prom liim descended Jour Blaie, 
oT Atbenrjr, who left iisue3M>ii(: <rii. 1. Xulmlai, mncrttta id 
John Blake, est)., member far Alhearf, 1039 ; 3. t'atmlint. u- 
oenm of the Blaia of Ardfry, and uf air Valentine Bhkr. 
created a barU, 10 July \6ii ; 3. Walter, bishop of Claaniaeon 

in uey. 

Sir Ricluati BlaeE, knt., of Ardfrv, long (he (Cat of bti 
annstors, wai knt. of the shire, co. Gslway, 1630, appointed ■ 
privy counseUor to Ouuiea I., and, 1648, speaker of the mpremr 
council of Kilkenny ; from nhiim defended 

JOBEPD Blake, t»q., of Ardfry, 6. 8 Oct. 1730, m., Oct. 
1761. Honoria, only da. of Dennont Dalv, esq., and d. 19 Jin. 
1806, having bad inue by her, (who d. \t July 1794,) 

' ' -i.HcvRV, lit lord WalUcourt. 

—I, t. S OR. ITTt. o-. UFrtHTW. ji 
« Frtod, of Oalvar. mq., uid hud liBHC. 

1. JoaErn, prsMnt and 3d lord. 

a. itnaUia. L i« it« inc. d. Juir ina 

1. JabB,t.lSOcl.lAl. 

t. notait, t. a OcC l§Dt, t. Ha* 1803- 

&. mal. ». B Nov. laa. 

a. HaiT,l.»JiB.lM. 

T. MmaHK.k-* April I7*l>.«.llanhlII01. 

■Btn, K.IM, Pdkim aidiirdltuikr.afCllsdi.n 

MT.n«.: ■wI.Mt, Juiwi;», DoolntckD^v.ti 
;. Ei.iuHTai?Bi»XA, m., \K, 31 Jul inu, Gmrjtc Hiv llih ^tf 
— '* '"HlTH: ■., Mlir, U Stpl. Wlf, 

JoicpH-Uiirar, 1st ^rrA. WaUwnurt, b. 5 On. : 
MOtad on. Galway in pnrliamenl, and «a» advnuced 
nitv of baron fTaUtcourf, of Ardfry, with remainder i 
DbU of hia &tber, 30 July ISOO. Hia lordship n 
1784, LouUkXalbaitoe-MaiVi 9th dm. aiid co^. i 


Btrminfhtai, earl of Iiouth, and 23d lord Aihenrv, and bail 
istue by her (wbq n.. idiy, 2) April IUV4, JanM Daly, of 
Tuam, nq., and U. 28 May 18^7) an ouly rJiild, 

I. t^»Tu>4,bU Ud. i;da, -^ dJin. l»iS, Lukf.M loni rioalnKk, 

JoREPH, 3d lord. e. 2 June 1797. ^- II Oil. 181 
surcreded liy his omtin, 

JosErii, proent and 3d Inrd. 

Hfir Pratimplive — Jobx, hi» lordthip'i lirciliFr. 

rmXwn— 180(1. 

9. plUn iv>l1»cil nil 

MHIt-ririiH Hi 

of Caatlerea, eiq., repreaeoled th« on. 
"liiabMh FitKgeraU, iliter at 
d. 9 Sept. 1733, Ittriag inue 

1. ROBI 


.vrfe*. m-t I Au^ 17IS, ltV^ii«1 ruC vg-, ncphv* o/ ^mtantt-AiiiH 
aTLDOgftndi mid A ESUi^ I7M, katfaif Ibiibivi only 'ln-i 
— iHhrtii. nvflled. In b« own rwhu cimiilM* of LmcArd. 
RoflEBT SjkNDronD, eldnt nan, vaf elimeii kn(. if tli« ihire 
for SoKammim, n., Aug. 1717- Henrietta U'Brirti, da. uf M'il. 
Itnn, carl of Inchiqiiin, (by Illary VlWen, aiiiter of Edward, 
«rl of Jcney,) and •! 2 May 1730, leaving iuue, 

I . *. HiitBr'. U* aoonwr. 

t* HniiiiiTTi, ~..l Ju. i;47. Ednrd .-«chobuB, of Prtanw Gnngr. 

PEflrnnr, the dde*t lurWving aon, w., 31 Sept. I7IH), Sarab 

I ;JlDOre, eldett da. of Stephen, viaoxint Mount Caahel, Iv Alitis 

CohiUe, aialer and h. uf Kohert Cnliillo, of Nevtowii, co. llo<vne, 

e«)., and l<y \-er (who d. .1 Oct. 1704} hod JMue, 

1. HEHRT.nioonE, l9t lord Mount Sandford. 

1. WiLuiM, In bolv onleri, n, >1 ort. 17M. i>., Jin. mti, Jne. ad lU. or 

1. 1ttr3,i.3(M.lJai. ». ihehoR. »!!»!•. IKnry Pukenlxni. wnor 
TbomM, fdeul of LDngrocil. 


S. HEnnr, 2d lord. 
3. Oeohoe, lid and nroeiit lord. 

t. Louiu. i^ViUUm-VrDTlh NewlRhim, of C(Uliln>m.«*4., mittA ini. 

UEMny-MoaHC, eldeit *on,wu cn»tad,3U July ISUO.barao 
lHount Sanrffordt of CssUerea, co. Rorcoitiiiuni, with remainder, 
in default nf issue u^ale nf his own body, [o his bnithcn ud 
their inue male; b. 38 July 1751. *-, ID June 17Ra. Catha- 
Hne, eldest ds. of the right hon. Silrer OUver, of Qutk OUTS', 
CO. limerick, and by her (who d. 19 Oct. 18111) had do iwuc. 
His lordihip d. SyDec. 1814, and wu luixmded by hi*i>*fthe«, 

Hehst, 2d lord, i. 10 Alarrh 1805, d. 1-1 June 1828, niM, i 
and wu siicftwded hy his ancle, 

George, preaciit and 3d lord. 

Jfcir /'ruumptiiK— None. 

Crealion — laaa. 

Xmu— s™ PLiie SB. Per ch«*nn ot ini etmln* In clitcf, r 

S<ippo^er^^DFJfer, a Hon f^lci. ^{oignl vkh a plain cc 
three tHToDA tUpl^ rac Sinltter, M botJ nb&& 


HALLEr, of Kilboy, CO. Tippemrj', nod a repretentative Peec f0 , 
Ireland; iom 3 March 1775; succeeded hii father. Heniy, Ac 
late lord, 3 Jan. 1801, (uterine brother of iha evl CharlenlleJ 
married, 10 July 1802, Maria, odIt da. of Dotumick Timt, o? 
Dunkettle, co. Coric, an-, (by Eteanor Fiunbhon. lutcT of 
John, 1st earl of CUiv, lord high chancellor of Ireland,) aad bf 
lier (whod. I,t Oct. IRlDlhadnoluue. Hi* lordship •>., afcj* 
10 Feb. inae, the hon. Emily Maude, »j' " ' ' ""^ 

Hit lordibip'i ancestor, HENBrPBTTTiG. of DiuulleTG — 
had a grant from the crown, 26 June III78, oiiifirniiiig (o U 
the poiEiesslon of hii estate in co. Tipperary. He lafi i> 
Hembv, hi) suGoesHir, n. Honor Foley, and had ' 

HekAV Prittie, of Dunalley Castle, esq.. iv 
ed 1689, b^- the parliament held in DuhUn by J 
his abdication, and aftervards sustained a siege in hie quUb of 
Dunalley, from the disbanded soldiery of that prince. Afker 31 
dap Ihey entered liy treachery, and threw Mr. Prittie from ibf 
(op of the oastle, but he providentially escaped unhurt. An In- 
teresting Bcoount of thia siege, in Mr. Prittie's manunnpt, li 
preierrM among the fatuily papen. Indorsed, "' A haff haitr'i 
mt!ancMi) thought; addreaeil to my ton." He n>. EUnhMli. 
lister nf Charles Alcock, esq,, and had issue by her, [who^ 

1. HEwav, his nuxessor. 



Mlj, Ja)lD B>)lt}. BU. 

John FdItt. o' DoUF*tJll>, lo. RiKliw: 
t> diaii of Dora, M *a »f iht rl«M li( 
n, ■■.. I .tpiU 17«ll. WIIHuK PcKEVil, i. 


Hembt Pbittie, or Diinalley Cutis, ra.. 1704, EHnbeUi, 
onhr dk. and mle fa. of oil. Jainm Hanisoa, at Clougb)ordu>, 
ume time lull, of the ibirc, co. Tippcnry, uid i<. 1738, having 
had iuue, 

1. Hehbt, hi* heir. 

I. Eliia»»im, b. ^^vM\la],m.,i^K,fAw•aAC^>U^,Bl lUmMt'tttm. 

17U, Om rJti?hDn. ikr Hcnrr Cvsodtak, of DtFrer'iIn Hall. •u.'Oi^. tan.) 
fmtorrf thtt«rmn WMCT inili,lmld.ll Mvchin^ 

[lEs>y Pbittie, (iT Ihinallcy CaaiJa uid Killwy, *q., h. 
170S, lb«>lur(i,(». Tippaniy, m., 1736, Dctiorah, 
eldat dn. and o>-h. (with her liiter, Maiifaa, connteM or Aid- 
borougb)or Benjamin O'Ndl, archdeacon of Leighim, and reiin 
of John Baylev, of Desburungh, ex)., and had inue I'V her, (who 

d. s April 17770 

1- Hehxy, In baroa Ihinalley. 

I. DiHuii. ■■..aSnt. I7U. Kuilm BDDbun, or KIIKvIa, nq. 

i. {LritBiiK. !>., Ju. ITU, Feuc Holma. of Pturlkld. sv 

laOO, boron Dnnallty, m., 6 Jan. 1706, Cathnrlni 

co^hrirm of Pnuidi Sadlier, of Sopwell Hall, co. Tipperary, 

«■<].. (lineal detcendant of the cmhieiil itaieaniaii, «r Ralph 

3, Bzxar, Sd baron. 

*. raAi>cii.ALDBaiui'aH, ft. iJuiwITTO, katof Tlpiwm). 
Cook Otny, at Culti Otwui'. co. Tlppcnr;, wj., nlkt at Umn Hulpol«, 
fl^Slrulr Cutle, Qubhd'kv., ttq,, aau hadUiut li^ hvr |«hD4. MHch 1BV0) 

Nen„lillv, 10 July IIU3, EllnbMh, only rti.«r Ihtrichl hon. Gmigi Von- 
■ontiT, 1«* Iari.chUK(Uai of InUnd. br Mui' Bu<l«, •HWiU.ur Bilniley, 
vuior L w ^iibo Hn iiib, aad hia Ivnr, 

t MvT.».IeTtn8M. 

». CuhartDfrAiaiMM, ft. IB*, -.. Not. Iltjn. Ilr«-m1. wmiani. 


«. rrtnok, in the army. 

3^ C^rKARixK. ■- Hcnrr-Cole Bo«cn. of Bowem c ourt, 00. Cork, m 
^ DuDBJ^M. M^ li Mnich IIVI, Sjmuel Peny. of WoodzooC ca Tlfpt' 

f. Ma»t, a.^ i4 Aof. 1»Q* Mkhtl Cool, of Caalletown, mn^ftmi&aemtt 
jgUimA CoK, Mih bMgp of C«bd. and gmt gnatdaoa of sir Rk^Md Cot. 

t, Xabxb^. ak, iS Jutr Uni, LoicMO-H. Jcphaoai, oT WOnar, ox TV- 

jk. I^LrxjLBSTB. ■., W Scvt. 190^ Thomas Bernard, esq., kaUof Aeafatm 

mt* <tv. jod f. »' April 19.6. 

Ait kniihip fi. 3 Jan. 1801, and wms sacoeeded by his eldm 

Hkxkt, px«s«Qt and 2d baron Dunaller. 

Bfir PrrtHmpAve—Thehon.TMjusciS'AL.JiBOWLOvau Put 

TIB. M.P.^ ooIt brother of the present baitMU 

CnrnUm HO'Jiily 180a 
* Jb ms g<s Pttte S&T Per pile argcstt and gulos* thraa voiToT 

hi annoor ptoper, hnidhtg a tflthif q»ear ia dtt 
proper, attired, ungulcd. doodlj collared ari 

Picfared fbr an thiagi^ 

THOMAS MAHON, Lomo HARTLAND, at Stokestowa, 
cok RosoxnuMKu Lientenant-Gcneral in the Army : borm 2 Aof. 
I7CS ; succeeded his &ther, Manrioe, the late lord, 4 Jan. 1819; 
mm ii< 16 Oct. 181K Catharine, ddest da. ot James Topping, 
of Whatcnift HaD, 00^ Chester, es^ 

This £uni)T is descended, according to tradition, from the ta* 
cient priiKCs of Munster, and on the first arrival of the En|^ish, 
in the reiffn of Henrr II., had large possessions in that prorinoe, 
over trhi<^ they ruled as hereditary chieftains. 

Hb lordship's ancestor, Nicholas Mahov, «sq., was distia- 

l^oishcd for his lovalty iu the ciril wars, in. Magdalene, da. of 

Arthur Frnich, oj* 3Iovilla Castle., 00. Galway, esq., and d, 19 

Oct. 1680, learinir issue by her, (who </. 13 March 1683,) 

1. JoHX, his heir. 
:?. LvKS. J. 50UIK. 
^ BakthoijOmkw. 4. «««•. 

4. PrrxR, deaa of Elphm, «. Catharine Gore, grandda. of sir Aithur 
Gor«^ bsrt. 

3. N:i:hola». «.. U Fch. 1^10. Eleanor, da. of Henry. 5th lord Blner. (bfv 
liarnKt Moonr. eldest sifter of John. 1st lord TuUamore.) and had tone. 

1. Nicholas. •.. 3 Der. I7>S, Vary, only da. of Cadwallader. 7th tad 
BlsTiKT, H9f Marr. da. of the hoo. iohn Tuchet, ftl son of Merhi. carlof 
CaMl<>KsT«n.> and' niece of Charles Ta*bot. duke of Shirwsburr. 
«. RliBbcth, m., 3 Not. 17». Charles Talhot. 8th lord Blayaey. 
Joiiif Mabon, CM)., ridest son, succeeded his father, 10 Oct. 
168in and ai., II Feb. 1697, Eleanor, da. of sir Thomas Butler, 
hart., and had issue, 

1. Nicholas. ^ 17«ri. M.P. co. Rosromroon, m.. SO July 1730. Susan, da. 
of Jv^R i>nn«by. esq., and A without issue, 3 Dec. 1734. 

2. Thomas, successor to his father and brother. 

\ JOKX. 

4. LvxK. «. AHcis Lewis, aodd. JTS^k. 

TuDMAS, dd«t •nrriTinff loa. I. IJOl, ->., 16 Jan. I73a, Juie 
L r»bi«, eldest da. of Maurice, lord Brandnn, and liitn- of Wil- 
lidin, 1m earl of Ulandoiv, (bv ladr Anna l^lunaiirice. rld«n da- 
uf Thomaa, earl uf Kerry, and Mt'tar in John, pari ol ShalbuniF. 
father of Williain, Ik marqueva uf Lanwtavnr, K.O.) and il. 13 
Jan. 1783, leaving iaaue by her, (wha d 2 May IjUl,} 

1. Maitbice, lit lord Hartland. 

X. Thomak. Id holy atddi. b. 3 Junt n*a. rn. HeMila, Id da. or OanU 
KdlT. of CMlt K«I1t. «l- and K. I-J Much 181 1. 

A. Jahv. ■*- Ceonv Knoa, ma., ddsl nn fif Aadrrw Kooit. nq., kni. of 
ilKdilr*. m. Donqia. ^ 

BJauhici, this ddcat vni. luMcedol hi) rather, u knt. of the 
nhire, a>. Roacommon, l7BSt and vw created • peer, 30 JoJv 
laOO, by the title nf liaron llartiaiul, of Siokeitcnrii, ro. ttoacnm'. 
mon, b. al June IJ38, m., 1 July 178a, CaUuiHne Moore, yoiing- 
e«i da. of Siephrii, viicount MoumraiheH. (Iiy Alicia, A%. at 
Hugh ColTille, and ule h. nf her brother, Robert CalTJUf, of 
Newtown, CO, Dovn, eeq.,) and had iMue, 

I. TitOWAa, pre 
r, b. i F, 

Ftlh 1;b», Unt-ctn. nlheumir, Rcucnti- 

"^'lu'|]'aieV,tolKil7atdai,k.aOc4.l7T!.ni .•oAhiahthn t aon. 

tXnia, m..nStf,l.\iaa. HonMU. di-of ilghlnv.ChnloBuliunt, 
tCfTd Mllhrp of Narwkh. 
Tlia haB. wd wr. Miutiu Huhnn ■>.. lAv, » Nov. 1811, ladicUa-Juir. 
•IMnof WllllHD-HaucMunt, of H.inK Wiwd. «>. Wickhm. B[|. 

ili) lordihip •/. 4 Jan. 1811t, and n-as nictxcded bj bit eld- 

TBOMaiJUAHOtr, pi^wnt and 3d lord. 

Btir PnmtmpHv — The bun. and rer. StAUKiCG MiiROK, his 
loTd*hip'« brother. 

LV«a<Mn— July 1800. 

lnliftaliUc<1gi^ii>uuDI, hoMbii io Jk ds 


Barun Clanmarria. ot Nen bn>ak, co. Mavn ; tiicceedeil bla bri). I 

Lher, Charlaa- Barry, late Jutd, » June IH3n; narritd. Slay I8!.'i, I 

P"- 'a.Halena, 2d da. of Robert Pone, of Koiborouoh, cd. UbI- I 

e*(|., and ha* iuue, a t>A. I 

T lb« atitpn of ibU ramll)-, we tlia title Earl </ Li'cak. I 

HV BivoHAH, uf Ne^rbrook, (demiided fnim the same an> ■ 

r vilh the earl of Luuwi.j tn,, 1 June )T3H, Elinbmh, eld- ■ 

a. of air Artbiir S)tiu;ii. uf Uiihiipttown, bart., ({ryndaon Qt fl 

■ Ocorg- 


Ocorgft) lOlh earl or KiMare, br Msi^arct, da. of Morgan M>- 
gan, of Toclientone House, co. iV'eslnicatli, «»)., (afiernrdi ibc 
vife or IUib«n Dillon, or Clonbroclc, ea^-.) and had iwne, 

Hekbt, of Nevbrook, m. Letitia, 3d da. of Donnii Dalr, id 
Raftird, esq., (bv Anne de Bnrgh, titter ot John, 1 1th eitlal 
Clanritarde,) and had isme. 

jotltf. rrrated, 31 July ISOD, baron C/anmorrv, of NevbrwL 
m., 31 Ha^ 1791^ Anna-Maria, onl^ da. of Barry, Tuoount Atvi> 
mot«, and bad iaiiie, 

3. CHAkLES-BAHttT, 3d lord. 

«. LrrrTit-MmiA, 1. 17 Jul; IM, M. RotHTi Ffnach. a( HitniMi o- 

6. Dehhis-AoaB. present and 3d lord. 

0. Ah.ia-M^hu, lib Boiltiick-Waaui Vclisun. of BaUo, Kfa^oBti, 
eu., fTvidiap of Barry, 1<( TbmitQt Avoomore. 

BU lordiliip d. Slsf 1S3I, and wai tucceeded hjr his eldcat •oa, 
C HAB lei-Bab BV, 3d lord, n. Sarah, da. of Waller Uuoban, 

of Caitle Lnmbert, co, Galvay, eiq., but d. hp. 3 Jons 1(0, 

and wax succeeded bv bis oalj unKher, 

t)EHH[9-AoAB, present and 3d lord. ■ 

JI*ir PrettmpHvt —Nona. ^ 

CrAUian-31 July 180B. " 

n ctriMwi ChTbi Ii in|r hope. 

STOCli, of CasllvtowD, Queen's County, Copt. It.N. am) CS. \ 
bom 21 Sept. 1 706 : succeeded his father, M'illiam, late loi^ II 
Auff. 1826; marntd,T Aug. 1Q23, lllstlier.Caroliiie, dde)t4«.(< 

James Pi^et, of Totteridge, co. Herts, esq., and hu imie, 

1. Ei.ieABETH-CoBHei.iA, A. USept. 1834; 8, Caboumi- 

Ebtbeb, b. 'Jl May 1836. 

Will lAM-WAi.nEOB AVE, 1st lord Radslock, O.CB., k • 
July I7&R. was 8d ion of John, 3d earl of WnldefirBFe, (bv Bi- 
xabeih Gnirer, sister of Granville, lit marqupss of SiaSbrd, &G.,) 
was bred [11 the naral profeuion, appointed capi. R.N., 30 Ibiy 
1770> si^olised hlniwlf very much in thpmnunand of a fi I jXt i 
appointed an admiral, 4 Jiitv 1794; vice^dmiral of thebhie, l7ffT> 
and had his flng on board ttie Barfleur of R8 gnni, when he «Ml- 
tributed niiicii to the victory gained over ihe ^pnnidi fleet (if 
Cape LiiffOs, 14 Feb. 1 797 : for these diMingnisbed MrrreM be 
received the freedom nf the dty of London, and vas ■drahced. 
39 Dec 18UD, to the dignity of baron Radttark, of Canleunrn, 
Qmm's County 1 m., 38 Dec. IJOb, ComeUa, 9d da. of IHvid 
Van Lennep, esq., chief of the Dutch factory at Smvma, aod 

e-Geonse, praenl lord. 

& blUUTH-CAMLIHI. k 4 Oct. 

St. John Madmiy. 

Hli lordahipV. 20 Aug. IGSIV, i 

■ succeeiM hy lii> cidnt 

GbaKTILLE-Oeoboe, present mid Sd lord. 
Sh EaBL d/ Waldeobave, in 1A« I'wragt qf Englatid 
Htir Frenimplkt^The ban. WiLLio W*i 
" " ' i"» briHhar. 

" it'idc. S9 DoF. IROO. 
^*k* ■r^tnr uul ink* i k a 

n Jan. 1810; lucceKded hii father, Alan-Hyde, late banin, 27 
D«. 18IS. Baron Gardner, of UluaeCer, in Uie Pwrage of the 
Ucitad Kingdom. 

Set Babox Gabdkkb, inlhe Peerage <;/ Eaglani. 
Btir Apparent — None. 
I Creiilfen_B)u^>n, 29 Dec. laCHI. 

NUGENT, of CarIan«ou'n.»>. Wmuneatb: bom W Dec IJHfl, 
nicceeded hia molher, AIuy-Eliubvlli, baronnt yusant. In her 
own right, IB March 1813; M.P. in Mvcnd parlianifnti for 
Aj\t»haTj i married, 6Sept. l8I3,MBryAnoa Fculelt, eUnlda. 
or the lue hon. general Vara Puulatl, 2d wn of Verti, 9d <nu'l 

Hit lorddiip in only brother Ut Bictianl, duke of Duekingham 
audChanlua, [LO. 

&w Duke ^ BccaiNGUAM. in fft« Peerage qf EhgUmd. 

Uii Inrdihip'i mother, Slary-EliEabetli, lamnei* Nugent, de- 
kCKkled fmm rlr Tbomat Nugent, of Caiianstown, co. Wait- 
mealh, younger brotber of Rirlisrd Nugent, Sth lord DsItIii, 
whon deicttiilaat, Richard, lOth lord, wat crested sari of W«M- 
racslh WXJ ; the ilh in dsKcnt fiom air Thomat Nugfnl wai 


ila. of Robert. Illh lord TrU 
Edmund, d. 17311; 3. BoBr.BT.rori ^u^enl ; S. Marf.n,fi 
Oeoffruy Brown(>, e«q. i 4. Clara, m., 1740, Otarfft Bfrnc. 
Connel Cniirt. esq. 

RoBCBT NcoB»T, th» only nirviviag sOn, win crnttd 
c/iiint Clare and bwon Niicent, I7*(B. anil e«rt Nngeni Ij 
IlblardiUp m,, 1st, U July 17S0, iiiiiiltB Flnnkett, 9d da 
peter, earl n( FingaU, (br France, 3<l da. of ur EdwardBi 
of VViwddiunih, t». Kent. Iwru,) by whom (whg 4. l» A 
l7HI)bebBdoneEan, £'AnuiHf,iteol. in tbeguanU, vho A « 
1771. The earl m., 2illy, 1737, Ann?, da. of Jama Cra«B, < 
sMreMry oF atale to Oairge I-, and relin of Koberi KMriit 
Ooatield Hall, oi. e>(\., wliu rf. without iune. TEc 1 
HI., »dly, S Jan. 1767, Elizabeth, rclin of Auguotui. 4th mT 
Derkeley, and da. of Henrv Drax, esi|., of Charilioruu^, 
Donei, and hud iwue bv hor, (who d. 30 Jun« 1793,) SUi 
ELixABXtu. b. IH Dec'l7Ae, n., 13 April 177S> Omg», ■ 
queu of BuokingliBni, [for htr itiue l^i ichom, nt DuKi 
Bt'CKivonAH aiul Chakdos,) crontnl 37 Dec ISIKI, bani 
Nugent, with reniainder to her 2d son, lord (Horge Grenri 
Nugent- Temple. The earl d. without male iwue, 13 Aug. II 
aiid the title of earl Nugent derolred, according to the timitai 
uf the paleal, to his son-m-lsw, Oeorge, lit niarqueas of Bn 
ingham. Her ladyabip if. Id March IfllS, and wai sumM 
ogi-eealily to the limitation of the patent, by her 8d son, 

Gbosgg, pment lord, 

tieiT Apparfnl — None. 

Crtaliaa — 1800. 

rfniu—!i« Plate »4. Quirtdlv of 4. lit. V(rl, m a (toh ■!(«■( fln 
Inui— Oniixvir.i.E. ii. LEordc and TaarLa. quartcriT. *la. ■, 
Hgle diqiUnil n\Ae. far Ltoft-ic quinerlng. Argent, Iwo Iwa aWb ' 
diirgrf with Uircr mutWi or, fin TaiipLa. 3d. EnolBT, t.n> boi tu 

M— Taa 


^T>ni^ f Emn ifibrfd- 

id pilH, («M ^ 

town, of Moate, co. Oalwoyj bom 3Sepi. 1756; waa SI.P. 
Portarlinglon in the last parlinmenl of Irelatid, and cmMd, 
Dec. IIKIO, a Peer oF Ireland bylhe title of Baruit Aihlovn, v 
remainder to the heirs male of the body of hii late falhur, Fn 
rick Trench, nq., deceased ; married, 35 Mav )7B&, Elitabt 
sole da. and h. of Robert Rohinion. eaq,, M.D.. and niece 
('lirialaphtir RobinioR, jiulge of the Court of King's Bendi. 

Hi* lordihip i> descended from ihe aamo ancestor as the k 
of Claneany. 

PitEurutcK TiiEKCH, of Onrtiallv, w, Oaltrav. «., 1633, 
rotuin, Anna, sole da. and h. of the rev. James Trenob, at Cl< 



{bf ibc bon. Slargarat M Wi t pm py, da. of Hugh, viaaouDt 
tgiBHirf, of Ard.) and had imic, 
I. Fhidiiui'i. crfUirlsllT.iDcWaisf thrmlaof CUnoity. 
S. Joun. doMi of RjqdMie, Micenor of lord Aahtoim. 
Joay Taucn, d«wi irf Raphoe, wu seated at Miwle, Co. 
0«lwar, m. Aiiae, ddai da. of RiiJiard Warburtaii, of U»n%. 
hiDdi, and d. I7S&, lucing had one bv her, (who d. 1774,) 
t. y«nix«iCK, who Miouedad ai Hoato. 

X Anm. Ik * Jahu CMAwll, of Carilc CaMinll, CO. renMHfh, kBt. 

& itt»Fwm, m. >k Samiwl Cuke, of Si. Cnhvlx'i, Iihi. 

TUDKUCK Tkcrcu, of MoaM, aq., 6. 1686, m., I7I& 
Mi^, da. aod lole b. of Richard Otmng, eta., titik to iha ontirt 
of Chaiuvrj'. d. Feb. 1758, leaving Uiue by tier, (who iL la thtt 
ntne jfM,) 


if ChUc tUagh, ce-Wkk- 
rUDEBIClTBENCIl, of Mn^leand WoodUwn, b. Slajr 1798, 
■a., a Aug. 1754, Mary, eldest da. and oi-b. (with bar liiter, CV 
tharitie. banniMa Duoallv,) of Fnnds Sadlier, of S<^>well Ball. 
CO. Ttf^rW)-, esq., (lineal dpHViidani of sir Ralph ^dlicr, km. 
banneret, Hxretary of slate to UenrvVlK..) I> " ' ' 

da. of Williai 

Mate, of Conilnan 

ick, . 

HLntnuirres, (inoUiei 
d. 27 Nov. 1797, baviDg had isn.e, 
1. FftEDEaicC, lit lord Aihuiwn. 

- DfSonrilHall.lusM.I-.fe 


llie preaeiil Tisoounl,) and 

M Ut^ Maly. M dL of Juu 
HdTun. baxlai had inu>. 

4. Anhi.r-H(Tyi>™»l, li. Jnsspl. IWiJ. 

5. rrsnio Man. A. « Anil l6». 

L TwnAh B D.. itHiior KU>liin,ia..H Mn inw. Mirr, etilm da. sf Wal- 
W AlOB. ■•q.. Ibv .Inui, da. iBd •ol* h, nt ilr 9amiii4 t'nikit. of 81. Calki- 

'*■ *""•'. y.'!"''^',f1 ''^•'■'o'™ T«>«i.ilt«iici(niii.iu*jionlh» Ijm, 

^Cksrta. loid Antm.'udhsi li^t. 

-1 ^ WtujiH, <if CoBsari CHlVi. kiiu> Cnuiin, »n. 
■n#M>«»H>>E aaiT»IM of the bnnrRulm Moon, 
' 'd,Mi ant erf Rngheda. sn " " ' 

I. rnidfTkk.FTmlllUii 

1. KarrlMt.t. HAiv-li 

ntlSB TCirhAGE. 

fc-^lll II Ml TIH-KUfa. 
< S »Mi» B u m A^Mn, af Mcue, tn. 0^«mv. K M 4 


^ rte^o. I^oick; far- « Hn ir 
~ " L, Ifa hM lac4. Ju 

. -..«1h1^^^ 

adr fanaiA of d> haroos Uavr, at i 

JitfST. dK )■ Ik4 Ama, icraBdlktlMr of iIm M 
riiapT Wwtkcr tt H«^ lord Man^. r* ' 

a ;'«maw af Liarrick, and el Uw royal hoamtj •( 
Wb: cnM<dsH«r2;DeciaO«,fbrhii)o(if ati4<iL_ 
'a iW Vat IndiH, Atnrrka, fcc : be ■., 37 Dec. I] 

ECIcBcnt*,3dtifiert/ Robert, Ineariof L " 

W kcr («^ W. Ju. ISIS) liad ine, 
'. <:— _^.n...~ • I '>-i.];7i, Ainihc Wn( I 
1. 2dlDnt. 
a Srpt. lOi^ John StKk. ot BiDrnwf.'a 

nil lordaliip d. 17 Rlay 18(M. anil 

■' - L-WttLiAM, Sd lonl, *l>ea(, 

'.. 29MBylT!Hi,Peiulapc, addLof Mlchul-HoheniM'atropp, 
1 1']., and l^ bsr had bnie, 

lOKi kit rani U^DM 

Hii lurdihip d. in ihe iiUnd nf Barbadom Jut. IBID, and wt* 
•neCMded bv hi* Mat mid, 

Etse, prcMM and 3d li>rd. 

Hrir I'rtmmpliee — NATHAHiEL-HENKT-CHAlLei, bii lord- 
rfilp's neit tiRnhrr. 

- ■ - 1800. 

dltahani; 6<»7i 1! SrpC I7BG; nuccceded hit fBther, Pner, the 
lalelord, 16 Sept. IS08; marritd, lil,-30 Nov. IRDS, Uarr-An. 
daluiia, 2d da. of Samael-Trevor Dickeni, esq., lieut.-col. royal 
eDEiaeert. and by her (vho d. IS Aug. IBI-I) had Doisme : and, 
2dly, 36 Marcli IBIS, Aiina-Sophiii, ds. uid co-h. of William 
Tainall. of lithtoa Old Abbej, m. Suffolk, ««q., and ha* iniie, 

1. EuiLT-ELizABETii-JuLrA, A. At Colt^v, in Sffiuer- 

land. On. 1817: 3.SopQiA-.MAltT-AKDAi.uBiA,S.34 Aug. 

ISIR: 3. Adolfiiu»-Fhed£bice, b. 8 July 18!ll, d. 30 

Jane lUS. 

Thia faailly wt oriainolly French, and in aDcieDI tlmea ranhed 
hirli unnng the noMHty at that nation, In the liat of nobles 
van ■ecomjinnied Philip VI., king of France, into FUnden, 
1328, I* Predehice de Thilldssoh. »eigneur de Fl*»dier«a, 
alw dncribed u baron Si. Saphorin, from an eilate he possened 
adjoining (o Fletcherea, near Lyons. This Frederick hrid a high 
COOUnand !n the army, and ditlingiiishvd hlmulf at Ihe liege of 
Canel : hia descendanu Danlinued in poMCuion of tbCM olalea 
until Sunday 23 Aug. IG73, when they fell victim* at the mu. 
sacre of St. Bartholomew. The only ■uniror of thai dreadful 
ilaugliter was Tbeopiiilub DC TaELi.t;a*oH, who, having ■■ 
I (•.lister of the count de Saluce, then governor of Lyons, wai 




onM br kiB. »ai mraly csnmvd into Savor, f' 
maag no p«.ti«baity of having hu ataui miored. 1 
Oip>ii ■.Thgg hb dMciAjim hmtv mpct filW tbe fi 
ibBHO^Miacv irf that npnblic. Tbeophilit* de 
M» WIS anresior of hii lordship's erfvt-puidfttbfr, 
Isaac de Tbelli-jsos, iuDt>a»iuli>r fmn Oo 
mut of Louis XY^ whidi ■Ution b# held for Ifi yt 
bme. 1. Itmte. Ut i™dic of (Hueva, d. 179(1 ; 2. o 
in Pam, in ;sTtiienlup iHth H. Nerkar, aftervardi 
■USI0 cf Fnktr, d, \"0 ; 3. Petek ; t. J^u^Frwm 

PcTEK TsELLruoK, of Broadsworth, en. Va 
va. i. S7 June 1737- MttM in En«iaiMl Bbont I71 
d(ci(d 10 pariiamnit for Malme.)nrrv. He d. S? 
kaiine bv will, dalH 2 April IJIW, (iifi«- ample |h 
bmilr.) the riMiue of hit prepertT, nmnning of L 
aimnal rahie of £4,500, and a peimnal pnipeny of i 
inutm for ih* purpece of arrumulating, durioi; ihe 
ihiT* SODS, and thrliTn of all th^srnn «-hi) should 
■he tiicr of his dath, or be bcm in due time aftcnrai 
H^rt of the sDrriTm of thcni ; then the enaia di 
punhased with the prodncv of the aotninalattng fund 
tered t« the cUou male dreceadani of bis thne »m» 
it cl MiTTirontub. This remarkable will was finaUf 
Vt the home of lotds 35 Jane ISOS, but it gare oca 
futiof vf the act 39 and -10 Om. 111. cap. SH, rest 
prwrr of derising pcnpsTr, for the purpose of mm 
SI 5W1 aficr (he d<ath of the (ntauir. It has bea 
thai ihii property vouM prohablv ■mount to ihirtr-t 
hffi»v aoT pan of it muld It aiienaliii. Re m.,' C 
Anue. 3d' da. of .Matthew Wondthrd. esq., finer tc 
Woodlnd. Lincahi,)iKn., BnA had kaa 

I. PETEB-Ilaac Isl lord. 

t. aavBaE-ir(aMvui,K.,aaprOI}ai, )larT-.\BM,MiWa 

A 17JI, ~. 14 Ai«. im, t 


1. \£«H.I7r4.>i>-HJ«FlRin. lAnlnlwnilaml/ 
liHj Halh a. SarOk. iv|*M ssd k. «( thr rvM hn. WIFUa 

tTM ■i^yA-iuauina. i.iOa. 1:76. m.. K Uudi irai. 1 
f^^.^l'ff^rd, *ft 5lll»tt,*iq. 

F>Em-TsxarTiiELt,rM«!T. nf Bmodiwoith, eo, 1 
U Ind Rendk^ham. «, 9 Klanh I7CI, was deMed to ] 



M Ac BMHnay, aod cr«uad bwin AnvibaAafM 1880, ih, U Jiuw 
b UaSt KUMbnh.Eleuiurm, Sd da. cif Jahn CamwttU, of Hodan. 
>, «^. Mil Iwd iuu« bf her, (wha it Ul Dm. inWk) 

Jonv, Sd Ion) Rendleihnm. 

Uar PrttwaptiBt~^'a lucdihip'f bmdiar, WiLLUX TltKt- 

CreaAen — Baron Rindlfhnin, ^ ^^— "— H-t-. I F^ IflH. 

Wsurford. in Holy Orden. Ra:tnr of Tiiom ; bom 30 Ju. 1 7Tff : 
HMneded hii father, Williun, the laie lurd uid lard ftrrhbhhrrp 
of Tuun, (i Scpc lltlj) : marrietl, 2« Juh lfn<^, Phubmc, ia. 
snd «Ie h. of Robert Hanley, of BiiUni Hutue, ca Narthumbec* 
land.sq., (on vbich nnx»ioo lie •wunned the suriuuiM «f HoM. 

tET. ill addliinn to that .if Dereifiird,) and hoa iaur, 1, 

WILU<UI -BO BERT-JO UN, Mcnet l8Ui biiiun. i. June 

J«l ; J. OEOiiniAHi-t^ATnAaiiia i 3. Lot!H*.Bnz*. 

■cm; 4, Caiioldie.Agkes. 

Forhi< Irtrtrtiip'i" dfaceni, jw MiBaress nf WsTturOBH. 

Hii ncnne, M'tlliam Bebesfobd, 1m lord Dociea, arch- 
hhbop of Tuuni, b. 16 April 1743, van bruilier of *ieor|^ de I> 
Poer, lit mar.|iicH of M'nterfurd, suit 3d mm of Slarcu* Berei- 
f.>E4, eivl of TymiM, b; Csihuiiiet bunneH it la Pom in ber 
nini r%b^ enlycliild ud hiU h. of Jam« h Poer, 3d nrt of 
Tyntae, and uiacouu Dcciei, vhich titlaa became otinct 170<. 
Hia pau wa> Bonsecrated bishop of Dnmare 1788 : bialiop of 
Owor; I7I^2; uchbith-fp iif Tuam mt: and, 31 Dec IBI3, 
cie«t«)l bsrua Decki, wludx tide Lad been enjojtd bf hii maur. 


Dil anceitor, Jamn le Poer, 3d and lut vuoount Deeie^ anil 
oTTyrone, fn., 12 June 1763, Kliuheth, ad da. of Joha 1 
gibbon, of Alount Shannan, eo. Ijmencli, esq., anit liacsr of Ji 
lal earl of Clure, lord-liiKb-cluuiceUar of Iraand, and bantnl 
^Lbon, of Sidbury, Co. E>ei'oi], in ibe peerage id' Ureat Blil 
and by her {who d. 24 Aiu. 1807} hul '»iie. 

i. Josh, 2d lard. 

Df UiDilltoD Gcorgs, of KUIl 


it WjLLiAM, Ed no4y f 

18^, Nyls-Jofas O-IMDy. of 1 
nr lyRiIUy, eB|., of Tlmnlowi 

'. im »u, IS July ISM. AnuBi 

■., « May i; 

I, Anhni- 


"^U. FB*BrM,»., HJBI.TW. — " ~ 

U. Ld(7ibAp n- Thomv Hope, of Decpdea. co. Sunvy. vq. 
HIb grace d. 6 Sept. tU19, and was succeeded by Us el 

John, present and 2d lord. 

Htir Apparenl—W 11,1.1 Att-RoSEB.r J OBVi ddeM 

CrealioH—SS Dec 1812. 

A Otiin.ije'lii 


kta Btcfait, *i 
BuDa Gir lUI 

rpmi, and holdup th 
AinArfpv— Two » 

■Bd wfeiRi (EknUed) r 


il. Arjtmi. ■ diW be 
tn white fobn, iHckmg lo Ihr mwMi 
no dep«id«nn but in Ibt cnw. 


Londonderry, so crealed 1818: Aotn IS Nov. 1778; married, 
13 July 1803, lady Georeiiuia Slevan, da. of Robert, nuri; 
of IjOndondeiTv, aod by her (ifho if. 17 Nov. 1804) had do is 
•h, 2dly, a July 1824, RawbeUr-Charlotte-Iubella, eldeal 
of Henry Booham, of Titness Park, co. Berks, e»^. M.P. 

- Tb* hmlly of Ganolnfc i'» tcated as *arlf u trmp, Ilmr^ VI. 
al fMOOte, CO. Wu-wlck, v-htrt tbe elder brancli itiU crnidniiM. 
BttORQE CjiXirtKa, 4th tonuf Ricbard Caniiing, of J'nxmte, 
WBIH OTer to Ireland at the comnienrHnent of tbe 17lb ceoiury, 
and Wttled at Garvagb, co. Londanderry. of which manor he bad 
a^nuit from Queeii Kliuibeth. He d. afaoui IMG, Inting imie, 
WILLIAM, who was father of Oeorge, father of 

Oeokce Cahxixo, of (iarragh, «q., lieut.-col. of th« Lon- 
donderry militia, n. Abi^l, 4tb da. of Robert gtratCird, id BbI. 
tipglmi, (and munt of Johu, Itt esr] of AJdborou^,) by whom 
he left issue a mi, 

Stkatford Cankikc, of Qart-agh, eu]., m. Lolitia, da. itHl 
h. of Obadiah Newbureb, of Ballyhaise, ao. Cavan, and d> 30 
Scot. 1773, haring had uaue, 

I. Omaaam, of Iba MUdk 'nnplK tiarbtirjit-l», 4. In hi> Mha'i I1IV- 
(ioiE, I April im. tacrlaf ■■ ohij too, 

TlH ilahl In. Oaont Cnalac. OiM loiil of tha EKanur* '"•i k ■ ■ 
Api1lim<.8Aii|. IH;, h»liVK, HJulirlaio,J«niu. ilLandio-tbof 
■•B. JiAd Matt, of BalcBuito, I7 itbHi ttaj. who mt eraiuil, Ju. IM*. 

Macb laui i.'iriihr— fiti, »[*. HTs.t ftTia dw. 

_b» tedoa liHCi Bd ISt^ 3 E>pt.~il^. £liu<Wi<HlE. rUat 

■bath, nk G«OH»-H«Bry Barant, ma, 

H. Hunt. HmrjBtnunl, «oof*l 

Dlihop of Loadon- 


^**<Jt OaHHise, of Oarva^, e«q., 2d but eldeii lunHvinK sun 
«f StiUfbrd, aaoceeded hii father at (larvagh, m. Jane. da. of 
Omway Speucer, of eo. Antrim, esq., and d, i^Mut ilUO, leaving 
by her (who d. 24 Oct. 18*5) an only son, 

OxoBeE, preseot baron Uarragh. 
^Ufir Appamtt — CHAHLEB-llEHHT-SpEMCEIt-OlOBBa, hh 

laisa I'lXRAOE. 

■ton snrl S[>Bldingtan, aad uf Cradnclutovu, in the oa. Siti 
Kiighl Onind CruM of [he flUlnary Order ot th« Bstli. 
UMght of th« Ottoman Onlir of the CrcMent, G«nei«l in 
Anny, and Culonel of the 43d Regiment of Foot ; Aom IS j 
1782: married, 1? Nov. 17!)8. W); TheudiMJa-aantt-Fn 
Sleade, 3d da- irf John, earl of Qanvillfun, Erandd» of IIm 

of Dsmlef, Mid lua issue «n only bod, JOBIV-SDiUi 

fi. 16 Oct. 1 799, Ueut.-coL in thg imiy, M.P. for Donddc 

Hii iDrdaMp's family is of ancient W«li& nrieia, daiaui^ 
scent from Caeadoc. and the amaent princm of WaJes. 

Ha lonlship's father, JouH CnADocK, uthbiihop ei Do 
Enihop of Glaudelagfa, and prioato of Ireland, vaa cniUDa 
bishop of Kihnore, VJbT, and tnnslaied to the ircfai-epiBcagi 
of Dublio in 1772. His grace ni., 2R Aug. ITS8, Bfsrj^ i 
William Bleydwln, of Busion, co. Lincoln, aa%. Bod wU> 
Kchard St. Oeorge, of Kilnuh, ea. Hillannf, em-, aad i 
Dec 1778, tearing an only son, 

JoBH-FBAHCia CxAiMCE, gist borBn Houden. 

Buir ilpparent — Johv-Hobabt, tJi hirdahip'a only son- 

Creafioa—\9 Oa. IBLI. 

-On * miiunl vert a flg>iic nTnowollnd u n 

1, pome) upworila ud hvl-l by Ih* N 

ULYSSES BUBGH, Baiov DOWI4K3, ■ Oovemor d 
00. Cariow, Colaod in th« Army, E.C.B., E.T.S. md > 
kle Surveyor-Oeneral of the Ordnanoe; /nm IS Au». 1! 
mcceeded hia couain,. WiUiam, Ut lord, 3 Marcli lBii6; 
rwd, 30 June 1B15, Maria, onlj da. of Walter Bugenoll, 

and haa issue, 1. Avke, U 18 Dec. 1818;— 2. Cl 

LOTTB, b, 27 Jam. 1830, 

via DowNES, rector of Thomby, in that EOS 
Tlu) WBi father of 

Xhorighl nr. DjTBS DowMSe, I. at Thomby, 1653, ediu 
It Trinity CoQi^, Dublin ; appointed archdeacon of Du 

ISM^and conamrBttd bishop i>f Cork and Rost, ISDS; m., lit, 
Saiahr< Beurji DwU-sU, ol AthluuB, asti. j adly, Aoiie 
earieMo ; 3i1I)f, Klizabeth, cU. uf Tluimaa ll«evlier, of ghcrkia, 
CD* Cork, e*q., «id widow o£ Horatio Townahcnd, ex], i uii 
4tl\ly, Cutbaraa, aiil^r of Oobert Fitzgirdd, I9th eul of EuU 
darv, aad •<: I7D9. B; hii lat and iU wives the biibop had no 
i3vie;.byys3dhehad«uda., fZiao^Ab,- utH b; Us dth (wha 
ton-irvd hint, and. J. \^b6) he hud a aoii, Robekt, soil s da^ 
^WK, I. ou the day her futlier died, m. Thamu) Bu^, of Ben, 
CO, KUdare, esij., and had isitue by him, 1, ICiUiaro, LL.D., m. 
Many, dki niA IL of Gcurga WarBurtdH, Mq., but <£ i. p. ISM ; 
a. Tboinaa, n. Aniib, niily da. of David Aignio, esq., and d. Jiioa 
lfl1D,)eaTiii9ia«c, air ULVsaiti, 3d and present l«nm Itau-neg; 
3. Bobert, n. Anne, db. of Hugh Bickman ; 4. Marpicetta, 
atatBi vTHOunma Ferrard ; (»■ llkit llUt;) &. Mnry ; 6. Aunp, 
m. Waller.HiiiHy Burgh, lord diief baron in Icelaad ; 7- Diiro. 
ihB^ ar. John Saiifun, of ClogreuoD, co. Callow, esq. ; 8. Har. 

Bosksv BowBEs, of Donnyhmok, eiq., outr son nfthe biibop, 
wa« BtP. for on. Kiliiare, m., 17^7, Elimbeth, da. uf Thoma* 
Twiftge, of Doanybrook, esq., ami <J. IT^i ImiTiiig issue, tlie rer. 
Dinet Bvmaf, LL.D., ntta rl tuun., 1708, and 

WtCliiaX, lit loH, who mu brought up Co the stndy of the 
law, called t» the liar 1776, elevated to the bench 1704, and iai 
ISIQ, no the death of lonl Kilwarden, appointed chief Juuiee of 
the King'i Bench in Irelr.nd ; In I8<)G, he was nomiilBted bT 
H.R.H. the duke of Cumberland, chanccUor at iha Vidvtniw of 
Dublin, viee-«ltancelIor of thai learned body. On ^ 91 Feb. 
1823, hie reaigned the offlce of ckief juitiee, and, lOth Dec. that 
year, was ctaated btiaa Downet,vich rentaiader, liiiliug latMe 
male of his (nyn body, to his cousin, sir Ulyssea Bunb, and the 
heirs male of bis buily. IIJii liirdihip il. nnm., 2 March li!36, 
and was succeeded, pnnaanB to the aboTe-meniiuaed limitation. 
liy his said cousin, 

1'ltsies, present and 3d banm. 

Heir PrrrumpHre — None. 

f>taam.—\Q Dm. lOSa. 

I>is ». guMitrly. I 

nuninMn ii^I |r 

h»»4ii In hit dafa hud i 

Oi^hataptiM and Redwood. Bh Tippemry, C.C.B. and G.t'.fL. 
Ua>er.UeBen>I in the Amy, a Giloiial Cumniandani nf the RoyiJ 
Hagnacntof Artillery, and Goveniuc of Fun t'harin, Pitt Buynl, 


Jamuca, Enroy Ewrraordinarj- imd Minister PlenSpKentiary In 
ihe Court of Svetlm, «nd one of Hia Majesty's Mon Honw. 
able Prit-y Cunndl ; married, 1799, BBrriett. dk. of the iiH 
Tliomu Donglns, of Omnthun, en. Linoilii, esq., and >uler«( 

John DoUfElaa, «Hi., Al.P- for Mtnsfaead, ■nd hw laue, 1. 

JOHN-ARTHUR-DOUOLAS, Ute iKvretary of Imtion il de 

oourt of Wurtemberg, (Old now Bl Stockhcdni J S. HABBirTT, 

b. 1806: 3. Oeoroiva, b. Ia08 ;— 4. CuaBlotte, *. 

1S15, <f. 8 Feb. 1828. 

His lankhip la descended from an ancient bniil* ualed A 
Redwood, at. Tipperaty. He entered eaily into the Bnny in tkt 
(orpi of which he ia now one of the oolonda oonnouiiiwit. It 
1S08, he wu appointed gentleman aiiendanl on hii preteni aM> 
jesly, then prince of Walea, [o whom he wa* afierwarda, dariH 
the regenry, mar«hsl and chief e<[ueiTy. In 1B15, he wbc knigfaw( 
and appointed a knight grand crou of ths royal HanOTaiN 
OueliJiic order | in leifi. audiCor and seovCary of Ibe dndij 
of ComwaJI g and in the nicceeding yar, on the reai^atioa M 
the late sir John M'Mahon, receiTer.^[enenil of that dudiy, aal 
prirale secrettry and keeper of the privy purae to (he prince i* 
gent. In Sept. 1824, he ww ^ipoiuted envoy extraardinary all 
miniater plenipotentiary to Sweden; and. 11 May 182S, denni 
to the peerage of Ireland. 

Heir AppttretU-~The hon. JoHN.A.-D. BlOOmticld. bk 
lordship'a aon. 

CrtaAon—M May I88S. 

dimt-IJet Pku W. Argnl, >hne fuilLi moKliwd in fat gula. IjMnta ■ 

SknufA-*— Two horw rcfsidaat ufUbU each Koigcd *lth a irnaib tf 
laurel, anil bdidcnl thn i e ft o m an amcnroa, Itur doLtor cxd«t. aad chnrf 
niEh th« prlnc? of WaIb'i pivnie. tbe tinl^ter «. chitfaf witta a tucob SA 

MtiHo—Farla Fortutia juT'at. FonuOe atlll lb« brave. 

and VESCY, of Clare and of Inchicronan, in the (uoQlv tf 
Clare t ao crealed 18S(i, with remainder of the nid tides td'Ol 
heire male of her bodv by the right lion. James Fitannld, «•- 
whom ahe waa married in 1782, and by whom the bai had imi^ 

1. Elizabeth, d. an infant; 8. Jobb-Veset, d. 17M| 

3. The right hon. WILLIAM, M.F. for Leatwiihiel ; (vU^ 

together with his brother Henry, took the surname and annitf 
Veaey, in addition to Fitzgerald, by royal sign mannal, ISISf) 
appoinied, ISm, a lord of the Ireasurv and privy-counidlar h 
IrelBDil ; in 1812, a lord of the trea«nry in Qreat BHtBia; • 
priiy-oniuaellor of the United Kingdom, and chanrellor of ifa 
exche<1Tier and fir»i lord of ihe trearary in Ireland ; h> IS20i, «B^ 
roy extraordinary and minister pleoipoleniiary In the oourt U 
giceden ; in IU2fi, pajinasler-general of hia mnjasiy'a foroei'} t 

«ad, iu laaa, trpMnrer of tlie mrf t 1. Uekbt, ia hdv 

urden, ileui (rf iLilmuru, m., J Sept-lli'^, E]iial>e(ii,dB.of Sundjaji 

Gndf, of liUtun, CO. IdOierick, nq., uid hiu iuue, 0. SIahy- 

OebalOIME, n., Oct. lai>0, >ir KoM Mahon, of Caiilcftar, on. 

GalvB)-, liart. ; G. Letitia, •>. Juhn-linUe Foiler, cwi., 

(«Ids»>oaof William, lute liiiliop of Cloghn-, and uqihew of 
lord Oiial, i« lAiit li^c,) hoib [im« M.P. fur the UnlverntT of 
DoUin, and since for co. Loulb, and king'i advOAle in Irelaiul : 

Her Udi 


y with ibr 

B deKended from the >U 
( Sta Ihal lilie.j 

JonM Vesev, archhiihop nf Tnam, i. ISSJ, vw oniuecnilMl 
tviibop of the united leea of Xjimeridt, Ardfurt, and A^hadoOH in 
1672, and iranilatiidi 107lt. to tliK archi-epiao^ial aee of Tiiam, 
with which be held, in comioendanit the bishopric of Kit/ecuM^ 
B« wa« four cimai lord juadce and chief gorenior of Ireland, and 
d. 38 March I71C, in the reign of l(ing Geo. I., having haU tlie 
higbett (niati, and been of the privy council to Gr« KiocoifTe 
(orereigna. lie left iHue. 

1. Thohai, bihs of Ihe lit knil KupUw |m Vikovht hi Viki.i 
Wtlui^ sWMd','(ir'LKm7(hntb« or PMriU. «ria( Luoa. MWH •r'llw 

.tfrnfaoT kliuJuoailL.I In Hary, natunJ da-of kluC 
of ibf dukeDtManBiguIh. bfiitHmi ht teft Iwa dH, Eli 

Jonx Vesey, 3d KHi of the arcbblahop of Tiiun, wia arcb- 
deacou of Kilfenora, tn. - — — , da. of Fielding Sh««, e«q., and 
had iuue >t loni, of nhom the eldest, John, n.,but d. n-ilhout it- 
■ui^ HOd bia widow rv-n. Robert Uartin, of Duncan, co. Galway, 
caq. ; ihc youngest, Aj/matululiom, rL unn., and Itie fecund, 

Hekkv, in holy ordem, m. Mary, da- and coJu of Oeoxge 
0«ri^, and d- 177'i* leaving issue one hou, </oAq, of Oraamore., co. 
(r«lwav,eaq.,whu succeeded lu the eatalea uf hi) uncles John and 
Agmondinham.Vwey, and d. unn., 1779. be-iueathing the •Hint' 
to hit 4isleri, with au iujuncticni that their heirs male, lo whom 
ibe said eiiale* might descend, should bear the name and arms 
aS Ve-ef i and two das., .Ubit, m. Juaca Irvine, esq., and had 
IMUe an only son, James-John-Veiey, who d, uHm., 11104, and 

n. lieiit.-ocil. Poole-IliiJiiiian-VetFy i and 

IBHINE, present haronea>, who nt., ns befurc listed, iliv 



qppointed^ 1784, one cCbliMi.jciCy*ap«i¥70oii]Milftir AatkiBf. 
dam. Hfl had hdd fiw mty jmr9ht^ aOornvmibr^iit amm^ 
'^Mdtk ht Tohmtarily-Bdli^iiMhad^ gn, tft» gi«at ^oaMioii of ||^ 
lanlatiTe nniaaaC Inland wUk Ot^i BrSam s and fiinOrre^ 
tiradftem|WJttiftiii%«ftttf haiiag hwae.» fetogutt m^ m 
tlM palkiad hiatorf of Ub QBOiitryv and bees a monbor ef the 
hoaae of oommoaalo tan laaBtiBva pagli ame a ta; 

^(fir Apparent ~^The right ban. WiK&iAir«>FkT26XAALD 
Veset-Fitzoerald^ her ladyihip*8 ddeat son. 

iimM— See Plate 9Bb Ot, umBi^ecmmMt^ M. 

-Dsycsr^amalegriffla. Sffiiiter> a wild 
' dkoiddir s dab propen 







lUght Hnnmrable Lord JDHN-OEOBOE DE-I.A-POER 
BEBKSFORD, D.D., neit brother to the Mnrquni of WitCT- 
fori). Lord AscHRisHor of ARMAGH, Primate of kll Ire- 
land, and MetnipoUuD of L'lster, Prelate uf the lUuitrioui 
Order of St. Purick, and > TnutM of the Linen MuiufBC- 

I Sight niHiourable WILLIAM MAGEE, D.D., Lobd AacH- 
UIHOP of DUBLIN, Frinwle of IriJand, and MelmpaUlan of 
Ldnaler. Chancellor of the lUuitriuui Ontec of Sx. ruikk. 
ruilorirf Trinity CoDoge, Dublin, fTi. 

ConMcrued biihop of Raphoe, 1B13, uid IraiiUated lo llie 
metropolitan tee of Dnblin, 1B22. 

SUphen't Grttn, Duilm, and TaHagh CaiOt. 

Right Honoiirebl* RICKARD LAURENCE, D.EK, Lord 
AacUBiaiior of CASU£LL, Primate u( Irelaud, aud Metio- 
polilan of Munster, te. 

».t«M^»*w«fc«» wr ni B nB — «f Tbm, 1819. 


9 k emmm <f the ori <tf OMan, /'«* Aoi HA,, 
■riliAarrfClgBAn.ia»l.v • - - 
L, a^ w Mcnh, i«>3. 


Hi* lonbhip n brother to the marqueu of Ely, (itt that title. ) 
■nw conwcraled bjihup nT Killaloe, 1804 ; tnniUted lo Ldghlirt 
Ittd Forni, 11)30 ; and lo aogh«r, 1633. 

Clatter Palace, Tyrone. 

HiilorJilu'p ia uncle of the ear] of Hiiinh, ( ire tliat Hlle, J »nil 
iTM coDKCTBtal blihop of Cork uid Ross, lUO?. 
Tha Palate, Cork. 


Contecrated bishop of Dromore, 1812, and tranilnieil tu Elphin, 
Elfhin Houie, Rotcommm. 

ROBERT FOAri,ER, D.D., Loan Bisuop of OSSORV, 

The Palace, Wulerfard. 


■1 Q3aSSAlL 

Cansecraled blihofi of Silkloe, 1820, ami unnsUtcd ta Dnvn 
and Cannm, 18Z3. 

Snodmagmief, Bel/atL 

D Bishop of LEIGH- 

Consecntted bishop of Limerkk, 1020, and i 
Wghlin, 1833. 

Fan'a Palace, Wcifani. 


JOHN BRINKLEY. D.D.. Lord Bkbop of CLOVi4 

ProfesBor of Attrononi j in the Unii'enity of DaUiu, m. 

Uk lonUbip n brntbar ta Baroa Pomonbir, af Inwldlly^ { 
CooiMaMedt 1886. 

.^UBeia OOkl 


- aBOKlJUlViPH-i^-ti-r-' .<r".>T?".f«"5Hn 


TilE foUnorfnpKrt contains 

I. The dsii^tera of dukes, niBrqomei, or nrit, who, hnrjng 
muried either comminieri, or (he «ona of peen of oqnal crrtnfe- 
rior renk Ui ihst of iheir respecttve Tiilhen, are dittin^piisbed bf 
the liUe of right houourable lad<r pretuied to ihcir owd Chiistlsn 

2. The daugbcen of via 
>r baroneu. 

3. TbB Angliten of v 

r baronf, muTied lo koights. 

The dotighten of nuirqiieuei and rarli who have marri^ ihc 
ions of peers of a superior natt, and are diiiiugiitsbed by the 
Christian naitiei of their hiubandi, and the daiighleni nfviiinninn 
orbaroiu who bare raarrted the Mmi of peen, are nm included 
In this lial ; the reference to their husbandi* families being, it ■■ 
prennned, suffldenlly eauy. - ■ 

Axi-ZIT, lady Franeet, da. uf the Ist tori of U'intu-ton, and wifp 

ol John A., evj. 
AM9irrmilOT, lady CharUiltf-RiKhtl, da. of tlie earl of Clon. 
" End wffe of Bmry A., eiq., M aon of the right , 

■il of Wicklow, and wife of 

hon. CfaarleB A. 

AttAMK, hm. Mn EUmaUltt, wxteF of lord Lllford, auil wife 

of the rev. HichHnl- Leonard A. 
Alcock, hon. iitn. — CBrtdinr-Calhrniu.LelMa, da. df the lit 

viaouunt Duneraile, nod wife of col. Thoniai A. of Bur- 

•, ^ ot the Mioli Sonlii- 
k, md wVt cf ih* rcT. HsBfrr A. 
Aw«MW»,hw.M « C «* n i>»«a — . dft, •< lord T«. 

', • •• ' ■ " ■ 

AUWTBOTC Wb Mn^-CA&n«a*-S/Mwr. d» of Um 111 M 
Detin, ani «ife tf ifc* rar. WOIhoi A^ at alwUife 

A)MtaTB«VG« hiM. ^ln y^'t dtt. itf ibe SKh lord Biapq. 
Hid «ih of Joim JL, of ■ 

atcox, bd); OarfaM, da. cf the esri of Oxford; nd wife i< 

Baillie, l«)v rAorMfr. rU. of the 9th Mriof Hanie,md wMsa 

of the ret. Cbario D., laut 4rchde«on of Oerduid. 
BaillU, Udy Gti>rgiima~FrrJmca, da. of the duke of Muulta- 

ttt, and wife of Evan B., of Dodifaur, caq. 
BuEa, lady C/Uatcl4-3farjr. da. of (ht Sd duke of l«iail«. 
and widow of lir Edward B., ban., of Aahoombc, » 
Baltovr, lady Flomef, da. of ihe lit arl of EuniakillriL, ai 
wife of Blajmey-Townlej- B., of Tox-ul^y.Uall, « 
l<outh, esq, 
BatrouM, lady flMiMr, da. of the earl of Lauderdale, and irife 

of Junea B., of Uorton, nq. 
BaViEs, lady Francu, da. of the earl of Eldon, and «iie of (h( 

rev. Edmund B.. of C«rfe Castle. 
Dasbeb, lady Millietnt, da. of the earl of Oosford, and wife of 
tha rev. J. Bart B., rector of Alton SaDdfonl, Bud*, 
and (jiaplain of St. Jamet's, Brighton. 
Bakhau, lady Caroline, da. of the 8tb eu-1 of Thauet. aad wA 

of John-Fonter B., e»q. 
BaBIMO. lady Hmriet-Sfary, da. of the Gtb earl of E 

and wife of WiUiain Bingham B., ««q. 
BaMIHO, lady Auguila, da. of tha earl of (Janligan, and wife el 

Henry B^ eiq. 
Baheek, lady HmricUa. da. of the 1« earl of Bactiv^ and will 

of Chambre.BrsIiazon.Paiuooby B., esq. 
BaHMES, lady Georgiaim-Callteriite, da. of the earl of CovemiTi 

and wife uf il. W. B., erf Bagut, m. Surrey, eaq, 
BAHtlNOTOH, hidy Caralin*, da. of mrl Urey, and wife of ito 
biui. Oaorge B., e^it. H.Nt 2d son of George, 5th »i». 
tnunl B. , , , 

a,TIIO»»T> tail CaroiituT, da. of the lat earl of Caatle Sinrm. 


Hid wib at awjOTifWh JuBM B., Sd «oa tf ihe hinlinp 

of Norwidi. 
BATavnsT, lady Charlone, da. ef iho nrl of Abingdon, and 

wife of ihe bim. uiil rev. Charln B. 
BiVLCT, hij Sarah, do. a( the 4Ih earl uf Jfrwv, and wife of 

Charles. Nathuiifl B., nq. 
BccKETt. hidf .-fntM, da. of the Ul e&rl of Lontdalp. and wife 

of the right hon. Jolin B., Judge advo«ate.|^aenU. 
Bbviok, lady Franat-Jiieia, da. nf ihe 9d mrl of TaoWvillt, 

Md wife of rer. Kdvard B«ckinjtl«n B. 
niMTtNcK, lady Jemima. Btlena, da. of PrederiHi, Olh earl of 

Alhloiie, and wife of major-gen. Jnhn^harlen B, 
BlKBSrOMti, Udy Aana, da. of the 4lh ear) of Tankerrillp, and 

vife of the hon. and rer. WilHam B., ion of lord Decin. 
BKKXirORD, lady Ffoncti-jlrabella, da. of the l>t earl nf MU- 

W<rn, and wife of Alarciu B., etq., nephew of the lit 

inarqueai of Waterford. 
BeKXELEV, lady Emity-Chartottt, da. of lord GeorgC'Jobn Ijea. 

nm, hroUter of (be 3d duke nf RiduiHind, and wife tt 

admiral >lr Oeorge-Cranfield B,, U.C.B., brolLer of the 

Irm earl of D. 

BebKblet, Udy Charhlte, da. of CharUa, 4th duke of Rich- 
mond, and wife of c^it. Mauri ce-Frederidi-Fio- 

bardioge B., R.N. 
Bebvbt, lady Hmrietla, da. of the lit earl of Aher^venny, and 

widow of tir John B., ban. 
BUHTT, lady AUda, da. of William, 3d earl of Wicklow, and 

wife of M'illiam B., etq. 
BtACMTOmn, lady Isabella, da. of Auguetun, M duke of Ont- 

lon, and wife of Barriugton Pave B., of Oaliome, in the 

hie of Wight, eoq. 
BLAUI)IBBE,1adv//mneHa, da. nftbelal marqueaaToffnthend, 

and wife of the hon. M'illiaiD B. 
Bli«K, lady Theodotia, da. of the Sd earl of Darul«v, and wife 

of Thomaa Cherbur^ B., t»q. 
BoiLCau, lady Calhirinr, da. of the lit earl of Minto, and wih 

of J. P. B., jun., of Slonlake, oa, Surrey, esq. 
BOULTBEE, ladv EtiKtbeth-Margartt, da. of Oeoi^, 2d marqueu 

Tuwiiiftend, and wife of Joaejib Moore 1)., of Sprltig- 

Beld-houie, co. Warwick, eiq. 
-BotfVESTE, lady £'/i3iiVfh.firtrff ft, da. of the iJth carl of Mor. 

ton, and widow of the hon. WiUiam -Henry B., 2d aon 

of the lit earl of Radnor. 
BmaCi:xEi.t, lady CafAmne-fTarofiFM, da. of the 3d earl of Port. 

taore, and wife of JoKpli B., eaq. 
BXiBOBHAii, lady Stlina, da. of the earl of Kllmorey, and wife 

of the bon. Orlando B., 3d >on of the earl of Brad- 
Bromlet, Udy LoHita, titter of the earl of Portarlinguin, and 



wife of Taller I>KTen|>(irt B^ of 

B ick, esq. 
thowKK, UHj LttiOa, d*. of ihc «u4 at Kmfmry, mi wife •< 

WiUiun I^ of Iiravu«') RiS, en. CbtIow, oa. 
■■owyl-ciw, lady ftttbniw, ^ of Uiis HUl cari of XalK ">' 
>^ wife of Fraud* B., «q. 

BsCBir, ladv (.'a(ArrifU-..iMi, d>. of lh« 7lb cart of WeiMiLM*, 

and vift of Frmnri* B., ««)■ 
Banian, bdy lM»l>tBa-Aiuie, da.of thr IdmanjiunoflTitB' 

ford, and wife of col. Sunuej-Juhn-Hnd B., ofWMUa 
• Coun, CO. Kent. 

Bt)Ctua«K, lady Jnnft, dn. of Jnmen, I3th enH of CaiiiuM^ 
' sad wife of Jamn B., of Aritaaiawai, at. DwAarwa. 

Btrcn.KT,1ad7 Gtorgiana., dn. of Ote 9d earl at IMaVKT, vi 

wife o* Edwvd Pery B.. »q, 
BnCKLET, lady raJimn?, ila. of the *arl of JCaibior, ladvik 
' "dwwd Pii7 B., a»q-, Keut.-ank lit gmrdk 

r rwttia, ^ of the H esrl of ^rrao, aDdvidorrf 

IsorgvB., kni. 

. ftuLLBi, Isdy Apia, da. of Hugh. Sd duJte of NonWria^ 
Iwid, and nifle of lieuC'Col. rrerferick.ThotnM >> ' 
tlie gumrd). 
Bulyebl, Udy fricniMft, dB.of Farfffrry, aad wi(v <f Ah 

D.. jiin., of Fleel, co. Deron. evq. 
BtTBKE, lady MalUda, da. uf William, M mH of BmX 
and wit* of WlHam B., of Keelays, m. IMnf; 

BCH.T, lady Cluirlalle-Sutati-Matiiit da. of JiAn, Sdl M>tf 

Argyll, widow of John Canplidt, vt ShimMiy KJ. 

«(|., and w\(e of ihp cvr. mr. B. 
Busae, bdy LoHita, da. of die eari of Ustoirdl, apd «ifa rf 

John B., esq. 
BTxa,ladv Agnf, da. of ibe msrqntaa of Anglcser, anJ ■■«( 

O.^. B., en). 

Boaoaeu, lion. lady. — Anna-fAiina, da. of ib* lit vf 

l^a. and wife uf tir Rinlivd B., hurt. 
BusuLET, the lion, lady — AtArr, dn. of riseaimt CiDWa 

of sari Uoire, and widow of nt Gtnrge B.. tw«.' 
BaoHHEAD. hon. Lvly. — Jant^ do. of barcUKsa FfretM^ ai^ 

widow ofur OonviUe B., ban. 

B^aiyoToir, hon. Mn.— ^i^iu(a-./Bfi4, Hm-t^A^ hte fiai mw 
BarhBin, and n-ifir ot Thtnaa-O. B., of Roiu<] 
Tonplv. CO. Lelmitn', aaq. 

&MU.n. faon. Mn.— flJHtAnlA, da. of the lit Ttwnvnt Dm» 

Bum KB. 

raile, and wife of MlUianiuVniWsley B., «h, 
. hoB. Mi*.— ffArp-Tamfiiw, dK. of the latlactf 



■tale, and widow of maJar-gBn. JoH^h Bblrd, brvtbm- 

•i(air DsTld Baird. but. 
Bai.foi'k, hail. Mri> — M/liura, dk. of the lil lord Enw, and 

wife .if Blayncr B., esq. 
BaBhakDi ban. Mn — -Xouiio. d*. of the Cth lurd WiUtw^hb* 

Je Broke, and wife of the rev. B^bert U., prebendary of 

BaBAT, liiin. .Mn — Jtfiiriii.^iifiiifta, da. of the 5th li>rd Car. 

Iiery, mid wife of Tboinaa B., of Ldj^htfanuk, on. 

Mealli, («q. 
Bar* ABD. hnn. Mra. — Arttie-Jatie, da. of the Sd lord Rodnev, 

and wifi' of T:dinuiid-pullnfeu B., Mn., M.P. 
BeahiM. hiiQ. Mm — Afory, da. ufthe 3Uth lord KiukwIk, and 

wife 1)1 Willram B., of Beaumont, Ireland, euj. 
BCAUHDNT, bun. Mn> Mary, da. of lord Scandale:, aud vKr 

irf Jubn B., of BurrOH-.upon -Trent, aaq. 
BEDfOHD, bun. Mtt.- Barbara, da. u( the ISth lord Si. Joko, 

and widuw of rev. Thcnnai B. 
BEDiSoriELIi, hon. Mn. Mnrr, da. of Irtrd Henniker, uid wife 

if John.Lon^priJTe B., «iq. 
BzTTAeu, hiiu. Mn.— Sarah, da. of the 3d lord r&endi, and 

wife of Edward B., of Cappagb, co. Ualwsy, enq. 
BlAini, ium. Sin. — Apeilonin. da. of the ISlh lord Siourton, 

Hiid wife of Thumsa.DaviHiit B., of Kijipai Park, so. 
Vm-k. nq. 
Bt.EHXEBFTA!iaETT, hon. Mra — Hetena.Jan*, da. of the In 

Inrd Venlry, and wifo of Arthur B., of BlamarriUe, 

Bl.EltH£iiUAseeTT, bun. J>lrt.— ElitaUlh, da. uf the lit hud 

Veiitry, and wife of Kicliard B., eaq. 
BftOViiT, hon. iin,~-Elai^ielh-Afmt.Mary, da. of the llhh 

li<rd Petre, and wifo or Ueury B., of MapleUurliam, iw. 

OioiL, eaq. 
BooTUBV, hon. Mm. — Loutta-UmtiiUa, da. of lord Vemwi, 

and wife of the rev. Brooke B. 
BovtTOH, biui. Mn.— Can)/<nr. da.of tlie liElord Rendleahwi, 

4uid wife of Charles B., esq. 
UowEu. tiofi- iAa. — Calheriat, da. of tbs l>t lord Duualley, 

and wife of Henry-Cnle B., of Boweuicourt, ro. Cork, 

DoWLn, hun. Mn. — EUtabelh, da. of lord Bokaby, and wife of 

Cliarlet B., e«q. 
BowLXS. bun. Mn.— f'raniw, do. of the 2d riicnunt Palmer. 

Mem, and wife of WilUun R, Hq., captain B.N. 
BrIce, l>im. Mn.~ Theodora, da. of the lot baron Venlry, and 

wife of Edward B., of Kilsoot, co. Antrim, eaq. 
BBOADnrasT, hon. Mn.^//(nin«fAi.i>faic2, da-of the baronets 

De Ros, and wife of Jubn B., ««(. 
Bbodbile, hon. Mn.— ^MMa, da. of baron le Dtapenoor, uiil 

iHft nf Charles B., bkIt hob iif the late HrcUbishop of 
" ' ■ itJUidleloo. 

les B., evj., 
Depbew of vi 


Bkodmicv, ]ion. Mrs.— ffomcri.d«.af vUeonnt HMIaua,*^ 

wife of the rer. ^t'itJiam-Juha B. 
BkoOKs^ hon. Mm. — Aunaiella, da. of ike In trlMoant Lake. 

aud n-ife of Jtnepb B., E. 1. C. B. 
BbOVK, lioD. Mrs.~Sleirarla, da. of lord Enldoe, maA nUe d 

Y«ts B., HH(. 
BkvcE, hull. Mrs.—£liMabeih-CeoUia, da. of tW Tth lord RoQd. 

and wife of James- Canlnin B., oT BkloriMia, ch. 
Bl'ChaMam, hon. Mn — EliMobelh, da. of the 7Lh Un) QUaaL 

and wife of WiUiam B., of Ardoch, co. Daatanon, s^ 
Bl'CHaMaw, hon. Mrs. — Catherine, da. of banmen AWrananUK 

and wife of Thomiu B., esq. 
BuBBOWEf, hi>n. Mr^.^/'rano'a, da.of the lit lord DKiB.ui.1 

wifeofool. Thomai B. 
BUBTON, hon. Mn Anne, da. of the ISch lord DimsuiT. ind 

vife of Jaiuea Ryder B., ««{-, Mpuin R.N. 

CaLCBaFT, lady CaroliM.Callirrint, da. of the Ankt of i 

chnler, and wife of John-Haln C, esq. 
CaLDKB, Udy Francei-Sfliiut, da. oF the earl of LimeHdi, and 

wife nf <ir Uann- Robert C, iant. 
Caltbobfe, lady CAnrMfe-Sapbd, da. of thedake of BeanfoR. 

and wife of the hon. Frederick C. 
Cambbon, lady MargaTet, da- of the 13th earl of Eirul, ni 

wife of Charles C, e»|. 
Campbell, Udy LauUa-ElomluB, da. of the 1st earl uf Dsin. 

and wife of coL Jamta C. 
CaufbEli., Udy Eleanor, ita. nf the earl of WemvH^ and tK( 

of Walter-Frederick C. enj., M.P. 
CaPEl, lady Catolint, da. of the lit carl of Uibridfie, Bod wife 

of the boD. Joho.TboniBa C, Sd son oT the 4th eari «f 

CaPEL, Udy Camline^Innetla. da. of the 8tb dake of St. Albu'v 

and wileof Arthur-AIf^monC., Mm of the above Job- 

Thamaa and Udy Caroline C, and nephew and bw 

presumpliTe of the earl of Essex. 
CaBneoie, Udy Jaae-Chrittian, da. of the nrl of Northdt 

and win of Willi am.PiillartOD.Lindsay C, of Spynia 

CO. Angus, esq. 
Catucabt, lady Georguma, da. of the conntess of ManiGdd. 

and wile uf the hon. George C, son of earl Cathout. 
CaVBhsish, lady Calhtrine-Sman, da. of the earl of Aboyne, 

and wife of Charlei-CuiDplOD C, son of lord Ue<u^ 

Aufiutut. Henry C. 
CAVurvtsll. lady Ebmnor, da. of the 3d earl of Arran, mi 

wife of sir Frederick C, ban. 
CATBitDtSH, lady AfoiHiAi, da. of the earl of Cariiale, and « 

of William C, ewi., cuusiu of the duke of Oerot ' 





Chad, ladT .<nM, da. of tlie carl of Winterum, Uld wifa «f lif 

Charle* C. bm. 
CbjcuEbtbB, lady Auguita, da. □/ Iho muqulH* of 

■nil wife of Spencer C, c*i|., eouiin of tke m 

ChoLkohdelev, lady Cforgiana, liiterof the dulu of Si. Ai- 

bui't, uid Bife of UootHgue-John C., stq., M.P., eU. 

at Mm of «ir Manugue C, ban. 
Cbckcbill, Udy HenritHa-DoraHua, dn. of the Sd url of 

PorlUDinitli, and wifeof tha rev. John-Ouiyen C. 
C^AUE, lady Samh, At. of the 2tl earl of Carridi, aud wlfa 

of the hoD. Cbarlea-Uarwanl-Butler C, bruUier of tbc 

marqneH of Onaoade. 
ClavekisOi lady Augusia, da. of [be 5lh duke of Argyll, aiid 

wife of ftcneral Claveriiig. 
Clixtoii, lady Louita-Dorel/ua, da. of the lat earl of Sheffield, 

and wife of gen. air WiUiam-IIenrj- C, U.t'.B. 
Clive, lady //arrtff, da. of ibe ftth earl ofPlyirouth, uid vife 

of [he hon. Boberl-Henry C, 3d »ii of earl Po*)». 
Coke, bidy Anne. da. of the earl of Albemarle, and wife of 

ThoDiBi-U'eiiinaii C, eu)., -M.P. for Nnrfblk. 
Cole, lady Mary-Lues, ^ '^ t^e 2d ear] of Iloheiter, nidov 

of T. M. Talbot, of Margain, cu. Ulwnnrgui, nq., and 

wife of air Chrittopher C. K.C.B., M.P., Ao. 
CoLK, lady EHmitth-Hmriella, da. of the eail uf Derby, and 

wife of Thomaa C, esq. 
C01.E, lady Fnmcri, da. of tile Ut esri of ftlalmalmry, and wita 

of the hon. lir Galbraith-ljuxry C, O.C.B., ftc. brother 

of the earl of EiiniakiUen. 
CoLI-iBm, lady Sarah, da. of the M earl of Fife, and vife of 

DanidC nq. 
CooiE, lady Helena, da. of the earl of Klngiion, and vife of 

Phaip-Davii C of Vork. en|. 
Cobby, lady Harrielt-Anat, da. of the earl of Shafteibiiry. and 

wife of the hon. Heiiry.Thonia«-Lowry C, laa of the 

earl uf Belmore. 

K'illiam C, esq., 8«>i>uiDt.derk of the pwiia. 

EVAT, lady Eliiabelh, da. of ear] Forteuue, and a-ife of 

Williaoi-Keginald C, mq. 
[■ uri, lady Barbara, da. of the earl of Cnrentry, and vife 

of jaiuw-HobertC, e«q., onlv Min ufiir JamM (.\, ban. 
OH, lady Charlmie, da. of tlie 8th ear] of Galloway, 

ridnw of iir Kdvord C., Iiart., and MUllier of lord 



Cic:kihah«*, Udy Amu-LciMa, da. ol tbe 

and wife ol Jbiubs C, of LwigleT Pmdi,^ 
UnrrE, ludjr Jnma-JUaria, di. or the tch owl of 

■nd wife nf W. C\, of St. AUwuk Ok Eilki 
CuMSEBLAKDi Iwly ^JMnio, da. of the M esH of 

shire, and q-ifs of Ridiard C, caq. 
Cdit, lady Aane-IUatia^laabith, da. of [be earl of 

and wife of the hon. and ~ 

tlier of earl flrowalow. 

CaBuICSaEL, hnn. \aiy.—Anat, da. of tbc 7tt> bad 

aud wife of sir Thonms.Oibsrai C, of Jskiriing, 
CocEBuai', biD. lady. — Marianaa, da. of ih« lath 

Hereford, and wife of ur Jamca C, bart.,«f N- 1>. ^ 
C0CXEBEI.U, hon. Indy. — HearitUa, da. of tbc 1st lord N«ri 

widt, and wife of tir Charka C.. horc 
CoBKlMaTOU. hun. lady. — HarrieU-Gtorgiaaa-Carahae, dhi 

Ehe 3d lonl Foley, sod wife uf «jr ChrisUiplier-BeOidl 

C'APei.L, lion. Mrs. — Patina, da. of the 2d vitooimi Saull><<l 

Bud wife lit Richard C, of HabenCon-n, SIouli, Of 
CaXCBON, hon. Hra.— .-Inna, da. of liaroniin AliencroiBby, I 

wife of Donald C., lA Iiodiid, ewj. 
CahfbEll, hon. iirt.— BefUTiee-CharlaUt, da. of theAlkd 

count Torrington, and wife of ihc reT. C<*n C, 
Carew, hnn. Un.—Citri^ne-Anne, da. of the In kvd iMl 

ton, and wife of the right bon. Reginald Pole &,( 

Anthony, co. Cornwall. 
Caibison, ibeLon. iln.— CaAaiHt, da. of the 7(ii r 

FalkUnd, and n-ife of David-I.yeU C, eaa. 
Cavendish, ban. ilr%.-Lauita, in. of the lit lord lA 

and wife of William C, esq., eldaat hid tj toed OcoM 

Au^KusJIenry C., aun of WiUiau, 4di dukeofj 

rADLPiELD, hnn. Mn — Francai, da. of the late baroasn Q 

ton. and wife of sir Oeurge C, of Umwrnii CmI^ 

Roscommon, esq. 
CAfLriEt-D. hon. iln.~Harrietl, da. of Um Um tsM 

Cnifton, and wife <i( Jamee C. »i|. 
ChalOhEB, bon. Mrt.—Fraiitti-Laum, da. of the lat t 

Duudag, and wife of Hulxut ('., uf (laiiithitnnwlt, 

York, ew|., U^. 
CdAMDEuB, hon. Mn.- JsM. da. of the Ul \ard Radncry, 1 

irife of Oeor;^ C, asq. 

('EiAmHiLi.T, hon. ni I r I . ii r -' ' --' lawi na 

riD, and widow of coL de Chanuilly. 
CuiLDEBt, hon. ilt^—Selina, da. uf the late lord £anUey, 1 

wife of Joha-H'albaidi C-, wq. 
CBOLiioiiDKi.Br, hon. ltn.—Mar^ElixaMh, 4m. 

Sydney, and wife of Georgt-Ji " 

C4SKKX. him. Mn Mar/r, cli. or tlif l>L li>nl foltfj, uiil ivirt 

af Riebard C.^ nt K!n|piii<ii, i-n. Oiti>r>, mi. 

CacSBDB!!. hon. Mn.— .Vnrunna, Ju. uf (h* I81I1 TiKwiiit 
HFreford, uid nVe of Jamei C.. i>l l^iintrntf f>.B>, 

LoLttLBix-K. hon. Mn.— //("irirKi-.ViHa. ilk. of the 3d lard 

Lilfiird, uid wife of John-Cunplwll C., of BillermuDt, 

Dtar O^n^aw, en). 
Cossivi, Mn.— £iiHiMA^uiramnA, da. ol tbe late lord 

AurJiey, and wife of Jnlm.C., etq. 
Cox, boD. Mrs.— jVnry, da. of the lit lurd DonaQef, and (rile 

i>f Alicbael C, of CoBtletown, »u|. 
ChSWe. hna. nin. —HarHell^ da. of limi (Jarrlngton, and kjIf 

of John -Frnle rick C, e>q , Degitieir ot lord Cnnre. 
Cboii£li>~, lum. Mn E/imirlA, da. uf lord Veatrr, and oife 

of Nichnla* de Iia4:heruig C, of Camdour (Jaitle, li<. 


COKtlPrS, hoii 

— £mma, da. of lord Crave, and nife nl 


D«LT, Jadv/iomrtf, da. of the l.t eurl of FHrnliani, and widow 

of iha right h<m. Dennis D. 
Umji'wooiIi lady Aimi, ((a. of the 7ih earl of Lauderdale, atid 

wifi* iif Praneiii U., esq. 
D*«aOK. lady EHmUth-EmUf, da. of llie 7th en-l of M'p>(- 

Hreath, aiid wife of the luni. (.'l<arlM-I.iai>el D., bih 

Ida nf Ihe earl of I'ortirlinjfton. 
DsaaSi lad^' nhrrrwi, da. of the 7<h earl of FingiiU, and wife 

lit tiatnei D., of trntmealti, enit. 
DBLATlEin. Indy t'ml-Jime, da. of Uic carl of Limerick, and 

wife of ilie rev. John D. 
Ukuisox. ladj CkarlMt. da. of the duke of Parlland, ami 

wife of J..£velTn t>„ of Opington, Nolt*. c»q. 
Deirvi, lady CkarioUe, cla. of the ad earl of Pnmfrel. widow tit 

F«*r D,, atq-, and mother of sir Oeorge' William l>., 

Ds Sad*. Indv Gwrpiaiur. in. of Charim, 4lh duke nf Rti )>- 

m.iiid. and wife of tlic bon. L. I.. Fitigetuld de R., *i>it 

0f Ihe baraneu de R. 
DiCSiaa, lady i'ruBM*. lister of the mapqiieM of NoKhami.loii, 

and wife nf ('hurlet t>i*r)ue !)•, uf Wrsi tStnk^, to. 

Kortbaiiipion, ewj. 

ut». Mr Cmhv <>. •( tW ath nri ef Monv, and sift 

rf GmH IX, mi Cctrv, o^ 
LA>, bitt /*aMta, J^^ArSiMriaf Amu. aid •» 
r Oaria Dl, cat^ gr— iiwi if Uw IMii cut if 

I>«|-MMOS», Uy fllnriMa, Al <tf tbc Mi car) of KinaoA 

Md wifca/ Hwir D^ «r thr Onnge, Hsno. ci^ 
OsrVKSmt. la^ JAry,'^. if ih* 3d fsri erf BfntonL, ml 

D..or r»UuKK~Hanli,M 
DsrBaoKB, W* SbaMk, da.' of the d<ikr <4 Rutlaiid, ^ 

wifc of AMdnw-Roiwrt D., (hj. 
DrvcOMKK, My Lamim, Jm. of \he nrl nt Oaltairar, *at vtt 

«< Vilfian D., 04. U.P. 
DrsDu, ladjrCandiiw, ia.of ibSUid.ikei>r St. AttenVaJ 

widaw of tht boo. Cbaries-LawreiuT D^ um at thtlt 

Dfkdas, Mr Ehwt, da. of dcDlh «irl nf Homv, and itMik 

of niaJBr-gai. Tboaua D., of FiiiKuk. 
Drxiua. la^r Vary. ia. at thr mti of Elgin, and wife (f t» 

bcnlAdwu D., «q.,M.P. 

Df t1<tx,lafif EHtatfdt, ia. of thrrart of StilMk, and will 4 
the ban. mr. D., toil oT lard ^hprlioriw. 

DjiLiAS, lioD. ladv.— Cofimar. dn. of cW Uie baronna M 
fnin. and wife nf nr tinutfe D.. of Pritall, tort. 

DjiLKVHri-E. hon. ladv — .4<AnainB, da. "t the tut tunM 
Duncan, and -wife of «ir John-llimilton D., bvt^i 

DAsuwoon, lioii. Iiln.—Gt»ri/in7m..1nM, da. of 

Varb.>r<ngb, and oife at UalMnaii D., ■ 

liocoln, e*q. 
Daviiov, hnn. Mrt.— EliMobeth, iIl nl Ion) Hardoui 

wife of Ihinnn D., of ISilim-li. N.B.. ««,. 
DawboHi hon. Mn-SHiOH, d*. nf lord Sinclair, 

Frandi Deonit Mau]'-^'' **^- 


UtassoiTE, lion. Mi 

ife nf li. 
,. itn.—Matm 
ife of Alensndi 

of the 3<1 lorJ Kil- 
,-ooL Geiir^e D. 

' ' - lord IluRlin){field, 
■ ■ PUm, ui. Siu- 


Mr*. — CoAeriHt, uiter of lard Arundel, of 
Wardour, uid wife of Kdvonl D., of Snuford Uall, Co. 

DirMUOMii, ho'ii. iln.— Maty.DulciUUa, da. of ibe Ux lord 

AiidiUod, uid wir« of Charlei D., jun., e*q. 
Puff, bnn. Sin. Louua, da. uf lord Duffiu, uid wifo of Gordon 

D.. eM|. 
DvoDALE, liiia. Mr«.— CAitrJoUf, da. nf viwount Cureon, aiuir 

..f e«rl Howe, and wife of Dugdale-iilrairord D., i.f 

Merevale, co. «'arwir)c, etuj. 
Duvna, hnn. Mrs Mary-Tuflon, da. of Lhe 1st vUcouiil 

Duncuin and wife uf Jiuue* D.| eti\. 

;r. boil. Mr».~Marg-FTederica, aiiter of lord Ellen- 

lit)nmg:h, Bud wife of luajot Tboiuaft D., of the royal 

laily Charlalle, da. of the marqueu of Elv, and wifi' 
of M'lmani-Tatbin E.. oq, 
Eliot, lady Jemima, ila. of the 3d niarqiieH Comwallis, and 
wife uf lord E., eldnt win uF tlie eorl of St. Uei-- 

Kllice, Indy /fnnwiA, do. nf the Uc e&rl Orey, and wife id 

Edvant E., tsq., H.F. 
Ellis, lady Cfirgiaiui, da. of the earl at Carlnle, and wife <.( 

the him. Oeurge-Janiea-WelbDre-AgarK., only Mil »l 

vitcuuiit Clifiten. 

Eld, hon. Hn.— LnuiM-Sarah.Si/tlnef, da. of the 7th tjbcou 

glrugford. Mid wife of John K., uf eirighfurd, > 

Stafford, eMi. 
Ellison, turn. AIn. — Afuty, d-i. of lord Itokeby, and wife 

Itcul.-ml. Boliert E., ^reniidler giuuHls. 
EHsKlMB,hoo. Mn—ICeitii, du. of thelltli lard E1]iliiii>toi 

and nifu of David E., uf Cardrou, esq. 
EviNV, hfin. Mn.—CaraHiu, da. of viuminl Ashlinwk, n 

wife of Heury E., of £{CRl)>lcm Hall, Warwick. 
Etbe, hon. AIn. — Jiiliana-Straffonl-Marianna, da. of the K 

viseounc Hereford, and wife of Heury E., of Biitlei 

Gnuige. CO. Hania, eiu. 


.HZ, litdy EliMabtth, St. nf the Sd rtal of UaednRdil, ti 

widuiv of John P., (if WorniJiley, eo. Oxon, f-~ 

!, lady Eleanor, da. of ihe 3<l o 

Feubabs, lady Henrietla-Aiine, in. of George, 2d 

Towiueod, and wife of Edward t'., of 

ClincoD, CO. Wanrrch, eu]. 
FiELDiNC, iHdy EliaabtOt-Thmia, da. of thvSi) mrl of Ilrks. ' 

tec. widow of W.-D. Tnlbot, of Ln^ouek Ablwy. n. 

WilU, e»q., and wifs of Chsrin P., «m., cajx. iCS. 
FiTzCLAaeHCE, lady Angutta, da. of ihr e*rl of Htasgov, ati4 

wife of Fredenck F., mnj»r I lili font. 
Fitzgerald, lady Charloltt.ia. of Ihe lie mrl of Ma{ra.ijrfrr 

of the marquess nf Ilutingi, Oiid wife of tliuuiliaD 1'.. 

FlTZHOv, liuty Eliaabelh, da. of Aiigiistui, 34 duke uf Uralun. 

and vite at the lion. ^ViUism F-, sou ot die Ik facJ 

FtTZHor, lady .Uory, do. of Charles, 4th duke of RicbtDool. 

uid wifK of Charln-Au^iitiis F., eaq., lun of linl 

CLarle* F. 
Fletcher, lady CharloUe, in. of tXtpnArX WemvM, mud wifr 

of A. F., of Saltou Dtitlp, Eiui LailiJaii, ^. 
Fludver, bdy JIfary, dn. of Oio 0th art of Wciunonkcil. 

arid wife of OeHfgi- F., ew]., brother of «ir Samuel i. 

FoLEV, lady i,(i<y-.<iinr, ila- of llie lat duke of I<«iiuier^ ^ 

wife of admiral >ir Tbotnat F., ii.C~B. 
FoRDE, lady Harriett, Anei of the earl nf Carridc, wUotf if 

I'rancii Savage, esq,, and wife of Jlsltliow K., esq. 
Foster, lady Cathcriar, dn. of the lei eari of \rUtt«nan, Ml 

wife of Wiliiaiii-Baoon F., e«|. 
Fok, lodr Aaae, da. of the 2d earl of Farnham, bi 

Richard F., e«). 
FoK, lady Cbarhtte, da. of the duke of Leedj, and wifo of Sack. 

rRAurTOH, lady llarrieU, da. of ll>e 2d earl of IlclieM«f, Hri 
wife of jBiutn F., of Sloretuu, cu. Doraet, esq. 


BN, hon. lady. — //ninVi/u. dn. of the l»t vispouot Dw- 
CBU, and wife of .Ir James F., of KiUien«n, R.B, 



r, it. of lord Roktby, nnd itifr 

PACASEBtr, hnn. Mn — Elmna 

(if Nicholni K. HH). 
Fk JTHEHBTOKB, hon. Sirs — Suian-Miuia, da, nf the M InnI 

Slaasy, uid wife o/ John F., of Rockview, ro. WtsU 

FcReDKO, hun. ain— C/intArlA, da. of ihe 1l.h lord Klrkc^id- 

tiiighi, wid wife of Fiiilay F., eiig. 
FEBcraoN, hon. Mr> — EiimbeOtJane, iln. of the Inio loni 

LAngri>rd,aodn'ireof Gmi^F., of Phfour, N.B.,pm].. 

capi. R-N- 
FeBmob, luD. Mn — CaAerint,6^oi ihe 2d lonl Conynfthnm, 

and (iMer of miLrqum ('AnynghBoi, wife of ihe trv. 

John^Shirley F., of Sevenoski, co. Kenl. 
FbETCHEB, hon. Mn> — Ellen-Mary, A*, of lord TeJgimiouiii. 

and wife nf £• C. F., e*q., caiit. Isi life ^udn. 
FoBtTEB, hnn. Mn — Enno, da. of Ihe 12th lord St. John, nnd 

wife of the rev. John F., of Wot Thurrodt, o>. Eniiex. 
FoBarTHi hon. Mn—Amie, da. of ihe Stb lord CoIviUc, and 

wifeof Jaine*F.,e!Ht. 
FoSTBft, heo. Un. — Le^Cia, da. of ihe haroneM Fitzgerald nod 

Vesey, and wifa of John-Lnlie F., *«)., hing'i ndvo. 

ratcg^neial in IreJaud. 
FofTBB, hon. Mr«.— Hon, da. of the 2d lord FTrmch, and « itV 

of Frandi-Bbihe F., of Ashfield, co. Qalway, nq. 
Fo*, hon. Jin — S"{Aia, lia. ..f ilie 2d viiooiint Courtenny, and 

wifig of Nathaniel F., ctif, 
FBjkVf LAND, hon. Mnt Cnlhfriite, da. of theachloid Colrilli-. 

and vife of the rev. ICi^i F., Hm of lir ThaDM F.. 

FnatEK, hun. Mn — Eliiabelh. Luiy, da. of the 6ll) viscount 
Torrinf^a, and n iio of Percy F., esq., c3pl. K.N. 

FbjuM, him. AIn, — Charloilr-Georgiana, da. of lord Slafford, 
and n-ife nf ThainBi.jllexiuider P., of Loval, nq. 

FrERCH, hon. Un-^Lrlilia. Maria, da. of tb« lit Inrd Clan, 
mnrrii, and wife of Roliert K., of F 

Oa«E, lady Mariamu, da. of the Ist eart of Kenmare, and wiilon- 

of ur Thonia. C, of Hengrave, co. .Suffolk, ban. 

aLwrr> lady Harritll, da. of tlia earl of Dunraien, and wilV 

'STi lady Han 

of (ir U'iilisi 

- " ,.f ll . g h h . r ii ll i K .,r — 

natTiLLB, Uv rUrAiMr. da. of VKvB, Sd ^k« ^ PortbaL 

•lid wife ^ C^rin C oi^ 
n»«r. h^T J i ^ ia. J». rf ita tt«fc ari af S l M rf u ii l i, tiad *>{> rf 

GmTTFtM, bdy TAruAaiu, d». «r the Cih MH •€ Traqswr. i^ 

wiCt'of Cfnu G-. c*^ 
Urkxcr, Mr HmniMJaim*, d>. «r At t^*b •_! af EmL 

uid wilp oT Dsmid U., it North Runcuo, on. NarMi, 

tirrroan, hon. Jlt».-r»«*«'. Jt nf iht. M Hvount Courtb 
oar, aod wife of TlianH (•.. irf ChiHiagton, do. SiA 

Gut, b™. M^.W-i— ». *. rf WJ R,™u„,,. „j ^fcrf 
wife m PDiJip-i*Be "~ "S- 



(ioRDON. hnn. Mn—Atmr, da. of lord ItUynry, and wife ■•{ 

Charlei li,, caplaiii [t.N. 
UostiHC, hon. Mn.~ Charlotte, da. of the 2d lord Walnnif. 

ham, and wife of William ti., of IluehaniiJioii, €■>. 

CMuray, nq. 
GovLBoUHH. hnn. Mn £<fAn-, da. of the Alh vUmunt fhcl. 

vynd, and wife of Kdward li., of ihe Middle Temple. 

liouLBouBN, hon. Mn.- Jaiir, da. of bnl Rnkehy, and trif* 

of tbc right hnn. Henry O,. M.P., Clwiodlor of the 

Oa»KT, hon. Mni._£/*flnor, da. of the late lord fialtoun, nnd 

vife of \^'imam.Ma«lmrBU (J., fn- 
(JBAWT, hon. Sirs. -■Wafynrri, da. of lord Gtay, and wife of 

John O., eaq., uf Kitf^wlon, N. D. 
OBjt*K*, ban. Mn — L'aiMndra, da. of the late lord Say and 

Sele, and widow of Ri chard .Chwlia- Head (i^ »<). 
OHEex, hon, Mn.— A^pMo, da. of the late tiaroucM Duflerin, 

and wife of Janie> O., of , oo. Vork. 

(iaCEM, hon. Mra. — f'nfAnvur, da. of the 2d lord Maisey, B»d 

•iff wf John O., of Oraeiiiide, co. Limcrkk, eaq. 
OaiEVE, hon. Mn. — Elinabelh. da. of the lit lord Northuick, 

and vife of John Wallia (1., nq. 
Gd MaLETOir, hon. Mn.~-Sara/t, da. of the 8d lord M»»«y. »'i'l 

wife of H..O. O., eu|. 
GwYX.VE, hon. Mr^—Gearffiana-Mnruinna, da. of Uie 13lh vii. 

oouni Hereford, and wife of Thynne-Uowe G., of (if- 

Temalc, m. Breoon, eaq. 

:, laHf Thco'Iomi-Eleanor, da. of ihe 3cl url uf ftfayn, and 

H'ife of HoWrt H., of Aldeney, co. OtoiiOMter, eaq. 
EKTT, lady Cathrriiie, da. of tlie 4l)i earl uf iBelkirk, ami 

uife of John II., nq. 
.. hidy Jane, da. nf the 4th earl of Selkirk, and wile of >l( 

Jainn H., uf ItaiiRlaa, bun. 
ILToK, ladv Caroiine, da. uf the 4th earl of Abingdon, and 

vib of'Charlei-Johii-Baillie H., eaq. 
ILTOM. lady Jane, da. nf cho kite earl of E([lioton, and 

wift of Kd ward -Archibald H., esq. 
DtMO, lady Emify, tiller uf the earl of Denbifch, and wifp 

oftherm. UmiryU., M.A. 
DtMUK, lady Ewulg'JaM, it. of th< lit martiuen nf Lon- 

donderrj-. Mild wife of sir Henry H., E.C.D. 
rojt, lady Etaabtlh-MiiTt, da. of the 2d earl of Maniilield. 

and widatr uf Geurge-fioch H., at Ea*ttrell-park, ou> 

Knit. au. 

if llontroM. 



BaTVOH, i»ij LoHua, da. of ihv nmnias UwafWU, mJ 

of tlie rev. [>sniel-0Fnrapr.Pfn(4i H. 
Uat, hilj Marf, da. of the Uih nrl of l>«IlHKLii^ and vW'lt 

Juam H., of Drum, n^. 
Ile«iir, Udf A OHM, in. of the liCcwlof MflUnrn, nd wikrf 

Hugfa H., of LodgF l>ari(, «sq. 
Ucnv, My filitfy-fftinfMh.ds. of theWdukr of LctiMs.M 

wifeof J<>hn-JoH|ib H., (irMirabn. f^ K{|ilc*.aiv 
UttieTH, Udy EmUf.EiAf-.lnnt, da. Of the In eut Bsk 

disnip, ani) wifr of Llnrd -Hainfbrd B.. e*q. 
Uiasi<c90H. Udy»a'ic«-£/<W,<rI&,dii.uf theenlof Kifamnf, 

mod wife of iienu-aA. On^rice B. 
[llLL, lady CMrjfiaiut, d>. of ibe carl of AJbamarle, and viftjf 

Kdnrird.Euitwe H., est- 
UoAftB, Wy ffarriiiM, riiter of ihc marqnCBi of 'nummd, i^ 

vife of tir Ja(iq>h-WaUsc« H., of Aanarill*. <n. Cflril^ 

lIoBBOUiE, lady JaSa, da. ofthe laie mmnio^ of Tneddd^ 
■nd wife of John-Corn Uubhuiue, taq., M.P. forW^ 

tlocc, l»d)' MaryJuHan, da. of the Tth esil of Landvdak, iri 

wife at Thfimai U., oq. 
HoHAH, lady CAsrb'fe, ds.orihe lit msrqueM of Bute, a^ wtft 

of lir WiUiaui-JackHia H., bait. 
HoFE, lady CAortolr, da. of the 3d eaH of Hopetown, sod wA 

at the riRhi hun. Charlea H. 
HoiTOK, ladv Mary, da. of timrge, 3d otti tit Alwrieen, ni 

wife of Thomaa U., of Uuwroyde Hall, a*. Voit, o^ 
HosTE, ladv ffarrirU, da. of the 3d earl of Oiford, aadnfe 

of air William H., lart., K.C.B. 
IIOTUAN, lady Franca- Anne-Jt^iBna, da. of t&e earl of Stud- 

broke, and wife of sir Henn- H., E.CB., wm of Ivd 

IIOTnAX, lady Stuait-MaTia, da. of the marqnen of Titit. 

DKmd, and wife of tbe hon. George-Fredertdi Q., h* 

ther of lord Untliam. 
HoiTSTOH, lady Janf, da. of tin 7th earl of I^udardale^ and wU^ 

of air William U., K.C.B. 
Ilt'HE. lady Amelia, da. of the tate Mshup of Durham, uslerif 

tlie earl uf BHdgewater, and wlfft of air AlKuhaoi H.. 

(Her ladyshiji had the pretcdence of B da. of an eari. 
gramed her by roval ri(fn raanoal.) 
Hcisev, lady Mary, dn. of the' lit earl of Oribrd, and wife irf 
Thomai H., of Oaltrim, in Ireland. 

Halfokd, hon. Uiy.~SliKitieth-Barhara. da. of the llih lort 
St. John, and nife of air llt.iry H., ImtI. 

llAtSTEAD, hon. laAv.— Emma, <ln. of visco 
wife of lir Lswreiioe H., K.C.B. 

Hx>HJ.^OX,baa.}adJ^~Jant,d^ of lit v: 

olfe oftir Uu^h-Dairyniple H^ Imru 
IIaavet, hoiL. lady.— Z/LuirA, ria. of Uih Itt n 

■nd wile of lir John U^ K.aU. uid CJI. 
IIeu^VCOTE, hon. lady.— CaroAnf-frajicrj, da. of lord Ardm. 

and wife of lir William H., of Hunle;. barb 
HE XglKEH, boo. lad;. — EBiiaUA, da. of loni Henniker, aail 

wife of air duji^iuttu-Brj'dgea II., ban. 
tv*.! lion., lady. — ^nnx-iWarKi, da. of lord TsKnmoiith, and 

wife lA toL sir Thoiuan.Nuel H.. tLCB,, bn.ihM n( 

lard HiU. 

tbvETWOOD, hon. Wy.— Franfei, da. of lh« ad vlwoiint 
U ^ . Courienay, and widow of tir John U., bart. 

liiHi. laily.- GeoTpiana.Sfarf-Ann», da. of the 7ih lord 

Kiauard. BDil iriduw of adiairal lir Otorgt^eHiaauat 

wife of WiUiain H., of 

ULKi boa- AIn— Afary, da. of tlie 2i 

of the earl i.f VhtuIbid, am 
Walilvn, o). Ilena. 
hoii. Sin — Aima-Maria. da. (J' the Sih ifianniiit Tor- 
riu([lim, Biid wife of C'hRrlcs-UmTy H., D.D., dean of 

tl.txiLI'o)!, liou. Mn — Anna.Geraliiine. da. of the Sfilh lord 

Kinjixile, and wife uf John.Jaii>cs H., of Ballyinaciill. 

m. JUnub, etq. 
HA31lt.ToV. hon, Mn. — Gearffiana, da. oi lisooiiiit Oort, anil 

wiTeafJobn-W. H.. fsq. 
" --.EY. hon. ftln — Caroliof, da. of lord Kontington, Bnd 

wile of Henry H., ew]., M.P. for Hevtwburv. 
;v, hon. Mra.— £/t(aifiA, da- of Icird be Bia^uiere, aai 

wife of John-Beniard H., of Fn^ham Park, eo. Surrey, 

>N, lion* Bin. — £uf|^ da. of the InCa lord Fonce- 
.__. and wifr of the rer, Mr, U. 
HAltTorp, hon. Mn. — Mary-Jane. ds. of lord Henley, and 
nife of Edmtind-CradMk U., ts<|., ion of lir E.-C. H.. 

fbin»jkKii,hnD. Mn Jtdia, da. of liscount Exmouth, and wife 

■in H„ R.N. 
I S£aTiicoTE,'h(o. Mn — Clemmlina, da. dT lord Rwydir, 

irife of Qilbert-Jahn It., ew|.. eUeat m 
I],, ban. 

ir Gilbert 

^ ^., ™n. 

HEAToa, hon. Mn. — Armt'Elita, da. of krd Henniker, and 

wife of John H., of Plla Beaton, oa. Deabigh, aa. 
IlESiEAOE. hon. Mm.— Aforio.CAai-/o(«, da. of the lit lord Yar- 

bomiigh, and ivife of Thomu H.. etiq. 
Beveaqe, hon. Atn.— L<»i<ii, da. of lord Grarei, and viVr at 
f u^ ,-. cWlei H., esq., son of ihe above Thnniw H. 



HtkVZBT, hm. Mn — Elirabelh. sister of the dnkr nf IhnA 

■ad wifeirf Uenry-Anhur H.. taq. 
HOAKE. hoa. ilct. — Ijmira- EfitaMA, dii. of the ht* banot* 

Barhim, and wife nf M'illi am -Henry ll~, rfllie Orm, 

at. Sunrj, oq. 
UoDsoH, hon. Mn.— Sarah, da. of lord ITaTTU, uid iri/enf iW 

ret. John IJ. 
Hat.DEK. hoD. Mn — ranrfhu-EiAfr, dL of lord SondiJ^ 

■nd wife of M'aiiira-Umiy H,, of LoekS Puk, « 

Dsri)y, c*q. 
HoLLABD, hon. Mn.— Franca, da. of the Uw lord Enkivt, 

and wife of the nrr. dr. B.. prKvuinr al Ctllebmrr- 
II ore, hon. Mn. — /.iHiua,da. of the Im lord Dean, audwiiii)* 

of Thomu B., of Deepden, to. Sarrejr, »). 
HOFWOOD, hoQ. Mre.— CeciAo, di. of the Stfa tiiKiDutii TarriD^ 

ton, and wife of J.-R.-Gn^ U., of Uupwood, m. L(^ 

HoBE.hOQ. Mn 3rary-£fua^(^rW-nl0n, da. of the 4lb l-i(4 

RntbTen, and wife of Walter II., of llup««ouii. <* 

Werfbrd, «*q- 
UoaHBT, hon. .^Irg.— CAir^fu, da. of the Sih tnonint Tiir< 

riiiniiw, and wife ol the ret-, mr. U., nepbaw (f tW 

eatTof Derby. 
DOWABD, hon. Mn — Sirilla, da. of lun) Erdi!ne, and wih •/ 

Henry-Frandc H., esq., Sd Mm of Htnrj U^ at Cvtf 

raatle, to. Cumberland, esq. 
UoziEi, liuu. Mn.— CoUcniu, da. of the IM lord V^n-.urf 

wife of James H., ev]. 
HiNTEB, hoii. .Mn.-Jo«, da-of lhe7thlor<l RfJIo, and irifc 

of Patrick H., Mi|, 

I. and J. 

jEatOP, lady Anni'Maria, da. oT the 9th earl of Stnthnuni 

and wife nf Ueiirv-Jam« J., hh|. 
INCC, lady ElitabeA, da. of the ath earl of Gallowav, auJ 'Ht 

ofW-P. I..e»q. 
JoHHtTONE, lady vfnnf.Afnrta. da. >if Richari), MtmrlofAa. 

Dealey, and wife of Ueargv.lf'.-U. J., «f Ballywifc 

will, CO. Down, eflc|. 
■■oHEt, lady Jtarnrit, i*. of lite eari ul Fiogall. uul wife tt 

Jabu J., of Llatnarth Ciiurt, ni. Slonniuuth. 

JEFH90H, hon. Mn..- 

Kate, lady Amtlia, Ak. of the Sth rarl of Stnmford, and wife of 

lir John Uater K-, bart. 
Keatiho, Udy Mariha, da. of tlie Sth earl of Mvath, and tvilV 

uf MbuHw St. Letcer K., piq. 
EsUT. Istly Sopkia.M»rffaTtt, di. of ihe lit («rl Beaudiamp, 

and wife of lir Charles-Egleton K., b«rt. 
KtitrKi., Wy Maria, da. of ibe carl of Leiuim, and wilt uT 

the hon. and rrv. Edward •^iithwell K., 3d ion of the 

mri of Albeinorie. 
Kebr, lady ftVifU-SaraA-Ju/iona, da. of the ■■! marqiieu of 

J»»doaderry, and wife of David K., of Porlsvo aiid 

Slunulto, CO. Down, esq. 
KiLUEHnEE.Udy Lauifa-3fana-yiufiIft,da.of the earl of Strad. 

broke, and wife of S|ienrer.Honie]' K., eiq. 
KiKO, Udy Margarel, da. of lir Jaine* Grant, niter of the mrl 

of Seafidd, and wife nf FnMicJ* Stewart K., of Lev 

Ditmdv, I'O- Elgin. Had ihe precedence of an uarl's da. 

grautad to ber hy myal t\gn manual. 
Klvoico-ce, bdy /mMIu. da. nf the duke of Beaofort, and wife 

of Thoouu-Uanry K., of Kingscoie, oo. Gloiiceeter, 

Knox, lady Mary, da. of the Sih earl of Meath, and wife of 

Arthur K., exq. 
KsOX, Udy MabeHa-Jotephiw, An. of the enrl of Kllmnrry, nnd 

wife of the hon. Jubn-Utnry K.. 3d loli of riioouDt 

■CTOK, lion. Mn — Maria. Margaret, da. of the 7th lord 

Napier, am] wife of the rev. OBtar-WiUiaiD K., virar of 

ItrignaJl, oo. Viirk. 
T, hoii. Mn. — Eleatior, da. of lord De Blaquiere, and 

wifa of Joaeph K. , eiq. 
T, hiiti.Mrt.-'e/uMieU.da.of the 1st brd Hendlev, and 

wife of John K., of I*b fa.i[e, oo. Wormsier. oq. 
T, bun. Mrs — f'mmw*, da. of tlie Bih lord Dormer, and 

..ife of Robert K., of Barren's, m. Wariri.*. esq. 

I, lady Caroline- Gtorgtano, An. of the eart of Cnrliile, 


nai wife of tlie hun. Williani.Saunilen-Sebriglit L^ U 

son of ihe earl ot Harnwood. 
OUCHE, lady Cecilia, do. of ibe lit earl of Milldwn, 

wifenf David h., eiq. 
', lady HtatitUa-ChatlntUy Au. of ttie earl of Slanifnrd, 

wife of the rev. Jtnus-Tliomu L., couiiu of lord £1 

.az,laAy Anne'Fraicrica,^!.. otxhe lit Mrl of Sh^mel'l, 

vifa of the bon. at". Arthur L., bnxlier of ihe nrl of 

Til, Tsily Augaila, da. of Oxt 5lhearl of Oranw-d, and irido* 

of >ir James L., OX.B. 
r, lady DoroOua-Fnmea, da. of tlie 7th mari^uHs of Ti 

ddle, and vife uf Johu-Ueory h,, dork uf the Iioiuetf 

BSAV, lady CIt-iTlalle, da- of the M earl of GiiIh'.iH, __ 

nife n( Ihe hori. John Ii., Iirother to Alexander, earl of- 

nsAi', lady Margarel, da. of the lit earl of Lucsn, tnt 

widow uf Thonua L , of Unllvmurt, an- 
iVD, lady Hiirritll, da. of the eHr4 of ClimmeD, and irife«l 

Edlva^i.Mo•[J^l L., eW)., eldest son of air EilvDrd-PrioK 

L., b«l. 
■tV00D,]aiY Julia, in. o( the 3d earl of Arrau, and nife of 

Robert-iMHiiDers Ii., esq. 
'Ti'9, lady Jane, da. of Ihe Sd carl of An-BU, and i^-ifa aC 

Dudley L., of Killyon, co. U'lSlmeBth, e*q. 
(O, lady CoMeriMf, da. of Ilie Sd earl uT OrTord, ami niferf' 

Henry I^ esq-, eldeat soil of £d»Brd It., of Hi 

Lodge, esq. 
IC, lady JVary-/4nn<.£«li(ia,(la.of theearlof Nnnhalcaaf 

wife of Waller L., of Prenhaw, llanM. una. 
I'TUEH, lad^ Elinabelh, da. of the !)th enrl of \t eatmareland. . 

and wife of sir John L., ban-, brother of ilie e^lc^ 

Lontdale. • 

vrnEH, lady Luey-Eleanor, da. of the Gth rarl uf naii«w 

rough, and wife of the hon. lieiil.-col. Uenrv-Cedl li^ 

9d aun of the earl of Idnadnle. ^ 

•,t»i,\tAy Satan-Caroline, da. of ihe earl of Si. GennanX 

and wife of the hon. cul. Heory-Beaiichamp L., biutlH 

of enri Beauchanip. 
(De*Y, lady Aforiparflf, da. of the Ul earl of Lucan. and <■ 

of Thomai L., of Hallyjimrt, eBq. 
TEU, lady Charlolle-BaTiany, da. uf the earl of :$hafte«lnu«. 

and wife of Henry L., of Bowion Caalle, c- "->— 


n. liLAy.— ElitaUl}i~Aiine. da. of the lit lord Bao^ 

IjAJiS, hoa. Mn, 

—Arpta^ da. of Ion) Battnt, Md wife of Jnhn- 
j\twwn L., <if Kiii^'H Bromltfy, oo. St^AVtrd^ eAq' 
IiAKEi lion, in n. — y/orrioK.>Vuiirr», da. of lord IhinHu, anil 
wife of bcntHOi). Hmry L. 
1A«, hiwi. Mm.— jtfarf/fnw^-finma, Mitor of lord Kenyon, 
and wife of Juum-Hay It, of Glyndbntirne, Suiitei, 
•nn of ifr JuTitn L., hart. 
'Oir, lion. Jin. — ./ufta, da. of lord Dneie, and wife of 
jBinn-Uiuifchton L., of gunden, eo. Oximi, M.P. 

" —VkathtU, da. of (he IM rinount Ha. 
warden, and wife of P. \u, mi|. 
eraoT, ban. Un.— •/imr. da. of vUani>i( Ldfcoii. and wife nf 

Aotboiiy !>., Oq- 

liQH, hoa. ^\n. — Augutta, da. of the liaronca Convert, half. 

aiiter of (be late lord Byron, and wif* of Jnliii L., esq- 

was, boD. Mra. — JuliaJ-idilli. da. of the Uie lord Swf and 

ISela, and wire of Jumes.Heiiry L., of Addlotrop, co. 

UUiurcMar, nq. 

EiaHTOU, ban. JAn.— Loulta-AHne, da. of (he !•( vinwunt 

Di-n«raile, and «il« of FnofU.Knyrell L-, of Ford, at. 

)OKC, hoii. Mr^— Maf<7ifn-/anf, rta. of tKe la(e Tiicoun( 

Caiineiia<r. and wife of major-Ren. J<^n L. 
]bave, hiin. ilr%.~ I.ovlna.Emsly, An. of lord Stntiley (eldut ami 

of the earl nf Der1i\-| and wife of t<aiiiuel \i~, wq., ns- 

pheiv ofur t liarle/L., 
b>K<twoaTn. hoti. 9In. - Alicia- Mars/artUa, ilo. of (he lit lord 

Kilmaiua, and wlfo of John L., of Crogan Caide, Co. 

WertRKntb, e*q. 
VfOyowoNTH. hon. Sin. — JlfMM-SBmh. da. of the l«i lord Kit. 
'ae, and wife of Fraud) !>., of Cragan Caiilt, co. 

dale, and 

Imvelacb, boo. Mr 

lieid, and ivi 


— Careiin*. dn. of (he Ut lord Hnnting- 
) of Charlu L., esq. 

—Annt-Eliaabflh, da. of lord Harrii, 

tretary of (he TrMiury. 


M'OBEao«,Uv Eliaairth, riK. of the 4tli duke of AlhoU, uid 

wifi of «r EvBn-John-Miimiy M.. Wrt. 
M'Okeoor, 1»1t Cliarlalle-AHna, d^ of ihe lilh earl uf Culii- 

neia, and vife of Alersnder-Murnij- Sf'G., esq., C-B.. 

conuin at ar Ersn-Jobn-ill iirtay M'G., bart. 
M'Gl'irE, liidT Mary.-i*. of (he evl of Anoeilej-, and irile ril^ 

M'illiuu John M'O.. ch]^ of Houton-n, (u. Down. 
MaclEah, Isdy Margarft, d*. of tb« 2d ewi of Hopatoon, anil 

wile of AlnBOder M., c*^. 
Uacleod, iiidy HntheT-ArtheUiL, da. of tbe In eari of Moum- 

norril^ and wife of col. Norman M^ C.B-, lit fool. 
SljkcKEil.. ladT Ann-CtorftoM, da. of the Ath carl of Unnud. 

and note of eoL Archibald M. 
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and irife of George M., e*q. 
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and irife of the rev. Geor)[e M. nnon-reiidentiary vui 

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